Explore Wooton's House

Visit Wooton’s house at the Focus on the Family Welcome Center in Colorado Springs. 

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Zappazoids Starfighter
152: The Meaning of Sacrifice

Wooton’s Secret Book
585: “The Poor Rich Guy”

Baby Monitor
882: “A Wise Surprise”

The Murphy Bed
868: “All for the Guest”

Professor Amazing Lamp
882: “A Wise Surprise”

The Perilous Pen
Album 58: “The Ties that Bind”

Wooton’s Accidental Sandwich
“Elsewhere in Odyssey” Comic Strip

Sunshine Girl Cookies
882: “A Wise Surprise”

The Sleuth Family Robinson
Album 58: “The Ties that Bind”

1967 Flimsy Frank &
Slacker Sam Bathrobe
764: “The Ties that Bind, Part 14”

Original Drawing
of Slothman
585: “The Poor Rich Guy”

Verminoids Action Figure
658: "Game for a Mystery"

Magmaman Action Figure

Pool Boys Album
Episode 624: “Wooing Wooton”

Wooton’s Toolbox
868: “All for the Guest”

Ode to Macaroni
572: “Odyssey Sings”

Nativity Cow
480: “The Popsicle Kid”

The Breakfast Gong
510: “For the Fun of It”

Scuba Gear
819: "Swept Away - Part 2"

Gloober Action Figure
415: “Gloobers”

TV Guide Collection
764: “The Ties that Bind, Part 14”

Grunewalt Stereo Console
757: “The Ties that Bind, Part 7”

Farm House Picture
832: “Your Honest Opinion, Please”

Beware of Moving Objects Sign
757: “The Ties that Bind, Part 7”

Sunflower Silence
913: “Search for a Sunflower”

Car Couch and Turtle Shell Coffee Table
The Cover of "Album 49: The Sky's the Limit!"

Mosquito Man Statue
585: “The Poor Rich Guy”

Exit Slide
472: “Welcoming Wooton”

A photo of Wooton and his twin brother, Wellington
543: Nothing but the Half Truth

A Photo of Bradford
868: "All for the Guest"

Popsicle Ark
480: “The Popsicle Kid”

Mach 10 Handheld Game
236: “Into Temptation”

Aunt Matilda’s
Coconut Cookie Recipe

480: “The Popsicle Kid”

Thai Menu and Tickets
882: “A Wise Surprise”

Photo of the Wise Family
783: "Words from the Wise"

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