The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

It’s time to talk about the Olivia arc.

Showrunner Marshal Younger in 2021
Showrunner Marshal Younger in 2021

Spoiler warning! Showrunner Marshal Younger looks back at the beginnings – and the ending – of the Olivia faith story arc.


Islands and Enemies

Islands and Enemies

Patrick and Beth board the Victoria in 1521 on its journey to try and sail around the world. But they make a bad first impression when they meet Captain Ferdinand Magellan. The cousins are accused of being witches and must prove their innocence. The crew members watch their every move, looking for an excuse to throw the cousins overboard.

Album 72: The Long Road Home

Just as Buck Oliver is finally settling into a comfortable life in Odyssey, an out-of-the-blue message arrives that may lead him far from home. Buck’s father left behind more of a history than anyone suspected. Could a map from the past determine Buck’s future?

On another life-changing journey, Olivia has a new imaginary friend – a philosopher named Leonid – who is smart, interesting, and so talkative. Olivia is now doubting everything and everyone. Will her relationships with the folks at Whit’s End be broken? Will Leonid’s deception convince Olivia to abandon her faith once and for all?

Album 72: The Long Road Home

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      Oh, you guys are like, SO mad. 😉

      ( Nelson Swanson+Suzu Rydell=❤️)

      Oh, yeah, I am just gonna say this because you guys just HATE it.
      Ahem. Here it goes.

      *Takes deep breath* My least favorite character is Jules Kendall.

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am SO glad I got that over with. Bye for now! 😉

      1. Oh um honestly ughhh same
        Sorry if this offends anyone it’s just my opinion

        1. Buck’s fine and Jules isn’t great. But, she was funny in as buck would have it part three. Eugene to the bad guy: “I bet you aren’t a Sunday school teacher either, are you?” Jules: “apparently not a very good one.”

      2. The ❤thing is soooooooooooooooooooooooo inappropriate! But with the Jules thing I totally agree

      3. You are so energetic. Why do you so want Nelson and Suzu together? I mean I am under the impression that Nelson is way younger than Suzu.

        1. No. They are same age, same class.


          1. I don’t wanna be rude but I’ll just say it. Having Nelson and Suzu together just isn’t right. They don’t show Nelson in the episodes anymore, so I guess they’re never gonna meet up.

      4. They are completely fine, good, and funny characters. i dont really have much of a problem with them.

        1. Thank you SO much! ( I haven’t really heard that lately. )

    2. I need everyone’s help here. On the next Podcast, I’m going to release a list of top 5 favorite characters from YOUR opinion.
      Thank you ALL for your contributions!

      Remember: It will be posted on the NEXT podcast.

    3. congrats SB

      the olivia story arc was very touching for me
      my fav of leonid was when olivia was reading the bible out loud and he said i prefer tragic romance stories 🙂 me and my dad died when he said that the bible IS a tragic romance story
      who else

        1. I love it! (The name) it’s so great. What’s your book about, if you don’t mind my asking. I’m writing three stories

          1. It’s about a 13 year old secret spy. She also gets to go to Japan for a spy war. I think it’s awesome and I’m writing it.

        2. That is AWESOME! I’m a writer too! I like more fiction/Fantasy. What kinds of stories do you write?

    1. What how did I not get first I thought for sure I would get first but I thought wrong😒😒

          1. I LOVE MARVEL!! My dad actually introduced me and my sisters to marvel. And my mom read some of the marvel comics when she was a teen, i think.

    1. It will probably air on the radio on the 2nd Saturday of April. I’m not completely sure though so don’t quote me on that.

  1. Does someone want to be my friend .🤗 pretty Please with a cherry Cheesecake on top. A big one with frosting ( ugh now I want one yum😋 )

      1. I like Minecraft ,sonic and AIO (obviously ). And I have two little brothers. Fav characters is Buck ( got my eye on you Peter 😒) Wooton and Eugene .
        I wear glasses ( is wearing glasses weird 😕)
        Who is your fav character from sonic ?

