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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

You don’t have to be a doctor

Results May Vary

Trey finds that he has something not just to teach but to learn on this month’s Club adventure: “Results May Vary.” It’s not just medical professionals like Dr. Joseph who make connections with Global Health Outreach. Find out more from Trish Burgess and Alicia Trivett.

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  • Listen to “Results May Vary” starting June 1 on the Club.

380 Responses

    1. Wow! I can’t believe I got first! (I am going to change my username to distinguish me from the others. Sorry Moderators! I will not be commenting much)

    2. If you like horses ues a homestead emoji 🐎🏇🐴🐎

        1. unicorns dragons

          cats chickens

          blobfish look it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Hi. My friend adores blob fish. My little brother is terrified of them lol. I think they are interesting.

          2. I like leopards in real life and my favorite mythical creature has to be a Norwegian Ridge Dragon back like Norbert from Harry Potter (though I am a KOTLC fan as well).

          1. You love KOTLC? I love those books too! I am in the middle of rereading the series. I am so excited about the new book! What about you?

          2. I kind of like KOTLC to. I haven’t finished reading them yet though and I have only read up to book 7. I am excited to finish them!

        2. My favorite animals are dog🐕cat🐈 bird🐦

        3. Same here! Close second is Toothless the dragon from How to train your dragon

  1. Guess what I’m getting a plush kiwi it’s so cute my dad thinks I’m too old for that stuff
    But there’s actually grownups buying stuff like that

    1. Nope, you’re never too old for plushies!!! Lots of grownups have collections of them. 😂 Do you mean kiwi as in the bird or the fruit? Either way it sounds adorable!

      1. The fruit!
        Haha I didn’t know there was a bird called kiwi that’s weird
        (The good kind of weird)

        1. the kiwi bird lays an egg the size of its own body

          1. Whoa, I didn’t know that! That’s crazy!

            And chicken, thank you, that was great. 🤣

    1. Wow I can’t believe there’s a doctor in adventures and see you but I wish there was a dentist

    1. Galadriel, do you like Lord of the rings, I’m guessing you do because of your username, what’s your favorite hobbit

      1. Sam is the best hobbit, no questions asked! He is also just the best character

      1. Thanks, LOTRgeek! your name is cool too!
        do you have a favorite scene in the movies? (If you’ve watched them if not the book)?

  2. Guys I am changing my name to KittyIzzy because there is some one pretending to be me.

    1. hay snelson. you look like you could use some backup so i will ship snelson

      SHIP SNELSON! and no offence but bro WHY do you obsess over snelson?

      1. Thank you soooooooo much! Almost nobody ships Snelson!

        And why do obsess over Snelson? Because Nelson And Suzu are my two favorite characters in AIO so that makes me obsessed with them.

        1. Sorry but I don’t support snelson
          Or buckles
          But I don’t mind Joey!
          Zoey plus jay

          1. You make me mad and happy at the same time, I ship Snelson but I don’t ship Buckles.

        2. i do like nelson swanson! how come nobody ships snelson and sorry but i dont support joey or jay! and why not ship buckles? ps trq your fav animal mine is the phoenix

  3. Hi friends, please take some time to read the guidelines about what you post. Marriage, babies and new life are good, but it seems that there are still people not using their own usernames and it’s causing tension and confusion. So from now on, comments about engagements, marriages, and pregnancies will not be approved.

    1. Thank you for everything you do! I will remember to check my comments for anything not allowed!

  4. @Moderator

    Thank you for your reminders! I am sorry that we as the posters do not always comply with your rules and guidelines. I realize that when we don’t follow the rules we make it more difficult…and for that I apologize!

    I hope that we will all follow the rules now in order to make your job easier and more pleasant. And to honor God!

  5. Just so everyone knows…I am not going to be posting here anymore. My parents aren’t very happy with what is going on here so I am going to be leaving. I am signing this one as anonymous but this will be my last time. I wasn’t on here very often due to school but now I will be leaving.

    So I wish you all a great summer! Good Bye!

  6. I have an idea on how we can fix some of the issues here…let’s make this new podcast page a new and fresh start. Let’s all post under our own names…so if we have to share that we posted under somebody else lets admit it (so we can clear up confusion) and not do so anymore. And lets be careful to not disobey the rules here!

  7. And lets not tell lies here! I think that if we are all open and honest and right minded we won’t have the Moderators removing posting privileges. And if we are honest we will honor God and that should be the most important.

