The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

“Hurricane Perkins” touches down in Odyssey!

"Hurricane Perkins"
“Hurricane Perkins”

Having a parent stationed overseas in the military can be a huge challenge. That’s just part of what Cadence International – this month’s alliance organization – is all about. Hear all about their ministry and how it led to a unique adventure featuring leprosy, rat milk and the dreaded Arabian Death Scorpion. 

  • Got questions about Album 70: Finding a Way – or anything in Odyssey? Leave a question for us: 1-855-784-WHIT. (Make sure to have a parent’s permission before you call!)

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  1. Hi Everyone! Here’s a verse for you all! Numbers 6:24-26 – The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. Pls share verses, have a great week!

    1. congrats on first! This time around is the closest I’ve gotten to first…second lol

    2. That is one of my favorite verses! Have you heard the song about that?

          1. I love that song!! We sing at it our church, and we do a few tweaks with harmony and stuff it is sooo fun to sing!! (I’m on the worship team :))

    3. Hi, I just wanna thank everyone for being super nice AND for sharing Bible verses! It’s encouraging, keep it up!

        1. Can someone please tell me if I was just replying, or if I was really third, because this was my second or third time posting, and that would be crazy if I was really third!

          1. both of you have different answers, how can you tell if it was a reply, or if it was just a post?

  2. That’s very cool. It’s amazing how the Lord works. I love that sketch and comparing it to the other one from the podcast about the Perkins family. Amazing!!!!!!!
    Am I first? Probably not, lol. Congratulations to whoever was. If it was Eleanor, well that would be something. Tobias was really on a streak with his little first thing he had going on 😄

      1. I take it you don’t know that Tobias the commenter got first twice in a row a few podcasts ago. Eleanor was first the podcast before this one. I just meant it would be cool if Eleanor got first again and that I was impressed with Tobias, lol. Sorry if I confused anyone or something😊

        1. I had no idea! Especially since Tobias is an unusual name, or at least I haven’t heard it. That’s why I was so confused.

          1. Tobias is not an unusual name, I know plenty of people named Tobias. I know someone who is named Tobias but people call him Toby

    1. I feel like gray is an unusual favorite color, OK I feel like one or two maybe more people have said that was their favorite color. Aren’t you glad that Jesus made us all to have different tastes! I am.

      1. First dark purple
        Second dark blue
        Third dark red ( I like dark colors best,except pink, I like a LIGHT pink)

    2. Mine are blue, pink, teal, and maybe purple. Honestly I like a lot of colors lol, I really like the sunset and galaxy combinations

      1. I love the color of sunset it is so lovely. My fav. color is sea blue.

  3. Has no one commented yet? Or have the moderators not reviewed them yet? I thought we were on a roll what with instant posting and everything

  4. Definitely not first! Does anyone have a favorite Bible verse? I’d love to hear it!

    1. My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 119:19, but I am not sure if that is the right verse, lol. It says:
      ‘I have stored up Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.’ I think that it is a really good reminder to memorize and have God’s Word in your heart. I memorize Scripture all the time I have memorized about five Psalms, the Ten

    2. CONT.
      Commandments, all of Genesis 1, the whole book of James, and I am working on some new New Testament passages. What about you guys? If there comes to be a point in time when we don’t have God’s Word, it’s important to have it in our hearts

      1. My guess of Psalm 1:9’s favorite verse is psalm 1:9. Correct?🤷🏼‍♂️ Ha ha ha!!!😂🤣😂🤣

    3. I do!!!!
      John 3:16
      For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son that who ever believes in Him shall
      have everlasting life
      (ether NIV or NIRV 🙂 )

        1. Yes! It’s such an awesome song, but Born again and Something Beautiful are also some of my favorites. What songs do you like?

          1. I love Something Beautiful! I heard it for the first at a sleepover last month. My second favorite is Guilty. The Newsboys are awesome!

        2. I love the Newsboys.
          The King is coming
          Gods not dead
          Have any of you ever watched Gods not Dead part 1 and 2

        3. God’s not Dead by the Newsboys is awesome. Have you ever heard Overcomer by Mandisa?

    4. I love a lot of verses, But one I like is Romans 8:38-39 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  5. I am not in the club, but I have some C.D.s, and love 💗 them !!

  6. First maybe!😊


  7. My favorite Bible verse might be “perhaps you were born for such a time as this“ Esther 4:14
    Did anyone know that Hadassah was Esther his name before she became a princess and had to hide her Jewish heritage? My name is Hadassah, and the name has many meanings, two of which, are a myrtle tree, or a sweet perfume.

    1. Have any one of you guys heard of Discovery Mountain?
      well Odyssey fan:) in season 2 or 3 there is a girl named Hadassah who saves the summer camp,
      (Esther) (the Jews)

  8. This is one of my first times posting, although I have been listening on tapes and CDs since I was little, and this year started listening at I am homeschooled, and have to Alpine goats, one of which I milk every morning! 🙂 I love it!! I also have an incubator, and enjoy hatching birds. Chicks are so cute!🐣🐥🐣🐥🐣🐥🐣🐥

      1. You could say I live on a farm, but it is a fairly small one. We have chickens and chicks, used to have Three ducks, have a dog, and some guinea fowl, which are funky birds who are native to Africa, very wild, but help with tick population, along with other bugs 🐜🪰🦗🕷 and are very loud. And, of course, the two Alpine goats. We used to have

        1. i live on a farm to and am homeschooled we have 9goats 34 chicks3 cats 1 dog and1rabbit

      1. I wonder how many people posting are homeschooled? I am at the co-op classical conversations, but just started doing a co-op this year. What about you?

        1. I am homeschooled, but I don’t do Classical Conversations. I wonder how many Classical Conversations there are because I have one not to far from me.
          I do a science program during the winter and CBS
          (Community Bible Study) through out the school year! What extra curricular things do you all do?

          1. SAME!!! We do a Christian co-op, AWANA, CBS, And VBS. I am homeschool and always have been.

        1. That’s ok. Sorry, this is also late- I read your post a while ago and was about to respond except that my mom called me and we were busy for a while. I’m a girl! I’m so glad you agreed to being friends! What do you want to talk about? What do you like to do besides sports?⚽Sorry I don’t have a volleyball emoji.

  9. Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is probably celebrated more in the US than Mexico?!
    What is everybody’s favorite book? (Series or author)My favorite authors are CS Lewis, Louisa May Alcott, and… I keep forgetting her name… 0h, Lucy mod Montgomery.

    1. Mine are: (you probably have not heard of these authors)
      Susan Maupin Shimdt (100 dresses)

      S.D.Smith (the green ember books)
      @ beartheflameHeather!!!!

