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What is the future of Eugene Meltsner?

Odyssey Team, February 2021
The Adventures in Odyssey Team at the most recent writer’s meeting in February 2021. From left: Showrunner Marshal Younger, writer Abigail Geiger, producer Bob Hoose, producer Bob Smithouser, line producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, writer/director Phil Lollar, executive producer Dave Arnold, sound designer Jonathan Crowe, sound designer Luke Guenot, sound designer Rudy Haerr, and sound designer Christopher Diehl

Showrunner Marshal Younger, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, executive producer Dave Arnold, writer/director Phil Lollar, and line producer Nathan Hoobler answer your questions, like: Will Eugene and Katrina ever adopt Buck? When is the next time we’ll see Emily, Morrie, and Suzu? How often are the writers’ meetings and how many albums do you plan ahead? What are the plans for the Blackgaard books? And the question for the ages: Why did Mitch’s voice change in that scene in “Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips”?

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    1. Why does being first really matter? Isn´t it more important to focus on better things in life like serving God?

      1. I totally agree with you. Plus the point of this chat is to comment on the actual aio stuff not chat and say am I first I’m not trying to be rude but to be completely honest it’s the truth

    1. Your from Canada?? which state I lived in Alberta for two years then we moved back to Mexico over the period of corona virus cause we wanted more freedom how are you (I like your username I like to watch bugsbunny and the new looneytunes sometimes what about you considering your username ) would you like to be friends 🤗😺

          1. I live in Manitoba. My mom was born in Mexico but has lived in Canada since she was two years old. What is it like in Mexico where you live?

    1. this is closest to first I have ever gotten Sad news my uncle went to the emergency room and he can not lift even a plate because of his surgery 🙂 but merry Christmas and here is some thing to think about this year if you need someone to talk to then just pray

    1. Hey guys I know this might sound weird but we were taking care of two dogs for some friends one as a girl and one was a boy I grew very close to the girl dog (btw they were chiwawas is that how you spell it any way they were small dogs )and a couple days ago she got driven over bye a vehicle in really sad right now and we also owned another dog TBC.

    2. Their both really sad right now the dog that we own his name is puppy and the other dogs were sniper and chispa that last name is Spanish for chocolate chip anyway they are both so sad, today sniper looked up at me with the most saddest eyes and it looked like he had tears in his eyes both of them are still grieving I know I sound weird it’s just how I feel

          1. Sorry @🌊💧Water girl🌊, if I didn’t answer u sooner, because a few days before Christmas, I’ve been really busy

        1. Don’t worry Lina I’ve been really busy too thanks for being my friend ,where do you live and what is your real name (I think we are allowed to say that )I love in Mexico and my real name is Trudy I can’t wait to get to know you !!!!😘😀

        1. Sorry I think that last comment was from me and I don’t think it showed my user name

  1. hi! amazing podcast! Mr. Dave Arnold looks like a cowboy in that picture shown above. lol (lol means laugh out loud. i thought it meant lots of love. lol)

    1. My great grandma thought that lol meant lots of love too, so when their dog died, she kept saying lol after the sad message and we all laughed so hard!

    2. This is totally random. Wasn’t your user name Kaylee(challenged a student and loving it) before? If you don’t mind, I would like to hear the story. What are everyone’s favorite or least favorite Christmas songs?

      1. yes i’m really sorry, i was late to responde yes, i changed my name because it was kinda a hassle to type it out everytime i commented. and I kinda don’t know if that’s TMI ( TMI- too much iformation) about me. but i believe i’m going to change it back to Kaylee CHALLENGE A STUDENT AND LOVING IT

      2. Hi I’m not kidding I’m actually friends with marshal younger me and my mom met him at pie wei SERIOUSLY

    1. I LOVE your name!
      Me and my friends made up an invisible person named Bob. We even made a mushrooms and Bob fan club!

  2. I was actually going to ask a couple of those questions but I didn’t want to ask anything because it’d be too awkward to hear my voice on a podcast😂😂

  3. I have been listening to adventures in odyssey since i was six. I love it so much! I just got the club and i always hoped to be in some big podcast like this.

