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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

May 19, 2020: What is the name of Album 70? Can you give a preview of “The Rydell Revelations”? And more questions for the team.

Can Connie’s dad and Wooton’s father become believers? At the end of “Always Home,” Connie gets a call from an old friend. Who was it? What is the name of Album 70? Can you give us any hints on what’s going to happen in “The Rydell Revelations”? Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, and writers/directors Phil Lollar and Marshal Younger answer these questions and more in the latest Team Q & A.

Album 67: More than Meets the Eye

Album 67: More than Meets the Eye
Album 67: More than Meets the Eye

When Emily and Matthew find themselves trapped inside an unfinished escape room in the basement of Whit’s End, their only way out is to follow the clues to unlock the steel door before time runs out. Meanwhile new wide receiver Buck Oliver faces some unexpected challenges on the way to the high school football state championship when the team hires a new assistant coach – Eugene Meltsner. Across town, Connie Kendall’s wedding planning business becomes more complicated than she ever imagined when a family member raises suspicions about the groom’s past. Don’t miss a single twist or turn in these six adventure-filled stories.

Album 68: Out of the Blue

Album 68: Out of the Blue
Album 68: Out of the Blue

Jaws drop and eyes are opened at the surprises happening around the town of Odyssey. Everyone is finding or learning something unexpected! When Connie’s roommate Jillian sets out to find a job, the hunt takes her all over town. But whether it’s destroying a window display at Triple J Antiques, causing chaos at Odyssey General Hospital, or trying her hand at meteorology, she just can’t catch a break. Will she ever find the perfect fit for her unique skills? Meanwhile, Penny and Wooton have a wonderful surprise to share when her parents come for a visit – if they can ever find the right time to tell them. And Wyatt resorts to using extraordinary methods when he uses a lie detector to show his sister Bridget how much he misses hanging out with her. But the biggest surprises won’t be revealed until you listen to these six adventures. Don’t miss a single twist, turn, or bombshell in Odyssey!

Album 69: Best Kept Secrets – coming to Club in July!

Album 69: Best Kept Secrets

Long-held secrets are uncovered and major revelations are commonplace in Adventures in Odyssey Album 69: Best Kept Secrets. Listeners have long wondered about Morrie Rydell’s plans for the kids in Odyssey. All will be revealed and questions will be answered in these episodes. Elsewhere, Jules’s mother suddenly arrives in Odyssey to take Jules back to California, maybe for good. What will happen to Jules, her newfound musical career, and her friends back in Odyssey?

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        1. Who gets to allow which comments are posted? Is that why Nathan was first?????

      1. Am I crazy to want (and think they are leading up to) having Connie and Jason become a real thing??! Cause—don’t hate me, I think they go well together.

        I want to know! Someone ask these odyssey people and tell me!!

          1. No no no no no!! Jason and Connie should NOT get married! no, never, no way

        1. Same, I think they would make a great pair actually. I mean we have been waiting as long as this existed for Connie to get married! Will it ever happen?

          1. i agree
            she should always be connie kendell
            and that would make whit her father inlaw right???
            she is connie kendel not connie whitakker!!!

        2. I think Jason and Connie are a relly good couple. but Jason and Tasha Forbes are a good couple to. i think they would make a better couple.

          1. It looks like the contestents are……… Tasha Forbes, Connie Kendall, and Jillian Marshall!! Oh and adventures in Odyssey people pls have Connie marry someone, same 4 Jason!!!!

    1. Lol! This is so cool! I can’t believe I am actually responding to Nathan Hoobler! So cool! Thank you for all your hard work!

    2. Wow… Nathan Hoobler was on here… and I’m responding to him! This is so cool! XD

        1. XD is a face on the side. The X are the two eyes squeezed together. Like this face: >.< See the eyes? So it’s that on the side. The D is a smile. So X is the eyes and D is the mouth. XD

          1. Thanks! Now I know that I can use it too if I want, very clever whoever made the up.

    3. Hey! Good to see a Odessey designer on the post! Thanks for making all the episodes that I enjoy daily! I appreciate it very much!😀👍

    1. LiaCupcake, you’re not the only one who is confused. i can’t make sense of this new website either.

    2. Me too! I think I liked better, but this is nice. I am really confused though. Btw, this is RANDOM. I think I will go by Rachel or Ro now.

  1. You guys this website is L I T

    I didn’t realize how badly it needed an update until you updated it… great job!

  2. While we appreciate the recent updates to the Whit’s End website, they will not distract us from our goal of campaigning for Mitch and Connie to get back together in Adventures in Odyssey.
    Concerned Citizens for Mitch’s Welfare

      1. Technically we never heard the wedding ceremony, so there is still a chance that he isn’t. This is the view that our organizations hold.

        Concerned Citizens for Mitch’s Welfare

        1. But he was engaged to a girl called Maureen or something right? I’m pretty sure he’s already married…

          1. He was engaged to Maureen, but (if i get this correctly) she dies mysteriously. Then he falls in love with connie (SPOILER ALERT) and then in the album Signed Sealed Comited, he gets a job with the FBI and moves to Budapest. Mitch and Connie try to get married, but it doesn’t work out and they move on. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

          2. His girlfriend was Justine before he moved to Odyssey. She died suddenly. Then he moved to Odyssey and started dating Connie. Then he moved to Budapest, after he and Connie were disengaged. Then he showed up in “Something Old, Something New pt 1 & 2” and we found out that he was engaged to Maureen. And I guess they eventually got married. (Correct?

