The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

All about the story and sounds of “Voice of Freedom”

Art from "Voice of Freedom, Part 2"
Art from “Voice of Freedom, Part 2”

Writer/director Marshal Younger and sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones talk about the creation of “Voice of Freedom,” from the seed of the idea to fully-grown two-part episode. (Stay tuned to our next podcast to hear more!)

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235 Responses

      1. Hey!! How are you? What have you been up to lately?
        Do you like NF? I💜 his music!!! I especially like the song Let You Down. He sung with Tobymac in a song called Til The Day I Die.
        BTW When do you start school? I’ve kind of started already but my school officially on the 23rd.🎒📘📒📜📔

        1. hi!! I’m doing well, how are you? I’ve mostly just been enjoying the last of summer, although I did audition and get in to a musical for this fall. School starts on September 9th for me. what have you been doing lately?
          I love the song Let You Down. 🙂

          1. I’ve been very busy. I started my co-op last Friday. It was super fun!!!

          2. I am great! How are you NF? oh wait, you already answered that. Nvm.
            I love summer. But my school starts august 23, we move to another state in september, so i have to work on school on my own mostly until we get to go to school. I don’t really like moving to new places.
            AIO is so fun. Eugene, connie, wouton, penny, katrina…

            Good bye now! 👍🏼

          3. @Espulermagicwiz,
            where are you moving to? Moving can be tough, we had to move a couple of years ago and it was NOT fun, but we’ve settled in now. Let me know how the move goes!!

        2. I LOVE Tobymac!!!!!!! And I love the song “Till the day I die” YAY! I started school on Wednesday. We r home schooled through BJU.

          1. Thanks! Do you want to be friends? A little bit about me: I am a girl, brown hair and blue eyes, and I live on a farm. What about you?

  1. I love adventures in Odyssey 💖!

    My favourite character is Jarred
    DeWight. I like how imaginative
    He is and that he is super enthusiastic!

    1. Do you want to be friends? Are you a boy or a girl? I’m a girl so if you don’t want to be friends it will be okay.☺😍

    1. I have a purple teddy that has an Luv Ya necklace. I got from my mom’s aunt when she was about to move.💜😍☺

    2. I have a stuffed animal puppy dog that I have had since as long as I can remember. I loved puppies when I was little! I still love them today!🐶🦮

      1. Same!! He is so good with kids to!!!! There was one episode recently where he had to pick either Matthew or Olivia to go with him to camp. He is also “good” at telling “scary stories” (Not scary at all). lol

    1. To: Mr Badminton you were so close on you estimation
      You w were top fifty- three

  2. I💜The Parker Family!!!!!
    Who here listened to A Penny Saved? What do y’all do on the weekends? I usually watch Little House On Prairie, read Lamplighter books, listen to music, and write in my journal. Does anyone keep a journal( or diary, whatever you call it)? I do, it gets all my feelings out that I can’t say or explain to anyone.

    1. I do! I have only been doing it since this last year on my birthday, but since my birthday I have only missed a day.

  3. I loved A Penny Saved!!! I mostly read on weekends and I watch 1 or 2 movies!!! I keep a journal or diary that says all the things I feel mostly when I’m mad. What I do is I get all my angry thoughts out and then I’m more calm and lease angry!!! I also love the Parkers! My favorite character is Wooton or Connie!!!!!!!They are both so funny!!!!! lol

    1. @👧➕🐴➕🐶 ( I couldn’t find that last emoji )
      I💜 Wooten and Connie too!!!! Who else do you like in AIO?

  4. I always wondered why people only like saying and seeing if they are first to post something. Do any of you ever even listen to the podcast?

  5. I feel like there are a lot more new people, or old ones who have not posted in a while. So…

    WELCOME 🤗😉

    1. The Wing Feather Saga is so good!!! The last part of the last book is sad!!!! 😢😥😭😔

    1. Hi! I’m good. How are you? I’m going to a picnic this evening and swim in the pool, and I went to my neighbors today, but other than that, not a whole lot going on. How about you, do anything fun lately? Do you like to swim, sorry if I already asked you that.

