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FREE EPISODE: “The Letter”

Katie Leigh's demo tape from 1987
Katie Leigh’s demo tape from 1987

Before Adventures in Odyssey, there was “Family Portraits,” a short series that introduced the world to what was soon to be everyone’s favorite small town. In the episode “The Letter,” a teen named Stacey gets into an argument with her father and eventually finds a way to forgive him. This was the first Focus drama featuring Katie Leigh, who would soon play Connie Kendall. Hear “The Letter” and Katie’s memories of the recording.

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      1. I’m a 72 year old widow and enjoy AIO everyday and have for many years. The lessons learned apply to everyone regardless of their stage in life. Lessons also need to be revisited occasionally to make sure I’m still on track! I love Focus on the family!

        1. No, you cannot. Although, there is an oaclub that the AIO Team made, you can start a 14-day free trial, and listen to 600+ episodes.

        2. i’m going to change the sub asap,maybe that will bring some peace am i right?

    1. Will you please stop with the race to get there first, do you guys anything else besides waiting for the team to put out a podcast or an article so you can say that you were first? Anyways it is nice to add another Family portrait to listen.

      1. Would you mind explaining why you don’t want us to race? I don’t want to be insensitive, but I’d really like to understand.

        1. I don’ t mind, it is just, to me , is pointless, once they post another, you will all race. Why not create a website to do this daily and the one who has the longest streak will get a prize. Because here are some serious matter such as Eugene Meltsner.

    2. Hey I know this might sound like a stupid question to ask but I’m kindov new here and don’t know how to listen to this episode can anyone help me???

      1. Sorry this reply is super late, but there is this cool button that looks like a triangle and if it doesn’t then it’s a triangle in a circle right under this green thing with two guys you click on this button and then you can listen to the podcast, does that make sense? 🙂

      2. Hi Catlover! By going to the app, “oaclub”, you can create a 14-day free trial to listen to 600+ episodes, Odyssey Scoop is another app with limited episodes, also the Adventures In Odyssey App lets you listen to 4 good AIO episodes. There are many ways you can listen to Adventures In Odyssey.

  1. Wow I kinda want to do the same your show I can’t wait to listen to it every day

    1. So true! I hope she gets married and has kids someday! That would be so awesome to see her as a mom! And how awesome her kids would be!

      1. I don’t agree. Sorry! Connie would be much different. Although if she did get married to Mitch that would have been ok… but if she had kids that would have been odd. Wanna be friends!!?? See ya’ll LOL

        1. I’m not sure that I agree😜. I think that Connie would/could be a very good mother. Might have also been a good spring board for some different episodes…maybe even some that would be more relatable for those of us who are in the adult age range. But I do wish that Connie could have married Mitch…


        2. Although, since Mitch is already married and has kids I guess that would work now😁! However, maybe Jeff Lewis or Jason…but I want Jason and Jillian…hmm.

          1. There are not many spouses open. Jason is not really a big fan of Jillian, Jillian and Jason are two different people, and Jeff Lewis is not on the list, he is not a christian so he cannot marry Connie.

          2. Jeff Louis is a Christian!!! And a missionary!!! Wake up people! Check out the pilot, part one and two hope this helps 😜🐢

        1. I was wondering that too! Are you talking about being spiritually adopted? Being adopted into God’s family?

          1. @Astrid and Jon

            Yes, I’m twice adopted. Once by my adoptive parents and second by God! Praise Him

    1. I love to be friends with u!!!! I am from Alberta Canada!! are u? Let’s be friends:)))

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Hi Hannah #liveincanada you love in Alberta Canada that’s so cool I lived there too for two years and half I think but now we live in Mexico are we allowed to say what towns we live in I don’t know for sure

        1. I meant to say live not love my keyboard always thinks I want love which is annoying anyway , later

  2. Hi
    I’m new here does anyone want to be my friend?
    If you want to be my friend put this emojee 🍩

  3. Hey everyone! Let’s make this page a Will Ryan Remembrance Page. Instead of everyone trying to get first lets all comment on what we liked about Will. We can comment on other things too just not on whether anyone was first. In case we can’t do it for this one lets plan on it for the next one! What do you all think?

