The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

The end of an Odyssey career

Jonathan Crowe takes an adventure that no one on the Odyssey team has ever taken.

Marshal Younger, Chris Anthony, and Jonathan Crowe in studio
Marshal Younger, Chris Anthony, and Jonathan Crowe in studio
The team grieves Jonathan's retirement.
The team grieves Jonathan’s retirement. (Jonathan doesn’t seem upset.)

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636 Responses

    1. We will miss you lots. Hope you have an amazing retirement and that God will help you through the difficult times.

      And I comment on further adventures in odyssey albums. Is see who Connie marries. And seeing Buck and Jules date.
      Thanks for all the work you’ve done. And good luck to everyone els who is working there. Stay well and “piece”

  1. Thank you Jonathan Crowe for all the work you’ve put into making Odyssey sound amazing! Have a good retirement 💛

  2. So sad he is retiring, but I am happy that he is doing what God wants him to do, and enjoying it.

  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering what everyone’s favorite
    .overall odyssey character
    .Odyssey kid
    . odyssey adult
    .odyssey Family
    .and odessey episode
    Mine are buck oliver, jay smouse and Cooper calhoun, penny and wooten basset, the calhouns, and my favorite episodes are probably the other side of the glass, page in my playbook, and good job

      1. Mine is
        1. Either Suzu or Camilla
        2. Camilla
        3. Connie
        4. Parkers, Calhouns, and the Perkins
        5. ( I have a LOT of favorites) Hurricane Perkins, The Malted Meatball Falcon, Snow ’em Who’s Boss, The Snow Must Go On, and other episodes

    1. 1. Either Morrie or Eugene
      2. Morrie
      3. Eugene
      4. The Barclay Family
      5. The Secret Room part 1 and 2

      1. his username was Arem (Get it? Arem, R.M.? say them both out loud.) Novacom was the evil company making mind control boxes.

        1. He also used Sparky the Happy Giraffe when he secretly talked to Connie while in the Witness Protection Program

    2. My favorites are connie Kendall, buck oliver, Wooton Basset, and the parkers. I don’t really have a favorite episode, but I like the miniseries best!

      1. P.S. one of my favorites is also Eugene, but I can’t fit him into any of those categories since the adult category is taken by Wooton already.

    3. Sparky the Happy Giraffe:
      Bernard Walton
      Buck Oliver (Meltsner now), Jimmy Barclay, Jerod DeWhite, or Trey Calhoun
      Bernard Walton or David Parker.
      Calhouns and Barclays
      All of them!!!

        1. No, Buck’s a foster child meaning he keeps his last name, made clear in the Episode “Divided We Fall”. Even if he did get adopted fully he would only be Meltsner, not “Meltsners.” For instance Whit and Jason are both “Whittakers” (both beloning to the same family name Whittaker) but Whit’s name is not Mr. Whittakers nor is he in his singular self a “Whittakers,” he’s just John Avery Whittaker. I hope that settles the “s” issue.

      1. Wait wut? Does Buck get adopted??? I don’t have the club, and they haven’t played anything to that nature yet ….

    4. does Jules count as a kid? cuz if she does and I would have to say Jules, Connie or Eugene, Wooton and Penny, I don’t really have a favorite one, I like them all!

    5. 1- probably Emily Jones or Julies Kendall or Buck Oliver
      2- Emily Jones
      3- Wooten Bassett
      4- the Barkley’s or the Calhoun’s
      5- oh man, this is hard. Um, I like the mystery and the conflict ones

    6. Mine are
      1: Jared, (and everyone else from his group!)
      2: Jason
      3: the Barclays
      I’m old school Odyssey >v<
      and if I could add another group to those I would add teen, Jimmie would take that place.

    7. Connie
      Jimmy Barclay
      George Barclay
      The Barclay’s
      Too many! Well I like pretty much any episode with A Barclay (s)

    8. 1. jules kendall
      2.emily jones
      3.eugene meltsner
      4.the wises
      5.callifornia dreams

      1. I love Jules too!!!!! Jules and I are really alike. I love her song I’m Just Me!!!

    1. Please pray for people adopting they have not been able to git their kids when c-19 hit.

  4. Ok so I just listened to California Deams and how in the world did Buck get to California!!!! I know in an airplane but did he get permission from Eugene and Katrina. I’m so confused about the whole thing. If anyone has any idea bout my mystery, please let me know.

    To be continued

    1. Connie: Um, Maybe we should talk about this. Jan: don’t worry, we’ll leave plenty of shoes for you
      Kye: My favorite part was when you ordered it medium well done. Jules: I’m not a fan of sushi, raw fish creeps me out Jan: but you can’t order it cooked! Kye: I think they just stuck it in the microwave. Jan: Ewe! Kye: Microwave sushi.

  5. Cont
    I just love Love LOVE the song ‘I’m just me’. Especially when they do the duet on stage. And I can’t wait for ‘As Buck would have it’.

    Oh an I first. Please please please be frist

    1. Maybe he used his mother’s inheritance and Eugene agreed because remember
      -in Auto response, Eugene says that Katrina was on a trip for two weeks
      -And Detective polehaus accused Buck of theft and Eugene was mad at him so would have been feeling really protective of buck so felt inclined to spoil him a bit
      I wondered about that so this is my theory

      1. but Buck said he would have to give it back to the people it was taken from so I don’t know if he used it

        1. But Eugene said something about how some of it wouldn’t be able to be tracked
          I’m not trying to argue, I just like discussing AIO and none of my friends listen to it. 😑

        1. I just remember that California Dreams is BEFORE Auto Response, so Eugene couldn’t have been feeling protective of Buck.

          I’m still in the dark but I’m usually in the dark bout lots of things

    2. hi I am sooooooo excited for ‘As Buck would have it’ too because Buck is my favorite character and to answer your question I am not quite sure how Buck got there I am thinking maybe somehow he snuck out but I don’t know

    3. yes, I love that song! It’s always stuck in my head.
      when Buck and Jules start harmonizing and the crowd is clapping i literally get goosebumps lol

    4. I LOVE IT TOO!!!! I THINK ITS AMAZING AND I LOVED IT WHEN oops sorry caps lock was on🤭 anyway I loved it when Buck and Jules sang together!

  6. That makes me soo so sad! So many good years of Jonathan Crowe. But, I’m glad for him. He has put so mugh hard work into the show. Thanks so much Mr. Crowe. You have done a amazing job! You have been very faithful to focus, and Odyssey. Well done Jonathan Crowe

    1. Amen to that! Thank you so much for your many years of service, Mr. Crowe! I will miss hearing your name at the end of an episode!

