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November 4, 2020: Warren Sellers gives Jules Kendall a song from the heart

Composer and lyricist Warren Sellers tells us about giving Jules her voice for a whole new adventure when he wrote the song “I’m Just Me.”

Composer Warren Sellers
Composer Warren Sellers

Album 69: Best Kept Secrets

Long-held secrets are uncovered and major revelations are about to be revealed in Album 69: Best Kept Secrets. Listeners have long wondered whether Morrie Rydell is behind the strange events happening in Odyssey. The truth will be brought to light in these episodes. Elsewhere, Jules’s mother suddenly arrives in to Odyssey to take Jules back to California, maybe for good. What will happen to Jules, her newfound musical career, and her friends back in Odyssey?

  • Read more about Album 69: Best Kept Secrets.
  • Got questions about the album – or anything in Odyssey? Leave a question for us: 1-855-784-WHIT. (Make sure to have a parent’s permission before you call!)

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276 Responses

      1. Hey everyone! Here are some of my ideas as to what the page should be;
        A music/song/song artist suggestion page
        A book recommendation page.
        Please note, these are only my thoughts and I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to pick one of these.

      1. I think whit should be dead he fought in WWII and u have to be 18 sssoooooooooo hes at least 95

    1. i’m just me its all that i can be or i’m just me

      I LOVE IT!!

      da-dun-da!!!!! LEMONGIRL 🙂

  1. Hey everyone! It’s so cool to find out how and where songs come from in their episodes, and this is one of the rare ones where Will Ryan didn’t write it, am I right? He his very creative though! 😂
    Anyway, what are your favorite episodes from album 69?

    1. I like for a song and Rydell revelations, and California dreams. I basically like all of them!🤣

  2. first? and also is Smile here? Because I put another part of my book on the previous comment page.

    1. Hey! I’m here! I’m going over to the other page to read more of your book now! Thank you so, so much!

    2. Oh that was sooooo amazing! You are an AMAZING writer! I think you should definitely publish your books when you are older! I’d buy them!

    1. I knoweth not who thou art, but thine comprehensible inquiry hath forged this present twenty-four hour period into a extremely marvelous juncture.

      I’m cracking up!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Official page list:
    This one: Unknown.
    Abigail Geiger: Chat
    Martyr and Rooster: Chat
    Christina Pucelli-Erik Passoja: Chats
    From the hallways…: Stories
    Redefining Bridget: Green Ember
    Rydell Revelations questions: Wingfeather
    Least recent Avery Awards: Writing
    Jared Depasquale: Frost Clan
    Adam McArthur: Agency.
    I’m done!

  4. This is a sample of my book(In progress), if Lydia Elizabeth is reading this. ( and everybody else of course.)
    It will probably take me awhile to post it 🙂

    1. Here is another part of one of my books. and also I think it might be good for the writers to stay on this page even when a new podcast comes out so we can stay in contact easier.

  5. My sister’s and I have been listening to Adventures in Odyssey pretty much our entire lives! Two of them are out of high school so they don’t really listen anymore, but my other sister and I still love them! I’ve started to collect more and more of them and my favourite album is Novacom Saga, and I think you should bring back Monty Whittaker!

  6. Part 1 Katya shivered in the darkness as she waited her turn to be punished. She had been a slave at the house of Tarses for her whole life and she had just gotten in trouble for dropping a dish. The punishment, 10 beatings. She could not stop her clumsy nature, so her back ached constantly. ” Get up there it’s your turn. Yelled the caller.

  7. Part2Katya went to bed that night with a throbbing back.”I’ve got to escape somehow.” Katy said to her friend Samantha the next day.“I can’t bear it for much longer”“You already tried to escape one time and failed remember.”“Oh I remember.”said Katya,“But this time its for real.” “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Samantha said.”You just wait.”

  8. Hello!! Christina here with her siblings listening to AIO in South Korea while folding the laundryXD I really enjoyed the song “I’m Just Me”, and can’t wait for the “California Dreams, Part 2” on the radio!!

    1. Oh that’s soo cool that you live in south Korea!😄 And you like AIO! Um I’m just curious how do you get introduced to Adventures in Odyssey and what was the first episode you listened to😋

      1. Yeah, it is coolXD Well, my dad found this place on oneplace where we could listen to the AiO episodes. (I don’t know why or how he found it though) And I really don’t remember what was my first episode, but I’m sure it was something with Penny in it haha

      2. CORRECTION: My mom found it behind an Awana book. And then my dad turned it on for us for the first time:) (I guess I got it confused since it was a long time ago hehe)

        1. oh interesting 😃 if you are wondering how i started listening to odyssey and what was the first episode i listened to lol the answers are i don’t know and i don’t know lolol 😂 i do remember i had the tapes when i was little like 4 maybe ( i think my Dad got the tapes at a bookstore or somewhere) because i was scared of the episodes the case of the hidden room part 1 and 2 ( I’m still scared of those episodes hehe😅) and i couldn’t read yet so my Mom put a red line on that tape so i would know that was the scary one 😂 but then later on i got some of the CDs! so i guess the first episodes i heard were like the first couple of albums

          1. That’s so neat! We just started listening to CDs, and then the radio, and finally this year we “graduated” to the AIO club!

