The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Dec. 2, 2009: The producers answer your questions about Album 51, including whether Eugene and Katrina will have a baby, the future of Tom Riley, and more.

The first chocolate Macadamia nut cookies arrive!
The first chocolate Macadamia nut cookies arrive!

You sent in over 500 questions and the producers answered as many as they could!

Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold answer your questions about the upcoming season including juicy tidbits about the Inspiration Station, the Parker family, Eugene and Katrina’s baby plans, the future of Tom Riley, story hints, which characters will appear in the new season, and much more.

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Podcast Links

  • Check out the video podcast, with previews of “Take It From the Top” and glimpses of the actors and recording. Plus you can find out what the cookies are for!
  • Get Darien’s Rise now and hear all nine parts!
  • Read more about “The Twilife Zone,” featuring Philonius Voce.
They are delicious.
They are delicious.
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