    1. WOW!!!!!! Your name is Abigail too!!! So is mine!!!!
      What do you like to do? Do you want to be friends?
      Who’s your favorite artist(i.e. singer)?

  4. Is there going to be a book about the Sleuth Family Robins? (Forgive me if I spelled this wrong 😅)

    1. I think it can be anything, really, as long as you clarify it to who you are talking/texting/emailing/whatever you’re doing as long as you do something like:
      lol (lots of love) ❤️

  5. I love adventures in odyssey it’s so fun and I love the lessons. I am always excited to hear new ones each night!! Keep up the good work 😊

  6. Hmm. I’m excited we’re getting some cool episodes in Albums 72 and 73, but I don’t know how I feel about waiting until 74 for the next Rydell episode. It seems like the pace is really slow to get these episodes out.

    1. I had really hoped the next Rydel one to come sooner, but at least it not Album 100 or something like that.

  7. I think u should end adventures in Odessey but with the rapture and tribulation where buck and jules are left behind because eugene isn’t there

    1. NO! Don’t end odyssey!! Please focus @Harry please no don’t end Odyssey!!

    2. I think that your idea would be pretty difficult to put into audio…
      I disagree with you but your idea is unique and creative…
      How are you doing?

      1. Hi! Maybe a little, thanks! How are you? The girl on AIO club says she really misses you. I told her that you asked if she would want to talk or however I said it.

        1. Great! Thanks for being the ‘go between’!

          I am sorry that your are still struggling! Depending on what you are struggling with I would encourage you to talk with your parents or your pastor! And definitely with the Lord!

  8. who likes star wars every may4 we always watch star wars movies we havent watched solo star wars or the rise of skywalker

    1. I love SW especially the prequels. And you’re very fortunate not watching the Rise of skywalker,it was terrible. Personally I like Solo but most people didn’t. Who’s your favorite character?

    2. If you click on the number it will give you the options of face time, face time audio, text, and more.

    3. I live Star Wars! My sister’s birthday is on May 4th. In my opinion, they ruined Star Wars in the rise of skywalker (I think that one is the last one, but I am not sure)

    4. Is that your number?A rule= “ Please don’t submit personal information (aside from your first name and state/country). We won’t allow posts that include last names, ages, birth dates, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers. Please don’t post links to outside websites. We don’t allow our users to contact each other (for the sake of safety and privacy).”

    5. yeah, I have seen the trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) Haven’t seen them for a while though…lol

  9. Hello everyone! Please come join us on the OOOTD page for lots of fun! If anyone is interested in joining us or has any questions please let me know!

      1. Oh, yes! Sorry I didn’t post that! It is the Schantelle podcast! It’s where everyone can post their Outstanding Outfit Of the Day!

        Are you going to join us!

  10. I love Minecraft and AIO Does anyone know about álbum 73 ?🤨 or anything new ?

    Does anyone want to be my friend?

    1. 1. I love Minecraft as well!!
      2. Would love to be your friend but unfortumately cant
      3. I love odyssey but know nothing about album 73

  11. What state/country does everyone live in.
    I’m in georgia, but I am a huge Ohio state football fan! 😃

    1. My bro’s name is Josiah!!! 😱 Your the same person!!!! 😱 Oh…wait…your not…oops! Sorry!

  12. Hi guys what’s up?
    What have y’all been up to lately?
    Sorry I’m using my Mom’s computer and I can’t find the emojis. 🙁

  13. Hello, Odyssey Team! Many thanks for all that you do! Do we have a time window for Blackgaard Book 6’s release?

  14. Hello I got a question, I really think Buck and Jules are going to get married are they?? And I also did something that is amazing if Jules married Buck, Connie with become Connie Kendall “ Meltsner” did u see that cool 😎 right? Who loves to sing me and my friend do we made a band called “ The Rocketts cool name right got to go bye!🤚

    1. Um…Connie…Meltsner…??? Ew…She would practically hate being in the Meltsner family!!! I mean she likes Euegen and Katrina but…honestly…I don’t think she would be able to stand being ‘family’ with Euegene!

