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What does a book editor do anyway?

Terror from Outer Space, a new Last Chance Detectives book
Terror from Outer Space, a new Last Chance Detectives book

For the first time in over a decade, a new Last Chance Detectives story is available. And there are more coming! Focus editor Thomas Jeffries tells us where this story came from, the Last Chance connection to Odyssey, and why every writer needs an editor. (Plus, hear a preview of the new characters in Album 71: A Slippery Slope!)

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    1. Yo! I’m a cheesehead!!!!!! #PackerFan I live so close to the stadium! 🏟️ And yes, I am a Wisconsinite.

      1. Yay I’m in the top twenty or is it top ten I’m in thirteenth place does any one know

        1. Hey 📚🐐 (sorry I couldn’t find all of your emojees )I saw on a lot of your comets you said you were odessey fan but you changed your name you said you could be my friend and what my real name was I don’t think I replied to you right away TBC

        2. CONT. Sorry about that I stopped comenting for awhile and then I started again and then I saw your comment and I replied to you but you didn’t answer btw my real is trudy and I think the page where you commented me was called voice of freedom the second one

  1. “F” was posted by me, standing for first, I just didn’t write my user name, and when you don’t, it automatically puts anonymous.

  2. Great Podcast so grateful God put all these people were they are so we have aio here today.

      1. Probably Star ⭐️ Trek. At least that’s what I watch more. Original Series and Next Generation mostly, and between those two, Original Series more than Next Gen. Hope that helps. Good 👍 luck 🍀 with your school 🏫 project.

  3. Have you guys listened to “The Very Best of Friends”? I just did. I think I cried like three times.

  4. Hi everyone!!!!Has anyone here read “Brave Ollie Possum”? If you have not I would recommend it!!! I love reading books!!! Has anyone here read any books by N. D. Wilson??? N. D. Wilson is excellent writer! Do any of you play sports? I play junior high volleyball!!! It’s really fun! Do you play Football? Basketball? Soccer? Baseball? Something else?

    1. I like reading,but have not heard of those authors, also I dance, but some people don’t consider that a sport.

      1. I love it too!!! Lemony Snicker is such an interesting writer. He’s funny too… in a kinda depressing way. My favorite character is Klaus because he likes to read, just like me. Some other series/books you might like: Graystone Secrets by Margret Peterson Haddix, Masterminds by Gordon korman, 39 clues, Wingfeather saga by Andrew Peterson. Enjoy

        1. I also like “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” I just finished the Netflix series after reading the books. There’s also “All the Wrong Questions” that talks about Snicket’s childhood. I like “The 39 Clues,” “The Wingfeather Saga,” “The Green Ember,” and any other books from Rabbit Room Press (“The 39 Clues” isn’t part of Rabbit Room).

        2. Love the wing feather saga so much!🐺 i’m not done with it yet, but I have a feeling that Kalmar is going to die. 🙁 Did you know that they came out with a real creature Pedia!

    2. I’m interested in volley ball, but I don’t play it. What season of the year do you guys like. I don’t have a favorite. I like fall with the fresh air and color change in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Summer is fun. Winter is fun because of skiing down Whiteface. Spring, the air is fresh hope comes, flowers, and rain.

        1. Where do you live. I live in upstate New York. Come to think of it I think I likespring and fall the most, mainly because the temperature is perfect and their is a lot of rain because of more frontal activity and Hurricanes.

          1. I live in GEORGIA, and I love it for the weather.also I like spring because that is baby animal time.🐣

    3. If I did a sport, I would do cross-country😁. Does anyone like meteorology? Millie, my sister loves grammar! Thomas Jeffries said he didn’t know anyone who liked grammar.

  5. Hi! Huge recommend listen to the Gray Havens! Their a Christian husband and wife duo and their songs are GREAT if you like narrative folk

    1. Welcome!😁 I live on a small homestead in GA with pigs chickens goats raised beds,(for gardening) and a dog.
      What about you? Are you homeschooled? I also love dance and books.

      1. That sounds fun. I was homeschool until 2nd Grade. Now I go to a private Christian school. I have a dog to!!! Our family also has chickens, ducks, fish, parakeets, and we garden . My sister does some Irish step dancing, and I love books. I’ve a whole stack waiting for me to read. I also like doing puzzles, and climbing trees.

    2. Hi farm girl🚜 do you live on a farm (considering your user name )If you don’t mind me asking no pressure

  6. Hi Sun! I haven’t read N. D. Wilson. Have you read Picatus Lore’s “I Am Number Four” series? It’s amazing. I play high school soccer and compete in trick ice skating. It’s like figure ice skating but less dance and more trick.

      1. To ranger, I am just responses to different questions. Like the last post was to answer sun and titus’s questions. I’ve listen to the last chance deceives, and I’ve also watch their tv series. I listen to pop and hard core rap. My favorite AIO character is Buck, Jewls, and the Rathbones.

