The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

The true story behind “Voice of Freedom”

Voice of Freedom, Part 1 -- now available in the Club
Voice of Freedom, Part 1 — now available in the Club

The incredible story of “Voice of Freedom” is matched by the true story of the ministry of TransWorld Radio (TWR). David McCreary and Scott Hollinger tells us all about TWR and their ministry around the world. (Plus: A preview of Part 2!)

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367 Responses

    1. I was chatting on the “The dynamic siblings Morrie and Suzu Rydell work together and away” page, but nobody chatted on that page so I stopped. Just so you know, this is my new chatting page called, Ship Snelson! ( Nelson+Suzu=❤️ )

    1. I’m listening to the green ring conspiracy! I love it. When I saw it I was like goodness! Yay, I forgot everything about it. Do you like the Leonard Meltsner Saga episode? What was the name of the person who captured Evrit. (I hope I spelled the name right)

      😕🤓Could you pretty please be my friend?🙄Pwease

      1. I can be your friend🍕😇🍕😇I think you did spell evrit right and I love the green ring conspiracy too do you like pizza (considering your name) I don’t know his name I’m trying to remember it but I’m not really good at remembering things😞

      2. I love the Leonhard meltsner Saga! Come to think of it… I cannot remember the name of the man who captured Everett. I don’t know if that is the correct spelling that I used, but that is what came up when I used the voice technology thing. I don’t post a lot, but sure I’ll be your friend!😊

      3. I’m listening to it too! And you will never believe this: a plane crashed near our town! Next thing I know, I’m walking with a scientific kid who’s scared of nature, and looking for counterfeit money!
        Such a weird thing!

      1. @Cap.
        I like those movies

        @Hannah u
        I have no idea why I didn’t realize that😅

        My favorite Olympic is the ice skating (even though it’s not right now)

        I am in the AIO club

        My favorite car is whatever one I can drive

    1. Aww man I was so close 17 congrats 💎Becka – hope💎(sorry I couldn’t find a duck )😊😶

      1. BTW my name from now on will be 💧🌊water girl💧🌊my name was (water💧🌊)just so you know

    1. My sister’s friend’s name is Allie!
      What is your middle name?

      1. Did you watch the Olympic Women’s Volleyball? I did, it’s really fun. I also watched the Olympic Women’s Track Race. I think USA won!!😊🐼💖🐝

    1. ive seen gymnastics but thats it- im not that into sports except for dance so gymnastics is usually the only part i like¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        1. any dance really! i do ballet, I used to do jazz/contemporary but I decided to stick with ballet. I go by ella or birb

  1. @ Hannah u
    It’s fine if your life isn’t super filled with everything. I’m actually kinda exhausted right now😅

    What do you mean cheesy?
    My favorite AIO story is any Christmas episode, and my favorite Bible passage is Luke 1 – 2.

    Thank you guys for the prayers! She said yes!!!!💍 I didn’t mess up, and I’m gonna be a Bride’s Maid!👰🏻‍♀️

    1. Congratulations!!!
      I’m so excited for you! Like I said, your life is WAY more interesting than mine. I don’t do much 😂

    2. Maybe what ZIPPY,H meant by cheesy i don’t think she meant actual cheese “cheesy” sometimes means gross or romantic or kiss-y or something like that. Congrats again on being a brides maid I couldn’t be more excited for you!!!!!!
      That so great!

  2. I just realized why it’s call AIO


    I can’t believe it took me 5 years to realize that!!😱🤭😑🙄🤦‍♀️

    1. Wait, you didn’t know that AIO was short for Adventures in Odyssey before? How come?

      1. Hi Kaylee here! Can anyone tell me when the Aio podcasts air? I live in Indiana(so I’m in the eastern central time zone!) I usually try to comment and such, but I have a hard time when I don’t know when the y air!😊 so if anyone can help out that would be great

        1. They air every other Wednesday. So the next one should be out Wednesday, August 11th, 2021.

        2. I believe it’s 12 am, mountain time, on every other Wednesday.

        3. My dad is from Indiana! I think that the podcast episodes air about every other week, but I could be wrong.

        4. @Kaylee
          I don’t know when they air. Sorry 😞

          Do you guys have any idea what you want to be when you grow up? I’m going to Madagascar to be a missionary.