        1. i love them all
          Green Ember
          Ember Falls
          Ember Rising
          Ember Ends
          i am so mad that S.D.Smith had to stop the series. and he should have never ended the Archers series.

          1. I have a question, how does Heather surive getting stabbed by her uncle and then kicked off a cliff?

      1. I love the green ember series, and I just finished it!!!!!I really want to read them in order now.

        1. @Kaladin Stormblessed, I’m not going to spoill it for you but I will say that the answer is incredible!

        1. My favorite books/auther/series are:
          Anne of Green Gables – L.M.Mongomery
          Narnia – C.S.Lewis
          Little Women – Luisa May Alcott
          Little House – Laura Ingalls Wilder
          The Wingfeather saga – Andrew Patterson
          All the Marguerite Henry horse books
          The Black Stallion series – Walter Farley
          And Yes Green Ember series

          1. I am not sure if you are posting on this page, but you basically stole my favorite books, although I have not read any of the black stallion series or Mercury Henry horse books. Horses are my favorite animal though.

    2. I really like Anne of Green Gables, but I also like
      The Mysterious Benedict Society series
      The Hardy Boy books
      Grandma’s Attic
      Nancy Drew
      The Chrinicles of Narnia
      Encyclopedia Brown
      Thornton Burgess
      Lighthouse Family

      1. i like anne of green gables, hardy boys, grandma’s attic, nacy drew, the chronoicals of narnia, and encyclopedia brown, too!!

      2. Lots of those are mysteries, right? I also love chronicles of Narnia, and have read Thorton Burgus, and Encyclopedia Brown.

          1. I have not read Lord of the rings, but I have heard that the books are good. Based on a chapter of” The art of writing and the gifts of writers“ by CS Lewis, I believe that the hobbit was written as a a children’s version of lord of the rings. By the way that book it’s really interesting if you have creative writing like me, I’m not very far in .

          2. By the way, I meant to say that book is really interesting if you love creative writing like me.📝✍🏼

      3. I LOVE The Mysterious Benedict Society series, in fact I’m in the middle of rereading them!

      4. Encyclopedia Brown is amazing. Jesus gives us amazing minds to put together so we can write incredible things.

    3. id say either Chuck Black or C.S.Lewis(did you know that his full name is Clive Staples Lewis and everyone called him jack?)

      1. I did know that! I learned it in a book by Janet and Geoff Benge. They are good Christian authors as well, and have two series. One, heroes of history, and two, Christian heroes: then and now. Did you know that JRR Tolkien thought that the lion the witch and the wardrobe would never get published, and if it did, it would only be an embarrassment to CS Lewis!

        1. yeah I did! isn’t that funny? lol also I’ve listened to that book by Janet and Geoff Benge about C.S.Lewis! It was very interesting!

        2. Have you read any of their other books? If you liked the CS Lewis one, which I assume you did, you should check the other ones out!

          1. yeah! I’ve listened to the Amy Charmicheal and Mary Slessor books multiple times!! that’s why I recognized who Amy Charmicheal was right away in the episode for today 😉

    4. Mr.Blacks series “the Knights of Arrethtrea” is one of my favorites

    5. i think probably my favorite book series is the wingfeather saga.
      has anyone ever heard of it??

      1. I have, last night, my family was all on my parents bed, and we were almost done with a chapter from book one, when Leli got lost, and screams were heard from her! Such a cliffhanger! I also love Andrew Peterson’s song, the sower song!

        1. the series is so good!! there is a lot more adventures in the series for you. there are a lot of cliff hangers!!

    6. LOL I love so many books, so this will be a long list.
      Johnny Tremain
      The Bronze Bow
      Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
      Foster’s War
      Shades of Gray
      Caddie Woodlawn
      The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street series
      The Mysterious Benedict Society series
      The Black Stallion series
      The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City
      and I can’t write anymore so that’s it! lol

      1. oh my goodness!!!! Those are some of my faves!! the mysterious Benedict society books are really really good, I’m reading them to my little brothers right now!

      2. Oh my goodness! You basically stole my favorite books! If you haven’t yet, go immediately read the penderwicks. Sooo good. Also Witch of blackbird pond is amazing. I love recommending books to people cause I love reading

      3. I have read
        Johnny Tremain
        Roll of thunder, hear my cry(did you know that there is a series? Some of the books are a little heavy though.)
        Caddie Woodlawn
        And The Vander because of 141st St. Series

        Has anyone read any books by George McDonald? That is another author that I recommend.

        1. My favorite book is Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool.
          The Green Ember series are also the best!

        2. YESSS The Vanderbeekers series are SO awesome!! Def my fave. The Witch of Blackbird Pond is good too

          1. I am reading the first Vanderbeeker book aloud to my brothers and they are loving it!
            ( I am really excited because I own all of the books and they keep releasing right after my birthday so they are always at the top of my list)

          2. @Not me, that’s so cool! Who else here cannot wait for The Vanderbeekers Make A Wish to come out?

        3. The Princess and the Goblin is an interesting and weird book by george McDonald
          there is also fantasties or it could be phantasties

    7. There’s so many books that I like, but I would have to say the Bible is the best. Unfortunately I haven’t read the whole bible, but then that would take a really long time.

      1. hey I have an answer for you God’s not dead. My dad says that if you start in Genesis at the beginning of the year and read three chapters a day you can finish the Bible in one year. I have read the Bible through three times!!!!!👍🏾

    8. i like the Baby-Sitters Club Books, they are super good. also i like Nancy Drews Books so awesome!!!! does any one else like the BSC ( that means Baby-Sitters Club 😉

      1. I have read both witch of blackbird pond, and some of the books at least in the Pender wicks series. I feel like Pender wicks and Vanderbekers are similar books but I like the Vanderbekers better.

      2. I’ve only read one of the BSC, but I LOVE Nancy Drew!!! The Hardy Boys are great too!

      3. I love the Baby-Sitters club, they are so cool.🥰👩👩💗 Do you have the whole series?

        1. i thought i was the only person who liked the BSC. maybe about half and i LOVE THEM SO MUCH. do you have the Super Special one?

    9. My favorite books/auther/series are:
      Anne of Green Gables – L.M.Mongomery
      Narnia – C.S.Lewis
      Little Women – Luisa May Alcott
      Little House – Laura Ingalls Wilder
      The Wingfeather saga – Andrew Patterson
      All the Marguerite Henry horse books
      The Black Stallion series – Walter Farley

      1. I have not read the last two books on your list, but other than that, those are my absolute favorite books❣️😯☺️

  10. I was posting so quickly, that the machine wouldn’t send my post at first! Has that ever happened to anyone else? BTW, I love a lot of your screen names. Mine originally was something like farmer on point, or something like that, but I forgot, so I switched my name from that post on. Sorry AIO🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I love dancing!💃🏼👯‍♀️💃🏻💃🏽💃🏾💃🏿!