  4. Is the Adventures in Odyssey Club website down? I thought it may have something to do with the New Experience Bulletin I saw, but I’m not sure.

    1. Did you notice if the Mods on the AIOC site had posted anything about a shut down for the New Experience? And if not have you emailed the Club for info? Just so you know the comment rules mention not being able to answer questions here…

      Hope that you can get the help you need!

  5. Hi AIO
    I love your podcast. I have a question are there any actors in AIO that live in foreign countries

  6. They should have a Christmas discount for AIO club I only get 2 dollars ( or 40 pesos because i live in Mexico) each month or 2 month

    Does anybody like legos? And (or ) Minecraft

    1. WOW i love minecraft enderman skeloton zombie and spider legos i love them i have a whole room full of legos we just got 4 lego sets for christmas and i have 1 brother and 2 sisters we have minecraft on the NITENDO SWITCH but we havent had any time to play though

        1. Do you all have to share the phones and Switch? I have a phone and we also have a Switch

          1. Oh we don’t have to share the phones, because we each got one phone. But we do have to share the switch.

        1. Are you talking to me because of you are I would love to be your friend I once lived in Canada alberta for two and a half years I think🤔any way

    2. I love legos especially lego star wars and I love collecting minifigures I have all 12 marvel collectible minifigures

  7. One of the things that I liked about Will Ryan was that he played a very realistic husband and father. He was very expressive and also had a great sense of humor. His love for God was also very clear! I know that was a lot of ‘verys’ but that is how I feel about him…he was very good!

    1. How was his love for God “very clear” I didn’t see that much.

      1. I guess maybe very clear wasn’t the right way of putting it…he did try to witness and share Christ with Buck and also with others but mostly I think it was his testimony…he sought to make choices that were honoring to the Lord…in addition I think that Will Ryan himself had a testimony of serving the Lord.

        1. Yeah I know that Eugene was a Christian if you listen to “The time has come “ it’s super clear!

      2. Are you saying that you did not see that Will was a Christian? If you listen to any interviews with him, you will be able to clearly see his love for God.

        1. What interviews? I’m sorry and don’t mean to be rude, but there is a reality that not everyone who works for a Christian business is a Christian

    2. One of my favorite thing about Will was that he always tried to make things interesting and fun during recording sessions and he was good friends with Katie Leigh and other actors at AIO. He was a good man and a good actor. I think everyone will miss him, but now I listen to episodes with Eugene with more thought and consideration to him and AIO.

  8. What is your favorite episode?? (Anyone)
    Mine is Green Eyes & Yellow Tulips which is when Connie falls in love with Mitch!!!! 💘 But then later on (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) Mitch and Connie decide that they will not marry!!!! 💔💔😭😭💧💧

    1. That is one of my faves too. Although, it is also known that Mitch and Maureen married and had a few kids…TwiceAdopted posted that on the last page and it is also on AIO Wiki!

  9. Hello everyone!!! How is everyone doing?🙃 My church (on New Year’s Eve) has a lock-in for our Youth group !! So so so excited

  10. Hey Bob and Jesse, why haven’t there been any video podcasts this year? I really love them!

    1. I like the Chronicles of Narnia series.
      Also, I really like The Hobbit.
      What are your favorites?

  11. My favorite books are: The Hundred Cupboards series by N.D.Wilson as well as Mistmantle Chronicles by M.I.McAllister
    Great books, I highly recommend them.
    Ooh, and the Penderwicks by Jean Birdsall
    Ooh, and…um, I think there are too many good books!😅😂

    1. Hey there! This is just some friendly info. The Moderators told us in previous podcasts that we aren’t supposed to discuss the Warrior Cat series on the chat page. They don’t allow it on the club and they said that they wouldn’t allow it here either.

  12. New Years Resolution ideas:
    -Pray more
    -Give an encouraging note/picture to a familymember, or church member once per week/day
    -do a kind thing per day

  13. Please could you all pray for my family?
    My sister is sick my mom is sick and I was sick.
    And we might have to cancel my birthday party
    ( it’s on Saturday)
    Because everyone is getting sick

    1. Cool what podcast? I love 💕 Adventures in odd…sorry can’t spell

      Hope you have a good New Years

  14. Katie sounded almost sad, maybe because of will’s passing Redt in peace will ryan 😥

  15. Guys, next podcast instead of talking about being first, we should talk about what we liked about Will Ryan. He was a great actor.

