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May 6, 2020: VIDEO PODCAST: Avery Awards: Team Edition – Best Moment in the Studio

The Odyssey team gives their favorite moments that happened in the studio between takes.

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  1. AQ: LOL Sorry, after the website took it’s new look, I didn’t think we could post anymore and I was really sad. I recently clicked on one of the podcast and found out I can post after all!!! How are you doing? Hope your family is doing well 🙂 So good to see all of my friends on here again! Bethel: Hope you and your family are doing well too 🙂

  2. These podcast Avery Awards were super cool!!! 🙂 I loved hearing them! I don’t know which is my favorite yet. I thought it would be cool to ask you all which was your favorite? I’ll try to post them in order below.

  3. 1.Marshal Younger:The Black Veil scene with Jess Harnell,Townsend Coleman,and Jack Blessing.(TV ad live)
    2.Rudy Haerr: Being held upside down inside a trash can for sound affect scene in “The Triangle Web part 2”.
    Post 1 of 3

  4. 3.Phil Lollar: Will Ryan, Hal Smith, and Walker Edmiston singing after recording. Gregory Jbara as Wilson Knox in “The Martyr and The Rooster”. Alan Young becoming emotional as Jack Allen in “A Question About Tasha”.
    4.Bob Smithhouser and Dave Arnold playing teenage girls Zoe and Olivia in “Take it on Trust” (special remix).
    Post 2/3

  5. 5.Christopher Diehl recording sound affects for Skint’s truck while Nate Jones records from on top of the truck hood and tries not to fall off while they are driving.
    6.Nathan Hoobler as stage manager while at the 30th Birthday live show and feels like he is seeing a bit of heaven as the team and audience joins in to sing “O Come All Ye Faithful”.

  6. I’m back! Sorry, I wasn’t keeping up with this page.
    Miss Smile: HELLO!!!! So glad I can talk with you again!!! Guess what? I got the Club! Hope you can too, sometime in the (hopefully) near future. 🙂
    MRS: I was hoping so. We might as well since no one else is here…

  7. What what what what what?!? I can see my comment RIGHT NOW, three seconds after I posted it!!! It’s “awaiting moderation”, but I can see it! Cool!

  8. Hey AQ!!!! 🙂 So glad to be talking (I guess it is posting) with you again 🙂 So neat you got the club! Maybe I’ll get it again. Yeah, hopefully near to the future 🙂 How are your stories going? I have been on a break from mine lately and wrote my first real poem! Hope you and your family are safe and healthy and, God bless! Miss.Smile

  9. Miss Smile,
    You should post your poem on the writer’s page! I’d love to see it, plus it might start a chain reaction and get us back in the swing of things over there.
    Stories are going slowly, but coming!
    P.S. If you ever need someone to carry messages for you, I’m all yours!


  10. Hey AQ! I would like to post my poem only, it is kinda dark. It is about lost hope (which is also the title I gave it). But, if you think I should try to post it, maybe I will and see if the Mods give it an ok. Glad your stories are coming! That is so nice of you to offer to carry messages for me! Hope you have a good night God bless! Miss.Smile 🙂

  11. AQ: If you wouldn’t mind, would you please tell Gracie that I am SO sorry I never got to post my last bible study. The day was suppose to do it, I had to fill in for someone at church, and then my friend (her Dad left her and her family) call me, which as a HUGE answer to my prayers. And then, I lost my membership. Thank you SO! much Miss.Smile 🙂

  12. Oops…I forgot to put my name again lol. AQ: The post that has the profile name “Anonymous” was from me (NaomiorNa10). Hope you have a great Saturday!

    1. You could try saving your username. See that button at the bottom? After the button, it says “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.” It’ll save your username. Hopefully!

  13. Miss Smile,
    Yep, I’ll tell her (once I find her). I’ll pray for your friend if you’d like… it might be none of my business. 🙂

  14. AQ: Oh thank you for telling Gracie! 🙂 If it isn’t too much to ask, would you tell her I miss her too? And, thank you SO much for praying for my friend! Please pray we might be able to see each other soon (if it’s God’s will). We both live in different states. Hope you and your family are safe and healthy 🙂 God bless! Miss.Smile 🙂

  15. Miss Smile,
    Is your friend moving to NC by any chance? That was a really random question, but it seems like I know a lot of people who are either moving to NC, live in NC, or have someone they know moving to NC. 😛

    I’ll tell her, and I’ll keep praying. 🙂

  16. Miss Smile,
    Message delivered! Here’s Gracie’s response: ❤️❤️❤️🤗 In case that does’t work, it’s three red hearts and a sitting emoji.

  17. AQ: Thank you for sending my messages! That’s totally fine (about the random question 🙂 ) And no, she lives in Tennessee. Strangely enough, God brought us together three years ago while are families went separately to Arkansas for a family vacation. That was the first time we met. We have kept in touch ever since. Hope you have a good day Miss. 🙂

  18. Miss Smile,
    Huh, that’s interesting. My best friend is, like, the complete opposite of me. We met during a CBS (community Bible study) we did together. She lives an hour away. 🙂

    And you’re welcome!

  19. Is there a: Redwall thread? music thread? and i think this is the Wingfeather thread?

  20. Suilad,
    Welcome! 😉 So far, since we can only post on a few podcasts, the only real threads are the Writing Page and Frostclan (the Warrior Cat fan page). However, I am trying to start a Wingfeather Saga thread if you’d like to help. 🙂

  21. AQ: Yes, it is interesting. It reminds me that God works even when we don’t see it at first. I am also grateful we met and are friends here. Do you have plans for the 4th of July!? Thank you for sending my messages! Appreciate it 🙂 Do you like the song Proud to be An American? I love it! God bless! Miss.Smile 🙂

  22. Miss Smile,
    We went to our grandparent’s house for the 4th, and shot off fireworks. 🙂 WBU? I actually have never heard that song. Lol, my family is thinking of doing a YouTube video of “You’re the Reason Our Kids are Crazy” (talking about COVID) to “You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly”. 😛

  23. Hey guys! It’s me allieapgar from the club! How are you guys? I guess I see most of you guys on the aio club. Has anyone seen Phoenix around here? Is this a special page? Hey Na10 How are you?

  24. Allie,
    Yay, hello! This is where those of us from the Club meet and talk, so that we can stay in touch and carry messages and such. 🙂 Glad you’re here! Phoenix hasn’t been here yet that I know of. 🙁

  25. Miss Smile,
    TRQ: How are you doing? You said you were sick and you were hoping it wasn’t COVID (at least I think you did, 😛 ). Are you better?

  26. allieapgar: Hey!!! It’s great to see you again! I have been good. I am going to try to write some today. Other then that I haven’t been doing much. Hope you have a great night and, see you around! 🙂

  27. AQ: Sorry I haven’t responded to your comments sooner! I have been busy with the writer’s page. How are your writings going? Thank you for asking, praise God we didn’t have covid! My Aunt got it and me and my Mom started feeling sick. My Mom got tested but, thankfully both tests came back negative. We all are better now 🙂 God bless! Miss.Smile 🙂

  28. Miss Smile,
    Yay, glad to hear that. 🙂
    My writing’s going well. Somehow I’ve gotten a writing team, and they’re very supportive and inspiring! I’m almost done with the first draft of my book. 🙂 WBU? Are you still working on the story with Zarina?

  29. AQ: I am so happy you have found a supportive team! That is what I hope us writers on here will become. But, one step at a time 🙂 That is awesome you are almost done with your first draft! I am currently working on my story about Zirenia. And, I finally know how the series is going to end!!! Now, I just need years to write it! 🙂 Miss.Smile

  30. AQ: Hey! I know you said that you are really busy right now. I just want you to know that if you need to not be fully committed to the writing team I am trying to start on here, I want you to feel free to say so. I would love to have you help but, I understand if you need to take a break to focus on the things that are most important in life TBC

  31. I became too busy when I joined the club and, although it was an awesome time I won’t forget, we need to set our limits so we can give our best were we are most committed to be. I mean, I love all my friends from the club but, I also need to make sure that my life is under control and that I am still able to help serve my family. TBC

  32. I know you said that you have already found a wonderful encouraging team that is super supportive for you. That is really great for you and, I am happy that you have found what I am trying to start up. If you must need to only be apart of that team, I would totally understand. I would not think you selfish. TBC

  33. I don’t at all see you as that kind of person. And, you have been such a good friend to most people on here, I am sure they would agree. We can only do as much as we can do. And, sometimes when we get too busy, we can skip out on the things that are most important in life. Like, time with God and family, rest, and school. TBC

  34. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you can join I would love it! But, I also understand when we need to draw the line. I want you to have the freedom to say so. If you can only pop in now or then to join the team, I know we would love that. Just do what you can have peace doing. Hope you have a great night! God bless!

