The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Today’s podcast is sunny with 100% chance of Schantelle Cason

Schantelle Cason voices meteorologist and mom Kayla Calhoun.
Schantelle Cason voices meteorologist and mom Kayla Calhoun.

Schantelle Cason plays Odyssey meteorologist and mom Kayla Calhoun. Schantelle shares how she got to choose the name of her character and what’s ahead for the Calhouns.

Podcast links:

  • Listen to “The Snow Must Go On” in the Club right now.
  • Listen to “Please Adjust Your Frequency” online and on the radio on October 23.

354 Responses

    1. My Favorite Characters:

      1:Nelson Swanson And Suzu Rydell, I think that they have a crush on each other!(READ MY NAME!)
      2: Pete!!!!!!!!!!! The guy from Kidsboro.
      3: Sue, From “The Labyrinth Parts 1-3”.
      4: Lester.
      5: Luelle, From “The Toy”.

        1. No, they sadly haven’t been in a episode together. I am soooo sad because they both are my favourite characters! 😭😭😭

        2. Anonymous 2, you made my day! I thought nobody thought that Nelson And Suzu were friends but then you come up and, I’m just so happy! Thank you!

      1. My Favorite Characters:

        1.Connie (SHE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED ROBERT MITCHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
        2.Whit (He is very godly and he is a good man)
        3. Eugene (Very nerdy and interesting)
        4. Katrina (PERFECT MATCH FOR EUGENE!!!)
        5. Buck Oliver
        6. Jason Whittaker
        7. Jay Smouse
        8. Matthew and Emily

        1. Hi, im deciding to change my name (A.V.) to Lina. Plus, My Favorite Characters are Connie, Camilla, Whit, Olivia, and i think thats it.

        1. I agree with NF. Jay definitely likes Zoe, and I think that even though Jay dries her crazy, I think that Zoe is starting to like him. I also think that Buddy (Leonard) Norman has a crush on her too! 🤣

      1. @SirSewer862

        Are you asking me? I am doing well. Keeping busy with life! Remember to Rejoice Always and to Give Thanks in Everything!

    2. Pretty good, but still disappointed that Nelson and Suzu aren’t in a episode together. Thanks for asking! ( Still kinda disappointed, though.) p.s. on my list of favourite characters, I forgot to add that #6 was the hacker from the team, Seymour Krelborn.

      1. When I checked before I was third just so you don’t get confused

    1. Hi guys just so you know I’m changing my username

    1. Probably Jason, Emily, Wooten, and Eugene. I think that they have better boys than girls, Even though I am a girl.

  1. John 3:16
    “For God SO loved the world 🌎 that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him can have eternal life”
    (This verse is inspiring to me so I just wanted to share it)

    1. Haven’t seen you on in awhile! How are you doing? Hope that you are well. Seeing a lot of new commenters but missing a lot of “older” commenters.

      1. Hey! I am doing well. I have been pretty busy (we had like four family weddings that I had to be in and two babies born), but I am hoping to get back into commenting again! How are you?

    1. hi NF! Have u seen the hawkeye trailer yet? If not, its really good! it comes out on Nov 25, or the 24th. I dont really know that much.

        1. My ones with
          Otters with shells
          Pandas on computers
          Skateboarding turtles
          Animals with party hats
          Also ones with panda faces on the heels so the faces stick out of my shoes

    1. Love this question! I have two, the first is a pair of big fuzzy ones that are a bit longer and more like slipper socks, and have little puppy faces on the end. The second are a pair of socks that have tacos all over them

    2. I am wearing them right now
      They’re red and wool
      I got them in the u.p.
      They have moose on them
      They’re comfy

  2. Ummm… hello? Does anybody like Dude Perfect? We went to their live tour last week, and though we were not VIPs, my dad met Cody Jones and Sparky

      1. We LOVE Dude Perfect and hope to go to their tour next year and meet them with vip tickets! Yes I saw that vid, awesome!

  3. How many of you have read Hank the Cowdog? Did you think that it was a good book?
    Hank and Drover were funny but the story itself took the Lord’s Name in vain and made light of swearing!
    I say all of this to remind everyone(whether you read these books or not) we ought to honor our Savior’s Name. He is HOLY and His name is HOLY.