  8. Hey everyone! How are you all doing?
    Can you believe it is June already? Seems like we just celebrated Christmas!

    I’ll be taking another break from commenting due to some of the issues here on the commenting boards. I hope to come back at some point…maybe in a few weeks or a few months…not sure!

    It’s been nice chatting with you! BYE!

  9. Hey y’all I need help, I need some advise I writing an article on faith and I want to use a bible story, but I don’t know which one I’ve narrowed it down to these

    1. I think that Noah is a good example of faith.

      Plus there is a Noah episode that might help you with ideas

  10. I’m so ready for summer!
    I have a lot of things to look forward too!
    My mom is planning to invite my dad’s Ukrainian cousins over
    They had too flee from Ukraine and is really sad but they are just thankful they could come here!
    I’m pretty worried about my relatives and it’s been tough
    Me and my dad were supposed to visit this year now w can’t

    1. My list,
      Working at the library
      Working in VBS
      Thor: love and thunder
      My friend’s sweet sixteen party
      Recording my original music
      Youth talent show

    2. camp
      and many many other things:)

  11. But anyways what are you all looking forward to doing in summer?
    This is my list
    Paddle boarding
    Playing piano
    Sleeping in late
    Visiting he beach
    Water balloon fights
    Going on fun road trips
    Playing outside a lot
    Church kids camp!
    Walks and hiking
    Plus more but I. Running out of space so

    1. my list for stuff to do this summer

      roller blading
      sleeping in late
      water balloon fights
      going on road trips
      playing out side a lot
      going to bible camp
      playing on my trampoling with the sprinkler turned on
      and going to water parks and dunking my little sister Eva under the waterfall in the lazy river

    2. This is my list:
      Piano Recital
      My birthday!!
      Mama’s birthday!!
      Going to the beach
      Swimming lessons
      Playing board games
      Playing outside
      Playing with friends
      Church Student Community
      Listening to AIO!
      Having fun!!
      Waking up early
      And so much more!!

      1. this is my summer list:

        visiting all my family
        staying up late
        sleepovers with friends!
        going to the beaches
        playing games
        sleeping in ofc
        and listening to adventures in odyssey & AIO
        cute summer clothes!
        going to the Mall of America with friends
        eating tones of dessert
        reading books in the shade under a tree
        there is so much more but i cant fit it all
        ya’ll have a GREAT summer:)

        1. i’v always wanted my birthday to be in the summer
          but its in spring (April) which is still fine:D

          1. Thanks for your opinions, you’ve made my decision much easier, but i still have top two! please vote on which one to do!


    3. My List:
      Do my Les Mis Show!
      Learn to paint
      Clean room (Always a pain!😖)
      Average Boy Challenge
      Redecorate My Bedroom! 🥰 (Beach Theme!)
      Go to Karaoke Night!
      Visit cousins!
      Praying for a surprise trip!
      That’s it!

      1. What days are your show? That sounds like so much fun!! What part do you play? I would love to be in Les Mis some day 🙂

      2. You like Les miserables? I LOVE it! That is my favorite musical. My mom actually wrote musicals. I am such a theater kid lol

        1. it’s my favorite as well! (along with Phantom ofc lol) I’m also a theater kid haha. has anyone ever heard of the musical Bright Star? I auditioned for it and my callback is today I’m very nervous!

      3. @Sister in Jesus
        In response to your reply last page…
        Ensemble is great! The background actors especially fun to watch in musicals. 🙂 I love your positive attitude!
        Are you in shows often, or was this a special thing?
        Also, I’ve heard Average Boy, but what’s the Average Boy Challenge?

    4. My list
      Walking to my friends house
      Going outside
      Reading in the shade
      Admire God creation
      Play at park

  12. Im doing great
    How bout you??

    Im going camping this weekend and I’m so excited!!!!⛺️🏕😁

  13. Hi! I’m the Anonymous who got first! I changed my username. Anyways, thank you moderators for everything you do! I know sometimes we don’t comply with the guidelines, and I’m so sorry for that. And again, thank you moderators!

    1. Wow this is probably my all-time favorite episode because I want to be a doctor

  14. Hey, I just wanted to tell everyone, that I will no longer be posting, because of some confusion going on with my old username. I hope this will help clear some things up.