    1. I know that I haven’t been on here before and that comment wasn’t for, me, but those are some words of wisdom! Then were amazing!! ☺ That is something that would love to hear from my friends.

  35. Naomi,
    Oh no! I am busy, yes, but I can find time to write and it only takes a moment to say what I’ve been doing on here. But I completely forgot that we were starting on the first!!! I thought it was today for whatever reason. I’m so sorry, but I’m here now. And I totally get what you were saying. That’s why I’m not on so much anymore.

  36. AQ: No worries about getting the dates mixed up, happens to us all 🙂 Glad you are still able to write and share some encouragement about it! And, I am glad you have found a way to still be on here with us, but also at a pace that works for you. God bless and I hope you have a great night!

  37. Moriah: Thank you for the compliment! Brightened up my night. Hope you have a great night! God bless 🙂

  38. ConnieKendall10: Thank you! That is really generous of you. Hey, if we haven’t met, you can call me Naomi or, Na10 (But, you could probably tell that from my screen name 🙂 ) Welcome to the comment pages! So, from your screen name, I’m guessing you really like Connie? She is really good. God bless!

  39. Oops! Sorry for the double complement. The typing went wrong. I forgot to check.

  40. Wow, this is so cool! You get to see the producers actually saying their favorite scenes!

  41. ConnieKendall10: I agree! These Avery Awards Team Editions have been my favorite! This is third. If you haven’t seen the other two, you need too. They are awesome!

  42. Miss Smile,
    Are you back in the Club? Bethel said that you were, but I CAN’T FIND YOU!! Help! 😛

  43. Hay guys, fellow writers, whats up! how have y’all been i know i haven’t been on here in a really looooong time things have been super crazy on the ranch, anyway what have y’all been up to?

    Texas Cowboy

  44. AQ: YES!!! I AM ON THE CLUB!!!! So sorry you couldn’t find me. I’m on A3, A27, 2017 bonuses June and February. Hopefully you will see me. God bless!

  45. MRS & Texas Cowboy,
    Hi! I’m back too. *looks around empty room* I don’t think we missed a lot.

  46. PennyBassett❤,
    IDK. It’s been kinda quiet, and the comments aren’t going through very fast. :/

  47. @PennyBassett❤
    Where is Wingfeather page?

    And if this page is dead, can this be the Mountain biking/skateboard/dirtbike page?

    1. NAOMI!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it’s so good to see you!!!!!! I’ve missed you❤️❤️❤️

  48. Miss Smile,
    Yay!!! I’m doing fine, great actually. For the most part my family is healthy. What about you? How’s life? What about your story with Zarina (why can’t I ever remember the title?!?)?

  49. Bethel: I KNOW!!! IT HAS BEEN LIKE FOREVER! Thanks, I have missed you too! How are you doing? I hope your family is healthy.

  50. In case y’all don’t know, I lost the club again lol But, it is SO great to see you all here again!
    AQ: SO good to hear all your family is healthy! I’m doing well, thankfully 🙂 Not much happened to day, but it’s going.

  51. About my story for Zirenia, (and I don’t have a title for it yet 🙂 It was my story with Morgan that was Virtual Hiding) I have taken a break and have gone full force into another story that I have fallen in love with! I’m on the 6th chapter! But my laptop is in repair so it’s currently on hold. Anyway, how are your’s coming? God bless!

  52. Naomi:
    I’m doing pretty good! School has taken over my life, so besides that and something that happened with a friend, I’ve been great! How about you?
    My family is doing great! Idk if you saw but I have a new baby bro, so that’s been awesome!😄Hows your fam?

    1. I’ve meant to ask: how is your brother? And your mom? Are you enjoying having a baby in the house, or annoyed, or both?
      My parents decided they don’t want anymore kids, so my youngest sis is the last. 🙂

      1. They’re doing great! Mom is about back to normal and baby is HUGE!!!! He’s like 14.5 pounds and the cutest thing ever, especially when he smiles❤️

  53. Miss Smile,
    Cool! Ooh, I really like the name Zirenia!! What’s your new book about?
    Yeah, I’m going to try to get my laptop fixed over Thanksgiving break. 🙂
    Awesomely! I finished the first draft and have started the second book. It was slow at first, but it’s picking up speed! Nuts, too bad about the Club. 🙁 But good to be in touch with you! 🙂

  54. Bethel: SORRY I didn’t get back to you sooner! Glad you’re doing well! Yeah, I’m getting back into school too! Sorry about your friend! I have a friend who is having a HARD time too. Please keep her in your prayers, I would appreciate it! OH! YOUR BROTHER! Is he rolling yet? Hope your Mom had a good delivery. How are your stories going? God bless!

  55. AQ: Thank you! I appreciate your opinion on the name! My new book is very complex. But the just of it is science fiction, powers, technology, and another world. Sorry I won’t say more (It would take up the whole screen 🙂 ) But I’m really excited about it! And, thank you for asking! That’s awesome that you finished your first draft! TBC

  56. AQ: I get that, my writing speed use to be was REALLY slow. But, I broke my toe about a month ago, and that gave me the time to write my first five chapters! lol So there was a silver lining 🙂

    Anyway, I do miss you all on the club, too! But, it is really good to be able to stay in touch here. God bless you all!
    (aka Naomi)

  57. Naomi:
    No problem! I get it😄 How have you been? And yup, I’ll pray for your friend❤️ No, my bro isn’t rolling yet, but probably in a month or two. He’s getting so big!☹️And yes, everything went really well! It was really cool bc, as it was a home birth, I got to hear his first cry.

  58. Naomi:
    (Cont) My stories are going super well! I haven’t been able to work on my main book lately bc I decided to write stuff for three of my sisters for gifts. Deadlines are approaching and I still have a lot to do… they’re going well tho! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to Duxus and his friends soon!😄How are yours going? God bless you!

  59. Miss Smile,
    Lol! I broke my ankle a couple years ago and was stuck inside for six weeks straight. So I got in a lot of writing, and also got so desperate that I learned to knit! XD Then I got my boot off and the knitting needles and yarn were loathed then forgotten. 😛

  60. LESSON
    Grocery Listing.
    Some of you have probably heard of it. If you are talking about a character and you just list everything like “she had blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes”. That’s Grocery Listing. It’s almost always bad. It makes it more boring for the reader to read. Only in n a rare occasion when you use the best of verbs cont…

  61. Cont….
    best of verb is it okay. Try something like this, “Her auburn hair glistened in the firelight,” or “the light shone on her beautiful green eyes.” I know this lesson is short but it’s a much needed one for me.

  62. Sorry guys, I know it’s annoying to have to go to emojis to get the heart so from know you can just call me PB or Penny.

    1. PennyBassett❤/PB/Penny,
      I actually just copy/paste your name and it works great. But if you’d rather me call you PB or Penny, I can definitely do that!

  63. Guys, I’m sorry, I wrote a lesson on this page because Bethel mentioned her stories. Bad on me!

  64. Bethel: SORRY I DIDN’T GET BACK WITH YOU SOONER! I’ve been busy, but good. I had a neighborhood fall/halloween party! We don’t celebrate Halloween, but we dressed up and got candy! THANK YOU for praying for my friend! I haven’t heard from her in a month. Please pray that if it is God’s will, I’ll hear from her soon. TBC

  65. So, I know some time has passed, is your Bro rolling over? That is SO beautiful that you were able to hear his first cry! Yes, I know they get big so fast! 🙁 It’s been the same with my Sis. Glad your stories are going well! So neat you’re writting stories for your sisters as gifts! They must love you! TBC

  66. Mine have been on hold, but Mom said I could use her’s! So after this, I plan to continue on! I completed the first draft for a new poem! I love to write poems. WBU? A while back I think you asked us to pray for your Grandpa bc he had cancer. I was just wondering how’s he doing? Super sorry if it was someone else who asked. God bless! 🙂

  67. AQ: HEY, SORRY TO BE RESPONDERING JUST NOW! Yeah, lol, breaking bones does have an up side to it 🙂 I actually was able to complete about 5 chapters! WOW! 6 WEEKS! That’s awful! I’m so sorry you were stuck that long.

  68. Part 2
    AQ: That’s really neat how you used that time to develupe a new skilll (sewing). That’s an inspiration to me. Yeah, it’s easy for me to start something and forget about it later. How are your stories coming? Which book are you on currently? Hope your family is safe and healthy. God bless!
    ~Miss.Smile 🙂

  69. Miss Smile,
    Nowadays I can’t look at knitting needles without grimacing. XD
    I’m working on the second book in my series (the NouJunt Saga). It’s called The Keepers Rise. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but it’s not going well. 🙁 WBU?
    When I first broke my ankle, I had to hop around on crutches (they’re fun for a little while, then they TBC

  70. Miss Smile (cont’d),
    Then they start to get painful). Ha, I went to my aunt’s baby shower with my foot wrapped up while I was on crutches, and my aunt was like, “Oh, no, what happened?!”
    It was so much fun to say, “Ah, I just had a horse fall on top of me.” The look on her face was priceless!! XD

  71. One of my toes got sprained. For one evening I couldn’t walk on it. The next day I could walk on my heel. Now I can mostly walk. I just have to stay of my pinkie toe.

