The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

July 1, 2020: Erik Passoja: Voice of Odyssey bad guys, fifth-degree black belt, and stand-up comedian

Erik Passoja has played three different bad guys on Adventures in Odyssey, but he’s actually a really nice guy. Erik talks about his background and surprising talents. (Plus: Hear a preview of “Millstones” and vote in the Averys!)

Erik Passoja

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Voting for the Averys has closed. Tune in to the podcast in September to hear the results for all the awards.

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163 Responses

    1. lol Congrats, Mr Hoobler! (I can’t believe I’m responding to you; this is so cool!)

    2. yes you are! Nathan, i just wanted to say thank you for you and everyone else at AIO,
      anyway thank you for all y’all do!

    3. I am responding to Nathan Hoobler!!!! Mr. Hoobler, I just want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I LOVE odyssey, and I am so encouraged every time I listen to one of these episodes. God bless you!

  1. I checked every few hours so I could get first, but good job Hoobler. Cool to be answering you.

    1. It could be, but we should probably wait till the new podcast comes out, as most people chat on this page.

  2. Hey!! Is Lia Cupcake here?? You may not remember me but I talked to you before in a chat. I 4 get which has me tho. Lol. And my username changed.

    1. Ooh!! I want to know that 2! Maybe Hamen from Esther… or the king 👑 from the story of Jesus’s birth… IDK

  3. what!?!?!?!?!? katie leigh isn’t in the averys!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! why????????????

  4. Happy early Independence Day everyone! Thank God for our great country! (I posted this a day early in hopes it will post since they don’t moderate on Saturday)

  5. Oh My!!!!!! I did not know Penny Wise was from Pennsylvania, I am from Pennsylvania!!!!!!

  6. Not about this podcast, but allow me to emphasize what a joy it was for an Odyssey-obsessed American Heritage girl who’s working on her Pet Care badge to listen to ‘Badges of Honor’ last night.
    I’m so happy that they combined my two favorite things. 😊

  7. PennyBasset: Yes! We need a Green Ember page! I am on Ember Rising. How many books have you read? I hear the audio dramas, they are terrific! If you start a page, I love to help! Let me know. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  8. Is there a podcast with the person who plays Katrina? If not they should make one

  9. I have not commented for a looooooooong time because of the website change. Sorry!

  10. NaomiorNa10: I have read all the books, and been on a online Green Ember gala/meeting, The last book is out!

  11. He and his family wanted to plant a church in beckly west virginia and my dad is the head paster at my church so i have met him and his family and his brother and his family a couple of times.

    1. Are you NaomiorNa10? Did you change your username? Or are you a different person?

  12. Now that a new podcast is out, Green Ember page? Sorry if I’m being to persistent, but I just love Green Ember!

  13. PennyBasset: That’s awesome you have read all the books! I am on Ember Rising. SO neat you got on an Green Ember gala meeting! I didn’t know they did those. I have seen a podcast where a lady (can’t remember her name lol) interviewed S.D Smith for her podcast. I have no objections if we make this the Green Ember page!

  14. PennyBasset: Who is your favorite Green Ember character? If this does become the Green Ember page, let me know if you need any help. Hope you have a great night!

  15. PennyBasset: My favorite character so far, would probably be Helmer and Picket. I just love them together. They are kinda like Batman and Robben 🙂

  16. Our youth group is having a dance on the fifth and I am so excited!! I have never been to a dance that wasn’t at a wedding before! Im wearing my bridesmaids outfit! Anything new for you?

  17. Well, today I had my first job aside from babysitting! My bff’s dad is an insurance agent and hired me to do some filing. I felt overpaid, even after my mom said that it was actually below the minimum wage! It was a long but good day, and I came across such funny names of clients! Now I know where to go when I ever need inspiration for a last name!

  18. CoolCuz: That is awesome! I have never been to dance (Besides weddings 🙂 ). Though, I have never danced with anyone that wasn’t a close friend or family member 🙂 Hope you have a blast!

