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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Why have Olivia doubting her faith on Odyssey?

Olivia and Zoe witness a tragedy at a ski slope in the first episode of a storyline about doubts.
Olivia and Zoe witness a tragedy at a ski slope in the first episode of a storyline about doubts.

Showrunner Marshal Younger and head of orthodoxy Ron Reno discuss the Olivia story arc, give a preview of the future, and explain the word “orthodoxy.” 

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  • Got questions about Album 71: A Slippery Slope, Will Ryan, or anything in Odyssey? Leave a question for us: 1-855-784-WHIT. (Make sure to have a parent’s permission before you call!)
  • Listen to “The Lost One, Part 1” online and on the radio on December 4. (It’s also available in the Club!)
  • Listen to “Make Snow Mistake” in the Club right now.

Will Ryan, voice of Eugene Meltsner

Farewell to our friend Will Ryan (1949-2021)


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    2. You are first! I am naturally a happy person so I want to know what positive things happened today in your life. I looked outside the window of our car and saw the beginning of a beautiful sunset with wavy clouds like the ocean! I encourage everyone to look at a God’s beautiful creation today or tomorrow. It almost instantly makes me happy!

      1. 🖐 Oh!!! I do!! I (my family) have 10 sheep, 4 horses, 15 chickens, 5 barn cats, and 2 dogs!!!

      2. I absolutely love all kinds of animals but don’t own any. Also, my name is Lillian as well!

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    How are you doing? You mentioned in one of your posts that you were struggling…are you still struggling?

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    Am I remembering correctly that your Mom is having a baby girl this month?…Looking at one of the older OdesseyFan’s post it mentioned a baby due…is that you? Sorry, not trying to pry or be nosy!!

      1. I am doing well!

        I am sorry that you are struggling! Remember to take your struggles to Jesus!

      2. How is everyone on the Club? Do you remember the young girl I commented with…she was in 4th grade( I would share her username but I don’t know if she’d like that). If you do, could you ask her if she’d like to come over here to comment with me…I miss her and all my other friends there!

        1. it is one of my first times on here and all you guys are so open and friendly how in the world do you do that?

          1. What do you mean? How are we so friendly? I think that we are just seeking to be friends with everyone and share the love of Christ with everyone!


          1. Thanks! Great to see you! You don’t have to be sorry. I do miss ‘talking with you’!
            Thanks for telling her! I am really, really hoping that she will come over here! I miss everyone else too!

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      1. I love your user name. This compliment is coming from an Andrew Peterson fan!I do CC as well! I am currently in challenge A. Which state do you live in? I live in GA.

  2. BTW, Great podcast to Bob and Jesse and Ron! Thanks! The Olivia story arc was one of my favorites! I thought the the story was good but I also thought that you all did a wonderful job with covering the faith questions and answers!

    1. Yes! I loved the Olivia story arc! It was definitely one of the best things odyssey did in a long time! Hopefully this gives them inspiration to keep bringing episodes dealing with the big questions about life and the culture. God bless odyssey!

  3. “TAOQ” (Totally Adventures in Odyssey Question)

    Who is your favorite, and least favorite character? past or present.

    What is your LEAST favorite episode?

    Who do you think CONNIE KENDALL should get married to? me personally, Jeff Lewis

    1. My least favorite is Wyatt. He’s kinda typical. He acts almost exactly like Grady. I like his sister she has a lot of potential. I don’t have enough room for all the characters I like. Did you have a different comment name before true dance true north? Is it Irish Stepdancing???

      1. I’m not a fan of Wyatt Perkins. I like Grady sometimes. He’s kind of cool.
        I love Irish Stepdancing.

        1. Amazing!! I am part Irish(sadly I am less than a 4th, but I’m proud of it!) and my sister knows some so she is teaching me.

        1. Wellington +Connie would be so fun! ( I have thought that for awhile) are we sure he has no family

          1. He has a daughter named Talia. She is in the episode #510’For the Fun of it’. So, Wellington has to be married. He might not be now, bit he was at one point

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!this is CHAOS.
          Connie+Wellington=❤️ 😂😂😂
          My Least favorite character is Jules.
          I think Connie should get married to Mitch, LIKE DUH.

