The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

The beginning of Odyssey career

New Odyssey coordinator Megan Rolofson shares her Adventure to Odyssey.

Odyssey coordinator Megan Rolofson
Odyssey coordinator Megan Rolofson


Megan's orientation at Focus
Megan’s orientation at Focus

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        1. lol yeah. I don’t get the point in congratulating them. It’s not like it’s a huge deal when they post the first response. I don’t understand why it’s some huge competition.

        1. Are you talking to me?


    1. I’m NEVER first.

      Hello! I have not been chatting in like forever! You probably didn’t miss me 😉
      If any of you Odyssey fans remember, SHIP SNELSON!!! I MEAN PLEAZE! PUH-LEZEE!!!!

      Just so you know, that means that I am CER-RAZE-EY about Nelson Swanson and Suzu Rydell in a Ship. ( Crush ) Sorry, I’m running out of text space, so I gotta go. Bye!

    1. I love fashion. It’s the way I express myself when I’m not ok, when I am down. For example, when I don’t get along with my siblings or friends, I go to my closet, pick out my outfit for the next day, paint my fingernails, and that calms me. then I am able to get along with them.
      What do you do when you don’t get along with the people that you love?

      1. When I don’t get along with my siblings I think of a cool new outfit I could wear, go listen to music, and listen to AIO. I kinda get along with my friends most of the time. We do annoy each other sometimes. Anyway, that’s what calms me down.

        1. When i am sad i just go to my room and try to do an Ollie which leaves dents in the wall😂😐

      2. How many siblings do you have? I have 7 and I have an older half brother he’s in his twenties

        1. I have 16 siblings. Mom and Dad always wanted a big family. If I put a different number of siblings last time, those are just the ones left at home.

          1. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! My mom is the oldest of 12, and my dad is the third of 7! There are nine in my family so far. The youngest is nine months old

  1. Who here is going into high school next year( i.e next school year)?
    I’m going into high school next year

    1. This is my first year of it.
      But I’m homeschool so it is a little different.

      Who all here is homeschool

      1. I’m home schooled and love it! I am between the ages of 15-17, and have been home schooled my entire life. We do a lot of other activities too (church, awana, co-op, Bible study etc.). Let me tell you, high school is a pain. Just have a good attitude about it, patience, and make sure you aren’t focusing on school more than God.

        1. im mostly new, ive only commented a couple of times. But i have to say I totally agree. High school is so hard. I’ve been home schooled my entire life, but I too go to co-op.(and youth group, choir, church, etc.)

        2. I have been home schooled my entire life to!

        3. I’m home schooled and I love it too Rachel, 💜 and have been home schooled my entire life too.

    1. Ok hi I’m Jules but I am not like the Jules form Odysseus so there I replayed and you’re welcome 🙋🏄

  2. Hi everyone, for privacy reasons i’m changing my name to Challenge Student and Loving it! Classical Conversations
    ALSO for anyone who wants to join a Outstanding Outfit of the Day (OOOTD) it’s a fashion page, where you can post outfits (MUST BE MODEST) fashion ideas and questions. Again, ANYONE can JOIN. Don’t feel obligated. Much love all!

      1. A! are you enjoying challenge? I love Latin, Fallacy Detective ect. everything but math haha! how about you? My science fair is today! My project was How does temperature effect yeast! what was yours?

    1. … but also our sickens and He healed us.

      (Andrew Wommack: God wants you well) listen to it please

        1. Oof! That is awful. I have 8 younger siblings, so I know how that goes. My baby brother ripped up my favorite copy of LOtR last year and it was awful! I just got a nicer one that is leather bound and just GORGEOUS!

  3. She sounds just like Abigail Geiger! I hope we hear more from her because I like it is so cool how she worked for Sight and Sound! I want to act there when I am older.

      1. Sure! How did your physical therapy go? (You don’t have to share if you don’t want to.)

        1. To tell you the truth, it went great. I still can’t feel my legs but the doctor said some feeling should come back over the next couple of weeks.

  4. Thanks for the comments on the last page. I have been praying for you all. If anyone has any prayer or praises they would like to share, please reply to this comment! I would love to pray for you! It doesn’t have to be deep, personal, or specific if you don’t want to share

    1. I think it would be nice if you would pray for my family to stay safe during this time.PS my real name is Clark not Robo64.

    2. We are adopting and we were about to get her in a month then c-19 hit now we have been waiting for three years to go get her. So please pray we can go get her soon.

      1. yes i will my sister is in the same situation except she is getting four kids and has had to do a lot of paperwork over again

        1. That is SO hard. Praying!
          Our friends just left today to Liberia to adopt two kids. So exciting!!!!

          1. That is so exciting!!
            Did they leave March 4?
            That was when we were going to leave to get her 3 years ago.
            But we could not leave😥

  5. Hey! I love AIO! I’m so happy you’re airing the very first AIO episode! Can’t wait for it to air on Saturday. BTW Happy twosday! 2/22/22.

  6. I was in a severe car accident. As of today, I am temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. That doesn’t mean the nurses don’t let me use my fashion sense. I do have to wear those weird hospital clothes though. My fiancé has been here for me the whole time and I thank God for him. I am supposed to start my physical therapy on March 3.

