The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

One young listener’s dream to be on Adventures in Odyssey comes true!

Paul-Mikel Williams (left), voice of Trey Calhoun, with his radio brother Preston Butler III, voice of Cooper Calhoun
Paul-Mikel Williams (left), voice of Trey Calhoun, with his radio brother Preston Butler III, voice of Cooper Calhoun

Paul-Mikel Williams grew up listening to Odyssey and dreamed of acting on the show. Now he plays a main character: Trey Calhoun.

Clubhouse Magazine, November 2021
Clubhouse Magazine, November 2021

Paul-Mikel’s radio brother – Preston – was the cover story of November 2021’s Clubhouse Magazine.

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  • Got questions about Album 71: A Slippery Slope – or anything in Odyssey? Leave a question for us: 1-855-784-WHIT. (Make sure to have a parent’s permission before you call!)
  • Listen to “The Snow Must Go On” in the Club right now.
  • Listen to “Worth It” online and on the radio on November 20.

434 Responses

      1. I grew up watching it and it’s a big part of my childhood, if that make sense. My brother and I would act it out when we were little.

      2. Hi Rachel! I just saw that you posted and said you love The Mysterious Benedict Society. That’s literally my favorite series. I’ve read all of the books about 4, and the first one about 6 times!😊 I’ve read the secret keepers, but I didn’t really like it. Maybe I should change my pen name to Kate Weatherall!😊

        1. I love the books that I have read! I have a friend whose name is Kate, but she is more like sticky. She has also read the series.

      3. My little sisters real name is Atrid I am a huge fan of how to train your dragon and I convinced my parents to name her that

      1. wow ive never seen…
        (sigh) any AIO videos but we are starting 2 videos
        whos your favorite character??
        mine is Eugene Wooton and whitt
        my least favorite is……
        (sigh again) jules kendell and tamika washington

      1. Great job on second. I’m sorry you didn’t get first. Im new to the podcast chat thing, so I’m not sure what all you guys do. What do you guys do?

        1. Well… Most Of The Time We Talk About Our favorite things and that kind of stuff.

      1. @me

        I am not trying to be unkind but is it ok if we don’t use the phrase “suck at it”? I don’t think that the word “suck” is a good one…And it can also be very offensive to some…I am sure though that you weren’t trying to be offensive😀

        How are you doing?

          1. I agree. We could say I’m bad it instead. Do you do Irish stepdancing @True Dance True North!!!? I love listening to Irish music , with the dances. I’m part Irish and I’m learning some of the dances to. What kinds of music do y’all like?

          2. I don’t but that’s so cool that you do! I think I have a bit of Irish, but at one quarter, I am mostly Norwegian.

            I don’t have a lot of variety in the music that I listen to, mostly worship and songs that I have dance to, I also listen to some Disney.

          1. @me

            No need to feel bad…I’m not offended! I just think that some words can be offensive. Some of us have been raised to not use certain words so some could be offended if they’re used.

            However, I know that you were not trying to be offensive!

            I am doing well. Hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

          2. @me

            I should also add that even though I am not offended…I do not choose to use that word. I don’t believe that it is a good one.

            However, I know that everyone here has differing opinions on right words…so don’t feel bad.😁

          3. I am sure she meant it, and as did I, as a correction, not any personal offense. Don’t feel bad!

          1. You are VERY welcome! Maybe just for the comments here…we could just think about what Whit or Connie say…they don’t really use slang words or words that are divisive…

            How are you?

  1. By the way the “25?” Comment was from me, Anonymous R. I have decided to put a letter on my name so people can know the difference between Anonymous, and Me.

  2. Oh wow, that show (the Jurassic Park show) was like all my brothers would watch for a while😂😂

        1. No! I am not engaged…I just put a smiley emoji because I thought you were joking…sorry for the confusion.

          I don’t even wear a diamond ring…just wanted a really different username.