          1. Mitch is already…he married Maureen. They have four kids and live in Madagascar along with their pet dog.

          2. Yes! To both of those. Jeff would be great for her realistically though because he is not married yet. So many people love Jules, but personally, she isn’t really relatable, and I don’t think we would be good friends in real life.

          3. I think that Jules would be more relatable if she became a Christian and still struggled with her rebellious attitude…sometimes audios have a character get saved and then just like that they become perfect…so since Jules has an independent and rebellious attitude…I think it would be perfect if they allowed her to slowly mature in her faith

          4. So then while she is seeking to follow the Lord she may choose wrong choices and have to suffer the consequences but then she would repent. In this, I think that she would be more relatable…because it would be typical for a young lady in her teens.

            What do you think?

          1. @Brooklyn B: I agree with you. I don’t think Connie should get married. The only person I think Connie should have married was Mitch but after they married Mitch to someone else I think they should leave Connie single.

        1. You’re right…I don’t know why I didn’t remember that. I’ve even listened to the episode with Wellington’s daughter…

      1. my favorites are Whit, Connie, and Eugene. my least favorite characters are Rodney and Jay.

    2. My fav characters are olivia, connie, camilla, penny, matthew, zoe, whit and wooton 🙂
      I don’t know what my least fav character is…
      my least fav episodes are the green ring conspiracy ones.

      Probably Jeff Lewis if he ever became a christian.


      1. Yes! Jeff became a Christian and is now a Missionary!

        Listen the The Pilot Parts 1 and 2

      2. Honestly, I am probably going to get some people upset. But just so everyone knows, this is not hate. My least favorite character is Emily Jones. My reasons are, she holds a grudge for far too long than anyone should, she acts on emotions and believes that she is the best detective (I mean she actually is but by acknowledging it just takes the flavor out of the cake).

        But my Absolute two favorites who are not Whit( He is always the best) is Bernard Walton and Wilson Knox. They remind me so much of the people that I grew up with.

        Love you guys, hope I didn’t hurt anyone feelings. (I have complete respect and appreciation for Emily’s voice actor)

        1. I don’t really like Emily or Camilla, either. I am so sorry I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t hate them, I just don’t love them.
          Also, I love Jules and Buck. I also kind of want Connie to get married! One last thing, do you guys think Wooten and Penny should have kids? I do. It would be funny of AIO did a episode on penny’s cravings!

    3. Good questions. I like tons of characters but one character who I don’t really enjoy a ton is penny but that’s just my personal opinion.

      I personally don’t think Connie should get married but previously the only person I think she should have married would have been Mitch even though odyssey had him marry someone else though.

      Good questions 👍

    4. I used to think Jason Whittaker but now I think that it would just infuriate both of them. Connie would be frustrated whenever he goes off adventuring and Jason would try and search for adventures
      I was soo excited when Jeff Lewis came back to Odyssey! 😁

    5. My favorite character is Wooten!
      My least liked character is Coyote from California Dreams..
      It’s hard to decide what my least favorite episode is because I like them all! I think it might be Life Expectancy.
      Personally, I don’t think Connie SHOULD get married. I think it would ruin the Connie that we know.

      That’s all I got!

        1. Before i thought jeff was perfect for connie, i actually got used to connie being single. Also if she got married it would probably ruin her. (Like what Acrylic Artist said.)

          1. it would mainly make her name sound different like if she married Mitch her name would be
            Connie Mitchel
            but I’m glad that connie is still single

    6. I would have picked Robert Mitchell had he not married Maureen and moved to Madagascar…
      My next pick would be Jason if they were closer in age and Jason retired from the Under Cover work. And I also think that Jason and Jillian should marry…Jason would be more serious and help tone Jillian down and Jillian would liven Jason up!
      I did like Jeff too!

    7. Okay, fav characters would probably be Buck, Jules, Ryan, Jay, Connie, and Eugene

      Least fav characters would be Jillian, Penny, and Grady

      I don’t really have a least favorite episode

      I would love if Connie and Mitch could get married, but since he is already married I think she a Jeff would be cute together

    8. My favorite character is Buck because he came into a whole new environment and instead of just going back to his old life he try to do what’s right and become a better person

    9. yes Jeff is an amazing Christian and I under stood her idea to not marry Mitch I Love Mandy and Alex Jefferson and Jared

    10. My favorite character is Olivia
      The least favorite is also Wyatt.
      I think Connie should get Married to a new character that they add.