    1. I’m so so sorry. I’ll pray very hard for you. Tell your fiance I said keep up the good work.
      Love you friend!!!!!!

    2. Girl!!! I’m with you on the hospital gowns. The hospital may be the best place in the world but their gowns are so odd looking. 😕 I mean if I were in the hospital I would still want to look good. Even in surgery!!! I hope that makes you feel lighter. I love making people happy when they’re going through a tough time. Hope it helps!!!🥰😍 Love You

      1. I am so glad I have you for a friend. You light up the room every time you comment. You encourage everyone just when they need it. Thank you for everything that you do.

    3. I am so sorry! Praying for you and your fiance! Remember that God has a purpose and a plan for you, and He works all things together for good

        1. Thank you so much for that comment! I was having really hard day and you helped solo much!

    4. I couldn’t even begin to imagine that. I’ll be praying for you, and your family! I’ve found, that Psalm 18:30-31 he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. For who is God but the LORD? And who is a rock except our God? I pray that this might encourage you! For the believer, knowing that God is our rock, is a great comfort

    5. We are constantly praying for you sis. And even though we don’t get to see our brother often we know he is taking care of the one he loves. We all know you would do the same for us.

        1. No I am her fiancé’s little brother. We call each other brother and sister because that is what we have always been to each other.

    6. I am so sorry! God can and wants to heal anyone it said it in the Bible lots of times

      Isaiah 53:5
      But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

      It is saying when Jesus died on the cross He did not just take away are sins but also…

    7. … but also to heal us!

      ( Andrew Wommack: God wants you well) please listen to it.

      God loves us

    8. Do you want to be friends? I changed my name to God wants you well on the end : )

      God loves you

      I play volleyball

      I am around 11-14 years old

    9. That’s so sad we live in a sick world I’m going to pray for every night stay strong girl😿😿

    1. Do you know the song Revolutionary by Josh Wilson?

      Just asking ’cause your name kind of says a line from it!

      1. Yes
        I changed my name with God wants you well! at the end : )

  7. Hi, umm, I’m not sure if this is good idea, I mean, I haven’t chatted here much or for that long, just a few months, but I was wondering what you guys would think if I started a “Club” (For lack of a better word) where you can just chat about any hobbies you have or things you like. I wouldn’t be “president” or anything, (to be continued)

  8. You wouldn’t have to “join” or anything it would really just be a one place where you could always go to chat about your favorite things Books, Music, Movies, art, anything! Would anyone chat there? This seems silly now, I’m sure there are probably a lot of other people who could start this in a better way. But, Well just let me know what you think

    1. Wow! Thanks for the positive responses guys! It makes me feel a little better. I was kinda worried no one would take to the idea. I really want to make something clear though, I wouldn’t be president, I just want people to have fun there, but I also want everything to be appropriate. Just post about stuff that you like there, like I said.

      1. Ive wanted to talk about favorite movies and shows for ages so im excited for the club.

        As to where to put it maybe on the (Why didnt ”a Dickensian Dilema” have an ending) page.
        that page seems to be free.
        Any objections?


    2. Huh? I don’t really understand, but good idea!

      ( Nelson Swanson and Suzu Rydell = ❤️! )

  9. Hey everyone, share memories of you first time listening to odyssey! When I listened to my first odyssey, I thought no one was a consistent character except whit, and the characters changed every time. also, I thought connie was a 12-year-old kid and was shocked when I heard she drove a car!

    1. When I first listened to AIO I thought Eugene and Connie were siblings. I also thought Whit was Connie’s Dad. I was like 6 or 7 when I first started listening to AIO and I’m a teen now so I’ve a lot of memories.🤣🙂😄

    2. I actually didn’t know what adventures in odyssey was when I first started listening! When we were driving home from church, we were always yelling, “Play Kidsboro, Mommy, Play Kidsboro!” And that is my favorite episode to this date!

    3. I thought that I Slap Floor was real and was so excited that Connie and Eugene were getting married!

      I’m older and wiser now

    4. When I first listened to adventures in odyssey I thought it was totally weird
      I thought whit was weird and I was so confused!
      The intro for me was very mysterious
      I thought that the intro was like a time machine taking us to Odyssey outside of the known world

    1. Hey I could be your friend if you want. Here’s a little bit of info on me. I’m a girl. My name’s Abigail. I’m African American. I’m between the ages 12 and 15. I love fashion and music. Some of my favorite shows are Shake It Up, The Thundermans, Danger Force, and K.C. Undercover. One of my fav. character in AIO is Jules Kendall.

    2. Hey! Ill be your friend! I am a girl, my name is Rachel, and I am between the ages of 12-17. Some of my hobbies are art, reading, acting, singing, eating, and playing instruments. I also love Marvel (the MCU) and LOtR. I am the oldest of 9 kids (so far…).

    3. I would love to be your friend. You will be amazed how much #Danger’sDaughter and I are so alike. I am African-American and love watching things like shows. My favorite character in Odyssey is Monty even though he doesn’t come around much.

      1. Hey were you adopted? I wasn’t just in case you’re wondering.
        How many kids would you ever like to have? I would like to have 5 or 8 maybe.

        1. I am not adopted but three of my sibs are.
          I would like to have as many kids as the Lord will want me to have.