        1. the hedgehog sonic what is your favorite song?mine is memories by one voice childrens choir

          1. Oh favourite song hmm!🤔tough question
            My fave Christian song is probably
            Crushing snake by Crowder feat TAYA
            Till the day I die by tobymac feat NF
            elements remix by Tobymac feat LEGDER
            Refuge by skillet
            For god is with us by for king and country
            Pioneers by for king and country feat moriah
            Mg fave secular song is
            scared of the dark by lol Wayne

    1. hey I’ll be your friend. I like cheescake. I like dogs, and I like to read, sing, and write.

      1. Hey buddy you’re back I didn’t think you were commenting any more oh by the way I was talking to you lover

      2. Hey @totl dog lover
        I’ve been praying for a friend for you has it worked do you have friend yet

  2. My favorite character is Silver the hedgehog from sonic
    I can’t wait for the movie sonic 2
    ( I make my own sonic comic’s)

    1. No there is not two Connie it was a prank to confuse you I also did it on lots of other people it was very fun to do

      1. I don’t think that was funny nor do I think that it was very nice. Some here might have gotten confused.
        Did you copy my name too…because there was a comment made by a TwiceAdopted and I didn’t make it?

        1. No I didn’t play a prank on you
          And what do you mean it wasn’t
          Nice it was just a prank

  3. THANK YOU AIO team for making these amazing and inspiring adventures I means a lot to me and my family thank you

  4. I love how things in the people’s who make these adventures lives inspire the odyssey dramas
    Thank you guys for all you do!! I love you guys!

  5. Hey everyone what do you think im startling an aio page
    We can talk about our favorite episodes, albums, characters, scenes and more!
    It’s on the Dickensian dilemma page
    We can do trivia, contests and more!
    Come on down to the aio page!

  6. Just wondering is there someone named tiger 🐯 here because there was on the other podcast
    And have you guys seen Narwhalgirl

    1. I told you I was good at pranks I also did it to a lot of other people so I was hoping someone would ask😂😂

      1. @ Elisha
        If you were first you would want people to congratulate you wouldn’t you?
        And yes it doesn’t really matter if you get first its a fun game we’re we feel happy for the people who got firsts

      2. @ Spidergirl, i’m new to this page so forgive me for speaking if offend you. I’ d have to agree with Elisha, I don’ t really think it matters about first. I would like to know why you think it matters?
        Again, sorry if I’ve offended anyone😉

        1. It does not matter it’s just a fun game we play😀
          Ps I homeschool too and I love it

  7. @dangers daughter
    Today my little sister reese said you were her favorite commenter because you’re in to fashion is that not the cutest thing ever

    1. That is sooo cute!!!! Tell her I said thank you!!!! Tell her also that I said I’m sure she’s definitely an awesome girl!!!🥰😍😘
      That is so cute!!

      1. Dangers daughter Yes I will tell her that you sed she was an awesome girl
        By the way even though were different from each other
        Wanna be friends just say no if you don’t want to
        I’ll understand😆😆

          1. I enjoy skateboarding a lot
            And guitar, snowboarding, baseball, drawing and surfing
            Oh and pranks of course
            I have long blond hair, blue eyes and and a flat brim cap

          1. Hi @spider girl, I just wanted to tell you that we’re not allowed to post under multiple usernames.

          2. hi, im sorry if what i said sounded rude, and can we be friends? If not, that’s okay.

  8. This is going to be my last comment.
    Thank you for being my friend Tiger and ACNH Tapawingo by Ada Stella 😀

  9. Although I am no longer AIO’s target audience, I still enjoy listening to the show and I really liked the Olivia arc! Besides the fact that she’s still 12 when characters like Buck and Jules are getting older, (maybe Odyssey is stuck in a time warp…), I still related as a PK whose still on her faith journey. Thank you, Odyssey team!

  10. Guess who I am
    Ilove reading and aio
    I am on the fashion page
    I am homeschooled
    I’m not gonna put my name so you’ll have to guess

  11. I thought the topic was very interesting. I listened to part 3 of three over and over again. I loved how that athiests vice changed in the last part. i liked this entire topic.😋

    1. i agree when his voice changes you can tell that he was satan talking to olivia anyway has anyone timed how long they take reviewing our comments? im going to start a page on the next podcast about our faith journey ok? ok

      1. me or someone else because if its me i’ll tell you y that is my username. like everyone i used to talk funny when i was younger. my middle name is louise but i said deweese (duh-weese) that was my nickname ever since

  12. Thx to all AIO staff. I love all the work ya’ll do. We’re so thankful for all the time and patience you have. Ya’ll are great!😝👏🏽

  13. I listened to The Christmas Bells again and I think that there should have been a different episode for Wilson Knox to allude to the Oliva Story Arc. Because it does not make sense to have an historical episode that has nothing to do with the Oliva Story Arc to start her journey of faith and to continue this throughout album 71 to now. Agree?