  7. Guys, I am so depressed. Some kids were over playing basketball in our basement and I had been listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack earlier that day and now my FOTR soundtrack is broken. 😢😭 WHY???!!!

      1. Same, I listen to the soundtrack once every week. (That’s my 2022 goal lol.) And I’m also keeping track of how many minutes I watched LOTR. Can’t wait to see how many times I do it! 😂 its so fun! I listened to the soundtrack 12 times so far this year. I am rereading the Two Towers right now. Alas for my broken FOTR case! Lol. 😂

    1. Did the basketball kids break it? If so, try and get them to pay for a new one. Talk to their parents if they won’t. Hope this helps!

      1. My brother threw the ball, my sister and her friend blocked it, it hit the tv and knocked the cd onto the floor. Only the FOTR is broken, but it came in a set with the other two cds. The case they came in is all torn up too! I don’t know if I can make them buy a new one cuz it was a fam Xmas present, not fully mine tho I’m the only one who cares.😩

  8. Oh cow girl, you just read my thoughts! I can’t believe u wrote my own post before I even posted it! I can hardly wait for album 72! I listened to previews on Amazon. I love the I’m Just Me song ! I like Some little Corner of the World in album 62 .you can listen to both of them on YouTube! please please reply to me cow girl!! to be continued!

  9. Thank you so much Jonathan crow I really appreciate what you’ve been doing to Odyssey and it make it sound amazing I hope you have a good retirement

  10. Does anyone read adventures in odyssey fan fiction. I read some it’s weird and cool kinda not so Christian I don’t really recommend it

  11. Enjoy your retirement you need it. Thank you for all you did. We will miss you. I hope they find someone for Connie.

  12. 1. I can’t choose
    2. Olivia Parker, Zoe Grant, Emily Jones, Jules Kendall, and Suzu Rydell
    3. Connie Kendall
    4. the Parkers and the Kendalls
    5. I can’t choose

  13. I have listened to a lot of episodes and they have all been awesome. Congratulations, hope you have a great retirement!

  14. I got the club for Christmas, so I’ve already listened to As Buck would have it, I won’t give any spoilers, but I will say it was a REALLY good episode.

  15. Hey everyone just so you all know I’m changing my name to
    I was olive way🤪💕🐎
    And just cuz I took the horse emoji off my name doesn’t mean I don’t like them any more!

  16. Hey, does anyone here have a favorite Odyssey Moment? Not necessarily a favorite episode, but more like a specific moment in an episode that really stood out to you. For example, my favorite moment is when Buck and Jules sing “I’m Just Me” together. It literally made me gasp!

    1. I loved that part!
      But also I loved the part on the episode where someone says Connie is unrelatable and she asks everyone if she’s relatable and Wooten says “ she said it you can talk about anything in the world with me or you can talk with Connie about- … Connie
      Connie: nice

    2. I love the bit in Divided we Fall where Eugene and Katrina are in the baby care class
      Does your baby look comfortable
      It appears to be in a constant state of glassy eyes shock.
      I mean would you be comfortable wearing this nappy?
      I would not be comfortable in any sort of nappy

      Eugene is da best!

  17. NarwhalGirl says:
    Hey, does anyone here have a favorite Odyssey Moment? Not necessarily a favorite episode, but more like a specific moment in an episode that really stood out to you. For example, my favorite moment is when Buck and Jules sing “I’m Just Me” together. It literally made me gasp! Same!!!!!

  18. I wish Kye would give us links to As Buck would have it .Although he probably couldn’t . Hey everyone just so you all know i’m adding💜 to my username! Because some other Emma posted before me.Here’s what she posted. Emma says
    I hope!!!!! ( All the other Emma comments were posted by me!)

    1. I will be your friend! I am between the age of 10 and 14. What is your real name? mine is Lillian.

  19. I’m happy Mr. Crow is such a good christian and nice man. It’ll be good to meet him in the new earth.

    1. Is your username Jayfeather because you read the Warriors book series!? I thought i was the only one here who reads those!!! so glad I found someone else. Wanna be friends?

  20. When is the next “Get in the Show” contest? Also when will you going to use the last contest winner?

  21. Hey aio workers
    I was wondering if u could please release more episodes on Apple Music
    Ps u guy are doing a great job
    Keep making more episodes

  22. If anyone needs prayer for anything please reply to this. It doesn’t have to be specific if it is too personal.

    1. @Rachel, Hey! I’d appreciate it if you prayed for me! I fell on ice when it was dark out, and now my nech and shoulder are hurt. Thank you!

    2. I have a lot of anxiety that make me, I don’t know, a little weird I guess. I also struggle with insecurity like sometimes I think I’m ugly because of the color of my skin, that sort of thing. I’m also very confused(I can’t exactly explain what it is I’m confused with). Also I’ve been through a lot of hurt for 4 years so far. Please pray for me.😢🥰

      1. Yeah sometimes I feel a little insecure too so I know how it feels and I’ll be sure to pray for you and Emma started a Bible study page where you can post prayer requests
        And do you wanna be friends? It’s ok if you don’t!😜

    3. I am praying for you all!
      Hey! Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, created in his image. He loves you for what is in your heart, so it doesn’t matter what you look like. You are beautiful, and I can tell you love God, so your heart is beautiful too. Remember to be in the Word and in prayer every day

  23. 1.Connie Kendal, Jay Smouse and Wooton Basset
    2.Mattew Parker and Buck Oliver
    3.Penny Wise(Basset) and Eva Parker
    4.The Parker Family
    5.California Dreams Part1 and 2

  24. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!💖💝💞💕

    Remember to show the ones dear to you how much you love them. ❤️

    I Love You All!!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!❤💜💝💖

  25. Did anyone else notice that the power down sound in the team is the same as the AREM sound when he logs off?
    The bit where he erases the hard drive
    Novacom Nostalgia!

  26. Hey guys please pray for me one of my old friends died a few days ago. He was 19 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Oh, wow, I’m so sorry! I will definitely be praying for you. Anything specific you want me to pray about?

      1. Um…can for my friend Joe? He’s going through a difficult time. Can you also pray for my friend Nicole? Her and her family moved and is trying to find a like-minded church.

  27. I am probably going to change my name because somebody took my name and is using it.
    I’ve been on here as long as the comments were aloud.

    Name ideas:
    Reply to me please.

    1. What are things you like?
      Maybe you could name yourself after your favorite sport or something. For example, FootballFan, Football🏈Dude, or FootballPlayer. Does that help at all?

  28. Hi Everyone,
    I am wondering why the episode of Christmas Bells is part of the One of Three Will Fall Story Arc. I know that Wilson Knox alluded to it in that episode of Christmas Bells and it is about the author of that song and not the story that would start a six part episode as part of the main story of album 71 and concluded in album 72.