  10. Hi!does anybody think my name sounds like a bully?I think so,but i try not to be mean and unkind or a smarty pants

  11. Just so you know tiger and 💜Tiger 🐯 🎶are the same person
    And my real name is Manuela

  12. Hi, I’m praying for @ILOVEDANNYGOKEY. Thank you AIO team for bringing this together cause I’m going through a very hard time with my parent’s Christianity and AIO episodes are helping me. Especially when you see Olivia doubting her faith my parents are doubting theirs. So thank you! And I really like the character Jillian and Jason and Jules.

    1. Hi! I am so sorry your parents are having struggles. Just remember to stay strong in your own faith, and be there to encourage them in theirs. Praying for you and your family!

    2. Remember that if you live your life to the glory of God, maybe your parents will look at your life and change. Just keep praying for them. And have faith.

  13. So I will probably not be able to comment a whole bunch
    It’s only for a little while cuz u am going with my fam to cabins!,!

  14. If you are going to be doing another one of those random question segments, I have a question you can ask!

    What is your favorite licorice flavor?

    1. I have Seen Queen Esther twice! Next week I’ll get to see David! I am so Excited

  15. I’ll be someone’s friend! 😀Here’s some info about me! My name is Cherith, I am the age between 12 and 15, I like to read, play with my 2 cats, ride horses, and hangout with friends. My favorite show is Heartland, my favorite books are The Mistmantle Chronicles. I want to be a vet tech when I grow up. My favorite character in AIO is Emily Jones.

    1. I will be your friend. I like Heartland to my favorite is Amy or Jack. My favorite character in AIO is Whit or Connie.

    1. Cool so am I!!!!! Wait is 9th grade a part of junior high or is it actually high school? I have a friend who says it is.

  16. 🐈🐴MtHorseGirl🐴🐈 can I be your friend?
    I am between the ages 13 and 16, I LOVE cats and horses, and I love to read.
    I’ve also read the Mistmantle Chronicles: which are like the best book EVER, however I only have the first three because they are sooo expensive.

  17. What is your favourite Odyssey line?
    Mine is from I slap floor
    Connie and Eugene: I LOVE YOU!! You love me?
    Eugene: I’ve always loved you Connie
    I was so excited because that was the third episode I listened to and I didn’t know about Katrina. I spent the rest of the morning trying to figure out which would be better, EuConnie or Congene

  18. Hey everyone I was wondering if you could please pray for me cuz Ukraine and Russia are at war and I have relatives in Ukraine and it’s scary I mean my moms cousin is stuck somewhere and can’t go any where so yeah please pray

  19. Hi Everyone,
    I am wondering why the episode of Christmas Bells is part of the One of Three Will Fall Story Arc. I know that Wilson Knox alluded to it in that episode of Christmas Bells and it is about the author of that song and not the story that would start a six part episode as part of the main story of album 71 and concluded in album 72.

  20. Wait are they going back to the beginning of AIO? Because Connie Comes To Town next week…🤔😉

    1. I am so glad that they did because I haven’t heard these stories in years. Since I was like 4 years old.

  21. Hi, everyone my name is Drenya.
    Will you be my friend I like to play roblox and animal crossing do any of u play those games? Oh and among us too.

    1. I would love to be you friend. I have a good friend who loves roblox. Wait you play Among us?

  22. Hi all! Haven’t been in for a while.

    TRQ (totally random question) what is your favorite brand of shoe?

  23. I thought of a name for my Sundae idea! chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, powdered sugar and maple syrur,The Sugar Rush Sundae! there’s also, The Bassett Sunday: raspberry flavored ice cream with licorice. the Bassetts like raspberry soda and licorice.

  24. I noticed, while listening to The Lost One Part 2, that when Olivia was praying Leonard’s voice, as it got creepier, changed. He kinda lost his accent. Just wanted to put that out there.

    1. I totally agree. I was creeped and amazed. I wondered if something happened to the actor or if that was supposed to change.

    2. I noticed that too. I thought it was representing how Leonid Sepanov was really the devil in disguise. Even though Olivia was searching for reasons to doubt, Satan was also playing off of that, to try to truly pull her away from her faith. Idk though. I tend to read in to things a little more than necessary… 😛

      1. I can say Amen to that. You are very perceptive. I never would have thought of that.

  25. i hurt one of my friends feelings today and i want to apologize but i have a fear of apologizing to people
    what should

    1. Well I started listening to it consistently when I was 6, I listened off and on before bit it never was a big deal.

  26. I don’t remember if I posted this yet but can there be a riddle page? If there is can someone tell me where, please.

  27. Also I have a riddle. There are two brothers. Both of them know everything. They are standing at a crossroad. One way will lead to certain peril and the other way leads back home. You can ask one question, but one only lies and the other one only tells the truth and you don’t know which is which. What question do you ask?

  28. Just a reminder, SHIP SNELSON! ( Nelson Swanson + Suzu Rydell = ❤️!)
    Oh yeah, my least and most favorite characters are:
    Nelson Swanson
    Suzu Rydell
    Pete- The kid from Kidsboro
    Sue- From the episode, The Labyrinth
    Lucy-Cunningham-Shultz ( Now Davis! )
    Least favorite-
    Jules Kendall ( Now you’re mad at me! )
    Emily Jones- Can’t explain!;)

    1. I don’t really like Emily jones either (no offense to anyone who likes her)
      I just think that she thinks too highly of herself and also is pretty rude to suzu and morrie

  29. I am pretty stuck in Hallmark movies. But I have watched A Week Away. Bailey Madison is such a great actor and singer and so is Kevin Quinn. They are amazing.

