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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

What is the name of Album 73? Will we see Morrie and Suzu at Whit’s house? What about Horus?

Album 73: 28 Hours begins releasing on the Club in July 2022.
Album 73: 28 Hours begins releasing on the Club in July 2022.

Showrunner Marshal Younger, writer/director Phil Lollar, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, and line producer Nathan Hoobler answer your questions about recent episodes (including the Olivia arc and “As Buck Would Have It”) and look ahead to stories in Album 73 and 74.

Avery Awards

Voting in the Averys has closed. Stay tuned to the podcast to hear the results!

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  • Listen to Album 72: The Long Road Home on CDdownload, or on the Club.

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      1. Wow first who ever here likes horses use a horse emoji 🐎🐎🐎🐴🐴🐴🏇🏇🏇🏇

        1. 🐎🐎🐎🐴🐴🐴 I LOOOOOVE HORSES!!!!😃😃🤗🤗

        2. hey sis speaking of horses how many does billy’s neighbor have? And Eden i did not know you started commenting! when did you start sis?

        3. Hay Eden. want to be friends.🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

        4. 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

      1. I told you guys there was a Album 73!
        See? I know all this stuff!
        Thanks to everybody who listened to me!
        (Even though I forgot some of you.)

        Don’t forget to Ship Snelson! ( Nelson Swanson+ Suzu Rydell= ❤️)

        1. No offense but u were literally pro Buckles in the Buckles page!! WHAT HAPPENED???

          1. No!! I never ship buckles!!!! What made you think that I ship buckles!!!!!!

      1. me too I am so excited for the rest of it coming out in june

        1. Oh nice username. I just finished the first keepers book. Who’s your favorite character

    1. I’m 2nd and God is 1st


  1. Hi guys! Am I first? Top 65? Maybe?
    Also, a TRQ:
    What’s your favorite book series?

      1. Wow, 9th place! That NEVER happens.
        I’ve never read those books, but they sound interesting! What are they about?

        1. The mysterious Benedict Society are about some kids who stop this guy from taking over the world (I’d say more but the storys are awesome and I wouldn’t want to give any spoilers) the books by Isabella McDonald Alden are Christian novels about following Christ.

      2. Hey, The Mysterious Benedict Society is one of my favorites too! Also, I love your name! 😁

    1. My favorite book series is about a girl named.Sarah living in Kentucky during the Revelutionary war.
      What’s yours?

      1. My favorite series is Keeper Of The Lost Cities (KOTLC) hence, the name 😉

      2. Growing up as a child, one of my faves was about a girl named Sarah in the Revolutionary War…Called Drums of War…
        It was really about her brother but she played a vital part too

    2. baby-sitters-club ( ann m martin )
      100 dresses ( susan maupin schimd )
      dork diaries ( rachel renee russel )
      diary of a wimpy kid ( jeff kinney )

      I LOVE BOOKS !!!!!

      1. Yes i love those series, i have an autographed Copy!!!!

    3. well I like lot’s of book series ( I love reading) but one of my big favourites is keeper ofthe lost cities by shannon messenger. my name kind of proves that

      1. Hi! I’ve never read the books, but have seen some of the movies. Are they similar?

  2. Who thinks Jay & Zoe where meant for each other.
    Most likely no one, am I right?
    I don ‘t think it’s going that way, but I wish it would.
    It would be so good cute😍
    and funny😋.

      1. Olivia.That’s the point 😃.
        Zoe will grow to love ❤️ him.Besides opposites attract 😂.
        He is pretty smitten 🤩.
        Sorry about the all the emojis.
        I can’t help it!

      2. Who votes Mathily (Mathew Parker, Emily Jones)?

    1. Nooooo! No! No! Don’t even! Zoe and Buddy!😳😳😳😳😳

    2. I doubt they’d get together. I wouldn’t be surprised if the odyssey team does something with Zoe and Buddy though. They kind of hinted something in Sir Buddy’s Snow Day… 🤔

    3. Oops! Forgot to put my name on! (I was Anonymous who talked about Zoe and Buddy)

    4. That would be really funny if Jay and Zoe got together I would laugh so hard

        1. I haven’t heard all the episodes, but… have they even met each other? 🤔
          (I can’t vote Snelson or not, because I’m not too familiar with Nelson)

        1. Has anyone realized the Whittaker family theme?
          John (Mr. Whittaker), Jennie (Mrs. Whittaker), Jerry (Son killed in war), Jana (Monty’s mother), and Jason (current owner of triple J antiques)
          I feel like there is a lot of J names in that family… 😂

    1. Yeah but if they replace him, it’l be devastating to not hear Eugene’s actual voice

      1. I just hope that they don’t kill him off. I mean, Katrina and him haven’t been married THAT LONG, and Buck JUST got adopted and has a father… 😢

  3. Looks sooo good! I trust you will make a good decision about Eugene! Thanks team!

  4. Its so quiet, I live in a big family.So quiet is weird.
    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in a big family.
    Am I, well since Lizzy is my sister she does to. But do you get what I mean?

