The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Turn the spotlight on the sounds of “Voice of Freedom”

Art from "Voice of Freedom, Part 2"
Art from “Voice of Freedom, Part 2”

Writer/director Marshal Younger and sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones talk about the challenges of recording out of order, creating crowds, and the absence of nature sounds in “Voice of Freedom.”

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250 Responses

  1. Congrats Me!!💜
    Is anyone else commenting?
    @ All my friends on here
    What’s up? What have y’all been doing lately? Did you have a nice Sunday?

    1. Hey Abbi! I had a great Sunday over the weekend we went camping what about you? Never talked to you before wnat to be my friend. have you started school?

      1. I would love to be your friend!!! I didn’t really do anything last weekend. My Dad, siblings, and I took my mom out to her favorite restaurant for her birthday on Saturday.
        Yes I have started school. Have you?

    1. @ Olive way 🐎, do you like horses? Also are you a boy or a girl? I am a girl, and I love horses, although I have never written one with the reins. I really want to though!

  2. I thought this podcast was supposed to be the AVERYS? BTW thelast comment posted on this while im writing this says it was posted at 10 and it is 8 o clock

  3. Hey whats everybodys favorite Food? Mine is seafood i know not really a food but i don’t care.

    1. I don’t really have a favorite food, but I like things that are pickled, some spicy things, and the weirdest one… Is 🧄, yup garlic.😂

    2. I do not prefer seafood! My brother has gotten sick to his stomach the two times that he has eaten shrimp.

    3. My favorite foods are (this is going to be a long list)burgers, sea food (although I haven’t tasted alot)chicken , noodle soup, turkey ,pizza, pork chops , chipsalad yeah I love food

  4. What is everybodys favorite epsoide? Mine is the one about the washingtons getting ready for church and they think they are late but they are early

    1. I love all of the mystery ones like the nova calm, green ring, and in the deep end has some good mystery. I also love the ones where Emily and Matthew were working together on cases. Maury and Susie’s pranks are unbelievable!

  5. I’m so confused . If the podcasts are supposed to come out on Wednesdays, why did it come out on a Tuesday? I don’t know when the podcasts come out, so I can’t try for first and I really would like to. Anyone know why?

    1. hi, I’m doing good! how are you? mostly I’ve been practicing for the musical I’m in, and getting ready for school 🙂
      how about you?

      1. I’m great!!! I’m sorry, but can you explain what a musical is? Is it like a concert?
        I’ve started school already. It has been chaotic.

        1. A musical is basically a play, but with songs. Like all the Disney princess movies are musicals, for example. I hope that makes sense 🙂 The musical I’m in is Anne of Green Gables, have you ever read the books? They’re really good!

          1. I’ve never read Anne of Green Gables.
            Thanks for explaining about the musical.

    1. Same! And part two! When you made this comment, part two might not have been out. If you have not listen to it listen to it now! Too bad that I have already listen to some of these episodes.😞 it just means I’ve been listening online for a long time.

  6. “Drake The comet copper” would be a great screen name. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, Wooten is holding a comic book titled Drake the comet copper.

  7. At first I did not recognize the a new podcast was out, because the picture is the same when you look. Also, this podcast is out really early! It is about 8 o’clock my time, and it’s already out with comments!

  8. What! Podcast came out on Monday! No wonder no one else is posting yet! I know because at the top it says August 23, 2021. Will more people start commenting when Tuesday rolls around, or are there not very many people because of school? I know a lot of people left!

  9. Oh, I like that one to, Edana. My favorite is probably when Wooten does a contest between Connie and Eugene about who listens better.

  10. hello guys i used to comment for a while when the site was still and they didnt change it yet… some of you might remember me hehe
    i dont know what my fave episode is, im in the club and my faves are usually one of those lol
    there’s one about rumplestilskin, and thats pretty funny

  11. btw, odessy team, your artwork for this club artwork is slightly inaccurate because in korea nobody wears shoes in the house, and usually the floor would be wood floors… and if this is a house in north korea this is a very well to do household, if they even have a computer that is very rare. many people still use walkmans and headphones

    1. That’s really interesting! Thanks for telling us. It might not be polite to criticize their work, but I completely understand that it may not have been meant that way.

      1. Thanks for praying for me. I’m back from taking a break, but I saw that you might be taking a break soon? How are you? I’m doing fine. Praying for you too. I 💜 you.

        1. I’m great!!!! Have you been doing anything fun lately? I Have!!!!
          I hope you’re having a great week so far!!!!☺😁

          1. I went to the beach a while ago, and that was fun. What’s new with you?

  12. Do any of you like photography? I LOVE it! I am doing some Senior portraits for my friend. I am soo excited!

      1. @Edena, It will be my first time doing portraits for anyone outside my family.Im super excited!