  9. hi guys i just read on the commenting guidelines that were not supposed to put in personal information on the chat like our names, where we live, and stuff like that.

    1. I think it’s okay if we put our first names, or whatever your parents agree on. Also, like the state or province you live in just not your address.
      Please note: This is just what I think.

  10. I love this episode of California Dreams but I do have a question about this episode. By listening to Adventures in Odyssey episode Connie she went back to California for her spiritual journey and then when she came back she decided to follow Christ. I am surprised that this did not happen for Jules in this 2 part episode. Can you explain this.

    1. “Things never happen the same way twice, dear one” -Aslan

      I personally think Connie’s spiritual journey happened very quickly and that isn’t always realistic. I am enjoying Jules’ slow transformation as it is way more true to life than Connie’s was, plus more interesting because it is happening simultaneously with Buck and his journey.

      1. In the episode Connie she used as part of her spiritual journey as flashbacks to past episodes and in California Dreams Jules used real life experiences as part of her journey. I am surprised that she did not use coming into this episode Jules did not use some knowledge that she had from her past episodes that she was in. Is there a explanation?

        1. Maybe because no ones’ spiritual journey is the same. Everyone travels at a different pace. And, like @Texas Girl said, ‘“Things never happen the same way twice, dear one”’-Aslan. Anyways, hopefully this makes sense!

          1. I know that everyone travels at a different pace for their spiritual journey but like I was saying is that in the episode Connie she used flashbacks to past episodes that is all that I am trying to say. I am just looking for an explanation as to why Connie used flashbacks in her special episode. Jules is just doing the right thing to explore hers.

  11. It breaks my heart to read people’s comment about being so excited about thinking that they are first but then they end up not being.

  12. YAY!!!! Q N A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING MONTHS FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. These episodes are the BEST!! They’re the only episodes I’ve listened to in the new album tho but it’s SO good 😁

  14. I’m sorry guys, I am not going to post anymore samples of my books because I just read the commenting guidelines where it says not to do that. I’m sorry AIO for not reading it sooner

      1. well i was fine with Jules but in the episode on Let’s Put On a Show (im talking about Legacy) the first time i heard that episode, i didn’t expect pop music with it though. But in For a Song was ok, but im not sure about California Dreams.

    1. Me either. For A Song was ok, but California Dreams wasn’t very Odyssey like. Since when do they have someone dating like that!!! 🙁

      1. They have to do something like that! I actually really enjoyed it! Penny and Wooton were dating. Connie and Jeff, and Connie and Mitch too! I get why you wouldn’t like it, but, still….
        Sorry if I sound annoyed, I just like to prove stuff.
        Again, this is just my opinion, i don’t want to force it on y’all.

        1. i think adventures in odyssey wants to keep Connie single for the rest of her life. But, she has to get married.

        2. I love how everyone on this page has their own opinions and respects other people’s. Nowadays people think that there is only one answer (theirs of course) to a question that doesn’t really have a “right” answer and requires everyone’s opinion. They don’t respect other’s opinions and try to force theirs on everyone. I’m glad y’all are so respectful

      2. Well this is my opinion about it, I think they let Jules and jet date like that to show how celebrities do( in real life), at least I think they make celebrities date like that sometimes because it gets the fans excited and some fans love dating drama and stuff like that.

    2. I Liked the storylines, but I think that AIO has gotten less about younger kids getting into trouble and asking Mr. Whittaker for help and more about adult and teenagers about other stuff. I think that there should be more of a balance between both of those.

      Really? I loved them. Jules is a great character, and the character development is interesting. Although, I didn’t understand why they went back on their ‘no teen dating’ policy, and there was very modern music in ‘California Dreams,’ when Odyssey is supposed to be timeless.
      I would be typing an essay right now, but I’m out of space!

      1. Ya, I do miss all the younger kids. Especially, the Barclays! The Barclays are one of my favourite AIO families!

  15. WWIININJA, what? I’m not even a big Jules fan, but I loved them! Maybe because I’m musical?

  16. Adventure in Odyssey needs to do a penal program. Especially through the brio subscriptions…

    1. Oh do you get brio magazines ! I do, I like the difference recipes and fashion ideas and pretty much all of it ! 😄

  17. I know I need to obey the rules for commenting but it does make me sad that I can’t post anymore of my stories.

  18. Connie: do you have any idea how dangerous the FBI are
    Mitch: sure, they killed me, remember?

    Probably one of my favorite lines. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Or how about this one lol Connie: hey Mitch did I even tell you my parmesan cheese story! Mitch: …. connie: I was at the store and I needed some parmesan cheese but it was on the top shelf, so I had to stand on my cart and try to reach it but it kept rolling around, it probably looked funny! Mitch: huh yeah yeah Connie: then a giant monkey came in a throw a watermelon at me . Mitch your not listening!!!