      1. I also have 8 siblings 😀
        And when I’m alone in the house it feels really weird.

    1. Maybe you can relate to Christen(however that’s spelled) in the Long Road Home. They had a big family. 🙂

      1. I think it’s either Kristen or Kristin. (Since everyone in her family (except for the Russian girl) has a K name)

    2. I have 3 siblings all under he age of 10 and the only time it’s quiet here is when their outside
      Like a block away cuz their still loud in the yard lol
      I’m the oldest btw

    3. I totally get it, there are 9 kids total in my family. You’re right, it’s so weird when it’s quiet! I immediately think something’s wrong lol!

    4. i feel the SAME way and i also have 8 sibling’s and btw my short name is Addie

      1. You spell it ie, I spell it y.
        Addy is a nickname, only my friends call me Addy!!

    1. Haha, same One Connie to Rule Them all. bahaha!

  5. love these kind of podcasts! keep up the great work AIO team! 🙂

  6. We have a Baby! It’s a girl!!!

    She is so cute! Only 4 months old!!

      1. Her AIO username is going to be…Emerald!

        Don’t feel comfortable sharing her real name…yet…

          1. That sounded a little hesitant…is there something that you are wondering about?

  7. also i have five brothers and two sisters how many siblings do yall have ??????? i am 12

        1. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and a brother and sister in heven Im 2 oldest

    1. I have 5 brothers 4 sisters.
      It gets really really loud ☺️ 🙂.
      I share a room with 3 of my sisters.
      Sometimes it is a NIGHTMARE!!!!

      1. Ooohh sorry I share a room with my younger sis and it’s bad sometimes
        I feeeeeellll for you like a lot

      2. Ive lived in the same room with my sisters since i was a toddler so I KNOW how you feel.

      3. i have 3 brothers
        4 sister but we just moved so
        thankfuly i dont have to share a room anymore

    1. Yeah, I sorry to say but I think you’re 436478th.

  8. Lol that mystery criminal is so creepy looking. Lil bit like an enderman. 😂

  9. Have you ever watched, lost in space!!!!!!
    It is so good 😊!!
    The 2018 through 2021, not the old 1990 one. It is by far my favorite 😍 tv show.
    There are great actors.
    You should SO watch it.

    1. I think you just call! I believe the number is actually in this podcasts description!

  10. What do you know, it’s real! When I first read the summary for 28 Hours on the AIO wiki, I seriously thought it was a hoax. 😂 Did anyone else see it and think that?

    1. I personally think Mitch and Tasha should come back and
      Connie and Mitch can be “sitting in a tree” 😂
      And Jason and Tasha can solve mysteries Together.

      1. Jason and Tasha would work.
        Kinda sad when she came back in Rydell revelations and did not want jason to know.

        1. Wait, was Tasha the girl who almost married Jason???
          (I haven’t heard any episodes about them, but want to clarify)

      1. Penny I love ❤️ your name. In my favorite tv show there is a girl called penny. She’s my favorite character.

    2. I’m so with you! I just can’t really understand why people could put Jason and Jillian together.

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh am i dreaming was i really first
    Ok ok let me pinch myself OUCH oh yeah that hurt i told y’all i was going to get first one day

    1. Ive watched all of spiderman. The ones with tobey mcguire, andrew garfield, and tom holland

  12. hi. how many of you have voted in the avery awards. I am so excited for the podcast for avery awards to come out. why are the avery awards called avery awards

    1. I have, I can’t wait for them to release the podcast. Can anyone!!!!!♥️
      I 💗 the Avery awards😃

    2. I’ve voted twice, one time for my friend one for me.
      It is kind of a werid name, AVERY AWARD?

      😃 😔 😠😱 !!!!!!!!

  13. I personally do not like the Emily arc. She has become grumpy, irritable, and just a bad role model to all who used to admire her. I also think that in her state, she would be the most vulnerable to Leonid. Morrie and Suzu sure are intresting, dynamic characters, but I think they clash with Emily’s personality. So I am kind of hoping for a cool end

    1. I think that the Rydalls really effected Emily 😢
      I hope that she can give them a second chance. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. Congrats Spidergirl/Gwen! Maybe I’ll get it next time😂 I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters
    And I am between the ages of 10- 25


    1. Thank you captain marvel
      I’m in between the ages of 10 to 15 and I’m really not your
      Average girly girl I love skateboarding and snowboarding
      And I can keep up with the boys easy wanna be friends

      1. OF COURSE!!
        I’m the same way ! I’ve beaten the boys at my homeschool co-op at lots of stuff: bench pressing , climbing, and racing
        Also is anyone studying Greek? Or am I the weird one? 😂

        ALSO SHOUT OUT: tips and tricks for remembering and understanding Julius Caesar will be greatly appreciated Thank you!

  15. Question: In the Green Ring Conspiracy when Katrina says they’ve never been to a carnival together, how does she know that Eugene screams like a little girl on the tilt ‘n whirl?

    1. They probably just went on a couple rides together, maybe even went on the tilt-n-whirl a couple minutes ago, and so Katrina knew.

    2. I think she was just finding out herself. If you listen closely, I think you can hear Eugene screaming in the background, I’m guessing as he went past on the ride. 🤣 Katrina probably came to talk to Whit or Connie (I forget who, it’s been awhile) after watching Eugene for a minute. I hope that makes sense!