    1. Amen! Great reminder! I have not read those books before though. I am a total book nerd, and it is so sad to me when this happens in books. Some of my favorites do that too. I try to ignore it, but someday I really want to finish my book series I started writing, so that people will have some other good books without and language or dirty plots

  4. @ 📚🪱🩰🐐
    Do you know what the chronicles of narnia is?
    Are you homeschooled?
    Do you like horses ?
    I really like chronicles of narnia I am homeschooled and I looooove horses

    1. Yes to all of the above!👆 unfortunately I have not ridden a horse but they are one of my favorite animals!

  5. I’d say my favorite character probably have to be Wooton
    Probably because he’s so funny and also very faithful to God and gods word
    But most of it is because he’s so funny 😂

  6. wow sooo cool I love dude perfect! you are sooo lucky i cant beleive your dad met them whos your faorite???? mines ty

    1. That is so cool! My mom is a writer and I am writing a book series similar to the Mysterious Benedict Society (idk if you have read them or not), which were some of my favorites when I was younger (i still love them, although the third and fourth books have a telepath and there is some using the lords name in vain). I hope your writing isgoing well

      1. Hi Rachel💜, have u seen the Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney plus? Its so good, although there wasnt any swearing in any of the episodes.

  7. What is everyone’s fav holiday ?
    I love Christmas, Easter ,Fourth of July ,and Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Crafty fox🦊, you’re writing a book?! So am I! What’s your book about? What are you gonna do when you’re done? I want to be an author when I grow up.

  9. @📚🪱🩰🐐.
    How are you? I’ve been busy. Just rejoined AIOC. Are you in school? Are you allowed to say what grade?

  10. I went to a slumber party last night and I only got about 2 hours of sleep! It was a fun party though.

  11. Hi guys! Okay so have ant of you listen to the podcast called “Please adjust your frequeny”?
    If you have, then on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like it?

    1. Out of all the odyssey’s I’ve listened to, a 1, being the worst. Sorry for those who feel differently.

    2. Eh. It’s okay and all but I think 💭 I would rate it a 1.1. Sorry to those of you who like it. 😊

      Sorry chat moderators. Changing my name again.

      Used to be 🎃👻Patton👻🎃 , ⚠️‼️Patton‼️⚠️, ⚫️‼️Patton⚫️‼️, and ClubhouseMag.

    1. I wish they would make gluten character a little more chunky because he eats a lot what does he eat again at wits end?

      1. It’s normally a ring or necklace given to a daughter from a Father as a symbolic gift. It represents the daughter’s commitment to remain pure and to live in submission to her Father until marriage. It represents a Father’s commitment to protect, guide and love his daughter until marriage.

        Every family also has additional reasons for a ring…

    1. I have a locket that I keep my dads picture in to remember my heart belongs to him(and God) before i get married.

      1. So in case you were wondering…mine is not diamond…my user name has nothing to do with the ring/necklace question. Mine purity ring/necklace is sapphire…what is yours?

  12. Hi I love adventures in Odyssey don’t you I love adventures in Odyssey because it makes Kids like all of us trust in god

  13. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am changing my username from NoLongerATeen to

  14. My ones with
    Otters with shells
    Pandas on computers
    Skateboarding turtles
    Animals with party hats
    Also ones with panda faces on the heels so the faces stick out of my shoes

  15. I love dirtbikes do y’all like dirtbikes if you do then comment please👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    1. Sparkling Diamond, you’ve have listened to the, “The Lost One,” Parts 1 and 2? If so, was Olivia’s friend Leonid Sepanov, that Russian philosopher she was researching in, “Triple-Decker Sundae?”

      1. Hey there! As much as I want to share the info on The Lost One I think that I should also not share it. That way when you listen to it it will be a surprise.😜

        However, it is a very good episode…

    2. SparklingDiamond, what is the name of Olivia’s friend. Is it Leonid Sepanov, the Russian philosopher she was researching in, “Triple-Decker Sundae?”