  11. Congratulations to Elena on first!😯😀😁😆👍🏻👏🏼👊🏽🖐🏾!

  12. bunny hope, it says that your comment was posted at 7: 32 PM on May 5, but it isn’t even that time yet! Do you think it has to do with time zones? I am very confused.

    1. yeah, since the timezones can be a bit confusing, they’re different for me too 🙂

  13. Nice verse bunny hope! I am pretty good at posting random and long things.

  14. What is on the face of the boy on the far left of the trampoline in the episode illustration at the top of this page? I’m really puzzled.

        1. I think that what @name meant was that it looks like there’s marker on the face of the boy on the far left, on the trampoline in the illustration. It also sorta looks like face paint…idk

        2. in the picture right under the podcast there is 2 kids jumping on the trampolin and 2 kids on the ground. 1 of the kids on the trampolin has something all over his face. if you zoom in on the picture it looks like it might be marker colored on.
          sorry if i was confusing 🙂

    1. It’s face paint. He ran through the sprinkler after he got his face painted.

  15. In the car on the radio, on the way to dance, The timing is perfect to listen to adventures in odyssey! It only works on Mondays, but still the timing had to be perfect!

    1. Purple is amazing. What is something a feeling of satisfaction or bliss or something that makes you calm after you’ve had a huge panic attack or just gives you peace. If you can answer that question well that is how the color purple makes me feel. I bought a lavender colored watch from Target. I wear it and it makes me feel comfortable for some

      1. Did you get an armitron? Because if you did I know exactly which one you got and I have one just like it except that it’s blue.

        1. Yes, I did. WOOWWWWWWW! My sister has one just like it it is such a good brand I have had mine for a while now

    1. I randomly read Joshua1:9 last night, and I didn’t even see your post! I love that verse!

  16. Oh my !!!!!! I got in the top 10. Recently I have just been replying to comments nearer to the top, but I didn’t have to do that!!!!!!!! I got in the Top 10 without doing it intentionally. Praise the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His holy Name, lol. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks for the verses, guys!!!

    2 Corinthians 12:10 KJV
    Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

  18. I memorized John 1:1-7this year for school, I even learned it in Latin! In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God .all things were made by him and without him was made nothing that was made. you in him was life and the life was the light of men and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not

  19. CONT
    and the darkness did not comprehend it. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. This man came for a witness to give testimony of the light that all men might believe through him. John1:1-7.

  20. I also memorized Colossians 3:12-14.Put on then, as gods chosen ones, Holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness humility meekness and patience, and bearing with one another if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. But above all these, put on love which binds

  21. I posted 11 times in a row!!!!!!!!!!!😮😄😉 I know that that is crazy! I am a fan of odyssey, and I just found out about this.

      1. I started listening online this year, and the podcasts a little bit after, but I only just now started posting.

        1. thats cool. my older brothers listened to it so i have listened to it my whole life.

          1. I’ve been listening since I was six. But I got the club a couple of months ago.

  22. I do!!!!
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son that who ever believes in Him shall
    have everlasting life
    (ether NIV or NIRV 🙂 )

    1. Last time I checked there was. I thought the audio drama came before the books.

      1. If anyone is looking for a bible verse to memorize, Isaiah 40: 31 is pretty uplifting.☺

      1. What’s everyone’s favorite food? Mine is meatlover’so pizza 🍕

          1. My mom makes an amazing homemade sourdough pizza, and it is so good!😍🍕

        1. I wonder what “ilovepizza”s favorite food is??Please reply!☺️

      1. Who’s username? I think “fire and water” is a pretty cool username.You’re username is also cool.

      2. What’s your favorite movie? I don’t really have a favorite, but I really like:
        My dog the champion

        1. YOUVE SEEN MY DOG THE CHAMPION!? None of my friends have seen that movie! My top 3 are: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
          Prince Caspian
          The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

          1. I am definitely with you in that I love those movies, but I’m not sure that those are my favorites although I don’t have a favorite movie.

          2. I’ve seen The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe aso well. I’ve also seen a little bit of Prince Caspian. I’ve never seen The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, what’s that about?

          3. When I posted that I liked the movie Overcome, I actually meant Overcomer.

          4. Gods not dead,Lucy, and Edmond, and their cousin Eustis, go on a trip to find I saw seven swords of seven lost Lords to win the fight against the “green mist, or evil “ personally that one might be my favorite.

        2. Is an Armitron a watch? That’s what it came up as when I searched it.

          1. Yes, it is. I bought one for myself that was purple colored. I wear it all the time. If you need a watch for yourself I would highly recommend that brand.

        3. @God’s not dead These are my favorite movies
          Frozen II
          Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
          Aladdin (the live action version)
          Finding Nemo
          Finding Dory
          Lassie Come Home
          The Sound of Music
          Big Hero 6
          A Wrinkle in Time

          That’s all!! I really like the Muppet Show. The song

          1. Here are some of mine (not in order lol)
            HSM (all 3)
            mission impossible
            STAR WARS!!!
            Phantom of the opera (25th anniversary edition)
            A walk to remember
            Les Miserables
            Cinderella (live action)
            Greatest showman

            A lot more that I can’t think of right now lol

        4. My favorite movies are:
          Diamond Dog Caper
          War Room
          God’s not Dead
          The Mighty Macs

        5. The Kendrick Bro’s movies are amazing.
          Facing the Giants
          War Room
          i also like Diamond Dog Caper

          1. I love the Kendrick brother’s movies! I heard that they are redoing parts of Courageous. I’ve never watched Flywheel.

          2. So, I am just curious. My friend says that the movie Overcomer is sad. Is it sad, someone who has watched it please respond to this comment. Are the movies you all are talking about on Disney+ or Netflix??

        6. Some of my fave movies I posted before on this, and I don’t think it got processed, so I’m trying again
          Just Mercy
          Freedom Writers
          Hamilton (not a movie, lol it’s a Broadway show)
          I Can Only Imagine
          Minari (actor won the recent Oscar!)
          Mr. Church
          And so much more I can’t remember lol

    1. You probably knew this already, but in Lewis’s original The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the four children had completely different names! C.S. Lewis named them after real children he knew, but then changed their names for the final book.I don’t remember all of the original names, but I think one of them was Rose? correct me if I’m wrong…

  23. Has anyone listened to” Wolverin Witten“ sorry, I am using the talking thing. I meant“ wooing Wooten”? What did everybody think? Not one of my favorites but not one of my least favorites.👍🏻👎🏻

  24. What if Producers writers and actors etc. were commenting, but no one knew it, because they used screen names!!

      1. Hey, sorry this is a little late, but congrats on first! Yes I am full-blooded.

    1. IT’s about two rabbits, brother and sister, finding the truth about their past and helping restore the monarchy back to its rigthful owner, and defeating the enemies (birds of prey). THere’s a whole lot more, but I’m not the greatest at summarizing stories. YOU SHOULD READ IT!