    1. I’m so sorry about all the confusion. I know it can be stressful. I just wanted you to know that someone on the Buck + Jules = Buckles page said something about being sorry for pranking you. I’m not sure if it’s related, but I hope it helps…

    1. So cool! I’m not very good at it tho!😆 I really want to learn how to make a hanging plant holder, have you made one of those yet? What all have you made so far?

  15. Has anybody seen ILOVEDANNYGOKEY or OdysseyFan? I know OdysseyFan changed her name several times…

  16. HI! everyone:D
    i used to be Addy but now i am going to be “1#Addy:)” with a smily face just because there are a lot of Addys here

  17. Hi! (I really don’t know what else to say so that’s what I’m going to write…)

    1. Me? I used to post and just came back and saw what’s going on here with poor lizzy I am sry lizzy if there is anything I can do to help let me know

      1. Are you the Ava that used to post on the Book Editor page?

        If so, how are you doing? What have you been up to? Would you like to post any of your outfits on the OOOTD page?

    1. Also @Spider girl gwen, chris pratt played Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    1. Because they weren’t comfortable with everyone talking about engagements or marriages or pregnancies or all the pranking that people were doing. And I totally get it; I was thinking of doing the same thing before the moderators told people to stop. So that’s why.

    2. I think a lot of people are leaving because of confusion with their names or that they don’t have time to comment.

  18. It didn’t look like my last post got approved so I am going to try again.

    1. are you ok you just got married didn’t you I am so sry that must be so hard I can’t even put into words how sry I am when did I this happen
      I will definitely be praying
      Oh I am just so sry for your loss
      Did you husband and your parents die?

      It must be so sad
      But praise God you are still
      I will pray for you and your family

    2. We are praying for you, Sister! We love you!

      You can always count on us to be there for us! However, if we aren’t always there for you, the LORD is!

    3. i am SO sorry.
      my family will all be praying for you
      i am so happy that you still are choosing to trust in god through all this
      a lot of people don’t have so much courage and faith as you

    4. Of course, I will definitely be praying for you! Remember to trust him; he has a plan for everything and works all things out for good for those who love him.

    5. Amethest, so sorry to hear about your loss, i feel your heartbreak, i will be praying for you. healing takes time, don’t rush the process, lean into the Lord and the people He has given you in your life.

    6. I am so sorry. I am definitely praying. 🙏 “The Lord is Faithful to all who Call on Him”

    7. Amethyst, I am so sorry for your loss. I and my family are praying Jesus will hold and comfort you through this dark time.
      I thought these songs might help you:
      It Matters to the Master | Official Performance Video | The Collingsworth Family
      Natalie Grant – Held (with lyrics)
      Your sister in Christ

    8. I am so sorry. That is awful! I will definitely be praying for you and your family.

    9. I am so sorry:(
      and so happy (that you still choose to trust in the lord ofc)
      I will be praying for you

      🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    11. I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry I’ll definitely be praying for you
      My favorite verse (it’s been a huge comfort to me) is Matthew 11:28. It says,
      “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Again I’m sorry. I can’t imagine the pain and heartache. Lean on the lord, he is the only one who can get you through this

    12. I am soooo sorry AMETHYST!!
      I will definitely pray for you. I know the pain you are going through. God Bless!!!

    13. I have a plan for you declared the lord

      Even as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will not be afraid

      you will grow during hardship

  19. Sorry guy’s so busy these days probably be able to comment to often i might be able to every 2-3 days mabie also what happened to the marvel page?

    1. @spider girl/gwen, where do we put the marvel page now? All of the previous pages are closed! 😞

      1. Ok the ” Andre Stojka on Whit “page is the new book page if that is fine with you

  20. Hey! It’s me!!! I am so praying for you Amethyst. I can’t imagine what you are going to. You and your husband seemed so upbeat and happy about marriage. May the LORD encourage, strengthen, and comfort you through your time of trial. You are young—- seek the plans GOD has for your life.

    1. wait does your name say I-LOVED-ANNY-GOKEY or I-LOVE-DANNY-GOKEY?
      just wondering

  21. Well my name is Ava but I haven’t commented in a while, I think there is another Ava.
    Hey Rachel💜, do you remember me? We talked about the splits and gymnastics last year?

    1. Yes! How are you? Also, I can finally do the splits! It hurts a little, but I can do it.

  22. Does anyone here love musicals? If so, have you ever heard of A Tale of Two Cities the musical by Kirsten G. W. Dalton? It is really good

    1. I love musicals! I haven’t heard of the musical but the book is really good. What are your favorite musicals?

      1. Oooh, there are so many good ones!!! Probably Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and West Side Story are my top three. Hamilton is a good one too

        1. oh wow all of ours line up! I would say my top three are Les Mis, phantom of the opera, and Bright Star.