  19. i had 10 days left on my free trial on the club but then it kicked me off so can i have my account back

    1. Hi A.V!
      XD is an emoji, like 🙂
      If you turn your head sideways, XD looks like two eyes shut together and a big ol smile! So XD means laughing, usually.

    2. XD is a way of putting this emoji 😆 into letters/punctuation, like this 🙂 is a normal smiley face. Look at it sideways so that the X is two eyes squinting and the D is the mouth. Does this make sense?

  20. Hey everyone, how are my old friends , Country Girl how have you been doing?

    Hey William!!

    @Ems. Does your name mean you are somehow tied to first responders.

    Since I have been gone alot has happened . I have become involved in first responders and have really found my place in God’s will.

    What is up Ryan , anonymous?

  21. Questions about California Dream 2; How did buck go to California without Eugene and Katrina finding out? How did He pay for the flight? Would that be a violation of his Foster Child status?

    1. oh yeah, i don’t know but maybe he told them then they allowed him to go, or they went with him and they were somewhere.I don’t know.

  22. Anyone here a Star Wars fan? Haven’t seen EP. 9 but I disliked EP.s 7,8. The older ones were way better.

    1. STAR WARS FAN!!
      I liked all of them, except EP. 9. That one wasn’t very Star Wars-y in my opinion. But I do like 7 & 8 (in fact, 8 is my favorite)! The plots in the originals were very good, but I can’t get over the graphics. XD

  23. @ Lydia Elizabeth
    I totally agree with you about the Star Wars movies! I would recommend EP. 4,5&6 but EP. 7,8&9 aren’t my favourite, and I sorta liked 1,2&3. I have 3 brothers so we watch Star Wars a lot!😉

    1. When I watched EP.s 2,3 I was like “Obi Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, Anakin is going to betray youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” it was so stressful😁😁😁😁

  24. @ Lydia Elizabeth
    That’s sad that you can’t post more of your books! But you were right to follow the rules (although it’s really disappointing for lots of people, including me! 🙂)
    And Zoe I love the little part of your book that you did! It was Amazing 🤩! They’re better then some of the books that I’ve read!
    Also Hi Smile! 😉

    1. Both! Smile with a capital is how I always try to do it, smile, with no capital is when I forget to add a capital! 😉

      1. This means that “Anonymous” is the same person as “Smile.” We should all stick to one name to make the chat less confusing. 😁

  25. Congrats on being first but what are you first on 🙂🙂🙂🙂🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. your name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Oh my goodness your name is so clever! I love the nova com series too! Which is your favorite episode?

    3. Hi Sparky the happy giraffe! First is getting the first comment! Sadly, I’m never quite on time to get first comment! 😂

    4. Connie: no don’t turn it off! I mean I’m sure it’s someone nice, his sparky and happy .. and a giraffe ! Nick: ok just be careful. Later Mitch: sorry I had to change my name.😂😂😂

    5. @Sparky the happy giraffe,
      You have no idea how hard it is come come up with a Mitch joke to reply with.🤣

    6. guys, don’t be afraid to comment on this comment. I mean, what harm could he be? he’s happy and he’s a giraffe…

  26. Well first means that you get the first comment on the page… hope that makes sense! If someone else can explain it better then go ahead!

  27. What’s your guys favourite episode? I know there’s a lot!
    @ Sparky the happy giraffe
    That’s an awesome name! 😉 Is Nova-com one of your favourites?

  28. Have any of you been called by Chris?If you know the bonus called”Count your Blessings in 2020”where they’ll pick random odyssey members that Chris will call and say“Hi this is Chris” like she does with most of the episodes,I think this was happening between November16-20.I didn’t get a call yet,but thought that that’d be awesome if one of you did!

  29. Hm… I really enjoyed the Novacom saga, And I enjoy pretty much any episode about Wooten, Jared DeWhite is also Pretty funny (hence my name)!

  30. Hey! I just listend to AIO’s latest podcast, Warren Sellers gives Jules Kendall a song from the heart. I think it would be cool if AIO did a podcast where they played all of Jules’s songs. Does anyone agree?

  31. Hi Adventures in Odyssey fans! Like so many of you, our comment moderators are spending the holidays with their families instead of in front of their computers. Therefore, comments will not be approved between now and January 4. Please do feel free to comment – but just know that new comments won’t be posted until the new year. Merry Christmas!

  32. Snap! I though we were going to be able to hear Warren Sellers sing the song lol Anyway, it was good to hear a podcast! God bless!

  33. “Agent Hayworth” sounds a lot like Jason. I think he’s the same voice actor.

  34. I can sing well. I think. Well everyone tells me that but I do not believe them.
    He he

  35. What is your favorite episode?
    Mine is when Eugene is getting his drivers license. It is sooo funny

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