      1. I’ve read the Green Ember Series a thousand times it is the best series I have ever read.(Besides the Baby-Sitters Club)

      2. Sounds interesting, l might read it, thanks for responding. Do you do any other sports besides volleyball?

        1. Well, I played Soccer, Softball, and Tennis. How about you?

          1. This Fall I’ll be in Cross country( I love running)And I think I might do basketball this year. I also like tennis and volleyball.

      3. I love that people who are interested in the type of things i’m interested in. TheBestVolleyballPlayerEvah! are you a boy or a girl? I love Green Ember i’m glad you do too.

      4. Minus not including the wolves, that was a really good summary! If I hadn’t already read the books I would definitely want to read them now!👍🏻

  25. Hey everyone, I’m sorta confused. Why is everyone so excited about “first comment”, I mean, what exactly is it about?

    1. it’s just a fun sort of competition that we like to do, for who has the first comment on the podcast.

        1. I haven’t yet…but I got second on this podcast and that’s pretty good, if I do say so myself 🙂

  26. We are finishing school early this year, meaning my family, so all I have left, is math and Latin.

  27. Hi everyone, I was wondering, what’s your favorite animal? Mine is a dog( I especially like Australian Shepherds)

      1. Cool! My aunt and uncle have a Golden Retriever named Ruger and he is so sweet! I love all dog breeds but I like big dogs better than small ones.🐕I have an Australian Shepherd named Nittany(after the mountain) she is 4

  28. @Hanna I can do a full split and a few other flexibility stuff and a few gymnastics tricks! I also just taught myself!
    @sophia cool!

    1. Which full split can you do? A side split or a middle split? I can do a side split, I have never been able to do a middle split I know some really flexible people when can do both

  29. Has anyone heard of The Weaver poem by B.M. Franklin? I had to memorize it for school.

    1. @ Gods not dead, i have never heard of it. I will have to read it. I love poetry!
      BTW i LOVE your username!
      ~Country Girl

      1. Thanks! Have you ever wrote your own poem? I have, and it’s really fun. Country Girl is a cool username.

        1. I love writing in my own poems, I wish the moderators would let me share some!

      2. For Mother’s day I wrote a poem (it’s Christian) do you want me to post it to you? It’s Definitely not as good as you’re poem!

  30. That’s a good question. He is one of my favorites and really fun when Wooten is in the story, too.

  31. I love Wooing Wooton Episode!
    From the last podcast, @Hanna and Sophie
    I make YouTube videos about our family! I wish I could send you a link but the moderators don’t allow it.

  32. Jules Kendall Fans:

    Would any one else like a music album of all of Jules Kendall’s songs? 🎶🎶🎶

    1. Odyssey Fan I used to only listen to CDs we have a few and we would borrow them from the library but now I like only listen online what about all the rest of you

      1. same! I have the original first four albums on cd, but other than that I would just check out the few albums they had in the library, but now I listen online too! 🙂

    1. Oh no! That’s so sad! I’ll definitely pray for you! I have 2 fish so I completely understand.

    2. P. S I have a better fish so I totally get it. I will Definitely pray for you!

    3. Sorry your fish died.😥😥 I’ve lost over twenty fish, so I know how you feel.

    4. Hey, I meant I had a Betta fish, not better fish. So sorry about that,it was totally an Accident! My tablet tends to change the words I type (super annoying) I will continue to pray for you and sorry again for the mistake in my post!

  33. Is anybody in the club or get clubhouse I wondering how great it is so give me I one through 5 ⭐ review

    1. I’m not in the club, but I use to get Clubhouse and I would give a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟star review.

  34. My aunt took adventures in odyssey with her to college to listen to.

  35. Hey guys I’m new at commenting. I was just wondering who is your favorite character? I have a million favorites but I’ll just name three: Jules, Connie, and Mandy.😍😍😍😍😀

    1. Hi! Welcome! I am Rachel. I think my favorite characters are probably buck, Jules, Connie, jay, and Zoe (not counting any of the older characters)

  36. I just listed to “ wife in the third person“ and it is so sad!😢😭😢😭

    1. I meant to say life in the third person, sorry I mess up like that a lot.🤦🏻‍♀️

  37. How about this? So that we can figure out who is homeschooled and who isn’t, how about everyone who is leaves a comment with this emoji ✋🏾 like a raised hand. You don’t have to have the same skin tone I am African American I like the emojis I post to be like me. I have been homeschooled all my life, I don’t ever want to go to public school.

    1. ✋ (this isn’t actually my skin tone because my phone won’t change it)

          1. Wait, why did I ask you to be friends? We’re already friends, we’re cousins! BTW, thanks for introducing me to comments.😁

        1. @God’s Not Dead, No problem. I thought you’d enjoy it. FYI a new podcast comes out tomorrow night so you can try to get first comment.

    2. ✋🏾 But sometimes it’s hard. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends I see. I have ballet people I see twice a week 2, but I’m a super extrovert. I sometimes wish I could go to school to hangout w/friends and witness more. But I’ll prob be influenced more than I could influence others, but you all who go to school, I don’t have a problem with that

      1. I know how you feel. Being homeschooled is tough, but the only reason I would want to go back to public school is to make new friends. I chose to be homeschooled.

        1. O never mind get what you were saying now and I didn’t when I posted that comment I’m sorry.

    3. ✋🏻I like being homeschooled, I’ve also been homeschooled my whole life, and I would like to keep on homeschooling. do any of y’all know what PSEO is?

    4. ✋( my skin tone is darker than this ) I have been homeschooled since 2nd grade. I am Chinese.

        1. You are Chinese? So cool! I don’t know if I’m full blooded ( I’m adopted) My adopted parents are American, but I think my mom’s ancestors were German. Are you adopted? If not, you’re lucky you know who your birth parents are. Don’t get me wrong, I love my adopted parents but I would LOVE to meet my birth mother and father.

          1. Same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same!!!!!!!! I was adopted when I was really young I don’t know my birth parents.