  72. Naomi:
    So sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner!!!! Life is crazy.
    That sounds like fun! What did you dress up as? My fam doesn’t do Halloween either, but my writing club is having a get-together and we’re dressing up like our characters. We’ll see if I can make it.
    How’s your friend doing? Have you heard from her?

    1. Sry, breaking in here because I noticed something really cool:
      1. YOU HAVE A WRITING CLUB?!?! How cool is that?!?! If you’re up to it, do you want to give me more info?
      2. YOU GET TO DRESS UP LIKE YOUR CHARACTER?!?! How cool is that?!?! XD Oh man, that’d be so much fun.
      Anyway, done ranting.

      1. Np!
        1. Yeah!!! I friend of mine started it, so once a week (there’s four members, including me), we do a video call, read what we wrote for the challenge pulled the week before, read a chapter from (one of) our book(s), and pull a new challenge challenge/prompt. It’s a lot of fun!
        2. Yeah, I’m excited! Idk how I’m gonna do it tho… 🤔

        1. Oh man! I’ve got to find people who like to write in real life (it seems like I’m the only one until I come online, lol) so I can do that!! XD

          1. I hope you find some fellow writers irl! I didn’t realize how many people liked writing until I found the writer’s page on the club. There are so many of us!!!! Too bad we can’t have a writing club with everyone on there…😜😉

  73. Naomi:
    No, he isn’t rolling yet, but he’s huge for his age! With the smiles and occasional giggles, he’s super sweet. It was really cool to hear his first cry! He’s the second of my siblings I’ve heard❤️
    Aww, thanks. I’m hoping they’ll enjoy them!

  74. Naomi:
    Yay! Glad you’ve been able to start writing again!!!! Oh fun! Yes, I have written poetry! I don’t do it often tho. Do you ever write songs?
    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you remembered that!!!! You’re so sweet. Yes, as far as I know he’s doing great! He finished chemo a while back, so that was awesome.
    Happy early Thanksgiving! God bless!

    1. Bethel,
      Once again jumping in…
      Yay! I’m glad your grandpa is better! My great-uncle is going through chemo right now, so it’s not been much fun. 🙁

  75. Hey everyone!!!! First things first, Christmas is in 2 weeks!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Can’t believe it’s only 14 days! Also, super sorry I haven’t been on in a long time! I have just been super busy and we have a rough situation that we’re still trying to sort through. I would appreciate you guys’ prayers. Ok, now I’ll get on to responding to individuals 🙂

  76. AQ: SUPER SORRY I DIDN’T RESPOND SOONER! That’s funny and terrible about the sewing needles. Though, at least you know you used that bad experience to learn a new skill 🙂 That’s so cool you’re working on a new saga! I LOVE the title! Oh, super sorry you’re having a rough time with it. I hope it’s going better now. TBC

  77. I haven’t been able to write a lot on my story because of my laptop and all, but I did write my second major poem! It’s my third technologically. It’s a poem that my main character writes at her lowest point in my current story! I have totally fallen in love with it! TBC

  78. Though, my poem turned out a little deeper than I had planned. My Mom read it and said “You wrote this?” lol I then had to explained that this was for my character lol Has that happened to you before? Sorry about the crutches! I bet they hurt! That’s HILARIOUS how your Aunt responded! LOL Hope you have a great Christmas! God bless!
    ~Miss. Smile

    1. I like writing poetry if it’s kind of like a song. Otherwise. not so much. 🙂 I gotta admit that making up poetry is a lot harder than just writing a story. 😛 I did write one I liked, but I didn’t share it with anyone but my BF. 🙂
      I would like to see all/a snippet of this amazing, deep, low-point-written-by-character poem of yours… 🙂

  79. PennyBassett❤: It’s great to see you again! Super sorry you sprained your toe before! That must have hurt! Yes, I like heels too!!! Though, when I broke my toe, I couldn’t wear any amount of a heel for six weeks 🙁 Though, I’m glad you could wear them a lot sooner. How are your writings going? Hope your family is healthy and well. God bless!

  80. Bethel: LOL No worries about not responding sooner, that was my line lol Thanks! the Harvest Fest/Halloween party was really fun! I dressed up as Jyn from Star Wars Rogue One. That’s SO cool your writing club had a dress up party! Were you able to go? Who did you dress up as? Praise God, my friend FaceTimed with me about a week ago!!! TBC

  81. Praise God, my friend FaceTimed with me about a week ago! Please keep praying for her, she didn’t mention her situation, (which is totally understandable) but I could tell she’s still dealing with a lot. That is INCREDIBLE you have such a cool writing club! I’m SO happy for you! What a blessing! Your baby brother does sound SO SWEET! TBC

  82. That’s such a blessing you were able to hear his first cry! That’s so cool you’ve written some poems! I wish there was some way we could swap poems! Well, before I knew how poetry worked, I did try to write “Songs”, but they didn’t follow any form of poetry lol TBC

  83. I guess one of my poems could be called a song because it written in a ballad format, though it’s much more of a story than a song. I do REALLY hope to write another poem that will be much more like a song! It’s also going to be a poem/song that my second main character will write after his wife dies. Have you written any songs? TBC

  84. Have you written any songs? I’m SO happy to hear about your Grandpa!!! Praise God! Ok, well I need to go, we’re going to watch a Christmas Carol and my mom asked me to wash some dishes 🙂 Merry Christmas and God bless!

  85. AQ: I’M SO SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR GREAT-UNCLE! I have a really special great-uncle and that would be just awful if he got cancer! I will definatly keep you both in my prayers. If you feel comfortable, please let us know how he is doing.

    1. Thanks! It’s… yeah, it’s been a rough two months. I lost both my great-grandpas within a month, and now my great-aunt (whom I’m close to) has pneumonia in both lungs. Sooooo…. yeah, not fun. 😉 I’m very very very very grateful for your prayers!

  86. Naomi:
    Cool! The party hasn’t actually happened yet (it’s Saturday), but yes, Lord willing, I’ll be going😆😆 I’m dressing like Creare, my main girl character in my main book. I’m really excited😄Yes, I LOVE my club. So blessed to know so many writers!

  87. I’m so happy for you!!!! So glad you were able to talk. I’ll keep praying❤️
    That’s so cool! I have written a few songs, but only one for a book (I’ve abandoned it for now). It’s not bad actually! I recently wrote one based off it for a musical I’m dreaming up. Idk if I’ll ever really try to write it, but we’ll see😉

  88. It really would be fun to share our poems and songs. Tho most of my poems are really bad😂 I wish I could read the one your character will write. It sounds like it’ll be really good!
    Aww, thank you. I’m so happy everything went well for him!
    Merry Christmas and God bless!❤️❤️

  89. AQ: SO SORRY TO HEAR YOU’RE GOING THROUGH A ROUGH TIME, MY FRIEND!!! I know we’re virtual friends, but if there’s anything I can do let me know. I will defintaly keep you and your family in my prayers! Me and my family have been going through a hard time, too. If you would keep us in your prayers, I would appreciate it!
    Merry Christmas! Miss. 🙂

  90. Bethel: That’s SO cool about your party! How fun to go as a character that you are writing about! I thought about going as my main character, but her suit is way to complex for me to make lol TBC

  91. Bethel: But that’s so cool you can go as your’s! I must confess, I don’t remember the character Creare, but I would love to know more if you’re willing to share? If not, no worries, I totally understand! I’m really sensitive about my current story right now lol I would LOVE to share our poems! TBC

  92. Bethel: I just don’t know how we could do that 🙁 I dought your poems are that bad, you’re a good writer. Though, I understand sometimes practice is needed. TBC

  93. Bethel: Thank you! I hope the one that character will write will be good. Though, it’s hard because he writes it after his wife dies, so it’s a little hard for me to imagen since I’ve never been in that situation. But I love to imagen, so it’ll be fun. Merry Christmas! God bless!

  94. AQ: I would love to share my deep poem that my character writes. I don’t know how since I thought the Moderators said we can’t anymore? I haven’t written any real songs, but so cool you can! That’s neat you shared one with your best friend! Would you mind telling me what genre it was? Like happy, sad, deep? If not, no worries. God bless!

    1. It was in a way the fantasy country’s anthem. 🙂 A queen sang it while she was being held captive, right before she died. The story is about her surviving sons and the girl that finds them and tells them they are royalty.