  4. I really applaud Focus for doing this arc, not only is it now one of my favorites in terms of writing and story but the lessons are some of the most applicable to me I have heard from aio in a pretty long time. And I’m def not the target audience of aio anymore but people of all ages NEED to hear this kind of message especially in today’s culture.

    1. I totally agree! I too am not the target audience since I am an adult but I do think that everyone can benefit from this story!!

    1. Whats letter does your last name start with? Mine starts with S!

      Who’s gonna replace him?

      1. I don’t believe he will be replaced. He gave us so much to listen to over the years. We grew up with him. All I know is that AIO will figure something out but until then. We should pray. God will place someone, but no one can replace Will Ryan.

      2. I can’t imagine that even being a consideration. I wouldn’t want to have to make that choice. I’m working on a story idea of what I could would be a ‘worst case scenario’ . If I’m allowed, I’ll post a link to the story here.

    1. Olivia’s story is not over yet.

      Here are some inspiring songs on YouTube

      for King & Country – It’s Not Over Yet (Lyric Video)
      ChristianLyric101 – Struble.Studio

      Thank You Lord feat. Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line – Chris Tomlin (Lyrics)

      Tasha Layton- Look what you’ve done

      1. Are you kidding? I love those songs.
        Also if you are looking hope listen to these following songs:
        Relate and Together by for King & Country
        Roses by Matthew Parker
        We believe and Magnetic by The Newsboys

      2. I love all of those songs! Especially Thank You Lord by Chris Tomlin. That one is especially good. I like Look What You’ve Done but they played it a lot on Air1 which is a worship station and I got kinda of tired of it lol. But yeah.

      3. You guys should try “this is the truth in standing on by Leanne Crawford” I love that song it’s so beautiful I feel like it speaks to me or some thing I’m going through a hard time right now 😔so that’s why I feel that way , I could never get tired of this beautiful song I love it so much !!!! 🤗😘😆

      4. Here is the chorus “this is the truth I’m standing on ,even when all my strength is gone, you are faithful forever I know you’ll never let me fall ,
        Right now I’m choosing to believe ,some day soon I’ll look back and see, all the pain had a purpose ,your plan was perfect all along ,this is the truth I’m standing on”by Leanna Crawford

    2. When the Lost One Parts one and two comes out you should listen to it! It was amazing!!

  5. By the way I changed my name to Kaylee CHALLENGE A STUDENT AND LOVING IT

    1. I guess it depends on how they deal with it. The conundrum comes in when you consider that Eugene is only in his 20’s even though Will was 72. Then again, stuff happens. SOOOOO how do the writers work this? NOT an enviable decision.

      I think I’m gonna start working on a story called, “This Equation doesn’t Make Sense.”

    2. well, if you count the years im pretty sure Eugene was in his mid thirtys. they can’t just send him away with no explanation this time, because, 🙁 he’s not coming back.

      excuse me while i literally cry my eyes out

  6. It is sad about Will Ryan. @c I am praying that you’re Uncle will have a smooth and successful surgery.

      1. I don’t think that we should be asking why!! It isn’t our business AND it doesn’t affect whether we can still be praying for her and her Dad.
        No offense intended. Just think that we need to be careful that we aren’t asking questions that could cause an offense or pain to the people involved.

        How are you doing?

    1. I especially loved Eugene because of the long words that he said and how people didn’t get what he said. kind of like in the episode “the impossible” Eugene says something about the edulink, and Marvin is like “huh?!?!” and then he said “it works!”

      1. That is hard! Just remember that you are not alone in your suffering, Jesus (who is perfect) suffered the ultimate hard. He is walking with you and leading you through this. NEVER FORGET THAT! I am praying for you

    1. Agreed. And, like they didn’t try to replace either Tom Riley or Bernard Walton when the actors died , I don’t think they should try to ‘replace’ or RECAST Eugene. I’m gonna start work on a story called, “This Equation doesn’t Make Sense.”