  14. WOW there is so many comments in one day my favorite character is BUCK OLIVER
    and dont you think he and jules are getting a bit close 🙂 anyway hope everyone has a good day God bless.

  15. @Ava(Bride to Be)

    Hope that your wedding goes well! I think that there are quite of few of us here who are engaged to marry or are married! (Maybe we should start an engaged/married page!!😜). Just kidding!

    Anyway, I wish you the very best!

  16. I know this is off topic, but what do you guys want to be when you grow up? I would like to be a pilot.

    1. Lego® designer or a lcg (living card game) or ccg (collectable card game) designer could become a writer too

        1. Aye
          I am building a 2000 bricks modular of the overlord vs. Lloyd MOC for Lego ideas

          My fave season is the Cole dungeon season
          The season#15 is so sad

    2. I want to be a book writer, fashion designer, singer, horse racer, and artist( in you know sketch). I know that’s a loooooot!!!!!

    3. For a minute I thought you wrote you wrote you wanted to be a toilet
      And I was like hey me to

    4. maybe a NICU ( Newborn Intensive Care Unit) nurse. and a mother

  17. Hello every one.can you pray for me my homeschool is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallllllyy hard

    1. Amen!! I’m homeschooled too. I’m in a freshman so subject are a little harder now that before, but that is how life is you just got to live with it.

      1. im homeschooled also. im suposed to be in 5th grade but im in 8th grade i havent skipped even one grade. but now that im almost in high school its getting harder. im so glad that im not in “real” school. has anyone watched “wonder”? its awsome

        1. That is really cool that you are suposed to be in 5th grad but your in 8th. God bless!

        2. Your in eighth grade!😮 i’ m in fifth grade, so i’ m guessing your around 10-11 years of age?
          How did you get to eighth grade ?
          I read a book about a sixth grader who got into college!
          Do you want to be friends?👍
          In case you haven’t picked this up from my username i’m homschooled
          Ps. I wild be praying for you,

        3. How?
          I am in 7th grade homechool
          Math is hardest subject
          I can read adult level books through

  18. Ahhhh not the forbidden vacation word ( homework )ahhhhh aaaahhhhh 1 hour later : aaaahhhh ( faint )😱😱😱

    1. My dog ate my homework
      Yeah it took a long time to feed it to him but eventually he ate the whole thing 🐕😂

  19. Spider girl, did you do that to me?
    Did you comment Guys I’m bord i wish someone would kidnap me so i could go on an adventure.
    I’m trying to figure out if it was someone here or one of my siblings.

    1. Haaaaaaaahahaha yes I did it was very fun to do
      Every one has a hobby mine is pranking😂😂

  20. Does anyone want to come to the Dickensian dilemma page?
    we talk about all thing’s adventures in odyssey,
    fave characters albums and so on.
    everyone is welcome!

  21. my school had parents day and science fair to day. my science fair project was a class one there are two boys in my class other than me.(i am a girl) they drive me nuts!!😕😐😟but they did give me credit for the craft side of the project.We had to do a forest ecosystem in a shoe box. the trees were really hard to make!😮‍💨now im really tired

  22. Hey guys, if any of you like the Lord of the Rings, feel free to come on over to the LOTR fan page. We’d love to have you!

  23. Yo yo what’s shaking y’all
    By the way I can’t promise that I won’t play more pranks on all of you please play one on me I 💜💜 prank wars

  24. I just listened to As Buck Would Have It Part 2! It is so sad!😢💔 I would have cried if I were Katrina.I hope Katrina & Eugene explain that they have bonded with Buck.And what’s up with Sheriff Adam Stone? Was he Cash’s partner in crime? I can hardly wait for Part 3! I want to be a lawyer or a dentist when I grow up. I might change my mind though.

