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Olivia and Zoe: Friends for life… on and off the show

Kelly Stables (voice of Olivia) points out her good friend Natalie Lander (voice of Zoe) in a booth in the recording studio
Kelly Stables (voice of Olivia) points out her good friend Natalie Lander (voice of Zoe) in a booth in the recording studio

Kelly Stables is Olivia Parker and Natalie Lander is Zoe Grant. They’ve been buddies on the show since 2015’s “Take it on Trust.” But they’ve been friends in real life longer than their Odyssey characters have been alive.

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          1. I thought this might be a problem. It doesn’t really matter to me, but if you don’t put a name down, it automatically makes the name anonymous. But like I said, as long as you know that, it doesn’t matter to me. I realized even before the comments came out, that I had used no name, so I even duplicated the post, just not exactly.

    1. I’m doing pretty good! I’m pretty tired though, I just came off three weeks of performances and tech week for my musical lol. How about you?

        1. I was in Anne of Green Gables! It was really fun, but very exhausting lol. Have you done any theater? Also @Jillian, no I’m not the real NF, those are just my initials 😂

          1. Hey! That is so cool! I do musical theater, and my mom writes musicals. My biggest ones have been Annie (I just played a random orphan and random person on the street), the grinch (I played Cindy loo who) and Les Miserables (this was the coolest, and amazingly I got the role of Eponine!).

          2. @Rachel wow that’s so cool!! I love musical theater, although Anne of Green Gables was only my second musical. I have been singing for a while, though.
            @chocolate, I’ve only read the first book, but I love it! I might read the others too

    1. YOU ARE A SINGER? I LOVE SINGING That song on Odyssey California dreams and her song I’m just me is so good please respond

      1. Hi there! So glad that we can still chat here!!!!!! I can’t believe that you remembered me!! Thanks!

  1. Does any one here like
    Anne of green gables
    Laura Ingalls Wilder series
    Little women
    The boxcar children
    I love all of theses books

    1. I love Anne of Green Gables!!! The first book is definitely my favorite, it’s so fun to read. I was also just in Anne of Green Gables the musical, and it was tons of fun!

      1. Doesn’t EVERYBODY that chats like Anne of Green Gables?
        I’ve gotta point.

      1. Yea! C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tokein are both really good. Another one I love is Trenton Lee Stewart. He wrote a series called the mysterious Benedict society, and a stand alone call the Secret Keepers. They were some of my favorites too.

        1. I LOVE The mysterious Benedict society! I have been so surprised to find so many people on this page who have my same book interests!

      1. Same, although the boxcar children I liked better and were more at my reading level when I was younger, but they’re great.

    2. I love them all!!! The boxcar children were my favorite books when I was younger. Anne of green gables is one of my favorite books. Rilla of ingleside was a really good one (it is the last one I think, and it is about Anne and Gilbert’s daughter, who they named after Merilla. Not sure if I spelled that right lol.It has been a while since I read it)

  2. Wow! I got fourth. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to the to! We got our first bit of snow. I can’t say it was our first snow flakes because those happened a little while ago

        1. Yaaa!🤪😟😩😲🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

          Mine is complex.

          Weather my temperature affects my reaction time.

          Have you picked one? What is it?

          1. sorry for the really late response! like 10 days late. haha. i picked what affect temperature has on the growth of yeast. (this week we’re doing procedure) and in latin we”ve introduced verbs yikes! i live in Indiana. i just got the November clubhouse magazine, and i though it would be super cool if we got eachother as pen pals!


          2. Anyways, i thought it would be super cool if we could be pen pals somehow, but i don’t know how that would work. cuz we probably wouldn’t be able to exchange email though this website. but yeah, id like to be BETTER at RESPONDING. haha. Cartography is super fun! but the cartography definitions are annoying. weellllp, goodbye or God be with you!

      1. Hi @Jayfeather! 🙂 are you in challenge A? or Foundations, or any other challenge classes? Have an amazing day/evening or whatever time it is. haha! have a great day!

  3. Does anyone here like playing chess.?!!!😂👑Has anyone ever been to something called Reverb? It’s so fun! You get to stay up with people who have to be in seventh grade or older from 7 p.m. to 7a.m. the next morning!

    1. Wow that sounds just like Blitz! Blitz is for middle schoolers and they stay up from 8p.m to 8 a.m doing cool stuff all around town like bowling and trampoline parks.

    1. my fav character (s) are Mandy Straussburg, Connie Kendall, Eugene Meltsner, Whit (voice by Paul Herlinger), Wooton Basset, Jack Allen, and Jason Whittaker.

  4. I’ll sign the petition!

    When did you loose your 1st tooth
    What was your silliest dream
    What is your favorite Emoji
    What is your favorite grocery store

    1. I lost my tooth in Kindergarten and I didn’t know until I felt in my mouth. (Turns out I swallowed it) 😂

      My silliest dream was when my cat could talk and rode down a slide in my house and invited her friends over! 😂

      My favorite emoji currently is 💻

      My favorite grocery store is Target. 🎯

      I’m on my school’s archery team!