      1. @I❤️🐶 I know I think she will be like this “she is thinking to herself this is unbelievable I am a in-law of EUGENE I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! “ so funny and I meant to say was well I was running out of space it’s like whattttttt! So I know we’ll bye p.s. my name is now My Little Corner of My World 🌎 (Raleigh)💿

  15. Hey Odyssey do a Get in to the show or a show in Jacksonville Florida it’s where I I live.

    1. Hi Judah! Welcome, are you a boy or a girl? You don’t have to share if you don’t want to. Also do you go to Classical Conversations? Are u in Foundations or Essentials?

  16. I really miss Will Ryan🥺😢😭😥 but I’m also happy for the next two albums and how they’re going to incorporate Eugene🥲❤️

  17. Hi who loves singing 🎙 I do and that’s why I love the episodes “Legacy” and “A California Dream “these are the songs that I love from Legacy.
    1. Stinky Mal Gies
    2. Some little Corner Of the world 🌎
    3. Apple of My Eye

    Here are the songs from A California Dream my favorites

    1. I’m just me

    I got to go so bye!

    1. I love those songs and I love to sing so much 🎶🎵🎤🎙I recommend searching up on YouTube “this is the truth I’m standing on “by Leanna Crawford I love it so much!!! She is such a good singer I could never get tired of this song !!!! 🎶🎵 it’s an amazing song sorry if I sound crazy😋😜😏😁 its just how I feel about this song 😘😍

    2. Are you kidding? I love Jules so I love all of her songs. She has such a beautiful voice. Buck was right about that. My favorite characters are Eugene, Buck, Dion, and Wooton.

      What is everyone’s fav. characters?

    3. I totally agree with you. Legacy parts 1and 2 are really good. And the music by Will Ryan is superb.

  18. Hello! I was about to ask about why my comment I made hadn’t showed up since I made it Saturday, then I read the commenting guidelines. Be sure to read those, they are very interesting and important to understand what to post and what not to post (or reply, whatever!:) I love Odyssey so so so so much and I am running out of room on this so bye! 🙂

    1. Hello! Welcome!!! No…my name is NOT based on yours! You wanna be friends? Please???!?!?!? (Sorry…that’s kinda weird…) I’m from Illinois. Where are you from?

      1. Thx!!! Haha!!! Love your name!!! Do you like dogs? Yes! I’d love to be friends!! I’m also from Illinois!!!! I’m sad about Will Ryan…😢😭😿😔😩😫😭 We will all miss him!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  19. Just in case anyone was wondering, here’s the Club release dates for Album 72:
    Episode 3: Judge Me Tender: December 30th
    Episode 4: As Buck Would Have It, Part 1: January 6th
    Episode 5: “, Part 2: January 13th
    Episode 6: “, Part 3: January 20th

  20. Hi everyone! I’m so excited for Christmas and to see the faces of my family and friends when they open the gifts I got them!! Do any of you like Dogs?

    1. Do you mean animal dogs or something else? If you mean animal dogs, then I like German shepherds.

    1. I agree I also didn’t see anyone arguing everyone was just having fun just because we are having fun doesn’t mean we aren’t respecting will Ryan’s death everyone is happy for the person who got first and no one is angry or disrespectful to the person who got first so there is no arguing we are just having fun (also I do not mean any disrespect )

  21. Will Ryan just passed away and all anyone’s doing is arguing over who left the first comment. For shame, you guys, have some respect.

    1. Hey Joel, I know that it may seem offensive, but we really just want first as a game and I have not observed any arguing. Also, we have observed the death of Will, and just because we also like to have fun, does not mean that we don’t respect his death. Also, please try to refrain from using the phrase”for shame”. Thank you!

      1. Well it’s a game and it’s ment for us to have fun and be happy for who got first ( also sorry if I sound rude😐 )

    2. They aren’t arguing their just having fun and we all are sad about Will Ryan (sorry if I sound disrespectful it’s just what I think 🙁😔)

      1. I agree with true dance true North I do not think that we are fighting
        we are playing a game ( also sorry if I sound disrespectful)

        1. Yes! I’ve been here for a while and even if you look back as far as it will let you, you will notice that everyone always plays this game!! I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but honestly, it’s something that is pretty much apart of these podcasts! It wouldn’t be the enjoyable podcasts without it!! And we’re not at all fighting about it either!