  95. Naomi:
    Yeah, it was really fun! It helped that my costume was one my mom wore in high school, so it was ready to go lol I don’t know if I ever posted anything about Creare on OAC while you were on🤔(still haven’t said much about her) So she’s the main girl character in my main series. She’s sweet and spirited, but has trouble with…

  96. Naomi:
    (Cont) …has trouble believing in herself. She struggles with thinking too little of herself, exactly the opposite problem my main boy character has. She’s a lot of fun!
    Did you start a new story then? (If you don’t want to share details, no worries!😉)
    Yeah, I’m not sure how we could do it either.😕Aww, thank you❤️Hopefully…

  97. Naomi:
    (Cont) Hopefully I’ll get better at writing poetry. I wrote one for school, and it went very well. The ones for my book tho…😬lol
    Very true! Imagining is a wonderful pastime, isn’t it?
    Did you have a good Christmas? I did. My fam stayed home like usual, and we got to watch four episode of The Chosen which was awesome😄
    God bless!❤️

  98. Yes, I sometimes write songs, I like to make up a tune and then pick it out on the piano.

      1. You didn’t ask me specifically, so I just barged in on the conversation. 😛
        And my favorite is Simon. 🙂 I always liked the more reckless characters.

  99. Bethel: I’m SO sorry it took me forever to respond! I’m glad the dress-up party was a blast! I like your character! My main girl-character has some of those characteristics, too. That’s cool that your boy-character is the opposite! I think that’s really good that your characters can even out each other. TBC

  100. YES! I started a new story! Well, actually, it’s in the same serious as the fantasy, only, this one comes in WAY later, kind’a like in our time. But, they still connect. I’m afraid I won’t share much 🙁 , but I will say that it involves a girl with a lot of hurt searching for hope, and an adult man who’s given up on hope. TBC

  101. If you wouldn’t mind, would you pray for me about it? It’s a lot of fun, but I know it’s going to take A LOT to make it all happen on paper! I’m sure you’ll get better at poetry. Patience and perseverance! Congrats on your poem for school! Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to write poems for our characters. TBC

  102. But, I just try to imagine that he/she is seated right next to me and I imagine what’s really inside of them.
    Or, since I love to daydream, I just pretend that I am all of my characters. I usually pace up and down in a straight line in my room while I act out scenes in my mind and say what my characters would say to myself. TBC

  103. Hopefully you don’t think I’m crazy lol YES! Daydreaming can REALLY past the time! Once I think I did it for two hours straight! Yes, me and my family had a good Christmas! Thank you for asking! I’m so happy y’all did as well! Yes, The Chosen is really well done! Ok, I need to go now. God bless!

  104. AQ: How is your writing going? I know you mentioned having a rough time with your current story, but you didn’t know what was causing the trouble. Has it gotten any better? Hope you have a great night!

    1. Erm… it’s going better. I still feel like the first part is missing something, but I’m halfway through the book and it feels much more natural now. 😉 Thx for asking!
      What about you? Any specific things you’re struggling with?

  105. PB:
    Oh cool! I will sometimes have tunes in my head, but I can’t usually sing them… I can sing my most recent song tho!
    Awesome!!! Who’s your fav disciple? Mine is Matthew, tho I like Simon a LOT too.

  106. AQ: I’m sorry it’s been so rough for you! 🙁 WOW! You’re half way through!!! I’m on chapter 5! lol What is your word count? (it’s probably like a 100,000 something!)

  107. (For AQ, part 2 lol)
    Thanks for asking! I haven’t done a lot lately, though I have been struggling with character conversations. I don’t want it to sound like teenagers talking when it is suppose to be adults talking! lol Right now I’m working on a new poem!!!! I’m super excited about this one!!!! God bless!

    1. Ooh, yeah, getting adult/teen/kid voices is really hard (especially when you haven’t been an adult yet, lol). 🙂 I’m sure you’ll figure it out!
      And a new poem? Cool! I should write another one of those. Hm. 🙂
      100,000 words? XD Not hardly. It’s about 42,000. Only 40,000 more words! Oy. 😛 I’m actually kind of stuck on a part where one of TBC

    2. (cont’d),
      Where one of my characters recklessly decides to defend a stranger (as in be a lawyer for him), and I’m trying to work out a case. It’s a lot harder than I thought, plus I don’t like the law that well! 🙂

  108. Naomi:
    Don’t worry! I totally get it😄
    Thx! And your story sounds really cool! (I don’t mind😉Stories can be very personal things) Of course I’ll pray!
    So… I kinda started writing a musical… And you know what? The songs are coming to me very well! The one that started all of it kinda just popped into my head on its own.

  109. Naomi:
    (Cont) And, like you said, it’s what’s going on inside a character (it’s actually Gideon from the Bible), explaining the turmoil raging within him. I’m pretty happy with it…😜
    I LOVE daydreaming!!!! I don’t think you’re weird at all. I mean, I sometimes act scenes in my head in front of the mirror. lol

    1. Cutting in.
      And yes, daydreaming is definitely my favorite hobby, second only to writing them out. XD 🙂
      Also, you’re writing a musical! Wow, you are brave. 🙂 I tried writing a screenplay once, and failed.

      1. Oh yeah, I totally do it!!!! Scenes, speeches, whatever! I think it’s a lot of fun actually…😂
        I agree!
        Thx! It’s mostly about the one scene and the one song. I’ve got the song written down, but the scene is still in my head. (I’ve acted most of it out in my room tho and and it was fun😂)

        1. Man, I so wish I could get my siblings to act stuff out with me. I’ve tried so many times and they’re all like, “That is so boring, why would you do that?” XD Ah, well. Mirrors will have to work!
          Do you ever get so stuck in your daydream that you start talking out loud? TBC

        2. I did that the other day and when I came out of the bathroom my dad was like, “Who were you talking to?” XD Apparently my uncle (his younger brother) used to talk to himself all the time too, so he’s used to it. 😛

          1. Yeah, I have whispered the dialogue to myself…😂It’s usually mouthing tho. Do you ever talk to your computer? I do (usually it’s muttering/telling it to stop doing something…and I told the instant pot ‘hello’ once when it beeped after I turned it on.😂

  110. Naomi:
    (Cont) The Chosen is very good! It’s my second favorite portrayal of Jesus.
    Do you watch Sight and Sound Theatre?? I’m a MAJOR fan.😉
    God bless you!❤️

  111. Guys, guess what? Me and my brother (Suilad) wrote a poem and our mom thought that it was good so she said that if we wrote at least nine more of that quality she would print them and sell them!

  112. Bethel: It was great to hear from you! Thanks for understanding about me responding late 🙂 I appreciate your complement on my story! I’m trying. Thank you SO much for praying about my story! WOW! That’s awesome you started a musical! TBC

  113. I wish you the very best!!! I’m so happy the words are coming to you so easily! Super cool you’re doing it on Gideon!!! YES!!! I LOVE TO DAYDREAM!!! It’s good to someone else that likes too, and dosen’t think I’m
    crazy 🙂 No! I haven’t seen the Sight Sound Theatre! I’ll have to look into that! Hope you have a great weekend! God bless!

  114. Y’all, I started the Wingfeather Saga! But, I forgot which podcast it was that people would discuss it on 🙁 Would one of you be so kind as to help me out? I would appreciate it! God bless!

  115. AQ: Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!
    About the book: Honestly, I didn’t like the first book until the very end. The second one is better, and getting better! 🙂

    1. Miss Smile,
      They keep getting better. The second one is one of my favorites, and the first is probably my least favorite. 😀

  116. Bethel & Miss Smile,
    Totally random, but do you ever get so caught up in your daydreaming that you cry?

  117. Naomi:
    I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Life has been kinda crazy…😬
    You’re very welcome. How’s the story going?
    Thank you! We’ll see if I ever finish it. I’ve kinda moved on to other projects🤦🏻‍♀️
    Sight and Sound Theatre is awesome!!!! They’re my favorite movies to watch actually.

  118. Naomi:
    (Cont) That’s awesome you started the Wingfeather saga! I haven’t finished it. Still. 🙈I have too many books to read, too many books to write, and not enough time! *sigh* I’ll get around to it eventually. Right now, my favorite character is Arthram, hands down. Who’s yours?
    God bless!❤️

  119. AQ: Hm…I don’t know! In the first book probably the scene with Peet riding on Nugget, and the ending scene. For book two….well, I LOVED hearing about Ouster Will!!!!!! SUPER interesting!!!! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m VERY intrigued! As for a true scene, probably the one with Janner trying to escape from Tilling Court.
    Miss. Smile

  120. Bethel: No worries at all about not responding sooner! I’m SO guilty of that! I can understand being really busy. Somehow with getting back to school and all, I have been really busy, too lol I haven’t finished all four books yet, either. But I finished book 2 today!
    It was SO good! And, Artham is my FAVORITE character!!!!