  25. Okay here’s my opinion of Buck. He’s one of my favorite characters but he’s very very very very very very very very very very very VERY STUBBORN!!!!!!!!!☹️🙁 It’s annoying. He nice and all but it takes him a long time to find the truth and he’s always using his past mistakes to define what he does. I think he doesn’t want to change. No Offense.

      1. I think he did hurt Eugene and Katrina
        But only because he thought they didn’t bond with them

      2. I know! I was like dude, they love you so much why cant you just let them explain!

    1. I completely agree wit you. It’s also sad because he didn’t even realize what was going on with Eugene’s backstory. 😢

  26. Hey everybody. I am sorry. I will be sedated for about two weeks so either my fiancé or Jaymac will comment for me. I love you all.

  27. I’m back (finally) I didn’t feel like commenting and… yeah!


  28. Hi! I’m not necessarily new to commenting but I use a different adventure in oddesey page. What do y’all like to talk about?

  29. Hey ya’ll
    Please someone play a prank on me😂
    I love pranks
    You know probably cuz I play so many pranks

  30. I’m veary confused what do you mean different commenting pages i thought this was the only one how do you get to the other commenting pages

  31. Okay you people have the coolest usernames I’ve ever seen!!!!! Keep it up!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

    Praying for you ILOVEDANNYGOKEY. I hope you get better soon!!!😁🙂

  32. There are multipl different ones. I normally comment on one where we talk about Lord of the Rings and other books. I love it. We talk bible verses, horses,books(lord of the rings mainly),animals,prayer requests and more. You should check it out. It is the page about Jonathans retirement.

  33. This page is newer. At the top you can see there are 165 comments here. On our page we have over 440

  34. To get to other pages you go to the “Podcast” and select more episodes. Then select which episode and there are comments for most/all of them
    The one a chat on is called the end of a career. Or something like that. Its towards the top.

  35. um it’s kind of weird but someone is using my name.
    if whoever did it would tell me that would be nice.

  36. spider girl you can go on the main site and scroll down and you will see podcasts and then you can click on one and scroll down again and you could write something in the chat!
    And that’s how you find other podcasts and replys!!
    By the way , would anyone like to be my friend? I’m a girl and between 11 and 19!
    I have no brothers or sisters 😭

      1. It means you’re one of those ages. For example, 14 and 17. You’re either 14, 15, 16, or 17.
        Does that make sense?

      2. In the commenting guide lines it said you can’t say your real age
        Yeah I just found that out

    1. i’ll be your friend i’m agirl and between the ages of 11 and 14 i do not have any siblings either

  37. Please pray for me. My friends have been really mean to me lately and she says she doesn’t want to talk to me any more and I’m Really sad, but most of its not my fault she just really sensitive!

  38. Hello I am new here
    Y’all may have seen me comment on odyssey before but now I am going to try to comment when the podcast comes out😀
    Here’s a little information about me
    My favorite character whit
    I am a Christian and homeschooled
    My favorite singer is for KING AND COUNTRY
    I love Star Wars but I a. Also a marvel and dc comics
    I love gamjng

  39. do you guys like jasonnie, jeffonnie or mitchonnie, which if your fav or do you like connie single?

    1. Jeffonnie
      But I also like Connie single
      Either one is fine
      If she had to marry anyone I would want it to be Jeff

  40. @ Danger’s Daughter:
    So sorry!! I haven’t been checking the comments as much lately. That’s so cool about your aunt!! I’m not super into fashion myself, but that sounds really fun! 🙂 Have a great day, everyone!

    I wonder what happens in Part 3

    1. Yes yes I know he hurt Eugene and Katrina really bad and was SUPER disrespectful

    2. I already know, because I’m in the AIO Club, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.
      Hint: Someone is not who she/he ( I won’t tell you whether that person is a girl/lady or boy/gentleman) seems to be.

  42. Just so you all know, I won’t be able too comment as often.
    I’ll still be commenting, but probably not every day or week.

  43. you know what?i just rembered that i havent told you guys yet

    i can do a cartweel!!!