        1. Thanks! However, I am sorry for the confusion…but I am NOT engaged…

          Because of the confusion and all of the comments of my username I am switching back to one of my original username…TwiceAdopted

  3. happy thanks going and wanted to say that I am praying for anyone like Zoey is praying for those who are questioning their faith and if there is ay way I can help you or them or even your friend God bless

        1. Are you asking me? If so, yes. Although, I think that we are ALL friends here…so you don’t have to ask!

  4. Trey Calhoun is actually an awesome character that Odyssey brought in. Keep making more episodes with him!

    1. Love your username!
      I realized that as I get older, I like Larry less and Bob more. It’s really nice to see a Bob the Tomato
      (What I’m really trying to say is that I love Bob the Tomato)

      1. I’ve been doing great! Is your studio doing nutcracker? Mine is doing a nutcracker tea, which is scenes from the nutcracker, and the parents of dancers bring food for the people watching to eat. We don’t have any guy dancers 🙁 but that is fine. 🙂 remind me if you are on point… I am, but I am only starting, so I do not dance on point in the recitals.

      1. I didn’t want the commenters especially the kids to feel intimidated and not feel comfortable chatting either with me or on here in general due to my age. I also thought that a username like that drew a lot of unneeded attention. I am not seeking to flaunt my age or the fact that I am no longer a child.

        1. Hi! I myself am “No longer a teen”. Would you like to be friends? I enjoy horseback riding and reading and more reading and…Well,you get the point.😁

          1. Sure! Although, I don’t believe that anyone here has to ask to be friends…I believe everyone should be friends.

            I enjoy horseback riding and reading and more reading…and listening to AIO or AIOC.

          2. What age bracket are you in 16-20, 21- 28, 28+
            I know you said that you were no longer a teen but I was just curious which you are. I ask for age brackets because I don’t feel comfortable sharing my real age so I give an age bracket…mine is 21-28.
            Do you like art…I like your username…guessing that The Artist is a reference to our Creator and Lord?

  5. @Skilletfan14

    How are you doing? How is everyone in Club? I definitely miss all of my friends there…including you!!!

    1. I’m ok, I’ve been struggling with something and my betta fish passed away today. I didn’t ask how they were.doing ,.I can if you’d like me to. How are you doing? At least we get to chat on here.

      1. @Skilletfan14

        I am so sorry that your fish passed away…losing a pet is always hard…I have experienced it before. I am also sorry to hear that you are struggling with ‘something’. Remember to take ALL of your struggles to Jesus! He loves and cares for you! And I am glad that we get to chat here…not sure if I’ll buy the club again…

        1. that’s hard…I really like pretty much everyone except for jar jar binks…but that’s a no brainer. I guess probably Yoda, Rey, Kylo Ren, Han Solo and Leia.
          Who are yours? What are your favorite movies?

          1. Meesa a prequel fan.(sorry I couldn’t resist) Anakin Skywalker is my favorite,but I also like The Mandalorian, padme and boba fett. Episodes 2 and 3 are my favorites

        1. Cool. I like The Mandalorian.Do you have a favorite episode? Mine are the last one, and the one when he meets Cara Dune.

  6. Hi Everyone,
    With album 71 A Slippery Slope ending this weekend I am wondering something about album 72 The Long Road Home. Since they are putting on the first two episodes on the radio which is The Lost One Part 1 which will air on December 4th and The Lost One Part 2 airs on December 11th. Will the full album come out to us before Christmas?

      1. Hi There,
        I am not in the aio club. That is why I was asking this question to everyone. If you check that album’s wiki from your computer then you would know why I am really confused as to when the full album of album 72 The Long Road Home will be available to us for download. After you do that then would you explain my original question to me.

        1. The full album is available to us in the club starting from December 4th. But for you, I really don’t know.

      1. Hi Peterf,
        How do you know this because when I just checked the wiki of that album there was no indication that it was ever in the club. In the past and for album 71 for their wiki’s that they would say when the full album was in the club. At the time for album 71 that the full album came out to us after the second episode aired in the club.

        1. I actually just got the club and I seen that the rest of the episodes in album 72 we’re on there. I haven’t listened to them yet though.

    1. Wait ! How do you know how álbum 82 is called?🤨 I am sooooo exited to hear does episodes

  7. Hello everyone. Our family is new to adventures in odyssey and it is great looking forward to hearing more and congrats to Paul-Mikel!!