  7. Hi, everyone
    I am new to this, but I LOVE adventures in odyssey and this podcast.
    What is your favorite episode or episode series, and character/s.

  8. I have to say I really will miss Will Ryan, he was a big part of Adventures in Odyssey and he played one of my favorite characters. What do you think will happen to Eugene? People from Adventures in Odyssey, please don’t take Eugene out!

  9. The Olivia story arc is definitely one of the best things odyssey has done in a long time. I love these stories that have substance and ask the hard questions and then answer those questions. There is lots of christians today that struggle with the same questions Olivia is asking so I’m pleased odyssey is addressing this and giving people answers.

  10. I’m currently writting a book about how the whittakers came to odyssey, its a bit different becuses rather than Whit opening Whit’s End after she died, Whit will open good ol’ whits end while shes alive. kinda like the barcley family, but not.

  11. i recently changed my name, so that if any other Classical Conversation goers comment here, they might see my name!

  12. I am from England but one of my friends just told me that Colorado is known as little London? I’m not sure if that’s right.
    Rest in Peace Will Ryan😭
    He is my favourite odyssey actor.

  13. Oh, I AM SO SAD!!! I’M LITERALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW! Will Ryan ( Voice of Eugene Meltsner )is dead, and let me tell you something. When Walker Edmiston ( Voice of Tom Riley ) died, they never put Tom Riley in a episode again. SO WILL THAT HAPPEN TO EUGENE!? FOCUS ON THE FAMILY! Don’t do that! Please! Find another actor!

  14. Hi everyone!
    Just so you know I made the Schantelle Podcast into an OOOTD and fashion page. That page didn’t seem to be used…didn’t have any really recent posts. The club has a few and I really enjoyed it and wanted to create one like it here for all of us! If you are interested in it let me know.


  15. OOOTD stands for Outstanding Outfit Of the Day. Everyone will post whatever outfit they are wearing. If we have enough people involved we maybe able to have judges like in the club. Even if we don’t we can still have a ton of fun…so let the fun and fashion begin!


  16. You can also ask fashion advice and tips from those posting. From what to wear to church to what color socks to wear with your school outfit to what color earrings and lipstick to wear and use…the questions, answers and advice are endless. Come on, Let’s get started!!

    1. One more thing! I just wanted to remind everyone interested to only post modest and appropriate clothing!

      Thank you!!

        1. Good question! I realize that everyone has a different opinion about modesty! However for this page lets just say clothing that covers your body in a right way…top, bottoms and extras-refrain from undergarments.
          I don’t wear sleeveless, low neck, tops or skin tight tops or bottoms.


        2. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t post your outfit if you do wear that style.
          Maybe just don’t go into great detail over something that might be a divisive topic…swimsuits, prom, etc.
          Otherwise, have fun posting your outfits. Our goal is not to exclude people or cause discomfort. We just want to enjoy “seeing” what we all like to wear.


        3. Just remember that it is the Lord who is looking at us all the time! So don’t post something that would dishonor Him!

          Otherwise have fun! Come join us on the OOOTD page!

        4. Ok! One last thing! I wanted to make it clear that even if everyone has a different modesty opinion we can all still post! Please come join us on the OOOTD page! We aren’t giving big details of our outfits…just the basics, colors, accessories, style. If you were on the club’s OOOTD page, its just like that !


          1. The most important key in Modesty is to honor the Lord in what we wear! So if what you are wearing honors Him then feel free to post it. Just remember to keep others in mind when you are posting. Don’t post something that could be an offense to others!

            Have FUN!

    2. I am so excited! I was on the one in the club when I had it and am so excited to see this one!

      1. Great to see you! I was on the club OOOTD page too but sadly my membership expired…wanted to create something similar to it. So far you are the only one who has responded…might take a while before we have enough to judge and have contests…

        Are you still in the club?

  17. They are currently uncertain what to do with Eugene, keeping everyone who knew Will Ryan in my prayers
    Eugene has always been one of my favorite characters 😞

  18. Does anyone here like The Chronicles of Narnia?
    If so, what is your favorite book? Mine is The Horse and his Boy.

