Book Series

Feed your imagination with one of our best-selling Adventures in Odyssey book series!

The Imagination Station Series

Join cousins Patrick and Beth in the Imagination Station and travel through history. Sail with Viking explorers! Meet a Roman emperor! The key to adventure lies within your imagination.
Young Whit and The Traitor's Treasure

Young Whit Series

Explore the childhood escapades of the most beloved character in the town of Odyssey.
The Blackgaard Chronicles 1: Opening Moves

The Blackgaard Chronicles

Discover the dark game played by the mysterious Dr. Regis Blackgaard in this book series that reveals more of the story from the Adventures in Odyssey audio drama series.
Adventures in Odyssey New Testament Children's Bible

Adventures in Odyssey Bibles

Join Whit, Connie, Eugene, Wooton and their friends from the town of Odyssey in the kid-friendly New International Reader’s version bible text. There’s more than a thousand colorful features designed to help your kids memorize God’s truth and apply it in thought, word and action. Get caught up in the grand adventure that life with Jesus is meant to be!