      1. I’ve been homeschooled all my life but I’m considering going to public high school.

          1. I’ve been in public school but now am homeschcooled.When I was there, there was a behavior chart. There was also a prize box (this was in the 2nd grade so they might not have that anymore, but then not all schools are the same) There are Long halls and you only have a certain amount of time to eat. The nice thing is that you get to be with friends(as long as your in the same classes or bus) There will be a fire test meaning when you here a noise like a bell, Everyone must exit the school. Depending on your age, you might not get recess. Any other questions? Hopefully you get all of this post.☺

      1. @God’s Not Dead
        Thanks that was really helpful. Why did you switch to homeschool? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to)

        1. I chose to be homeschooled because when I got home I was Really tired + I didn’t really like it that much anymore. Are you considering public school(you don’t have to answer that)

    5. Hey Hannah, I’m African-American and I’m homeschooled. Sorry I couldn’t find an emoji my skin tone.😥😍😍😊

        1. Wow, that’s a lot of sames! I know how you feel, I was a baby when I was “dropped off ” at the orphanage. I was adopted as a toddler.

  38. who is your fav. character in AIO?
    mine is definitely Eugene and Jay, maybe Buck

  39. So in wooing Wooton grady’s mom says she will have to fire their hypochondriac baby sitter. I wanted to know what that meant so I looked it up in a dictionary and it mean someone who is abnormally anxious about their health. 😂 just thought that was funny

      1. My sister’s graduation is this Saturday. 🎓 I am sad. I am the youngest of my family, all my older siblings leave me. I have a sister who is 3 days older than me we are both adopted. I wrote a story titled Adopted it is about how if you are adopted you cant decide statistically if you want to, but you can decide if you want Jesus to adopt you and

        1. I am adopted too! Jesus has already adopted me into His family. Praise God! I don’t have any siblings. You are lucky! It can get pretty lonely.

          1. @ God’s not dead
            That means we will meet each other in heaven someday!!!!!!

        2. That is so cool! I am sorry you feel lonely. I will be praying. I am the oldest in my family, but my uncle is the youngest in his, and my aunts are graduating this summer so he will be the only one left. We are only about a year apart in age though, so at least he has that. He is the youngest of 12, and I am the oldest of 8

  40. These are my favorite characters:
    Connie Kendall
    Jules Kendall
    Donna Barclay
    Tamika Washington
    Mr. Whittaker
    Jay Smouse
    Jillian Marshall
    Olivia Parker
    Camilla Parker
    Renee Carter
    Zoe Grant
    Eugene Meltsner
    Buck Oliver
    Monica Stone

    1. i definitely love Marvin Washington. the whole Washington fam. actually.✋ I am African American and love that fact about me.
      I practically just LOVE the Meltsners.
      And I LOVE Jason Whittaker.

  41. Who is everyone’s favorite person in the Bible? Mine is Hannah, obviously because she and I have the same name!!!!! Lol. You can find her story is 2 Samuel chapters 1 & 2. If not 2 Samuel, it’s 1 Samuel. The most common Bible names that people name their kids are

    1. My favorite people in the bible are David, Abigail,( obviously because my parents named me after her! ) and Jesus. I have many more but those are my top three.

  42. Hey everyone, so many of you really like the Newsboys- well did you know that there is a new song called Magnetic by them? It sounds different from there other songs, like a ” new Newsboys”. It’s so awesome and one of my favs. YOU should listen to it!

  43. CONT.
    become adopted into his spiritual family. I wish I could post a section from it. The main character is a girl named Bria who is twelve and she’s adopted from the US. There is a grumpy boy named Zachary in her class who is adopted from Japan. And another girl named Ariana who is adopted from China. I am adopted, I wrote the story to inspire

  44. hi my favorite books and movies are:
    the penderwicks series
    narnia series
    fish in a tree
    ramona the pest
    war room
    aladdin (live version)
    cinderlla(live version)

    1. Are you Lillian as in Lillian M? I am sorry, I am confused. There are more than two people named Lillian on here

      1. Sure!!!! What things do you enjoy doing? I like writing, photography, acrobatics, hanging out with friends, reading, and accomplishing goals!! I know that sounds weird, lol. I am adopted from Rwanda and my middle name is Uwimana, which means Daughter of God in Kengarrwandan. I have four siblings

        1. Hi, thanks for wanting to be my friend. I like listening to adventures in odyssey(of course), reading Percy Jackson, texting friends and cousins, listening to music, and commenting.😊

          1. You have an email address!? I’m about to get one. I wish we could text each other, do the moderators allow sharing contact information?

      2. @Abbi😊
        I also enjoy ice skating, jumping on my neighbor’s trampoline, going to church, and my favorite subject in school is Pathway Reader. My least favorite is math. My favorite food is hotdogs🌭 and I like theater, going to American Heritage Girls, watching movies and eating popcorn, 🍿. My favorite animal is a chipmunk, my favorite flower is

      3. CONT.
        a rose, and during summer I like doing water balloons and going to the beach. ⛱ My favorite fruit is pineapples, my least favorite is strawberry, blackberry, or watermelon. 👎🏾 I like listening to Adventures in Odyssey, planning fun events, a little bit of sewing, playing dress up, making slime, and I hate going to the dentist. I am going to

      4. CONT.
        get braces soon. I like basketball and swimming, writing letters to pen pals, eating sugar, lol, and I can’t think of anything else!! I became a Christian in August of 2019. What about you? I was born in Africa

      5. Where do you live? My dad was in the military for 24 years, I have lived in Nebraska, Virginia, and I now live in Georgia. I am adopted. Do you have siblings? Also my favorite emoji is this 😻. What is yours?

        1. Hey I lived in Lincoln Nebraska for ten years! Now I live in Minnesota. Where in Lincoln did you live?

  45. hey i know i have left a bit of comments but i am actually new at commenting like just started yesterday. so i don’t really know anyone.

    1. @NF
      We lived in Omaha, Nebraska I was really young though so I don’t remember it very well

  46. hanna, I don’t know how too do an emoji hand, but I have been homeschooled all my life and don’t really want too go to
    public school : )

  47. Hey Hannah, so I have watched Overcomer and it’s dramatic but I wouldn’t consider it sad, -but then I guess that’s just my opinion. I have it on DVD but I’ve never seen it on Netflix and I don’t watch Disney+.

    1. I have the DVD of
      War Room
      Facing the Giants
      have any of you guys watched Woodlawn or A Mile in his Shoes?

