The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

June 3, 2020: Redefining Bridget with actress Keely Marshall

Keely Marshall, voice of Bridget
Keely Marshall, voice of Bridget

Until now, most Perkins episodes have focused on Wyatt. But this month in the Club, the spotlight turned to his older sister, Bridget as she starred in “Bridget, Redefined.” Hear from actress Keely Marshall about Odyssey, music, and more. Plus, a preview of “Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles.”

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    1. I love how people always comments “I’m first to comment” instead of an actual comment.

  1. Love the new website! It’s been needing it for a long time, and I was so surprised to find it totally redone!

  2. The TRQs are back!!!Yay!!! Awesome, I love these! I love anything random and silly, and the actors’ responses are always fascinating. Also, it was exciting both times mine were answered.
    I loved this podcast episode, Keely Marshall is even more interesting than the character that she plays 🙂

  3. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👌👌💕💕👌👌💕

  4. hi guys! I love adventures in odyssey but do you think you could change the website back to the way it was? i luv you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve loved adventures in odyssey for a long time now, but I really don’t like Jillian. She takes up storylines that could have Buck or Jules or the kids. Odyssey doesn’t need another adult. We have plenty.

    Also, Connie needs a decent storyline. She’s been searching for her life’s purpose since album 27!!!!!!!! That’s wayyyyyyyy to long!

    1. @Emily,
      I think she wants to be a counselor, since she practiced on Eugene in one episode.
      I love Jillian, but I do agree that Odyssey needs more kids, and maybe less adults.

    2. I think so too I mean everyone is grown up but Connie is the same she should probably at least sound grown up I think they should make her get married to show that she didn’t pause lol

    3. I love Odyssey but they changed their website I am Ava 🦄 But I changed my name lol

    4. I am okay with Jillian but I feel like they shouldn’t add more characters they should add more story because they have old and new characters but they aren’t using some of them in “new” episodes like Eugene and Katrina and Penny and Wooton and like I said before Connie should get married or do…something but odyssey is great I guess……………

    5. Yes, you guys need to change Connie what I mean by that is having her do something. She has dated a guy but she has not married she needs to be married. She seems she is still in high school!

    6. I agree. Maybe Connie and Jeff could get together! Or Mitch could come back and they can get back together!!! But then Connie and Eugene would both be married, and then that would kinda change odyssey a lot.

      1. Mitch already got married to someone else. UNFORTUNATELY. I lol looooove the Jeff idea! They should totally do that!

          1. Yes he is. Listen to The Pilot Parts 1 and 2. Available for free in the podcast.

  6. Jason and Jillian together is a terrible idea because of their chemistry, or lack thereof.
    I know the old saying is: “opposites attract.” But Jason and Jillian are just too far apart.
    Jillian does not have the intelligence or the charm that Jason has- Jason needs to be with someone who even remotely understands what he’s been through.

    1. I totally agree! jason and Jillian is not a good idea at all. I am so surprised that odyssey is actually playing with the idea! who else agrees? if jason was going to marry anybody I would only pick Tasha but I would rather he didnt.

    2. My feelings exactly. I try my best not to stir things up when people think differently about them as a couple, and those people do make some good points, but personally, I feel the same way.

    3. I wish Mitch would come back ,but I guess Jason and Connie are all right

      1. Yes! I listened to Novacom and the other episodes with Mitch in them, and realized I don’t want Connie to marry anybody but him! I guess Jeff would be ok tho…

    4. I totally agree! Jason and Jillian are HORRIBLE!!!! (Together, i don’t mind them as separate characters). Also, I don’t think Jillian would fit in as a “Whittaker”

  7. Putting a shallow character like Jillian as a love interest for Jason just says that he’d be interested in shallow people- which seems extremely out of character. His last love interest was a fellow spy. Even the Connie and Jason shippers think that Connie would be a better match due to her history with Jason.

  8. Jason is a deeply personal character to me and a lot of other fans. Throwing him a love interest in the form of a character so hyper is like being Jack Allen in ep. 353 when he is so crushed that Jason would marry a non-Christian. That’s how I feel about Jillian.
    I’m done with my mini-essay.


  9. Well I found this first, but my comments didn’t show up first for some reason, but as for the writer’s page here that is ok by me.

  10. Odyssey can you pleeeaaase do some stories with Connie as the main character but without Jillian tagging along. Jillian is ok it’s just that lately whenever Connie is main character in an episode Jillian is somewhere close by.