  29. I love Morrie and suzu
    I just think their funny
    Like that time when suzu made a robot that shoots off fireworks🤣

  30. No! I can’t believe you’re retiring! But thank you so much for all you’ve done! I can’t believe what happened to you during the green ring! Thank God he kept you safe.

    Many Blessings

  31. TRQ: For those of you who are planning on going to college, what college are you going to?
    I have a list of colleges I’m trying to decide which one I really want to go to( even if I have 4[school] years left)
    PCC( Pensacola Christian College), or FSU( Florida State University)
    My friends from church and I might go to PCC together.🤣

    1. I am looking at PHC (Patrick Henry College in VA) and PCC (Pensacola Christian College in FL). Two of my aunts and one of my uncles go two PCC, and my parents went to PHC. They are both really good schools. Do you have a major picked out? I am thinking about elementary education or fine arts

  32. Hi everyone! I am just letting you know that I will be leaving the commenting pages. I have some important and very exciting things now and coming up in my life and won’t have a whole lot of time for posting. I may come back once in a while but it won’t be every day every week.

    Have fun and don’t forget to check out the OOOTD page!

  33. To all you that love The Green Ember did you know that S.D.Smith is done ( I think) with Prince Lander and the Dragon Wars? I can’t wait!!!!!😂🤣

  34. Who hear has commented since the Perkins Family series? Please post this emoji✌🏾

  35. Hey what movies do you all like I like

    It’s a wonderful life
    Sound of music
    A horse named bear (the acting wasn’t great but it was really great even if the name sounds weird)
    Elf (so funny)
    Little house on the prairie series
    The ‘ farm’ series
    Secrets of the castle

  36. Am I the only one who feels bad that Emily doesn’t like Morris and Susu? I meant I know they did bad stuff to her,but Zulu seems nice.

    1. I feel like that too!,!
      I feel like Emily was a little rude to them
      No offense to anyone

  37. Do any of you want to do a page on favorite movies and what is so thrilling about them, and (for some of them) what is encouraging about them? If you don’t want to it’s okay.
    If you want to we can do it on the Meet Kyle the 2020 Whit Award Winner.
    If any of you want to do this post this emoji:👍🏾

  38. For privacy reasons I’m changing my room to Challenge Student and loving it!

  39. Charli, I totally get what you mean.
    I really like Morrie and Suzu Rydell, but I also get Emily’s position
    Sometimes it’s hard to move on, can’t wait till she does.

  40. Thanks you guys for all of your prayers for me. I’ve been going through a really hard time because I haven’t seen the friend that died in a couple of years and I wanted to see him again. It was really really really hard. The last time I saw him is when he graduated from high school and the next time I see him he’s in a casket. It’s so sad.

  41. I’m so sorry for your friend and hope you and yours are doing well in these difficult times. I lost my grandfather in October and my grandparents anniversary was a couple of days ago. Please pray.

  42. Please pray for my family. It was really hard when we lost my grandfather because we lived in different states and hadn’t seen him for two years due to Covid-19. 😭hard day.

  43. Does anyone want to be friends? I am between the age of 11 and 15, have brown hair, blue eyes, love cats, horses, and reading books, and I ride horses regularly.

    1. My name’s Abigail. I have curly black/brown hair, dark brown eyes, I’m between the ages 12 and 15. I love horses, black cats and big ( and small) dogs. I love watching Nickelodeon shows. One of my favorite AIO character is Jules Kendall. I’m the oldest of 8 kids. I love music, fashion, and writing books. Do you have a favorite book?

  44. Plz pray. I’m abt to do something big in my life,I’m going to ask one friends to stop being my friend until she can stop lying to me. Pray for her to,she sounds and acts insecure. 🎉Also im getting baptized🎉 Sorry if I’m commenting A LOT.

    1. Do you care to share where your moving to?
      I’ve moved several times also and altho I was young I understand that’s it still hard

  45. 🐈🐴MtHorseGirl🐴🐈 can I be your friend.
    I am between the ages 12 and 16, have red hair, blue eyes, love cats, horses and reading books.
    Unfortunately I do not get to ride horses regularly.

  46. I moved two years ago. It was really hard letting go of the house I grew up in for ten years. I was nervous about friends and that kind of stuff. It helped me to pray that god would use me in my new home and that my old home would be a good fit for another family. (I later found out a couple with kids between the ages of 9-13 moved in to our home)

  47. Also I’ll be friends, I’m between 11-14,have red hair and hazel eyes. I love sports and sketching faces. I enjoy riding horses and climbing trees. I also am a girl(if you couldn’t tell)

  48. I lost my grandpa this summer, 3 days before my birthday. He got COVID. 😢

  49. Night_Fox, I completely understand about your friend. I have one similar to that. She is really insecure, so she hurts people, then she gets hurt back. 🙏 Please pray for her.

  50. felicity, it’s hard moving. I haven’t moved a lot, but my advice is pray for wisdom and peace from God. I’ll be praying! 🙏

  51. 🐴MtHorseGirl🐴, I lost my grandfather to covid a week before my birthday as well. I will pray for your friend as well. I hope she does better

  52. Lizzy and Night_Fox,
    Thanks! Do you guys have any pets?

    (I decided not to change my name) 😉😂

  53. Have yall heard the series where Olivia Parker questions her faith after one of her teachers passes in a class skiing accident.

      1. No way they are more like a brother and sister

  54. Me either. What is your favorite seris/episode?

    MtHorseGirl, I have two dogs one is a pure vizsla (look them up of you don’t know what they look like, there SO cute) the other is a vizsla weimaraner mix.

  55. Lizzy, cute! We think our dog is a lab mixed with a ton of other things. 😂

  56. Sadie is an awesome dog. We got her when she was 1 year old and her name was Darla
    She is super mischievous. She sucks in her stomach so that you think she hasn’t been fed yet (so she’s starting to get fat 😆).
    Mocha is an adorable name. What color is she?
    Sadie is a red brown with a white splotch on her chest

  57. Night_Fox, Nice!! My favorite series………. I don’t know. What is yours?

  58. Night_Fox and Lizzy, I think we should only talk here together because everybody else is talking on the other one and it’s a lot of comments.😅Also, do you guys have a best friend? What is your favorite book series? What is your favorite TV show? What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite breed of dog? What is your favorite breed of Horse?

  59. Yikes, ok here goes.
    I have several best friends. My fav book series is Mistmantle. My fav tv show is lost in space Netflix. My fav movie is Little Women (2019). My fav dog breed is border collie. my fav horse breed is appaloosa.

  60. Hey! Do you guys think that Olivia should be friends with Morrie and Suzu or not? I totally get why she can’t trust them.