  19. I had a great idea! they should create an app where you can create your own Adventures in Odyssey character! what do you guys think?

  20. I have nine siblings
    Me and my four sisters, share a room, and listen to Adventures in Odyssey at 8:30pm (on 91.5), every night it is on, and often listen to it on this website before, we just can’t wait. I’m outside the age group but I still listen!
    Adventures in Odyssey is awsome!!!
    Keep making awsome episodes

    1. I have 8 siblings.
      And I share a room with my two little sisters, and we listen to Adventures in Odyssey almost every night. I’ve been listening two it with my siblings ever since I can remember. I love it!!

      1. im the youngest of 3 siblings. My middle sister does listen to aio, but im the one who listens to it the most. My oldest sister doesnt listen to aio anymore. ( i think)

    2. i tried to find that station but I couldn’t get a signal because I live about 6 hours away from Boise. Does anyone else know of a radio station that plays Adventures in Odyssey everyday?

      1. There’s one in Ashton that plays it every day, 91.3, and it plays at 6:05 from Monday-Friday, and it plays at 8:26 on Saturdays. My name is actually Rebekah too, same spelling!

        1. that is so cool! thank you so much for the advice about the station! I will check it out and see if I can get a signal.

          1. And if that station doesn’t work, I suggest you go to the place on the AIO website where you can listen to the recently aired, and above those episodes there should be a thing that says “find a station”

  21. Hi olive way how are you sorry I have not been in here I have been very busy

  22. Thank you adventures in odyssey for making all these wonderful episodes about Olivia doubting her faith it is really helpful to a lot of people. Keep up the good work!

  23. what do you think should happen to eugene. do you think they should…
    1. make him leave Odyssey
    2. make him die
    3. make another actor play him

    1. Good question! I think either 1 or 2. I don’t like the idea of them having another actor take his place. It would wreck his character I think. They could maybe have him go to Africa with his father but I’m not sure how that would work.

      1. That is a tough question. People don’t want the CHARACTER of Eugene to leave, no matter how it happens. I get that. The problem IS that a LOT of the character of EUGENE was WILL. At this point, they can’t deviate from an established character. Talk about “Tough Act to Follow.” I

      2. they could have him move to africa forever? but then buck would be gone. and katriana ! they can’t make another actor take his place they just can’t!!!! i mean it’s like trying to replace the origanal actor of Bugs Bunny ( Mel Blanc) it just never sounded the same

    2. As cruel as this sounds I choose option 2 . With which they could make it work but I just don’t think they could be able to replace Eugene’s character and if they tried to like send them away and stuff I don’t think that would work because he’s not gonna return.

      1. Kaylee aka Kaylee CHALLENGE A STUDENT AND LOVING IT, I go to challenge A!!
        😮 I go to one in Florida! you? ps. there is a Kayla in my class. do you know me?

    3. Hey I know how you feel I miss him so much and I would go with 3 I { starts to cry} I don’t want them to make him die at all and I don’t want them to make him leave town. I know how Whit will feel and how Connie will feel and I… we want him to stay on the show I hope undoubtedly read this and Respond to me. Thank you 🙏🏻

      1. Hey Raleigh I know exactly how you feel, it would ruin adventures in odessey, at least that’s how I feel he has been on adventures in odessey for a long time making him die would be so tragic I wouldn’t be able to listen to adventures in odessey anymore 😥😓😫😭and I love adventures in odessey it would be so hard (I’m sorry ,for some of you I probably sound like I’m complaining ,I’m sorry for that ,it’s just how I feel about it and I respect your opinions too I know that a lot of you are very sad about it too

    4. Great, but has been staying at grandparents while the baby is born. I have just moved in, and had an orthodontist appointment for an expander and upper braces. They didn’t put the wire in yet on the braces, so nothing that I got today is painful.

    5. i think they should not make Eugene die. i would make jules and buck marry and eugene and katrina would move away or something but eugene is hard to replace

  24. @ olive way 😜💕how are you did you know that🌊💧 water girl💧🌊 is my sister

    1. Hi Raleigh! I love Jules AND her song. She isn’t a Christian though.. right? I don’t have the club, so I’m asking you. Does Jules ever become a Christian? Thank you!!