  11. Hmmm…I guess the new site is just not what I am used to. I liked seeing everything at a glance, but this new site is definitely more modern! Good job!

  12. I am starting to really like the Perkins family. At first I was like, “Cool, new people in Odyssey!” Now they really feel like a part of odyssey to me. Plus, this episode, (and Always Home), lets us know a little bit more about Bridget, why she does what she does. We need more episodes with the Perkins! 😊

    1. Yeah, they fit right into odyssey.
      We do need more episodes with the Perkins! : )

    2. I agree. I really like the dynamics between the family, it reminds me of my own family. Each episode (aside from the first Club episode with Wyatt, that one was hard to warm up to) has made me like them more and more as individual characters. It’s a family unit with individual personalities. Great stuff. Reminds me of the Grady era.

  13. Awesome interview! Quick question for the chat:
    Is someone named Lillian / Lilly / Lily / Lilia / etc. here? I’m trying to find an old friend that I knew from awhile ago.

    1. There was someone named Lillian on the last chat. Idk if she’s still on tho.

      1. If you see her again, please ask if she’s from Virginia. I have been trying to find an old friend, and I know she listened to Adventures in Odyssey like me.

  14. On my phone The odyssey website changed
    At first I hated it but now I like it
    Question: from 1-10 how much do you like the character Bridget?
    I say 5

    1. 5ish. She is just SO impulsive. I can’t believe what she did in one of the newer club episodes. She practice mocked her family to vent her feelings…oof.

      1. COOLCUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!! You don’t know how I’ve missed you!!! 😀

    2. i would give her a 2, i don’t really like her, however i wouldn’t want her to leave either.

  15. cool podcast. I have the club so I heard the episode about bridget.they need more episodes with the Perkins.

  16. One of my main reasons as to why Jason and Jillian are NOT a good match!
    Jason definitely has PTSD and trauma, even if AIO doesn’t show it. I feel like Jillian is the kind of person who wouldn’t take that seriously and compare trauma to running over a pair of shoes. She drives him crazy and makes him act VERY out of character when they’re together.

  17. I like the new website.its got more than the old one.Bridget should either sing on the show or play something with EUGENE and buck.

  18. When ever Jason and Jillian are together, he always acts very out of character. AIO is probably trying to pair them together to “balance them out.” I think they want Jason to be more open and silly and they want to lessen Jillian’s attitude and excitement, have her be more mature. However I don’t think it’s really working, I hope it doesn’t.

    1. Personally, I think its great that Odyssey has a military family. I have an aunt and uncle in the Marines myself! But I really dont like the Perkins family.

    1. If you look in the commenting guidelines, they say it can take up to 72 hours.

  19. Just got on the new website for the first time!! It’s so weird!
    Does anyone here do Bible Bee?

  20. Does anyone know how long it takes your post or comment to be reviewed because I posted something and I only saw it the next afternoon!

    1. If you look in the guidelines it says, “All comments submitted on this page are moderated and won’t appear for other people to read until they’ve been approved. This might take up to 72 hours if the comment is entered over the weekend or a holiday. We are excited to hear from you and welcome your comments.” so it’s really only when someone finds it

    2. Ava, here’s a quote from the posting guidelines, to answer your question. 🙂
      “All comments submitted on this page are moderated and won’t appear for other people to read until they’ve been approved. This might take up to 72 hours if the comment is entered over the weekend or a holiday. We are excited to hear from you and welcome your comments.”

    3. In my experience it has taken a half hour to an hour, depending on how many people are moderating comments.

    4. It takes a while for them to go through because the moderators read them before they’re approved. 🙂

    5. It can take instantly to two days during weekdays, on weekends up to three days, and comment freezes, up to a week.

    1. Type a name,
      LOL is an acronym for Laugh Out Loud. It just means, “That’s really funny!” XD is a smiling face on its side; “X” is the squinty eyes and “D” is the beaming smile. 😆

  21. HI y’all- okay i just heard this really good song and i need y’all to tell me what y’all think of it,it is Flame” start over: feat.NF, look it up and let me know what y’all think, P.S Flame is a Christian artist.