  23. This is my list
    Drive in theater
    Movie nights
    Youth group pool parties
    More sleepovers
    Church camp
    Vacation bible school
    Yard sales
    Trip to California(I live in ny)
    Family camp out
    Going to the beach
    8fays of hope


      going on Vacation
      going to visit my cousins (in OR)
      hanging out with friends more
      BIG water parks
      going to the beach more often
      summer clothes shopping
      sleeping in ofc
      learning to play piano
      doing who get stay up the latest with friend
      Hosting PARTIES
      & more:)

  24. Has anyone looked at the next album ’28 Hours’. You can read the description on the AIOWIKI website for ourselves. It is sososo awesome sounding. I can’t wait to hear it in September or October on the radio

    1. yes i like love Jules shes the best!
      oh and i LOVE Julian
      oh and Jason he’s like super cool
      J, J, J!

    1. aw
      hewo tiger of course i can be friends with you when every you feel lonely just hug your stuffed animal and you will feel better:) god will comfort you

  25. Can y’all pray for me?
    My dad has a heart problem and he may need heart surgery
    And I cant have friends over for the next 3 months because of germs 😥
    He could die if he gets a common cold

    1. @ZaneBrick
      I will pray for you! God heal your father! I cannot imagine how hard and terrible that is for you! Just remember, God is always with you.

    2. I am so sorry for your dad it must be hard because he probably goes to work and now he cant work
      I will pray for your dad for your family and for you

    3. i am SO sorry about that 🙁
      its hard when a family member is suffering or someone close
      i will pray and ask others to pray if you dont mind

    4. I’m praying for your dad and your entire family! ♥️ Remember that God has endless experience with healing broken hearts!

  26. i need a miracal and as much prayer as much prayer as posible
    as some as you know my younger sister has cancer and she just got worse the doctors have really bad news
    so pleas pray because idk what else to do!

    1. Of course! ❤
      Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make straight your path.

  27. He can you guys pray for me?
    I have a really bad cold and headache, 🤒
    And we’re going camping tomorrow and I want to have a fun time, but I’m just feeling miserable. So it would mean a lot if you would pray for me. Thank you 😍

  28. Thank you to everyone for all of your kind words, prayers and support! It all meant so much to me! Thank you!

    To those who asked…yes, my parents and my husband died in the car accident…

    I have some injuries but nothing that is major…
    To ILOVEDANNYGOKEY – thank you! I can’t imagine going thru what you went thru so I appreciate your kind words!

    1. You are welcome, sister. And remember I am always here if you need/ want to talk. Love you.

      1. Thank you! There is a small update about me on the OOOTD page(the new one)

        How are you doing? Are you looking forward to September?

  29. Is it ok if we make a prayer page?
    I think it would be a good idea since so many people are asking prayer.
    And by the way: Somebody girl, Amethyst, Zanebrick, and just peachy🍑 I am praying for you all!

    1. yes we should make a prayer page!
      where we can pray encourage and just be there for them

    2. yes i like love Jules shes the best!
      oh and i LOVE Julian
      oh and Jason he’s like super cool
      J, J, J

    1. Oh, Nelson is part of the Square-1 Club And he is part of Kidsboro.

      I hope you do ship Snelson because almost nobody ships it except for @Titus

  30. Guys so busy these days ya were we are moving soon and this will be my last comment for a while maby see you all in a year I’m guessing
    Oh and please keep the marvel page going i can’t run it anymore
    So you guys decid where where it is next i love Y’all plz pray for us
    I will come back i promise (in a year)😭😧😣😙 me out

    1. i will so pray for your moving to go well and i know how tough it can be to move. i moved not long ago and it was sad
      to leave a place that i spent umm… 10 years and what was even worse that i moved during the pandemic when school unexpectedly closed and i had to say bye on zoom and my bestie wasn’t even in the same class
      and i lost contact:(

  31. Could you guys pray for me??
    My brother has a cold and has to work the next while…… and were praying he gets better soon!

  32. Weird question AIO………if you ask for prayers on here for someone who is pregnant will It be posted???

  33. @Amethyst
    Sorry about your loss.
    (P.S. if God kept you alive that means there is a purpose for you and God has a plan for you.)
    (P.S.S I’ll be praying for you.)