    3. I agree with True Dance, True North! This is just a game…although, I am not sure why…however, we are all sad about Will dying…but we have all expressed that! And nobody is arguing! If they were, the Mods wouldn’t post it. they don’t allow for that kind of commenting!

    4. And in agreeing with True Dance, the phrase for shame implies a “I’m better than you and I am ashamed of you and you should be ashamed” attitude. And I am sure that you aren’t trying to communicate that!

    5. All of this said, I do think that Will Ryan’s passing is very sad and in honor of that why don’t we try to make the next page a Will Ryan Remembrance Page. Instead of trying to get the first comment we will all post what we liked about the actor and the different roles he played. We can still post about other things as well, but mostly it will be about Will Ryan. Let’s try not to post about getting “First”!
      What do you all think? Post this if you agree 👍!

  22. I am changing my name to “the great Kate Weatherall Machine” which is from the Mysterious Benedict Society.

    1. 😂🤣 Haha!!! I LOVE the Mysterious Benedict Society!!!! Constance is my favorite!!! She is SO funny!!!!

  23. I agree true dance north. No one is trying to be rude, and its just a game. I’m sorry if this sounds rude, its just my opinion. And I am also sad about Will Ryan’s passing.

  24. Are Penny and Wooton gonna have a baby? Will Connie find a man? What will happen to Katrina and Buck?

    1. I Hope that Penny and Wooton have a baby, and name it Wilma Ray- if its a girl or Wolfgang Wilder- if its a boy

  25. Hi I know I have changed my name so many times but I’m changing it now My Little Corner of my World 🌎 (Raleigh) 💿 just to let y’all know bye!

  26. @ secret agent oo7
    The OOOTD page is a fashion page that twice adopted started
    You post what outfit you are wearing and you can ask
    Questions about like what to wear and it’s really fun!!!
    The page is on the Schanttelle page
    I don’t know if I spelled that right

  27. It’s on the 100% chance of Shcantelle Cason podcast page
    Sorry I just don’t know how in the world to spell it!!

  28. Merry Christmas, AIO Fans! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy lots of great time with your family and friends! Just wanted to let you know that comments won’t be reviewed or approved for a few days as we all celebrate with our families too!

    1. Thank you! I hope that all of you Moderators and all of the AIO team have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  29. Ya, 1234567890, I clicked on your username on my phone , and it gave me the option to text or call or FaceTime or add to comments that number!

  30. Did anyone notice the anvil on the clock tower in the background of the “listen” screen? I think that’s pretty ominous.

    1. Hey! If you are purposely trying to misspell…the comment rules have asked us to try to use correct spelling and to use no foreign languages or codes. They do understand mistakes but they prefer to not have purposeful misspelling. We should try to honor that!

    2. Here’s the translation –> *Merry Christmas people! I love every character in Odyssey, woohoo hello fans* for pepl ho dont geti t 😁
      Btw hi guys how’s it going? Sorry this message might come kinda late but hope you guys are doing great, if anyone wants to be my friend that would be nice 🙂 sad that Will Ryan’s gone but he’s in heaven with Jesus 😊

    1. Like a switch as in a light switch or a switch as in ‘smack smack smack ouch!!!’ 😂

  31. Hello!
    Help Question: I am trying to log-in to my club account, but every time I press “Enter” it reloads the page to a blank login. It doesn’t give me error messages saying the username/password is incorrect, and I tried many times, typing very carefully. The other sites/applications are working on my device, so it may just be this login page.

  32. Has anyone ever watched Star Treks, K.c. Undercover, Young Dylan, Love Again, Baking Christmas, Henry Danger, or Danger Force?
    Baking Christmas is a movie about three adults who have a competition to see who gets their mom’s shop but end up working together.
    K.c. Undercover, Young Dylan, Danger Force, and Henry Danger are non-christian shows.

    1. I have watched everyone of those except Star Treks and K.c. Under cover.
      How do you watch them? Nickelodeon, Disney on Demand, or Youtube?