  121. Bethel: Part 2
    My story is kind’a on hold right now. I started another short writing project, too🤣 I hope your project goes well! I also have some unfinished poems that I need to finish 😉 Yes! There’s not enough time!!! That’s really cool about Sight and Sound Theater!!! I should look into that! God bless! Talk later!

  122. Sorry this is late, but two days ago, seven puppies were born to our family! They are chocolate labs, and so cute! They haven’t even opened their eyes yet!

  123. AQ:
    Actually, no, I’ve never made myself cry through daydreaming. Tbh, I’m kinda hardhearted when it comes to my characters and most book characters in general. I didn’t cry at the end of Where the Red Fern Grows, OR in Little Women when not-gonna-say-the-name dies🤦🏻‍♀️(I was younger tho) I do pretend to cry tho…Emotional scenes are my fav😜

    1. Haha, I think it’s better that way. I’m very softhearted with characters and stuff, so I cry a lot, and thus I give myself a lot of headaches. XD
      WHAT?! YOU DIDN’T CRY WHEN THAT PERSON DIED?!? I sobbed for days!
      (Funny story: my mom once read Little Britches aloud to us, and my dad walked in to all of his kids but the oldest sobbing b/c a

    2. (Cont’d)
      Because a horse died. He was like, “What’s wrong?! Did someone die?” And we all nodded and cried harder, but my older sister just rolled her eyes and was like, “It was a horse in the book.” 😛

      1. Yeah, I didn’t… I was pretty heartless as a youngster…😂
        Aww!!! Poor you!!! I haven’t read that book actually… was it good?

  124. I’m sorry for my disappearance!!! I accidentally closed this page and didn’t know which one it was. I’m back now tho!

    (Thx again for helping me, AQ❤️)

  125. Naomi:
    Isn’t he awesome?!?! I love the part where he breaks the cage😆😆
    *sigh* I love all my ideas, but I wish they’d come at a more moderate pace. It makes it hard to focus on one project😂
    How have you and your family been?
    God bless!

  126. AQ:
    Btw, how’s your family been? I remember you said things were tough a while back; are y’all doing any better?❤️

    1. Aw, thx for remembering! We’re doing better, yes. Both my great-grandpas died within a month of each other, and one was adamantly against Jesus, and then we put down two 14-year-old pets in January (I actually dreamt about one of them last night *sob*). Since I’m a big softie it’s taking me longer to get over it, but I’m healing. Thanks for asking!

      1. Oh man, that’s got to be heartbreaking… I’m so sorry, friend😢 I’ll be praying for you. I can’t imagine what that’d be like. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. Sending you lots of virtual hugs❤️God bless you!❤️

  127. AQ: No problem. My life has been a bit busy, too. It’s great to see you again!!!
    How are your stories going? Have they gotten any better yet? I hope so. I’m super sorry it has been so rough for you.

    1. It’s good to see you too! We miss you on the Club. 🙁
      Pretty good! I’m in the final sprint with my second book, so looking forward to getting to the climax and saying “I’ve written two full length novels!” XD

  128. AQ: Thanks for asking. My life has been good lately, and we are healthy, praise God! I haven’t been writing a lot, but I have been taking a really good grammar course, and it has helped me SO much in my editing! So just been doing that a lot. God bless!
    ~Miss.Smile 🙂

    1. Glad your life is going good! What grammar course is it? Do you like editing, or do you prefer writing?

  129. Bethel: No worries! I’m so glad you were able to make it back her with the help of AQ!!! It’s good to hear from you. Yes! Artham IS awesome! I LOVE the scene were he brakes free, too! Only, it said that the cage bars were as big as Artham’s waste! TBC

  130. If that were true, it’s hard to imagen how the cage was being held up, and how Artham would be able to break free. But it was a cool scene when he did break out! I guess I take some things too seriously lol How are your stories coming? I hope they are going well! Yes! It’s REALLY hard to focus on ONE story! Tbc

  131. Bethel 3/3 : Anyway, I hope you are able to find the concentration that you need! My family is doing well, praise God! How about you and your family? I hope you all are doing well! God bless!

  132. PennyBassett: THAT’S SUPER COOL ABOUT YOUR LAB PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!! How they opened their eyes by now? I bet there’re ADORABLE!!! Have you named them? Are you going to keep them, or give the away?
    God bless!

    1. Nope! It’s a chat page for those of us who were on the Club but had to end, so we keep in touch on here. 🙂 You’re welcome to join us talking!

  133. I only see that Bethel, NaomiorNa10, and Aquarium are on here.

    Also, I saw Bethel mention The Chosen. It is SO GOOD!!! Our family is waiting for season 2 to come out. It should this spring. And I have watched only one Sight and Sound Theater movie, (Easter one), but I liked it!

  134. We have a new calf, y’all! It’s a……. bull. Again. XD His name is Bobby-Q, and he’s our ninth bull of nine calves. XD

  135. AQ: I seemed to have posted almost the same post to you twice! Sorry about that.
    I’m SO sorry to hear about your losses *inhale* Loosing pets is so hard😔, especially when you have had them that long! And to loose both of your grandparents….I’m so sorry!😞 About four years ago, I lost my grandpa and my great grandma…..

  136. AQ:
    …(whom we all were very close to) past away within a month of each other. I remember that time was very hard for us. I just remember crying out to God at night. I didn’t feel better at once, but night after night, prayer after prayer, I managed, with God’s help, to heal. But I know it’s not easy, and my heart breaks for you, my friend… TBC

  137. AQ:
    …I know I can’t do much, but know from behind this screen, someone is praying for you. I have been experiencing a hard time, as well. I have really found strength in the Hillsong United song that is entitled “Even When It Hurts”. It is REALLY good. I, too, am a tender-hearted person….TBC

  138. AQ:
    …I cried while reading Where the Red Fern Grows, I still cry when daydreaming, I cried when pinning an ant to a piece of paper for a science project a few years ago (true story), so I know what it is to be emotional. But this song has really spoken to me….TBC

  139. AQ:
    …I wish there was more I could say, but for now, I will be praying for you and your family🙏 My the Lord bless you and your family, and keep you all in the shadow of His love🙏

    1. *tears up* Naomi, you are SO SWEET!! Thank you so so so so much. I highly appreciate the prayers, and your encouragement and smiles are very special to me. That song is awesome, thank you so much for sharing it with me!
      I’m very sorry about your grandparents. Thanks for praying for me!

  140. Esther: Hey! I think we met, incase we didn’t, you can call me Naomi or Na10 (but of course, you probably know that😁). No, this isn’t the Writer’s Page 2. This is where most of the girls chat. Most of the girls here are on the Writer’s Page, too, so I can see why you might of thought this was the W’s.P. 2. Your welcome to join our conversations!

  141. Thanks guys for letting me join! 🙂 I saw y’all talking about losing pets and family members. It is really hard. Losing my gramma was really hard. But prayer ALWAYS works!
    We also used to foster two dogs for my aunt for 3 years while they were overseas. When they left, it was sad, but we actually have our own dog now!

    Praying for all of you! 😉

  142. Right now, I am in the middle or writing a book, but I have ideas for two other books! Here they are:
    1. A girl in WW2
    2. It’s going to be called: Almost Perfect. A girl who seems “almost perfect”.
    3. And the last idea spinning in my head, an independent girl in the future named Zeta

  143. You guys on here are really nice! Sometimes, I really want to meet you! 🙂 But sadly I cannot.

  144. I have read classics like Little Women, A Little Princess, and the Anne of Green Gables Series. I am in the middle of the last book called, Rilla of Ingleside. Have you guys read these books? I also LOVE dogs but have not read Where the Red Fern Grows. But, I have watched the movie. Also, Albert Terhune writes dog books if any one is interested.

    1. I have read all of those, and they are so good! I am listening to A Little Princess on audio-book though I have already read it.

  145. One of my favorite book series is Left Behind–The Kids. It is about teens left behind after the Rapture of the church and trying to survive through the Tribulation. You should read it! I really enjoyed it. It was written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Just some suggestions

  146. AQ: Of course! And I’m glad you find some encouragement in the song! I appreciate your condolences about my grandparents🙏 Thankfully now I don’t feel it too much anymore. Also, it is good to know that you would never pin an ant to a card!🙏 Hope your stories are going well. Has it gotten any better? Hope you have a good day! God bless!

    1. It’s gotten better, thx for asking! I’m almost to the climax. After I finish I’ll take a break and come back to edit. 🙂
      And thx about the calf! We’ve had two more and they were both bulls (10 &11). #10 is named Paddy (since he was born the day after St. Patrick’s Day), but the other didn’t make it. 🙁
      How about you? How are your stories going?

