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December 5, 2018: Writers Bob Smithouser (!) and Phil Lollar (plus surprise guest) dive deep into “Out to Sea.”

Three years ago, Bob Smithouser didn’t want to make waves when his boss Dave Arnold asked him to write an Odyssey script, but he felt like a fish out of water. He was green around the gills in the ways of script-writing and it was sink or swim. Over the long voyage of writing the script, Bob weathered the storm to get to final draft with the help of Phil Lollar and others to keep things on course. Don’t rock the boat as we hear the story of how that happened!

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Album 21: Wish You Were Here

Hit the high road to adventure with the gang from Odyssey! Eugene and Bernard are unlikely travelmates as they journey from Odyssey to California. Meanwhile, Whit is given an exciting opportunity in the Middle East, Jimmy goes to basketball camp and a mysterious talking chicken comes to Kids’ Radio.

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Un-Tech the Halls

The Parkers decide to unplug their gadgets and make family memories by searching for a Christmas tree.

The Truth Chronicles

The Truth Chronicles

Designed to explain Christian worldview to younger kids and teach them how to make it a part of their lives, this special set features 11 all-new episodes… including 8 stories never before aired on the Adventures in Odyssey broadcast! Are there really right answers to big questions about God, faith and truth? How can you best explain intelligent design? Will Captain Absolutely triumph over the evil schemes of Dr. Relative? And what happens when kids are in charge of their own city–with no adults? There’s absolute adventure ahead with these life-changing stories on seeing the world from a Christian perspective–and that’s no lie.

Album 00 The Lost Albums

My Brother’s Keeper

A young boy who wants to get rid of his younger brother almost has his wish come true — permanently.

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My Brother’s Keeper

A young boy who wants to get rid of his younger brother almost has his wish come true — permanently.

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Partners in Slime

Are you ready to make some gooey green gook? Diane stops by to show us how. We also hear from two Focus on the Family counselors who know what it’s like to deal with bullies-and how important it is to see yourself the way God sees you.

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B-TV: Temptation

B-TV presents the biblical stories of Solomon and Joseph. And Connie tells a fairy tale about a young girl who encounters a very unusual plant. Each character faced temptations and had to make a choice.

Album Cover For The Sky's the Limit

Wooing Wooton

Wooton Bassett’s father comes to town to get his son’s help on a business deal. Meanwhile, Grady must make a decision that could cost his mom her job.

Album 04 Fun Damentals

Album 04: FUN-damentals

At Whit’s End, life often imitates, well, life. Maybe that’s why so many kids sort out their questions about faith there. Prayer, being Christlike, stewardship, and evangelism are recurring themes that make for one unexpected adventure after another. In Odyssey, the kids don’t just learn lessons. They live them!