    1. Welcome, I highly suggest listening to the older odyssey episodes so you know the history of odyssey and what has been happening recently so you are up to date on current story lines. Also you could check out the Odyssey timeline right here on the website too so you can learn more about what has happened in Odysseys past Beware of spoilers though🙂

  8. Hey does anyone have the episode “between the lines, part two”? If so, you know how they go to the stelmach school? Well, the person there says “I’m a cykic” and I said, “you’re more of a ciyko” (not sure how you spell that)

    1. Jason and Janna get a tourist map of the town. Janna starts reading off the attractions and one of them is that psychic school. The two follow the map to the school and that’s how they go there.
      Does that answer your question,maybe. By the way I like your username.

      1. Both, and animals. The worm next to the book stands for bookworm.

  9. @Skilletfan14

    Hey! Just wondering if the rest of Album 72 is available on the club?

    1. Hi! Well it showed up a few days ago, but they took it off. It’s not supposed to be out till December .

  10. I didn’t know that many people liked chess! It’s a very healthy game. I would play at my school, but I only know one other person who likes playing chess and haven’t played him yet.

  11. did you hear that Will Ryan passed away? i am so sad.there is no emojies to describe how i feel.

    1. What……… I am in shock!😶😭😩😞😔☹️😣😖😫😐 how did he die?

  12. Did everyone else hear about Will Ryan dying? I saw the notification this morning and started crying. I didn’t know him personally, but I feel like I did. I can’t imagine Odyssey without him.

  13. wow, its sad the Will Ryan died. I hope he had his faith firmly in Jesus. this is a reminder, that even though wer’re kids life is short. I encourage you to read Revelation 21 the first paragraph, really puts things into perspective.

  14. Hey guys, I am going to change my name to “True dance true north”. I go to a Christian dance studio, and so great! One of their motto type things is True Dance true north, because Jesus is our true north.

  15. Look at this!👀⬇️
    Referring to the kingdom of heaven Luke 13:19 says: “It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds perched in its branches.”

  16. Cont.

    The interesting thing is, if you look up a picture of a mustard plant, it is flowering! It is not a tree! My final conclusion from this is that God is saying that the kingdom of heaven is supernatural! It is the things that you don’t think often think about that are the most interesting! I have always assumed that it was a tree! Ha ha 🤣🌳

  17. Anyone here interested in Irish Stepdancing! I am awful at it, but I’m trying. I think it’s interesting, and since I am part Irish, I probably should know how to do it.

  18. i love jurassic park they finally got E750 scorpious rex imn dying i have to wait a month for the next episode

  19. Hello!
    It’s sunny at my house right now which is
    great because it’s been raining forever 😩😩😩😩

    1. hi do you want to be friends if not its ok

  20. Totally Random Question: Who is your favorite, and least favorite character? past or present.

    1. My favorite character is CONNIE KENDALL, AND JASON WHITTAKER!
      together they would be PERFECT. listen to For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll. it just PRoVEs that they should GET together! Least favorite Character. as cruel and terrible as this sounds but my least favorite character is The new voice of Whit Andre Stojka.his voice is just not like whit.

      1. Yeah, it just isn’t the same. I don’t mean to offend Andre Stojka but he sounds like he is panicked. Like in Find A Penny (one of my favorites) he sounds like he’s like😱the whole time.
        Rest in peace Will Ryan, an Odyssey legend

  21. Did you guy’s hear what happened to Will Ryan? If you go the home page, it has a thing you can read about it. I am so so so sad and am praying for all his family and friends, and for the future of odyssey

  22. did you read the story about Will Ryan? it’s so sad, and what’s going to happen with Eugene? : (

  23. It is so sad that Will Ryan passed. We will all miss him, and Eugene will never be the same if they give him a different actor. Rest In Peace Will Ryan. 😢

  24. I don’t want to think about what’s going to happen with Eugene. I’m okay to just leave that with the AIO team, and I know they’ll make the right decision.

  25. No! I loved Eugene! I hope that they don’t try to replace Eugene with a different actor and instead maybe have him move away or just die. I think it could wreck the character of they tried changing actors. Just my personal opinions though.