    1. Hey Lauren, it is Farmgirl.
      I would like you to know that my real name is also Lauren. 🙂


  23. Do you realize that this Wednesday marks the one year anniversary of the writers page?

      1. Sorry, I meant I do not do the club but I do get the magazines and I am doing the summer challenge.

    1. I missed you SO MUCH but I cannot find KAYLYNNE. 😭😭 I am so glad you are back!!!

  24. I am soooo disappointed that people think Jillian is shallow! She has an interesting way of thinking but she is definitely not shallow. She is the best new character yet, and Jason and Jillian should totally end up together!

    1. Thank you! I am also pretty disappointed that a lot of people dislike her, but also happy that some people like her as well. Rise up, Jillian fans! XD

      1. She is funny, but that’s about all she is, and nobody knows if she’s Christian

    1. Hey!!!! Welcome back! (Idk if you remember me but I was Bookworm. I had to change my name 😛 )

      1. The Wingfeather Saga is a book series by Andrew Peterson, a Christian singer/songwriter/author! We used to have a chat page with trivia and quotes, but the old podcasts are un-commentable. But AQ and I have been working to start a new one! You’re welcome to join when we do, even if you haven’t read the books! We try hard not to spoil anything!

  25. I would like to point out something. Has Eugene’s picture changed? The main character role on this website, his hair is different. The older pictures has Eugene’s hair behind his glasses. I know Eugene gets his hair cut so that birds don’t attack him. But, doesn’t his hair grow back?

    1. I was wondering that myself. And what website do they mean? And is it fine that I don’t have an email yet?

      1. I don’t know, since I have a email and a website of my own there is no problem for me. However I do think the comments work without your email.

  26. Hey Ava! Welcome to the club! In answer to your question, I think it depends on how long your comment is and, if there have been a lot of other people commenting then, it can take a while. I have found if you post around 3-2pm on week days they pop up pretty fast. If you post something on the weekends it can take around four days. Hope this helps.

  27. Itsa me da Bob

    And itsa meee jessie

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes itsa me da commenter

  28. Are the Blog moderators still here??? ‘Cuz I need help. There’s something wrong with the website. It’s playing part one of The One about Trust when it should be playing part two. I’ve tried clicking on parts one and two, but both are playing part one.

    1. I’ve had trouble with that before, I think it’s just a glitch and you have to wait.

    1. Yes. It has to be pretty boring reading people’s comments to try to figure out what they mean. We all thank you. Here, have a digital celebratory cookie, 🍪. To tweak a quote from Jay or Blitzerburger Burger Blitzer, “I, with absolutley no authority at all, herby make June 13th AIO Moderator Appreciation Day.”

  29. does anyone know what’s the point of having a space to put your email in? and there’s also one that says website which is more confusing.

    1. I believe it is to give you emails if they want to talk to you about your message if it happens to be innapropriate. I think. I don’t know, but that is what I think. I could be wrong.

  30. Does anyone else think it’s cool that the picture of Wooton and the gang twist around depending on which way you scroll??

  31. TheKid: Hey! I remember seeing your profile name 🙂 Welcome back to the website! You can call me Naomi (or Na10, hence the profile name lol).
    Bethel:Yeah, I only put my username too 🙂

  32. In the commenting guidelines, it says, quote (Caps are mine):
    “Please don’t submit personal information (aside from your first name and state/country). We won’t allow posts that include last names, ages, birth dates, E-MAIL ADRESSES, or phone numbers. PLEASE DON’T POST LINKS TO OUTSIDE WEBSITES. We don’t allow our users to contact each other…”

    1. Cont’d
      “…(for the sake of SAFETY AND PRIVACY).”
      But why are we having to enter email addresses, and websites, and then they put links to those websites? It doesn’t seem that private, if you ask me. Please, can somebody explain why?

      1. No idea! Do they just want to be able to contact us personally if they need to? Uggh!

        1. Will the comments post if we DON’T put in our email address? What about people that don’t have an email?

      2. @JELL-O
        The commenting guidelines also say that email addresses are not publicized. As for websites, people can choose whether or not they want to share their public website. If you have a website, it’s optional. If a comment were to link to an inappropriate website, I’m sure the aio moderators would remove the website link.

      3. This is a very good question. Could one of the Odyssey team explain it to us? Maybe on the next podcast?

  33. I forgot to put my user name again lol 🙂 That post from “Anonymous” that I posted to TheKid and Bethel should have my name “NaomiorNa10”. I’ll remember to put it in one of these days lol Jell-o : I don’t know why they have a place to type in your email or the website. It might have been part of the upgrades. But, I am grateful they let us post!

