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A Gathering Place

The Soda Shoppe at Whit’s End is first and foremost a gathering place. Somewhere kids and kids at heart can come to escape the pressures of the day and spend time together, do homework, relax, and maybe even get a little sage advise from Mr. Whittaker.

A Den of Desserts

Of course, there’s a reason why people choose the Soda Shoppe over other places in town when they want to congregate. We suspect it MIGHT have something to do with the delicious ice cream and other confections that contribute to the aromas and tastes of this particular setting. Whit’s special desserts, the Wod-Fam-Choc-Sod and his Raspberry Ripple are famous around Odyssey and surrounding communities.

A Celebration Station!

People also utilize the Soda Shoppe for parties and organized get togethers of all kinds! From birthdays to graduations to going away or welcome home celebrations, Whit’s End is always a favorite!

A Corner for Comedy

Of course, concentrating this many Odyssey citizens in one spot is a recipe for all kind of shenanigans. Messes, misunderstandings, comedic outbursts, and mysteries abound! Thankfully there’s always some ice cream and a mop handy to remedy whatever events may occur.

Sensational Staffing

You can always count on Whit to be an excellent judge of character, and so you can always count on him to staff his shop with excellent people. Each of the Whit’s End staff bring something unique to the table, and all of them are ready to help the kids and citizens of Odyssey with whatever they bring into to the shoppe. Whether that be a sweet tooth, their homework, or personal problems.

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