  19. On the club there was once a streak in the comments of Katrina fans saying how much they loved her, can we do that with Penny?
    Who’s with me?

  20. @COOLCUZ: I have never been to a dance before! I mean, I danced at my aunt’s wedding when I was little, but not WITH anyone. I hope it’s fun! Let us know how it goes!

  21. PennyBassett: We could. Penny is cool. Though, Whooton has always been my favorite. Maybe we could do it about both. Though, it’s just an idea 🙂

  22. @JELL-O:
    Congrats on your job! Im working once a week for my aunt. I feel overpaid too!

    Yeah, me neither! Lol!

    1. What do you do for your aunt? it’s so neat that you get to work for family! My job was just a one-day thing, not a regular steady job (I’m not quite there yet!), but it was work experience, and maybe I’ll be hired again!

  23. PennyBasset: Thank for explaining XD lol. I feel kinda silly now lol. Hope you have a great day!

  24. Kya: Hey! If we haven’t met you can call me Naomi or Na10. I don’t know if adventures in odyssey is going to have more episodes with Harlow Doyl in them. Though, I think he will be since the actor who plays him is Will Ryan (the actor who plays Eugene too) they have the ability to use him to play the character again.

  25. When will there be another cartoon series of Adventures in Odyssey? Aside from listening to the broadcast for almost a decade, I have watched the cartoon series from the late 90s many times over with my son.

    1. Ooh! What was it like?? We have a small youth group (and a small church) that’s mostly girls so we won’t be having a dance any time soon! 😛 I have no idea what a real dance is like!

  26. Jell-O: Lol I have never been to a real dance. However, wedding dances are really fun!

  27. @JELL-O:
    We have a small church too, but we made it work! There was no couple dancing, but they did line dances. It was fun!

  28. Cartoons and Jello, Are y’all talking about certain things or everything?:) I haven’t danced with a boy before. I think line dances are fun though!

  29. Oh ok! Have you all read any good books recently? I am reading the A Life of Faith books (some about Elsie Dinsmore and others about her cousin Millie). Have you all ever read the Elsie series?

    1. I have! I loved them! I finished Elsie’s Girlhood but I never started the next book for some reason.
      I just finished The Hound of the Baskervilles (a Sherlock Holmes book) by Arthur Conan Doyle, and let me tell you, you have not read a great mystery until you have read Sherlock Holmes! It was VERY scary though, especially when reading it at night!

      1. Jello, I have watched the Sherlock movies and their scary!
        I’m mixed up about the Elsie books. The series I have is 8 books, the last one titled Elsies Great Hope. Is that the same as your series? I think mine may be like a remake of the originals.

        1. So, we got the Elsie books from the library, and its been awhile, but here’s what I remember:
          The first book is called Elsie Dinsmore, I forget the second, the third is Elsie’s Girlhood, and I think the next one is called Elsie’s Motherhood, but there might be another one before that, I dunno. They were old paperback copies with yellow pages!

  30. One Christian program near us, (though it isn’t at ALL about dancing) held a line dance every month before Covid-19…

  31. I wonder how long my name can be, let me check. okay so this is pretty long how very interesting. Is it done yet? nope its still going well thats weird. i know that you can only comment like three hundred words but i dont know wait it ends here. says:

    well there you have it folks read my name

  32. Ooo lucky you
    I wish it were snowing right now😜
    I’m siting on my bed with my fan on sweating 😅
    Later I might jump in our pool 🏊‍♀️

    I love the songs
    “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”
    And “let it snow”
    It’s hilarious considering the temperature in our house right now😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
    We will go swimming on Christmas
    Cause it’s sooooo 🥵 hot😂

  33. And it all melted😢 But we’re supposed to get snow on Christmas. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”😁

  34. And we did get snow on Christmas. It wasnt like in the Christmas cards but it’s as good as we’ve ever gotten.

  35. We got a bit of snow. But for where I live it’s enough to count as a white Christmas.

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