      1. I have Woodlawn on DVD- it’s a good movie. What is A Mile in his Shoes about? Is it Christian?

        1. A Mile in his Shoes is about a Christian baseball player who has autism. It is a sweet movie.

    2. @God’s not dead
      So I am just curious. Are you a boy or a girl? It is cool you’re adopted!!!! I am too. We have so much in common. I am loving this
      P.S. This is what I feel like during COVID-19 😷😩

      1. Guess if I’m a girl or boy? I agree with you about the emojis. I especially don’t like wearing a mask.

      2. I know @Abbi already asked you if you wanted to be friends, but since we have a lot in common +you seem really nice I was wondering if you wanted to be friends too. I’m not African American, I hope you don’t mind.

          1. @Abbi☺️
            Could you please explain to me how you came to the United States. Because you told me that you are African American, but you aren’t adopted so I am just curious why you no longer live in Africa. You don’t have to respond if you don’t want to

          2. I asked Hannah but honestly, I would LOVE to be friends with you too!!! Do you want to be friends?

        1. Of course we can be friends. I am the extrovert kind of person I need friends always!! Don’t worry about that you are not African American. God made us all different and the same in our own areas, so praise Him. Our adoption stories are very similar, I was dropped off at the orphanage when i was a baby and adopted as a toddler.

          1. My parents are both African-American, they have been in the states all their lives. So, I’m African-American like them!!!!

  48. Who all here is Christian? If you’re a Christian, send out this emoji, 👍.


          1. I was born in China but now live in Pennsylvania. Where are you from?

          2. I’m originally from Nebraska, but I live in Minnesota now. What are some of your hobbies?

          3. Hey, a few posts down, did you mean what are some of my hobbies or someone else’s hobs. Is hobs even an abbreviation?

          4. Hey, I don’t know if I’m sending u the same post twice, I don’t think so but I can’t be sure, my tablet is strange. A few posts down, did you mean what are some of my hobbies or someone else’s hobs. Is “hobs” even an abbreviation? Lol

  49. @Gods not Dead, yes i love writing poetry. This is one I wrote:
    Jesus was hung on a tree,
    because of me.
    Jesus could have fled,
    but instead bowed His head.
    How could i not see,
    Jesus was beaten for me?
    Jesus was the propitiation,
    so i can have free salvation.

    What was your poem about?
    ~Country Girl

    1. @Country Girl. You wrote that? That is Amazing! You asked me what my poem was about, did you mean The Weaver poem or one I wrote?

      1. Gods not dead, Thank you! The poem you wrote is what i was asking about.
        ~Country Giirl

        1. Hey, I sent u a poem, but I guess the moderators didn’t approve it, do you know why? I’m confused😕

    2. That poem was 👌🏾 you are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I have written some poems too, but I don’t think they are as good as yours. That was nice. I want to be a published author someday, please pray that I reach my dreams

    3. That is AWESOME!!! I am not much of a poet, my best friend writes them and them I put them to music. (We write songs and plays for our theater group)

  50. My sister and I are doing a Bible study everyday and we are studying different topics. So far, we have done
    Love Pt.1 – Loving Jesus
    Love Pt. 2 – Loving Others
    And tomorrow we will be doing faith I think
    If you don’t have Bible studies with your siblings I would suggest that you start it helps build relationships

  51. Have y’all heard Life in the Third Person yet? I have, it is soooo good.

    Do any of you have siblings that comment? My sister( ChatwithC ) comments!!👩🏾👧🏾

    1. My sister, Hi, comments. She is also adopted. How many of you adopted peoples have siblings who are also adopted with you?

    2. WHAT! Your ChatwithC’s sister. Are you older or younger than her? I didn’t know that.

  52. how many of you live in Florida. I love Florida!!! but it sooooo hot. but i love it in the fall and winter.

  53. Cool! I love this episode and I hope you guys can get another in like this!

  54. Hi guys. I am new to commenting but I have been reading your other “comments” and you guys sound like really fun people! I have heard “Life In The Third Person” and it is really good! And I do have a study with my siblings. We read the Bible together and it is really good!

    1. I just listened to Life in the Third Person and it’s so good! My favorite part is when David is running up the stairs yelling,”Okay you little faker! You didn’t get hit by a car you got hit by a little kid on a tricycle! I want the truth!!”

  55. I am also homeschooled and love reading and music and hanging outside on a nice sunny days!

    1. Are you Anna as in my friend from AHG with a little brother named Seth? If you are please reply, Lillian and Eliana are on here too.
      Anna Apple🍎
      Hannah Hotdog🌭
      Lillian Lollipop 🍭
      Eliana Egg (I can’t find an egg emoji😂)
      Remember that from AHG class????
      Forget I said anything if you aren’t who I think you are, LOL

  56. Do y’all still have a writing page? If so, could someone send the link ?
    Thank you!
    ~Country girl

          1. NF, haha😉 Well, i think (most) people that work at cfa are very kind and mannerly. Plus i love the food!!
            Country girl

  57. Let’s try to get more than 2,000 comments on here. Also, welcome Abbi😊, God’s not dead, and ChatwithC👌. New people in the comments are really appreciated. Let me ask a Totally Random Question: what is everyone wearing today? I am wearing a t-shirt and some jean shorts. My shirt is a Ridge Haven T-shirt you know the summer camp?

      1. I have not gone to Ridge Haven, but my older sister has and she grew out of all the t-shirts that she got from there so she gave them to me. Have you?

        1. Yeah I have, it’s great!! Did you know they recently opened one in Iowa? Me and my friend from church have gone there since it started four summers ago and it’s really fun!!

        2. I am wearing a gray tank top with a black and gray plaid shirt on top (unbuttoned). Dark jean shirts, and a gray barrette with a bow. Wavy hair, halve up half down

      1. What do you like to
        I like to eat baked chicken, I LOVE to comment, and I like to make messes. SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I like making messes too and commenting! Wow, we have so much in common. I also love drawing and my favorite food is probably pizza. I also have a passion for animals, and I want to be a farmer when I grow up. My favorite thing to do is probably drawing. On the computer there’s this scetch book express thing and I never spend a week off of it.

    1. Hi ChatwithC! I have three sisters, meaning my fam has four daughters, and I’m number 3. Wow, 8 sibs!

  58. I am having so much fun on this page. Thank you, moderators for quick posting, and thank you commenters who just really add a lot of life to the party and speak such kind encouraging words. Thank you so much!!!!!!😂😂😀😀😀😀😀

  59. Has anyone here ever been in a play? I was in the play Robin Hood with my homeschool group. I had so much fun!!! I was a sheriff’s man. (Woman) ⚔

    1. I haven’t been in any plays yet, but I got cast as the baker’s wife in and Into the Woods production!! (that’s a musical in case y’all don’t know lol) I’m really excited!