          1. I am going to be a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse. So basically I will be working as a nurse in the NICU. My brother was in the NICU and the doctors said he was not going to make it, but God prevailed and He is healthy and weird. No offence.

            Sip God’s Not Dead commenting?

          2. I want to be a dancer, or a farmer, or a missionary. One cool thing about dancing and being a missionary is you can teach people about Jesus while teaching them to dance, by playing Christian music. Isn’t that cool?

      1. I love Simone Biles. My mother said she withdrew because she had stress issues and didn’t want to risk America losing.

    1. That’s my favorite in the summer olympics too! It is sad that Simone biles dropped out, and hope she will feel well enough to do the other gymnastics parts. Suni Lee is my favorite on the US team. I feel like she is the most graceful and does really well even if it is not always perfect

      1. I heard that Simone was so good that some of her scoring may have been changed due to her ability! Sorry for the user name moderators.😕

    1. Hi NF haven’t heard from you in a long time. I am well. How are you?
      Who has watched all the Kendrick brother’s movies? I have and love them all especially Fireproof, Facing The Giants, and Courageous.

  3. Congratulations Bekah! (On being first!) I’ve never gotten first. I really want to

    1. Thank you! I didn’t really try very hard and yet I still got first, I have no idea how that happened!

    1. My dream car is either a Glittery black Mustang or a shiny purple Mersadez-Benz.🚗🚐

          1. Well, I’ve started school. 😕 How are you? What’s your favorite part of the Summer Olympics?

          1. Great, how are you? Sorry if this is late, I’ve been pretty busy and have decided not to comment as much as before, especially since I’ve started school. 😕

      1. Nissan what? My family has a Nissan NV 3500 and it is amazing! It is used, and white, which was not our first choice. But it is in amazing condition and was a huge blessing from God.

    2. Mine is very specific, but I’ll keep it short. I want a dark red Ford truck.

    1. Is your real name Judah? If you see my comment and are Judah, know that this is the only comment saying “cool“ that I saw. Judah is my brother.😀

  4. TRQ Who here plays Xbox? If you do put this emoji 🎧 If you play on ps 3-5 out this emoji 🎮

      1. @ChatwithC
        I have watched all those movies! They are so good, especially Fire Proof.

        @S dog
        I’ll be your friend!

        @Cotton Smit
        I’m so sorry about your dad. My mom had cancer. Is he ok now?

        @Olive Way
        Congrats on your cousin! When is it?

  5. What is your favourite moment behind the scenes (TRQ). thank you for looking at my comment!!!!

    1. I can be your friend btw I’m a girl if you don’t mind and yours and j dogs names now get what you mean your name is Sam and so it’s s dog and your brothers name is Joseph so his name is j dog do you two like dogs or (btw my real name is trudy)

    2. I’m a girl. If you want to be friends let me know. I would love to be friends with you.

    1. Yes, I do! My favorite is one named Josephine I got when I was in the hospital and got an an enlarged himfnode (I probably didn’t spell that right at all) taken out. She’s so cute!!! I have another bear named Ella who is pink colored

  6. My uncle has a Porsche ?Oh yeah and my cousin is getting married soon😃

  7. I am going to have a baby sister!☺️😁😃😮😝 so excited after having three brothers and praying for a sister since I was little! I saw my reaction on a video… And it was funny looks like a combination of these:😮 and😆

    1. Im so excited for you! The Lord answers prayer. What are you all thinking about naming her?
      Congratulations! I can imagine how excited you feel. God bless you

      1. Thanks! My mom has a lot of name ideas and I loved them, but I forgot them all.😬 we don’t find out the name for sure until the baby is born though.

  8. @NF
    Did you watch The Olympics? Who is your favorite gymnast? Mine is Simone Biles.