    1. amen brother! mitch and connie! mitch and connie! mitch and connie! etc…………………..

      1. Mitch and Connie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, and then mitch got a job working for the FBI, and then it became: Mitch and Connie sitting in a tree, C-R-Y-I-N-G, so mitch married Maureen. Simple right?

      1. @Person
        Where’d you hear that?
        Mitch is definitely a Christian ! Otherwise, why would Connie have gotten involved with him in the first place?

        1. My memory must be working then, sorry for the wrong info TATERTOTS3, and other people reading my stuff.

      2. Mitch is most certainly a Christian. He co-lead a Bible study with her (not that that makes him a Christian but he is). Whit supported the relationship.

  3. Haha I just realized that all the old comments got decimated
    R.I.P. comments from 2008 you had a good run

  4. Wow the updated site looks great! It’s gonna take a while to find my way around though lol.

  5. Can’t Wait for album 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. IT took me forever to figure out how to read comments! So is this where everyone comments now even if your not on club?

      1. I miss it, too! I had been on the old website for two years or so, and it’s hard adjusting!
        I got the free trial of the club a few weeks ago! I was able to listen to all of the exclusives before it ran out! What are your favorite club episodes?

        1. I love 30 Jays Hath September, but my ALL TIME FAVORITE is… Icky and Kat and Balty and Bones!!! (I love Buck Oliver and the Odyssey musicals so…)

          1. I agree, the musicals are THE BEST!! “30 Jays Hath September” is so hilarious, my siblings and I bring up the “Chuckie the Chair” joke almost daily!! 🤣

    1. Hey everyone! I am back! When the website was redone, I couldn’t find the comment place, and thought we couldn’t comment anymore. So, I was really sad. Then, recently I clicked on a podcast and found out that I can comment! I know there is another Naomi here, just to let you know that was not me. I believe there are two Naomi’s here 🙂 God bless!

  7. The new website is AWESOME! ,But the old comments get decimated is TERRIBLE

  8. Please keep the theme song but change the intro and maybe say the title of the episode and maybe a list of characters.

  9. In these uncertain times, what we need is a little hope. As our campaign partner, the CCMW, so aptly pointed out, what we really need is Connie and Mitch back together. Do it for the fans Odyssey. We’ve never needed you more.

    Concerned Citizens for Connie’s Welfare

    1. Lol I want a report spam button on the new website 🙂

      -Concerned Citizens for Not Everyone Wants to Get Married

      1. Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts with us. It keeps us accountable and reminds us that not everyone agrees with us. As for being spam, the CCCW and CCMW strive to maintain the commenting guidelines given to us by the Odyssey team.
        Concerned Citizens for Mitch’s Welfare

      2. I agree! Mitch and Connie CAN’T get married. He’s already married. They don’t work. 🙂

    2. Lol! I agree… but Mitch already got married. I thought he didn’t, but he did. So sad!

      1. I have to say I am though I’ve pretty much lost all hope that it’s gonna happen. 😛

    3. Even if Connie and Mitch can not get back together, it would be REALLY awesome if she could at least get married. She’s already had 2 broken relationships with Jeff and Mitch.

  10. I have been on the old site since I was 11 and wow! This is different. I’m adjusting to it, but it’s nice 🙂
    Loved the Q&A! They never fail to fascinate and excite me.

  11. Every time I click the posting guidelines, it sends me to the top of the page…

  12. Thank you so much for answering my questions! It made my day and I couldn’t stop smiling! Stay safe and keep making the magic!

  13. How do you post a comment of a page that doesn’t have any other comments? i need some help please..
    Thank you

    1. Lauren, if you can’t post a comment is is because the Podcast is from to long ago.
      i hope this helps.

  14. @Froststar,
    So if you’re here, is FrostClan still going to go on, or are we stopping because of the new site or some other reason?

  15. I would like a theme song with clips of the episodes, or maybe the title of the episode included.

    1. Yes! That is what they used to do. I liked it best when they have the lines and clips from the episodes in the theme song. Btw, please don’t change the theme song!

  16. HI Coolcuz, AQ, and everybody else who was on the writers page before they updated the site. are we still going to do the writers page? And if so what Podcast page would Y’all like to do it on?.

    1. Hey! Idk if you remember me, but I was Bookworm. I’d love to start up the writer’s page again!

      1. I haven’t been on this writer’s page but it sounds fun. I would join if I knew witch podcast it is.

    2. Unfortunately we can only comment on the newer Podcasts. We’ll have to try one of those.

    3. Texas Cowboy, I want to continue writers page too. I really enjoyed the poetry you wrote recently.

  17. Odyssey team: Could you install a search engine for the podcasts? It will take me forever to go through all the podcasts to find the ones I comment to friends on. Thank you!

  18. Well, I found the search engine, but I can’t comment on an podcast except the first? NOOO!!!
    Where are all my friends? AQ? Na10? Everyone? Agh!
    This update is…sad. A great redesign, but…

    1. Mrs: isn’t Aqs sister LOTRfan? If so she posted on the page after this one.

    1. Hey. I am wondering the same thing. I see a few familiar usernames but it still feels like we have all been teleported to a new world where everything is different and we have to find eachother for support. Where is the writers page going to be?