    3. Maybe she saw a video or maybe he confessed to her or maybe she just said that for no reason cuz she had a feeling about it or maybe aio massed up

  16. hey everyone! You may need to pick a new OOOTD and Fashion page…just thought that I would let you know…

  17. I LOVE Adventures In Odessey. It is the BEST! My brother and I listen to it all the time and can’t wait to hear more in the next album! 😁

      1. What’s that
        Sorry if it sounds like a dumb question English is not my first language

  18. Aaaahhhh guys HELP PLZ
    JUST…… (I don’t know what I’ll do honestly but it’ll be something BIG that’s for sure)

    1. What is the OOOTD page? I’m so confused!😟

      1. It is (well was) a fun page where you could post your outfits and share fashion advice but now you can’t commit on it and it’s so sad we will have to start another one on a different page

  19. hi guys can you please pray for my little sister. She is graduating kindergarten next Tuesday and she is nervous she has to say a little speech and its so cute!! Her name is Pearl

  20. Okay, I guess we’ll have to move the LOTR fan page because the comments were closed for some reason…

  21. Ok, the NEW LOTR fan page is at the “As Buck would have it” three parter podcast.
    (April 5, 2022 SPOILER WARNING: Explore the “As Buck Would Have It” three-parter from idea to playback.)
    Hope to see all LOTR fans there!

  22. Hi 👋 I’m new to commenting, does anyone else like Anne of Green gables and little house on the prairie book series? Those are some of my favorite

    1. I have Never watch it.
      I have to read the book 📚 before I watch it.
      And I don’t want to read it.

      1. It’s actually a pretty easy read, it’s not very long. And it’s fun to read, too!

      2. They totally changed it (the book) in the movie, I do not recommend the movies (they made it into three movies for some weird reason, hence it has a lot of…interesting…stuff in it.) 🙄😳😐 The LOTR movies are definitely way better.
        So yeah, but The Hobbit BOOK is awesome! You should totally read it!

  23. For who ever wants to come
    There is a marvel page on let’s talk about Olivia arc
    Sonic as well if llen comes so COME ON BRO

    1. I know that this is probably a weird question but, what’s coding??? 😕

  24. OHHHHHHHHHHHH is everything happening in this album happening in 28 hours? like the last four club episodes in season 8?

  25. @ the OOOTD Ambassadors

    Why don’t you make the Buckles page be the new OOOTD page? I know I put you in charge so I am not telling you that you have to do it but I was just giving you an idea…

    Recommending that you don’t shut it down completely…

  26. Guys, what is your favorite subject on the Podcast: Audio, Free Episodes, Avery Awards, Team Q&A, Video Podcasts, or Wayback Wednesday

    1. I like all of those but especially the Avery Awards. This was my first time voting

  27. hello guys I can’t wait till that episode with dr. Regis blacked, Whos excited too?

    1. I’m SOOO excited for the Blackgaard storyline!!! It’s my favorite Odyssey series, but I haven’t been able to listen to it for a really long time!

  28. Hi guys! It’s been a while since I commented. Have any of you read or seen Les Mis? I started the book on Monday and I’m almost done! It’s really good!!

    1. Yay I just finished the book yesterday! It’s very depressing (read the title lol), but I would highly recommend it!!

    2. Hello! That’s really cool! I’ve heard a short radio version. It was complicated and very interesting! And I just discovered there’s a much longer radio version— maybe I’ll check that out!

      1. you should! I love classics because they’re so intricate and the writing is so good! I’m planning on starting The Count of Monte Cristo next, has anyone read that? If so, did you like it?

        1. I like a lot of classics, too! Well-written books always make me feel smarter after I read them. 😂 One of my favorites is No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins. Have you read any Dickens? He’s the author I have the most trouble with because he’s so wordy, but the stories are amazing. TBC

        2. I’ve also heard a radio version of The Count of Monte Cristo, which I loved. I listen to a lot of old radio plays, and someday I’d like to collect and read some of the books they’re based on. 🙂

          1. Fun! No I haven’t read any Dickens yet, but David Copperfield and Oliver Twist are on my list. What Dickens book is your favorite? Do you have any other recommendations for books or series of books?

          2. No Thoroughfare is my very favorite Dickens (and I definitely recommend that!), but I also love A Christmas Carol and Cricket on the Hearth. I’d like to read Oliver Twist and Great Expectations someday, if they’re not too sad. Other classics I would recommend: Little Women, Heidi, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, and The Little Prince. 😊

          3. Also… I binged the entire Les Mis radio series I mentioned in one day, because I couldn’t stop! It was AMAZING!!! The storyline is one of the best I have ever heard, and it helps that the team behind it was very talented, too. I honestly didn’t really find the story depressing, although I know a lot of people do… TBC

          4. I thought it was more about hope, redemption, selflessness, and kindness than the sad stuff. (I may have also heard a lighter version than the book. 😆) Thank you so much for the recommendation!

          5. thanks for the recommendations! I’ve read most of those but I’ll look into the others. The book is super depressing near the end, but it has a bitter-sweet resolution so it ends on a happier note. I can’t wait to watch the musical 😍

    3. I’m in the play!!! My show’s the first week of june!!! I ❤ Les Mis

    4. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you! Good to have you back! I imagine if you’ve read any of the recent podcast pages you’ve seen that a lot has gone on in the last year!