  9. I highly recommend the song “be all right“ by Evan craft. I do not understand Spanish, and parts of it are in Spanish, but I love different languages and know a tiny bit. Definitely not enough to understand anything but one or two words may be in the song, but I have always loved languages.

  10. Oh and love the ocean I don’t know if you saw but I said I would like to be friends cause you asked
    I just assumed that you didn’t see that comment cause you didn’t say anything
    You didn’t have to I just thought

        1. Oh! Sorry. I love super soft blankets, but I also have a quilt that my grandma made that is really comfortable and I love it! My brothers all have a weighted quilts and those are fun to lay under sometimes as well. So… I don’t know that I have a favorite.

  11. Can y’all pray for my family? My family is going to move out of Illinois and it is going to be really hard for my family! We live close to Springfield. Also my dad just had surgery and then our whole family (including my mom not my dad though) got covid!!!! ☹️ We are over covid now. ☹️😢Can you also pray that the move goes smoothly?

    1. @👧🏻❤️🐶
      Of course we will! I’m so glad most of you are over COVID. I’m not sure if you were saying your dad still has it or never got it, but I hope everything will go alright. Remember that Jesus is always with you.

      @ Hannah U
      ✝️ Um…… Genesis? Also, Grace is everywhere so I can’t say a specific passage.

  12. So here’s my Annual August problem.

    1. There’s no more holidays that I celebrate till November, and I would skip to get to Christmas faster.

    2. There’s like no more church events till September.

    3. All my friends are on vacay or at their dad’s this month.

    4. My sibs left Friday + my house is clean.

    5. I only work for 1 and 1/2 hr

    So bored

  13. If you have a name from the Bible post this emoji ✝ and say what it is and what Scripture passage it came from

    P.S. ✝ Hannah (look at 1 Samuel chapters one and two)

    1. ✝️ My name is Hadassah, from Esther 2:7. Not too many people when they hear my name can pinpoint the book of Esther, because for all I know, that is the only place in the Bible where it says that Esther’s real name is Hadassah.

  14. @ElvenMirkWoodWarriot & LegolasGreenleaffan#1 I don’t know what part I am going to get. Auditons are this Thursday

    @Bekah I randomly picked the name Rebekah, I didn’t really name it after you

    @Water We can be friends

    @Abbi I’ll help you with your book in a bit

  15. Hey everyone!!! How are you? Did all of you have a nice Sunday? Who here is nervous about school?📒📝📚

    💜🐼💖🐝💙 I 💚 The Green Ring Conspiracy!!

  16. What is everyone doing today? What are you guys wearing? I am wearing a flower shirt and pink shorts.

    1. Hey! I’m going to the library, then this evening me and my parents and younger siblings are going to visit the camp that my older siblings are at, and a look so stay for service. I’m wearing a long denim skirt with a blue top with purple white and green butterflies. Is sheer fabric.

    2. @ chatwithC,I am wearing a purple sweatshirt and green camo sports shorts.

      @💜🐼 Abbi😊💜, I am a little bit nervous about school, but mostly just excited.😀 what about you? Also, are you homeschooled?

  17. Do any of you have a favorite style? It can be clothes, hair, or jewelry–any style.👠👟👗👕👒
    Can any of you solve this jumble?

    1. I am definitely not a girly girl! I would say I don’t really have a specific style that I love. I do not like words on my clothes though, even though it is common. I also don’t like jeans with holes in them. I guess I have more things that I don’t like on clothes then things I would say that I love. I love comfortable things though.

      1. I’m not a girly girl either. I love boys. I hate jeans with holes in them, it looks tacky. I would definitely prefer printed shirts than shirts with the vellum on top.

  18. @Cotton Smit
    I’m so sorry about your dad. My mom had cancer too. Is he ok now?

    I wear socks and shoes all the time.

    Congrats on the baby!!! What’s the name?

    @Olive Way
    That’s great!!!! When’s the wedding?