      1. Hi!! I’m fine
        I’ve been doing a lot of fun things like sketching, listening to music, and reading books 📚!!!
        I 💜 swimming!!!!! I 💜 The Beach!!! I 💜The pool too!!! Sorry if that was a little to enthusiastic or something like that.
        You’re blessed to have friends that are your neighbors. The people in my neighborhood are all grown or elderly.😢

        1. All my neighbors are Amish, except for one guy who’s an adult. Only one of my Amish neighbors have kids that are a lot younger than me, but we still have fun. Thank you so much for being my friend! I’m so blessed to have you as my friend, you are so kind to me. Thank you!

  6. WOW!

    I absolutely LOVE the ” Voice of Freedom” podcast! Me and my bestie listen to it all the time!

      1. @Jay mac

        It’s cool that you like Matthew Parker!!!! I like Matthew because he’s amazing at solving mysteries and he knows a lot about technology.
        I like sketching, listening to music, and reading and writing stories. What is your favorite sport? Who’s you favorite singer?

        1. I like basketball and swimming. I don’t like one particular singer I like, but I really like Zoe Worship, Apollo LTD, Rhett Walker, Mississippi Mass Choir, etc

          1. I 💜💜💜💜 Zoe Worship, Apollo LTD, Rhett Walker, and The Mississippi Mass Choir!!! My Dad and Mom looove Mississippi Mass Choir.😊😃😀😍☺

        2. What do you do in the normal day? How about Friday’s? What do you do then?
          I go to CC on Mondays. My classroom is so cool.
          I know people named Piper, Jack, Landon, Zion, Scott, and Kailey. I don’t know if that is the way to spell it.
          What’s up everyone?

          1. I know Zion, Piper, and Kailey!!! Zion is my best friend and lives right around the corner from her!!!!!😊😀😯 I’ve met Piper, she has been to my church!! I’ve been to some of the presentations, like the debate and the end of the year presentations!! Were you there? Zion goes to my co-op on Fridays!!! This is sooo cooool!!!!😊😀😃

          2. Everyday I do school, read a book, listen to music, and listen to AIO. On Fridays I go to a co-op. I have friends like Zion, Nyrai, Fari, Dani, Samantha, Kylie, Lily, and Liberty. My classroom is so cool!! Next time you see Zion and Piper tell them Abigail ( that’s me) said What’s up!! Please!!😀😃😍☺ I hope I meet you someday. Check you later!!😃

          3. You know those people. I do to!!!!!!
            You must have a lot of fun.
            I go to a co-op with Zion’s sisters on Fridays.
            I’m great, how are you?

  7. I love adventures in Odyssey! They are great, thank you for making them for us to enjoy! 😃 I love Wooten, Eugene, and Jay are my favorite. Keep up the good work Adventures in Odyssey team!🥰 P.S “The Green Ring Conspiracy” is supper great, one of my favorites! And ” The Blackered Coronicles” great as well😃

    1. Totally agree. I love “The Green Ring Conspiracy” and “Blackgaard Chronicles”.

      1. I totally messed up that comment.
        NF is a rapper/singer. He’s amazing!! If this offends you let me know.😊

  8. Does anyone go to a co-op? I do and it’s amazing!!!! At my co-op there are no bullies, every one is kind to each other. My class has a lot of fun. We laugh at the most corniest things ever!!!😂
    Who do you have a lot of laughs with?

  9. I have a question. Who is your personality and what character would you be in Adventures in Odyssey?

    ⬇️⬇️Comment Below!

    1. I would be Richard Maxwell or Robert Mitchell “Mitch”. I also like Jason Whitaker. Can’t wait to see what other people have to say!

      1. I would love to be your friend!! What like doing? Here’s a little bit of info about myself. I am a girl, I’m African-American, I have dark brown hair, and black eyes. I’m 5′ 2″ and I like hanging out with friends.
        I💜 you!!

    2. Hmmm….Connie? Or Penny!!! I am most like Connie!!! She is so funny and fun!

    3. My personality is a mix between Tamika Washington, Jules Kendall, Connie Kendall, Mandy Straussburg, Olivia Parker, and Priscilla Peterson.

    4. I know someone with a personality like Jay Smouse. One of my younger brothers. I have four bros and three sisters!!! Lots of “fun” on weekends and during the summer when I have to put up with it!!! I am the second oldest. I am most like Connie!!!!!!!! 😊

  10. Thanks for being my friend! I like playing piano and reading!
    I am going to a co op !

    1. Soo Coooool!!!!! You go to a co-op too!!?!?!!! I usually ask people if they go to one and they totally don’t know what a co-op is.
      BTW, What is your favorite book series?