  61. Lizzy, that is so funny!! 😂Mocha is black, with a brown undercoat. She has brown eyes that are the most gorgeous eyes ever! 😍 She has a lot of grey on her chin and nose even though she’s only 4 and a half. It’s because of an accident when she was younger. 😕

  62. Megs_Mollypaws, I do think Emily should be friends with Morrie and Suzu. But I understand how she feels. I mean Morrie and Suzu did some pretty mean things. It’s hard to let go of those things. But I really want them to be friends.

  63. 🐈🐴MtHorseGirl🐴🐈, I still cannot believe how much we have in common.
    Question about mist mantle. Who is your favorite character?Which is your favorite book?
    My fav character is probably Sepia. My fav book is the third (I own 1, 2 , and 3)

  64. Lizzy, I have a best friend, my favorite book series is the Mistmantle Chronicles, my favorite tv show is Heartland, my favorite movie is Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron. My favorite dog breed is the Australian Shepherd. My favorite horse breed is the Quarter Horse or Mustang.

  65. I can’t believe it either! My favorite character is probably Fingal or Sepia. My favorite book is the 5th one. It’s so sad though! 😭

  66. Hey. I’m not sure about my favorite album. I like the green ring conspiracy. (I’m love mysteries)

  67. I feel like I should change my name but I don’t know what to got any ideas😵

    1. You could change it to your favorite sport or company. There are so many things you could do for a username. You could name yourself after your favorite actor.
      I hope it helps

  68. Hello! Sadly this will be my last comment. I had a lot of fun with this! Thank you Lizzy for being my friend! ❤ I will be reading these, so if you want to tell me something, I will see it, but I can’t respond back. Bye!! 👋

  69. Hey everyone, I think I’m going to start a Lord of the Rings/Tolkien/Middle Earth ‘fan’ page here, are there any objections? Thanks!

      1. Thank you for responding, I plan to do some trivia, inspiring LOTR quotes, and just talk about all things Middle Earth related. What do you think?

        1. I think that sounds cool!
          I have not read the Lord of the Rings but I love the Hobbit book. I’ve watched all the movies can I still join?

  70. I LOVE Lord of the rings. Great idea!!! Who’s is your favorite character??
    Legolas is one of my favorites. I like all of them tho. I love Gandalf too.

    Also, I was nominated for a school council. We have an election on Thursday I’m super nervous. Any advice. Thx

    1. Thank you! I think I’m going to do it. I really like Eowyn, Gandalf, and Pippin. Yes, Legolas is really cool.
      Oh wow, that’s so exciting! I am sure you’ll do awesome, I don’t know what kind of advice I can give because I’m homeschooled, but I’ll pray for you! Good luck! Let me know how it goes too!

  71. Any way will y’all pray for me. I am really excited about it but am VERY nervous I won’t make the cut. 😥Thxs

  72. Hello everyone, welcome to the Middle Earth/Lord of the Rings fan page! Please be kind to everyone and respect their opinions, because even though we all love the Lord of the Rings everyone has their own opinion, so don’t be offended if someone doesn’t agree with you. If anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them. (Cont.)

  73. (Cont.)
    Here I’ll post things like challenges, trivia (movies and books) and fun facts about the Lord of the Rings. And where people can just talk about LOTR! Like I said I’m open to any suggestions, so don’t be afraid to tell me about them. I am so excited to finally be starting this page, I hope you all like it!

  74. I know a girl (she’s very young)who was injured very badly this weekend. PLEASE PRAY. She is in alot of pain but is expected to recover.

  75. My friend in the hospital ( the girl in kindergarten) is doing better. But she’s still hurting

  76. Lord of the Rings Book Trivia!!!

    Easier: What is the first chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring?
    Hard: Without peeking, finish this chapter title: “The Fields of C–” (Hint: this chapter is in the Return of the King. But you still can’t look.)

    1. I wish I knew, but it’s been a while so I don’t remember. I also love Lord of the Rings, (The books and movies) and everything else Tolkien related.

    2. To the easier question, Concernig Hobbits. To the harder, I’m guessing Cirith Ungol.

  77. hi LOTRgeek can we be friends? I am reading the Hobbit, I have listened to the Hobbit, and I have watched the LOTR

  78. I have five siblings and we all sleep in the same bedroom and it’s really hard for me. My dad became a pastor at a new
    church, and that’s why we moved, and why we all sleep in the same room. Also all of me and my siblings have been homeschooled all our lives : )

  79. LOTRgeek, what is your favorite LOTR book and movie:
    MY fav book is The Fellowship of the Ring, my fav movie is The Two Towers

    1. Cool! I tried to find one on Amazon once, but the one I really liked was for like, 2018.

  80. Lord of the Rings Movie Trivia:

    Easier: Finish this (FOTR) quote: “Some that live deserve death. And many that die deserve life. Do–” BONUS: Who said it, and to whom?
    Hard: What is the last line Pippin says in the movies?

  81. Thanks. She got in a golf cart accident.

    And the first chapter is “a long expected party” and ” the fields of cormallen ” is the 4 in the return of the king. 😊

  82. Ps. I love the trivia. Keep it up!!

    Here’s one: What is the elvish way bread called??

  83. Here’s another:

    In which direction does Gandalf tell Aragorn to look on the first light of.p the fifth day?

    P.S. Sorry if I’m taking your idea. Lol. Let me know😉

  84. Also.. I love your name LOTRgeek. Wanna be friends?

    I have strawberry-blonde hair (red) with brown eyes who loves to reading,art,and all sports. My favorite books are: ‘The Maze Runner’, Lord of the Rings(obviously) and anything mystery/thriller. Im also a girl. 😊

  85. I don’t know if I’m posting to much but whatever. Do y’all have any hobbies or side business? I like to draw and am in the middle of starting a jewelry business.

    Any body want to be friends? Read my mini bio( in one of my more recent comment)and make one of your own. 🤗.

  86. @Night_fox,
    I would love to be friends! My mini bio:
    I have blonde hair, blue-green-grey eyes, I am a LOTR and Tolkien, obsesser, and I have a business too. I am homeschooled and I love listening to music. And I love homemade cookie dough. 😉 (I am a teen girl.)

  87. Fellowship of the Ring Trivia:

    Easy: What is the first Elvish line in the movie, and who says it?

    Hard: What is the name of Bilbo’s second cousins? They are known as the Sackville-Bagginses, what are their first names? (In the book.)

    Also, let me know if you want the trivia to be harder, because I can do that…or if it needs to be easier???

    1. maybe a few easier? but you totally don’t have to if you don’t want to.

  88. @Lizzy,
    My favorite book is the Two Towers, and my favorite movie is the Fellowship of the Ring.

