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Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

VIDEO PODCAST: World premiere of Adventures in Odyssey JumpStart

Tour the town of Odyssey and get to know its people and businesses through this unique video feature, soon to be a new feature on the fully revamped Club website (launching in the coming weeks!)

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      1. Total squarel but will penny and Wooten ever have a baby and if that’s something that’s coming up could it be a girl named Ledy

    1. Y did the free trial go away for club i was about to try it for the first time

      1. I assume because they are making an epic update and I also assume they will put back up when the update happens (probably before the end of the month).

    1. Hi guys I just wondering have any of you read the camp club girls books
      They are really good they are a group of girls who solve mysterys
      My favourite girls is balmy if you have read them tell me which girl you’d like best

  1. Hi, I’m a long time listener of Adventures In Odyssey and I just caught the latest podcast.During the JumpStart segment of the Podcast the host talked about Odyssey being in the American Midwest but didn’t know the exact location. The location was supposed to be unknown, however in the original Family Portraits opening, Odyssey is located in Ohio.

      1. I always thought that oddessy was in Illinois. They are always going to Chicago and once they mentioned Springfield.

        1. true but if you live close to the western border it takes possibly 4 to 5 hours my family travels to Kansas every summer so we go there a lot

      2. Whoa. Wait this means the creators of odyssey duped us for years
        🤔😮 I Suspected it was around the midwest Didn’t know that until now though

      3. No, you see, Connellsville is actually a real city in Ohio!

        P.S. I always thought it was Conniesville 😊

        1. Also there is a Connellsville in Pennsylvania. I was at a shopping center in Lancaster with my family it’s around like cornfields and I saw A bus that said Connellsville Pennsylvania

    1. Odyssey might be in Ohio. me and my brother figured out that it’s close to Chicago Bart said so. But it takes three days to get to California by bus so that it might be in the Midwest. That was mentioned in Connie part 1. it’s in-between Colorado and Ohio.

    2. In Alb00 Ep12, Whit gets on a train headed from Chicago to Cincinnati, and the train stops in Odyssey before Cincinnati. In Alb22 Ep9 Katrina gets up early in the am to drive to Chicago. So Odyssey is at least 2-3 hrs SE of Chicago. But, in Alb15 Ep13, Dern’s station is
      KODY. Only states W of the Mississippi have radio call signs that start with K?

      1. @Danger’s Daughter and @Anonymous
        I’m doing pretty good, thanks! This semester has been kinda stressful so far though. How is school going for y’all?

    1. Yes
      Do u have pure flix if u do they have a really good little woman on there like so good
      It is like a modern retelling it’s so good 😊

      1. I have! It’s so good. I’ve also read the two sequels, little men and Joe’s boys, plus some of her other works. She was a magnificent author/writer and creator

    1. Hi! So wonderful to see you again! I miss seeing some of you who left for a while! Are you going to start commenting again?
      How are you doing? Are you still in school?

      1. TwiceAdopted
        I am going to comment occasionally. I’m doing pretty good, I have a bit of cold but besides that pretty good. I am still in school, I won’t be graduating for quite a while. I’m homeschooled so it’s nice and relaxed in the way that I don’t have to go to school early in the morning.

        1. Bekah-Hope. I have missed you and am glad you are back. It has been fun without you but not as cool as it was with you, girlfriend.

    2. Hey! So glad to see you! So, I am guessing that you are allowed to comment again?! So exciting! Hope to see you more often!

    1. So exciting!

      Are you on the club? I was on for a while but haven’t renewed my membership for awhile…😕

    1. I think so. I’m aioduck from the club! I’m glad your commenting here now!

  2. Ugghh not first !
    But hope you all had a great weekend!😆😝😋😍🤩

  3. Oh and I started a book page on
    What does a book editor do anyway
    You talk about books you like, would like to read, ask
    questions, make recommendations, share poetry you like or wrote and sooo much more
    anyone can join
    Please do it’s going to be really fun

    1. Oh cool. I just went over there. I love books. By the way, if you want to go over to the book club, it’s at the very bottom of the page. Just wanted to save people with trouble scrolling through all the messages., Cuz it took me a while!😂

    1. Thanks! How are you doing? Where I live, I have a good amount of snow…do you have snow?

      Anything new for you?

    1. I have several favorite songs but one of them is Keep It Undercover by Zendaya😍

    2. my favorite song is i can only imagine
      my friends say odyssey is boring and i love it!one of them even threatened me that if i dont drop odyssey theyll stop being my friend so im not there friend any more

      1. Woa I’m soooo sorry they did that. Now you know they weren’t a true friend. True friends love you no matter what you love and what you listen to.

    3. I love “Forbidden Friendship” by John powell. it’s by far my favorite. I LOOOOOOVE it so much.

  4. I decided to go ahead and post first thing to show that I didn’t have anything against the “First Race”. I do think that we should be considerate about others and try to not offend those here and also take time to remember Will Ryan but I don’t think that trying for First is wrong!

