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Whit and Eugene work on various inventions in Whit's End's basement.

A Malfunctioning Portrait from Whit's Portrait Gallery.

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A Tower of Babel display being constructed for the Bible Room.

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The Imagination Station

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The Pizza Copier

As first seen in Episode #1 "Whit's Flop!"

Whit's Boredom Buster

As first seen in episodes #31-32 "Family Vacation"

Model Train in mid-repair.

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Renee's Coffee Mug.

Who's Renee?

A Secret Room.

As first seen in Episodes #39-40 "The Case of the Secret Room"

A photo of Whit and his workshop assistants, Eugene and Renee.

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Eugene Meltsner

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John Avery Whittaker (Whit,) draws up plans for a new invention!

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Under the Surface

Whit has transformed much of his business’ basement into his own personal workshop while the remaining space is used for the storage, plumbing, and electrical accoutrements of any typical building. Including some extra spaces that Whit nor anyone else knew existed…

Creative Refuge

Whit often spends his evenings in the workshop after the rest of the store is closed to the public. It is here that he has the space and equipment to invent all the amazing things that fill the floors above.

Able Assistants

Whit shares his workspace with two of his ingenious employees, Eugene Meltsner and Renée Carter, both of whom have assisted in the upkeep of his inventions, as well as crafting a few inventions of their own!

Old Houses, Old Secrets

Like any building that’s been around for so long and changed hands so often, former tenants are bound to leave a few things behind. In Whit’s End, the old forgotten nooks and crannies are filled with hidden and historical leftovers that are a tad more dramatic than the norm: the scene of a long unsolved murder, the entrance to a tunnel system that runs beneath the town, and a tunnel used in the Underground Railroad!

Tools of the Trade

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Whit is actually a very wealthy man. He’s determined to use his wealth to further the Kingdom of God through his ministry at Whit’s End. Therefore, Whit’s workshop is equipped with top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art equipment to make his world-class and gospel-centered inventions the best they can possibly be.