      1. I watch the shows on Nickelodeon on Demand and Disney on Demand. The movies on Prime Video.

    2. I’ve watched all of them except Star Trek. I love all of them!!!!! They’re awesome shows!!!!!

  33. I have a question. Is the Odyssey Club page down? I haven’t been able to log in for a few days now, and was wondering if anybody else is experiencing this. This is the only website experiencing this problem, so I don’t believe it’s my device. I’m thinking it may have something to do with the “New Club Experience” 2022, but I am not certain! Thanks!

    1. Are you actually Jared Dewhite? Cuz I feel like Jared would say that haha.

    2. What if Eugene is a government issued remote-controlled AI robot alien. His mission is to combine the greatest technology with all the information ever created so he could potentially rule the world! Kinda like the theologitomaton from Whirl (conspiracy #3,852)

  34. hi, everyone. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Just woke up. I was up till 1:00 traveling back to Georgia from Alabama.

  35. The rest of Album 72 is being released early on the Club. Yeah, this is old news now, but I couldn’t put anything up here for a few days. Anywho, as of December 30th, “Judge Me Tender” and “As Buck Would Have It, Parts 1-2” are available, and part 3 of “As Buck Would Have It” is coming on the 31st. I highly recommend these episodes!

  36. I remember when everyone used to have word wars. We fought and argued over being first and who did what when. I wish we could do that again. It was so fun. And I love you all.

  37. Hey abbey do you remember its toby newman a big fan of the episodes you righted toby🙂🙂🙂🙂

    1. Hey! Welcome back!

      Would you like to join us on the Schantelle Cason page aka the OOOTD and Fashion page? If so, please let me know!

  38. Hey! Have you read John 3:16 I love it look it up in your bible and remember praise the Lord in all that you do. Try to memerize it. Here it is:
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son for whomever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Wow! that’s comforting. Now look it up your self. GOOD LUCK!🛐 Who is your favorite bible character?
    (Aside from Jesus Christ) hmmm Mary ( from the Christmas story)

  39. Are we ever going to know about the Israelites again in the Blackgaard chronicles
    Well Connie ever find a man
    Will Wuton and Penny have a baby
    Sorry for y’all loss of Will Ryan🥺🥺🥺🥺

  40. Does Olivia ever solve her faith problem in the album: The Slippery Slope. If she does, PLEASE put the album and the episode name in the chat. Thank You!!!

    1. Hi Luke
      for club members yes but they are bonus episodes they are called the lost one it is a two part series
      And for non club member who want to bye the episode can find the lost one 1/
      And2 in long road home
      And if u are going to bye an album I would recommend the Long way home

  41. You know, in my opinion Buck got too arrogant. I liked how he was in The Ties That Bind. And when is he or Jules (who is not my favorite…sorry) going to become a Christian? It IS a Christian show after all. I feel like MOST of the characters should be saved.

    Sorry if this was a rude comment. These are just some things I’ve been thinking about.

  42. Ok I was going to make one but can I help with this one instead
    Here is a bit about my active life
    I started running in grade 4 I ran 2 km in 10 minutes
    In grade five I ran 5 km in 30 minutes
    Summer in between these to grades
    Played soccer and loves it
    Grade 6 I can run a 1 km in 4 minutes
    Goals to run 10 km and to get better at running

  43. Renee was mentioned in odyssey (not in the club) when Connie was looking for Jules in Crash Course

  44. Hi everyone! I am just letting you know that I will be leaving the commenting pages. I have some important and very exciting things now and coming up in my life and won’t have a whole lot of time for posting. I may come back once in a while but it won’t be every day every week.

    Have fun and don’t forget to check out the OOOTD page!

  45. I told my mom that will died and she didn’t believe me so we looked it up and she was so shocked 😥😥😥

  46. Today I went swimming
    What physical activity did you do today

    Why work out you ask why eat healthy well
    In the bible it says a our body is a temple of the Lord so we need to keep it healthy and fit that am and plz spread the news of the fitness/ workout page everyone can join

  47. So am I part of the work out page:) if I am ,I love to play outside with my sisters and lil bro

    1. Hi Kay, yes you are an official member of the workout page
      We are so glad you are here plz spread the news
      And it’s so great how you play with you siblings I know in this time most people say oh it’s so normal to fight with your siblings
      But no we should try to get a long sure u prob do fight sometimes
      So good job Kay ❤️

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