    1. We are like twins!!!! I love Hallmark movies!!!! Have you watched Butlers In Love or The Wedding Veil Trilogy?

      1. Oh yeah. Butlers In Love is a really good one. The Wedding Veil Trilogy is awesome.

    2. I LOVE A WEEK AWAY Kevin Quinn is an AMAZING singer have you listened to any of his music he has a few Christian songs out they are amazing

    3. You like Hallmark movies? I love them. You’ve seen A Week Away? How was it to you? I have seen it and I love it.

  30. Hi everyone would you please pray for people adopting. When c-19 hit people have not been able to get there kids for three years. Have any of your parents adopted be for?

  31. My Hospital Update:
    My doctor said that I am improving. I am so scared because I feel like I will never walk again. I needed a strong hand to hold and having my fiancé here has been wonderful. And I know that I will always have my God to hold my hand through everything I will go through.
    Thank you for your prayers. Keep praying please.

    1. I am so glad you are improving! I will continue praying. When my best friend was in the hospital, I used to come over and we would watch cheesy Hallmark movies and eat chocolate lol. We also listened to a LOT of aio.

      1. Wow! Well I can’t really do that because of Covid. I was surprised my fiancé can come every day. I do watch movies though.

    2. I’m soooo glad you’re okay!!!! I’ve been on edge and praying for you.

    1. I did. I think it is supposed to be that way because he needed to sound like the devil in part 2 of The Lost One to take Olivia away from her best friends and Mr. Whittaker as well . At first he sounded normal because Olivia was starting to doubt her faith in Higher Than Our Ways that led to this Story Arc about Olivia doubting her faith.

  32. Does any buddy need prayer for any thing? I am here to help any one.

    1. Yes please Russia and Ukraine are at war and I am Ukrainian
      I live in the US but I’ve got relatives in Ukraine so yeah it’s scary and I could really use some prayer

  33. If any of you want to the Cool Movie Lover page it’s on the Meet Kyle, the 2020 Whit Award Winner podcast. I hope you guys enjoy it!!!!

  34. TRQ:
    Who do you like better, Olivia or Zoe? Who do you like better, Eugene or Katrina?
    I like Zoe and Eugene better. No offense.

  35. We should start a prayer team. Who wants to pray for people every day in the morning or at night or both. Who wants to start? If you need prayer just say what you need prayer for, if you don’t want to tell what it is and you still need prayer just say ( I need prayer )

    1. Hi! this is one of my first times posting a comment. I was wondering if some of y’all could pray for Ukraine and for there to be peace between Ukraine and Russia.

    2. I love that idea. Let’s go for it and see how it turns out. What do you say?

    3. Hi! I would love to pray for people. On the last couple of pages I have asked people for prayer requests, wrote them down, and prayed every morning and night for them.

  36. Hey, all! My name is Esther. I am between the ages of 11 and 14! I like to read and write books, I play piano and do volleyball, and I LOVE dogs!!
    I would be totally in your idea! It sounds great. We could even share prayer requests and fave Bible verses!

    @ everybody
    I also love the authors Jerry B. Jenkins and Robin Jones Gunn!

    1. I play volleyball. I love to read but I don’t like to write.And I have two dogs!

  37. Hi! I’m between 11 and 13 and I live in new York State! And my name is Lilia! I am a only child! I like to swim,read,color and play in the snow!

  38. Have any of you heard of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Isn’t it scary? Where is TwiceAdopted? I haven’t seen her on this page did something happen to her?

    1. Yes it is a very scary war and it’s worse for me cuz I got relatives in Ukraine!
      I’m so worried my parents listen to no other news right now. You see I am Ukrainian I just live in the USA
      But yeah I could use some prayer right now

    2. Twice adopted left by the way she said she had some exiting things coming up in her life(I think she meant marriage)
      But yeah she left but she said she might comment occasionally

    3. I heard 🙁 and twice adopted said that she had to leave the chat for a while

  39. Currently I am in 6th grade. And I’m homeschooled. Anybody who’s homeschooled, post these emojis 🏡❤️🌷🌈 Just so you know Emma💝and Emma💜are the same person😄 I want to be: probably a lawyer or a dentist

    1. I am home schooled to I am also in the same grade

  40. do any of you bible quiz with bqf if so did you go to invatationals in Iowa? if so what team were you on? you all should consider joining bible quizzing with bqf

  41. Hi guys
    I’ve been feeling a little sad cuz while I was at cabins with my fam some packages that I ordered got stolen
    So yeah our doorbell took a video of a guy just walking up and taking the packages and it was kinda shocking so yea

  42. hi i’m new to aio. i like Mistmantle chronicles and the chronicles of narnia. I also like licorice.