  34. Okay, the website you put in will be a link towards your website (if that made sense).

  35. So I’ve been thinking and now I have a tirade. Ready? Here we go!
    Odyssey has been incredible because of the incredible characters. Connie, Eugene, Whit, Penny, Wooton, and others. They make Odyssey fun and interesting. (Wow, what an understatement.) Anyway, a fun character will get boring if another person comes along who is like them. CONT.

  36. CONT.
    That is what’s happening in Odyssey. Penny is a wonderful character, but it seems she’s being swamped. Remember that roommate of Connie’s, Lindsey? She was way too like Penny. Now we’ve got Jillian. THREE PENNY’S!!! Jillian is fun, but now she’s shadowing Penny, and we will not let Penny go!
    -Concerned Citizens for Penny’s Uniqueness (CCPU)

    1. Good point, but you gotta give the writers a break. It must be hard having to come up with a cOmPlEtElY different character each time, you know.

      1. Yeah, I know. But it does seem like there’s too many people like Penny. In my opinion. 🙂

  37. CONT:
    -Concerned Citizens for Penny’s Uniqueness (CCPU)

      But Jillian is not a copy of Penny! She’s unique, just a bit like Penny. They may be similar, but no, Jillian is NOT a copy of Penny. And too many fun people aren’t the worst thing that can happen on Odyssey. Okay, I’m begging you right now, please, please PLEASE stop complaining about Jillian!
      -Concerned Citizens for Jillian (CCfJ)

      1. But the thing is, she is too much like Penny. She’s a woman with unique tastes, like Penny. To me, they’re just to similar with their unique tastes. No offense. 🙂

  38. Hello! How is everybody doing? I am so ready for the Coronavirus craziness to end! ☺ 😷

    1. Me too! My dad has lung cancer😞 so he’s very high risk. Thankfully, we are still able to FaceTime, and we can still have people over if we stay in our yard and six feet apart! But it is still hard to hear about all the fun stuff our friends can go do together, while we have to stay home. anyone else have something similar?

      1. ArtsyUnicorn I feel you, my state is basically closed down and hearing everyone else’s fun story’s…..

  39. Moriah:
    Yes!!! Thankfully my state is pretty much out of lockdown.
    Btw, you want to chat on here?

  40. I LOVE the new website! Way faster and awesome! and thx so much AIO for the free trial! mine just finished, but we are planning on getting it again in July for the new album! cant wait!

  41. Also, AIO: can u plz make an artsy/crafty kid? I’m sure a bunch of other kids would love that too…

  42. Well, I haven’t been on here but I should’ve! I’ll try to answer everyone:

    JELL-O: I’d love to start the Wingfeather Saga page up again, but that page is being used as one where Club members can talk to people who used to be Club members but aren’t anymore, and so the ex-Club mems don’t lose touch. :/ Maybe we can use the Rydell Revelations one?

  43. I must admit that I stand with MRS on this one. Jillian… well… I mean, she’s ok in her own way, but I’m not a huge fan of her. And Jason+Jillian? NO!!! It’s SUPPOSED to be Jason+Monica Stone or Renee. At least in my mind. 😛 But sadly, I think the writers are going with Jason+Jillian. 🙁

    1. I completely agree! I really disliked her at first, then as her character has progressed, she’s become less… well, annoying. She’s ok, but still, plz plz plz no Jason+Jillian!

        1. lol I express sentiments of gratitude! (Not a Eugene quote but kinda sounds like something he’d say😜)

      1. Renee might be a little young. I mean, she’s still in college! But still… She needs to come out of just the Club! And meet Jason… 😀

    2. Hmmmm Jason and Renee? Good idea, but i just can’t see it! i mean, Renee is too smart (in a good way!) I think if Connie ever does get married (doubtful tho!) at least Renee will be single? idk, but still, great idea!!! (plz dont take this the wrong way lol!)

  44. Monica Stone needs to become a Christian, get out of prison, and re-meet Jason! Or Tasha could become a Christian, but I’d rather Monica. She and Jason were perfect for each other!! And Monica would be fine with Jason’s recklessness and tendency to get involved in saving the world. But NOT Jason+Jillian.
    CCJF (Concerned Citizens for Jason’s Future)

    1. Yes!! Those are my sentiments exactly! I really want Monica to come back… She and Jason would be perfect together! I guess Tasha would be ok too; just not as good as Monica. 😉

      Sry mods, I’m just excited.