  89. Thanks!!I think any level of trivia is fine. Also east is right.

    What does Pippen drop when he realizes Aragorn and company are tracking them
    Who does Sam marry in the end of the books?
    What is the elvish word for friendship

    In the first QA are you referring to Galadiels The world has changed when she’s speaking in the beginning

    1. Didn’t he drop the leaf of Lothlorian?
      Sam marries Rosie Cotton
      And the elvish word for friend is melon, right?

  90. And thanks for praying. And if I already said that its because my com.ent hasn’t come up yet and I couldn’t remember😂

  91. Lol. I dunno the hard one. 😅. My family watches the movies like 24/7 but I haven’t read the books in a while. Think I will start again! (I’m referring to LOTR in case you were wondering…)

    1. I crochet animals, velvet scrunchies, and I use embroidery floss and super thick yarn to make earrings, and I make adjustable bracelets. When people hear crochet they often think of older ladies making thick blankets, but I make cuter stuff for kids. (Think amigurumi.)

  92. A Lord of the Rings Quote:
    Gildor– “The wide world is all around you. You can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.”

  93. Everyone, here is a Get-to-Know-You kind of question;
    Who is your favorite character in the Lord of the Rings and why? (Also, please don’t take offense if someone’s fav character is not the same as yours.)

  94. I want one. I can ride and bare back though. Do you have one Horse🐎Girl? If so what breed?

    Thanks for the quote!!😉

  95. Do you live where you have access to horses. I live in a small town but don’t have quick access,sadly. 😢

  96. I 💗 all the characters but my favorite is Aragorn.He had a hard life and I enjoyed him evolving into the person he was truly destined to be.The way he changed from the Fellowship of the rings to The Two Towers to the ending in The Return of the King.He had an amazing journey.From Arwen to The ring.He was challenged but became who
    he was ment to be

  97. Sorry ran out of space. But yeah. I just found that the girl in kindergarten I asked you to part for broke 15 bones in the accident😭. Please continue to pray!!! Thank you all for your support thank you 🙏

  98. Night_fox, I agree, Arogorn is sooo good. But I really like Sam, He is such a loyal character and Frodo would be dead without him. It’s so touching when they say good bye at the end of the last movie.
    I would love to live in Rivendell.

  99. I would say Gandalf, he has so much good advice. I recently was going through a tough time and I was like, “I wish Gandalf was real so he could tell me what to do.” 😆

    1. One of my favorite’s is when there trying to get out of Moira. Its probably there that’s the best battle in the movie.

  100. Hi everyone, I love lotr. My favorite character in the book is sam, and my favorites in the movie are Merry and Pippin. All of the hobbits, really. Hobbits are the true heroes of middle earth, specifically sam. he is the best. I don’t really like Boromir in the movie or the books. I have only just recently read and watched the movies/books.

  101. I don’t know a whole lot about it all, because I have only read and watched the books once, but I already want to do it again. The ending is so good. I love it. Aragorn is ok, but the hobbits will forever hold a place in my heart. I like to write, and I was amazed at how well tolkein developed his characters.
    ps. has anyone read the silmarrilion?

  102. I haven’t read the silmarillion yet. the only tolkein books I have read are lotr and the hobbit. I have read the hobbit 3x. Has anyone read any other tolkein books besides those? Any recomendations?

  103. Hello. Update. My friend in the hospital is very likely to make a full recovery!!🎉

  104. Hey guys March 25 is the Destruction of the One Ring day. (If you don’t believe me check the back of the Return of the King.)

      1. Wait seriously?! I thought I was the only one who read the appendicies! Yay I’m not the only one!!! I think Aragorn’s birthday was on March third, and Bottom if died on a 25 of a certain month, and the fellowship left Rivendell on a 25 of a different month… JRR Tolkein must have had a thing for 25!

  105. You know when Aragorn falls off the cliff in the Two Towers and Brego comes to rescue him? I think it would have been really cool if that was Bill. Anyone else agree?

    1. Maybe, but the fact that it was brego kind of showed the relationship between him and his horse. I was kind of sad that peter Jackson didn’t keep hasufel in the movie, but brego was still pretty cool.

  106. Yes! Update on my friend in the hospital: she is out of the hospital and she is back at school!!🎉 Thank you all for your prayers! And Katie you should read the simarillion. It was a great book.

  107. Hey Katie! I am reading the silmarillion right now. I have read the Children of Huron and the Fall of Gondolin, I love both of them and do recommend them for any LOTR enthusiast. My older sister thought they were depressing, because they don’t really end like LOTR does.

    1. have you seen the extended versions of the movies? those are the only ones I have watched. It’s worth the extra money to buy them if you haven’t. I especially like the scene with Eowyn and the stew that she makes for Aragorn.

      1. I have!!!! They’re so awesome!!! I like them a lot better than the theatrical ones, they left a lot of stuff out of those. We borrowed them, and I am saving to buy them (the extended) I know, lol! 😆

  108. Katie,
    I am going to read the Hobbit again after I finish the Silmarillion. I haven’t read Green and Put horn bcs my library doesn’t have it, but I know I’m going to love it just because its Middle Earth history. So if you don’t like character death then maybe don’t read the Children of Hurin.

  109. The layout of the Fall of Gondolin is kinda confusing, so if you decide to read it I can explain how I read it if you’re confused. I know, I watched them like every day when I finally finished the books. Which is your fav movie? I like Sam too, he’s such a sweet friend. So yeah, we have trivia and fun questions and stuff here, feel free to join in!

    1. thanks! I don’t mind character death. I love a well written book, so typically its ok. I have only watched the movies once, so I don’t really have a favorite, but want to watch them again. I think my favs have to be either 1st or 3rd. only bc the 2nd is all war. don’t get me wrong though, I still love it. I just like the happy elements from 1 & 3.

      1. Yeah same. Its like having to chose your favorite child! I can’t pick a fav out of them, they all are amazing in different ways. I also love the soundtrack too.

        1. lol. Howard shore is the best contemporary composer there ever was. The soundtrack fits the movie so well. It’s amazing. My heart hurts every time I listen to it.

          1. I know! I listen to the soundtrack all the time, it drives my dad crazy but I really don’t care, its so good!
            What theme is your favorite? (Like the Rohan theme, Gondor theme, Shire theme, Fellowship theme, etc.)

          2. I like the elf theme and the shire theme. elf theme meaning the theme they play when they are coming to assist them at the battle of the hornburg.