  26. i love danceing i did foke dance once it was so fun! i am working ballet poses right now any one do ballet ? girls

  27. Totally Random Question (TRQ): Who is your favorite, and least favorite character? past or present.

    1. I guess that’s not a “Totally Random Question” it’s more like “TAOQ” (Totally Adventures in Odyssey Question)

  28. @ Meg/Maggie/Arwen/Terkel/Galadriel/I love horses/Nancy
    I love horses too and l would like to be friends

  29. Happy thanksgiving!Who plays the piano on here?i am getting better.My favorite song to play on the piano is Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.I also like reading. My favorite series are The Penderwicks on Gardam Street.Is anyone good at water color painting?i keep trying it but i am not very good at it.My best painting is not very good at all.

    1. I play the piano. I have for 4 years. I also LOVE reading classical books. I’m not good at painting either.

      1. i have played the piano for six years.I just started playing the right hand part on hymns.i like reading classical books to!

      2. @ Lillian Wow I love the Penderwicks! yes I love to watercolor, I took some classes and I am sort of good at it. I have actually taught some people how to do it and I have helped teach some classes. If you like the Penderwicks you should totally read the Vanderbeekers of 141st street by Karina Yan Glaser. It is amazing!

  30. I play piano and watercolor,.!!
    I looooove reading a lot
    What is everyone doing for thanksgiving?.
    We are having the most gigantic turkey 🦃😄😄🤪🤪
    Oh yeah and I’m changing my name to olive way 🤪💕🐎

  31. I am very sad about Will Ryans death but we all just need to remember that he is in heaven
    RIP. Ryan

    1. 🐕🐴🐎🐆🐈🐇🐿🐘🐭🐁🐀🐼🐧🐦🐥🐤🐣🐞🐝🐳🕊🐬I know my list is huge

      1. Ok. Well, if you decide later to comment those of us here would love to friend you!

        Can I ask why you’re not going to comment?

  32. Can someone please copy and paste the article about Wills passing into the comments. Thank you!

    1. Um… That is really long! It’s to long to post! Sorry! But you can go to home and there is link to read the article.

  33. its really nice here olive way
    i live in the country turkey isnt that funny??!!!!
    i also have no emojis zeke kya ive heard of them

  34. I Got An Early Christmas Present 🎁 and guess what it was…

    An AIO Club Membership!!
    I’ve been wanting this for so long!!

    1. So happy for you! I know that you will like it! Have you had it before?
      I have had several…I miss all of my friends there…at leas I still get to chat with some of them here.

      1. That’s so awesome! I loved being on the club! Made lots of fun! Do you feel comfortable sharing your username with me…I might know you? I was SchoolGrad4Him

        1. I’m relatively new to the club, so I might not know you…..
          But I think I’ve seen your username before! When did you leave?

    2. I”m so so so happy for you!! oh and another thing that is great, is in the album list close to the botttom there is a christmas countdown of 24 christmas episodes! is really enjoyable and a great advent calendar.

    1. I liked Jeff and also Jason…although Jason if often considered too old for Connie.
      Had Robert Mitchell not married Maureen and moved to Madagascar I would have picked Robert Mitchell as the ideal husband
      I know you didn’t ask but I also think that Jason and Jillian should marry. And Mitch, Maureen and their 4 kids should eventually move to Odyssey

    1. No worries! I think it is wonderful how you try to comment only once in a while! Good for you! Thanks for setting such a good example

  35. this is the biggest comment ive made but happy thanksgiving and christmas we’ve already decorated for christmas wohoo falalalalalalalala tis the season toupee jolly falalalalalalalala who likes checkers???????

  36. Noooo don’t make Eugene dissaper ( did I spell it right?) I just heard they adopted Buck and it be horrible for Buck to lose his first real good dad compared to mr skint obviously 😒

    1. My membership just expired…so I am not in now but I have had AIOC several times…love it!

  37. I don’t know anyone here but I’m on the club and hopped over here to say hi…so hi!

    I probs won’t be on here much…but if I remember I can tell people on the club hi for you!