      1. No idea! We’ll have to change podcast tho because only the first few work.

  19. There is a problem that is still there it plays the episodes when you get in the website, that is annoying

    However I wish you would put back the information of when the each episode originally aired.

    Also, under Albums Special Releases……..
    Do you have to be a member to listen to those? or will they be played on the Radio?

    Finally when does album 69 come out? or is it album 70?

    1. Album 69 has the green cover above and is titled “Best Kept Secrets”, it will tease in the club this July and on album in October. Album 70 doesn’t have a cover and the title is still being worked on, and will release in the club in December and to album early next year.

    2. Album 69, Best Kept Secrets, will be airing in the club, starting in July, and will be on radio and cd in October. Hope this helps!

  21. Cool new site! I like the update! But I don’t see my friends…
    Naomi? AQ? LOTRFan? Moriah? You all still here?
    If you are, do you want to go somewhere to chat?

      1. Oh there’s another Naomi! Sorry. I’ll post under Blue instead.

        -The other Naomi

      2. XD Yay! So glad you are!
        (Btw, just saying, but I think the best thing about the update is that we can reply to comments!)

    1. Bethel,
      HERE!!! I don’t know if knook’s here, though. She might not be. I’ll ask.

        1. Phew! I feel like we all just got separated in a dark cave and somehow bumped into one another again, and are now sitting around too afraid to move because we can’t see a thing. Wow, that was a long simile, but whatever. 😛

          1. BTW that Anonymous was me. I’m starting to get used to putting my username down there.

    2. Hello, Bethel! it’s so good to hear from you again! I didn’t know that they were going to change the website. 🙂 I’d love it if we were able to start the writer’s page up again! Where do you want to go to chat? Anything works for me!

      1. Hey Moriah! Great to see you! 🙂 Yeah, I’d love to start up the writer’s page and our chat page again!

    1. Go to the Free club trial on the bottom of a late on click it, under the two boxes it while day already a member sign in, that is how to get to it, hope it works Lane

    1. Same here WWIININJA, by the way does that stand for World War 2 ninja? If so that is a really cool username

      1. Yep! I love World War 2 history, and I’m in martial arts. Therefore, my name!

          1. I find the tech and warfare really interesting. I also play a tank game that has a lot of the tanks from WWII in it, so that’s cool.

    2. I don’t think that they’ve ever mentioned what Jillian believes. But I agree.:)

  22. does anyone know if the four week free trial of the club is still available?

    1. It is, they are still advertising it on the website and on the episodes.
      Your welcome Anonymous.

  23. Wow. I am so lost. I can’t find anything on here. I like the new look a little, but it will take some getting used to. Anyway… thank you Odyssey team so much! You have helped my family so much during this hard time. Thank you for continuing to make my day special!
    — Rachel

  24. This new website is very different but totally cool. I love it!
    I have a question: Are all the actors that work and have worked on Adventures in Odyssey Christians?

  25. just a question, WHY do they keep updating the website i just got use to the other!!lol

  26. The new website is confusing…
    But we all knew it needed a revamp.
    Also, in what time period will “The Rydell Revelations” be aired on the radio?

    1. Album 69, Best Kept Secrets, will be in the club starting in July, and sting on radio and cd in October. Hope this helps!

  27. wow this new website it’s cool I have to get use to it Melissa ps I can’t wate fore album 69 and album 70 melissa

  28. I would just like to say that Jason and Jillian are perfect for each other!!!!!
    – Concerned Citizens for Jason and Jillian

  29. Yay, we can post again!
    @Naomi: Are you here? Guess what? I got the Club again!

  30. Texas Cowboy,
    I don’t know if we’ll be able to do the Writer’s Page anymore or not. 🙁

      1. Yes, the Wingfeather Saga page… *racks brain* I don’t know what to do! I’ll look and see how many of the podcasts we can post on. Maybe we can use one for the Wingfeather Saga page? Or maybe we should wait until a few more podcasts come out so we all have a little room to breathe. Hm.

        1. We should probably wait for a few more podcasts. No telling what will happen with the older ones. I don’t know if I’ve asked you this before, but would you like to be posting buddies??

    1. AQ, that is fine i’m not going to be on here any more, because i’m getting really busy with the ranch work.
      anyway bye everybody. it has been nice getting to know y’all.

      Texas cowboy

      1. Bye! You’ve posted some great stuff!
        Sooo…now we just chat. Oh boy. This will be hard, scrolling through all the comments. I won’t complain, tho. (Sounded like I was there haha) 🙂

      2. And that last comment was me. Man! I need to get used to putting in my username on the BOTTOM.

      3. Texas Cowboy,
        I get it. 🙂 It’s been nice getting to know you, too – and getting to read your amazing poems! My favorite was the horse one you did recently. Adios, and hope to see you again sometime!!

        1. MRS,
          I totally get that!

          Yeesh, that other comment of mine posted fast! Hm, I wonder… (conducting experiments…)

    1. AQ: I know! I missed all you guys on here! So good to see you again.Glad we are all back again!
      Bethel: So glad I saw you here too! How are you?
      Anonymous: Good to see you again! Did you have a different clubhouse member name? Sorry I forgot if you did have one.WW11NINJA: Hope you are doing well! Great to see you here too.Well, God bless, everyone

  31. I love the new website! It seems so much more… Odyssey-ish! But I tried to find the chat pages I post on, and all of the comments are GONE! What happened? Will we be unable to post on old pages anymore??