  7. @ Sun ☀️
    I also play junior high volleyball!! I love it! I’ve never read the book you mentioned, but my fav author is Jerry B. Jenkins. His books are incredible!!

    1. I have not read them, but they sound really good! Just too much of an easy read for me.

    2. 📘I couldn’t find the red book so posted this emojee instead I’ve only read two of them

  8. Who has listened to the last chance detectives? It is on the aio club 🙂

    I have listened to them all at least five times each 🙃 they are good!

  9. What kind of music do people like to listen to? Who do you listen to or do you like Celtic. Oh! In my other post, I forgot to put pumpkin pie in my fall list!

    1. Mostly worship. Big song recommendation is a version of amazing Grace by a group called five strings. Part of it is in Swahili and I love the lyrics! They are way different than the traditional song in the song is more upbeat. Please let me know if you try it out, and look up the lyrics.

    2. I love Celtic music! I love to listen to Taryn Harbridge. Check her out on YouTube! She is great.

    1. I don’t have a favorite, but I really like Emily Jones and Wooten. I also love the riddles! I know I spelled that wrong. If you like the Riddell‘s, post this.🇯🇵🕵🏻

      1. I like Connie, Euguen, Jules, and Bridget. I like riddles, pranks, and chess😁. Does anyone here like chess. My real name is Joel.

  10. Hi! How is everyone? Has anyone listened to The Hidden Hand. Katie Leigh played Capitola!

    1. Yes!!! I love the Hidden Hand. Have you read the book? It’s amazing! The audio drama takes some of the fun parts out and puts others in, but I still like it. First time a I heard it, I new it was Katie Leigh!

      1. Cool! It’s too bad that you never hear from Richard after he’s forgiven in the hospital. He is a great character.

  11. Anybody here from GA?

    Also, would you rather have to stay in a smelly room and be locked in for 2 days, or in an escape room until you figured how to get out?
    Escape room =😃
    Smelly room =😁

    1. I am from Georgia! I guess it depends on if the escape room was really difficult and if the smelly room was really smelly.👃🕵️‍♀️

      1. The escape room would be medium-easy, and the smelly room would be REALLY smelly.

  12. I like Connie Eugene penny Wooten and Barrett and Olivia Parker
    My name is also Olivia and I’m kinda like her

  13. TRQ, does anybody know they are or their relatives heritage. Example, my grandpa is half Norwegian, half Swedish, my grandma is about 60% English or Irish, but has some other things in her ECT.

    1. my mama’s great grandma is from Germany so that kind of makes me German but here’s the thing I am adopted from a country in Africa and I’m not actually biologically related to any of my family members so…I don’t know if that makes me German or not what do y’all think?

      How’s school going for everyone too? Great for me!

    2. I’m not exactly shure all of my heritage. I know I’m part Scotish, Irish, Italian, a really really really small part African Black all on my mom’s side and German, English, and maybe some Jewish?.

    3. My great great grandpa or is it my great grandpa I don’t know for sure but any way he came from Russia he was one of elders to decide to go to Canada and then Mexico btw he was menonite have any of you heard that story before

    4. My grandfather is Puerto Rican, my grandmother is Italian, a little Jewish,and my other two grandparents are both Irish.

    5. my dads German and my mom is Norwegian and i think she is a little Swedish and some other things

  14. Hey, does anyone know if there is a wing feather saga page already? If not, who has an interest in making The last page a a wing feather page. I would really love it!I will be checking the page out regularly to see if anyone has taken me up on the offer!

  15. I am Ukrainian! 🇺🇦
    My parents came toUSA from Ukraine when they were little
    I was born In USA though

  16. If y’all don’t mind, would each of you be OK with posting a little bit about yourself, so we can get to know each other better- if so, u could post your favorite animal, food, color, bible verse, singer , and aio episode. Thanks! Just a suggestion.

  17. My fav Penny quote, Album 58, episode 2: “oh, I forgot my last name, how embarrassing.” 🤣🤣 totally cracks me up ! Also, does anybody watch dude perfect? We went to their live show two nights ago.

  18. Fav Wooton quote from album 58: “well if you think it’s darth Vader, then no.” (Shortened by me)

  19. Please post your fav quotes from fav characters! I love to see them, and I’ll be checking Daily.

  20. How is everyone? How many of you are looking forward to the New Club Experience?
    Kinda a random question but how many of you have been baptized?
    I have. After I became a Christian.

      1. Praise God! How long have you been a Christian? Did you give your testimony in front of your whole church? Were you nervous?

        I was baptized about 4 years ago…and I was nervous.

          1. yes and no i am a christian i was baptized as a baby but am going to do it pray for me i am a little shy

  21. Hello AIO team I have a question will Matthew and Emily ever get together again ? Will Tasha fords come back . Thanks I live in Mexico I’m loving the Emily Morrie and Suzu saga please make more adventures about it

  22. Hey! How is everyone?
    How are you? I’ve been busy. Just rejoined AIOC. Are you in school? Are you allowed to say what grade?