  110. I highly encourage anyone on here who doesn’t have it already to get the LOTR trilogy soundtrack, I got one for $20 for Christmas and it came with character cards. If you can, get the extended because the theatrical is missing a lot of the best songs…which is a bummer because the extended is over $1,700 on Amazon for just one. 😭😳😬😫

  111. Hello AIO Friends! Just a reminder to please review the commenting guidelines that are at the bottom of the comments section. We want you to have fun but please be respectful.

  112. fun fact: Shelob was designed after a Tunnelweb spider. Kind of funny to see the similarities.

  113. The friend I asked you to pray for is back at school full time. She is amazing and healthy.

  114. Lord of the Rings Trivia
    What was Legolas grandfather’s name? Note: this is not in the movies or any of the LOTR book, I don’t know where I learned it I think you can trace it back in the Silmarillion but don’t quote me on that.
    In the books what happened before Frodo left for Valinor? (You can just put the chapter title it occurs in if you want.)

    1. the scouring of the shire happened befor Frodo left for Valinor, which was when they defeat Saruman, his half orcs, and bill ferny, who have taken over the shire, along with Lotho, Otho’s son, who frodo sold Bag end to. Lotho was a sackville-baggins, and he and his family had been after bag end since the beginning of the book.

  115. Fun question:
    Which LOTR character do you think you relate to most and why? I guess out of the movie characters, it seems like more people on here have watched the movies than read the books.

    1. I don’t relate to any of them. I wish i could relate to Sam, but unfortunately I’m not perfect. All of the characters are better than me.

      1. I know, same! But surely you’re similar to someone in SOME way! Like you sound really kind and you’re full of Middle Earth knowledge! Do you want to be friends? Fun fact: you sound just like me, I finally don’t feel like I am the only person who is that into LOTR (no offense to anyone)

        1. sure! we can be friends! I do love Middle earth a lot.. the only reason I know what I do is because of my amazing older brother, who is just as much a geek as me. He has this tolkein dictionary written by david day, and It’s chock full of info abt middle earth. I only got through the letter A so far though.

    2. For some reason my page on my device is being blotchy and is glitching. Im going fix it but might not comment for awhile. Not sure if this is only going to LOTRgeek but just so u know. Btw I watched ✨Lord of the Rings✨ last night.

  116. did you guys know that they just named a new star earendil? I thought that was interesting. I believe it was discovered two days ago, but don’t quote me on the date.

  117. my bad, they named it Earendel, so it wasn’t an exact copy of the name, but they still named it after Earendil.

    1. You are fine! Oh wow that is so cool!!! I have been waiting for something like that to happen lol!

  118. I have a quick question. which comes first? the fall of Gondolin, the children of Hurin, or the Silmarillion? I am wanting to read them, but I don’t know what order they are in. also, does anyone know if there are any other middle Earth tolkein books that are good to read? if so, thanks a ton.

    1. 1. The Silmarillion
      2. The Tale of Beren and Luthien
      3. The Children of Hurin
      4. The Fall of Gondolin
      5. Unfinished Tales 1
      6. Unfinished Tales 2
      7. The Hobbit
      8. The Lord of the Rings
      I haven’t read the Unfinished Tales or Beren and Luthien, my library doesn’t have them but I hope to buy them soon. So this is the order of all the LOTR books!

    Nominate what you think is the best Gandalf quote, and then at the end of this week i will posta lost of them all and we can all vote for which one we think is the most inspiring or encouraging one. Then we’ll see which quote got the most votes, and so on. If you guys like this idea then maybe we’ll do more in the future!

  120. LOTR trivia
    I know some of you recommended the Silmarillion to Katie, so I added some Silmarillion trivia too!

    Easy: how many Valar are there? (Silmarillion)
    Hard: how many sections is the Silmarillion divided into? (Silmarillion)

    Easy: how many kids did Sam and Rosie have?
    Hard: what are their names?

    1. I haven’t actually read the silmarillion yet, bc im rereading the hobbit first.

  121. my favorite gandalf quotes:
    “death is just another path-one that we all must take.”
    “I will not say ‘do not weep’, for not all tears are evil.”
    there are a ton more, but I will only write two

  122. Trivia:
    (Katie, ask your brother if he knows this; he probably does if he knew when the ring was destroyed)
    When was Aragorn born? (MM/DD) you don’t have to put the year.

  123. LOTRgeek, u previously mentioned that u wanted to listen to the LOTR extended version soundtracks, right? Don’t waste your money. the soundtracks are all free on spotify, extended hobbit too. If u don’t have an account already, u can go to and make one. it’s free, but if u pay for premium u can download music and listen without ads.

    1. Well I used to have spotify, that’s how I knew that the extended soundtracks were so awesome! But then we found out that it was spying on us and we had to get off. 😫

    2. there’s only like one ad every four songs, and theyre short, so it’s nothing super bothersome.

  124. hey everyone! I LOVE LOTR! And I did not know that Legolas’s eyes change color

    1. Hi! I’m Katie. I also love LOTR, more than any other piece of literature! I’m guessing from your name that your favorite character is Legolas. Mine are all of the hobbits, but most of all Sam. Do you like the movies or the books better? I always like the books better than the movie, even though Peter Jackson did a great job.

        1. yeah, he sure was. did you know he typed out LOTR with only two fingers on a typewriter?

  125. Fun fact:
    After filming the trilogy, Peter Jackson gave gifts to each of the actors based on the character they played. So like, Ian Mackellen got Gandalfs staff, cloak, and hat, Elijah Wood got the Ring, Miranda Otto got one of Eowyn’s dresses and sword, etc.

  126. There are a few new people on here, so welcome 1# hero Boromir and (heart)Legolas! So glad you’re here! Basically, we just geek-out about LOTR and all things Middle Earth! You can post trivia, fun facts, and we’re doing a “contest” of sorts right now (more info above) Tell us about yourselves, why you like LOTR, and stuff like that!

    1. I accidentally changed my name so I was 1# hero Boromir I could not decide on a name Those are both my favorite characters

      1. Hah, gotcha! Yes, those are both great characters! Trying to decide which character is best is like having to pick you favorite kid lol!

  127. TRIVIA!!!

    Easy: what is the name of the hobbit hole that Bilbo and Frodo live in?
    Hard: how are Bilbo and Frodo related ACCORDING TO TOLKEIN!!!

    1. 1. Bag end
      2. frodo’s mother was bilbo’s first cousin, and his dad was bilbo’s second cousin. so he’s both 1st and 2nd cousins, once removed.

  128. Fun fact:
    When Aragon, Legolas, and Gimli first meet Eomer– when Eomer is mounting to leave and he sheets his sword, the sword falls out onto the ground! Peter Jackson just cut the sound! Watch the Two Towers and see if you can catch this! It’s funny because “Eomer” kind of looks down at it like, ‘What do I do?’ 😆

  129. Hey everyone! I am allowing one more week to nominate the best Gandalf quote, then we will get to vote! (If you missed the original info for the contest, scroll up to where I posted the details; April 5!)