      How are you?

    5. Yes!!! I fellow les mis fan! I have read the book (several times) and seen almost every version of the musical. It is so good!!!

    1. 🎮! But maybe we should choose a different page, since this one will probably be busy until the next podcast comes out? It’s up to you, of course! 🙂

  29. This is the best! I am so excited for album 73, especially cause of the way they are titled! I can’t wait! Odyssey is the best, and I love you guys! This is AMAZING! Can’t wait to see what happens, especially with Connie, Jillian, Wooten and Penny! Oh, and Emily and Olivia!

  30. @Wanda
    The Mysterious Benedict Society is amazing!!!
    How many of the books have you read? Do you have a favorite character? Mine is Mr. Benedict!

      1. Yes, they are! I wish I could write like that! I love all the surprises, especially near the end. Do you have a favorite book or character?

        1. And I don’t really have a favorite character. I love all of them. Their all special in their own way, but they still seem average. I couldn’t put those books down when I read them the first time, so I’d get them from the library, wait till Saturday, and then read for eight hours straight so I didn’t have to go to sleep wondering what would happen😂

          1. I love that series!! I’ve read them several times. The third book or the fifth are my favorites. Do you have a favorite book?

          2. @Astrid
            I own all the books, except for The Riddle of Ages, and I’ve read them several times, too! Have you actually solved the puzzle book? I didn’t on my first try, but I’ll have to give it another go sometime. It’s really hard! And I’m the same way with my favorite books. Once I start something really good, I can’t stop until I’m finished!

          3. @Astrid
            And I know what you mean about the characters! They’re so smart and quirky, but somehow they’re still relatable!

            Wow, you too! We have a lot of MBS fans here! 😁 Like Astrid, I also have a hard time choosing favorites, but the first book is really special. I love them all, though.

    1. my favorite characters are Mr. Benedict, Reynie M., and Kate. I am reading the first book, but i can’t find time to read it.

      1. I’ve read all the mysterious Benedict Society books multiple times. I don’t like the fourth one as well as the rest though. It just doesn’t have the same team feel as the rest. It’s got a great plot though. I love the prequel and the riddles book. (I have all the books) My favorite is probably the first one? But the next two are amazing!

  31. ⬆️Spidergirl/Gwen

    My sister has ADHD .
    Also THERE IS A FASHION PAGE!? I need SO much advice.

    1. Yes, the Schantelle weather podcast was an OOOTD and fashion page. I designed it to be similar to the one on the club(not sure if you’ve ever been on the club’s OOOTD page) but I really enjoyed it on the club and wanted the reg. Chat page to have one. Now, I have given it to 4 other girls to run because I am too busy to do so…but its closed now.

    2. I am hoping that the OOOTD Ambassadors will want to open it back up again(I suggested the Buckles Page) but it will be up to them. (However, if they wanted any help I’d be happy to lend a hand!)

      Are you wanting to be a part of it if they open it back up?

  32. I LOVE Adventures in Odessey. I am SOOO looking forward to the new album. But, I do hope they have more of Suzu, Morrie and Emily. The EMS Team!


    1. I hope that your moving goes well. I moved before…not as sad or scary as it seems!

    2. Hey, praise God for airplanes and the internet, so you can still keep in touch with all your pals! Besides, When I moved, it was actually pretty exciting!

  33. I’m super hyped for Album 73, but I’m not endorsing it yet. I actually knew the titles of the episodes, but I didn’t know what they were until I heard this podcast, which was unfortunate, ’cause I’d written the titles out on a very important list as “28 Hours, Part 1-6” . . . in pen. Let’s just say I went running for the white-out.

  34. who’s everyones favorite person in odyssey??

    mine is buck,jules,whit and wooton

    1. I agree, we should try to keep the conversation to kid-friendly games. I don’t like games like that either!

  35. Wait… Did I miss that Whit adopted Morrie and Suzu. Can someone tell me what episode that is. I have a few questions for you guys. Who is your top favorite Character? What is your favorite album? What is your favorite together part [Like the ties that bind] what is your favorite set of parts??? Plz answer all of my questions. Open for whoever

    1. No they didn’t get adopted…they are just living with Whit for the time being.

      1. I kinda wished that if Jason and Tasha got married after she became a Christian they might have adopted them.

    2. Hiya, Jillian! I don’t really have a favorite character (insert emoticon of your choice), but I like Jason in episodes like The Labyrinth. I like albums 66 & 72, and 38, ’cause Novacom is the best. I like The Green Ring Conspiracy, too, and Nightmares by Constance. And The Labyrinth, but I already said that. And Plan B, cuz Novacom. Fun questions!!

  36. I actually just saw a really close up pic of the new album…the kidnapper might not be a lady…the person is wearing a mask with eyes cut out…the mask hangs down that looks like hair…
    Could still be a lady or could be a man…

  37. hey guys so…………… were are all the pages that you all are chating about???
    im kinda new just got on to the commenting thing jan 2022 so still figuring things out………………..