  25. I am so sad that Eugene died please Focus on the Family do not let him not be on no more we need him he is so nice ( funny ) but nice replace him just keep him on the show we need him to be a father to Buck ( love the name by the way ) and a wife to Katrina please we need him back on the show it took a long time for Whit to come back we need him!

    1. Please do not take him of the show I would be so sad 😢 and I agree buck needs him

    2. I think you meant HUSBAND to Katrina.

      As has been said, NOT an easy choice. I’m writing an idea for what could be the worst case scenario, but I would NOT want to have to make that choice.

  26. @Skilletfan14

    Without giving away information, is the New episode good? Do you think that Buck will be adopted?

  27. @Skilletfan14

    I am sorry, I just noticed on AIO wiki that As Buck Would Have It isn’t released unto January 6th…I thought I read somewhere that it was released earlier…?

  28. Totally random, but I know what the next Spider-Man movie should be called. Spider-Man: Homeless! We have Homecoming, No Way Home, and Far From Home. Then there can also be Spider-Man: Home For Christmas!

  29. @boy,
    I don’t think I’ve ever had Granny Smith apples, but I do like Gala apples. There’s this one kind of apple called the Nova Spy, which is probably my favorite. 🍎

  30. Lol. Yay I’m excited for No way home. Aren’t they having Andrew Garfield in it? And Miles Morales😁😁

  31. Hello 🔥fire girl🔥 that is sooo cool would you like to be friends?
    Love your name btw

  32. Did you know that whenever I can’t go to sleep at night I say
    Psalm 23 and it really helps me to feel relaxed and go right to sleep
    Gods Word has such amazing power!!!

    1. Hi Olive way my Mom and Dad kind of do the same thing but we do Psalms 91 it helps me sleep though the night

  33. My fav narnia book is probably the voyage of the dawn treader
    And I love the horse and his boy and the silver chair
    I have a Chronicles of narnia box set
    I have all of them

    1. Yes I love the chronicles of Narnia I have only read the lion the wich and the wardrobe and I really want to read the other ones 📚

  34. I know this is a little late, bur everyone please keep Will Ryan’s family and the AIO Cast in your prayers!

  35. I just thought that I would remind everyone that in the commenting rules they asked us to only use up to 2 emojis and the same for exclamation points and question marks.

    Also thanks so much to our Moderators for all of their work!

  36. Hey guys I know I said I might come back…I just decided to come and comment over the Christmas break. I can’t promise I’ll be back after the break☺
    I might though
    BTW I might change my username

    1. I did see that you found the page! Great to have you join us! Missed having you! Also great to have you on the OOOTD page…hope that you have fun with it!
      Are you on the Club?

      1. No I’m not on the club. Don’t they have like a certain age limit to be on the club?

        1. No! They don’t care as long as you are paying…which you have too because…anyway! they actually have a lot of adults as members…adults older than me. I know someone in her 60s who is a member😁

          It is targeted at 8 -12 just like their audios but there is no age limit!

    1. OOOTD means Outstanding Outfit of the Day. Shortened to OOTD…Outfit of the Day.
      Would you like to join us on the OOOTD page?

  37. Yo guys! What’s up?😎😆

    What are y’all going to do for Christmas?🎄🎁

  38. Hi everyone
    This is very confusing for me as to why they waited until now to say the dates as to when album 72 The Long Road Home airs in the club like for example the two parter of The Lost One aired on October 26 and October 27 and then Judge Me Tender on December 30 and the three parter on January 6,13, and the 20 of next year.

  39. How many of you think that Robert Mitchell and his wife Maureen and their 4 kids should move to Odyssey?

    At first I thought that it would be perfect but now I wonder if it would cause complications…undercover work and then…Connie.

    1. @twiceadopted, Mitch and Maureen have kids! How do you know? In which episode? Sorry about all the questions.

      1. It’s not in an episode but the info is on AIO Wiki! Under Something Old Something New Part 2. Scroll down to the info section!