  147. Esther: It’s great to have you with us! I’m so sorry to hear about your gramma😞 Yes, prayer was something that REALLY helped me. That’s cool your family fostered some dogs! Yeah, I bet it was hard when they had to leave *tear*, but that’s really awesome that your family has a dog now! What’s your dogs name? I super appreciate your prayers!🙏

  148. Esther: That’s awesome you’re writing a book! I’m currently working on chapter 7 of mine. Though, I haven’t finished chapter 6 yet 😜 Your story ideas sound like they will lead to a great stories! I wish you the best in all! I really like your second story idea! The title sounds good, too. And I LOVE the name Zeta! Did you invent it?

  149. Esther: Same! I wish I could meet all of you on here in person! Though, I’m guessing that we all live very far from each other. TBC

  150. Esther: I read the junior A Little Princess and Anne of Green Gables. I REALLY liked both. You should defiantly read Where the Red Fern Grows! It’s SO GOOD AND WELL WRITTEN!!! Though, it is sad. But if you’ve already seen the movie the sadness won’t be a surprise to you. TBC

  151. Esther: Thank you for recommending Albert Terhune’s books to me! I haven’t read a lot of dog books, but I’m always open to a new, good book! I REALLY need to read the left behind kid books! I have one, but I think it is book 46th or something. So, yeah I need to start at the beginning. Do you have a favorite character? God bless!
    ~Naomi (or Na10)

    1. Well, I don’t really have a favorite character. The authors really do a good job giving a different personality to every character! There are sooo many people in there that make a BIG difference to the story line.

  152. Naomi:
    Oh, I didn’t remember that… Yeah, that is kinda odd! Guess he’s been working out😉😜
    They’re going good! Haven’t been able to do as much as I need to tho. I’m writing one for my BFFs bday, so I really need to work on that one (I have plenty of time; I just want to be able to complete two drafts…yeah, I need to get working… lol)

  153. Naomi:
    (Cont) My main book is progressing quickly as I try to finish around a chapter a week for my writers’ club, plus the weekly challenge. It’s fun, but can get kinda stressful.😉How are your book(s) going?
    My family is doing great! My baby brother is trying (and getting very close to) crawling, which is sad (and very cute). TBC

  154. Naomi:
    (Cont) Daylight savings threw us all for a loop tho; we’re all pretty tired.
    I got to see a close friend yesterday for the first time in over a year. That was awesome!
    God bless!❤️

  155. Esther:
    Yes, I did enjoy The Chosen! It’s prob my second fav Jesus movie. Which disciple is your favorite? Matthew is mine, tho Simon is pretty cool too.
    Nice story ideas!
    I know, it’d be so cool to meet y’all!!!

    1. Hmm… Simon might be my favorite so far. Because in a way he’s kind of like me. Sometimes impatient and impulsive.😅 But all of them are cool! But, my fav character is JESUS! Definitely.

  156. Esther:
    YES!!! I have read the Anne of Green Gables series!!! I LOVE Anne of the Island (Anne+Not-gonna-spoil-it-for-anyone FOREVER!!!) And Rilla has some hysterical moments…
    I’ve heard about that series! Haven’t read it tho.

  157. Anyone read Eight Cousins, Rose in Bloom, and/or An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott?? Rose in Bloom is amazing! The others are great too. (Rose in Bloom is the sequel to Eight Cousins)

    1. Yeah, I’ve read Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom! Eight Cousins was really good, but Rose in Bloom kinda bored me (I was also pretty young when I read it. Hrm. Should retry…). 😀

    2. Yes, I love L. Montgomery, and L.M.A.! Also by Louisa May Alcott:
      A Garland for Girls
      Flower Fables
      Little Women
      Little Men
      Jo’s Boys
      They are so good!

  158. AQ and Naomi:
    Hey gals! Do you remember the Green Ember role play on the Club? Well, I have an idea for a novel based off the storyline we used. Do you mind if I use your characters? They won’t be rabbits or anything, and I think Marcie will get a new name, but it will be based off of them.

  159. Hi, y’all! So, I thought it would be a cool idea to each write what God has taught us in 2020 and is currently teaching us during 2021. We could encourage and inspire each other through this. I will post what I learned in a few hours.

  160. I will post my 2020-2021 testimony hopefully today. But, so we know what each other are talking about, if you are doing the testimony thing, let’s put: #2020-2021LearningYear at the top.

    1. Me too! They do such a great job. If I had one million dollars, two thousand of it would go to them!

      1. It’s on the app. You can look it up in the Google Play store. The whole second season hasn’t come out yet, though. Only three episodes.

  161. Hi PennyBasset(I can’t do the heart on here while typing) it’s sort of cool because our characters are friends on AIO dramas!

  162. Hey!
    Yes, I am still on this planet. I know my history of not commenting seems to prove the opposite, but I am indeed still around.😜
    How have you all been?

  163. Oh, The Chosen?? Good show! I enjoy it a lot! (My allegiance lies elsewhere, but I do love it😜)

    Did anyone else watch episode 4(?) of season 2?? It was INCREDIBLE!!!! They nailed it. It left me speechless.😆

    1. Depends on the subject.😉 I’ve finished all but three: history, fiber arts, and logic. I’ll finish the first two next week, and logic will end… sometime this summer. I’m a bit behind🙃

          1. Bethel: Sure! You can use my past Green Ember character for a story if you want 🙂 Thanks for asking!
            I hope your writing is going well!

        1. Yeah. My program is really good, but sometimes I get stuck☹️I’m doing prepositional logic right now. There are a lot of rules to remember…😅

          1. Awesome! Have you done Canon Press’ logic programs? (Introductory Logic and Intermediate Logic) They’re awesome!!! But difficult.😁

    1. My family MIGHT be going to Texas. Maybe. 🙂 Other than that, I’m getting baptized, going to camp, and hopefully starting a blog. WBU?

    2. My family and I are going out West for the first time! (well, my dad has been there before) We are probably going to go to Colorado!

    3. My family is going to Sight and Sound Theatre next week!!!! We’ll be down there for nearly a week, and then we have one road trip planned to go to visit family. 😁 Hbu?

  164. Just something to encourage y’all:
    Prayer works. And a story to prove that is this — Some one at our church was really sick with covid, asthma, and pneumonia. He had a 10% chance of living. Our church prayed, prayed, and prayed some more. And now he is currently recovering!!
    God listens! I hope you remember this and this blesses you today!!

  165. Hi guys! My family and extended family need your prayers. My great-grandmother passed away two nights ago.🙏😔 It’s kinda stressful trying to figure out the details for the funeral and traveling up there last minute. Your prayers appreciated!!

    1. I’m so sorry!!! My great-grandma passed away a few summers ago. I’ll be praying for y’all❤️😢

  166. What’s your favorite… State, Color, and Book and/or author
    Mine are…
    State — Ohio and Colorado
    Color — rose-gold
    Author (I don’t have a fav book😅) — Jerry B. Jenkins

    1. State – Arizona and Colorado
      Color – pink, purple, and blue all faded together
      Book – Lord of the Rings

    2. State – Ohio and West Virginia
      Color – Any and all shades of blue
      Book: Uhhh……. Can’t decide…… Gonna go with the other option🙈😂
      Author: J.R.R. Tolkien prob??? I admire him so much.

  167. Hey, everyone!!!
    Goodness! I’m sorry it’s been so long! I was able to take an amazing six-week writing class, so that took up a lot of my time, and school and life also got really busy.
    Anyway, it’s great to be back here with you all!

    1. Yay, welcome back, Miss Smile!!! *tackles you with hug* (And oof, I know how a busy life is…)

    2. *shrieks*

      *clears throat, straightens outfit, and sits back down properly*
      It’s so good to hear from you! How are you doing?
      And I totally get being busy… My life has been jam-packed with activity lately😅

  168. Esther: Hey! I think we met before, but if we didn’t, it’s nice to meet you!
    I would like to do the favorites, too, if that’s ok.

    State: Hmm…probably Ohio (my aunt whom I’m very close to moved there.)
    Color: RED!!!
    Author: C. S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Jane Austen, and Andrew Peterson (I have more than one…hope that’s ok 😁)

    1. *loves all of those authors except Jane Austen ’cause I’ve never read one of her books*

      1. GAAH HOW ARE YOU STILL LIVING?!?! You’ve TOTALLY got to check out AP’s books. He’s written several: The Wingfeather Saga, Adorning the Dark, and Garden of God (or something like that), not to mention that he’s a songwriter and has participated in writing Wingfeather Tales and Pembrick’s Creaturepedia. So. (He may or may not be my human hero. XD)

        1. 😁 Now I remember hearing about those books!! I didn’t know he wrote them!😀 I guess I’ll have to check them out!