    1. I have a camera that used to be my dad, and I like taking pictures, but I do not do it very much and I’m not too good. So cool that you’re getting to do those pictures!📸

  13. If you all ever want to watch some funny vids on youtube search “Duncan Stone” than his channel “king Duncan” will come up. Let me know what you think of his videos. Hes a friend of mine. Please watch some

  14. @Edana
    I don’t really have a favorite episode. I 💜 Sunday Morning Scramble too!!!!!

  15. Does anyone know when or why Kaitlyn stop commenting? She changed her user name, but I cannot remember her second one.

  16. What’s up! Who is your favorite aio character? Comment below.

    1. I don’t really have a favorite character i like them all. But among my tops are Jay, Wooton, Lucy, Matthew, and Emily.

    2. Connie or Penny or Eugene…Connie and Eugene are so hilarious together!!! Penny and Wooton are super funny two!!!

  17. im from korea so yeah…
    yah, i know im not saying anything mean about it just saying the differences of culture
    there used to be a lot there would even be calls for last comment

    1. Cool 🙂 why did you move? If there’s a story behind it I would love to hear it, or if it’s just something simple I would love to hear that too!

  18. Have any of you ever heard of scratch. I am going to start posting Odyessy videos on their so in a while you may be able to start looking for them.BTW does everyone go to school or homeschool i homeschool.

    1. I home school like do house work I’m learning to be a mom my mom says that’s sort of like home school so yeah

      1. I homeschool! Post this emoji if you homeschool,📚 ,this if you Public school🚌, and this if you private school📌.

        P.S. 📚

    2. @Edana
      I’m homeschooled.
      I might be taking a break soon. I’ll let y’all know when it’s official.

      1. I use to homeschool but then I started at a school so that this year I would kind of know what was happening!!

  19. Hi I am changing my username from fire💥🔥 gjrl💥🔥 to 📷📹photographer📷📹

  20. I was just listening to the last q and a about adulm 70and i think that for odyessy 35th annivarsry they should do something i don’t know i want a get in the show but they siad they are probaby not going to do one for a while. but we should think of stuff

    1. I would never send in an audition, but I love watching the videos about get in the show… they should at least do another video podcast, I don’t know what about, or a free episode.

  21. What do y’all want to talk about?
    A Few Topics To Talk About:
    AIO, Music, Books, Movies, Drawings, Nature, School, Dream Houses, Favorite Parts Of The World, etc…

  22. Which AIO character (if they were real) would you want to meet? I would want to meet either Connie, Eugene, Wooton, Penny, or Whit. Comment below.


    1. I would want to meet Jason, Barrett, Jay, Wooten, Olivia, WHIT😍😍😍, Connie, Mandy, Eugene, Ryan, Matthew, Priscilla, Nelson[Swanson], Tasha[Forbes], and Jules. I have many more but I’ll spare you those.😀☺

      1. Those are all awesome characters!! I would defiantly want to meet Whit!!! I also would want to meet Emily(Jones) and Matthew(Parker)

  23. how was everyone weekend ? Mine was great. I did not do much just kind of hung out at home.

  24. Does anyone have a favorite season. I like spring 💐🍂🥀🌷🌺🌸🏵️🌻🌼🍀☘️🍃and summer.🌿🌱🌳🌴

  25. hey moderators I am changing my name from Edana to 💐🌷🌻Edana 🌿🌱🌴

  26. Guys you’ ll never guess what happened I was listening to Odyssey the one about Jay and Mrs. Wilson in the retirement home
    And I remembered when my Grandma died I almost started crying
    So please pray that I will heal even though it happened a long time ago

      1. Yeah you used to be Abbi😊 I was S.C.C.C
        I haven’ t talked to you in a long time
        Do you still want to be friends?
        And thank you for praying🙏

        1. Sure!!!! I would love to still be your friend!!! What have you been doing lately?

        2. I changed my username from 💜🐼Abbi😊🐼 to

  27. Does anyone know when the podcast first started, and how many Wayback Wednesdays are used to be. Also, if anyone knows, what is the definition of Way back Wednesday?

  28. Hi I am new here. I posted a comment on the July 13 episode. I don’t think anyone has responded yet tho. Can some go look at it please?

    1. Hi Elsie! Welcome to the pod chat! 😂 Who’s your favorite aio character? What’s your favorite food?

      1. @ClubhouseMag
        My favorite AIO characters are Wooton, Mrs Kramer, and Connie. Any episode with Wooton and Mrs. Kramer are always funny. For Connie, I just love the character. My favorite food is either soup or Sushi.

        Yes! I do want to be your friend!

        Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply guys. I didn’t see you comments until Sept. 5

      2. This is my comment from a different podcast. It tells about me a little.
        Hi. I am new to posting. Does anyone want to be friends? I live in New York. I <3 animals. I have a cat. My favorite characters in AIO are Wooton, Connie, and Mrs. Kramer. I also like Christian music. I like Mathew West and some Toby Mac songs. I have older twin brothers.