  34. @Wanda and Spidergirl/Gwen
    Haha… Funny story about Chris pratt. Before I watch marvel I was talking with my friend, and she was SUPER excited because her cousin had met Chris Pratt and gotten and picture w/ him. I didn’t know who he was, so I thought she said Crisp Rat, and I was like WhO NaMeD ThEiR ChiLd AfTeR a FrIeD RoDeNt!?!? 😂

  35. My fav animal is

    Real animal: peregrine falcon

    Mythical creature: the Phoenix

  36. Just curios, is anyone else here afraid of doctors? Like me? Or dentists? Or eye doctors? Or anyone who prods at your body? Just wondering…I don’t mean to be rude but doctors are scary!!!

  37. AIO…weird question but what are Connie’s, Eugene’s, Jules’, and Buck’s middle names?

    1. Jule’s middle name is Newmar… her full name is July Newmar Kendall…look it up on AIO Wiki

  38. Alrighty, to anyone who’s interested, it looks like the new book page will be on the recent “Andre Stojka on Whit” podcast page! 📚
    I’m excited! 😁

  39. Does anyone know any pages that are not taken so that we can start a marvel page??

  40. Hey 💜tiger🐯 I love tigers I assume that you do too 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯I love tigers so much they are so cute do you want to be friends 🐯🐅🐅💙💚💜

    1. I would love to be friends I also love tigers
      I am between the ages of 10 and 15

  41. Here are some things about me
    I love Minecraft
    I love legos
    I love movies and shows
    I love cats and tigers
    I love comic books and reading
    I am in the middle of 11and13
    I have glasses and brown hair and pink bangs and I literally don’t even listen to the pod cast I live in eastern New York

    1. hey jenney
      I LOVE LEGO too
      i have brown hair
      and i also love movies
      & minecraf:D

    2. I have blue eyes and brown hair and bangs
      I love cats
      I have never played Minecraft
      I love LEGOS
      And I live in Georgia
      I love reading Nancy drew

  42. HI!
    how is your day going everyone
    cuz guess what i’m doing today?!
    i’m SO exited!

  43. I’m going to ARIANA GRANDE’S concert!
    sry just Reallyyy exited

  44. things about me
    I have brown hair with light purple
    you will see me mostly wearing over size sweaters
    I love playing games with friends like minecraft, roblox and more
    I love hanging out with friends like sleepovers and going to the mall
    I also like building lego i build houses, mansions, little shops, malls and more
    i am 12-15
    live in cali

  45. Hi Angelina I can totally relate I love all those things.
    Especially the hanging out with friends
    And I am 12-15

  46. Hi Angelina I can totally relate I love all those things.
    Especially the hanging out with friends
    And I am 12-14

    1. ooh! that’s a hard question
      1.gardenning (I love Flowers)
      2. summer camp
      3. visiting family
      4. SLEEEEEP!
      6. graduation parties (not my own)
      7. harvest festivals
      8. working out

    2. I am going to be doing a lot of business stuff this summer, but I am going to camp and visiting family too. What about you?

  47. I have something to say.

    I have been thinking about it and… (as hard ad it is to say it…) I was wrong.

    Snelson is not a good idea.

    Sorry for the trouble I have caused.

    I just tend to get passionate about a things I think of.


  48. I Love AIO!!!!😁🤗🤪🤩 I love Connie & Whit & Wooton & Penny & Buck & Jules!
    & Eugene & Katrina & Tom & Bernard & Richard & Tasha & Jason & Julian Marshall & Renee! My fav episode Suspicious Minds! RIP Will Ryan aka Eugene Meltzner🥺🥺🥺🥺

  49. Hello, I’m Kate. Im writing a novel and I NEED advice. I’ll tell you a little of what it’s about.

  50. So, Rowan a girl who is living her normal life finds a really old pocket watch and she tries to set it to the modern time. But when she tries to set it to the right time instead of Numbers on a clock it had years all the way back to year 1 in history.

  51. This time traveling watch was like a game to her so eventually she went to often. That when she went to the 1400s and tried to get back the watch left her in the past. The pocket watch wasn’t invented until the late 1400s and the early 1500s.

  52. Rowan tries to hide the pocket watch and figure out how to get back to modern day.eventually she unsuccessfully hide the watch and it was found and copied. But will these pocket watches be able to time travel too? And how will Rowan get back to modern day? This novel was inspired by a repeating dream that I have had.I live in Alaska!