  5. This is one cool video podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi Moniters how are u could u guys plz respond to this question thanks

    Are u guys going to post more jumpstart videos on the podcast
    I hope u do because I can’t get the club thanks

    1. Have you ever had the club? Or tried the free trial?

      I had it before but haven’t renewed my membership for awhile…

      1. Sry that was meh Emma posting it just auto correct and yes I have I mean I had it for the mouth of November and December but we didn’t renew
        My username was Emmalina

  7. I hope they finish the website soon. I haven’t been able to access it on my browser for over a week!

  8. The person in the video: Do I really need to listen to all of these?
    Me: Definitely. I will never rest until I listen to them all!
    Also me: Not on the club

    1. Same my friend!! I’m like albums 1-50 are their prime time!!

  9. I listened to the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack six times today while making products for my business. I was annoyed when I first got it a few months ago cuz it was missing some scenes, but I still listen to the soundtracks 24/7 and love it. 😝 (Randomly wanted to say that)

      1. Yes, I love all of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth books. One of my goals for 2022 is to read the Silmarillion . . . we’ll see when that happens, lol. 😝

  10. Is that picture at 7:57 Wooton comforting Connie after Mitchs death? I love that episode.

  11. watching this video brought back so many memories from her childhood I’ve been listening to odyssey over and over again for the last 26 years I really like watching the old animation videos they made of honesty I wish they would make more videos to watch of our favorite adventures in odyssey characters but obviously now it would look a little bit more modern and updated please consider making some odyssey videos again

  12. Aio is the best thing to listen to in the universe. I am so excited about the new club.😁😍🙂😂

  13. who likes rap andwho likes hunting and if you hunt what do yyou hunt with bow bb gun or like what ??? and no one hate on this comment

    1. I like hunting!! 22 for squirrels and 223 (I think) for deer. I shot two deer this past season.

  14. @just peachy
    sry i couldnt find the emojee
    do u still want to be friends
    i replied to u on the dickensian dillema
    just so you know if you comment i might not reply for three days
    but please dont think of not being my friend
    i have like five’friends’ who arent really my friends
    um can u pray for me faith related

  15. Does anyone have a favorite video game?
    I don’t really have a favorite.😬

    1. I’m a Minecrafter all the way (don’t even try to talk to me about Fortnite lol). Btw, The Spawn Chunks and Dig Straight Down are great Minecraft podcasts. Actually, Crazy_Banana_Guy is my Minecraft username.

  16. Hello everyone! I am back! How are you? Did you all have a good week?

    I probably won’t be commenting all the time…just depends on life and how busy I am…

    1. Hi! So glad to see you back! Hope that you had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!
      Loved your wedding outfit and rehearsal and receptions outfits!! So pretty!!

      1. Thanks so much!

        Just so you know, we didn’t go on a Honeymoon. We got married and then moved into our house. It’s pretty big and is brand new. So it was kinda like a Honeymoon.

    1. Hi!
      I have a friend named Nevaeh
      It’s a really rare name so when I saw
      It I was just like hey that’s my friends name!

      1. I have a cousin named Nevaeh, and I always thought it was a cool name because it is heaven spelled backwards.

  17. Thanks to everyone for all of the congratulations! This is my third time getting first. I wasn’t even trying but I do want everyone to know that I am not against trying for first. I know some have mentioned that we have been a little judgmental about the ‘first thing’ but I am ok with it as long as we are being kind and friendly. Good job to you

  18. Some of you may know the Hildebrant family I Delta, Colorado. Pastor Hildebrant just died. And the family could use your prayers. The funeral is January 29. So please pray for the family and the church.

  19. I have an fantastic idea for a new sundae that Whit could make! chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and powdered sugar and maple syrup! I haven’t thought of a name yet but chocolate ice cream and powdered sugar is amazing and the maple syrup makes it super sweet!

    1. Kaylee aka Kaylee CHALLENGE A STUDENT AND LOVING IT COME JOIN the Schantelle Cason Page. It’s the OOOTD and Fashion page! says:

      The Wooton Special

  20. I don’t get it in the episode “Good Job!” Jason hires Julian, so shouldn’t be called J and J and J and J antiques? or quadruple J antiques?

    1. I have a sister named Rebekah. And like 3 or 4 friends named Rebekah too!!🤣

    2. No because Jillian is an employee. The name of the shop is based on the owners of the shop. Jack, Joann, and Jason.

    3. They don’t name the store based on the employees; they name it based on the people in charge who have been Jason, Jack, and Joanne.

    4. I thought the same thing! But it’s probably because Jillian is an employee, not an owner, It’s called triple J antiques because Jason Jack and Joanne own it, and employees like Jillian ans Rufus don’t get a place on the sign.

