The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

June 17, 2020: From the hallways at Focus on the Family to the microphones of Adventures in Odyssey

Joe Oppelt, voice of the train announcements in "Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles"
Joe Oppelt, voice of the train announcements in “Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles”

Dozens of Focus on the Family employees have voiced roles in Adventures in Odyssey over the year. It’s time to hear a few of their stories!

Vio Burdin, voice of Mrs. Ogden in "Divided We Fall"
Vio Burdin, voice of Mrs. Ogden in “Divided We Fall”
Kelly Sargent, voice of the bridal shop employee in “A Very Bassett Wedding”
Maurice Diaz, voice of the security guard in “Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles”
Thomas Jeffries, voice of the soccer coach in “Rightly Dividing”
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      1. Hey Rachel! This is djcap8/Betsy/Arianna from the club. how do you like my nickname lol do you recognize it 😆 Anyway I told Raps you’re coming back and she is telling Sarah. Looking forward to chatting again! We miss you!

      2. So how long does it take to post a comment ? Is it about the same as in the club? (5 minutes to an hour) or does it take longer? Are there Mods?

        1. lol to answer my own question I don’t t think so. It took 5 days for that to post 😳

    1. Jesus didn’t die to make bad people good; He died to make Dead people alive.
      – Tom Shrader

      We were dead In our sins and trespasses, but God has made us alive with him, and forgiven all our transgressions. I hope this is encouraging to you! 🙂

    1. Joe oppelt sounds like phil lollar wwiininja lol, sup every one hows it going.

  1. Joe Oppelt has a great voice! It sounds like someone else form Odyssey. Who is it?
    Oof. That’s gonna bug me. LOL

    1. He sounds like the guy in the Novacom series. He was with Jason in Alaska. I thought the same thing!

      1. Walter something played by Jack Blessing. You’re right, it is a lot alike! Joe Oppelt’s voice might be a little lower, I think.

  2. I think I’ve figured something out! If you enter your email address, you see a preview of your comment before it is posted, but if you don’t enter it, you don’t see it until it posts, like everyone else.

  3. Thank you so much Adventures in Odyssey !! 😊🤩 I really love your dramas! 💖^0^✨ and the people who do the voices are very amazing and just great!!

  4. cool podcast I liked it wow the a IO acters are talented congress on lia cupcakeon first omment melissa

  5. I love Adventures in Oddesey!!!! I just got the website!!!! Is there a real imagination station? I want one!!

  6. Okay, so I guess I will combine both usernames I use on this website, since its against the rules to post under multiple usernames. So now I’m LiaCupcake/Snowstorm, instead of LiaCupake normally, and Snowstorm on the FrostClan page.
    Wow, my all usernames have been Lia, LiaCupcake, Snowstorm, and Snowstar. Sorry about that, and for the confusion.

  7. Liacupcake: Congrats on first!
    Hey! To Bethel and Ava.
    Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

      1. Do you know FlyingFryingPan or LoveBug12? If you do, could you tell them that Ro will be back soon? That would be great!

          1. We were coming up with nicknames, and I was going to be Rae, but I don’t like the Ray in Star Wars, so we just went with Ro.

    1. YYYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!congradulations, Rachel!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  8. I was on the Writer’s page and I was in the middle of typing a comment when . . . The ‘post comment’ button was gone!!!😮 Is it too old to comment on now?!?!?😕 Did this happen to anyone else, or was it just me?

  9. In case y’all missed me…. I’m done commenting for a long while (maybe forever?) it was fun guys! Most likely you didn’t notice or forgot ‘cause it’s been awhile but just letting you know😛

    1. @MOOCOWVAL:
      We just have a race to see who comments first. We don’t win anything, but its fun. And I like your name, by the way!

  10. @Moocowval
    Are you the Val that chats in the club?!?!?! I am Ro!!! I will be back in the club soon. Could you tell Sarah/LoveBug12 and Raps/FlyingFryingPan that I will be back soon? The 1st and 2nd thing is just people try to get the first comment on new podcasts.

    1. Hang on… not trying to barge into your conversation here, but are you Ro as in Roho? I’m AQ, from the Club!!
      If you aren’t Roho, this is probably really weird. 🙂

  11. @Moocowval
    I can chat with you! Sorry if I am talking to you a lot. I am kinda lonely now that my club membership ran out so I can’t chat anymore. 🙁

    1. I know! I don’t really like Mandy, but this is one of the episodes I think she is absolutely adorable in. I can’t believe Bart sent her the doll back!

