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Episode Theme: Relationships

The Ultimate Road Trip Collection

The Mystery at Tin Flat

The Washington family wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to nearby Tin Flat. But when they show up, the town is deserted.

Novacom Saga

Strange Boy in a Strange Land

Mandy Straussberg and Sarah Prachett go camping far from Odyssey and run into an old friend–Jared DeWhite! But Jared’s explanation of his disappearance from Odyssey makes them wonder whether or not to believe him.

Bible Eyewitness Hall of Fame

Isaac the True Friend

Isaac wonders what it would be like to have a best friend, so Whit uses the Imagination Station to help him witness one of the greatest friendships in history.

Countdown to Christmas

Monty’s Christmas

The Whittaker household tries to get into the holiday spirit, but 10-year-old Monty has trouble overcoming his heartache about his parents’ divorce.

Adventures In Odyssey Family Portraits

My Brother’s Keeper

A young boy who wants to get rid of his younger brother almost has his wish come true — permanently.

Adventures In Odyssey Fan Favorites

Connie the Counselor

Eugene reluctantly agrees to allow Connie to test out her budding counseling skills on him for a psychology class assignment. Meanwhile, Buck and Jules try to find something to keep them entertained around Odyssey.

Adventures In Odyssey Family Portraits

A Simple Addition

Elementary-schooler Nicky is upset that his baby sister is taking his parents’ attention away from him.

The Ultimate Road Trip Collection

Bassett Hounds

Bernard Walton accompanies Wooton Bassett to Alaska for an unusual family reunion.

Album 67 More Than Meets The Eye

Page from the Playbook

As the Odyssey High School Football team heads toward the state championship, wide receiver Buck Oliver and quarterback Cooper Calhoun have to deal with unexpected challenges from Jay Smouse – who’s trying to sell team memorabilia – and their new assistant coach… Eugene Meltsner.