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In 2024, we’ll air the 1,000th episode of Adventures in Odyssey! One Grand Party is August 2-3, 2024, in Colorado Springs . . .

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The event is now sold out.

Experience Odyssey

Friday, August 2 — Step into the town of Odyssey, Whit’s End, and McAlister Park, as you encounter some of your favorite places and characters from the storied audio drama!

One Grand Show

Saturday, August 3 — Your favorite actors from Adventures in Odyssey perform an all-new story live on stage to cap off One Grand Party! Join thousands of your closest friends and fellow AIO fans for this once-in-a-lifetime event!


A Night at the Soda Shoppe

Thursday, August 1 — Celebrate the legacy and blessings of Adventures in Odyssey with an intimate evening full of laughter, storytelling, and your favorite voice actors. This exclusive interactive dinner event is open to a limited number of Odyssey friends and fans to enjoy with the cast and crew as we celebrate the Lord’s blessings from the last 1,000 episodes.



Character Parties at Whit's End

Friday, August 2 — Join us at Whit’s End at the Focus on the Family Welcome Center for a fun-filled party celebrating Adventures in Odyssey history. You’ll have a chance to meet the Odyssey costumed characters, enjoy a cupcake paired with a Raspberry Ripple, and catch some special surprises in store for our party guests! 

Brought to you by the Adventures in Odyssey Club!


Actor Autograph Sessions

Friday, August 2 — Sign up for one of our voice actor autograph sessions to get up close and personal with the voices of Adventures in Odyssey during Experience Odyssey. Space is limited, so sign up fast!




Join us at the main campus of Focus on the Family on Friday, August 2 to immerse yourself in the town of Odyssey! Activity highlights include*:


  • Focus on the Family, Headquarters and Welcome Center
  • 8605 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

*Guest appearances and event schedule are subject to change.


One Grand Show will be the pinnacle of our celebration on Saturday August 3, as we welcome actors and crew to produce a live event like no other. Join 6,000 of your closest friends and Adventures in Odyssey fans as we observe this momentous occasion! One Grand Show will take place at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO, with a choice of two showtimes — 11:00 am and 4:00 p.m.


Starring as "Chris"

Anthony Lansdowne

Starring as "Whit"


Starring as "Connie"


Starring as "Jason"


Starring as "Wooton"


Starring as "Pastor Wilson Knox"


Starring as "Jules"


Starring as "Buck"


*Guest appearances and event schedule are subject to change.


  • New Life Church, North Campus
  • 11025 Voyager Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Think of Wooton’s face when he has fresh licorice after a week of fasting. That.

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On Friday, August 2, you and your family have the opportunity to walk around Main Street Odyssey. Immerse yourself in the town at your own pace, either in the morning or afternoon session. The day is self-guided so you can choose to visit as much or as little as you like in your five-hour slot. Highlights include Costumed Character Meet & Greets, Merchandise, Demonstrations, Q&A Sessions, Kids’ Activities, Trivia Contests, Odyssey Hall of Fame, and Book Signings.

No, there will not be concessions during the event. But there are several restaurants around Focus on the Family and New Life Church that would love to host you and your family for meals!

Sealed water bottles and individually packaged, non-perishable children’s snacks are permitted inside the Focus on the Family buildings for Experience Odyssey and New Life Church for One Grand Show.

Yes. Both the Experience Odyssey immersive experience and Live show are handicap accessible, including all three ticket tiers for the live show.

No. Your ticket purchase will include access to both Experience Odyssey and One Grand Show. Add ons such as A Night at the Soda Shoppe (SOLD OUT!) and actor autograph sessions are an extra price.

Ticket refunds and changes can be made prior to May 31, 2024. Purchase made after May 31, 2024 are non-refundable. To inquire about a refund or make changes to your reservation, please contact 1-800-A-FAMILY.

Children 15 and under are required to have an adult in attendance with them at all times.

No. Children under two years of age who can sit on a lap do not need tickets.

No, we do not have family discounts or different pricing for children.

Good news! Tickets are now available for purchase in the United States and Canada.

Yes. The following is a detailed lists of all of our surprises… Wait. No, I’m not giving you those! Stop trying to trick me!

No, but you will need to sit in the designated section based on the ticket tier you purchase (Red, Blue, or Green). Doors will open 45 minutes before showtime, and our awesome event staff will help you and your family find great seats!

No. But there will be activities for kids of all ages.

No. Parking is free, but spots are limited. Please consider carpooling with your friends and family!

Picture taking and video recording are prohibited during the live show. However, you are welcome to take pictures and video before the show and any time during Experience Odyssey.

While the 1,000th Adventures in Odyssey episode WILL be released in 2024, the One Grand Show will not be the actual 1,000th episode.

None are currently planned.

For the safety of our actors, crew and audience, we ask that all piranha be left at home. If it’s a support piranha, it must be leashed.

No. The only way to watch the show on August 3 will be to attend in-person.

As amazing as that sounds, please don’t. We’re not against you setting your alarm for 4:00 am, though.

Currently, no product of the live show is planned.

That will take place on the planet Mars in December of 2065. Seats on the rocket are limited. Remember your winter gloves! Special guest: Katie Leigh as Connie!


Have questions? Be sure to check the above FAQ section for answers. Still not sure? Send us a message!

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