  40. Just another shout out for EVERYONE to join us on the OOOTD page. Come join us on the …Today’s podcast is sunny with 100% chance of Schantelle Cason Page! Come one and Come all!

  41. Hi Everyone,
    Another thing that does not make sense is that they aired The Lost One Part 1 on December 4 and The Lost One Part 2 airs this weekend on December 11 on the radio. In the past usually they would release the full album for download after the second episode airs on the club and a little before it airs on the radio and the CD later.

  42. So how’s everyone and family I am very new to this and can someone me my friend on here I feel like TwiceAdopted would like to be my friend and when she gets on please can we be friends then thanks!

    1. Sure we can be friends. Although you don’t have to ask to be friends. We are all friends here! Why did you feel like I would be your friend? Just curious…

  43. So how’s everyone and family I am very new to this and can someone me my friend on here I feel like TwiceAdopted would like to be my friend and when she gets on please can we be friends then thanks!

    1. I did reply to your earlier post but in case you didn’t see it…yes, I’ll be friends with you! Although, you don’t have to ask to be friends. We are all friends here!

      I am a homeschool graduate and am between the age of 21 and 28. I like dogs, horses, bunnies, dolphins, elephants, and a lot of other animals. I like listening to AIO or AIOC

  44. And I just changed my name ( again) this time I just put a emoji this one 💿 so just that you know and now it’s
    I’m Just Me ( Raleigh ) 💿

  45. Since we’re talking about encouraging songs, here are some more:

    Promises by Maverick City Music
    Way-maker by Michael W. Smith
    My Jesus by Anne Wilson
    At the Cross by Jeremy Camp
    Until Grace & Hills and Valleys (two different songs by the same person) by Tauren Wells

    There are a lot of others but I should stop talking

  46. @Raleigh
    Do you live in North Carolina? I was just curious, b/c your name is the capital of that state! I have gone to North Carolina on vacations before with my family and it is beautiful state. Has anyone ever hiked Mount Mitchell?

  47. Merry Christmas everyone🎄, can you believe Christmas is in 14 days ( at least I think)
    Here’s a get to know you question
    What are your Christmas traditions ( if you don’ t have one that’s okay)

  48. Has anyone ever made gingerbread houses?
    I am terrible 😅 but it’s so fun!
    My sisters like literally DUMP candy and sprinkles on theirs 😂
    But we always end up with cool houses😍

  49. Miss will Ryan also the in lost one is leonid sepid spoiler alert spoiler alert don’t read this if you haven’t heard the lost one turns into the devil at the end. Cause that’s what I got out of it. Creepy?!

  50. hey! whose first? and who is excited for Christmas?! 🎄😆
    I’m excited to celebrate Jesus’s Birth!

  51. Hi and who watches The Chosen
    I do and I love it a lot. Here are my favorites

    1. Jesus!
    2. Matthew ( the tax collector )
    3. Simon ( Peter )
    4. Mary of Magdalene
    5. Mary the mother of Jesus

    And Sunday the Director Dallas Jenkins is so nice and they put a live stream about Jesus birth and a musical 🎵 before it is so breathtaking I love it bye!

    1. Peppermint candy, and it used to be salt water taffy, and candy canes, but I have braces and expand right now come on so probably chocolate, which I loved before anyways!

  52. @twice adopted
    I found the OOOTD page
    I hope you don’t mind if I join in
    It looks fun!😄

  53. @Kryze,
    Sorry, I hadn’t thought of hot coffee. What kind of coffee do you like? I’ve had ice coffee, and black, but I want to try just regular coffee sometime.

  54. IKR. Will Ryan’s death will like leave a really big hole in adventures in odyssey. To be honest, I don’t really love m&ms, but I do LoVe Airheads. What’s ur opinion on twix? I REALLY like it.

  55. I feel kinda dumb I had no idea that will Ryan died know I feel sad even though I don’t like Eugene

  56. Cliffhanger ugh
    Hi there do you love books
    Well then why don’t you come on down to the book club page at why have Olivia doubting her faith podcast
    We will have book studies and book recommendations
    Come join us we would love to see you

  57. Hey y’all , I heard on the latest podcast comment page that this is a book comment page, is that true?
    How dose it work
    And what do you do?

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