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Album 15 A Place Of Wonder

Album 15: A Place of Wonder

Let these Odyssey adventures take your child’s imagination to places of wonder. Whether it’s underground with Charles’ assignment to the local division of fluid management, inside a stalled elevator with a ticking time bomb, or door-to-door with Isaac selling fans, each episode is packed with timeless values and fun.


Want to listen now? Find the 5 most recently aired episodes below, or read about common places to start your adventure with the series.

Adventures in Odyssey Podcast Cover

Feb. 25, 2009: More Fun with Ben and Aubrey Shepard; Plus: Jesse’s Rap!

Two stars from Adventures in Odyssey, Jerry Houser and Danielle Judovits, continue their conversation together, with insights into their other acting roles, what it’s like inside the recording studio, what inspires them, and much more. Plus, don’t miss the long-awaited Library Rap from podcast host Jesse!

The Officer Harley Collection

The Officer Harley Collection

Officer David Harley appeared in a number of early Adventures in Odyssey episodes. He was voiced by Will Ryan, who later went on to voice Eugene Meltsner. Harley was a bumbling policeman and the producers loved him for his comic potential, but not everyone felt the same way. After parents complained that he gave a bad impression of law enforcers, the team decided that Officer Harley should leave the show. Many of his episodes were later rewritten, retitled, and rerecorded without him. A few others were dropped completely and never aired again. Over the years, we’ve looked for a place to re-release these episodes as interesting curiosities, so fans could hear the originals. And now, with the Adventures in Odyssey Club, we’ve finally found the perfect place. Enjoy these episodes that haven’t been heard in more than twenty years!

The Ultimate Road Trip Collection

The Ultimate Road Trip Collection

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate road trip? Tag along with Wooton and Bernard as they journey to Alaska. Follow Whit and Eugene to Mexico. Or join the Barclay family as they travel to Florida, go skiing in the mountains, and even fly to Hawaii-with the Rathbones! From summer camp to a mysterious ghost town, this exciting vacation package has something for everyone, including lots of stories about family togetherness.

Novacom Saga

Strange Boy in a Strange Land

Mandy Straussberg and Sarah Prachett go camping far from Odyssey and run into an old friend–Jared DeWhite! But Jared’s explanation of his disappearance from Odyssey makes them wonder whether or not to believe him.