  43. Okay, you might have seen, I posted earlier about possibly starting a “Club” where anyone can chat about things they like, books, authors, music, ECT. Well, I guess I’m starting that now. Sorry, I guess this doesn’t seem formal or anything. Just have fun and be kind! I hope this will be used to glorify God. Have fun! Let the adventure begin! 😂

  44. If you chat here about anything, I have two requests- (1) honor and glorify God, and (2) HAVE FUN GUYS!

      1. I LOVE THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY!!! Which book is your favorite? I like the second one (the perilous journey). Have you read the Secret Keepers, also by Trenton Lee Stewart?

  45. Please pray for me. I’m having a rough time with my faith.
    It’s not like I’m doubting it, but it’s kind of hard to explain.

    1. I think I know what you mean
      I had some problems with my faith too not too longhorn ago
      I didn’t doubt but I questioned some things and I was confused at other things
      But anyways I will pray for you

    2. Praying! I have had trouble like that too. Until this last year or two my faith wasn’t really my own if that makes sense. I didn’t really have a personal relationship with him. I also had some hard things happen with Covid. My best friend moved, and we lost contact, and my focused was shifter away from God. (To be continued)

    3. Part 2
      Then I got more active in our church and youth group, and I got a really good group of girls who I could share things with. Just remember to read your Bible as often as possible. It’s okay if you miss a day of two, but try to remember. Don’t be afraid to ask God your questions. He loves you and wants to help you through!

    4. I will Pray for you!

      If you have any questions let me know and I will try to answer them : )

    5. Hey trust God. Trust him to hold you in his might holy arms and he will keep you safe. He will protect you and guide you through the rough and tough. He did it for me, I am confident he will do it for you. Just trust.

  46. I love Red Rock Mysteries!!!! They are one of my favorite series! P.S I like The Happy Hollisters too. They are for 6 to 12 years😄

    Hey girl! Um…what’s your favorite fast food restaurant? And what is your favorite fast food?
    My favorite fast food restaurant is Wendy’s. And my favorite fast food is burgers.

    1. I think it would be McDonald’s. But of course being stuck in a hospital means I can’t eat there at the moment.

  48. heres some things about me.I am between the ages of 10 and 13,i have 3 younger sisters, i play the piano,i LOVE to act, and my family raises puppies.I am going into 7th grade in August,and i go to a christian school.My favorite charactors on AIO are:Jules and Penny and i love the episode THe Lost One part 2.

    1. I am so much like you
      I play piano I like acting I’m also going into 7th grade next year and I’m also between the ages of ten and thirteen!
      Wanna be friends?
      If not thats ok

  49. Um are we all friends here
    Like I’ve asked some of you guys to be my friends about 10times like all the times I changed my name

      1. Yes I still want to be friends i just didn’t know because I stopped talking to you

        1. would you like to join the book club?
          it’s on the what does a book editor do anyway page.
          if you like books than please come.
          but you don’t have to if you don’t want to of course.

  50. Hi there everyone! My name is Katelynn and I haven’t been commenting lately since a year ago. I’m the person who lives in Alaska on a homestead farm. Has Odysseyfan😁 been commenting lately? I’ve been really really busy lately! Do I haven’t got a chance to comment. 🙂

    1. wow, you live on a homestead? that is way cool. I live on a farm. what kind of animals do you have?

  51. Hi guys! Does anyone remember me? I was taking a break from comments, but I’m back now. Yeah, I know, it was a pretty long break. Is TwiceAdopted still here?

  52. PLEASE pray for Ukraine
    I’ve got relatives in u kraine
    I’m Ukrainian but I live in USA
    Still it’s soooo scary 😦
    It’s so shocking and my parents are worried all the time!

    1. i am so sorry to hear that! went to youth group on sunday night and we all prayed for ukraine

    2. Hi! I will be praying for you and all of Ukraine. I just got back from a prayer meeting at our church for them.

  53. 🐈🐴MtHorseGirl🐴🐈 you remind me sooo much of myself and my best friend
    It’s kind of freaky

  54. Ok! One more comment and then goodbye!
    Just wanted to say goodbye to all of my friends here! Including,
    Moon, ILOVEDANNIEGOKEY, Olivia, Danger’s Daughter, ChatwithC, Sophia, Clara, Astrid, Rachel, Bekah-Hope, and all the rest of you!
    Love God with all of your heart!
    And don’t forget the OOOTD Page!!

    1. Aww. I will miss you so much! I will continue to pray for you and think of you often!

    2. I will miss you so much. I thank you for the encouragement you gave everyone. You will be greatly missed.

  55. @ sparky the happy giraffe
    You mentioned that you go to a co-op twice a week
    Well so do i!
    What days do you go on?
    I go on Monday and Wednesday
    One of them is a writing co-op and the other is a history co-op

  56. HI my name is Erin. I like to listen to classical music. I am totally new to Adventures in Odyssey and I love it so far. I like pizza, I like dogs. I am between the ages 13 and 15. I also like to sing. I am african american, and I don’t have any friends. does anyone want to be friends with me? everyone thinks I’m weird. If you don’t, that’s ok.

    1. I would totally love to be your friend!!! My name’s Abigail. I love music, fashion, all kinds of animals, and AIO. I’m African American and I love making new friends. I’m between the ages of 12 and 15.
      Hey what kinda dogs do you like?

      1. thx! I live on a farm. I love animals too! I like the dogue de bordeaux. not a lot of people have heard of them.