        1. I know! I really need to put in my username.
          Oh goodness. I don’t think I put my username into ANY of the comments I’ve done yet. Oof. So if any of you see a comment that sounds like it comes from someone who knows you, it was probably me.

    1. Hey! (Idk if you remember me but I was Bookworm. I got overrun with the pages I was on, and so I disappeared for a while) I think we can only post on the newer pages. 🙁

      1. Of course I remember you! It’s good to see you again!
        I’m very sad about the writer’s page. If we start a new one, we lose all of the old lessons, which I occasionally look back at.

        1. Aww, thx! It’s great to see you too!
          Yeah, it’s sad they’re all gone. 🙁 I don’t even think you can comment on it anymore. But at least we’re all still here. 🙂
          (I can’t get over how awesome it is to be able to reply to comments lol)

          1. I know it! The replies are awesome. But I do miss the Writer’s page. Maybe we can claim one of the scarce posting pages? Or when they put out a new podcast we can ask for this one? *thinks hard*

      1. XD now I’m imagining streamers falling from the skies and loud music playing as soon as AQ looked at the page.

        1. You guys are so sweet. 🙂 I’m so glad we didn’t lose touch due to the redo.

  32. I miss FrostClan…ooof. 🙁 I really hope we can do that again on the new website.

  33. So it seems that the farthest podcast back you can comment on is the fourth back. I think.

    1. @AQ,
      Do you know if Swanstep/@whatever-her-username-is is here? Or Froststar? Or @IRELAND? Sorry, I just miss everybody in FrostClan.

      1. Snowstorm,
        I don’t! I got the Club, though, so I can ask Swanstep and Froststar to come back. Or I can carry messages. Whatever! 🙂 I don’t know where Shadowvein got to… We should reconnect!!

        1. Brightwing,
          Yesss!!! Please ask Swanstep and Froststar if they’ll come back! Which podcast do you think we should use to move the Clan to? Also, have fun with the club 🙂

        2. @AQ,
          Have you spoken to Swanstep and Froststar, yet? Has Froststar picked a deputy or what?

  34. Hi guys it’s been a while since I posted and listened but I’m so glad to see y’all

  35. Anyone seen CoolCuz in a while?
    I got overrun with the pages I was on and so I disappeared for a while. So, if she said anything about leaving or taking a break, I didn’t see it. 🙂

    1. All I know is that COOLCUZ was having internet troubles or something like that, and she decided not to post on the main page and post a little less on the chat pages. COOLCUZ, if you are reading this, I miss you!!!

      1. Ok, thx so much!
        Oh and CoolCuz, if you’re reading this, I agree wholeheartedly with Jell-o!

  36. based on the preview of the next album It would be weird if Emily thought Morrie was responsible for everything that is going on. they seem to make Emily way to smart and how would Emily find out its morrie.

    1. I know! It seems weird that Morrie would put in that obvious clue; “I’m good with numbers.” But then again, all will be revealed!

  37. I bet why Emily is chasing Morrie’s sister is because the thing that put Emily in a imagination station adventure when it was across the room was the black box. and it also made Emily go crazy! that would be cool! what you all think?

    1. That might be creepy. But I’m sure Morrie is putting false accusations on Emily for some reason. We shall see!

    2. @PeterF, I think Morrie is lying, and he somehow kidnapped both of them.

  38. Hi guys I don’t have the club so I can’t go back to the episode when Mitch tells Connie he’s engaged but, didn’t he say he was engaged to be married and they were serious about their relationship?? ( please help )

    1. I believe they were! I haven’t listened to it in a while, but as Cathy Buchanan said that Mich won’t come back til Ronald McDonald becomes a vegetarian, I’m guessing they’re married by now.

  39. [ to PeterF]

    I think Morrie is really smart but I don’t think he could have the capability to operate the black box because even Eugene tested on it and it didn’t go well for him, that’s my take any way

    1. ya, I kind of doubt he used the black box but it almost make sense like that’s the only way he could do it. he would have to connect into Emily’s brain wirelessly because she was across the room from the box that brought her into the imagination station. it seems like it would have to be similar technology anyway. what do you all think?

  40. Yes, unfortunately in the episode “Something Old, Something New” Mitch was know to be engaged to Maureen. However, he and Connie were also engaged and did not get married. Since Adventures in Odyssey has taught us to never assume, (“Episode #260 Naturally I assumed”) we shouldn’t assume Mitch is married unless we know for sure.

    1. Hard to argue with that one!
      -Concerned Citizens for… Nobody In Particular

          1. LOL Ok. I’ll edit that.
            -Concerned Citizens for Peace in the Comments (CCPC)

  41. New album will be so good. Keep up the good work, team!
    Also, is someone named Lillian/Lilly/Lilia (or whatever variant of that name that you use) here?

  42. Thank you so much for always having free episodes to enjoy they have always been a highlight for my day, and can make a hard day a little bit better, so thank you!

  43. I can’t wate for new episodes!! I think you should Have most of the main characters introduced themselves well the theme song is playing! Odyssey please reply if you like this idea!?

  44. Morrie is so no way connected to novacom, this was confirmed by Nathan hoobler.

  45. Are we going to start the whole fiasco about weather or not we think that Connie and Mitch should/shouldn’t get married again?