  130. Hello!! Not sure if you noticed but I haven’t been commenting lately. How’s everyone’s spring break going? You can also check local library apps for the LOTR extended version soundtrack. That’s where I got mine.
    @ Legolas (sorry I couldn’t find the if you read carefully you can see his (Legolas) features mainly described the same.

    1. Ok, thanks. My library is very small so I don’t know if they even have an app lol!

  131. If you want to do the contest then do it before this week! So far Katie is the only one who has replied.

    1. the only thing that I can remember is in the mines of moria “You shall not pass” but I don’t think that counts?

        1. I found it interesting how Gandalf was willing to sacrifice himself so he could protect his friends even against a great beast like the Balrog

  132. FUN QUESTION!!!
    Do you have any Lord of the Rings merchandise or anything that says, “I love LOTR!”?

      1. I just have a shelf dedicated to Tolkein books. I only have the LOTR series and The Hobbit, but I hope to add the Great Tales set and the Silmarillion. I’m also saving for a replica of Anduril. I don’t have it yet but I’m getting there!
        One thing I do have is a LOTR shirt tho.

    1. Yeah. Once I just wrote it all over my school paper……..does that count? I also have a wood burning by Wood shops that I bought that says, not all who wander are lost.

      1. My brother wood burned something that said “not all who wander are lost” and he wood burned a box with the elvish inscriptions on the One Ring on it.

  133. Fun Facts about Christopher Lee (Saruman):
    He was the only one on the set who met tolkein
    he was the oldest member on the set at 77
    he holds the record for the actor with the most swordfights on set
    he is a ww2 vet

  134. facts about christopher lee continued
    he read LOTR every year for 40 years; peter Jackson said he was the most avid tolkein fan he ever met
    He actually got tolkein’s blessing to play gandalf if a movie was ever made, but when Peter Jackson finally got around to it, he was too old to play the action packed role of Gandalf.

    1. He was also a spy. In fact, when he and Peter Jackson were discussing the scene where wormtongue stabs Saruman. Peter Jackson shows him how he’s going to act when that happens but Christopher Lee says well, that’s actually not what people do when they are stabbed in the back and gives him the real reaction!

    2. When he was a spy he had dispatched enough people in that way so the reaction you got in The Return of the King was authentic!

  135. facts about Viggo Mortensen (aragorn)
    Bob Anderson, the fencer who also trained the people in Princess Bride, said that viggo was the best swordsman he ever trained.
    Viggo refused to use aluminum or rubber swords, insisting on using a heavy steel one.
    He was the only one on set who didn’t have a stunt double.

  136. also, Bob Anderson choreographed the fighting in Star Wars. In the scenes where Darth Vader is fighting with a lightsaber, he is the one wearing the costume.

    1. …wow all of those are really neat facts I would like to meet Bob Anderson…..

  137. more…
    In the scene at Isengard when the orcs are forging weapons, the orcs are members of weta workshop, actually forging weapons.
    the rohhrim are mostly women with beards glued on, bc they couldn’t find enough male horsemen.
    in addition to buying Brego, iggo also bought arwen’s horse and gave it to her stunt double.

  138. another tolkein fact: (sorry!!)
    Tolkein and his wife’s gravestone were marked with the names Beren and Luthien.

  139. If your still taking quotes here’s one: ” Courage will now be your beat defense against the storm that is at hand…” Gandalf ofc.

    Ps I would be an elf or a valar. What would you be??

    1. Thanks! That’s a great one!😉

      Probably an elf, the Valar are cool but I feel like I would get kind of bored lol! I’m not done with the Silmarillion yet tho, so I may change my by the time I finish, idk.

  140. Hi, everybody! I am in the middle of Fellowship of the Ring! My brother has finished it.
    I know somebody asked earlier about who has read the Wingfeather Saga. I LOVE it! I’m in the middle of the second book, but I had to return it to the library. I want to get it out again soon so I can finish it!!

    1. Hey Esther! I am reading the Return of the King right now. How are you liking the Fellowship of the Ring so far?

  141. When Kurtz (the “captain of the Uruk-Hai in the end of the FOTR) throws that knife at Aragorn, the knife was actually supposed to hit the tree behind Aragorn. But it was actually about to hit hom, amd Viggo Mortenson hit it out of the way with his sword to avoid getting hurt.

    1. Lol, that’s what my brother told me. I was sad, because when we were watching the movies together, that was the only part I missed. I had gotten up to get a drink.

  142. Yes!! I’m the one who asked about it. Who is your favorite? My favorite is Tink. Have you finished the entire series

  143. I didn’t know that’s what happened. Knew it wasn’t 100 percent but I forgot about that scene

  144. I have looked on Adventures in Odyssey podcasts and in the comments people are asking to be friends with each other so are they just friends or are they friends on like Email or Facebook or something like that if anyone knows could you please tell me?

    Thank you to everyone who nominated a Gandalf quote for the contest! I will post the list today.
    The entries will be numbered, so after I post the list then when you vote, please begin by typing in bold GANDALF QUOTE VOTE and then type that number and the quote. Please only vote for one quote, thanks!

    1. You shall not pass!
    2. Death is just another path, one that we all must take.
    3. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
    4. I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are evil.
    5. It is the small things that keep the forces of evil at hand- simple acts of kindness and love.

    1. I think that this might be to late but I recently watched FOTR and I have another quote “many who live deserve death and many who die deserve life.” (or something like that lol)

  147. @LOTRgeek and @Katie

    I’m enjoying it a lot so far! The chapters are really long, though!


    Oooh… I don’t know who my favorite is! Janner’s pretty cool, Leeli is amazing in her own way, and Tink is awesome, too. 😅 I haven’t finished the series yet; I’m in the middle of book two.

    1. Yes, the chapters are kind of long! 😄 I found that it’s easier to read again after you watch the movie, at least for me.

  148. hey everyone, whats up? I haven’t seen any new comments lately.
    fun fact: Arwen is 2,901 years old, and Aragorn is 87 (he died when he was 210).
    Also, since he is a gondorian, there is bit of pure dunedain race in Faramir, so he lived until he was 120.

    1. Wow! I knew their ages were somewhere around there, but I didn’t know what they were for sure! How’d you find that out?

  149. I just watched the first movie and loved it can I join plz can you tell me about Lotr
    But what does fotr mean thanks

    1. Hey Emma! Sure you can join!😄 FOTR stands for Fellowship of the Ring, so like LOTR stands for Lord of the Rings, ROTK stands for Return of the King, etc. Oh, I could talk about LOTR for HOURS!!! 😆 One way I learned a ton of stuff is by listening to some Tolkien podcasts on spotify, I learned a lot of really cool stuff that way!