  169. AQ: Thanks for welcoming me back and understanding how life can get BUSY! *Hugs back* It’s really great to be here again with you and everyone!!
    How are you? What are you writing? Are you still writing that story about the girl and boy who discovered a castle?

  170. Bethel: YOU MADE MY DAY!!! I just love the whole intro thing you did!! 😂😍😊
    I’m good, tired, but good. I’m feeling better from a Cold, so I’m super happy about that! I haven’t been writing lately, but that’s because I’ve been working on an illustration for a book that I and my great aunt hope to write!
    How are you? What are you writing?

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! It was super exciting to see you username.😁❤️
      Oh fun!!! Is it going to be a picture book?
      I’m doing good! I’ve gotten a taste of adulthood this summer though. I got a job! It’s been nice to have income, but it takes up a big chunk of my day.🙃 Plus, 4H has been demanding (going to the State Fair today actually)

    2. Cont
      I got on the Food and Fashion Board for my county, so that’s another commitment. And I’m a session leader at the barn I go to!🥳 So, yeah! I’ve been good, just crazy busy.
      I actually haven’t been doing too much writing lately. ☹️ Between 4H, work, and now, Driver’s Ed, I haven’t had much free time. I’ve been able to work on a book…

    3. Cont
      …been able to work on the book I’m writing for my sister though! And now that 4H is winding down, I’ve gotten back to one of my more recent project, which I’m writing for my bestie’s bday.😁
      God bless!!! It’s so good to “see” you again!❤️

  171. Esther: He wrote the Wingfeather Saga. Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard about him until I joined the AIO club actually😁 His books are good, and he also writes Christian music! I really like his song Be Kind to Yourself.
    Also, I LOVE the color rose-gold, too!
    What have you been up to?

    1. Just planning out my book and enjoying the last week or two of freedom before school starts… *sighs* But, vacation is coming!! *happy dance!* And my cousins are coming to visit soon, too! 🤩
      Hopefully I will force myself to actually WRITE my book before I get too busy!😅

  172. AQ: I would REALLY recommend Jane Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice! There’s so much writing skill in it if you look for it. The six-week writing class I took was on the book, and I had never learned so much before!

    Bethel: Yes! I am a Jane Austen now after reading Pride and Prejudice and taking the class! Which of her books have you read?

    1. Woohoo!!! P&P is awesome!!! I’ve read:
      – Emma (Pretty good!)
      – Sense and Sensibility (Not my fav)
      – Pride and Prejudice (Love it!)
      – Persuasion (MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!)
      I highly suggest the last one… It’s SO GOOD!!!!😁

      1. I’ve never read any of Jane Austen’s books, but now that y’all are talking about it, I think I should!!😁

        1. They’re SUPER good! But they are a harder read. Lots of long paragraphs, and the plot can feel a bit slow. BUT… the story is BEAUTIFUL!!! (As a word of advice, keep a dictionary nearby when reading. I know I had to use one😅) Pride and Prejudice is her best known and loved; Persuasion is my fav tho😜😍

      2. I started Pride and Prejudice in 4th grade, but didn’t finish it. I plan to read it this year or next. : ) I haven’t read any others, but I’m planning too.

    2. Miss Smile,
      I’ve watched the movie, but I think i’ll read the books… someday… XDD

  173. (I somehow forgot the word “fan” in my last comment! 😂 I meant I am a “Jane Austen FAN”, not “Jane Austen” lol )

  174. Have any of you read Sir Walter Scott’s novels? I’m just started reading Rob Roy.

    1. Haven’t read any of them. When you finish, tell me how it is. It might go on my reading list!

  175. When does everyone start school? I started last Tuesday (we homeschool), but we go on vaca today to Colorado, so we will continue school afterwards.

      1. I love it too!! I’m planning on staying here after I move out, unless the government gets too wacko. *frown*

  176. I started school on Aug. 1, and I recently finished Pride and Prejudice. I absolutely loved it!

    1. 🤔Pride and Prejudice might have to become a book report book this year for school…😄

    1. My family likes hiking too! Since we are from Ohio, we did a seven mile hike in Colorado, and it was difficult only because of the elevation.😅

  177. Bethel: I’m not sure if it’s going to be a picture book! But my aunt and I do want our book to have a lot of illustrations if that’s what you mean 🙂
    Are you still working at that job? And are you a session leader at the barn you go to?
    How was the story that you wrote for your best friend? I’d love to hear about it!

  178. Bethel: That’s so cool you read Emma! I’ve been wanting to read it! Though, yeah, older books can sometimes be hard to read!! OH MY!!! I hadn’t heard of Persuasion!!! I’M GOING TO HAVE TO GET IT!! What makes it your fav of her books?

  179. AQ: You should read the books! (Jane Austen’s books!) XD
    I hope your dad is doing better if he did have Covid!!!
    How’s school going for you?
    Have you been able to write anything lately?

  180. Esther: SO SORRY it took me so long to respond to your comment!!
    How’s your book coming? Were you able to finish planning it before school started?
    How were your cousins when the came down?

    1. It was super nice to be able to see my cousins face to face again!

      I’m actually in the middle of two or three books. I’m working on one in particular right now. So, basically, the guy is part of a group that escaped when someone took over their country. They are trying to get it back. The story line is a lot more detailed than that!😅

  181. Esther: That’s so cool your family lives in Ohio!!!! My great aunt and uncle live there and I hear it’s GROGEOUS!!!
    And, yes, you should read Jane Austen’s books if you get the chance!!

    No, I haven’t read Sir Walter Scott’s novels!! Are they good?
    I’m glad you got to read Pride and Prejudice and loved it!!! I do, too! Who’s your favorite character?

  183. We are doing much better. I like Sir Walter Scott’s novels, personally. I started reading Persuasion yesterday! My favorite character from Pride and Prejudice was (kinda obviously) Lizzie. Darcy is so dreamy! ; D

  184. PennyBassett: Yay! I’m glad you and your family are doing better!
    Yes! I like Darcy, too! 🙂

    1. Aw…☺Thanks! Yeah, I think it is pretty cool too!😛 There are times when I am not writing and I’ll get a really good idea for the storyline and then I’m like looking around for paper and a pen to write it down so I don’t forget! that’s how some of my best ideas have formed!

      1. Esther:

        Yes! That happens a lot to me only, I forgot/never get around to writing the plot down! XD

        What are you writing these days?

  185. HI NAOMI!!!!! it’s so good to see you again, girl❤️ How have you been?
    How cool!!!
    Yup, I’m still working! I actually worked today.😁I’m working inside now, keeping the apples out in the market stocked, bagging apples, and helping to close. It’s been great! The Lord has given me a LOT of favor there.😆 Do you work?

  186. Naomi:
    Yes, I am a session leader! It was amazing working with people this summer! It was sad to say goodbye when the year ended (we stopped the first week of September). Another young leader and I became friends, and since we text, we can keep in touch, which is AWESOME.😁

  187. Naomi:
    I can’t believe you remember all of these things!! You are so sweet❤️
    I haven’t finished the story yet, actually. Between work and school (since I work Fridays, I have to get 5 days of schoolwork done in 4 days), I haven’t had much free time for writing.
    The story is a historical romance… TBC…

  188. Naomi:
    It’s a romance set in the late 1800s, after the Civil War. Basically, the main character was told that a young man would be coming to see her. She promises to wait for him, but time passes, and it seems like he’s forgot about her. The story centers around her trying to keep her heart pure.😁

  189. Naomi:
    Yeah, Emma was good! Not my fav, but still good.😁
    Ohhhh, Persuasion… *dies* That book has Jane Austen’s most beautiful proposal EVER, and the story itself is really good. I’m a big fan😁😉
    Whoops, I don’t think I put the username in all my other comments… *facepalm*

      1. Bethel:
        Hey! I’ve been good! I mean, there have been some hard things I’ve had this year, but I’ve seen God grow me a lot, which I’m thankful for!
        I’m glad work is going well! No, I’m not working rn 🙂
        I’m glad you were able to serve as a leader and meet some godly friends!! That’s always a blessing!

  190. Bethel:
    I know the feeling! Finding time to write is hard XD
    I love your story’s plot!! *puts hand on heart*
    Ok!! Now I REALLY need read Persuasion!! 🙂

    How was your Thanksgiving?
    P.S It’s really great to hear from you and the other girls on here!!
    Have you heard from AQ at all?

  191. PennyBassett:
    Yeah, sometimes older books are harder to understand because of the old English.
    I hope to read Persuasion soon though!
    Have you been writing anything recently?

  192. Hey y’all! So, please pray for our grandpa! He had a compression fracture in his back (I think). His health isn’t great right now so, prayers would be appreciated!!😄🙏

    1. Recent update: We now know that he has a cancer in his spine, and we don’t want that to go to his brain. Again, prayers are needed! 🙂


    Bethel: I know a long time ago, you said your grandpa wasn’t doing well. If you don’t want to share an update, I understand, but I thought I would ask how he’s doing?