    1. SO CAN I”!,!!!
      Welll only sometimes
      Sometimes I fall in the middle it’s really funny 😆

  44. Hey also anyone seen Ava, Becka Hope🦆, or Jaymac? Have they stopped commenting?
    I probably missed them. Anyway if you guys still comment do you want to be friends?
    Do you still want to be friends? I know it’s been a long time. It’s okay if you don’t want to.😁

    1. Yes, I saw Ava on the Reading page. She is getting married…I think next week.

    1. I have I buddy group and we play pranks on people
      We don’t do mean pranks just funny pranks
      Last week my Cousin came over of I took a pair of scissors
      And wrapped it in lots layers of Boxes and Wrapping paper
      So it was really hard to open I put the gift on the front hid
      Then I Gave it to him so now you see what kind of pranks I played on People

  45. I miss The Parkers and the Rathbones. And you don’t see or hear about Jason anymore either.

  46. Hello AIO Friends! Just a reminder to please review the commenting guidelines that are at the bottom of the comments section. We want you to have fun but please be respectful.

  47. Greetings and Salutations everybody. I thought you all might like to know that my favorite food is bananas but I don’t like ribs too much. I love school, especially reading, and I really don’t like surfing, skateboarding, or snowboarding.

    1. I hate bananas love ribs
      I hate school especially reading I love skateboarding surfing and snow boarding so so much

    1. Wow Lizzy my name really is Samantha how did you guess
      And what do you mean it’s not a good name
      It’s an awesome name

  48. I love buck and Jules together they are both amazing Jules has a awesome voice and buck is pretty cunning to it is important to remember that people do struggle with not knowing their history so give him some slack and we always know that everything will be okay in the end.

  49. I’m pretty awesome but nothing like spider girl
    Did you know she can do the Half pipe On the skateboard
    How amazing is that

  50. I don’t know if I should change my name
    To the pranks or if I should just keep it to spider girl

  51. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to everyone’s earlier comment. I am pretty new to comments and I don’t check them everyday

    My favorite song from Encanto is We Don’t Talk about Bruno. If you look on Pandora they have that song “as heard in other countries” so you can listen to it in a million different languages. People around the world


  52. Anyway, people around the world are listening to that song. My favorite character is Pepa, the one who has the cloud above her head and controls the “hurricanes.”

    I looked up the most popularly listened to songs in the world and we don’t talk about bruno was the third one down!

    1. No surprise, that song rocks! If you were to have one of the gifts from that movie, what would it be?

  53. Here’s a list of probably 1/3 of my favorite actors. 😍
    Andrew W. Walker, Kevin McGarry, Christopher Russell, Kevin Quinn, Nikki Deloach, Kirk Cameron, Candace Cameron Bure, Niall Matter, Becca Toban, Zendaya, Victor Webster, Bailey Madison, Nazneen Contractor, Jace Norman, Luca Luhan, Jack Griffo, and That Girl Lay Lay.
    That’s a lot! But not all!

    1. 💜#Danger’sDaughter💜 you may have answered this before, but by chance is your name Avalyn? Also q few of my favorite actors are; Sebatian Stan, Otto Farrant, Samuel L Jackson, Mark Hamill, Chris Pratt, Tom Hanks, Mark Wahlberg, Jim Carrie, Raina Wilson, and many more 😁

        1. Just wondering, Abigail is a gorgeous name 😍. I just realized I never put my name 🙃

  54. Please pray for my family! My mom is really depressed lately and she’s really sad and she cry s a really lot! Thanks!

  55. Does anyone read prince warriors or code of silence if you don’t you really should read them

  56. Hi I was wondering if anyone on here had a membership? I do and the websites not working for me and the app the same! If anyone on here IS a member could u all tell me if it’s happening to you too?

    1. It’s being improved and worked on. Because there is going to be a Whole New Club Experience!!

  57. Hello from Canada!
    I listen to every episode that comes out and I have 13 albums on tapes that I listen to on sundays when there aren’t any new ones. I love AIO and can’t wait until as buck would have it part 3 because buck and Jules are my favourite characters. #BuckJules4ever❤️

    Reply if you love Star Wars!

    1. Way cool dude star wars the best
      You should see my room it looks like a marvel star wars
      Explosions 👍

    2. I just listened to as buck would have it part 3 and it was so amazing! and so many plot twists and the ending was so happy! 😊And I’m so happy for the Meltsner family I was literally in tears.😢

  58. Happy April Fools everybody!
    Did anyone prank there siblings?
    I drew on my sister’s face while she was sleeping, don’t worry it’s washable.😉
    Did you do anything Spider girl, since you love pranks?😆😆

    1. I know this isn’t much of a prank but before school I took the lead oyt of my sisters pencil and she was really confused cuz she’d just refilled it

  59. Happy April fools day!
    Does that mean spider girl is gonna play epic pranks?

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE horses 🐎

  60. lila i will pray for you and for your mother JESUS LOVES YOU AND YOUR FAIMILY!!!!!

