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Adventures in Odyssey is an Award-Winning, Original Audio Drama Series Created for Ages 8-12 & Enjoyed by the Whole Family.

Album Cover For Through Thick & Thin

Bernard & Job

After her dog is involved in a tragic accident, Lisa Mulligan hears the biblical story of Job from Bernard Walton.

Album 02 The Wildest Summer Ever

Return to the Bible Room

Jack Davis and Lucy Cunningham meet the biblical Jonah, before finding themselves on a ship in a storm and then in the belly of a great fish.

Mini Series

Explore Our Audio Series Today! Adventures in Odyssey Has Explored Several Story Lines That Evolved Into These Multiple Episode Collections.

Album 48 Moment Of Truth

Run-of-the-Mill Miracle

After his sister is hospitalized, Grady McKay takes an Imagination Station adventure to see biblical examples of miracles.

Adventures in Odyssey Podcast Cover

Oct. 17, 2007: Three Fans Play Odyssey Trivia–a Preview of our New DVD Game

Have you ever played the DVD game ‘Scene It’? Now Odyssey has its own version! ‘Answer That! Adventures in Odyssey Edition’ features over 1,000 questions that will quiz your knowledge of Biblical events and Odyssey characters. With audio and video clips that play on your TV, this Family DVD Trivia Game includes Room of Consequence cards, a game board, trivia cards, character play pieces, a Game DVD and more! Listen in as 3 Odyssey fans answer some of the game’s Difficult Level trivia… and don’t worry, there’s an Easy Level where you can start. Call us at (800) A-FAMILY or visit for the DVD Game and other Christmas gift ideas.