  16. I liked it. Thank you for sharing. Please keep me and my family in prayer for health. Thank you & God bless!

    1. Sure! Although, I think you may have already asked me…so I am sorry if this is a repeat answer.
      Is there anything you want to talk about?
      Info about me. I live in the US. I am a girl. I am between the ages of 21 and 28. I like horses, bunnies, dogs…lots of animals. I like to read and listen to AIO or AIOC. ( I know I am a little too old!)😜

  17. @Kaylee aka Kaylee Challenge A student and loving IT
    What do you mean by your name? The ‘challenge a student and loving IT’ part.

    1. That past week for school. I hope that explains it!

  18. What is your favorite book series

    Or video games

    My fav character are Wooton ,Eugene , jay and Matthew Parker

    1. Either Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School book series, or the Katt vs Dogg book series

  19. Hi! Are there any here who have gotten to enjoy the New Club Experience? I saw that it was to start in the New Year! If so, what’s it like? Is it any different from last year?

  20. Has anybody in the club listened to “As Buck Would Have It” Parts 1-3?
    The ending almost made me cry!

    I have a new AIO website coming out soon!

    1. I listened to the episode Unfair Game. And the Filipinos sound like they have an Indian accent. Me and my family were laughing the whole time 😆😆😆

    1. I got an AIO club membership, A Nintendo Switch, some games, and LED Light Strips.
      @🔥Fire girl🔥 What did you get?

      1. Well me and My 4 siblings got a trampoline ( I do not know if I spelled that right) 2 balls some some new clothes and lots of candy

    2. Aio club membership, and a knockoff Apple Watch!

  21. my fav books are The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings all the way!!!
    (If you could not tell by my name, lol.)
    I also love the Children of Hurin, which takes place a long time before the War of the Ring.

    1. Nice! I like LOTR as well. Who are your favorite characters? I like Glorfindel, Pippin, Aragorn, Arwen and Eomer. 😁

      1. Cool! I like Aragorn, Eomer, Pippin, Eowyn, and Gandalf. He has some really great quotes!
        We read the series for school once and my siblings and I have watched the movies countless times. Now I’m reading the trilogy again and I am writing down all my favorite quotes in a notebook! Which of the three books do you like best? Have you seen the movies?

          1. The fellowship of the Ring is my favorite book too! That is a good one! My favorite movie is the Fellowship of the Ring, and then really close after that is the Return of the King and then the Two Towers. Do you prefer the books or the movies?

  22. Hey guys who likes nf,andy,mineo,lecrae,wordsplayed and if you like any othter music shout it out.

    1. The Gray Havens are AMAZING! they are like a Christian narrative folk band.

  23. I am changing my name to flexing arm does anyone want to be friends who is your fav nba player and i got a tablet a sweatshirt and a bb gun what did you get fire girl

    1. Me and my four siblings got a trampoline ,two balls a soccer ball and a volley ball and some cloths and candy that sounds nice

      1. Sorry that was from me 🔥fire girl 🔥but my sister’s name was there too and I accidentally pressed that instead of my username sorry for the confusion btw water girl is my sister just so you know

  24. Thanks everyone
    I did get to have my birthday!
    And at fire girl
    I got bear paw boots
    A white sweater
    And a board game

  25. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you to all of the AIO Moderators for all the work that they do! I have enjoyed listening to AIO the last few years.

  26. Hey Bob and Jesse, why haven’t there been any video podcasts this year? I really love them! I know I asked this before but still………

  27. @🔥Fire girl🔥 I got a fuzzy blanket, Legos, and some other things.
    We also got stockings with lots of candy!

  28. I feel like I got one of the best Christmas presents I could have possibly gotten besides an Adventures in Odyssey Club membership….. I got the adventures in Odyssey megapack! And the second one too!!!!!!!!! I was SOOOOOOOOO excited when I opened it my mouth apparently was open for like 5 minutes in shock.

  29. I agree with Pal. Please stop trying to be first and comment on the episode. I have been around Odyssey since I was born and I really enjoy listening to what started it all.