  150. Hi I’m new. I LOVE The Lord of the Rings… I’m crazy about it…hence my name. I’ve even read the silmarillion! Which is like the history of Arda. Which is the world that middle earth is part of. It is called that because it is in the middle of the earth. LOTR Geek wanna be freinds? I don’t know everything about LOTR, but I do like a good trivia.

    1. Of course you can join, and sure we can be friends! I’m not sure it’s called Middle Earth because it’s in the middle of the earth, good job finishing the Silmarilion, I just started it and I love it! I’m guessing that you have read the Great Tales then, since you have read the Silmarilion?

      1. Great Tales? Like the children of hurin, the fall of gondolin, and began and luthien? Yes.

        1. My library doesn’t have the Tale of Beren and Luthien. 😭 I’m saving to buy a really nice copy of it though.

  151. Can I join your lotr fan group?
    I’ma huge fan but I haven’t read any of the books other than the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I’ve watched all the movies

    1. Hey! Of course you can join! (love your name btw!) I haven’t watches The Hobbit, but I’ve watched The Lord of the Rings at least 40 times lol!

  152. Hey there Esther, Emma, #TolkienFan, Dunedain dude, AB, and anyone else new to the Tolkien fan page! Feel free to join in with trivia, fun facts, or anything! We just finished our first quote contest, but if everyone on here wants we may do another one soon, let me know what you think!

  153. VOTING!!!
    Hey everyone! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Gandalf quote! I posted a list of the nominees on April 15, please read the post above it for some voting info!
    Also, I know we had some new people join after I posted the list who weren’t able to nominate a quote, you guys can still vote for your fav of the quotes too!

      1. I like the battle in Moria, even though there is that little slip with the troll lol!! 😂 Great job catching that btw!

  154. Hey Esther, let me know when you finish the book!! I’m sure you’ll love it<3. I found a new book series by C.S. Lewis .. It starts with a book called Out of the silent Planet

  155. I accidentally posted my other comment with out completely writing all I was going to say. AnyWay I was talking about Out of the Silent Planet.You should read it. It is completely appropriate but and your parents if your younger bc it might have “older content”.My parents have read it and let me read it do you have any prayer requests

  156. Fun fact about Legolas:
    Guys, there is a Legolas Greenleaf in The Fall of Gondolin. Assuming that this is the same Legolas Greenleaf who is in the Fellowship, this would make Legolas older than Elrond. 🤔
    In TFOG Elrond’s father is a little kid and Legolas is a grown elf warrior.

  157. Thank you Katie and (heart)LeCgolas for voting! If anyone else wants to vote PLEASE don’t forget to.
    because we only got two votes I will extend voting this week.

  158. JRR Tolkien: “It does not do to leave a dragon out of your calculations if you live near him.”

  159. Challenge: watch the Fellowship of the Ring today and see if you notice anything that you hadn’t before. If you noticed something new, post it, and we’ll all compare!

    1. filming mistake: when they are in the mines of moria and they come across the cave troll, the troll passes through a ray of sunlight and doesn’t turn into stone.

  160. What do you guys think about my posting some simple, fun challenges a couple times a week?

  161. Aragorn: (elvish)
    “Et Earello Endorenna utuilien. Sinome maruvan ar
    Hildinyar tenn’ Ambar-metta.”

    “Out of the Great Sea to Middle Earth I am come.
    In this place will I abide, and my heirs,
    Unto the ending of the world.”

  162. Challenge:
    Check the appendix in the back of The Return of the King, the one titled: ‘Appendix B: The Great Years, and see what happened on your birth date or month.

      1. Cool! On the month of my birthday all trace of Gollum was lost and he supposedly went into Moria.

  163. Fun question:
    You suddenly find yourself in Middle Earth, and during the siege of Gondor. What do you do? (Honestly, lol!😉)

    1. Find the nearest suit of armor and a sword and shield and join with the fight

  164. Best Gandalf quote? There is only one Lord of the Ring, and he does not share power!

    1. Oooh, good one! Sorry, you kinda missed the deadline though, right now were taking votes to determine the winner, so you can still vote for that! Maybe we’ll do another quote contest if enough people want to! Just scroll up to find the list!

  165. Challenge:
    Look up the Tolkien lore podcast on Spotify, Google, Apple, or wherever you get tour podcasts. I think he’s a christian, he’s literally a LOTR nerd, and he’s funny too!

  166. Trivia!
    (sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done this! If anyone else wants to do challenges or trivia, feel free!)

    Easy: How old is Bilbo turning at the beginning of the trilogy?
    Hard: how old is he at the end of the trilogy?

  167. Fun fact:
    The Entmoot lasted from February 30 to March 2. THAT’S THREE DAYS!!! I guess I never understood exactly HOW slow Ents talk lol!

    And the winner for the best quote is…
    #5! It is the small things that keep the forces of evil at bay; simple acts of kindness and love.
    Thanks to everyone for voting! Let me know what you thought of this contest. I know it was really slow moving, if we ever do another one I hope to have it finished in a week or so.

  169. I vote for #3 that one applies to me personally because I get bored very easily.It took me a bit to find this podcast.😂BUT I FOUND IT yay!
    Also Bilbo is 111 at the beginning of the trilogy and 117 at the end,right?

    1. Ok, just checked. It says that the year that Frodo and Gandalf and all others who went on the last ship into the West was 1421 and that that year Bilbo was turning 131. Close tho! Who’s your favorite character in LOTR?

  170. Hey, welcome! Yes, that one is awesome! My parents got me a poster of that quote for Christmas, I hung it over my bed! Lol yeah, glad you found us! 😂 Correct, he is 111 at the beginning! I will have to check my ROTK book bcs I don’t know it off the top of my head…

    1. Ok that was weird… switched up the order I typed these comments in……

  171. If you had to fight one evil character in The Lord of the Rings, who would you choose to fight?
    1. Nazgul
    2. Sauron
    3. a Balrog
    4. an Orc
    5. an Uruk-Hai
    6. cave troll

  172. ⬆️LOTRgeek

    I think I like Legolas and Aragorn and Gimli. Although I love the others too it’s fun to see the story they get in the two towers.

    That was a fun contest ! I’d do it again! Thanks LOTRgeek.


    There is now an official Marvel Page on the [ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE OLIVIA ARC. march 21 2022] page.

    Those interested come on over

  174. we went to an orchestra with music from the Hobbit! It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

  175. Nazgul. Totally a Nazgul. Even though they are so creepy they have always been fascinating.

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