    1. Go to Listen, scroll down to the podcasts and press all episodes. There are several pages of podcasts.I don’t know what are all the different chat groups, but here are some:
      the LOTR fan page is on “lets talk about the Olivia arc”
      the OOTD page is on “Buck + Jules = Buckles”
      the Video Game page is on this page
      Hopefully that helps.

    2. Oh, sorry. Mistake:

      the Marvel fan page is on “Lets talk about the Olivia arc”
      the LOTR fan page is on “Spoiler warning:explore the “As Buck Would Have It”….(really long name)

  38. We have some new commenters…so lets tell our age ranges again…

    I am between the age of 21 and 28.

    1. SnowWhiteBride and Husband-19 to 29

      Ruby and Husband- 15 to 20
      Emerald- 4 months

      Pearl and Husband- 15 to 20

      Brother and Amethyst(NEWLY MARRIED) – 14 to 19

  39. Hey! I love this show so much! I want more episodes with Jay Smouse in it, it is so funny when he is in an episode! I love him haha 🙂

  40. The new official OOTD page is Buck+Jules=Buckles. I would encourage those who usually post their outfits to continue on that page.

  41. Yay! A fashion page ! I’ll come. Also I don’t have the club wish I did though . And moving isn’t scary at all! Well kinda. I moved just 5 months ago to a Parsonage because my dad is a pastor. Is anyone else a pk ? ( pastor’s kid)

    1. i am but sometimes it can be annoying because when people find out they say things like wait you are a pastors kid?

  42. @OOOTD Ambassadors

    Since 2 of the people that I chose to help you run the OOOTD page no longer comment feel free to pick new Ambassadors. I didn’t want you to think that you had to have the ones I picked! You can do what you want! Please just keep the original goal in mind!

    Honor God in what you Post!!!

      1. You would have to ask Olivia, Danger’s Daughter and ILOVEDANNYGOKEY. They are the OOOTD Ambassadors and they are also now in charge of that page. I don’t run it anymore.

        1. Noooooo!!!!!


    1. What if a GUY that we all know escapes prison?!
      Like, MR. SKINT 😨😨😨

  43. Yay just enough votes to make the video game page

    This week we will talk about drumroll please. Mario ! 🍄🎮
    Who is your favorite character. What is your favorite game

    Talk it up!!

    1. Ooh, great starter topic!!!
      Character— Rosalina (I also love Peach and Yoshi 😊)
      Game— Mario Kart: Double Dash (It was the first video game I ever played!)

    2. Character- Boo (Rosalina is a close 2nd
      Game- Super Mario galaxy or Mario Party 8

  44. OK mario!!!
    um pro Rosilena (dont think i spellt it right lol) or princes daisy or peach!
    its a supper fun video game one of my favs!!!! if you havent ever played it I totally think you should try it!!

  45. ⬆️LOTRGEEK
    I like being a pk( kind of) but we are always at the church doing stuff sometimes it just gets really annoying. And people at church like to ask if I have a boyfriend or if I am going to get a job or if I have a car yet. And it feels like I need to live up to church peoples standards. Like I’m not good enough for them.

    1. EXACTLY! Finally someone understands how I feel! And my dad is almost always busy. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that way, my older sister loves being a pk. And I feel like everyone is always judging me. I totally agree %100 with the church standard thing! And I ALWAYS have to babysit for church classes, my dad doesn’t even ask now.

      1. I’m also a pk, and I totally get that! I love the kids and everything, but always being expected to babysit can be tough. Our church is pretty small too, so there’s only two other people my age and they don’t come super regularly.

  46. What’s everyone’s fav face emoji?
    Mine are 😁🤣🤪😭😍😊

    1. 🐎🐴😳😲😵‍💫🤯🙄🤪🤣my favs

    2. My favorite imojis are…
      …..😼😎👍💪🏄🏂⚡🐗🐣🦈🥞⚾🎸🇨🇦 Yeah yeah I know it’s a lot
      But who cares if love imojis

  47. Luigi is a cool character! When he is on Yoshi, he can swallow enemy’s and shoot them back out!!!!

    1. I don’t really like video games, I know I am weird! But I mostly enjoy singing and drawing, well that’s the only thing I am good at.

    1. We where sick with the stomach bug.
      We just got over it. My church is going around with it.

  48. My favorite emojis are 🐯🍦🎸📼because I don’t have a favorite face emoji

  49. I think Eugene and Katrina and buck should go to Africa to visit Eugenes dad and brother

  50. There are actually a lot of us in our family…my parents are still raising over 10 children at their estate.
    And then I have several siblings that are married(you have met a few of them here)
    And then I have a few siblings in adulthood that aren’t married yet(a few are engaged)

      1. LOL! Yes, I actually do remember everybody! I have to admit that on occasion I do get their names mixed up. And we also have two sets of identical twins so…I do confuse them!

  51. mine was that creepy one when the dudes were in to wich craft!! 🙁

    1. Is there a different Addy.
      addie don’t write your name with a y.
      k, because then your comments seem like mine.

    1. Yes some one is pranking me or is a new lizzy cause I am the one who has been here a while

  52. I finally read the hobbit! And I am reading the lord of the rings. I’m reading the fellowship of the rings (part two).
    I am enjoying it so far 😂 😊.