        1. LOL!!! We need to write a list of all the similarities. It will be as thick as a book…Lol!!!

  45. Everyone’s complaining about this or that, but i think we should just trust the writers. :)))
    Concerned Citizen of The Complainers 😛

    1. Anonymous: lol i agree w/ that! But i like hearing other people’s opinions too! 😉

  46. I’ve always wanted Monica stone+Jason… But if you think about it, Jason+Jillian would be great together, w/ Jason’s though-recklessness, and Jillian’s peppy-fun loving nature, they make a great team! plus, AIO could use it as a lesson-series about learning to get along w/ people, even if they r TOTALLY different! lol hope this makes sense!

  47. Honestly i’m fine with Jason+Jillian, or Jason+Monica. But I would stop listening to Odyssey if they did Jason+Connie.

    1. Lol that will never happen (thankfully!) I think they confirmed that in love is in the air (when Eugene says Connie has a crush on Jason)

    2. Oh, man, that’d be terrible. My dad really wants Jason+Connie, and I’m like, “She didn’t marry Mitch because he was an FBI agent and would be gone all the time. How is Jason any different?” 😛 Jillian’s gotten better, I suppose. She’s less… flighty. But Jason+Monica? In the words of MRS: YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! 😛

  48. Bethel,
    Hey! I posted up there that I would love to chat here!!! 😉 I just decided to type it again so that it didn’t get drowned in comments!! 😝

    (Did that make sense?!?!😛)


    1. Oops, sorry! Didn’t see that till now!😬
      (And yes, that makes perfect sense!)
      Sounds great! How have you been?

    1. That’s great! 😀
      What have you been up to? I’ve been doing a lot of sewing for 4H and for my sister’s bday gift; I still have so much to do…

    2. Oops, sorry, I already said that! 😆
      Have you found any other of your posting pals on here yet? I was so happy when I saw that you were still here!

    3. Here are some questions:
      1. What is your favorite color?
      2. What is your favorite food?
      3. Do you have a favorite dessert?
      4. Do you like smoothies?

      These are pretty simple questions , and are used often, (well, maybe not the last one!) but there the first ones that always come to my mind! Has everything gone back to normal in
      your state?

      1. Oh fun!
        1. Pretty much any shade of blue
        2. Either sushi or lasagna or ice cream
        3. Ice cream! 😛
        4. Yes! Hbu?

        Pretty much, tho some places have a lot of restrictions, the dentist being one of them. Hbu? (Btw I posted other stuff but it didn’t come through; idk why)

        1. I’m okay with smoothies, but I’ve only ever had blue berry that my mom makes, and after a while my stomach feels . . . not queasy, but ready to be do ne, I guess. Still, I might like other flavors!☺
          Our 4H fair is cancelle d (well, they’re having it virtually,) and so is the camp I go to. The boy scouts that own it don’t want anyone to use it. 😞

        2. Oh, that’s awful!!!! For me, 4H judging was pushed back till midAugust (not complaining; my projects are huge). I’m REALLY hoping they’ll be in-person; virtual won’t be the same… 🙁

          1. How was your 4th of July? Did you go to see any fireworks? Another weird question:
            What is/do you have a favorite bug? I love fireflies! That are so pretty, the way light up like jewels! 😆☺I’ve never really liked guys before, but then remind me of how great God is! ☺
            Talk to you soon! And sorry that I didn’t reply to you for a while! ☺

          2. It was great! We couldn’t go to fireworks (most of them were cancelled) but a bunch of people in our neighborhood shot them off. We couldn’t see them all, but from the sound of it, it was enough to make a huge show! My sibs and I just sparklers which was fun😁

          3. (Continued)
            I love fireflies too! We live in the country, so in the summer there’s little twinkling lights all through the field and our neighbor’s woods. It’s so pretty! Butterflies are gorgeous as well.
            It’s no problem! Just glad we can chat.😄

      2. 1. Purple and Green
        2. Probably lasagna
        3. Chocolate cake, not box mix
        4. YES!

  49. I don’t know if anyone heard the episode Best Laid Plans from the album The Big Picture. Jason meets a woman named Amy who has a little boy named Josh. I was really hoping they would get together but they never mention Amy or Josh again. Did anyone else want them to get together? Maybe it was just me lol However, Jason+Monica would be great!

