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What does a book editor do anyway?

Terror from Outer Space, a new Last Chance Detectives book
Terror from Outer Space, a new Last Chance Detectives book

For the first time in over a decade, a new Last Chance Detectives story is available. And there are more coming! Focus editor Thomas Jeffries tells us where this story came from, the Last Chance connection to Odyssey, and why every writer needs an editor. (Plus, hear a preview of the new characters in Album 71: A Slippery Slope!)

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    1. Yo! I’m a cheesehead!!!!!! #PackerFan I live so close to the stadium! 🏟️ And yes, I am a Wisconsinite.

      1. Yay I’m in the top twenty or is it top ten I’m in thirteenth place does any one know

        1. Hey 📚🐐 (sorry I couldn’t find all of your emojees )I saw on a lot of your comets you said you were odessey fan but you changed your name you said you could be my friend and what my real name was I don’t think I replied to you right away TBC

        2. CONT. Sorry about that I stopped comenting for awhile and then I started again and then I saw your comment and I replied to you but you didn’t answer btw my real is trudy and I think the page where you commented me was called voice of freedom the second one

  1. “F” was posted by me, standing for first, I just didn’t write my user name, and when you don’t, it automatically puts anonymous.

      1. Probably Star ⭐️ Trek. At least that’s what I watch more. Original Series and Next Generation mostly, and between those two, Original Series more than Next Gen. Hope that helps. Good 👍 luck 🍀 with your school 🏫 project.

  2. Hi everyone!!!!Has anyone here read “Brave Ollie Possum”? If you have not I would recommend it!!! I love reading books!!! Has anyone here read any books by N. D. Wilson??? N. D. Wilson is excellent writer! Do any of you play sports? I play junior high volleyball!!! It’s really fun! Do you play Football? Basketball? Soccer? Baseball? Something else?

    1. I like reading,but have not heard of those authors, also I dance, but some people don’t consider that a sport.

      1. I love it too!!! Lemony Snicker is such an interesting writer. He’s funny too… in a kinda depressing way. My favorite character is Klaus because he likes to read, just like me. Some other series/books you might like: Graystone Secrets by Margret Peterson Haddix, Masterminds by Gordon korman, 39 clues, Wingfeather saga by Andrew Peterson. Enjoy

        1. I also like “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” I just finished the Netflix series after reading the books. There’s also “All the Wrong Questions” that talks about Snicket’s childhood. I like “The 39 Clues,” “The Wingfeather Saga,” “The Green Ember,” and any other books from Rabbit Room Press (“The 39 Clues” isn’t part of Rabbit Room).

        2. Love the wing feather saga so much!🐺 i’m not done with it yet, but I have a feeling that Kalmar is going to die. 🙁 Did you know that they came out with a real creature Pedia!

    2. I’m interested in volley ball, but I don’t play it. What season of the year do you guys like. I don’t have a favorite. I like fall with the fresh air and color change in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Summer is fun. Winter is fun because of skiing down Whiteface. Spring, the air is fresh hope comes, flowers, and rain.

        1. Where do you live. I live in upstate New York. Come to think of it I think I likespring and fall the most, mainly because the temperature is perfect and their is a lot of rain because of more frontal activity and Hurricanes.

          1. I live in GEORGIA, and I love it for the weather.also I like spring because that is baby animal time.🐣

    3. If I did a sport, I would do cross-country😁. Does anyone like meteorology? Millie, my sister loves grammar! Thomas Jeffries said he didn’t know anyone who liked grammar.

  3. Hi! Huge recommend listen to the Gray Havens! Their a Christian husband and wife duo and their songs are GREAT if you like narrative folk

    1. Welcome!😁 I live on a small homestead in GA with pigs chickens goats raised beds,(for gardening) and a dog.
      What about you? Are you homeschooled? I also love dance and books.

      1. That sounds fun. I was homeschool until 2nd Grade. Now I go to a private Christian school. I have a dog to!!! Our family also has chickens, ducks, fish, parakeets, and we garden . My sister does some Irish step dancing, and I love books. I’ve a whole stack waiting for me to read. I also like doing puzzles, and climbing trees.

    2. Hi farm girl🚜 do you live on a farm (considering your user name )If you don’t mind me asking no pressure

  4. Hi Sun! I haven’t read N. D. Wilson. Have you read Picatus Lore’s “I Am Number Four” series? It’s amazing. I play high school soccer and compete in trick ice skating. It’s like figure ice skating but less dance and more trick.

      1. To ranger, I am just responses to different questions. Like the last post was to answer sun and titus’s questions. I’ve listen to the last chance deceives, and I’ve also watch their tv series. I listen to pop and hard core rap. My favorite AIO character is Buck, Jewls, and the Rathbones.