  53. ⬆️LOTRGEEK

    Yeah I don’t babysit but I get to run the church sound system (Most days except today because I’m sick) and everybody leaves me alone because I am also the video crew so what they say will be heard on the livestream😂

    1. Is it hard to tuna sound system? I also help teach a class for 1st grade and younger, not including the babies tho! Aww, I hope you’ll feel better! I was just sick, it was a little bit of everything and it was AWFUL. Wow! Lol, that’s hilarious! 😂 So you do sound and video at the same time? I don’t know if I would be able to do that!

  54. My show is this Thursday! 😰🥳😱!!! Please pray for me.

    1. What type of show? Theater? Movie?
      I’ll be praying for you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

      1. I am just an Ensemble member, but still, that was a really special experience that I will never forget!

  55. Hello y’all I just told my sis other about this page she is going to comment right after I post this

  56. Hey guys I am Evianna- Jane’s older sister we have a lot of siblings I have 8 siblings including Evianna and one on the way i am 13-16
    Nevada is 12-15 sister
    Evianna is 12-14 sister
    Austin is 8-10 brother
    Ashley is 8-10 sister
    (They are twins )
    Ethen 6-8 brother
    Elenora 4-6 sister
    Matthew 2-4 brother
    Halo 1-3 sister
    And one on the way

      1. I do not like sonic. Sister in Jesus, yes that is what I mean. Do you want to be friends????

  57. This is Lizzy, I’m changing my name to KittyIzzy, because there is another Lizzy.

  58. I have a question, does anyone know when the metiorite mayhem will be updated?

    1. don’t know the exact date but it does say that it will be updated in June…

  59. alright for this week we will talk about ………. sonic the hedgehog ! ( I got my eye on you spider girl 😤)

    My favorite character is silver the hedgehog.
    My favorite game is sonic forces

    Talk it up !

    1. Okaaay
      Character(‘s): Shadow the hedgehog, blaze the cat, and ya boi metal sonic.
      Game: Ummm regular ol’ sonic dash.

  60. um i dont play much but i like sonic! i havent played the game much so i dont know the diffrent kinds of games……………………

  61. I’m not big of a bookworm. But I love the Trilogy series(First book: False Prince) I love horses but don’t have emojis

  62. ⬆️LOTRGEEK

    No it’s not to hard to run the sound system but there is a long story involved . HERE GOES:
    On December 31, 2017, our church building flooded. It wasn’t salvageable. So for the past
    .5 years we have been hopping from rentals to loaners and sharing buildings it was crazy finally we bought 8 1/2 acres.


  63. But the catch? It was way too much to be able to build on the land! Finally after we had practically given up, God showed my dad a building it didn’t even have pictures posted yet ! The day we were to leave for thanksgiving vacation we went and checked it out. And it worked! And it was in the budget! We finally have a building!


  64. The whole thing with the sound system, LOTRGEEK, is that I was the primary sound and video crew for the past 5 years and we have done all sorts of stuff : radio, livestream, digital hymnal…

    1. Wow, that’s such an awesome story! (I mean awesome how God provided for you guys…not awesome how your church got flooded 😄) That’s really cool! We just do live stream and youtube, we don’t do radio I don’t think…🤔 Did you just find the new building last year?

  65. Hi friends, please take some time to read the guidelines about what you post. Marriage, babies and new life are good, but it seems that there are still people not using their own usernames and it’s causing tension and confusion. So from now on, comments about engagements, marriages, and pregnancies will not be approved.

    1. I have a quick question! Just to make sure that we can fully understand and obey.

      Does this mean that we aren’t allowed to post if we have a baby, or if we get married? I just want to make sure that we are doing what you asked of us!

      Thank you! I appreciate your care and concern for us!

      1. My guess is probably not, since that would be a comment about marriage, engagement, or pregnancy.

  66. Hey, we seem to have a lot of book fans here! I saw there was a book page, but I think it was closed… would you guys be interested in starting a new one?

  67. Hey everyone! How are you all doing?
    Can you believe it is June already? Seems like we just celebrated Christmas!

    I’ll be taking another break from commenting due to some of the issues here on the commenting boards. I hope to come back at some point…maybe in a few weeks or a few months…not sure!

    It’s been nice chatting with you! BYE!

    1. um…plz pray for me i guess uh… im starting to dout this hole christianity thing a bit

  68. I had an idea. Theoretically, AIO could maybe do
    28 Hours, Part 1: Morning

    28 Hours, Part 6: Final Minutes
    Maybe. I dunno. 😉

  69. oh and if god is really there why is my younger sister in the hospital fighting cancer? i mean she’s a christian
    even better than me christian. i just really dont get why god lets this happen to his children.

    (and not trying to put your faith down or eneything i just need an answer)

    1. Hi, somebody. I totally get what you’re feeling, and I just wanna say that I don’t think it’s so much God “letting stuff happen” as it is this awful world we live in. Before Adam and Eve sinned, it was perfect, but they did sin, so this stuff does happen. But God has a plan.