    2. I’ve been in a William Tyndale play with some friends and my sibs. I have also been in a lot of ballet recitals and shows.

    3. I was in Rudolph the red nose reindeer in the 1st grade( I was Dasher) Let’s just say I had a very short line . I don’t even remember what I said. lol

        1. By spotlight, I mean everyone looking at YOU! Everyone focusing on YOU and YOU alone. For me, that’s A LOT of pressure, like when I had to play the piano in front of everyone at church (fortunately for me, I go to a small church)

      1. Does anyone here like being in the spotlight? I don’t so I didn’t mind having a short line.

          1. By spotlight do you mean like in a play? Because if you do I would probably get really nervous. If you mean like getting up in front of my entire youth group to complete a challenge I’d rather do the first one. I love my youth group but it has a lot of kids!

    4. I am in a theater group with 3 of my best friends. My and my BEST friend write duets and plays for us to perform. We usually get the leads, but some of friends are really good actors

    1. Hi! Guys! I am new to commenting! But I have been reading your other comments and you guys sound like really fun people! What are your guy’s favorite songs? Mine are:
      Battle Belong by Phil Whickham
      Run To The Father by Cody Carnes
      Hold On To Me by Lauren Daigle and
      Jesus Can by Austin French

      1. Hey, welcome!
        I like Something Beautiful, Born Again, God’s not dead, and Magnetic by Newsboys, in least those are my favorites and it would take a while to list more of their songs. I also like One true God by Mark Harris. My name means Birth of the Lord.☺

        1. CONT
          Truth be told by Matthew West (I LOVE that song)
          Less like me by Zach Williams
          There was Jesus by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton
          Greater by Mercy me
          And one by Chris Tomlin, but I forgetthe name. 🎵🎶

      2. My favorite songs are:
        Sunday Flow by Kierra Sheard
        Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace
        You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr
        The King Is Coming by the Newsboys
        Joy Unspeakable by Mandisa
        ….etc… I have many more favorites but I will spare you the rest!!😆👧🏾

      3. my fav. songs are:
        Joy- by Kirk Franklin
        Tug of War Mix- by Detrick Haddon, I don’t know if that is how you spell it
        The King is Coming, Gods Not Dead- by THE NEWSBOYS

    2. I’ve only been in plays that I came up with and performed at the beach with my cousins.

  60. Wow it’s so fun to talk to y’all!! I love being able to connect with other odyssey fans!! I’m so glad y’all are here!!

    1. It’s just a fun sort of contest, to see who gets the first comment on the podcast when it comes out

  61. Hey guys, sorry about my first comment! The guinea pig one!!! My brother messed it up and posted it!! I thought I had already posted it.

  62. Cont. I meant I accidentally messed it up I didn’t mean to post it but for some reason I did

      1. Hi guys I’m going to use Anonymous for my username from now on(I think but I might change my mind).

  63. nf do you actually listen to nf if so do you like it and my cousin actually gose to classical conversations i am also home schooled my favorite color is a tose up beetween purple and blue and pink I like the hunger games movies one of my fav verses is matt 11:35 i do bible quizzing with bqf anyon else

    1. Hi @lola! I don’t actually listen to NF a whole ton, that’s just my username because NF are my initials 🙂 do you like his songs? I think they’re ok

  64. My name is Hannah, lol. Sometimes my friends call me Hannah Banana but my name does not have many nicknames. 😔 What is everyone’s nicknames? My sister’s name is Elizabeth, I call her Liz or Lizzie. I have another sister named Eliana, and I call her Ellie. What about you all?

    1. My name is Rachel. My friends call me Rach, Rachie, and my best friend calls my Roni (long story short, there was an accident and he now does it just to annoy me.) also, I have a sister named Hannah! We call her hanny, boo boo, or babooshka (don’t know how to spell it, but it is Russian for grandma)

      1. My name is Charity but my dad and some of my friends call me SHAY or ARE
        my sibs are very unique!!!!!!!!!!

      2. My name doesn’t have a lot of nicknames, just Nat and Talie and Nan, and no one really calls me any of those 😂My name is Natalie, by the way.

    2. Hi I’m Abigail! My nicknames are:
      Big Girl
      Abigirl ( my aunt gave me that nickname, and has been calling me that ever since I was a baby!!👶🏾👶🏾)

  65. If I may just remark, the thing the blonde haired boy on the ground in the picture is doing is physically impossible to pull off unless you have a lot of core strength. Like, try and do it yourself and you will know what I mean. He is doing an angel touch but without his hands, THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! Please reply if you share feelings about this

    1. I can do it but I have a lot of core strength so I don’t know if it counts.

    2. It actually is possible but very hard. (Search sofie dossi, Lilliana ketchman, or contortion poses to see)

    3. I can mostly do it , except I can’t get my legs over my head. I feel like it’s a very awkward position.

  66. Moderators please post comment about the languages we use I don’t know what I should be saying.

  67. Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for being SO kind and responding to my posts. When I first started comments, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you guys are really nice and I am really enjoying this!

  68. Heyy we hit five hundred comments even!! That’s the most I think I’ve ever seen on a podcast before the next podcast even came out!!!!!

  69. I haven’t been on for a while and am SOOO late but here our some of my favorite movies:
    The First Avenger
    The Avengers
    Captain America: Civil War
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    MI 1
    MI: Ghost Protocol
    The Incredibles
    A Bug’s Life
    National Treasure
    The Princess Bride
    Rocketman (sorta)
    Batman Begins
    The Dark Knight

  70. My name is Sophia, it means wisdom. Some people call me phia, or Sophie. I prefer Sophia best. My uncle always calls me sugar but thats not really a nickname.:)
    ~Country girl

    1. Also one guy calls me “Missy” just to annoy me😋 He has only once called be sophia.

  71. Also could someone give me the link to the writers’ page? I lost the one I had.

    1. NF sent the link to Country Girl on this podcast a while ago so scroll in this podcast a little the you’ll find it OR you can go back to the podcast “Who are the Perkins Family” and find the link you sent.

      1. Oh my word! Someone noticed I was gone! That makes me so happy! (I know, I’m being silly.)

  72. Does anyone else like the songs form Dude Perfect? These are my favorites:
    This Is How Legends Are Made⭐⭐⭐
    Ready Set Let’s Go⭐⭐
    Wide Awake⭐⭐
    Hands Up⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Get Ready⭐⭐⭐
    We Are Legends⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    In the Darkness⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Any suggestions

    1. YES!!! I love dude perfect! I watch it with my brothers, uncle, and best friend. Did anyone see the new music video?

  73. ✋🏻 I’m homeschooled! This is my first comment ever. I have been homeschooled my whole life. BTW, my user name is not my real name.