  5. @ Sun ☀️
    I also play junior high volleyball!! I love it! I’ve never read the book you mentioned, but my fav author is Jerry B. Jenkins. His books are incredible!!

    1. 📘I couldn’t find the red book so posted this emojee instead I’ve only read two of them

  6. Who has listened to the last chance detectives? It is on the aio club 🙂

    I have listened to them all at least five times each 🙃 they are good!

  7. What kind of music do people like to listen to? Who do you listen to or do you like Celtic. Oh! In my other post, I forgot to put pumpkin pie in my fall list!

    1. Mostly worship. Big song recommendation is a version of amazing Grace by a group called five strings. Part of it is in Swahili and I love the lyrics! They are way different than the traditional song in the song is more upbeat. Please let me know if you try it out, and look up the lyrics.

    1. I don’t have a favorite, but I really like Emily Jones and Wooten. I also love the riddles! I know I spelled that wrong. If you like the Riddell‘s, post this.🇯🇵🕵🏻

      1. I like Connie, Euguen, Jules, and Bridget. I like riddles, pranks, and chess😁. Does anyone here like chess. My real name is Joel.

    1. Yes!!! I love the Hidden Hand. Have you read the book? It’s amazing! The audio drama takes some of the fun parts out and puts others in, but I still like it. First time a I heard it, I new it was Katie Leigh!

      1. Cool! It’s too bad that you never hear from Richard after he’s forgiven in the hospital. He is a great character.

  8. Anybody here from GA?

    Also, would you rather have to stay in a smelly room and be locked in for 2 days, or in an escape room until you figured how to get out?
    Escape room =😃
    Smelly room =😁

    1. I am from Georgia! I guess it depends on if the escape room was really difficult and if the smelly room was really smelly.👃🕵️‍♀️

      1. The escape room would be medium-easy, and the smelly room would be REALLY smelly.

  9. I like Connie Eugene penny Wooten and Barrett and Olivia Parker
    My name is also Olivia and I’m kinda like her

  10. TRQ, does anybody know they are or their relatives heritage. Example, my grandpa is half Norwegian, half Swedish, my grandma is about 60% English or Irish, but has some other things in her ECT.

    1. my mama’s great grandma is from Germany so that kind of makes me German but here’s the thing I am adopted from a country in Africa and I’m not actually biologically related to any of my family members so…I don’t know if that makes me German or not what do y’all think?

      How’s school going for everyone too? Great for me!

    2. I’m not exactly shure all of my heritage. I know I’m part Scotish, Irish, Italian, a really really really small part African Black all on my mom’s side and German, English, and maybe some Jewish?.

    3. My great great grandpa or is it my great grandpa I don’t know for sure but any way he came from Russia he was one of elders to decide to go to Canada and then Mexico btw he was menonite have any of you heard that story before

    4. My grandfather is Puerto Rican, my grandmother is Italian, a little Jewish,and my other two grandparents are both Irish.

  11. Hey, does anyone know if there is a wing feather saga page already? If not, who has an interest in making The last page a a wing feather page. I would really love it!I will be checking the page out regularly to see if anyone has taken me up on the offer!

  12. I am Ukrainian! 🇺🇦
    My parents came toUSA from Ukraine when they were little
    I was born In USA though

  13. If y’all don’t mind, would each of you be OK with posting a little bit about yourself, so we can get to know each other better- if so, u could post your favorite animal, food, color, bible verse, singer , and aio episode. Thanks! Just a suggestion.

  14. My fav Penny quote, Album 58, episode 2: “oh, I forgot my last name, how embarrassing.” 🤣🤣 totally cracks me up ! Also, does anybody watch dude perfect? We went to their live show two nights ago.

  15. How is everyone? How many of you are looking forward to the New Club Experience?
    Kinda a random question but how many of you have been baptized?
    I have. After I became a Christian.

      1. Praise God! How long have you been a Christian? Did you give your testimony in front of your whole church? Were you nervous?

        I was baptized about 4 years ago…and I was nervous.

          1. yes and no i am a christian i was baptized as a baby but am going to do it pray for me i am a little shy

  16. Hello AIO team I have a question will Matthew and Emily ever get together again ? Will Tasha fords come back . Thanks I live in Mexico I’m loving the Emily Morrie and Suzu saga please make more adventures about it

  17. Hey! How is everyone?
    How are you? I’ve been busy. Just rejoined AIOC. Are you in school? Are you allowed to say what grade?

  18. Hi everyone? Are you between the ages of 4-12, 13-19, 20-28, 29+

    I am between 20-28.

    Which by the way I am going to be changing my username from NoLongerATeen to SparklingDiamond💍

  19. I L-O-V-E the Last Chance Detectives and I jumped up and down, like, thirty times when I found out they were coming back. I like this podcast, but I wish they’d talked more about Last Chance. And this book is awesome. I cried.

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