  23. All right guys Time for an adventures in odyssey quiz

    What is the name of Trent Dwights Brother

  24. Hi everyone? Are you between the ages of 4-12, 13-19, 20-28, 29+

    I am between 20-28.

    Which by the way I am going to be changing my username from NoLongerATeen to SparklingDiamond💍

  25. Are you all going to keep commenting on this page or will you all move on to the next one?

  26. I L-O-V-E the Last Chance Detectives and I jumped up and down, like, thirty times when I found out they were coming back. I like this podcast, but I wish they’d talked more about Last Chance. And this book is awesome. I cried.

  27. Books I recamand
    The Nancy drew series
    Thea Stilton series
    Geronimo Stilton series
    Caddie Woodlawn
    Grandmas attic series

    Ps do any of u have pure flix

    1. I do Ava
      Why are u looking for suggestions for what to watch if so here are some
      Little woman 2018 version it is good
      Gods not dead all four of them
      Miracle on Christmas
      That is all that I can think of right now

  28. I love caddie Woodlawn!
    One of my fav book series is Dear America
    Probably no one has heard of it but it is really good seiris

    1. I have heard of it! My favorite one is probably the titanic one or My Secret War.
      What’s yours?

      1. Love the Royal diaries what’s your fav?
        I loved Elizabeth ll and Marie antonette and Anastasia Romanov
        And my fave dear americas are
        The fences between us
        Voyage on the great titanic
        My secret war
        The great railroad race
        I know that’s a lot
        I have 8 dear America and 6 royal diaries

    1. That’s a great book
      I have all the narnia books!
      Do you have a favorite?
      I think my fav is voyage of the dawn treader(5th book I believe)
      Or lion witch and the wardrobe

        1. Oh yeah I love horse and his boy too
          It’s also one of my favs I just haven’t read it in a while so I kinda forgot it was my favorite
          I know weird

  29. That’s so funny I am in the middle of reading caddie Woodlawn right now lol

    Hey guys what do u think about doing a book study we could find out what book all of us have and then read chapters and then discuss what do u think I think it would be super fun plz think about it and get back to me as soon as possible

    1. Oh that sounds really fun Emma I will put that into consideration
      In the meantime has anyone read a book and then the movie based on that book
      If so then did you like the movie more or book?
      For example I read little Women and then watch movie
      Think I actually liked the book better
      But the movie was really good

  30. Does anyone write stories or poems here
    I started writing a book a few years ago
    But I stopped after 11 chapters
    But I write a lot of poetry!

  31. I think that’s a great idea we should vote all members of the book club page
    If your name is not listed here then plz tell olive way u would like to be a member
    So far are members are
    Olive way
    Just peachy
    Ava – which is me btw
    So all in favour of doing a doom study post 👍all in disfavour post 👎

    1. I will see if we can vote
      No offense Ava but
      (Ok I am probably going to siund really rude)
      But I started this page therefore I think maybe I
      Should be the won saying if we should vote and all that and I should make some desicions

      Sorry if I sound rude and I still think you are a wonderful person
      And I appreciate your comment’s very much

  32. Hi, has anyone read the Mistmantle Chronicles?
    I would highly recommend them for anyone who likes Redwall, however they are like $20 each so 😬

    1. Hi,

      I own the first two Mistmantle Chronicles and have read them
      I really enjoyed them but never got around to reading the rest.
      I read the first Redwall book and found it really boring so i prefer Mistmantle.


  33. Sorry again Ava if I sound rude it’s just that I started this page and you know
    I kinda want to do what I have in store for it
    However you all have great ideas and suggestions and I will very gladly
    Consider anything you have in mind for the book page if you just ask
    Sorry again
    I am seriously not trying to offend anyone

  34. Ok guys I have decided that we should do the book study
    So does anyone have these books
    Little Women
    Anne of green gables
    Black beauty
    Sarah plain and tall
    If you have or don’t have them let me know
    Also if you don’t want to do the book study then you don’t have to
    No one is forcing you to

      1. Yeah I know a lot of people have these books which is why I posted them
        If anyone doesn’t have them or dost want to read them then let me know!

      1. Oh that would be fun Emma but I unfortunately do not have the Nancy drew books

    1. I have all of those books! Quick question, do I have to be a member to chat here? Thanks! I love books so I just wanted to check this out. Thanks again!

  35. Also thanks Ava for providing a list of members
    It’s really helpful
    Could you guys (all of you)
    Help spread the word about this page?
    Also I was thinking while we do the book study we could rate the books or chapters
    1 being the worst and 10 bing the best

    1. Heidi is a really good book
      If you ever get the chance to read it then you should
      And also don’t worry everyone If you don’t have a certain book then that’s fine
      We will use a book for our book study that everyone has
      Just to make sure no one is left out

  36. I’m writing a short story and hope to get it published.
    If you want to know more read the listeners by Walter De La More, it’s a poem I’m basing my story on
    Does anyone know a good publisher with Christian basis, preferably ok with kid writers?