    My favorite car is an adorable one I can drive😂

    1. How are you? Have you been enjoying school? I haven’t started yet. I just wanted to say is that I thank you for being my friend and for being so very kind to me. I💜U!!! I hope you are feeling well and I hope God blesses you as you serve him. You are in my prayers all the time along with the rest of the commenters.

    2. CONT
      Even though I haven’t met you in person I still enjoy your friendship. I hope that I meet you someday on earth or in heaven.🌎 I hope God helps you through all your troubles and guides your through all your decisions. God bless you and your family.
      P.S. What’s your fav subject in school?

      1. Thank you for being my friend too!! You also, have been very kind to me, thank you. I also hope to meet you, on earth or in Heaven. God bless you! I 💜you! Sorry this is so short, but I have to go. Talk to you later.

    1. 😕 I am a little old. Don’t they have an age range? I’m think I’m over the highest age(if that makes sense).

  19. To 💜🐼Abbi😊💜
    Sorry it took me so long to talk to you about your book! If sounds interesting you’re off to a great start, too. The name Kaylicia is also a pretty girl’s name, I always manage it doe up with the most unoriginal names for the characters in my books, lol.


  20. CONT.
    Ok, so I’ve been writing books, stories, and things for quite a lot time! Probably since I was 5 or 6. I’ve learned from experience that when writing a book it makes the reader more interested if there’s a really suspenseful thing happening that makes them want to keep reading and find out what happens. I remember you told me

  21. CONT.
    was trying to help her family see that they should be spending more time together. Here’s the only thing: why weren’t they spending time together in the first place? Try and come up,with a reason as to why they weren’t spending time together, for example maybe her dad is in the military and their family wants him to retire because

    1. I wrote that the reason they didn’t spend time together because her Dad is a sales-ret ( I have no idea whether that is the right way to spell that) for a pharmaceutical company. 😊🐼💖

  22. CONT.
    he’s on deployments all the time and they aren’t seeing him enough. See what I mean? Then you can use that to help build the idea. (If any of this doesn’t make sense, let me know) about tne part with her trying to make friends with all kinds of kids: scripture says a lot about what kinds of friendships we should have.

  23. CONT.
    find a verse in the bible about friends and use it for your story. For example, there is a Proverb that says not to make a friendship with a man given to anger. So, Kaylicia makes friends with a boy who always throws tantrums and isnt grateful for things and she learns to wisely choose friends and minister to others.

    1. She makes friends with some kids who aren’t very good company. She tells them about Jesus and some get saved. The two kids she has befriended so far have disabilities and trouble at home. She is the kind of girl who makes friends with kids who have diseases or down-sindrum.

  24. Tell me if what I told you about your book was insightful or not. I hope it helped! I love to help people with their writing using what I’ve learned and experienced ! Hoe long have you been writing books! I have a tshirt that says “It’s a good day to write” on it. I got it from my parents for Christmas. Okay, bye! Hope it helped!

  25. Can someone answer a question of mine?
    What’s up with first? Why does that even mean? Is it like first comment or something? Cause if it is, some of these post are put before and after others so it’s really had to tell who is the first comment for the day.

    Also do you guys ever go over old posts to see if you missed something, or is that just me?

    1. First means getting the first comment on the podcast. It’s not first for everyday, just the first comment when the podcast is released, for example, if you go up to the top of the comments, the first one is the person who got first, I got it this time.

    2. CONT
      To answer your other question, I look at old posts to see if I missed anything, I don’t know about everyone else, but I would think they do.

  26. oh hi olive way ya I’m sorry i didn’t c you’re comments great what do like to do i like reading rollerblading and listening to AIO

    1. @ Cotton Smit
      I’m so glad about your dad. I know how hard cancer can be on a family.

      @Olive way
      Happy birthday to her! And that’s cool it’s in August! ~ literally 😂😂😂😂
      Or at least that how it is here.

      Hbu guys? How’s your August weather usually?