  61. Knock knock…who’s there …Orange…Orange who…Orange you Gonna let me in its cold out side😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😇

  62. ( If your on the book page you may have seen this already) Has anyone heard of Townsends? There a YouTube channel that reanacts history such as; cooking, weapons, and daily life and more..! why I’m I asking?Mr.Townsend’s daughter is one of my best friends,she was wondering how many people outside of where we live actually know/watch Townsends?

  63. I think Eugene and Katrina and buck should go to Africa to visit Eugene dad because of will Ryan

  64. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for praying for me and my husband about the loss of our unborn baby!! We coveted your prayers!

    As much as we are heartbroken we are choosing to praise the Lord. With our Baby Glory Ring to remember and commemorate we are going to move on…(if you know what we mean)


    1. I’m so sorry what happened!!! I will be praying!! I’m sure that is really hard to go through! But remember the Lord in is control and he has a plan for you and your husband!! Also what does TBC? Is it Trinity Baptist church?

      1. TBC I’d to be continued.
        Also Snow white bride and husband, I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand your grief, because my family lost a
        second baby last last month. I will be praying for you and you husband.

  65. Thank you for welcoming us to your podcast chats…we enjoy reading all of your comments and also posting my outfits…

    Hope that you all have a great week!

    If you have any questions for us or want to visit/chat feel free to ask…

  66. Any of y’all love country music? Especially old ones like Garth Brooks, George Straight, Alan Jackson, and Brooks and Dunn? I love them all!

    1. I personally like all kinds of music, except new country songs. But I LOVE Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Dunn. In my car that’s the only CDs I have😆. My siblings a probably sick of them because that’s all they hear in the car.

  67. Has anyone watched Step Dogs? What about Aroura Teagarden Mysterious?

    1. I have only seen the first two movies of teagarden the rest was to expensive
      I loved the classic murders being redone in the last movie I saw


    I LOVE YOU AIO!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Where is Nick Mulligan? Is he still working at Whit’s end? Has Andromeda kidnapped him?

  70. Hey is Sparkling Dimond 💍out there wondering how you are doing ? Its mee from the AIO club.

    1. Hey there! I go by TwiceAdopted now. Hi!
      I am not sure who you are but it is great seeing friends from the club here!!

      I am doing well…how are you?

    2. Hey there! I just remembered who you are! I am sorry that I forgot…it has been a while!

      How are you doing? Is the Whole New Club Experience exciting…?

      1. It actually hasn’t been released yet! i’ll try to let you know when it is!

  71. I think that Buck and Jules should be Christians before they start to Date/Court…and they should be of marriageable age. After all what is the point of dating/courting if you can’t be married.

    I also think that the two of them should be chaperoned…

    1. Yeah I agree on the chaperoning. I am not allowed to date. I have not courted anyone yet, but when I do, I will have chaperones.

  72. In the wiki they just added the title to album 73 and what each episode is about. So by seeing that I am wondering if they are going back to another hiatus by reading in between the lines of what the next album is about. I remember that they did this for after album 50. I hope that they will not do that again and just keep on producing more ep.

  73. Whats the best way to listen to the radio things that air during the week
    As I cannot pay the money

  74. @LOVEDANNYGOKEY(or JayMac or Fiancé)

    I hope that you are doing better now! I know that a lot of us here have been praying for you! I will pray for you, your recovery/therapy, your Fiancé and your upcoming wedding!

    I understand hard times…(I just lost a Baby) but trust in God and He will uphold you!

  75. What kind of pranks did you all pull for April fools day? My brother did the one were you put a rubber band on the sprayer in the sink and it got my mom. We all got a good laugh. This is kind of random but what are all of your real names. And please comment if you live in Pennsylvania. Who has ever been to Focus on the Family Whits end in Colorado.

  76. What is your favorite book? What is your favorite bible verse? Mine is Pilippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. how old are you?