  29. 💜🐼Abbi😊💜 (BTW, if any of you are wondering what my username means, it is the title of the book I'm writing, Danger's Daughter!!💜💜 says:

    Hey guys!!! I’m changing my username from 💜🐼Abbi😊💜 to
    💜#Danger’sDaughter💜. I added purple hearts just so you all know it’s me. I didn’t know whether I should until a few of you changed yours. To all my friends, if it is easier for you to use my old username, go right ahead, it’s fine with me. I 💜 Y’all!!!!!

  30. I like it better when multiple part episodes are all aired in a row( like the labyrinth and sergeant york), not a few days spaced apart.😉

  31. Hi everyone! Thanks to AIO team and staff for all of your work and effort. Also enjoyed using AIOC. Have a great day!

  32. @Abbi,
    Hey , how are you? I’m good. What have you been doing lately? BTW, my break from comments is over, but I saw you might be taking a break soon. I’m thinking about changing my username. What’s your favorite color? Mine is blue.

    1. My favorite color is purple!!💜 I’m great!!!!
      BTW what are you going to change your username to?

  33. Does anyone like York part 1 to 4. i do not like it because bible does say dont kill no matter anyone elses ideas about it.

  34. Odyssey fan yes I looove horses
    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier I was at va cation all week
    I am a girl and I had a wonderful opportunity at vacation and I got to ride a
    Horse with reins!! Do you want to be friends

  35. Moderators I am changing my name from Sarah 🐶 to Anna 🙂😄😀🤣😍

  36. Guys what do you do in school like I have a lot of science
    My fav subject is history my worst is math
    I don’t know I just don’t like math 🙁
    And I love my co -op! 😍

  37. I might change my username to something else
    I don’t know yet. I want to change it to
    Olivia 💕. Or horse lover ❤️🐴
    Which one do you think.? If you have any other ideas I would
    Love to hear them !😀

  38. I just MIGHT change my username
    I don’t know yet .Still would love to username ideas though 😁

  39. My favorite thing this summer was being in the Clubhouse Magazine on the joke page. I drew the gourdian angel 😇. Also I was in Average Boy #54! Great job pronouncing it right, Jesse!

  40. Sorry if I confused anyone by changing my username. I’ll have my username like this: NIGHTHAWK (formerly God’s not dead ) for a little while so hopefully no one gets confused anymore. Thanks 😊

  41. What’s everyone’s favorite bird? I like Kestrel Hawks and Red- tailed Hawks.

    1. I like :swallows ,doves, blue birds ,I also like the kind of male bird that collects all sorts of blue things to impress a female bird I forgot what they are called so if you know what I’m talking about feel free to tell me 😊😆

  42. Sorry I didn’t finish my name on my comment
    and accidentally pressed post! Whoops 😬

  43. What is everyone’s favorite animal?
    Mine is a horse, dog, dolphin, cow, all kinds of whales, tiger shark, whale shark, panda, tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar, cheetah, mamba, elephant, crocodile, sheep, cougar…etc…

    1. I can see you like animals I like animals too my favourite animals are all of them except misquitos, some poisonous snakes ,bugs creep me out but I still like to save them and admire them from a safe distance TBC

    2. Continuing I don’t really like sharks especially the great white and the goblin shark and a few more , the giant squid and the colossal squid they creep me out ,oh and spiders they really CREEP me out , and a few more other animals but I can’t remember them all so yeah but I like all others 😆😶

  44. I want to start a live chat so it doesn’t have to take so long to show comments up. If I can it will have Anonymous for a while

  45. Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a great day! Thanks to our AIO team and staff for their work. Hope that no matter what you plans are you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!😁

    What have you been up to lately? Do you like drawing? Have you ever listened to Average Boy? He’s HILARIOUS!!!😂😆😂 What is your favorite flower? What’s your favorite food? Who’s your favorite singer? What is your favorite animal?
    Sorry if I asked you a ton of questions. Peace Out ✌

    1. Hi! For the most part, I’ve been doing school, what have you been doing? I love drawing! I haven’t listened to Average Boy, but I use to get Clubhouse, so I read the stories about him. He’s pretty funny! 😁 My fav flower is a Morning Glory, what’s yours? My fav food is meatlover’s pizza. I don’t have a fav singer, but I like :Matthew West, Tauren Wells,

    2. CONT
      Chris Tomlin, and the Newsboys. Who’s your fav singer? My fav animal is a dog, what’s yours? What’s your book about? (You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.) Hope you have a great rest of your week.

  47. Howdy everyone! How is everyone? Thanks to the AIOC team and staff for all of their work. Hope that you have a great Labor Day Weekend!

  48. Now I know and I’m glad that the awards have come out! I don’t want to give any spoilers !…..

  49. Hey, your lucky on being first I’m hardly ever first! So congratulations! But have any of you heard that the person who plays eugene Meissner passed away after a short illness!!!😮

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