  27. Hey guys! I haven’t posted on here in a while, but when you guys were talking about the Olympics I just had to say something. So I love gymnastics too but my fav gymnast is Suni Lee cause she’s from Minnesota like me! I love watching womens volleyball and beach volleyball in the Olympics, and basicly any other sport except basketball 😂

  28. Lovetheocean I do too!!
    I also love playing piano and gg the wedding is in August
    We have A LOT of things going on in August

    1. I have a friend who is getting married August 8th!!👰 I grew up with her. Her fiancé is in the military so I won’t be able to see her that much. She’s like an older sister to me.

  29. @ Hannah U
    Also school started today??? My school starts Tuesday after Labor Day. What’s up with everyone starting in August instead of September?

    @ ChatwithC
    I’m wearing my bf’s favorite T and flannel, with some white jeans and converse.

    Guys??? When does everyone start school? Isn’t it in like a month???? Why is everyone freaking out???

      1. @Beckah
        Thank you Beckah for the answer.

        I had a party for my parents, and helped my brother propose to his gf, and I have camp.

        @Cotton Smit
        My mom had cancer till I was four. That’s really ironic isn’t it?

        @everyone who is leaving
        I will miss you guys!!! I hope you all have a great life and serve God with all your hearts!!!

    1. I started school kind of this week, but will start going to my co-op and having more work next week.📚🖇✂️✏️

  30. I normally just read comments but I decided to post one to ask what people have done this summer

    1. I have done lots. Dance, play with family, write a little bit, read a lot a bit, go to Myrtle Beach with aunts uncles cousins and grandparents.

  31. I can’t believe that Dr. Trask would lie to his class. What he did is like taking God’s name in vain or blasphemy, it is a horrible, wicked thing to do. I wish all the bad guys would get saved and turn themselves in.( kind of like Greasy The Robber) I hope God saves the President. The USA does look up to its leaders

    1. Amen! Fun fact: amen means let it be so, and has nothing to do with the fact of people being one gender or another.

  32. Hello everyone! Me and my sister Hi/🍕😇 will not be commenting anymore. Please don’t ask why and nag about it, we’ve just been commenting for a long time and feel like it would be a good idea to let off from it.

    To all my friends from comments:
    I love you all very much. I would encourage you to be a light in this dark world


  33. CONT.
    and shine the light of Jesus anywhere you can. I think about all of you in my prayers and thoughts and cannot wait until I meet all of you in heaven. We might be commenting again, but it is very unlikely. I want to say thank you and I love you to:

    God’s not dead
    Psalm 9:1
    Bekah – Hope
    Fire & Water


  34. CONT.

    Lydia Elisabeth

    And everyone else who has kept commenting fun. I will pray for you everyday.
    I’m sorry if me leaving seems like something against you guys. But I won’t be commenting forever, I knew I’d have to leave sometime. RangerStrider thanks also for being a good friend. I love you a lot. I will maybe talk off and on, but I doubt it.

  35. But anyway, goodbye, have a great life!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God’s greatest blessings to you!!

    1. I have always enjoyed reading your comments, and encouragement.sad that you’re leaving,but I
      Understand how life changes and we change with it. Again I’m sure everyone will miss you soooooooooo
      much, myself included. If you will still read the posts and read this, know that I’ll remember you, and God‘s greatest blessings to you as well.

  36. Goodbye ChatwithC
    I’ll miss you

    Hannah and I will occasionally check comments off and on so if you want to post something to us we might see it. But we might not reply, cause like Abbi said we shouldn’t make an idol out of commenting and sorry if this sounds rude but there are,things more important than comments like God and my family.

    1. I love you too. We will miss you. And I encourage everyone else when you are done commenting, spend time with your siblings or parents.

  37. gg
    All the schools I know of are starting in August. Public school where I am started today!!!
    Also JESUS IS ALIVE I don’t t go to youth group, there’s not a real one at,my church
    Also, goodbye again! 🙋🏾 (waving hand)

  38. I wanted to let you guys know that I can’t comment anymore, my mom would rather me not, I’ll miss you guys ALOT . It was fun well it lasted. Keep on keeping on. God bless.

    Love ♥️,
    P.S. I’ll still read your comments!!