    1. @jesus loves you!
      My fave book is any of the following
      As to me to live as Christ and die is gain or I beseech you brethren to present yourselves from Romans 12

  77. The Case Of The Secret Room series is so so so so so so so so so creepy. I watch murder mysteries and they creep me out now a murder story…I’m so CREEPED OUT!!!!! But I really love mysteries, but, I have nightmares about murder mysteries. Don’t judge me.

    1. Not trying to judge
      Yet you should not watch something that gives you nightmares
      Maybe watch perry mason (murder mystery yet is not scary)

      Personally I love murder mysteries
      Poe books
      Sherlock Holmes
      Perry Mason
      Aurora teagarden

  78. Relate
    For god is with us
    Burn the ships
    Out of the woods
    Amen reborn

    1. @ZaneBrick, Most of those songs are by For King and Country! Right? I’m a big fan!.
      However, Out Of The Woods and Epilogue are not familiar. Are they King and Country songs?
      If so, what CD can I find them on?
      P.s do you want to start a For King and Country fan page?
      P.P.s do you think the “For” in the tittle really matters?

      1. I thought I clicked reply to someone asking fave songs by king and country
        2.out of the woods is only on a single so I don’t know if it on a cd. Epilogue is from run wild live free love strong so its on that cd
        3.Sure but I don’t know how
        4.I think so as people say “for Narnia” but again I don’t know

  79. I like Jules but I wish she and buck would end their relationship or go on w it a little bit faster. Umm how old are they???? This effects my opinion. Love you odyssey!!!!!!

  80. Hey everybody. Please pray for my grandpa because he had a massive heart attack and is recovering.
    Also, please pray for me because because on may 5 im going to get braces and i want to ask if you have any tips for braces and stuff. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yeah definitly! Tips for Braces – In My expirience, not eating gum, popcorn ( regular and carmel) sticky, or crunchy candies (jolly ranchers, et Cetera ) I loved listening to “Subject Yourself” (Jack Allen can give you some good advice.) right after getting braces your teeth will be pretty sore, so eat softer foods.

    2. I’m getting braces in a few months you should ask for clear braces they look the best and there not to Noticeable😷😛

    3. I had braces a while ago. It’s ONLY bad in the beginning, then you get used to it.

  81. I love buck and Jules and I can’t wait for buck to maybe be adopted because no spoilers.







    1. I NEVER said that!!!!! Who is pretending 2 b me????????




  84. So has anyone seen the Marvel TV Show Agents of Shield?

    SPIDER GAL/GWEN you here yet bro?

    1. Yes beat page ever ha ha
      Has anyone seen the new Spiderman movie with tom hallond

      1. Spiderman No Way Home? Yeah I saw it in the theater Christmas Eve eve. Who’s your favorite Spider-Man out of the three?

          1. Sweet. Andrew Garfield is my favorite of the three, though miles morales is my favorite spideman.

    1. @kryze
      Yes miles marales is veary cool
      I think there coming out with a live attention miles movie cool right

  85. I wonder how many people will come to this my guess is 6
    I’m really excited for this thanks little pink tolley for helping make this happen im the only marvel fan in my family so it’s nice to be able to talk about it with some people finally

  86. There seems to be lots of confusion happening on the boards lately. So, here is another reminder to only post under your own username. We love to hear your stories about what’s happening in your life, but it’s getting hard to tell who is who. Please stop pranking and be respectful of each other.

    1. @moderator
      Oh oops sorry i started the pranking
      Cause i thought it was funny then other people
      Thought it was funny and the started doing it
      I won’t do any more pranks are meant to be fun not upset people
      And whell guess it upset you ☺

  87. I have seen the all the movies and shows except for Shang Chi, agents of shield and agent carter, oh and I haven’t seen moon knight either. I want to see all of them in the future except for moon knight.
    ALSO WARNING ⚠️ Do not watch ETERNALS without a parent it has some very inappropriate stuff in it

    1. Don’t watch dead pool even with a parent
      It is so bad and i suggest you don’t watch moon knight
      It’s all about he gets power form a false god i love shang chi though

      1. Yeah dont watch ETERNALS without a parent. Also I think it is the WORST MARVEL MOVIE EVER.

    2. If it has some very inappropriate stuff why would you watch it even with a parent?


    Yeah i saw the new Spider-man twice.
    I thought it was OK. I wasnt that impressed.
    Like I said before I dont like Tom Holland. No offence
    But I do like Andrew Garfield and Zendaya

    Have you seen the Marvel TV Show Agents of Shield?