    1. By definition a fiasco requires something to be a failure. So, we at the CCCW and the CCMW certainly hope that our plan to have Connie and Mitch married is not a fiasco.
      Concerned Citizens for Mitch’s Welfare

      1. Unfortunately, I still don’t think it will work. Connie and Mitch broke up pretty soon. I doubt Mitch and Maurine would be engaged for so long and not get married.
        Besides: cats aren’t extinct. 🙂
        -Concerned Citizens for Peace in the Comments (CCFPITC) lol

      2. At the end of the episode, Chris says that “the rumors are true–Connie and Mitch are not getting married.” I don’t want to start a fight, and I hope that there are no hard feelings on your side of the conversation. By the way, what is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode? 😉😜

        1. Oohhhhhh that’s hard to answer. I have no Idea.
          -Concerned Citizens for Peace in the Comments (CCPC)

  46. Het, everyone! it’s so good to be back on here again! How are you all doing?

    1. Hey! I’m doing great! Hbu?
      Btw, are you the Moriah I was chatting with on the last Whit Award page?

    2. hello fellow odyssey fan! I’m doing great! I just got back on here resently also!

  47. in all the Morrie episodes it seems like Morrie is trying to learn stuff about people so the imagination station adventure Emily went on was maybe just Morrie just trying to learn how Emily would solve the mystery and how she would react to situations.

  48. I’m a big fan of classic odyssey and have been lingering the early albums for years so WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IN HEAVEN’S BLUE BLAZES IS GOING ON? It was bad enough when Penny and Wooton got marred (please no kids PLEASE!) I’m so out of the loop it makes my head hurt! I’m going to try to get involved more though. See ya soon.

    1. One significant part is that Emily and Matthew were trapped in a hijacked escape room with the threat of loosing oxygen if they didn’t play by the mysterious hacker’s rules!!! There is also a very suspicious character named Mory Rydell (may be behind the escape room escapade) whose full story is going to be revealed in the coming album.

    2. The other thing to mention is that Connie has a new and flighty roommate named Jillian Marshall. She is very sweet, and is now trying to find a job as of the timeline of “Out of the Blue”. Anyone can correct me if I missed anything. I Just wanted to fill you in on significant information that will play into the “Rydell revelations”. Hope this helps!

    3. only help I can give is keep listening! I’m not a big fan of the newer odyssey episodes either.

  49. why did you guys change the charactor limit to lower than it was before the update? it’s kind of annoying. you don’t feel like you are writing a long post but all of sudden you’re past the character limit.

  50. You know how Whit said that Emily’s phone did not have a locked screen? My guess is that it could not possibly be Emily’s phone. As a detective, she would naturally be more careful about keeping private information safe. Somehow, Mory is behind this, and had one of his hired thugs kidnap Suzu.

  51. PS. I think there is a connection between the name Mory and Moriarty (Arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes). It connects very well, whether it was intended or not. Especially since Emily is a brilliant detective and Mory is a brilliant yet crafty “potential” antagonist. CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS SECRETS TO BE EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PPS. Sorry, I’m really excited

  52. So, some of the old podcasts aren’t working, and some have the wrong video playing. I don’t really know if they messed up, or this is a glitch on my computer or something…hmm

  53. All will be revealed in the Rydell Saga, soon to be released in the Club! (Lol that sounded like a Odyssey Sales pitch.)

  54. random question. Does anyone remember which podcast had the video of Brock revealing album 51 and being chased through Focus? I remember it but I can’t find it lol

    1. I don’t remember. But I think you can only watch the newer podcasts. I tried and it said you can only watch them on the Club. I hope I’m wrong.

    2. Yes I found it. I love that one too! I just pasted from the title.

      Nov. 18, 2009: Bob and Jesse try to hide Adventures in Odyssey secrets from a prying Odyssey fan

  55. Can Connie and Jason get together please!? They are perfect for each other. And what is up with Mory?

    Thank you so much for all the stories, never stop. They make my day.

  56. I am so happy to have been in a family that loves god and loves to listen to adventures in odyssey together as a family. I have gave my life to Jesus and mostly do to adventures in odyssey it has helped me through tough situations. Thank you 🙌🏻

    1. That is so amazing, Aubrey! Congratulations on giving your heart to Jesus! <3

    2. I believe the bible says something about angels singing every time someone does that. Even though I don’t sing, I will still imagine all these angelic choir singing, “Amazing Grace.” Also there is an AIO called “Amazing Grace” in the album Signed Sealed Comited. If you wish to hear the story of “Amazing Grace.”

    3. I would like to point out that the episode “Amazing Grace” is coming out tomorrow, June 13 2020, on the ‘listen’ tab. Congrats again!

  57. Definitely keep the theme music the same, but maybe go back and do what they did in maybe the late ‘90s or early 2000’s and put a bunch of short clips from the episode together as an intro. It was always funny to hear that part and then see where those lines actually were in the episode.

        1. I put in my email and my website. I don’t know why they changed it, but i think it they did it so that people who put in their email get to see a preview of their comment before anyone else does.

  58. I had an idea for a new theme song. What if Chris introduces the show from different parts of the USA. For example,
    she could introduce in Little Rock, Arkansas or Osage, Iowa. Hope this helps!

    1. I believe you have a good idea. I personally prefer a more down to earth and… traditional music. That is only my preference, I hope this helps!

  59. The phone call that I listened to just now left out a fact. At the end of the Novacom series, Eugene Meltsner tells Whit that he is considering comming to Oddesy. He then tries to use the technology that he created to help himself. Then he comes back and has forgotten everything. Then the adventure of getting his memory back is in Eugene Returns.