    1. Yes! I remember seeing you on the club! Do you remember me…I was SchoolGrad4Him!
      Had lots of friends over there…invited them to comment here but so far only 2 have showed up to chat with me…😕

      So glad you hopped over to say hi! Hi to you too and also all of the club friends…

  38. Did anyone here know that there has been more that one actor that has voiced Eugene Meltsner? I don’t know what the AIO team is going to do about the loss of Will Ryan/Eugene but I do think that if they found the right person…the voice of Eugene could continue!

    1. To correct my own mistake…2 actors have voiced young Eugene…

      Still, I think that the voice of Eugene should continue!!

  39. I was very sad that Will Ryan died. Eugene is my favorite character. I think that AIO is going to get another voice for Eugene (against my will (no offense) I am so sad).

    It is so sad because Will Ryan has been in Adventures in Odyssey from the beginning. There has been several Whits but Will Ryan and Katie Leigh have been there from the beginning. And they haven’t changed!!

    1. Actually, there have been a few “voice of Eugene”. I’m not sure if any of them played for very long…I think that they were just stand ins for a few episodes. I don’t think any of them played for as long as Will Ryan

    2. @Jay Mac

      Sorry, I was wrong…Eugene Meltsner was played by Will Ryan. two other characters played young Eugene…big difference.

      However, I still think that if they have the right person to play Eugene then that is GREAT!!!

  40. @Lillian I play the piano and the ukulele and I’m so sad about Will Ryan he was my favorite actor

  41. Does anyone here know if there is an OOOTD page here in the podcasts? If so, where? And if not, could we start one?

  42. @True DanceTrueNorth

    The post for Will Ryan is too big to post…it several thousand letters…over 3 thousand. Can you look online to see it?

  43. I was just listening to The Episode Home, Sweet Home. and the part where, Connie is a mess and crying because she can’t see whit. and then whit comes out, and connie’s like Whit you’re back! and then Whit comes up and hugs connie and says “oh Connie, connie where have you been little girl!” its just so so so sweet makes me cry every time!!!

  44. Do any of you guys know who Wooton’s brother was talking to on the phone? And what did you guys do for Thanksgiving?

  45. Is Album 72: The Long Road Home out yet? Just listened to Make “Snow” Mistake. such a cliffhanger!!!

  46. TRQ: what is your favorite Connie and Whit moment.
    Mine is in Home sweet home. when whit comes out and connie is crying cuz she can’t see him because he was asleep. and Whit comes out and says, ” oh connie, connie where have you been little girl!” so so sweet.

  47. Hey I am back. Just thought I would pop over and say hi.
    I loved Will Ryan. So sad he died. I miss all the commenting friends from the summer. They were so cool.
    @Jay mac
    I am so glad you are back. Missed you.
    I wish all the others could comment again.

    1. Missed you too friend.
      I wish the others would comment again. Do you remember how much fun we had with:
      Your secret friend😃, Cotton Smit, 🐶, God’s not dead, spider man, Calynn, Inesa, Moses, 💜🐼Abbi😊💜, Kaylee, Avemaria, Ilovepizza12, A.V., Sophia, This guy, and Rachel💜.
      You were a lot of fun, C.

      Sup everyone?

  48. Hey I am back. Just thought I would pop over and say hi.
    I loved Will Ryan. So sad he died. I miss all the commenting friends from the summer. They were so cool.
    @Jay mac
    I am so glad you are back. Missed you.
    I wish all the others could comment again.

  49. Hi everyone!
    Just so you know I made the Schantelle Podcast into an OOOTD and fashion page. That page didn’t seem to be used…didn’t have any really recent posts. The club has a few and I really enjoyed it and wanted to create one like it here for all of us! If you are interested in it let me know.


  50. December 3, 2021 at 2:23 am
    OOOTD stands for Outstanding Outfit Of the Day. Everyone will post whatever outfit they are wearing. If we have enough people involved we maybe able to have judges like in the club. Even if we don’t we can still have a ton of fun…so let the fun and fashion begin!


  51. You can also ask fashion advice and tips from those posting. From what to wear to church to what color socks to wear with your school outfit to what color earrings and lipstick to wear and use…the questions, answers and advice are endless. Come on, Let’s get started!!