  37. Also, seriously LOVE little women.
    The newest movie is super good
    I started a club with a couple friends which we call the little women club, we’re doing a play of the first couple of scenes, so

    1. That is sooo cool!
      I love little women the book and movie
      Hey we could do the book study on little women if everyone has it

  38. So sorry
    I just realized I never asked if I could join the club
    So SORRY!
    I try not to push myself into anything

    1. Oh that’s ok!
      You can join I guess I also forgot to wrlcome you here
      So welcome glad you are here

      1. If you are asking me then Washington
        If not then just forget this post
        Also do you want to join this book page?
        I would love to have you join!

        1. I don’t know. The majority of what I read is things by Tolkien, and that would be boring for other people I think. 🙂 (Not that I only read Tolkien)

          1. I have never read Tolkien but
            You can totally join it doesn’t matter what you
            And I can never be bored by books 📚

  39. Olivia I am sry u took that in a wrong way it’s just I think I should be allowed to do that since u tecnally don’t own this page anyone can use it
    And think I should be able to put a vote up with put being bullied
    No offence no trying to be mean I am sure u are a great person Olivia
    We still friends Olivia hope we are

    1. Sorry Ava if I sounded rude
      I don’t want to offend anyone or sound rude or start an argument
      I am sorry if I offended you

    2. Ok just forget about any thing I said
      Sorry for being so bossy I was just in
      A really bad mood that day so sorry
      And yes I still want to be friends
      I was just emotional that day and I owe you an apology
      So sorrry

  40. Here is the new list of members
    But just so u all know I might leave this book club
    Olive way
    Just peachy
    Ava ( for time being)

  41. I just herd about this page. Have any of you read Tumtum and Nutmeg rate 8. or The cupcake club rate 6. not cupcake diaries.

  42. Hi there do u love horses?
    Do u own a horse?
    If u said yes to any of those questions then come join the horse page on Olivia and Zoe best friends for life on and off the show

  43. Right now I am reading white star a dog on the titanic it’s so good so far i will write a summary when I am done is that ok olive way of it isn’t just let me know and I won’t 🙃😉

  44. Y’all I can kinda tell that this is a book comment page, and that olive way started it,
    So can I join?

  45. Cliffhanger ugh
    Hi there do you love books
    Well then why don’t you come on down to the book club page at why have Olivia doubting her faith podcast
    We will have book studies and book recommendations
    Come join us we would love to see you

  46. Hi what do u guys think about starting a music page so wears what do I think I have so many songs to recommend

    1. That’s brilliant! I love music! If you start it please let me know and maybe if you could start it on a bit newer of a podcast page that would be nice.😂

  47. Has anyone read Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott
    It’s really good book
    Oh and does anyone have Anna of green gable
    If thought it would be a good book gor our book study
    Sorry if I misspelled some stung
    Because in typing this in a hurry

      1. It’s about SPOILER ALERT
        About a girl who is from the country and comes to the city to visit her cousin who is reallly fashionable and rich
        And the country girl is made fun of because she dosint want to be fashionable and just wants to help poeople
        And ever Learns to respect her cuz she is so nice and wants to help people in trouble and even TBC

  48. I have not read Old Fashioned girls either,
    but I love Louisa May Alcott her books are great (particularly Little Women)

  49. And even people that made fun of her like her and yeah it’s really good book and BTW that was me posting sorry forgot to put my name

  50. Hey guys I used to be Olive way🤪💕🐎 but I changed my name to
    Olivia 💕🎼
    I still like horses though😜

  51. has anyone read The Inheritance by Lousia May Allcott?
    Because I just watched the movie and would like to read it sometime.

  52. Hi! my name is Rachel. I am between the ages of 13 and 17 (can’t say exactly), and I LOVE books! LOtR by J. R. R. Tolkien, The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, and Winterborne Home: for Vengeance and Valor by Ally Carter are some of my favorites.

    1. My name is Emily, and I am also between the ages of 13 and 17. I love LOTR, but I haven’t read the books, I have read The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favorite series.

    1. You don’t have to be a member to chat but do you want to be a member?
      If no then that’s fine

  53. Emma no offense and no pressure but I think you said something about a summery
    No pressure but you haven’t posted it
    It’s ok you don’t have to just saying
    Um anyway does anyone want to post a summery about a book they read?
    I would love it if you could! Please!
    If you don’t want to that’s fine

    1. Oh I am so sry I am taking so long I just have been really busy lately with school and stuff I had a huge math test
      But I have the day off today because it family day I will start working on it now but I may have to post it in different post because it will only let me post 300 words ugh lol

  54. I have a question for anyone who has read the LOTR books (specifically the Two Towers;): Gollum says that Frodo and Sam can’t touch the faces in the Dead Marshes, and he knew because he tried. Then it says that Sam “thought that he guessed why Smeagol tried to touch them” but it never says why Smeagol tried to touch them. 🤔 Does anyone know why?