  16. Does anyone know what the dear America series are?
    Probably not but just thought I’d ask
    And what is everyone’s fav book series ?📚📕📗📘

  17. 💧🌊 water girl 💧🌊
    Wanna be friends I would love to be friends with you but If
    you don’t that is totally fine 😊

    1. Hi I would love to be friends with you I like your name btw (sorry if I didn’t replie sooner or did you post this comment recently

    2. What is your favorite animal , book series , color, do you go to school or home school are you a teen or tween or under
      Sorry if I’m going to fast I’m just so excited no one has asked me to be their friend yet except for a girl named odessy fan TBC

    3. CONT. But she changed her name to 📚worm, ballet shoes 🐐 (I coundnt find the worm or ballet shoes emojees )and I haven’t heard from her since so thanks I love horses and a lot of other animals I love the Winnie the horse gentler series ,red rock mysteries and a lot more I love all the kinds of shades of blue green gray I’m home scooled Im a teen

    1. Without giving away too much info its the continuation of the Olivia’s Faith Saga…it reveals whether she chooses to believe in God or not.

  18. @ 💧🌊 water girl 💧🌊
    Thanks for being my friend !
    My fav color is lavender
    My fav animal is a horse
    I am homeschooled
    My fav book series is chronicles of narnia and dear america
    I am a tween

    1. Cool oh I like chronicles of Narnia too where do you live I live in Mexico (or are we allowed to say that I don’t know for sure

  19. i like Lord of the rings Narnia the Cats in the doll shop King of the wind A little princess Mandie Rosemary Nancy Drew” the old ones” the Trolley car family All of a kind family The Kingdom series the boxcar children Milly molly mandy’ the Basket of flowers lamplighter books are so good” little women little house i love horses books crafts

  20. Friday’s OOOTD

    ~loose fit blue jeans
    ~long sleeve white turtle neck under a short sleeve teal t shirt with tiny blue, purple, and white flowers
    ~small sapphire earrings
    ~pale pink lipstick

  21. Sunday’s Church OOOTD
    ~Ankle length gored gray skirt
    ~Yellow button down blouse under a black, gray, and yellow floral designed blouse
    ~2 inch heeled black shoes
    ~dangling earrings with a silver sparkle bead at the bottom
    ~pink lipstick
    ~Smart Watch

  22. After Church OOOTD
    ~loose fit blue jeans
    ~t-shirt with a long sleeve button down blouse
    ~sapphire stud earrings
    ~Smart Watch

  23. Monday’s OOOTD
    ~Ankle length denim skirt
    ~blue blouse
    ~sapphire earrings(set in silver)
    ~Smart Watch
    ~Hair in ponytail

    Small note: for Sunday’s church OOOTD…hair up in a half back

  24. Monday oootd:
    •Dark high waisted skinny jeans
    •Green long sleeved tight shirt with cute sweetheart neckline ( tucked in to pants)
    •Gold rings and short gold necklace
    •brown fuzzy UGG boots (with taco socks that you can’t see 😜)
    •light lip gloss

    I have long wavy dirty blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and freckles. (I kinda look like rapunzel)

    1. So glad that you showed up on the OOOTD and Fashion page! Hope that you continue to in the future!

      Are you on the club too?

  25. Tuesday’s OOOTD
    ~Loose fit blue jeans
    ~Long sleeve light blue blouse with embroidered flowers
    ~sapphire earrings
    ~Smart Watch
    ~Hair in ponytail or half back
    ~Light lipstick

    1. Tuesday’s OOOTD
      ~skinny jeans
      ~a blue loose crop-top
      ~WW2 bullet earrings
      ~simple black wristwatch
      ~half my hair hanging down, the other half braided up
      ~dark red lipstick
      ~My nose-ring
      P.S. I have gray eyes, freckles, and raven black hair.

  26. Sunday’s OOTD
    ~black flower print A line dress( 2 inches below the knees)
    ~black high heels( 2 inch thick heel)
    ~purple bow around left wrist
    ~ purple bow in hair( which was in a knot)
    ~white, with a sparkly gold streak, eyeshadow
    ~ pale pink lipstick
    ~a diamond necklace

  27. Monday’s OOTD
    ~navy blue shorts
    ~orange stretchy shirt
    ~grey sports jacket. Tuesday’s OOTD the same
    ~white socks
    ~black Steve Madden shoes
    ~ pink[fake] nails. This is really fun!!!!😂😍
    ~sparkly red eyeshadow

    1. Friday’s OOTD (hope y’all don’t mind me joining in) Ankle length denim skirt Pink plaid shirt rolled up to elbows Ponytail and muck boots!

        1. Yes, in my family we wear a lot of skirts! Although for outside work, and other activities we do wear loose fit Jeans.

