Adventures In Odyssey

Makes homeschool enjoyable and fun

Adventures in Odyssey is the perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum

Make your homeschooling experience joyful.

Teach your children to love learning.

The American History episodes will have your kids begging to do school.

Homework is a lot more fun when your children are interested in the subject.

Make sure your children learn the things they actually need in life

Adventures in Odyssey teaches life lessons.

It teaches values and morals without the pressure.

Kids don’t even feel like they’re in school.

These stories are perfect for your extended field trips travelling around the country

They encourage family togetherness.

Listen to your favorite episodes while driving in the car.

Make homeschool fun and enjoyable. 

Get kids to retain information.

The stories allow kids to choose what they want to learn about

It lets them deep dive on subjects that interest them.

It helps them find the freedom to enjoy the learning journey.

Gives moms hope of relaxed homeschooling.

Keep homeschool fun while you effectively educate your children.

Safe Wholesome Family Entertainment

Adventures in Odyssey helps spark conversations with your children.

Each episode comes with an engaging devotional with guiding questions to help apply the lessons.