  55. What books do y’all like to read?
    I like
    The trumpet of the swan
    Secret garden
    Anne of green gables
    Calico bush
    Little women
    Golden goblet
    Black beauty
    Justin Morgan had a horse
    The year down yonder
    Swiss family Robinson
    Star fisher
    The moon by night
    Plz respond!

  56. That is interesting LOTRgeek.
    I’m not sure but I’m going to ask my brother who is super into LOTR too (he listens to it every night)
    He might know something about it.

    1. He does? I thought I was the only one like that. I told the kids in my youth group about my FOTR soundtrack breaking and they were like, who even has the Lord of the Rings soudtracks?

  57. Olivia💕🎼, I love:
    Little Women
    Calico Captive (Elizabeth George Speare)
    The hundred cupboards series (N.D. Wilson)
    The ascendence trilogy (Jennifer Trafton)
    of course LOTR and the Hobbit
    ahhhh there are so many good books! 😂
    Those are a few great ones though.

  58. some books i like are
    Little Women
    Little Men
    Jo’s boys
    The Hobbit
    The Little House series
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Number the Stars
    A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Dear America
    Anee of Green Gables
    And I don’t know if anyone has heard of Michael Morpurgo
    but I really like his books especially Listen to the Moon

    1. You like dear america!
      None one even knows what that is when I say it’s one of my fav series!
      How many do you have

      1. I only have one Voyage on the Great Titanic, so I get them from the library.
        Which ones do you recommend?

        1. Um well I have 14 so here are my recommendations

          The fences between us
          The great railroad race
          My secret war
          Christmas after all
          Where have all the flowers gone
          Early Sunday morning
          And that’s all

  59. Just got the Fall of Gondolin from the library. The layout is really weird much more confusing than the Children of Hurin layout.

  60. This is a question for every one who has read Little Women and it’s prequels:
    Which is your favorite:
    Little Women
    Little Men
    Jo’s Boys
    and what edition is your favorite Little Women Movie
    (Mine is 2019)

    1. I have no idea which one I like best they are all so good!
      I think my favorite movie is the 2019 version too.

  61. Hey guys would anyone like to post a summery on a book theve read?
    If not then that’s fine

  62. Hey guys could u plz pray for my parents that fight a lot and I would like u to pray for them thanks

  63. Who here has read the secret garden?
    Rate it on a scale of one to ten ten being the worst and one bing the best
    If not secret garden then little women
    Star fisher
    Sarah plain and tall
    Little house books

  64. I like Secret Garden. I would rate it a 7 1/2.
    Little Women is definitely a 10.
    Narnia is a 10.
    Heidi is probably a 7.
    Sarah Plain and Tall is a 7.
    Little House books are 8.
    I have never read star fisher.
    (Sorry if this offends anyone, it’s just my opinion)

    1. For me
      Secret garden: 9
      Little women:10
      Narnia: ranges from 7 to 10
      Heidi: 7 or 8
      Sarah plain and tall: 6 or 7
      Little house books: ranges from 6 to 10
      Star fisher: 8 or 9

      1. Secret Garden: 8
        Little Women:10
        Narnia: 10
        Heidi: 6
        Sarah Plain and Tall: 7
        Little House books: 9
        I’ve never read Star Fisher
        What’s it about?

        1. A Chinese girl who is an immigrant moves with her family to a city to start a laundry business
          But no one (except their landlady) is very happy to see them! The family is not getting any business
          Instead they are getting a lot of hostility instead. The family finds it hard to act like a family should when they are stressed about money issues! TBC

  65. CONT
    Everything seems to go wrong. The girl Joan is frustrated by her family…and the bullies at school. But everything changes when Joan’s mom, who is a terrible cook, starts taking cooking lessons from the landlady. It seems to be a disaster. Until she enters one of her pies in a pie contest. That pie was the the only one that was delicious

  66. CONT
    Then everyone turns friendly. The families laundry business booms!
    Joan finds out the girls at school actually at pre freindly.
    The family comes together more and there’s a really good ending


  67. What was your fav chapter(s)in secret garden ?
    How about little women
    What was your fav narnia book (s)
    How about Little house?

  68. secret garden: 7
    narnia 10
    heidi 7
    sarah plain and tall 6
    little house books 10
    i havent read star fisher or little women

  69. Hmmm, don’t know about favorite chapters (I’ll have to check)
    My favorite Narnia book is Horse and His Boy, and Magicians Nephew
    My favorite Little House is probably By the Banks of Silver Creek

  70. Hi I love to read I mean I LOOOOOVE to read
    Do any of you like the penderwicks

  71. In The Secret Garden one of my favorite chapters is let them laugh.
    In Little Women maybe being neighborly.
    My favorite Narnia book is The Horse and His Boy.
    Little House is probably Farmer boy or On The Banks of Plum Creek.