    1. Yes, but it sometimes takes several days. Aquamarine (formerly Lydia Elisabeth)

      1. Hi @Aquamarine. Mine took a while to post so I thought it didn’t go through.

  74. Does anyone on here LOVE poetry? I write quite bit and would love book suggestions, or tips for improving my poetry.

  75. Does anyone on here LOVE poetry? I write quite bit and would love book suggestions, or tips for improving my poetry.
    Also, have any of you girls read Before You Meet Prince Charming? Did you enjoy it?

    1. I’ve never read Before You Meet Prince Charming. Is it really good?
      I LOVE poetry!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I write poetry!!!! Here’s one of mine:
      An Astronomer’s Lullaby

      The stars shine down on your sweet little face,
      While I wrap you up in a soft embrace.
      The planets revolve around you, my Sun,
      And continue until the day is done.
      When night appears, they twinkle above, . . .

    3. cont. An Astronomer’s Lullaby

      You, my shooting star.
      Oh, travel on back to me from afar.
      You’re the constellation that leads me home
      And guides me back from wherever I roam.
      Sleep safe and sound so when morning comes,
      You’ll be brighter than the burning sun.

      You are the star that is second to none,
      Much more brilliant than the near blinding

    4. cont. An Astronomer’s Lullaby

      The reason that star will gleam bright and true
      Is because my love stands strong for you.
      Though there are some stars that are larger than you,
      I know that your light will always shine through,
      My radiant, gleaming Sun.
      Oh, be brave and never falter. Shine on.

      1. thats really neat! Its not really the genre of poetry i write, but i still enjoy it!

        1. This is actually a lullaby I wrote for a book I’m writing @Sophia

      2. Wow! That is really good! You are very talented! Did you say your writing a book? That’s awesome! I am trying to write a book too!

      3. 😱😭 If I was a more emotional person that would have made me cry.

  76. Have any of you been in the Bible Bee Competition? I’m doing it this summer!!🤗🥰😏👱🏾‍♀️

  77. @God’s Not Dead, If you see this comment please respond. The bag I was making for you is complete.

  78. I write novel!!!! I’m working on one right now, called: A New Perspective. For those of you who like Sci-fi, you would love it. It’s also very funny and has good values

      1. I seen the trailer, but I don’t think it is that good no offence to any one who might like it.

        1. I’m not a huge fan of Star Trek, but the newer trilogy is pretty good! The old ones are…painful
          but the new ones are good!

          1. What do u mean, by new ones? Are producers redoing Star Trek? I must admit, I’m not a HUGE fan of the show. Def not my go to show. No affence, to anyone that might really enjoy it.

    1. Hey, just read your post, wasn’t sure if anyone still commented on this page. I’m SO GLAD you want to be friends! I don’t have many friends, in least we all pretty much lost contact after covid began.😕Which do you like better, dogs or cats? I’m definitely a dog person. But I really do like cats (I have 4)🐱I know you and Hannah recently became friends so if I’m intruding please let me know and I’ll back off. I hope you don’t mind that I’m not African American. Like Hannah, I’m glad that God made us all different. Do you know if the moderators accept it if we post each other what grade we are in? I know they don’t accept ages.BTW, do comment more on the new page now?

      1. @God’s not dead
        Stop worrying about intruding in me and Abbi’s friendship! It is perfectly fine I can be friends with you and Abbi at the same time. Also, why would you be concerned about a tiny thing like not being African American? It’s fine. It’s making me a little upset that you’re fretting about this. You’re fine!!!!
        ~Politely, Hannah
        I ❤️ u

        1. Hey, honestly I’m not really sure why I was concerned about not being African American. Sorry to make you upset. BTW, I didn’t want you and Abbi to think I was rude or anything like that, so that’s why I kept checking if it would be OK to still be friends. Thanks for being so nice. If only we could meet(that would be awesome! )

          ~grateful to have such a good friend, God’s not dead
          I 💜u too

      2. I don’t mind if you’re not African-American. I’m a dog person too!!!!! Your not intruding any friendships, I like having new friends, my parents always tell me to make more friends. Friends mean a lot to me especially friends that are good to talk to. Do you also want to talk more on the next page?👧🏾

        1. Sure, we can talk more on the next page, but do you mean Hurricane Perkins? That page and this one are the only pages I comment on. I will probably be able to find more pages for us to post on.😊

        2. BTW, I am good to talk to and I will listen to anything you have to say.

        3. Ok, sorry I’m still a little confused. By newest podcast’s comment, do u mean the dynamic?

    2. Can we wait till at least Monday to comment on the next page? (I’ll be at the mountains for at least 3 days)

    1. Anna my name is close to yours I have the same name as a very Popular movie character! 😹 Also my fav singer is Hollyn she’s so good🎤〽😹

    2. Danny Gokey is so good! My favorite singer’s either Capital Kings or Britt Nicole

  79. Hi how is everyone Anna I love the meaning of your name 😉 !*

    1. Dr.Watson + Sherlock Holmes I love 💕 your username it’s so awesome 👍

  80. Hi moderators, I have a question. Can I post poems and songs that I wrote or is that against the rules?

  81. “Dr. Watson + Sherlock Holmes” I LOVE your username! Do you like mysteries? I love mysteries. I really like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. Do you like the books “Young Whit”?

  82. Whoops I keep accidentally hiting Psalm 9:1 it’s one of my fav verses th real Psalm 9:1 so so so Sorryyyyyy… I probably sound like an imposter 😭😿😢

  83. Anna I know Dr.wastson+Sherlock Holmes and she had to leave and she told me to tell you that she loves mysteries she reads Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and some other mystery books and series and she’s so sorry she had to leave 😸

    1. Stop goofing off! I know that you’re Sherlock Holmes + Dr. Watson because that’s our username on our other phone! Your old username was also Cooking Cat! (We’re sisters)

    2. Oh that’s too bad! Mysteries are super great! What about you? Do you like mysteries at all?

  84. By the way Im Cookingcat😸 I just got a new phone 😸

  85. I used to be cooking cat I just got a new phone 😹

  86. Heyo Mr.Ant it’s a pleasure to meet your aquatence 😸

  87. Woops did I post that I was cooking cat twice 🤣

    1. Hey! Do any of you guys go to summer camp? I do and I live it! I look forward to it every year!

  88. Hey everyone, I hope y’all have a great week. Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine!

  89. Jesse Floria is amazing. He is also on the official average boy podcast. Bob Smilly is also in it. God bless

  90. Does anyone still comment on this page? I don’t, but I’m just wondering if anyone else does. I haven’t been on here in weeks.

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