    2. 1. Lost my first two teeth on Christmas Day when I was five

      2. I have no idea


      4. I like Walmart because we normally go there, or Sam’s club

    3. I lost the tooth in oatmeal when I was 6
      When I went to my friend’s house and she had a roller coaster in her BACK YARD!
      Kroger or Walmart. I can’t decide!!! lol

    4. Lol!
      1. 3rd grade (I know, really late)
      2. It was about cats in a bounce house, lol
      3.🐬 or maybe 🥪
      4. Aldi

    5. I can’t really remember when I lost my first tooth I do remember once I was in my bed about to fall asleep and i was playing around with my loose tooth and then I bit it wrong and it fell onto my tongue I remember yelling ” mom!! My toot fell out 😂😂😅anyway
      I have a lot of silly dreams and a lot of them are hard to explain there so weird

    6. Cont.
      I have a lot of favorite emojees 🐎🎧💙💧🌊📘📕🎤🎵📒✏🎼🍹🍔and a lot more food and animal emojees

      I don’t have alot of favourite grocery stores cause I hate shopping but I do like Walmart cause they have lots of notebooks and Legos and books

    7. Q1: I lost my first tooth at four years old.
      Q2: My silliest dream was that my best friend was a bear and she died. I cried.
      Q3: I don’t have a favorite Emoji.
      Q4: I don’t like going to the store so I wouldn’t say I have one.

    8. 1. Kindergarten
      2. My dog came and took me to a land of horses ( i love horses ) and a cought one for each of my friends, i woke up believing it
      3. My favorite emoji is🐴
      4. Target

    9. I don’t know when I lost my first tooth.but in my silliest dream there was homeschool group meeting in my house (I am home schooled) and my pastor was teaching us and my cousin and my crush were both there and my fave grocery store is aldi

        1. What’s your real name I think I know you are you part of the Sax family please respond to me

  5. The action guy in Olivia‘s mind from triple decker Sunday kind of creeps me out!😟

    1. Yeah! Me too! 👀

      Keeping my eyes wide open to see what’s right around the corner!

    2. Me too I feel like he is Satan or some thing because he is creepy and he is trying to make her doubt her faith even more than she already is, this is just my opinion I’m not saying that he really is Satan but I just feel like he is cause of what he is doing 😞😓☺

  6. Has anyone noticed that in “A Christmas Conundrum” Eugene mentions that he does SPY WORK IN MORROCCO? Since when is Eugene Melstner a spy? Does anyone know?

    1. Has anyone heard of the episode where Wooten stages for advertisement to be Connie‘s groom?I remember Florida capital because Wooten sideburns look like Florida, and when they are coming up with names, so it doesn’t look like it’s Connie and Wilton getting married, Penny comes up with the name idea Tallahassee and ex claims” A perfect match for Luton sideburns!“

  7. My favorite character is Richard Maxwell and Lucy Cunningham Shultz
    What is your favorite episode or episode series

    1. My favorite episode series is probably novacom and post novacom episodes (like Mitch and Connie, Eugene and his dad, Mandy and her parents) but I love all the episodes. 😁

  8. It is also so cool there is a short girl club, I am so short, and I know that it is SOO hard to find clothes.:)

    1. Hey there! Are you in the AIO club? Just wondering because someone there whom I commented with posted the exact same thing…

  9. I guess because I kinda stopped commenting in the first place, so I thought I would just make it official. I do like commenting, so I think I’ll come back in a couple weeks,I just don’t want to be on the Internet a lot.

  10. I haven’t been here for awhile…..
    Does anyone know when the new album is coming out in the club? I here that some of it is out already but why isn’t the rest of the album out? I’m planning on getting the club soon and I want to get it when the new album is out. Thanks

  11. Hi! I am back. Was on the club membership but now I am back to comment here🎈

    How is everyone?

    1. ☕I wonder if this is a cappuccino I don’t know for sure 😞any way I couldn’t find the emojees for this so I’m just going to say it coke ,sprite ,iced tea ,strawberry Fanta I think that’s a Mexican thing though Im not sure coke and strawberry Fanta mixed together it tastes really good

    1. Hey! So glad that you are here! Are you going to start commenting on this page? Can you tell everyone in the club that I said Hi? (I don’t mean everyone…maybe just on the most recent chat page?)

  12. Hi! does anyone know when the next podcast will be out? and i miss the barcley family!!!!! they had so much potential! hah. i just miss them, the families in odyssey now are good, but i just feel like they aren’t true “Odysseyians” as Dr. Blackgaard would say. i loved mandy straussburg, liz horton, alex jefferson, Jared dewhite.