  72. My fav chapters in
    Secret garden: Martha across the moor and the cry in the corridor
    Little women: Meg goes to vanity fair, castles in the air, Amy’s will, our foreign correspondent, and on the shelf
    Fav narnia books: horse and his boy and voyage of the dawn treader

  73. And fav little house books: little house in the prairie, on the banks of plum creek, and the long winter

  74. Has anyone read a book that was sooooooo interesting you just couldn’t tear yourself away?
    Here’s some books that did that
    Magician’s nephew
    And a book for my co-op the fall of constantinople

  75. Anyone have any recommendations on books?
    My recommendations:
    Narnia books
    Where I belong
    Old fashioned girl
    The cabin faced west
    Secret garden
    Little women
    Fences between us
    Little house books
    Backyard homestead
    Star fisher
    Little lord Fauntleroy
    Understood Betsy
    The moon by night
    And that’s just a few!

    1. Secret garden
      Little women

      I love these both!

  76. Also in Ukraine children are dying for want of food and water
    Cuz Russia is besieging cities and hurting innocent people
    People are dying of starvation
    Always hearing the boom of bombs and shells tearing at buildings
    Huddling in their bomb shelters fearing for their lives
    Praying for this terrible destruction to end
    Praying for safety and security

      1. Thanks a lot this is a really hard time for me my family and a lot of other Ukrainian people who have relatives there
        My aunts cousin had to flee to Poland and there are a lot of people dying of starvation
        So it’s really scary and thanks so much for praying

  77. Do any of you like Gordon korman They are quite easy reads and I like hard reads I just like it because there funn

    1. @ tiger my fav author is probably Louisa may Alcott but I aLso like Elenor Estes
      On the book page we make book recommendations and just talk about books we like or would like to read
      You can literally talk about anything books really
      Also glad to have you join I have a feeling this book page is not doing well
      Almost nobody comment anymore

  78. My favorite authors are probably Lousia May Alcott, or maybe Michael Morpurgo.
    I also really like Lemony Snicket. What about you Tiger?

  79. Does anyone want to spread the word about this book page,?
    If not that’s fine

  80. has anyone ever started writing a book?
    like I have but I never finish, I usually don’t have the ending planned
    I also never have the motivation, but I always thought being an author one day would be fun.

    1. I started a book called the little bangle bridge
      That was when I was like 7 or 8
      Idk why I called it that I just thought it sounded cool
      I got through like maybe 10 or 11 chapters
      They were all really short
      And yeah I never got back o that book
      I also started writing and illustrating a book called
      A family of Shepperds
      That the family last name

  81. Olivia💕🎼 , I’d love to spread the word (this page is Awsome).
    💜Tiger 🐯🎶, I have read Penderwicks and LoVE them. It’s so sad she stopped writing them.
    If you like books in that genre, I highly recommend the Vanderbeekers, which is currently a 5 book series (she still is writing more).

  82. I am reading a great book by Trenton Lee Stewart, called the Secret Keepers.
    Has anyone here read it?
    When I am done I will write a summary, is that ok?

  83. I just found this page, as an introduction my real name is Makyla. I am between the age of 16 and 20, I love to read and I also have been a life long fan of adventures in Odyssey.
    But since all of you are talking about books have any of you read artemis fowl or alex rider? They were and are still are my favorite books!

    1. Welcome!
      Yes this is the book page
      Would you like to join?
      Unfortunately I have not read those books
      But I’m sure there cool
      What’s your fav author?

      1. I would love to join, though beware I probably won’t respond fast 😅 my favorite Author? Hmm that’s a tough one, but I thing a few of them are Washington Irving,David McCullough, Lewis Wallace, and Anthony Horance, I also grew up on Martha Finley

  84. Kathryn Lasky is a really good author and so is ellen Emerson white
    And Caroline Meyer

  85. Has anyone read the book called ‘the year down yonder’ it’s by Richard peck
    It’s a good book

    1. Sorry if this is weird but
      What is genre?
      Sorry I don’t really know some things and it shocks other people
      I’m not not smart it’s just kinda hard to explain
      Hope you understand

      1. I’m so sorry I should have explained better.
        And you are smart!
        Genre is just a type of book, like fantasy or adventure etc…

        1. Thanks
          And also thanks lotrgeek too
          I know that I’m smart I said I’m not not smart
          With too nots
          But yeah I like history mystery and historical fiction

      2. It is like the category or type of book that it is, like fantasy, fiction, historical fiction, etc.

    1. Oh hi
      So glad to see you!
      You can totally join!
      Do you like to read?
      What’s your favorite author and book?

  86. Does anyone like (little house on the prairie)

    1. I love little House on the Praire it is a favorite at my house. Even my littlest brother loves the series🤗
      I just joined too 😁

    2. Yeah you can join
      Welcome to the book page!
      Yeas I love the little house books
      I have all of hem

  87. Hey guys!!! Two of my favorite authors are S.D. Smith and Ann M. Martin. I love Little House On The Prairie, The Green Ember, and The Babysitters Club series.