    1. Actually, another update😅:
      He has been taking radiation treatment. (I don’t know exactly what that is) But, he’s almost done. Don’t think we have anymore news than that. I’m not sure what they’re doing next. Thank you for all your prayers!! I know that this cancer is really bad, but I also know God can do anything!!😄

      1. Now he is in some type of rehab place, but it is short-term and he needs long term care. Please pray for my aunts and uncles and my parents as they are trying to figure out what to do for him. 🙂

  194. Naomi:
    My Thanksgiving was great! Most of the people from our church came over for a big, potluck dinner. This was our third year doing that, and it’s always a ton of fun!!! How was yours? Are you doing anything fun for Christmas?

  195. Naomi:
    Aww, I can’t believe you remembered that!!!❤️He’s doing okay, as far as I know. He’s going through more treatments rn, I think for some other small cancer spots that showed up. It’s been hard on him and my grandma, but they’re doing alright. 🙂

  196. Naomi:
    AQ doesn’t comment on the club anymore.☹️With everything she does, she didn’t have time for it anymore. Idk if she also stopped commenting here…? I keep in touch with her, so I can let her know you’re looking for her, if you’d like.❤️😁

  197. Esther:
    I’m so sorry!!! It’s so scary to learn that.😢 I’ll be praying!! Sending lots of love and hugs and prayers your way, girl❤️

    I know this is a really hard situation!! Please know that God is still in control and always answers our prayers, even if it’s not in a way that we would have wanted.
    Love you!

  199. Bethel: A POTLUCK THANKSGIVING!! How fun!!! My family went to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving and then Christmas lol, which was also fun XD I really like the earrings that my grandparents gave me! They’re silver (not real XD) and have a “hammered metal” look to them (which is a style that I LOVE!)
    What was one of your favorite gifts?

  200. Bethel: My heart goes out to your grandparents *tear*. I am so sorry! But I am happy to hear that they’re doing alright! I will be praying for you and Esther.

    Oh that’s right! I had forgotten! *slap*
    Yes! I would appreciate it if you told AQ I was looking for her here!!
    May I ask how you both keep in touch? Did she get the actual Club again ? XD

  201. Our Grandpa is in hospice and has less than six months to live. It’s hard right now. I have been praying for him and for my mom and her siblings. To be specific, I have been praying that God would comfort them and keep them strong and remind them of His presence and power.
    Thank you so much for your prayers!! They are VERY appreciated!!!😄🥰

  202. @Esrher
    Ah, my friend! 💙💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏🙏
    I’m praying for y’all!
    My you all find comfort in knowing he is with the Lord.
    Do you need anything?

    1. Thank you so much @NaomiorNa10 !
      Don’t need anything right now, but all prayers are appreciated!! 🙂

      How is your life? 🙂

  203. @Esther:
    Of course!! (Also, you can just call me Naomi or Na10 😁)

    Pretty good! I just took an S.A.T two days ago, so I’m glad I don’t have to be studying for that anymore!

    1. Oh, yeah! I don’t like studying!! I’ll definitely have to though for my quarter and final exams.

  204. @Esther
    Yup! But persistence makes perfect!
    I hope your finals go well!

    What’s new?


    Esther, I am so sorry about your grandpa’s passing. I can’t imagine. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way, my friend❤️

  206. Naomi:
    My fav Christmas gift was either the dress my parents got me or the tickets my grandparents got us. We’re going to see a musical about David!!! XD
    Okay, I’ll let her know!
    It’s kinda complicated, actually… 🙈We’re on a writing forum together, and she has a blog I follow, too. I actually left the Club, so idk if she’s back on there…

  207. Naomi:
    (TBC) I don’t know if AQ is back on the Club, but I doubt she is. I think she’s a bit too busy for one more thing on her plate. (Plus, most of our old buddies left or weren’t very active anymore…😢)

  208. Naomi:
    I checked OAC, and AQ hasn’t returned. And I also let her know you’re wondering about her!😁

  209. MIIIISSSSSS SMIIIIIILLLEEEE!! Hello there!! I’ve missed you. <3 Bethel's right – I have a lot on my plate and aren't really on the Club or these pages anymore. Hard to keep up with. 😛 But enough of that. How are you!? What have you been up to? How are your stories going?

    1. Not many new things! Actually, my little sis and I are working on a fantasy series that should turn out AWESOME!!! I also have recently written an Easter story that I’m proud of. I’ve sent it to friends to see what they think.
      How have your stories and/or novels coming along?

      1. Agh, that’s so exciting!!! I love fantasy and Biblical fiction.😆 May I ask what the series is about?
        I haven’t been doing much official writing lately, sadly.😢With my busy schedule, my free time is minimal, but I’ve been brain dumping scenes from my head onto (digital) paper. It’s been so much fun to write from books I haven’t started yet!😂

  210. Bethel:
    It’s so good to see you, my friend!!!
    OOOH!!! I’VE always wanted to see a play!!! We have a local theatre down here. It’s nothing extra special, but my mom and I got to see Little Women, and it WAS SPECIAL!!!!!
    I hope the theatre went/goes well!!!
    How’s school and work?
    Have you been writing lately????

  211. AQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Seeing you and Bethel back brings so many memories!!! How long has it been since I was on the club???? Three years maybe!!!????
    GIRL!!! How have you been? 🙂
    Do you rly have your own blog!?

  212. AQ:
    Life took some hard turns last yr and the yr b4, but God has been good, and I’ve learned a lot from my friends at youth group!!!

    I’ve been able to write with some Christian girls I met through a virtual Christian conference!!
    We’ve been able to write together!!

  213. AQ:
    I still hope to (ONE DAY!!!) finish the story that I fell in love with all those yrs back on the club!!!
    Maybe when I’m retired haha

    How’s your story(s) coming????
    I wish there was a way we could stay in touch (if u want 2) and if ur not going to be on here much. Maybe via emails or something?
    God bless!
    ~Miss 🙂

    1. AWW!! Yeah it’s been FOREVER. XD I’ve been great! Just got a(nother) job, and yep, I do have my own blog! Not sure how I can show you where what with the rules – I’ll try and put it in another post, I guess, and see if it goes through.
      YES I REMEMBER YOUR NICKNAME! Aw, I’m glad you’ve been able to learn from it! YAY FOR FINDING OTHER WRITERS!


  214. (CONT’D)

    They’re doing great! I’ve managed to write a chapter a week for 7 weeks now, which is AMAZING. 🙂 I would love to stay in touch! Again, I’ll try and send the link to my blog, but it may not go through. 😉


  215. And in case the link doesn’t work, you can just look up my pen name (Joelle Stone) or “Sword of the Penmaiden” and you should be able to find it. 😀

  216. NAOOOOMMMMIIIII!!!! Hi!!! So good to be chatting with you again, friend. I’ve missed you.
    Ooo, that sounds like so much fun!!! I love Little Women so much…
    Work is going great! I’ll be starting back up full-time(ish) here soon, once school ends. I’m pretty good friends with three of my coworkers… (tbc)

  217. (Cont) …with three of my coworkers, so that’s been nice. Plus, one of my friends (who’s my age) works there, too. It’s honestly the perfect job for me.😁
    School is going well! I can’t believe I’m almost done with this year… It feels like I just started high school! Anyway, things are going smoothly! I still don’t really care for geometry… (tbc)

  218. (Cont) …but at least it’s almost over.😉 How’s school been for you??
    I actually haven’t been doing too much writing outside of academic papers. I have been working on a brain dump of sorts in my spare minutes, though. It’s been nice to get scenes out of my head without having to start the novel.😅 (tbc)

  219. (Cont) In other writing news, I got accepted into a college alternative program for Christian writers! I’ll start it next year. I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED!!!!!😆
    How’s your writing going? Anything new or exciting in your writing or in life in general??

    Love you, friend; God bless!😁❤️

      1. …yes… And since you know about it and it’s awesomeness…

        *incoherent screams and squeals*


        *more screaming*


        So, yes; yes, it is The Author Conservatory.

          1. AGH, THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!! XDXDXD (that’s the Young Writer’s Workshop, right?? I’m woefully behind on my writing lingo *facepalm*)

          2. YES THE YOUNG WRITER’S WORKSHOP!! THAT IS SO COOL!!! You’re joining next year, right?

          3. I’m going to start in January, yes!!!!! (They were booked from around August until November, so I had to start later. It’s actually working out super well, tho.😆😁) Are you going to do TAC???

          4. COOL! I should still be there by then. 😀 Oof, yeah, they’re very busy. XD I want to, but we’ll see where I am financially after I graduate. 🙂

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