  28. Thursday’s OOOTD
    ~Ankle length grey princess seamed dress with button down blouse over top. The grey sleeves of dress peek out from under the blouse’s sleeves
    ~sapphire earrings
    ~pale pink lipstick

  29. Thursday’s OOOTD
    ~a striped shirt(knee length)
    ~black leggings
    ~chocolate eyeshadow
    ~ gold and pink nail polish
    ~ my golden ring

  30. Wednesday’s OOTD
    ~grey GAP sweat pants
    ~a red Too Blessed To Be Stressed shortleeve shirt
    ~A Aeropastale jacket
    ~sparkly gold Carlos shoes
    ~white socks
    ~sparkly gold eyeshadow
    ~sparkly clear lip gloss

    1. Monday OOTD
      Grey leggings with black shirt
      Grey running shoes
      teal nail polish and
      Crown ring
      Wavy brown medium hair lose
      Hazel eyes

  31. Friday OOTD:
    •black t-shirt
    •deep forest green jacket (unzipped) with 3/4 sleeves
    •dark skinny jeans
    •wavy hair
    •light lip gloss
    •gold rings and short gold necklace with my name
    •if we go out then brown UGG boots

  32. Sunday’s OOTD (hope y’all don’t mind me joining in) Navy blue ankle length dress with pink and maroon flowers Pink cardigan sweater and maroon beret French braided hair and knee high brown boots (for church)

  33. Saturday’s OOOTD
    ~loose fit blue jeans
    ~Long sleeve light blue blouse with flowers
    ~sapphire earrings
    ~Hair in ponytail

  34. Sunday’s Church OOOTD
    ~Floor length black circle skirt
    ~blue and white blouse with silvery streaks and shiny silver rhinestones around neck
    ~sapphire earrings
    ~shiny black shoes with 1 inch heel
    ~hair in Half back

  35. Monday’s OOOTD
    ~Ankle length denim skirt
    ~teal blouse with multi colored floral design
    ~sapphire earrings
    ~Smart Watch
    ~Hair in ponytail
    ~Pink lipstick

    Add to Sunday’s OOOTD
    ~Pink lipstick

  36. Tuesdays OOOTD
    ~green, white, and pink striped t-shirt
    ~burgundy hoodie sweater with white, silver, and blue sequins on the arms
    -a cream colored skirt, about 4 inches below the knee
    ~black socks
    ~gold/tan colored tennis-shoes
    ~ pink lipgloss
    ~hair half up, French braids on each side going into separate mini braids.

  37. Tuesday OOOTD

    Cozy chocolate brown sweater
    Black leggings
    Glasses with black frames and
    Gold and dark pink design

    1. Sunday ( for church)
      Light pink dress about an inch above knee
      Black leggings up to knee
      Wavy brownish. Medium hair
      Hazel eyes
      Btw my name is eva

  38. Tuesday OOOTD: (whatever that means)
    – navy sweatshirt with white stripes
    – mustard yellow tshirt with white lettering
    – blue skinny ish jeans
    -simple black choker with pearl in middle
    – navy glasses that fade into light blue
    – brown eyes
    – wavy ish brown hair

    1. OOOTD means Outstanding Outfit Of the Day. It has been shortened to OOTD…Outfit Of the Day(at least it was in the club)

  39. Wednesday OOOTD

    Pink shirt
    Black leggings
    Light gray socks
    Rose gold metal glasses with swirly black designs
    Hair in low ponytail

  40. Fridays OOOTD
    ~Hair that fades from medium brown to golden brown in a ponytail
    ~Black and clear marbled glasses
    ~Green Bay packer t-shirt
    ~Purple midi skirt
    ~Grey and white marbled soft leggings

  41. Thursday’s OOTD Later on in the day
    ~leopard print gray and black shirt ~same shirt
    ~a jean skirt(1in above the knees) ~pink shorts
    ~La Sheelah shoes(made of diamonds) ~black Steve Madden shoes

  42. Friday’s OOTD
    ~black skirt(1inch above the knees)
    ~orange stretchy shirt
    ~hair in ponytail Note: I wear black/burgundy glasses. I have almond-shaped, brown eyes. I have
    ~Aeropostale jacket thick, brown/black, very curly hair. I’m African-American.
    ~Steve Madden shoes