    1. I miss Mandy, Liz, Alex, and Jared too! The were great characters, I hope they bring them back to Odyssey for a visit soon!

    1. I like Studio C, our youth group leader sometimes plays one of their videos before worship.

  13. Is there anyone else here who is in the AIO club? I was in but my membership expired…😕

      1. Hi! So great to meet fellow Club members! Definitely miss being on the club! How are you?

        1. I am welll and you?
          Also I am a Little women chat name too but I will continue as AIO club Fan

    1. Do you have a favourite song by Skillet?
      Oh yeah and if you haven’t check out 2 newer songs by them called Surviving the game and Standing in the storm.

    1. Wow! I didn’t comment much there…I was on page 36 a lot. I’m not on the club anymore though.

      Do you remember me?…I was SchoolGrad4Him.

      Great to see you here!

        1. Page 36 was the OOOTD and Fashion page. Also commented on the most recent pages.

          How are you doing?

  14. @choclate I have read all of them.
    @ilovejesus no I have not I have also read the three musketeers,David Copperfield,Oliver twist ,little women,Ivanhoe,little Dorrit, bleak house, a Christmas carol, Robin Hood, the count of the monte cristo, pride and predijudce, a little princess, and Nicholas nicklyby, great expectations, chapels dicken novels

  15. Hey I just changed my name to I’m just me ( Raleigh) so that I have the same name but with my real name though

  16. Just another shout out for EVERYONE to join us on the OOOTD page. Come join us on the …Today’s podcast is sunny with 100% chance of Schantelle Cason Page! Come one and Come all!

  17. You should totally have more about the Marcies, like maybe make one or both of them move to Odyssey. I think it would be really fun to see how Zoe and Olivia would deal with it. Or it could just be like a temporary thing, like maybe they would come just for a short vacation.
    Also I really think that you should bring Mathew in again somehow.

    1. Yes I hope you guys do that please!! And I think Mathew is a great character in Odyssey and his interest in whits end and the mechanics there. 😝

  18. I do not have any horses can I still join? but this is the most best idea ever
    Hope you don’t mind if I join I will try and spread the word about this
    If I can’t join because I don’t have a horse that’s totally fine

  19. No u can totally join its for people who have horses and got people who love horses
    I would love if u joined

  20. When I was visiting relatives in MO (Missouri)
    I got to ride a horse named Faith
    My relatives don’t own horses so it was not theirs it was this nice lady who lived
    nearby who rehabilitates horses who have been abused
    She was really nice and I had the best time ever

  21. Cool that’s nice bye Ava can I join i don’t have horses we olny have two fish but i go horse back riding on my bday i am in grade 6 and am homeschooled

    1. Hey I am also in grade 6 and homeschooled
      And I love horses
      But I don’t have any (sigh)🙁
      We are kinda alike
      Wanna be friends?
      If you don’t that’s totally fine 👌

  22. Hi there do u love horses?
    Do u own a horse?
    If u said yes to any of those questions then come join the horse page on Olivia and Zoe best friends for life on and off the show

  23. What is everyones breed of horse
    Mine is (I have kind of a lot)
    AQH ( American Quarter Horse)
    Tennessee Walker
    Rocky Mountain Horse (they are soooooo beautiful)
    And I think that’s..
    Oh no wait Friesians (don’t think I spelled that right)
    And yeah I have a lot more but I have TOOMANY

    1. Hi! I know that I am not a member of this page…but…

      One of my faves is Palomino…now I realize that some do not consider Palominos to be a breed…
      Did you know that there can be a chocolate colored Palomino…doesn’t have to be golden colored. There are a lot of qualifications for Palominos.


    2. I pay more attention to colors…like pinto vs. paint, Appaloosa, palomino, etc.

      I prefer to ride English vs. Western. When I was a child I took riding lessons for 4 to 6 years.

    3. I also love to ride gaited horses! They are so wonderful!

      Also prefer trotting, loping/cantering.

  24. You mean fav breed of horse oliva
    If so I don’t have one
    Man U have lots you must really love horses

    1. I DO
      Ihave read like 70 million horse books I know a bunch of breeds and watched
      Like 30 YouTube vids
      And a good horse website is horsey hooves

  25. My Fab breed is Elvish horses. But Rohan ones are pretty awesome too, especially Brego, Hasufel, and Arod.

    1. Mmmmm, good choices, I like Shadowfax, esp. the scene in the movies where Gandalf calls him. Do you like the movies or the books better?

      1. So-so. They feed off each other. Its easier to read the books if you’ve watched the movies first, I found that out while rereading the series. You?

  26. Can I please join? I love horses! And I will spread the ad even if I don’t get to join.

  27. Hi everyone! I am just letting you know that I will be leaving the commenting pages. I have some important and very exciting things now and coming up in my life and won’t have a whole lot of time for posting. I may come back once in a while but it won’t be every day every week.

    Have fun and don’t forget to check out the OOOTD page!

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