        1. Cool!!!! I’m one of those people who have never heard of those kind of dogs. Lol 🤣 2 of my favorite dogs are Golden Retrievers and Rott Weller ( I think that’s how it’s spelled).

    2. Hey I’m Jules I skateboard and snowboard and I love dogs to I will be paying for a friend for you🙏🙋

    3. Hey! I will be your friend! everyone thinks I’m weird too so I guess we’re in this together lol. I enjoy acting, art, eating, singing, reading, and pretty much anything else along those lines. I am between the ages of 15-17. I have dirty blonde hair (it changes color based on how much I am in the sun), blue/green eyes, light tan skin, and freckles

        1. I do mostly sketching, but sometimes i’ll experiment with different mediums.

    4. I love classical music and all my friends think I’m weird for liking it
      I could be friends with you if you want
      I also like pizza singing and dogs
      I’m between the ages of10 amd14
      I’m Ukrainian and I’ve got relatives in Ukraine
      So you know it’s tough but that’s ok
      Gods in control I know

    5. Hey I hope you get a friend and I hope that friend becomes your best friend and will be your friend no matter what happens.

      Whether close together or far apart
      Best friends are still close in their heart
      That’s what true best friends are
      ~ A A( me)

  57. I can’t wait for more of the long end with buck and Mr. Scint.
    Also has anyone heard of the wingfeather saga it is awesome
    and it has some christian stuff.

    1. i have.I love the series!!Even its kinda a boy book they are so intresting!
      just to you know lillian and 🐕Lillian🌺 are the same person

    1. Yeah I’m her sister she sed if I say salutations to my all class mates she’d write that comment😖😓😫😎

  58. In the wiki they just added the title to album 73 and what each episode is about. So by seeing that I am wondering if they are going back to another hiatus by reading in between the lines of what the next album is about. I remember that they did this for after album 50. I hope that they will not do that again and just keep on producing more ep.

  59. Hey, could y’all pray for some people I know in Ukraine? I met them over the Summer. Sadly I can’t talk to them. We also know missionaries in Ukraine. Thanks!

    1. Praying! My friend was adopted from Ukraine, and her cousin and friends are all still back there.

  60. Yep did you hear It could be a THIRD WORLD WAR imagine a war in a pandemic it. Would. Be. Crazy. This is so sad

    1. Yeah I got relatives in Ukraine cuz I’m Ukrainian but live in the us
      But yeah it’s so scary and we really need to pray for them
      Also this is crazy but I think my aunts cuousin fled to Poland

  61. @💜#Danger’sDaughter💜 thank you for the name suggestions. I used to be MatthewParker_OG. I greatly appreciate your help.

  62. i got a 100 on a language test and my parents dont even care!I go to a school who uses Abecka cirrculem.If you do the same cirrculem.and your in 6th grade its really hard

    1. I have a friend who uses Abeka curriculum and she’s also in sixth grade. She is homeschooled, tho.
      I’m sure your parents care even if it may not seem like it.

  63. Hey does anyone here have a REALLY GOOD FREIND!
    Like I have a such a good freind (I won’t say her name) but she is the best!
    I only see her once a week but whenever we see each other we are happy 😄
    I love to talk to her and being with her makes me happy
    We love each other and can trust each other with our secrets

    1. I have 2 of those friends. They’re my very best friends. It’s funny because one of them is white, the other is mixed, and I’m black. I just think that’s pretty cool😄😁🤣

    2. I have the BEST girl squad (that sounded kinda weird.). There are like 5 or 6 of us. We all go to the same church, co-op, youth group, and are in the same small group. They are the greatest. It is so nice to have people to encourage you in your faith, and sometime to just goof off with! We are all going to a for King and Country concert in April.

      1. I absolutely love For King & Country. I have a friend who went to a MercyMe concert.

  64. Lizzy, what is your best friend like? Mine has blonde hair, blue eyes, is between the age of 12 and 16, LOVES horses and everything horse, and she is my neighbor.

  65. We should start a prayer team. Who wants to pray for people every day in the morning or at night or both? Who wants to start? If you need prayer just say what you need prayer for, if you don’t want to tell what it is, and you still need prayer just say (I need prayer)

    So, does anyone want to join?

    The power of prayer is so powerful!

    1. I need prayer because my mom signed me and my sister for doodle for Google, and we’re hoping that we could win.

  66. 🐄CowGirl🐄:

    Do you show cows or live on a farm?
    Or do you just like them?

    I show cows and live on a farm.
    Oh, and I LOVE them!!

  67. I am changing name to:

    🏐What Would Jesus Do! God wants you well!🏐

  68. 🐈🐴MtHorseGirl🐴🐈. My best friend is super short (like me) and LOVES horses. We only get to see her max 2 times a week which is sooooo sad. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She is between the ages 8-12.
    I’m also homeschooled.
    I have many best friends but she reminds me of you.

  69. Olivia💕🎼 I have 2 friends like that. And I totally get what you mean
    They’re awesome!

  70. Thank you to everyone who said they would pray for the people I know in Uk.
    How is everyones school year? Mine pretty good. I’m homeschooled and have a lot of work to do, but I am in high school, so that’s why! talk to all y’all later!