  30. Hey everyone! I was thinking that maybe we could all stop trying to get ‘first’. I know that it is a fun game to play but that’s not really what these comment boards are for! Maybe we should all pick a topic and talk about that. For instance…some of us want to make the next podcast a Will Ryan page where we will all talk about what we


  31. Where we will all talk about what we like best about Will Ryan or about the characters he played. This page will be in honor of him. And then we can carry on our chats and other topics on previous pages.

    What do you think? If you agree please post this…👍 or 😁! Thank you!

    1. 😁👍 we could also have the first kind comment about the Adventures In Odyssey team, or the actors!!! But yeah you don’t have too. Good Night and Have a great day!!!

  32. Will really brought the life in Eugene Meltsner.
    Also, I got a lot of winter clothes even though it doesn’t snow here. 😜
    Happy late birthday Olive way !

  33. Hi I am new here, I have been listening to AIO for several years. I got a guitar for Christmas and I can’t wait to learn how to play it! I also got AIO episodes as well!

    — HS

    1. Noice. I play ukelele. And drums. And a little bit of piano. Have you always wanted to play guitar? I’m not sure if I want to. I think ukelele is easier. Not as many strings. By the way, what does HS stand for?

  34. Does anyone have any pets? We have 2 guard dogs, one is a rottweiler, and the other is white and still a kid, but a little friendly. We have 9 cats. There’re wild. (There’re for the rats.)

    1. Our family has two cats , spark and Fortuna (which is Spanish for fortune or lucky )but we can’t find her now so that’s sad anyway a bunch of chickens and one dog and a bunch of really cute parakeets I think that’s what there called ,in Spanish their called pericos

  35. Can the people who make shows on adventures in odyssey make a show with Jay and Zoe not on the club

  36. Hi Everyone,
    Since album 72 The Long Road Home came out early for anyone has the Adventures In Odyssey Club, do you think that album 72 The Long Road Home will come out early for download or will it come out as they said in the previous podcast that it will come out in February and the CD sometime this spring?

  37. TwiceAdopted,
    Thanks! Yeah, I think I did already ask you to be friends, then didn’t comment as much with the holidays coming up, then I forgot to check that post, sorry. I also live in the US, and I love animals. I am girl too, and am between the ages of 12 and 17. Do you like the snow? What’s your favorite season? So sorry,that this post is late.

    1. You don’t have to be sorry! I understand! I don’t always check my posts either!
      I do like some snow…used to like to play in it when I was younger but now…I prefer to take a casual walk in it and then go have a cup of hot chocolate or coffee inside where it is warmer.


    2. I do however, like winter because it is cooler(I do not like to be hot) preferred temp is about 70. And there is no outside yard work to do…I prefer to be inside working…

      What about you?

      Ps. Would you like to join us on the OOOTD page…Schantelle Cason? Please come join us!

  38. i have made a discovery! Anna from “The Passages, Darien’s Rise” is the same voice of Kelly who first shows up in the episode “the Chosen One part 1 of 2” and i think that Darien is Jason Whittaker! I might be wrong but, that’s who it sounds like. King Lawrence sounds like Pete from Disney’s Mickey Mouse. Kyle sounds like Eugene’s younger brother!

  39. Howdy! I haven’t commented in a while.
    I LOVE the lord of the rings (LOTR)
    Anybody like me?

  40. Hey, LOTR geek! Wanna be friends? One of my favorite characters is Boromir. Another one is Legolas. He is really cool. I also like Gandalf, I agree, he does have some good quotes.

  41. Please pray for my Grandma. She fainted in her car, and while the abulance people were doing CPR they broke 6 of her ribs and punctered her liver. They had to do surgery on her and they just weened her off the venalator. I think that’s how it’s spelled. Anyway, me and my mom are going to fly down there Monday.

    1. Yes I am praying for her! and you and your family that is so hard.

  42. The lord will bless his peple with peace. -Psalm 28;11.i love The Letter.Kirsten is Kirsten Watilo!.me👧

  43. Have you realized that Eugene’s voice had changed over the years? His voice was higher in the beginning and then got a little deeper. Same thing for Liz Horton. She had a higher and more babyish voice, but then it got more mature.

