Episode Theme: Family Conflict

Album 62 Lets Put On A Show

Fathers and Sons

After skipping a fishing trip with his dad, Jason gets caught up in a mystery involving a music box, a few books, and a father’s inheritance.

Album 62 Lets Put On A Show

Connie the Counselor

Eugene reluctantly agrees to allow Connie to test out her budding counseling skills on him for a psychology class assignment. Meanwhile, Buck and Jules try to find something to keep them entertained around Odyssey.

Album 59 Taking The Plunge

Let’s Get Together

Connie broadcasts “Candid Conversations” live from the Let’s Get Together Festival at Whit’s End. While there, Penny promises to finally give Wooton an answer to his marriage proposal.

Album 06 Accomplished

The Ill-Gotten Deed

Middle-schooler Calvin is fed up with his brother, so Whit tells him the story of another pair of brothers – Horace and Grover – who fought over land their father left for them in his will.