  21. Hey ever If you own horses or love horses I would suggest the horse page on
    Olivia and Zoe friends on and off the show
    If you want to join then ask Ava cause she started it
    (Maybe I should have put that first)

  22. Hi guys can i get your opinion on if Morrie Rydell is good or bad? Also can you please tell my who locked Matthew and Emily in the escape room in the episode “A Sacrificial Escape”. Thank you I would really appreciate it. Thanks soooo much!

    1. Morrie locked Emily and Matthew up
      I think Morrie is just hurting in the inside I wouldn’t say he’s bad but I wouldn’t say he’s good either.

  23. Hey everyone , please pray for my family my mom is really sick, she’ s been sick for three days and is not getting enough sleep because every 2 hrs my little 7 month brother wakes up and refuses to sleep until fed.

  24. Does anybody remember the Odyssey episode of a blind girl that technically “witnesses” a robbery somewhere and she gets kidnapped? It’s driving me crazy lol

    1. Yes I do it’s called the perfect witness
      There is 3 parts and it is on abulm 23
      Twist and turns
      Hope this helps

  25. When does the new website launch? And is it only available to club members? I love adventures in odyssey! It’s a part of my life! I have so many questions for the odyssey teem. Cant wait to listen!


  27. Hi there do u love horses?
    Do u own a horse?
    If u said yes to any of those questions then come join the horse page on Olivia and Zoe best friends for life on and off the show

  28. Bella,
    The episode you’re thinking of is The Perfect Witness in album 23.
    Hope this helps!

  29. Does anyone here do dancing? You know hip hop or pop dancing?
    Sorry if this offends some of you. I don’t do those dances like in front of an audience but I do do it at home for personal entertainment 😊. I sometimes dance with my friends…sometimes.

  30. Cliffhanger ugh
    Hi there do you love books
    Well then why don’t you come on down to the book club page at why have Olivia doubting her faith podcast
    We will have book studies and book recommendations
    Come join us we would love to see you

    Do you want to be friends? You don’t have to be if you don’t want to. I’m between the ages 12 and 15. I’m African American and I guess I can call myself a little fashionable…it might not look like it on the OOTD Page. I love music

  32. Hey guys
    If you love reading books then you should come and join us at the
    What does a book editor do anyway podcast
    It’s really fun
    We talk about books make recommendations
    Have book studies and soooo much more
    Please join us anyone is welcome
    I would be so happy to see you

  33. CONT
    My favorite shows are Shake It Up, K.C. Undercover, That Girl Lay Lay, Young Dylan, Henry Danger, Danger Force, The Cosby Show, ( I know this is a show for old people but I find it kinda enjoyable…so…don’t judge me🤣) The Golden Girls, Warped, ICarly, and Sister Sister. I know that’s a lot. Do you have any favorite shows?

    1. I would love to be friends with you. I can tell by your outfits that you are addicted to fashion like I am. I love music as well. you like all my shows???? How are we so alike????

    2. Have you watched Power Problems parts 1 and 2 from Danger Force??? I am waiting for the kids to get their powers back. Have they got their powers back??? Do you know?? Please answer my questions!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Henry Danger’s Dream of Danger is too cool!!!!!
      I think Krampulooza (I don’t know if that is right) is really awkward.

      1. Danger Force does get their powers back. Swchoz was able to take the powers out of the Force’s clones and transfer them to Danger Force. I was sooooo happy when their powers came back. You have to watch it. Have you? Have you watched Dude, Where’s My Man-Buggy?

  34. Hi
    Why don’t you come on Down to the bible study page
    One listener’s dream to be on adventures in odyssey comes true
    Hope to see you there

  35. I have covid at the moment so me and my family are self isolating
    🤒🤒🤒. Please could you pray for me thank you 🙏🏼

  36. @Emma
    do you want to be friends
    I’m between the age of 10 and 14 if you don’t want to that is fine

  37. my favorite show is the thundermans and bunk’d i also really like henry danger and i want to watch danger force

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE THUNDERMANS!!!!!!!My favorite is Max Thunderman!!!! He’s so awesome. Henry Danger is also on e of my most favorite shows.

  38. Hi Everyone,
    For anyone who does not have the club album 72 The Long Road Home came out for download this week on Tuesday, February 1. I got my copy of the album just today and I am really excited to listen to them. Does anyone who already listened to them have a favorite so far? I am also excited to listen to the behind the scenes of these shows.

  39. Has anyone watched When the Game Stands Tall??? that is such an outrageously good movie.

  40. Sup everyone? I haven’t commented in forever because we had Covid. How is everyone doing? I have lung problems from my Covid episode but I am coming along fine. Pray for me.