  52. One more thing! I just wanted to remind everyone interested to only post modest and appropriate clothing!

    Thank you!!

  53. Um hi I am Raleigh and I am new at this ( not at Odyssey ) and I am so excited to start signing up for the club in the new year.

  54. Anyone in the AIOC? (Adventures in Odyssey Club) I sure am! If you are, post the emoji.👋

  55. Hey Bob and Jesse, why haven’t there been any video podcasts this year? I really love them!

  56. Never mind that was a mistake the Kaitlyn thing, but, I would still like to know!

  57. Just another shout out for EVERYONE to join us on the OOOTD page. Come join us on the …Today’s podcast is sunny with 100% chance of Schantelle Cason Page! Come one and Come all!

  58. Does anyone here watch veggie tales?
    I can’t find any of the episodes and I don’t know where to get them.

  59. I have finally realized why I am never in the top ten!
    Because of the check that they do on all the comments, I don’t see them until I realize that 60 people commented before me and I just looked at the site when they weren’t up yet!
    Anyone here listening from outside the US? I’m from England, and it would be really cool to find out where UR from

  60. In Exit they tried to record a voice message for Eugene using a different actor but it was scrapped… I listened to it and it sounds close enough so maybe Eugene will continue!
    As soon as I wrote that I realized that it would take a lot of explanation for his voice change…

  61. highly highly recomend the musical artist Owl City
    top 5 songs
    1: Hospital Flowers ( about his salvation)
    2:sky diver ( about sky diving)
    3 My everything ( about God and his faith)
    4: West Coast Freindship ( about heaven, when he says california he means heaven)( also about the struggles we have in life
    5: Early Birdie, just cuz it’s kinda silly.

  62. Oh!
    I was going to start one
    But it would have been a little different
    Like idk if I could still do it cause it would
    Seem like I’m copying you
    But I could just be on this one
    I know this is gonna sound really straight forward But can I help you?
    I have a few suggestions but if you don’t want me to then that’s fine
    Can I join

  63. Like could I maybe help you with it
    Here is what I was planning
    Every day we could post a Bible verse of the day some thing to start our day on
    We could post prayer requests
    That’s all for know sorry if it seems like I’m trying to put myself in control
    I really am not trying to be offensive
    And you don’t have to agree with me

  64. So sorry if It seemed like I was trying to boss everything
    I don’t have to help you
    You don’t have to do any of my suggestions at all no pressure
    I don’t even have to join if you don’t want
    Please don’t be upset with me sometimes people get offended even when I try really hard not to offend them so yeah

    1. It’s fine olive way I am not offended
      Yeah those are some good ideas
      You could help but I would still like to be In charge ok
      Here is what will be doing
      Focus on one book of the bible and then talk about what we learned
      Post daily bible verses
      Pray for each other
      Send in prayer recwests
      If u have any more ideas just tell me partner 🙃🙂🥳🤪

      1. Yeah you can be in charge since you started it so that would only be fair
        I’m glad I can help

  65. Dear everyone, I think that a Bible study page is an AMAZING!!! Idea. My dad is a pastor so I really like the Bible.
    I encourage you to keep on doing stiff like this

    Sincerely- your Bible reading friend
    ( p.s Happy Valentine’s day)

  66. My Bible verse of the day
    The Lord is my refuge and fortress my God in him will I trust (psalm 91:2)
    This is one of my fav Bible verse

  67. Hey guys how are u doing?
    Today I would like to engorge all of u to crack open your bibles and read
    Psalm 23 1-6 .

  68. Every one plz send your prayer requests

    Can y’all pray for
    Ukraine 🇺🇦

    Dear Heavenly Father we pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦
    Finish in your head everyone

    1. Please pray for Ukraine
      I am Ukrainian but I live in the USA
      But the thing is I got relatives in Ukraine!!
      So please please pray
      It’s been scary and my mom and dad have been really worried
      Lately and it’s scary
      And shocking

  69. A really good verse is the last verse in palm 4:
    I will lay down and sleep in peace for you oh Lord make me dwell in safety

  70. Mental health if anyone is still on here. I would clarify but I feel like it’s too serious for the AIO commenting pages.

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