    1. I remember that episode, but I haven’t listened to the whole thing; only snatches from when my sibs were listening to it. It did sound like they’d be good together and that there might be a future, didn’t it…

    2. YES! i REALLY wanted them to get together, but they never even MENTIONED her again!! AIO plz bring her back for at least a mention!

    3. I haven’t listened to the whole thing, tho I’ve heard snatches from when my sibs were listening to it. It did sound like they’d be good together, didn’t it…

  50. I think that Mitch should return. That one girl he was with who worked with him, she was not right for him. Connie and Mitch would be so amazing together!!! E

    1. I honestly LOVE Mitch+Connie but it doesn’t look like he’ll ever come back… 🙁

  51. Do people chat here? I am no longer in the club therefore I can’t chat on the adventure and bonus pages.

  52. Well everyone, my username was a bit messed up on my last comments. Sry about that.

  53. I totally love Bridget! We’re a lot alike, like in the sarcasm and general moodiness. She’s one of my new favorites! Keep up the good work!

  54. I know, I was really hoping Amy and Jason would get together. It is really strange Amy and Josh are never mentioned again.

  55. @BETHEL,
    I ‘m still here, in case you wondered! 😉 I have just been busy lately. How are you doing?

    1. I’m doing great! I’m on vacay right now at my grandma’s house so that’s been loads of fun. My sibs and I have been swimming a lot😜 HBU?

      1. I have been doing more reading lately, and listening to Odyssey!☺ We don’t have a pool, and I’m not a good swimmer. (As in like, horrible!!😝) What is your favorite dessert?

        1. I’m pretty awful too… I’m more of a lounger when it comes to the pool/pond. Tho I do like swimming underwater and (trying) to do handstands and an occasional backflip underwater as well. I tend to end up drinking more water than I’d like to. lol

          1. That’s so cool!! 😉 I can do hardley anything, especially a backflip!! the pond that we go to has a bunch of large, sharp rocks at the bottom and it is pretty shallowin places, so we can’t really swim in it.

          1. Our family has a lot of allergies, but I love ice cream (we get a special kind) and brownies . . . technically anything with chocolate! 🍫🍦🍪🍨

  56. Idea! This could be the Green Ember page! Is that okay? I don’t think this page is anything yet…

    1. There is a Wingfeather fan page, but this is the only Green Ember fan page.

  57. State your favorite Green Ember character!
    Me: Heyna
    Suilad (My Brother): Joe

  58. Bethel:
    Hey! How are you doing? My sister and I went over to help our friends sort through their dad’s insurance files of people who either moved or died. I t was hard at first, but I really enjoyed it!! 😝😆☺ How was your day? Where we live, we have to start wearing masks everywhere we go now! 😷😭

    1. I’m doing great! Doing a LOT of sewing bc my 4H project is due soon (😱) and writing. Hbu?
      That’s cool! Glad you had a good time!
      Yesterday was great til the end. We had to say goodbye to some friends who are moving several states away, so that was sad.😢 Hbu?
      SAME HERE!!!! It’s so annoying… Masks are the WORST!!!😫😜

  59. Moriah: Your right! We were going to. I don’t know what happened lol Oh well, I think everyone now knows this is the Green Ember page.

  60. PennyBasset: My favorite character for now would probably have to be picket and Helmer. They are a great team! I am so glad S.D Smith wrote their friendship. They are kinda like Batman and Robben 🙂 I am on Ember Rising so, my favorite character may change 🙂

  61. My fav character is Helmer ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! I love him so much… like if Heather and Picket hadn’t even been in the series, so long as Helmer was, I’d have been happy! I really want a side series about his past (like the books about Jo)

    1. It’s his character that really resonates with me. Idk why but I’m REALLY drawn to characters in books/movies who are tough on the outside in order to hide the pain they’re experiencing on the inside. Helmer perfectly fits that description! Plus, with his military skill, wry sense of humor, and occasional heartfelt moments he’s just awesome!😜

  62. My eldest brother, Asher, is SO like Helmer, and he loves him!
    Anybody who hasn’t read the whole series, the end is sweet and sad, you’ll love it!
    Helmer fans, I love him to, and yes I love the side series too, I want one about Flint and Fay though.

    My place beside you,
    My blood for yours,
    T’ill the Green Ember rises or the end of the world!