  71. @💜Tiger 🐯🎶 Yes, we are still friends! P.S What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mine is strawberry 🍓

  72. Guys did you know in Ukraine they ar running seriously low on food
    Please pray for Ukraine
    People are just hiding out in bomb shelters without food.
    There’s no water it’s just sad

    1. No but my sister’s friend talk about it all the time so I just kinda wanted to put that because why not😹

  73. Hey who here loves art? I absolutely love art. My best art is in sketch. Watercolor and others I’m not so good at. But I love drawing people. When I go to college I’m majoring in the arts.
    Also who here is doing Dual Enrollment in high school? I am. Mom wants me to get my AA early.

    1. Hey Dangers Daughter!!!
      I LOVE art! I like to draw with pencils and fine tip pens. I also like watercolors. I doodle on all my papers. If you havent already, you should try drawing mushrooms. I am a little obsessed.
      I pretty much love to create in every medium. I love to sew, knit, crochet, paint, draw, weave, felt, bake, and read. (That last one probably does not count.) If you want to be friends, that would be great.

      1. Sure I would love to be friends!!!! I mostly draw people, like those Starbuck shake cups, cities, so cute food, American flags!!!! I’ve never drawn a mushroom. I’ll try to draw mushrooms. My two best best friends both love sketch too!!! I doodle on everything!!!! I go to a co-op and during my writing class I draw pics for my friends!!!🤣

    2. I LOVE ART!!! I do mostly sketching. I also mostly draw people. My style is really similar to Drawingwiffwaffles on youtube.
      I am currently in duel enrolment. It is fun, weird, and hard lol.

  74. Lizzy, I am super short too!! So is my best friend!! That is so funny!!

  75. Has anyone here read Katts vs Doggs? (You might think I’m misspelling cats and dogs, but it’s actually the title.)

    1. My cousin loves those books!
      Also if you like reading come down to the what does an editor do anyway podcast
      We talk about reading books and we make recommendations
      I would love if you joined but you don’t have to

  76. Do you love art because you watched those Hallmark movies or because you really love art? I mean I really like art. I did Dual Enrollment when I was in high school. It was a lot of work but worth it.
    I am getting a business degree or was before my wreck.

    1. I’ve loved art all my life really even before I heard of Hallmark!!!!! Yeah there’s a lot of things I want to get a degree on. I want to start my own fashion business!!!!

  77. Hey you guys can you pray for one of my friends just got saved, so could you all pray that she keeps the faith? I think she’ll appreciate it!!!

  78. @#Totl dog lover#
    What is your least favorite dog? Are you homeschooled? I’ve been homeschooled my whole life. Do you play video games? If you do what is your favorite video game? I love Homescapes and Buildcraft.
    Do you have any dogs? I don’t have any dogs, I’ve been begging my Dad to get me one. I want a Golden Retriever puppy.

  79. I’m listening to “The Mortal Coil” and am about to “Literally cry my eyes out!” its one of the most heart touching. The most heart warming episodes. In my opinoin. are: 1. Home Sweet Home- When Whit runs out to Connie and says ” Oh Connie, Connie, Where have you been little girl.”

  80. I’m going to stop commenting, (this is my last post.) TwiceAdopted, if you are still commenting and you see this, thanks for being my friend. God bless everyone.

  81. My favorite characters are: Zoe, Connie, Camilla, Jillian, Jules, Jason, Wootan, Penny, Buck, Jay, and Suzu
    My least favorite characters are Emily, Rodney, and Edwin Blackard
    I’m shipping Buck and Jules, Matthew and Suzu, and Jillian and Jason
    I’m between ages 11-13 and I love Roblox
    And I’m homeschooled and have 6 siblings and I’ll name my pets

  82. 5 sheep
    6 goats
    2 cats
    2 dogs
    30-50 chickens
    3 Geese
    20 Rabbits
    8 Ducks
    That might be all but if you wanna pray for me I’m traveling to California and a few years ago I was one of the 12 semi-finalists for Get in the show THANK YOU AIO.

  83. Does anyone want to be friends?
    Here are some things about me:
    I love to draw
    Also to knit, crochet, sew, take pictures, and baking
    I love books
    Weird things like mushrooms, knots and names.
    Lists are sort of my thing
    I care about all animals and plants
    I doodle on everything.
    I am super short, in middle school, started a club called pickles and pencils, have brown hair, and blue eyes.
    I also do Irish dance. I got first in my last reel!

  84. If anyone needs a friend here’s a little bit about me. I’m African American I love drawing, music, fashion, and playing HomeScapes and Buildcraft. I’m in the 8th grade and I want to be a singer when I’m older. I love dogs, horses, cats( big and small, wild and house cats), and some marine animals. I love AIO! One of my favorite characters is Jules

  85. Hey guys. Unfortunately, this will be my last message. Thank you Lizzy for being my friend! I had a lot of fun with this! ❤

  86. I think we take life in America for granted. While Christians in Ukraine are being murdered for no logical reason. We should be thankful for our freedom because America might be the next country headed for downfall. I mean I read a article about a youth team who were murdered by a suicide bomber. They were just preaching the gospel. Just be praying

    1. Yeah I know. The people here are worried about such silly stuff(I fall in this trap too!) while many other Christians are being persecuted and martyred for there faith! We had this mission thing at our Church. One couple has been missionaries in France for 44 years! . I also know a missionary family in Ukraine. Please pray for all of them! Thanks!