  43. Sunday OOOTD for church

    Dark green turtleneck sweater dress
    Rose gold metal glasses
    Black boots with 2 and a half inch heel
    Hair in a low side ponytail

  44. Monday OOOTD

    Light gray long sleeved shirt
    Black leggings
    Gray socks with Christmas trees and white polka dots
    Hair in low ponytail with silver velvet scrunchie
    Pink glasses with black frames and gold designs

  45. Wednesday’s OOTD
    ~Black leggings
    ~My retired army green glasses
    ~A dark wine red crop-top
    ~Simple black wrist-watch
    ~Blue and white Air Jordans
    ~Half my head Dutch-braided, half in a ponytail
    ~Bluish-green lip gloss
    ~Amber earrings
    ~My normal diamond nose-ring

  46. Wednesday OOOTD

    My rose gold metal glasses
    Hair in low pony tail
    My brown cozy sweater
    High waisted skinny jeans
    Pink socks

  47. Oh and since twice adopted said that we could ask questions and all that
    I have a question
    Does anyone have a fav dress or outfit for church
    Mine is probably my black pleated skirt with my light blue shirt with shiny small

    1. Yes, I have a floor length black skirt that drapes very gracefully. I love wearing it with a blue and black blouse with sparkly earrings. Also black 2 inch heels and pink lipstick

  48. Tuesday’s OOTD
    ~ a lime-green crop-top
    ~blue jeans
    ~my black/gold rimmed glasses
    ~ black wristwatch
    ~ black Steve Madden shoes
    ~clear lip gloss
    ~pearl earrings
    ~ my normal diamond nose-ring
    ~ all my hair spirally braided around my head

  49. Thursdays OOOTD

    Hair in low ponytail
    My black+gold+pink glasses
    Gray long sleeve shirt
    Black and white leggings
    Light gray socks

  50. Tuesday’s OOTD
    ~white shorts
    ~white shirt
    ~athletic jacket
    ~black and white checkered Vans
    ~grey socks
    ~hair with French braids around my head and then a ponytail

  51. Friday’s OOTD
    ~pink shorts
    ~white I Love Miami t-shirt
    ~Aeropostale jacket
    ~black socks
    ~black Steve Madden shoes
    ~hair in ponytail

  52. Friday’s OOTD
    ~ A blue checkered-knotted tee shirt
    ~A black sparkly mini-skirt with white borderline
    ~All my hair in a ponytail
    ~my black/gold rimmed glasses
    ~my black wristwatch
    ~black Chuck Taylor shoes
    ~dark pink lipstick
    ~diamond earrings
    ~my diamond nose-ring

  53. Friday’s OOTD
    ~ a yellow/gold shirt with letters on it
    ~ tan shorts
    ~ a pink jacket tied around the waist
    ~ some of my hair braided in two little braids, the rest of the hair in a poof
    ~ striped socks
    ~ black tennis shoes
    ~ my gold ring

  54. Hi, I’m back! I was wondering what your standpoints were on praying with a rosary. My friend uses one. Please reply!😁

    1. Hey there! So glad that you are back! So, in regards to your question…I don’t think that I feel comfortable answering it…I wouldn’t want to be an offense😁. However, I can say that you could ask your parents or your pastor.

      I am sorry for the lack of help here but if you have any questions about your outfits please feel free to ask!

  55. Just wanted to tell everyone thank you for participating in the OOOTD fashion page! I don’t post my outfits very often but I do enjoy seeing others participate. So, keep it up! Have fun!

  56. I thought that I would ask a few of you to help ‘advertise’ this page. If you are interested in helping please post this 🖐!
    If you would like to be a judge for outfits please post this 🏆!
    It will probably be a while before we can hold contests and such but if I have some interested we maybe able to start sooner.

  57. 🏆
    i would like to be a judge but will I still be able to
    Post my own outfits?
    Like not in the contests but could there be two judges so that I could
    Be in some of the contests?
    Oh and also🖐🏼
    I will “advertise”

    1. You can be a judge and post your outfits. (You just can’t judge your own😜). And yes, there will be other judges as well(Hopefully). Just remember not to judge based on what your family’s dress standards…we’re judging based on colors, “style”, and accessories. (Not based on whether someone wears skirts, pants, shorts, or etc.)