    1. That’s so cool!
      Ember’s End was super sad and sweet; a perfect ending to the series!
      Yeah, that’d be great too!

      My arm for the cause and the crown
      My ALL for the cause and the crown

  63. Wait, so why are people still post in about the GES (green ember series) on the Eric Passoja page?

  64. Moriah: Because, we want to finish our conversations 🙂 Though, we could probably drop it now, if it is too confusing for you. Who is your favorite character?

  65. PennyBassett: So jealous you have already finished it! You have given me some inspiration 🙂 I am on Ember Rising. Then, I think I only have Ember Ends (for the series about Heather and Picket).

  66. My favorite characters are Smalls and Jo. I read Embers End, and I’ll try not to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t gotten there yet, but…
    Who is the Pilgrim? I have no clue who he is, and it’s the end of the series, so will I ever find out?

    1. My one idea is that he’s Flint… but that doesn’t quite work bc where’s Fay? I think S D Smith said that he’ll be writing more about him; hopefully we’ll find out more soon!

        1. Right! Unless he knew about and had access to True Blue, which is entirely possible. (Didn’t he bring/find some for the colony after the battle? Or was that someone else?)

      1. I think the pilgrim is the lord that went away before the fall of king Jupiter. If you carefully reread ember’s end, you will find the place where it is mentioned.
        -A Friend

        1. Sorry, I forgot to add:
          There are multiple theories concerning the Pilgrim, one suggesting that he could be Massie Burnson, from the Tales of Old Natalia. VERY LIKELY, as Massie was good at archery, as is the Pilgrim.
          Another one suggests that he could be Flint, like Bethel suggested with Old Jone being Fay. (But that one seems unlikely to me.)

  67. Bethel:
    Hey! We will probably have to move, 😞 but I have tried to post comments to the other people on here and they have not posted.

  68. Jell-O: Yes! You will hear more of him if you read the other books S.D Smith has most recently written.

    1. Which ones, isn’t Ember Ends the last one? It’s been a while since I read them, but I still love them!

      My arm for the cause and the crown
      My ALL for the cause and the crown

      I guess the pledge I did earlier isn’t really good anymore, because the Green Ember has risen already!

      1. Yeah, it is. . . I think so, at least! It’s been a while since I’ve read them, too!!💙😝

      2. You’re right, Embers End is the end. 😔 I think Penny Bassett means the companion books S. D. Smith like the Last Archer and the Black Star of Kingston. I guess there are more new companion books!

  69. I know this is random, but who loves Lauren Daigle’s song ” Loyal” ? I LOVE IT! I am listening to it right now! 🙂 Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

    1. Yes, I have listened to that song! It’s pretty great😄 I also like Oh Lord, How Can It Be, First, Dry Bones, You Say, and I Will Trust In You; have you listened to any of those?

  70. Bethel: YES! I like those songs too! Especially You Say, Trust You, and RESCUE! (listening to it right now lol). It is hard to pick a favorite lol

    1. Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard Rescue before! I think we’ve actually sung it at my church. But they are all so good! She’s a very talented singer🙂

  71. I just wish Lauren Daigle would stay more Christian. She’s kinda going the other way.

  72. Well y’all, I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave this page. With the AIO club as well, I’m on way too many pages. I enjoyed my time here tho!
    God bless you all!

  73. I think that since Mitch already is married to someone, that Connie should marry Jeff. Please aio!?!!!!

  74. I know I already asked but, what’s you guys favorite quote from Green Ember? There are a lot of good ones, I mostly just like the pledges.

      1. I got that idea from one of the guys on the club. It’s something me and Bethel do whenever a page is inactive. And it can be fun! (Fun…fun…fun…) 😉

  75. Loyal is my fav Lauren Deigel song.
    Massie was my first thought for pilgrim as well… and the prologue totally suports it.
    one time we were playing sharks and minows, and i was like
    “my place beside you,
    my blood for yours,
    till the green ember rises of the game is over!”
    and then tackeled (gently) the shark.

    1. It’s a series written by S. D. Smith about #rabbitswithswords who have to fight against the wolves and birds of prey, and sometimes, themselves!

  76. Hey guys! Here’s something to awaken the page! There’s a new Green Ember Archer book, Archer’s Cup! Came out on the tenth. No spoilers!

  77. Wow, I’ve been gone for a little while, but this page is REALLY dead.

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