  44. At Snow White bride to be
    Why is everyone attacking the first thing
    Sorry if I sound really rude but I have not been commenting
    For very long but I really like the first thing
    It’s just a game and we dint fight or argue or anything

    1. No! I don’t think that you sounded rude! I can appreciate your opinions too! I wasn’t trying to dictate what we talked about. It has been brought up a few times that the competition has been pretty…competitive…And that we may have come across as insensitive…


    2. Insensitive, in regards to the fact that our first comments weren’t necessarily about our sorrows but whether we got the first comment…so I was just suggesting that we pick a podcast (the next one for example) and dedicate it to Will Ryan as a Will Ryan Remembrance Page.

    3. In fact, I think that Bob Smithhouser and Jesse Florea mentioned having a podcast to remember Will.

      I am sorry that I was attacking the first thing…that was not my intention. I just wanted to consider everyone’s feelings and opinions and honor Will!

  45. Plus we’ve been playing it for really
    Long time and you can see that on previous podcast
    it’s not any thing bad and sorry if I sound rude that’s just what I think
    We can talk about a certain subject but I kinda liked it better when we
    Could just talk about anything we wanted

    1. I totally agree with you olive way when my sister told me every one was attacking the first thing I was like 😥😔😓🙁but I totally agree with you

  46. Because it was just better cause like you could just talk
    and you didn’t have to talk about a certain subject
    Like if you had a prayer request or you wanted to congratulate someone
    Or ask them to be friends you could just do it!
    There was no boundaries and you didn’t have to stick to a certain topic
    Anyways sorry again if ai sound rude

  47. HI odyssey Fans !!!!!! I am sooo sad 😢 I can’t believe that Will is dead Waaaaaaa

  48. Guys basically twice adopted started this fashion page where you post your outfits
    It’s super fun 🤩
    It’s on the Shcantelle Cason podcast
    So all you have to do is post your outfit
    If more people join the page we can have contests

  49. TwiceAdopted
    I love taking walks in the snow. Normally, you would have seen my comment to you, on the bottom of yours, but my tablet is old, and when I hit the reply button, it doesn’t work, so just wanted to let you know that I won’t be able to reply straight to your post. Do you have any pets? I have one dog, and some cats. Sure, I would like to join you on the page, thanks for the invite!

    1. Yes, I do have a pet. I have a bunny.

      I understand about older electronics😁! So don’t worry about it!

      And you’re welcome! I look forward to having you join us! I hope that you enjoy being part of the OOOTD page!

      How long have you listened to AIO?

    2. yes!cause i come from Canada that means winter stays for like ever but you grow to love every minute of watching the snow fall on the ground.
      right now outside is a huge lake case of the storm that hit Canada and part of the US.

  50. Hey #dangers daughter, I am so sorry about your grandma what happened did she die 😢 my dad’s step dad just died

  51. I think that the 1980s for CDs is just as good as finding out how to use an iPhone that isn’t even out yet.🤔

  52. @Ava

    You asked earlier what episode Mitch and his kids are in…well they’re not in one. But on AIO Wiki it says that he and his family live in Madagascar. That’s on the Something Old, Something New part 2 page. Scroll down to the info section.

  53. TwiceAdopted,
    AIO, is actually kind of new for me, I heard about it, maybe a couple years ago. I don’t have a favorite character, but aio is pretty cool.

    1. Do you think that you will ever get the club? It’s a lot of fun! Not sure when I’ll get it again…(I am wondering if I’m too old??😜). Just kidding…don’t think that I’ll ever out grow AIOC…

  54. I am hopelessly bored, so I though I would make this a Middle Earth fan page if no one objects. Is that okay with everyone still on this page? (There are still people on this page, right?)

  55. I am confused why the topic is not about AIO, I thought this was an AIO Commenting Space, please bring the topic to life.

    1. I know, but my best guess is that after a while people run out of things to talk about about the podcast subject maybe? But I get what you’re saying.

  56. I’ve lesend to this story when I was little and when I losing to this now and I felt so happy.😄

  57. Usually, I leave a comment on the… hmm… 1,275th space (usually the last) and no one sees it until a year later. Mph.

  58. Thank you so much for this episode I really enjoyed it and it was a great encouragement to me

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