Episode Theme: Evangelization

Album 61 Without A Hitch

The Feud of Mason County

Whit takes a much-needed prayer retreat to the mountains and lands in the middle of a decades-old family feud.

Album 56 The Grand Design

The Bible Network

Kids’ Radio plays out the value of reading scripture in three acts – a game show called “Who’s the Real Sheep,” a crime drama “BSI: Bible Study Investigation,” and an intensive training regime called “Bible Boot Camp.”

Album 46 A Date With Dad And Other Calamaties

The Poor Rich Guy

Grady McKay decides that the Bible “makes no sense” after Marvin Washington and his sister, Tamika, conclude that Whit can’t go to heaven because he’s rich.

Album Cover For Out of Control

All Things to All People

Seth Young counsels Aubrey Shepard on his radical method of evangelism, which causes Aubrey to question her effectiveness as a Christian.

Album 26 Back On The Air

Hidden In My Heart

To teach about Bible memorization, Kids’ Radio spoofs three popular television programs. Kids’ Radio renames them “Star Trip,” “Rescue 119,” and “Laffie the Wonder Dog.”

Album 06 Accomplished

Operation DigOut

An elderly British gentleman named Reginald Duffield arrives in Odyssey to keep a promise he made to Whit many years ago after a World War II battle.

Album 06 Accomplished

A Mission for Jimmy

Jimmy Barclay is annoyed when he’s put in charge of raising money for church missions. His attitude changes after he has a dream that gives him a glimpse of what it’s like to be a missionary in a foreign country.

Album 06 Accomplished

A Prisoner for Christ

Whit sends Nicholas Adamsworth on a journey to meet an escaped slave named Onesimus and an apostle named Paul.

Album 04 Fun Damentals

Go Ye Therefore

After being inspired to witness like the apostle Peter, Connie decides to try evangelizing her mother and her friends at school.