  60. Also, when Eugene leaves and finds out his dad is real, there is an adventure about Eugene’s dad becomming a christian. My only question is if that is in the album Eugene Returns, or another album. I cant remember. I’ll have to listen to my albums again.

  61. i didnt know we could leave comments! i love adventures in odyssey!! i usually listen to it while i’m writing my book. it sounds weird and confusing, but somehow it helps me to think. today’s episode was sooo funny!!

  62. These q and a episodes are always my favorite! It’s so cool to hear from the Odyssey team

  63. I can’t wait for the next album! Hey Bethel! Nice to see you here 🙂 Hope you and your family are doing well! God bless everyone, and goodnight!

  64. Btw everyone I have posted a tirade on a problem in Odyssey on the newest podcast. Read it if you want!

  65. Naomi:
    My Saturday was great! Met with some of the people from our church in the evening and (even though it was sweltering) went to a park. It was great! How was your weekend?

  66. Hm. Now that there’s more podcasts out, is everyone ok if this becomes the Wingfeather Saga page?

  67. Ok. Please pray my family doesn’t have the Corona virus! Are Aunt tested positive for it and, me, my Mom, and little sister are sick with a cold and we are wondering if we have it! But, I have been listening to Ember Falls by S.D Smith. It is really good. I hope to finish it today. God bless!

  68. Miss Smile,
    Praying! I just read the Green Ember.

    Do you want to pray for me? My pet fish died today, and I was pretty attached to him (that might sound weird). I’m ok with it, but it’s still not easy.

  69. yes i would love for this to be the Wingfeather page.
    Ardrew Petersen is great writer

  70. AQ: I am SO sorry! I am always sad when a pet dies. It is not weird at all that you were attached to him. I have always been attached to my pets. I know what it is like. When my guinea pig died, I was heart broke. I will definitely be praying 🙂 Have you read all the Green Ember books? I am listening to the audio book Ember Rising. Miss smile 🙂

  71. Finally! The comments have come in for me! So if I don’t reply to you for a while, that’s why.

  72. Thanks y’all! Sorry I wasn’t here, I went on a youth group camping trip and didn’t have a second to tell y’all. 🙂 But i’m back!

  73. I jest linden to The Rydell Revelations part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  75. I think connie and jeff should get married and i think that Jillian and jason should get married.

    1. I toddle agree with you Connie and Jeff should get married and Jillian and Jason are like fledgling to gather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m not going to start a argument about Jason and Jillian. Note to self: don’t talk about them. Lol

  76. Anonymus: I agree Connie and Jeff should be married and Jillian and Jason were made for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Maddie there is a story about connect and Jeff getting married you just have to look it up on Google

  77. Oops I did not know my frets comment postdated 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  78. Welcome to the Wingfeather Saga page! If you have not read this amazing book series by Christian singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson, you are still welcome to join this chat page! We’ll try hard not to spoil anything! If you’ve read the books and are a Wingfeather fan, please join us! We chat about favorite characters, trivia questions, quotes, etc!

  79. To quote the guidelines:
    Check your spelling and please don’t use too many exclamation marks or question marks or emoji’s. One or two is enough.
    That wasn’t exactly what it said, but you can read it for yourself below.

  80. Suilad,
    Ha, and Namulus Croddle-Norton. 😛 I actually kept a list of his names. 🙂

  81. Oskar’s Tuesday Quote:

    “Whether crushed or sheltered by the Maker’s hand, ’tis beneath it we go, from breath to death, even during COVID-19.” ~Triliban Plubius the Bruised, revised quote. 😉

  82. Racoon’s are the mascot’s of coronavirus because:
    1. Washes hands vigorously
    2. Always wears a mask
    3. When you rearrange the letters it spells corona

  83. Jell-O,
    Yep. I think MRS should show up soon, as should Bethel. Maybe Naomi will come. I can post the link on other pages as well. 🙂

  84. Welcome, WWIININJA and MORIAH!
    A question to get the ball rolling:
    Who are your favorite characters?

      1. Sorry this is late! I don’t have a favorite overall character, but it would feel so empty if one of them were not in the story!

    1. Hello Everyone. This is Farmgirl. So I have heard alot about Wingfeather Saga, but can someone tell me more?

  85. Hey all! I recognize most screen names on here. For those of you who don’t know me, you can call me Naomi or Na10. I hear this is the wingfeather fan page! I would love to join if I can. My Mom just bought At The Edge of The Dark Sea of Darkness. She said I could go ahead and read it! It will be the first book of the saga that I will have read.

  86. Hopeing this isent a spoiler… interesting how the main bad guys wingfeather saga and green ember are driven by somewhat the same reason.

  87. Bucket list item: recreate the Durgan giuld hall from book three. Sounds like the epicest place ever! ( apart from heaven)

  88. “the best laid plans of cave blats and men gange aft algay”
    probably Oskar if he ever met Robert Burns

  89. Jell-o: Andrew Peterson!!!!!! I’m reading the books rite now. And I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for letting me come on this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Hi all! Sorry I haven’t been on! My life blew up with business, and I may not be on consistently. But I’ll still be here!

  91. Hey everyone! If we haven’t met, you can call me Naomi or Na10 (but, you could probably tell from my screen name 🙂 ) My Mom just bought one of the wingfeather books! She said I could go ahead and read it! So, I’ll let you all know how it goes when I start reading it. I am looking forward to it! God bless and hope you all have a great night!