    1. Hey! I am sorry you can’t comment, but she probably has good reasons. I love your name btw! My sister’s name is Rebecca Hope

    2. I love you and will miss you. Will pray for you and your family. I will do my best to keep on keeping on.

      Love you all.

    3. Goodbye! I will miss your comments but I understand that you can’t comment on any more. So sad!😭😢😞🙍🏽‍♀️

  39. @God’s Not Dead
    What have you been doing lately? What is your favorite book? What do you like about The Green Conspiracy? What is you favorite style?
    I know I sound a little weird but I like 1960 and 1970 styles. I don’t like looking sloppy, I like looking decent.
    BTW What do you do on the weekends?

  40. …..Continuing

    Remember that there are three types of people in the world. The fearful, fearless, and brave. The fearful fear everything and do nothing, the fearless fear nothing and do everything, the brave fear much but still do what’s right.

    There is much to fear out there, but be brave, do what’s right, what’s smart, and do what Jesus wants.

  41. Hey guys!! I just wanted y’all to know that when my school starts I won’t be commenting very much. Maybe once or twice a week. I 💜 all of you. I will miss all the ones who are leaving. Maybe on Holiday breaks you’ll here from me more.
    @ 💜😍Hannah U😍💜, Hi,+ Bekah-Hope
    I will miss u. I almost cried when u said u were leaving. I💜U very much.

  42. My school is not starting until September.
    I have homeschool and we usually have a lot of things to do inAugust
    .I have never heard of anyone starting school
    In August

  43. Guys I am going to stop commenting 😔 But every body have a good time. Miss all of you………😭😭😭

    1. I love The Green Ring Conspiracy. So you listened to it? Was it good? I loved it did you?

  44. @God’s Not Dead
    I’m fine. How are you? My fav part of the Summer Olympics is volleyball and gymnastics.( I think those are in the summer) What’s your fav part of the Summer Olympics?
    P.S. I start school in a week or two.🏫🐝📝📚

    1. I’m good. My favorite part of the summer Olympics would have to be the gymnastics, but I also really like this one swimming competition. I forget what it’s called, but it’s when two swimmers do cool moves in the pool. (in unison) Do you like the winter Olympics? I really want to watch the skateboarding and surfing but haven’t been able to.

  45. Hey odyssey team, I think a great idea for podcasts would be to interview an actor and a fan together and see the perspective of both playing in the episodes and listening in the episodes. Also I just think more Fan interviews would be fun! Thanks again for all y’all do!👍😃

  46. Do any of you guys change your username every 3 months? I’ve know it can be kind of confusing. I just keep coming up with cool usernames that I can use. If you would rather me not confuse you guys let me know.
    Usernames I thought of:
    DangerForce, Captain Danger, Agent Jason Whittaker, Tobymac, 1GN, Miss USA, LoveGodAndPeople, Panda Lover

  47. Hey
    @God’s Not Dead
    What have you been doing?
    FYI I will comment every other day when I start school.

    1. Hey! I haven’t been doing a whole lot, though I did go for a bike ride this evening with my parents. It was nice and cool. What have you been doing?

  48. If anyone wants to be my friend please post this emoji😝
    Don’t think that if you don’t want to be it will hurt my feelings.😋

    I💜All Of You!!!!

      1. Thanks!!! I l💜 your username!!! What do you like doing? Have you started school yet?

  49. Hi odyssey fan😁, it’s me Katelynn the person in Alaska who lives on a farm😊 I haven’t seen you in the comments lately, I also haven’t been in the comments lately too!😂 it’s been raining for a week now! And it’s a hard heavy rain!

  50. …Jay: ” Watch the counter. Watch the counter!! O cool, free ice cream for the counter watcher!! ”


  51. I 💜 The Amazing Loser!!!! Does anyone like drawing???

    How has everyone felt during Covid-19? This how I felt: 😷😒😑

  52. Guys please pray a man came up to my sister when she was alone outside
    and was acting weird my sister ran inside and told my mom the guy
    Was by our garage and then left
    We are all safe but it is still scary

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