  11. Will someone be my friend?🙂i live in Alaska on my family’s homestead farm we have three cats two dogs two horses and tons of chickens and goats and a beautiful garden with a fountain in it. My name is Katelynn (but everyone calls me Katie or Kate) how is everyone doing? Oh also I am homeschooled and we start school right after Labor Day.

  12. CONTINUE from last post

    Also I play violin and this is my 3rd year since I started violin. My favorite song is By our love by king and country and Forever by Gray havens my favorite instrumental song is vocalise op. 34 no.14. I am a Christian, and I love cats and tea and BOOKS and Jesus! And I have seen The chosen.

    1. I could be your friend!!!💜😍☺ I have a cousin named Caitlyn( she spells her name differently than yours).
      I LOVE FOR KING AND COUNTRY!!!!!🎤🎵 My favorite songs they have done is Together and Amen.
      I’m homeschooled and I live in Florida. I 💜The beach and the pool!!

      1. Your so lucky to live in Florida I love tropical areas some times I tell my mom that when I get married I would go to live Florida or the Bahamas or Hawaii

  13. Wow! You sound so much like me!!
    I also live on MY family’s homestead farm. We have 5 barn cats and 4 kittens, 2 dogs, a ton of chickens and cows, rabbits,and sheep. I love cats and books too!
    Could I be your friend?

    1. Yes I like to ride, although I’m not much of a horse person my sister is and my mom.

  14. Do any of you know when the next podcast is coming out? I was never able to figure that out….😭😂😅

  15. I don’t understand the commenting system. Like, there is this comment from August 18 before August 17 and all the times are wonky. Could some one please explain?

  16. My cousin is getting married tomorrow !!
    I am so excited 😆
    What is everyone’s fav dessert

    1. I don’t really have a favorite dessert. I 💜Cookies n’ Cream ice cream though.
      Has anyone had Cookies n’ Cream Hershey bar? ( I think it’s called Cookies n’ Cream)

  17. @Jay mac
    What’s your name? If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine.☺
    BTW, Do you know a girl named Avie at your co-op? She is one of my best friends and she goes to my church. I went to one of her presentations at your co-op. Sorry if I’m bugging you with questions.😢😬 You don’t have to answer if you don’t want.

    1. I don’t go by my real name, I go by “Ticky”. I have seen Avie but I don’t know her.. I definitely will tell Z and Piper hello for you.

  18. its because of the reply button, like someone posted a comment on the 17th and someone replied on the 18th, but if someone else also posted on the 17, like a few hours later, the reply from the comment above would be kept just below the comment they replied to
    hope that makes sense and it helps you understand

  19. Ye I will be your friend Avamaria! What is your favorite book or book series?mine is the vanderbeeker series they are so good!

  20. @ 💜🐼abbi ☺️💜 have you heard of the mertailor it‘s in Florida and it’s a company that make silicon mermaid fins and there are supposed to be really popular there. Are they? I have one of the fins. It’s so fun!! Also I have Never been out of Alaska in my life.

  21. I have three brothers and two sisters and the oldest is married and my oldest brother is dating. One of my brothers still hasn’t turned 1yet, but his birthday is in September. I love swimming! And biking also I like cooking.
    Did you guys know that penny and wooton are having a baby?!?! I also have aio club so I get to listen to the new albums.

    1. Wooton and Penny are having a baby?!?!? Awwww!!!! Cute!!!! I also love swimming!!! I also LOVE cooking!!!!

    2. Penny and Wooton are having a baby!!!!!!! I have been waiting for them to have their first child for a while now.

    3. Hi! Which episode did you hear that Penny and Wooton were going to have a baby? I had AIOC too. But I don’t remember hearing about a Bassett Baby…especially in a Wise Suprise

  22. Hey everyone! I have commented in the past but not for a while been reading all the comments and does anyone know when the Avery rewards are coming out? While I listen i listen online and i either color(like Barrett,Priscilla, and Cindy)or shop on Amazon. What does everyone else do while they listen and how do you listen?

    1. I listen on the AIO website. I either draw, comment, or look at drawings while I’m listening.

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