  53. I don’t know how to write very well, but I want to turn this into a published book someday (In a million years). I hope somebody has some advice to give.Thank you. I’m not posting very often but I’ll try to check a little more often.

  54. I am so sorry about your younger sister LOTRgeek!!! I will pray for you your sister and you family.

  55. @ Kate
    So I just finished writing a short story and also hope to publish it. My advice is just don’t be afraid to stay true to your story. Don’t think of it as a future book but as a story you love. How you approach writing is everything. Also make sure that you give sections to your siblings and friends and listen to their feedback.

  56. If you have any prayer requests please come share it on the prayer page. It is located on the What is the Name of Album73?… page.

  57. Hi Kate! I’m a future author too! I’m currently working on two books both true story’s!😉

    Um ok so your book I’m a little confused dose Rowan take the pocket watch with her? Or not? It she doesn’t I think you should make 20 years go by and a 14 year old boy finds it and try’s it and goes to the 1400s and finds Rowan TBC

  58. But in 20 years Rowan has given up hope and gotten married and now has 7 kids and lives on a farm and not forgotten about the pocket watch but given up hope on ever finding a way home so when the boy finds her and tells her about were he came from she try’s to find a way to get him home she Successfully dose and it takes her back
    to! TBC

    1. That’s funny. I live on a farm and I have 5 siblings! Homestead Farm that is family runned!

  59. When she goes back she goes back to her normal age and the same place it’s like she never left!

    Hope that helps!
    Also what’s the books name?

  60. Thank you so much for the advice Jules. yeah I guess it is a little confusing at this point. Yes she takes the pocket watch with her and then she try’s to hide it. So basically she can change the future in a way. I do not have the book title yet. So ideas are welcome. I seriously haven’t even written chapter 1 yet, Im trying to plan the plot first.

  61. @Jules. So yeah I guess im going to change it up a little bit. So I guess she leaves the pocket watch behind and the 14 year boy finds it and so on (what you said). This was inspired by a dream I had one night. Except I was Rowan. And I went to the past and found a girl named Shona. She helped me get back to modern day and I brought her with me.

    1. If you want you can come to the book page it is on “Andre stojka on whit

  62. @ Jules. My fav music is
    If the walls move By Gray Havens and Endless Summer by Gray Havens as Well!
    Gray havens is a Christian music artist and they have tons of great songs. What’s your favorite Music?
    I play the violin so im into a lot of violin classical music too!
    I love cats! We have 3.

  63. I have only been out of Alaska once in my life. I was born and raised in Alaska! I love AK!

  64. That sounds great Kate I’m so happy I could help! You could call it the pocket watch?? If I have any other names I’ll let you know
    My fav music is country music Florida Georgia line,Thomas Rhett,Luke combs etc.
    I also really like Toby macs stuff and mercy me!😁

  65. I am starting research on a new story. It’s about Jewish girl who lives in Poland and has to go into hiding. In hiding her hider’s daughter teaches her about Jesus. Researching has been fun but difficult to find the answers to questions I have. I. have no jewish ancestors but I love the story Hiding Place, and Corrie Ten Boom!

    1. Hey could you talk about books or books your writing at the book page
      it’s on”Andre stojka on whit”
      Sorry if that sounds rude but it’s just better if all the stuff about books is in one place

      1. Sorry tiger totally forgot!🤦🏻‍♀️
        Some times Conversations get started and there really good so you don’t want to stop them you know???
        I’ll try to next time 😉

  66. Sounds like fun kittylzzy!are you looking at publishing the story? Or is it a summer project or just for fun??
    If you need any help I’d love to help with what i can I have some Jewish friends and my great great grandparents might have been Jewish!

  67. -kittyIzzy
    Ok great! I love helping with books! And if you ever don’t like an idea or something just say so 😉
    How much research have you done? What do you know? What can I help with?

  68. Hey guys!
    What do you think if we turned this into a Narnia page?? What do you think?? Just an idea…

  69. @Tiger
    I am so so sorry I didn’t see your comments sooner tiger!! YES i want to be your friend!!
    Ill be on the AIO comment page for my 14 day free trial when its up ( pro ill start it 19 or 18) so hopefully i get to chat with you there!😁 I’d love to get to know you a little better

    Well bye for now tiger!!👋🏻 Chat soon!!

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