  88. Does anyone love the American Journey series? One of my favorite books from that series is Rebel Spies.

    1. Have you read the narnia books?
      The American journey books suound familiar but I don’t think I’ve read them

      1. No I haven’t read Narnia. Almost all my friends have read it though.

  89. Do you guys think I’m weird for liking “the happy holisters”
    I also read a lot of older books I have newer books but I probably won’t know all the books you talk about
    I also have lots of historical books eg biography because my family thinks they are my favourite type of books they are not I like some historical books but not all

    1. You’re engaged?????
      It seems like everyone’s getting married now!!!

        1. Hey there! Congrats to you! May the Lord richly bless your marriage!

          Would you like to post your wedding outfits on the OOOTD page…that’s the podcast page right before this one. I posted mine there.

  90. Hey guys, I don’t know if any of you like LOTR or not, but I finally started a Tolkein/Middle Earth fan page. It’s on the ‘End of an Odyssey Career’ page, if anyone’s interested. My plan is to have trivia, challenges, and just talk about all things Tolkein. (Books and movies.) So if you want to check it out, it’s there!

  91. Anyone have a moment in a book where you think it is funny
    Plz share!
    I like the part where in little house in the big woods where Laura is picking up wood chips andslaps Mary and gets punished then has to go indide and it says: her only consolation was that Mary had to pick up all the wood chips herself

    1. Yess!! that part is so funny!
      I also really like the part in On the Banks of Plum Creek, when Laura gets a cape and muff for Christmas, and it says Laura’s was prettier than Nellie Olsen’s and Nellie had no muff. 🤣

  92. 💜#Danger’sDaughter💜, I am just shocked
    No one should live through their childhood without Narnia!

  93. My favorite part in The Archer’s Cup is when Jo Shanks makes an rather noisy appearance because he has a crush on Amber and he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and ended up on the floor with a plate of food on head.

  94. has anyone read any lamplighter theater books?
    or listened to the lamplighter audio dramas?

    1. I do!!!! Have you read and listened to The Hidden Hand, The White Gypsy, or Chateau By The Lake? Those are my favorites!!!!😍😍😍😍 Oh and The Secret Bridge!!!! Oh and The Lost Pearl!!!! I guess I have I lot more than that but I won’t bore you with them. 🤣

      1. I’ve listened to The White Gypsy and the Hidden Hand, but I haven’t read any of those others.
        right now, I’m reading Joel boy of galilee.
        but I just love the White Gypsy it’s like my favorite!!!😍

    2. I love Lamplighter, I have a few friends who work at Lamplighter. There audio dramas are so fun. My first drama I had listened to was a basket of flowers. Sadly I haven’t done much with Lamplighter lately, so peachy 🍑🍑 thanks for bringing them up, I think my siblings will love listening to Lamplighter!

  95. @ every one
    Tuesday daily Book Activity (DBA)
    Read the 7th chapter of any little house book
    Say which one it was
    If you want you can give a quick summery on it you can
    Give some opinion on it and you can rate it

    Does anyone like my new idea?
    Every day I’ll post a DBA (daily book activity
    Let me know want you think!

    1. I think that’s a good idea!!!! I just have to find my Little House books!!!🤔😛🙂🙃

  96. If you don’t have the books or do not want to do the DBA tell me
    I just thought it would be fun but it you guys don’t wanna that’s fine and you can let me know

  97. Wednesday DBA
    Write a summery on your favorite chapter of secret garden or little women
    If you don’t have the books or you do not want to then that’s fine

  98. This is going to be my last comment.
    Thank you for being my friend Tiger and ACNH Tapawingo by Ada Stella 😀

  99. Thursday DBA
    Write a story!
    Just a quick one like maybe less then a page but you can make it as long or as short as you want!
    Just make sure that you make it reeeaaallllyy wacky and weird
    As weird as you want!
    Then you can post it or part of it if it’s too long
    Remember this is optional

  100. I know this isn’t related to books it has to do with history. Has anyone heard of Townsends? There a YouTube channel that reanacts history such as; cooking, weapons, and daily life and more..! why I’m I asking?Mr.Townsend’s daughter is one of my best friends,she was wondering how many people outside of where we live actually know/watch Townsends?

  101. @Olivia💕
    I just wanted to tell you that i did write a short story for the Thursday dba.
    it was really fun!!❤

    1. Oh you did!?
      I’m so glad!
      Mind giving a short summery!?
      If not that’s totally fine
      Anyone else enjoying the DBA

  102. Friday DBA
    Make a book mark!
    (Kinda crafty but it has to do with books so)
    All you need is cardboard or thick paper
    Cut it into a rectangle and add glitter, stickers, paint, .etc
    You can hole punch the top and add a tassel made out of string!
    Feel free to share your designs!

    1. I made a bookmark where I painted it with watercolors and used stickers to write my name.
      I even made one for my little sister, she loved it!

  103. Hey guys, if you want to come over to the LOTR fan page on the End of an Odyssey Career page. We’re doing get-to-know-you questions and its a lot of fun. I will hopefully maybe see some of you there?

