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Jan. 28, 2009: FREE Adventures in Odyssey episode: Called On in Class

First up, enjoy the full-length episode Called on in Class… when Trent DeWhite has to present in front of his whole class, the mayhem he imagines is earth-shattering! Then, writer/director Bob Hoose joins us to discuss how Trent got his name, his experiences working with Adventures in Odyssey actors, and lots more.

June 19, 2019: Farewell to our friend Jim Custer.

Jim Custer — the voice of young John Avery Whittaker among others — passed away on May 5, 2019. Former executive producer Chuck Bolte, writer/director Bob Hoose, and actor Gary Reed (voice of Jeff Lewis) knew Jim for a collective period of over one hundred years. The three of them share memories and stories from Jim‚’s life — and his time on Adventures in Odyssey.