    2. (My other reply went a little long). I’ll be praying for you. Oh, and check this out: “Are you weak and heavy laden/ cumbered with a load of care?/Precious Savior, still our refuge/Take it to the Lord in prayer./Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?/Take it to the Lord in prayer/in His arms He’ll take and shield thee/Thou wilt find a solace there.”

    3. (Yeah, that went long, too 😉 ) That’s from a hymn, and it really helped me when I was going through some really hard stuff. One more thing: don’t ever be afraid to cry.

    4. I am so sorry. That must be so hard…
      I’ve heard different answers to that sort of question, but none of them seem to mean much when you’re really hurting. That said, I’ve gone through doubts of my own, and still have questions, and I can tell you from experience that if you keep looking for God, He will prove Himself, often in unexpected ways… TBC

    5. We won’t know all the answers until we reach Heaven, but until then it helps to remember verses like Romans 8:18: “Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.” (I would encourage you to read the rest of the chapter.)
      I think it’s also important to remember that God never wanted us to suffer… TBC

      1. Oops, I guess my third comment wasn’t quite right because it didn’t post… (Sorry, Moderators!) Anyway it was kind of similar to OliveOyl’s first comment.
        I’ll just repeat what I said at the end: I will definitely be praying for your sister and your whole family. ♥️

    6. Hey I am so sry about your sister I wi pray for her and you I know it’s tough when a family member is suffering but you can pray for her and God is always there for you and her God has a plan for your sister and I hope that she will be ok plz keep us posted and if there is anything else you need prayer for I will be there and do u want to be friend

    7. I will be praying for your sister and you. I’m so sorry this is something you both have to go through but we have to trust God’s will. He loves both you and your sister. I would encourage you to ask your parents and pastor about your problems and KEEP praying.

      1. @KittyIzzy
        thank you
        sadly i have not prayed for a long time:(
        but i will i promise

    8. I’m so sorry to hear about your younger sister. I have a family member who isn’t doing well right now, so I understand how it hurts. I’m also sorry to hear about your struggles with faith. It’s hard to understand why bad things happen to Christians, but I like to remember that when Jesus came to the earth, he overcame death and suffering.

    9. I thought of one more thing! If there’s anyone like your parents, pastor, or other trusted adults who are more mature in their faith (I’m only 12-17), talk to them. They can help you and encourage you in a way that isn’t found online. Again, I’m praying, and would you mind me asking my small group to pray? I wouldn’t use your name of course. 😉

      1. @cookie
        yes please do ask them to pray
        for my faith and my sister
        and thank you for the advice

    10. i bet God has a plan
      and his view is MUCH bigger for the
      future than our future
      so just simply believe
      i will pray for both you and your sis
      may God bless you
      and your family

    11. Somebody girl ,I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. I will be praying for her.

  70. God let’s things happen for a reason, somebody girl. Nothing is coincidence. I know exactly how you feel too. I have doubted my faith too. When my Grandpa died, I was angry and hurt. I asked questions and like you I wanted answers. God even went through this. His own son died on the cross. Jesus didn’t even want to but he knew that he had to.

  71. God plans all things for his glory if it is in his plan for your sister to have cancer than that is his plan and good will come out of it even if you don’t see it. What if a nurse got saved because of your sister being in the hospital who wouldn’t have gotten saved otherwise? And God let’s us go through trials to make our faith stronger.praying

  72. He wanted a perfect world, but He also wanted us to have the freedom to choose to love and follow Him. And with free will, we chose evil, and with evil came corruption of creation and suffering. That’s why Jesus had to save us.
    I’m sure smarter people have better answers… that’s just what I believe. I’ll be praying for your sister. ♥️

  73. Somebody girl,
    I will definitely be praying for you, as well as your younger sister. Someone at my church is miraculously recovering from cancer, through the power of faith and prayer. I will have to get back to you on your questions, but look up Romans 8:28. Know that God hears your prayers and is there for you. Call to him and he will hear you.

  74. And also remember somebody girl, God understands your pain and your sisters pain and he is there with you all the way!


      1. Oh oops, I’m overeager to talk about Star Wars. Replying twice🤦‍♀️

  76. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “ For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “ Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Btw Sombody girl, my real name is Ryley. If you look at other podcasts, you could see some things about me.

  77. thank you all so much it really helped me understand a little more.
    and thx for praying for me
    i reallyyy appreciate it:)

  78. somebody girl, God works in mysterious ways. In the end it will all turn out good.

  79. You’re welcome somebody girl! Glad to be able to help! Also who are andromeda and Charles?

  80. Hey guys, we should start a prayer group on this page! I think there is so much to pray about right now especially.
    Anybody agree?

  81. Somebody girl, here is an encouraging hymn stanza:
    Hence all fear and sadness! For the Lord of gladness, Jesus enters in. Those who love the Father, though the storms may gather, still have peace within. Yea, whatever I here must bear, thou art still my pleasure, Jesus Priceless treasure.
    I hope this helps! Praying So much for you and your sister!!

    1. Thank you, all of you! It shocks me that these people that don’t even know me still care , encourage and pray for me.
      You all really shined the light as christian’s. Hopefully i will become a better christian , and maybe be coming to this commenting page more often , and keep you updated on my sister.
      Again thank you all!

