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The Best tool to help Kids Memorize Bible Verses

God gave us the Bible because he loves us and wants us to know Him.

We want our children to fall in love with the Word of God, but how do you help children relate to the Gospel so that they have the desire to read the Bible on their own?

Most parents make the mistake of getting their kids to memorize Bible verses through repetition alone without first awakening their desire to get to know the Word of God.

There is a difference between memorizing and remembering Bible Verses

What good happens if a child memorizes a Bible verse, but doesn’t understand how to apply it to their lives?

Children can feel like they are being forced to memorize Bible verses if they don’t understand that scripture is meant to guide their lives.

When children remember Bible verses, they do so because they understand the meaning of Bible verses and therefore know how to apply it to their lives. 

When children remember scripture, the word of God becomes like a friend that stays with them and guides them through life. They learn how to apply God’s word to their heart and trust Him in all things.

The best tool that can help children remember scripture is “stories”.

It can be hard to hold kid’s attention for long. A good story will grab your child’s attention and awaken their desire to learn more about the Word of God.

A good story that helps children remember scripture should do 3 things:

– Help them experience the Word of God so that they understand the meaning of scripture.

– Help them relate to the Word of God so that they know how to apply it in their lives.

– Help them create a daily habit of reading the Word of God so that they know and grow their relationship with the Lord.