    2. Thanks for that!!! I’ve been thinking the same thing. I wish Russia could have thought this thing through. It isn’t fair to Ukraine. I’m so proud of Ukraine, they’ve not backed down. I do hope Ukraine wins if anyone wins, ’cause if they do then China probably won’t attack Taiwan ( there’s a story behind those 2 countries).

    3. TBC
      It’s amazing how people can destroy nations and not care a bit about any of it. It’s like they have no conscience. People can hurt a lot of people and never feel bad about it. There are some people who hurt others and their conscience eats away at them for the rest of their life. I would just beg the ones I hurt for their forgiveness. GTG

      1. Yes it hurts so much and scares me too
        While my relatives are going through the scariest time of their lives, we are worrying about ourselves!
        Also I can’t believe Russia would kill a bunch of innocent Ukrainians
        And we are over here living our lives freaking out the littlest things

      2. It is so sad😞

        But we just have to Pray for those people🙏🏼


    How are you doing?
    I love what would Jesus do to! (the movie)

  88. ACNH Tapawingo by Ada Stella:

    I will be your friend!

    I like to read
    I play on a volleyball team
    I am between the age of 11-14
    I am home schooled
    I live on a farm

    1. That is so awesome! I have always wanted to live on a farm! I don`t know anyone who lives on a farm, but my friend has a dog, a cat, three bunnies, seven chickens, two guinea pigs, and used to have some fish and hermit crabs, so she likes to say she has a mini farm. Now, she is aming to get some goats.

      1. I have

        2 Dogs🐶
        1 Rabit🐇
        8 Cats🐱
        Bottle Cows🐮
        15 Chickens🐔

        We also used to have fish and hermit crabs and a hamster.

        We have a mini farm to! 😃

  89. @Football🏈Player
    Do you want to be friends? If you don’t want to it’s totally fine.

  90. I think I need new name Jules is kinda boring does anyone have any suggestions😚👐

    1. You could name yourself after your favorite actor, sport, music artist, or show.

    2. think about things you like! Is there any thing that conects with you and you want everyone to know it?

  91. does anyone here have Celiac if you don’t know what that is it’s where I can’t have any gluten🙅🌾

    1. I do not, but I am alergic to peanuts and tree nuts, so I know exactly how you feel! I always dread going to bakeries and ice cream places because I most likely will have to watch my family eat yummy stuff, and I can`t. Everywhere we go, we always have to ask tons of questions about where the food was made, and if I dont know, I cant eat it. Hoping Ill outgrow it one day!

    2. I did have to eat gluten free.
      But God healed me!

      (Andrew Wommack: God wants you well) listen to it please

  92. Who here plays on a volleyball team?

    I do!

  93. Hey y’all! I’m Micky, my real name is Micaiah, yes I know that is sometimes a boys name. But I am a girl just the same😊

  94. My name explained:

    That stands for Animal Crossing New Horizons, my favorite game ever, in which my island is named…
    The girls camp on an island thatI go to in the summer. It is one of my favorite places to be in the summer.
    My favorite book character, from The War that Saved my Life, the other ones being Stella Starflake Pearl, Kate Weatherall, and all the Vanderbeekers combined.
    My actual name.
    If any of you like these things, feel free to reply!

  95. Who wants to start an adopted or adopting page?

    If you do, where will we do it at?

  96. 💜Tiger 🐯🎶:
    What animals do you have?

    I have:

    2 Dogs🐶
    1 Rabit🐇
    8 Cats🐱
    Bottle Cows🐮
    15 Chickens🐔

    We also used to have fish and hermit crabs and a hamster.

    1. I have
      3 Fish tanks
      2 dogs
      2 cats
      1 bunny
      I thought my family had a lot of pets. Yours has a lot more.

  97. Hello, everybody! My name is Esther. I am between the ages of 11 and 14. I LOVE dogs, volleyball (I play on a team), writing, and reading. My fav authors are Jerry B. Jenkins, Robin Jones Gunn, and L. M. Alcott.
    How are you all? What are your interests?

    Remember to be praying for our country and our country’s leaders, Ukraine, and Russia!

    1. If you want, I could be your friend.
      Here is a little bit about me:
      I play on a volleyball team
      we are adopting a girl named Esther
      I am 11-14 years old
      I show animals in the fair
      I am a girl and my name is Cora
      I love reading and I love cows and pigs

    2. And I also I am home schooled
      I live on a farm

  98. Hi
    Do u guys get bullied I get bullied constantly and have 1 friend I feel horrible

  99. This is going to be my last comment.
    Thank you for being my friend Tiger and ACNH Tapawingo by Ada Stella 😀

    Sloth girl
    I love pancakes!!

  100. I am a vegetarianI I can’t have🍗meat🍤🍣🍔🍖I am short long blind hair ,blue eyes and I am home schooled I love it so

  101. Hello AIO Friends! Just a reminder to please review the commenting guidelines that are at the bottom of the comments section. We want you to have fun but please be respectful.

  102. @Down in the dumps
    I’ll be praying for you!
    Prayer Request:So, I have a friend who is not a Christian and I think this a really good opportunity to share the Gospel. My mom and her mom are getting together for a Bible study, though her mom’s not a Christian. Just pray that there will be open doors and that I will be bold enough to share! Thank you!

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