      1. Of course we care!!!!!!
        That is the awesome thing about Christians Somebody girl. Thanks to Christ and his awesome love we all become siblings through Him!

      2. yes we care
        that’s what christian’s do
        i hope you will come closer to god
        and please keep us updated!

  82. Hey spider girl/Gwen do you like spiderman into the spider verse ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love it my faves are Gwen and aunt May 🐷🕷️🕸️

  83. Hey, it looks like the new book page will be on the previous podcast page (“Andre Stojka on Whit”), if anyone here is interested! 📚

  84. I agree. Pray page! Should we start now?
    And I am SOOO sorry I haven’t been posting. It has been crazy! Really crazy 😝

  85. Ok so………… this is prayer page? Andre Stojka on whit is book page?? Buckley’s is fashion page…… any other pages I’m missing???

  86. hi everyone i need prayer
    my family wasn’t getting along this past… 2 months?
    and can you all just pray for me, my family please that would mean a LOT.
    thank you:)

  87. Could you guys also pray for my friend?? His family is having a lot of trouble and needs lots of prayers!!

  88. I LOVE ❤️ horses 🐎 too! 🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴 Always dreamed of owning one!

  89. Please spread the word about this page, so many people are asking for prayer on other pages and while that’s not wrong, it would be nice if everyone here knew.

  90. Hey, how are you and your sister Somebody girl? I have been praying that you will learn to trust and love God.

  91. Could y’all pray for me and my family. We have been getting sick off and on, with the stomach flu.
    Thank you 🙂

  92. I know this isn’t a prayer request but it is a HUGE praise.
    Thank God for the recent Supreme Court overruling about abortion!!!!!!! I know people who have been praying for this for decades!!!!! God is so good!!!!

  93. Hi! I saw that this is the prayer page? My parents and husband died in a car accident a few weeks ago. I am currently staying with SnowWhiteBride but will be moving in with one of my husband’s sisters soon!

    I am truly heartbroken and sad and of course still grieving…but I am still trusting in the Lord!


  94. I am so thankful that I have such loving family members to care for me! And am especially thankful for our GREAT GOD!

    I am suffering through some pretty intense morning sickness right now(I mentioned this on the Buckles page) and that is making my life a little more difficult…hoping that this will pass soon!

    Anyway, thanks for praying!

  95. Hey guys
    there’s some prayers request on the Buckles page that you should check out.

  96. Can you guys pray for my neighbor Mr Mae. He is an old man and he is having trouble with his blood sugar. My dad is helping him because he lives alone since his wife died. He claims to be a Christian so yah. Yesterday an ambulance came to his house. This is the second time this has happened.

  97. Please pray for me.My mom is leaving for six days on a vacation, and I am going to be taking care of my siblings. I have 5 younger siblings and 4 older ones. I am going to do most of the cooking, cleaning and taking care of my younger sisters and brothers.Pray that I would be patient with my siblings!Especially when they make a mess(I’m really OCD)

  98. Also, any advice for how to clam yourself down when you get mad. Two of my younger sisters are Really aggravating. And I get mad really quickly! Especially when it is when they complain about work or mess up something.

    1. You’ve probably heard about taking deep breaths. That helps me because if I’m manage to focus on something other than faults and flaws, I calm down. Not just deep breaths. Things like music (not sad or angry songs, those actually affect your mood in a bad way) help too.
      I’m praying for ya! God’s honestly the one that helps the most!

    2. What’s you age range kitty Izzy? Sure I’ll pray 😉 I get you I’m very OCD too.

  99. If anyone sees prayer requests on other pages let the page know bc then no ones not praying.
    Also Please no one repeat Prayer requests on This page from other pages with out permission! Just tell us there’s a prayer request on the page some times if ppl have been through hard stuff they don’t want to have to repeat things or give permission

      1. Thanks tiger I’m sorry if I sound rude everyone that’s not my intention 😕

  100. Hi, everybody!!
    I hope y’all don’t mind me joining this page!

    I totally get it!! Siblings can be so aggravating. First and foremost, read the Bible!! Here are some verses that have helped me think before I speak: Ecclesiastes 5:2 and Psalms 141:3. When your sisters are being frustrating, (if you can), avoid the situation. TBC

  101. @KittyIzzy (Cont.)
    Just do your best to keep your cool. What I do is think about what Jesus would do. He would deal with it patiently and with love. Which is something I struggle with. I hope this helps you! 😊

    1. Thanks, sometimes thats hard. I try to think about that, but then I explode!!!! And I don’t think straight.

      1. I understand how hard that can be! I know for sure that prayer helps. When I’m dealing with something (like my temper) if I consistently pray about it, it helps a lot!

  102. i feel like not enough people know about this page because so many people are asking for prayers on the other pages
    this is fine but we might miss someone

  103. Ohh sorry mistake. Thank you Cookie ( I misread your name). And Jules I am between the ages of 13-16. Bit EXTREMELY short:(.

  104. Bye guys!! I’m gonna miss you all!!
    Know Ill keep praying for you all and please keep me in your prayers!
    You all rock and i hope i get to meet you All one day or maybe in heaven 😁

    Bye!! Love you guys!!

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