Explore the Vault!

Take a glimpse into the world of Odyssey when you investigate the albums & episodes found in the vault.  Get to know the heros & villians and take a whirl in the Imagination Station books. 

Learn More About Our Characters

The Whit’s End and the world of Odyssey contain a rich cast of characters including some real heroes and villains! Explore our character vault to learn more about their stories!

Popular Mini Series to Follow

Are you aware that there are several mini series within Adventures in Odyssey? Explore the Mini Series page to read a summary and see an episode list to follow the series from beginning to end.

Did you know you can search episodes by themes like forgiveness, and love?

Imagination Station Books

The Imagination Station is a time traveling invention created by John Whittaker. In each Imagination Station book, cousins Patrick and Beth head to a different period and learn about the true story and meet the people behind the history.

Have a secret key code? Travel to the Imagination Station Page to find your book & enter the code.

Phil Lollar
Writer Kathy Buchanan
Dave Arnold
Christopher Diehl

Adventures in Odyssey Contributors

Behind the characters of Whit’s End and Odyssey is another cast of talented characters!  Learn more about the real people behind your favorite characters by browsing the contributor bios.

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