    1. If you didn’t like it then why did you watch it twice?
      I loved that all three Spider-Mans came in it
      I can’t what for Spiderman 4

      1. Theyre not having a spiderman 4. All the marvel characters only have 3 movies about themselves.

  89. I love tony starks/iron man so so much
    And i was so so excited when i find a video
    On YouTube of iron man battleing some sort of bad guy
    And it played finish line by skillet band
    Now i know everyone here likes marvel
    But dose anyone like skillet
    Oh wait don’t answer that this needs
    To be about marvel

    yeah i really want Janet and hulk to have and baby
    Oh oh oh oh i thought of a name kay you ready for this
    little Buff OH YEAH!!💚

  91. 5 Interesting facts you (probable) didn’t know about marvel
    1 the original caption marvel died of cancer
    2 michael Jackson wanted to be Spider-Man
    3 black panther also died with cancer after filming the movie
    4 dorth vader inspired marvel comics
    5 martin goodman published the first marvel comic in 1939

    Cool right !

    1. Wait WHAT Michael Jackson wanted to be spiderman?! Just imagine him singing while swinging and saving people. I think it would be really funny!

    2. Another interesting fact that I found out was that Chris Pratt wanted to play Captain America

  92. In Avengers Endgame, why didn’t cap go to rescue Bucky when he went back to the 40s?
    ( opinion question)

    How old was Captain America when he crashed the Red Skull plane ? And how old was he when he came out of the ice? And in Endgame? ( trivia question)

  93. Also can someone fill me in on the Nova com saga ? What’s this about Nick being kidnapped?

  94. We should quote some marvel quotes. But not the ones that have cusses in them! Just the good ones

    1. Would this work?

      “When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world…no, you move.”

      -Steve Rogers

    I watched it twice cause the first time I watched it with my sister, and then later my mom wanted to watch and I liked it
    well enough the first time to rewatch it with her.


    You said you bet there is no Marvel question you cant answer
    sooo can you tell me who the characters Grant Ward and Jemma Simmons are?


    If you ever watch Agents of Shield or Agent Carter, you should watch Agent Carter first, cause its connected to the last season of Agents of Shield.
    I love Agents of Shield and I liked Agent Carter, though I didnt finish the second season.

    But there is some suggestive content in Agents of Shield. But its a really good show

    Spoiler warning: Explore the “As Buck Would Have It” three parter.

    1. Sorry LOTRgeek but donno how to tell you this but this….

      … well it’s taken this is the marvel page
      Why don’t you go to … (thinking) buckles page

      1. Yeah, I know.
        I said that the new LOTR page was on the “Spoiler warning: Explore the “As Buck Would Have It” three parter” page.


    Thank you for the advice! Yeah me and my sister will probably watch agent carter first because it’s shorter. Idk. Strange does look like Dr Blagaard!!! Or the other way around😂

    Also I won’t be posting all the time this summer because I am doing homeschooling through the summer . I’m in a grade in between 9- 12

        1. No, we do school all year round. Like, I don’t get summer break or spring break or fall break, etc. But we do sometimes take a week off every so often if we’re getting super stressed out with school. We may only be doing a few subjects through the summer…I don’t know. What is your least favorite subject?

  100. Doctor strange is so cool
    But the new one is so creepy and bad
    Watch online movie 1 not movie 2

  101. Hi i just caught some tadpoles today
    About 4 of them
    I named them
    Iron man
    Black panther

  102. Cute! We are getting kittens soon and my mom said no marvel names ☹️ But we are naming them after Jane Austen characters

  103. My little sister thinks that hulk was made by getting a bite from a radio active body builder she didn’t watch the movie …


    ……………. all convenience her

  104. I am homeschooled too. I’m a senior now and I’m super exited! God has blessed me and my boyfriend so much. He’s going into the service and he’s really busy. But we just got engaged a few weeks ago. So now we’re planning for the wedding. I’m in between the ages 14-19 and he’s between the ages 17-21. Pray for us please!!!!

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