  104. I’ve made SO many bookmarks.
    That used to be the only Christmas present I gave.
    I made one that has in pretty lettering One More Chapter (love that quote)

  105. Monday DBA
    Read a book or article about your favorite animal or historical person
    Feel free to say which ones you read and what your favorite animal or historical person is

  106. Tuesday DBA
    Write a summery on your favorite chapter of a book you like
    Remember it’s optional

  107. Hey guys!!!! Sorry Olivia I haven’t been keeping up with daily activities. I usually don’t look at the comments till the end of the day. I’m so sorry 😞

    1. That’s fine they’re optional anyway and I usualLy don’t do them either
      Also idk if I should keep up with DAILY activities cuz sometimes it’s hard to think of one
      So guys I may not be doing daily anymore
      But yeah you’re fine danger’s daughter
      P.S did your username used be abbi with a panda and a smiley face emejee?

        1. Cuz I was looking at previous pages and I found that name and ai was like
          Hey that was my friend abbi I wonder why she doesn’t comment anymore
          And then I remembered that she changed her name to something like danger’s daughter and I was like wow
          We’ve been friends for longer then I thought and I totally forgot

          1. Yeah!!!!! I forgot about that too!!! Funny how things turn up!!!🤣🤣🤣

        1. Yeah that’s what I’ve been thinking!
          Also how about
          Any one can post a DBA
          I think that would be more fun for people
          So everyone feel free to post book activities whenever you feel like it

  108. Hi! I’m new! I loooove butterflies & horses! My favorite books are the October Horses Series by Genevieve Mckay. I like the last book, Keeping Chilly, the best.My second favorite book is The Broccoli Tapes (lousy name, but trust me, it’s great)by Jan Slepian. I’ll post later on tomorrow! See ya!

    1. Oh and I looovvvveeeee
      There my fav animal ever and I want one so bad but I really can’t cuz we just don’t live in the middle of a couple of acres.
      We do have property in the state of Missouri and we’re probably going to move there soon

    1. Never heard of him sorry 😢
      But some of my fav authors are
      Louisa may alcottt
      Elenor Estes
      Ellen Emerson white
      C s Lewis
      Jean Craig head George
      Katherine lasky
      Caroline Meyer

  109. @ Olivia💕🎼 Yessss! I love the chronicles of Narnia!! My fav is the lion witch and the wardrobe . My middle name is Destiny. Also i like Eve’s daughters by Lynn Austin .

    1. Oooh that’s great
      My fav narnia books are horse and his boy, voyage of the dawn treader and magicians nephew
      I wanna visit narnia cuz it sounds so cool
      Very adventurous there

  110. Hey guys, we are having a fun contest of sorts on the LOTR fan page, so if you have wanted to join the conversation but haven’t gotten the chance to yet, then now would be a good time to head over there and check it out. I will hopefully see some of you there???

    1. Sure I would love too!
      I’m about 5ft tall, have long thick brown hair, thick eyebrows and I’m very small for my age
      I’m between the ages of 11 to 14 and I wear glasses
      I love reading, rollerblading, playing piano, and composing music!
      I like fashion and singing too

  111. @Olivia💕🎼 We have so much in common! I’m 5 feet tall, small for my age, have thin brown hair that is little above my elbow, and between the ages of 11 to 13, I love reading, playing piano, fashion and singing and composing music too! Also i make songs.Would you like me to post the lyrics? So far I’ve only made 2.Their titles are:

    1. Sure I would love to hear the lyrics if they are not offensive to anyone on this page 😊

  112. Saturday DBA
    Continue the ending of one of your fav books
    You can write it down or just think it
    Feel free to share

    1. 🦋 Evianna 🦋 we have the same name well sort of my name is Evianna – Jane
      I am 5’1 and I am between 11 and 14
      My older sisters name is Quinn
      My little sister name is eva
      My hobbies our
      Watching YouTube
      My fav YouTuber is probably Alexa Rivera Brent Rivera and the Labrent fam
      Who are yours guys favourite YouTubers

  113. sorry i haven’t been commenting as much i’ve just been really busy
    did i miss anything
    @olivia i am thinking the end of my fav story

  114. Who is reading an interesting book right now?
    I’m reading my side of the mountain it’s so cool

    1. I am reading The Return of the King, it makes a lot more sense now compared to the first time I read it lol!

  115. Hey everOne!
    Thursday DBA
    Look up one of your fav authors and read about his/her life, hobbies, age of death, etc.,
    Then post your fav author and whatever you thought was interesting about their life
    Hope you have fun doing this!

  116. Right now I’m reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and some Agatha Christy mysteries. My favorite classic book aside from LOTR is The Hound of the Baskervilles. I haven’t read any other Sherlock Holmes mysteries yet but I so want to!


    There is now an official Marvel Page on the [ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE OLIVIA ARC. march 21 2022] page.

    those interested come on over

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