    2. As for advertising…what do you feel able to do? Can you advertise say on 5 to ten pages this week? And if so, how about you advertise on the 5 to ten most recent pages. If not, just let me know. (Don’t feel bad if you can’t or don’t want to). I may advertise too but if there are a lot of you who want to advertise…I won’t.


        1. Great! I do know that one of the pages is a Secret Agent page…I don’t remember which podcast its on though…sorry! Also, no pressure on the advertising!! You don’t have too if if you want to.

    3. Also remember please to welcome EVERYONE to this page in the advertisement. But to ask everyone to post only modest and appropriate outfits(outfits that honor the Lord and are considerate of others feelings).

      I know this is a lot but we want to honor the Lord in this! Again, if this is too much and you don’t want to do this please say so!

  58. My favorite characters are:

    1. Jules Kendall (she loves singing like me)
    2. Buck Meltsner
    3. Morrie Rydell (he’s very mysterious)
    4. Joseph, Kayla, Cooper, and Trey Calhoun (They are so hilarious and I love the Trey Way in the Clubhouse Magazine
    5. Jay Smouse (He’s really hilarious)

  59. My Favorite AIO Characters

    1. Olivia Parker
    2. Penny Bassett
    3. Wooton Bassett
    4. Connie Kendall
    5. Emily Jones
    6. Matthew Parker
    7. Jay Smouse
    8. Buddy (Leonard) Norman
    9. Zoe Grant
    10. Eugene Meltsner

  60. Sunday’s OOTD
    ~pink sweater
    ~pink, grey, and white leaf print skirt
    ~black high-heels( 2 1/2 in. thick heel)
    ~diamond necklace
    ~gold rings on every other finger

  61. Monday and Tuesday
    ~pink and purple tight pants
    ~flowered shirt
    ~yellow socks
    ~2 dutch braids and 2 braids hanging in the front of my face
    ~a yellow bracelet around my ankle

  62. Wednesday OOTD
    ~jean skirt
    ~jaguar black and white shirt
    ~yellow socks
    ~black Steve Madden shoes

  63. Sunday’s Church OOOTD
    ~Floor length black circle skirt
    ~black, blue, and white blouse with silver rhinestones on the lace designed neck
    ~silver hoop earrings
    ~hair pulled back in a half back
    ~pink lipstick
    ~ 2 1/2 inch heeled black shoes

  64. Tuesday OOOTD

    My black plus gold glasses
    My hair in low ponytail with beige scrunchie
    White knitted sweater
    Black and white leggings
    Light pink socks

  65. Monday’s OOOTD
    ~Ankle length denim skirt
    ~Long sleeve grey blouse with a floral design
    ~Sapphire earrings
    ~hair in ponytail
    ~Smart Watch
    ~pink lipstick

  66. Wednesday’s OOOTD
    ~Ankle length denim skirt or loose fit blue jeans
    ~red and black blouse
    ~black stud earrings
    ~Smart Watch
    ~Pink lipstick
    ~hair in ponytail

    Church outfit
    ~ankle length denim skirt
    ~Pink and blue blouse
    ~Smart watch
    ~ Pink Lipstick
    ~Sapphire earrings
    ~2 1/2 inch black heels
    ~hair in half back

  67. @ Olive Way

    As a prize for being one of our most consistent posters would you do us the honor of judging your fave top 3 outfits of what has been posted so far?!

    I am also going to ask Danger’s Daughter to do the same that way you can be judged too!😜🏆

  68. @ Danger’s Daughter

    As a prize for being one of our most consistent posters would you do us the honor of judging your fave top 3 outfits of what has been posted so far?!

    I am also going to ask Olive Way to do the same that way you can be judged too!😜🏆

  69. Ok I am going to ship some characters today here we go and then give my opinion in some stuff

    Buck and Jules
    Emily and Matthew

    Ok that’s I can think of right now

    Why did mich and Connie get married
    Why is Jules getting nicer I liked her they way she was

  70. Wednesday OOOTD

    Hair in low ponytail with beige scrunchie
    Rose gold metal glasses
    Brown cozy sweater
    Dark blue jeans
    Light pink socks
    Black hair band on wrist

  71. Oh whoops I didn’t notice you said top3
    Ok I think danger’s daughter Sunday outfit posted on
    Jan 8 2022 4:15
    And ilovedannygokey Friday OOOTD posted
    Dec 31 2022 10:18