  92. Hey sorry I have bane on. I have bane reel busy. And I have the ao club now. But I love the Andrew Peterson Books.

  93. Oskar’s Quote:
    “Nobody listens to me!”
    ~ The impeccable cartographer Conrad Tottingtown

  94. This is totally crazy I never knew! I guess I missed a lot on Mitch and Connie. I only watched Broken Window on the album 476 that said Mitch and Connie were dating. Well, I am so happy I know now! Thanks!

  95. Should I start posting like the page numbers and books that my Oskar quotes are from? Or is that not necessary. I suppose it doesn’t make much of a difference! 🙂

  96. No you don’t have to. People did you know that your responding to THE NATHAN HOOBLER?!

  97. OH MY!!!!! THE The RYDELL REVELATIONS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heard it three days ago with one of my bffs. INCREDIBLE!

  98. Sorry I haven’t been posting. For some reason my comments aren’t going through – any of them. :/

  99. HEADS UP!
    I’m leaving the Whitsend blog for the time. I’m really struggling with keeping up with writing and work and chatting on various websites and all sorts of other stuff, and I’m getting really stressed out for the first time in my life. So I’m really sorry, and I’d really like to stay, but I can’t. I might be back, but I’m taking a break. 🙂

    1. Oh no, you’re leaving? I’m sorry you have to leave. I’ll miss you, and hope you come back soon! But I understand, life gets crazy!

  100. I just started reading the Wingfeather Saga! I just reead the Cheap is almost free line!

  101. AQ: I’ll miss you! But, I totally get what you are saying. I’ll be praying that things calm down soon. God bless!
    ~Miss.Smile 🙂

  102. Is this page dead? 😥 I’m sorry I haven’t been on here often! I just kinda forgot about it! Soo… is anyone still interested in keeping this page going? Because it seems like everyone… disappeared!

  103. Hi guys, I’m back! And it’s totally worth keeping this page going. 🙂 I may not be on consistently, but I’ll do my best. 🙂

        1. I’ve just been rather confused about the different pages on here. I think I’ve figured out my four though. But you’re right; we haven’t talked in a while.

  104. “Whether crushed or sheltered by the Maker’s hand, ’tis beneath it we go, from breath to death.” ~Triliban Plubius the Bruised

    “Learn and plan over food, if you can.” ~R.T. Krunk

    “Cheap is almost free.” ~Bweezly the Leaf Theif

    “Reading books is neatest of all.” ~Oskar Noss Reteep

    (I love quotes…)

  105. Wingfeather Saga Trivia (Easy):

    What did Peet fight in Glipwood after insulting its mother?
    What is Tink very afraid of?
    What does Podo affectionately call Leeli, and engraved on a crutch?
    Who is Podo’s old nemesis in Glipwood (not counting the dragons)?

    1. A street sign
      Heights? Losing his mind? Spiders? I dunno…
      Lizard kicker
      Growlfist the Strander?

        1. Sry, my comments aren’t going through, it seems like. I’ll retry.
          1. The Vibbly Way street sign.
          2. Heights
          3. Lizardkicker/Batwhacker
          4. Buzzard Willy
          Thx for answering, PennyBassett❤!

  106. favorite charictars,
    Giuldmaster Clout
    P.S. Kalmar and Nuzzard forever (you’ll probably only understand if you’ve finished)

  107. I wonder if there could be an episode like Something Old, Something New Except with Officer David Harley(& I think that the name kinda sounds like Harley Davidson Motorcycles)
    & he meets Harlow Doyle &… Get ready for this 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 they both Jinx each other saying something like:
    Both: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Harlow: I See me!
    David Harley: I See me too!
    Harlow: Hey. how’s about we
    Both(Cont’d( Continued)): Switch Places!
    & Then A Lot of Whole Show They’d switch places🤣………………… that is until Mr. Whittaker Finds out & then he would say something like Whit: Harley is that you? a and Harlow is That you?? Why are you pretending you’re people that you’re not?.
    Anyways I also think AIO should come up with something like A 1st grade-College contest that has a a contest to have ideas & writing episodes🙂

  108. Fav. Characters:

    Others, of course… 😉

  109. Fav. Characters:

    Sara Cobbler, is the only character I don’t like.

    1. I don’t know, maybe it is because she acts so perfect, or because she is a girl that’s so perfect and maybe I’m just jealous…

  110. Now that I think about it, what if this whole story is an Imagination Station adventure? How far does it go?

    1. I wonder how long my name can be, let me check. okay so this is pretty long how very interesting. Is it done yet? nope its still going well thats weird. i know that you can only comment like three hundred words but i dont know wait it ends here. says:

      now my brain hurts. read my name

  111. EJ,
    Ah, the trials of having an invention like the Imagination Station around!!
    Do you have the Club?

  112. Hey guys! I’m here again! Sorry I haven’t been regular; I’m having problems tracking all the pages, but I’ve narrowed it down to 4, and I think I’m good. So i should be on more often. 🙂

    1. Hi MRS! Don’t worry about it; I’m pretty sure me and maybe PennyBassett❤ are the only ones here. I was thinking about advertising on the main pages, so hopefully that helps. 🙂

  113. I wonder how long my name can be, let me check. okay so this is pretty long how very interesting. Is it done yet? nope its still going well thats weird. i know that you can only comment like three hundred words but i dont know wait it ends here. says:

    read my name

  114. Hey Everyone!
    I think there should be more videos on this websites. I still like podcasts, but videos can help you feel more connected with what’s happening. Just a suggestion.