  41. Wooten: oh it’s nice to think there’s a spare me in case I lose myself

    I’m dying🤣

  42. Buck: I made a family tree.Cousin Henry here actually looks a little like me don’t you think?

    I love the episode out of the picture

    Penny: it’s your barber shop
    Wooten: oh yeah Floyd always give’s me a lollipop even though I’m way over the age limit

      1. Yeah, I do! It’s funny! I love the episode where aunt bee makes bad pickles, and then they replace them with store bought, but she keeps making them because they like them. My family and I watched that, and I ate 5 pickles during that episode

    1. I noticed there’s a lot of people whose name start with j in Odyssey; Jack Allen, Joanne Allen, Jules Kendall, Jason Whitaker, John Avery Whittaker, Jana (Mr. Whittaker’s daughter), Jenny (Mr. Whittaker’s wife), Jillian Marshall, Jan Kendall (Jules’ Mom), Jay Smouse, and Jimmy barcley,

  43. I have so many questions about Adventures in Odyssey now that I’ve started this listening; will Eugene and Katrina adopt Buck? In the episode ” A Wise Surprise” Penny sister was having a baby, does the baby ever show up in future episodes? Do Penny and Wooton ever have kids? Does Connie ever get married? please answer if you know the answers!

    1. I do not want to reveal the ending of the episode As Buck Would have It so you better listen to that episode to find out what happens. You would need to stay tuned to a future show to find out about Penny’s sister. Same thing with Penny and Wooten. I hope that you listened to Something Blue because he left for Budapest instead of marrying Connie.

    2. If you can not wait for two of the questions to be answered about Penny’s sister’s baby to appear in some of the episodes and Penny and Wooten having kids then you can ask the producers for the next Q and A session when that will happen again in a podcast. Mitch came back for another episode to make Connie decide if she had made the right choice.

        1. Yes. That is the one. I wanted to put that title of that episode on my last post but I just did not have room to do so.

        1. They do the Q and A twice a year and I am guessing that after the last episode airs on the radio which is As Buck Would Have It Part 3 then they will do a Podcast of the next Q and A session with the producers because according to the past Q and A sessions that is what they did for other albums. I hope that is still true.

  44. Can somebody please tell me what happens in As Buck Would Have It cuz I do not have the club and everyone is talking about how important it is. 😉

    1. Well it is a three part story and it ends with buck getting adopted by the melseners

    2. I do not have the club either but there is another platform where you can get that episode a long with other episodes of album 72 The Long Road Home. That is what I did. There is also a CD of album 72 as well. So you still have other options to get it.

    3. It will air on the radio soon, so you don’t need the club. I don’t have the club either, and I am soooooo excited to hear As Buck Would Have It

  45. I love Adventures in Odyssey. However, does anyone else find the animated characters a bit scary looking?

  46. Hi everyone! I am just letting you know that I will be leaving the commenting pages. I have some important and very exciting things now and coming up in my life and won’t have a whole lot of time for posting. I may come back once in a while but it won’t be every day every week.

    Have fun and don’t forget to check out the OOOTD page!

  47. So this is the music page guys plz join and spread the news
    What musical instrument do u guys play
    I play piano
    I used to play violin
    And I can play one song on the recorder
    Hot cross buns is the name
    I can also sing
    I also have a ukulele but know idea how to play it
    So tell me about you musical history

    1. I started piano lessons when I was 5 or 6 (can’t exactly remember)
      I learned quickly and was playing difficult songs like fur Elise
      I started composing my own songs too
      Then I switched to another piano teacher
      It took some time to adjust but I still love piano!
      I love composing music too
      And I will be having a piano recital in may

    2. i play the piano since i was six
      i sing and i am learning to play the cello

  48. I play piano.
    I started when I was 4 and I have had 5 teachers.
    I’m starting with a new teacher in Georgia.

  49. I have been in my church’s Christmas Choir presentation.
    I didn’t actually get to sing in front of people because I got sick 😢
    I’m looking forward to doing it this year.
    I’m a soprano 2, but I could be a Alto 1, because I can sing pretty low

  50. Can ya’ll pray for me.
    I have a piano festival March 5th, and I am really nervous 😬

    1. Hey I also got a piano recital on May!
      I don’t member what day but yeah
      Xecpt my piano teacher calls it a festival

  51. i love adventures in Odessy and Star Wars Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. anyone who agrees say dido

    1. Thanks! I’m gonna need it!
      I have to memorize 5 pages perfectly!
      Also this is my first time preforming in front of so many people and I’m pretty nervous and hoping o won’t mess up or do something embarrassing! Oh and BTW the song I’m playing is called sonatina in c major by Fritz spindles you can look it up on YouTube so yeah

  52. I’m super happy because I had two songs that I had to have perfectly memorized, play perfectly ect.
    And I got a hard judge.

    1. Congrats!!🎊🎈🎉
      Happy for you!
      But I’m SUPER nervous and I hope my recital goes well

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