    1. If they are picked they can. Right now, I am choosing two at a time…normally those who have posted the most.

  72. Friday ootd

    *black leggings
    *black oversized hoodie with the Marvel logo
    *long French braid with baby hairs pulled out
    *black glasses (blue light glasses, because I have to be on the computer writing all day 🙂

    Finished school early so it is just kinda a chill day 😜

  73. @ our fashion judges

    Just wanted to say that you are welcome to choose the same person twice for the same judging but for fairness, if you are judging 3 outfits at least one of them should be different. However, the same person can win the fashion contest as many times in a row as chosen.
    I hope this made sense😜

  74. I am also thinking that in order to make this just like the one in the club…we’re going to have
    1. First Place 🥇
    2. Second Place 🥈
    3. Honorable Mention 🥉

    Any questions…feel free to ask!

    1. I guess its not just like the club because they have 1st thru 3rd and then up to 3 honorable mentions…but we don’t have enough posters to have that many places😜

  75. Here I my one from yesterday

    Blue tye dye crop top sweater
    Skinny light blue riped jeans
    Cowboy boots
    Hair in two braids
    A pair of long feather earrings
    Yeah that’s it

  76. Wednesday’s OOTD
    ~ Rainbow leggings
    ~ Bright yellow crop-top
    ~Pink sneakers
    ~”Fried” hair in a whip-cross
    ~Red lipstick
    ~Brown eyeshadow with yellow around the edges
    ~White hoop earrings
    ~My nose-ring
    ~My diamond ring(special present from a special person)
    ~My silver necklace

  77. Saturday’s OOOTD
    ~Loose Fit blue jeans
    ~ blue blouse with flowers around button placket
    ~sapphire earrings
    ~Smart Watch
    ~blue tennis shoes
    ~pink lipstick

  78. Sunday’s OOOTD
    ~black circle skirt(floor length)
    ~black and grey blouse with silvery streaks throughout, and a small keyhole at the high neckline with a small strand of silver and black beads across the top of the keyhole
    ~2 1/2 inch black heels
    ~hair in a black and silver Lila Rose Clip
    ~Smart Watch
    ~pink lipstick
    ~earrings not decided when posted

  79. Sorry I haven’t been commenting in a while.
    I’ve been, you know, busy.
    This may sound lame but I’ve been wearing jeans, sweats, and shorts with my Air Nike high tops. I been wearing v-neck black and white striped shirt, a American flag shaped horse shirt, and a Patriot Cheer shirt. I’ve been wearing mascara and a hoodie.

  80. Monday’s OOTD
    ~ A Danger Force crop-top
    ~ Green gym pants
    ~ ChaS fire-blend tennis shoes
    ~ My hair in a ponytail
    ~ Homemade HI earrings
    ~ Gold chain-link necklace
    ~ Gold bracelet
    ~ My diamond ring
    ~ Gold Anklet
    ~ Chain connected from pants to shirt (like Kanye West the rapper)

  81. Monday’s OOOTD
    ~Long sleeve blue blouse
    ~ Ankle length denim skirt
    ~Smart Watch
    ~sapphire earrings
    ~pink lipstick
    ~hair in ponytail

    Same for Tuesday

  82. Tuesday’s OOTD
    ~ Yellow dress (three inches above the knee)
    ~ Gold necklace
    ~ Tan eyeshadow (fitting my complexation)
    ~ Plum lipstick
    ~ Hair in Laura Ingalls Braids (although my hair is black)
    ~ Daffodil earrings
    ~ Bronze and sparkly alternated nail polish
    ~ My diamond nose-ring
    ~ My diamond ring
    ~ My All Star smartwatch
    ~ Everyday flip flops

  83. Sunday’s OOTD
    ~ White polka-dot sparkly dress
    ~ Crimson lipstick
    ~ Pinkish-red eyeshadow
    ~ Diamond necklace
    ~ Diamond earrings
    ~ Diamond ring
    ~ Silver wristwatch
    ~ Black high-heels
    ~ Silver anklet
    ~ My hair in two thick Dutch braids

  84. Tuesday OOOTD

    Black and gold glasses
    Light gray long sleeve shirt
    Dark blue jeans
    Gray socks with Christmas trees and white polka dots
    Hair in low ponytail with black scrunchie

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