  115. MRS,
    I really need some help. Like surgical or mental help. I’M SO HYPER I ANNOYING MYSELF!!! How often does that happen?! XD
    Hopefully by the time this posts I’ll be back to normal. Or, my normal, that is. XD

    1. I think he was planning on revisiting Aerwiar, but not in the Wingfeathers’ time.
      Have you heard of Wingfeather Tales? He wrote a short story set in Yorsha Doon in it. 🙂

  116. I’m back! Hopefully for longer, even though I’m still having problems finding all the pages.

    1. Yay!
      This might be a weird question, but what device do you use to chat? I found that bookmarking each page (I’m on a laptop) makes it a lot easier to keep track of. 🙂

      1. I use an iPad with a keyboard, and right now I’m trying keeping links to the different pages I’m on. I recently switched the browser I use, so sorry for any delays in replying!

        1. You’re good! And I am so ready to get an iPad with a really cool keyboard. My laptop keeps having problems. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be getting my older sibling’s reworked laptop, which I guess isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

  117. Hey everyone! It’s good to see you all again! I hadn’t seen WWllNINJA (aka MRS) and Salad since my days of being on the club! lol Hope you all are doing well! God bless!

  118. Anyway, I recently finished the first wingfeather book! I didn’t find it as thrilling as I had imagined, but I liked the ending! The second book is a lot better, and is getting better as I go alone 🙂 I like Peet-the-sock-man (aka Artham) and Janner. I like Janner because I feel I can relate to him. God bless everyone!

    1. Miss Smile,
      Hey, you made it! Welcome! My favorite character is either Artham, the Florid Sword (you’ll meet him in the second book), or Rudric (third book). 😉 I relate to Janner too.

  119. Has anyone read ‘Pembrick’s Creaturepedia’? It’s by Andrew Peterson but he pretends to be a character ‘Oliver Pembrick’.

    1. I actually haven’t read it, but once it comes out in print again I’m totally buying a copy!!

  120. Pro: Hey! Nice to see a new name! Also, can just call me Naomi, or Na10 🙂 Yes! I’m glad you like Janner, too! 🙂
    Recently, I have found myself to be relating to him a lot. To be continued….

  121. ….And Andrew Peterson did an AMAZING job giving us (readers) insight into his character! So even though the first book was kinda boring, I always appreciated and enjoyed being able to relate/connect to Janner. Mark of a true writer right there.
    God bless!
    (For Pro, part 2/2)

  122. PennyBassett: Hey! Good to see you here!!! That’s so cool we have the same favorite characters! Do you relate to Janner as well? If not, no worries. Everyone has a different reason for liking a character. I haven’t read Pembrick’s Creaturepedia! I should look into that! Thanks for the recommendation! God bless!

  123. AQ: Thanks for the welcome! Yes! I LOVE Artham! I literally just read about Florid Sword! Rudric I have yet to read/meet, but I look forward to that! Who is your favorite from the kids/jewels?

      1. What! My family is only on the second book but they are basically One of my favorite series now! I just stumbled upon this page by accident! I realized that there were some really recent comments on here still.

  124. PennyBassett: Yes! I REALLY like Janner! Mainly because I feel that I can relate so much to him. He’s my favorite of the jewels. And, Artham is my TOP favorite character! What about you? Is Janner your TOP favorite?

  125. AQ: Yeah, Janner is my favorite of the jewels. Leeli is SUPER sweet, and I really like how she is so involved with music. But, she’s not my favorite. Kal I haven’t met yet, but when I do I’ll have more to say about that lol OH! I also really like Maraly!!! She’s pretty cool. Though, her story is kind’a sad 🙁 I hope I hear more of her in book 3!

    1. YAAAS!! How did you like the cliffhanger ending? XD
      And I have to say that Artham is one of my favorites, especially after the second book. 😀 WINGS WOOT WOOT!

  126. PennyBassett: LOL!!! I must’ve forgotten about him! I should go back and re-read the first chapter. Thanks for letting me know.

  127. AQ: The cliffhanger was/is SUPER intriguing!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!😆 I can’t wait for the next book!!! Yes! Artham’s wings are awesome! Ooooh, Kal is short for Kalmar!! Ok, yes, I have met him lol!!! Thanks for clearing that up!

    1. RIGHT?!? When Mr. Peterson read his books aloud he stopped for a long break after the 2nd book and when we turned it off my dad was like, “Wait, that’s it?” XD

  128. One of my friends, who published her book met Andrew Peterson! Then she texted my mom that “Andrew Peterson says hi!” It was so cool! I felt like fainting : ) !

  129. PennyBassett❤: That’s CRAZY AWESOME about your friend being able to meet Mr. Andrew Peterson!!!!!!!

  130. WOW! Love this epissode! love the peaple and charictors!!!!!! THANKS FOR MAKING IT!!

  131. Hi I’m new here and I LOVE! the Wingfeather Saga (I am also a mega fan of Odyssey)

  132. Miss Aquarium I like the Florid sword and Artham to I have read all the books about twice and I still can’t get enough of them! thank you for welcoming me so kindly – yours truly Smiles 🐬🐬🐳 (P.S I love Dolphins ) (P.P.S did you know JELL-O is my sister?)

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