  12. Rachel,
    You wouldn’t happen to be Ro as in Roho, would you? Sorry if I’m barging in. 🙂

  13. Moriah: When the post comment button disappears, that means you have posted more than 500 characters (letters or emojis). Once you see you have 0 characters left, that means you can’t write anymore or else you won’t be able to post it and the post comment button will disappear again. This happened to me before. Hope this helps and makes since.

  14. @Bob and Jesse
    Hi! Could you do a podcast interview with Robby and Shelbie Bruce, and/or Shone Rodman? Thanks for all you do!!!

  15. Soooo…..
    we were going to go to see my dad’s family, but my aunt and uncle tested positive for COVID. Please pray that they will get better and that we can go see them

      1. Thank you! They are feeling a lot better. We are now planning to go see them in the last week of September. Instead of going to Texas, where all my dad’s family is, we are all going to meet in FL. We are renting out a HUGE mansion! (lol, I am super excited)

  16. If Agentx10 and Agentx14 are here, could I join the Agency? But I still want to be PennyBasset. I might be able to be PennyBasset/Agentx#. Thanks.

  17. The only sad thing about commenting here, is a takes a really long time for the comments to be moderated. I was kinda wishing that when they updated the site, they would moderate comments faster. Well, maybe next update.

  18. How is everyone? I am good. Anyone need prayer? My aunt and uncle tested positive for COVID, so if you could pray for them, that would be great.

    1. ok, I will pray! but I wouldn’t worry to much because I know people who tested positive for COVID too and they just got a little sick.

  19. Rachel/Ro:
    Hey! Idk if you remember me but I’m HorseLuver on the club! Great to see you!

    1. I totally remember you!!! How are you doing? I am so glad you chat here. (been kinda lonely since my membership ran out, but I should get another one by July 4)

  20. Well everyone, my username was a bit messed up on my last comments. Sry about that.

    1. This might sound weird, but I was trying to understand your username, and I was wondering if the WWII in your username is just for the war, or if you play the Call of Duty WWII. (I don’t play it, but my brothers and dad play it)

  21. Hey, does anyone know who had all the great Lord of the Rings jokes on the club in the New Zealand episodes?

  22. Ro: Nice to meet you! I have a cousin named Rachel! You can call me Naomi (or Na10). Welcome!

  23. i have no name says: LOL Hey! Welcome to the club! You can call me Naomi or, Na10 (but, you could probably tell from my screen name lol). See you around

  24. Bethel: I am good. Busy, but excited about what this page is about to become! We lost our internet today but, praise God it is back on! Hope you and your family are safe and healthy 🙂

  25. AQ: Yes! I am busy too! What have you been up too? How are your stories going? God bless! Miss.Smile 🙂

  26. PennyBassett: Glad you are here too! By the way, you can just call me Naomi or, Na10 if it makes things easier for you. Looking forward to being a team member with all of you on here!

  27. Naomi:
    That’s great! Yeah, I think this’ll be an awesome page.😄
    My family is doing great, thank God. Hbu?

  28. So this will be NaomiorNa10’s idea page… We should come up with an official name for it! 😊 Very excited to start on August 1st!

  29. Also, August 1st is going to be a Saturday. Since the Mods take a break from posting our comments on weekends (which is totally understandable), we won’t be able to have conversations about our writings on here until Monday. But, I encourage everyone to still keep on striving to write! Is everyone good with this?

  30. Bethel: Thank you! I am doing well. Me and my Mom have been painting the dinning room. I got to paint the celling with a roller! First time and she says it looks great! I am an artsy person, so my Dad wasn’t suprised that I did a good job 🙂 I also boughts some shoes today! Every girls favorite thing to shop for! Hope you have a great day!

    1. That’s great! My sibs and I did some painting over winter break last year; it was pretty fun! Tho I got paint on my hair bc I bumped/brushed the ceiling with my head while we were painting it.😜
      I love shopping! Clothes, fabric, books… all of it!

  31. Naomi,
    A lot of work, a lot of writing, and a lot of exhaustion. 😛 My book’s almost done, and has really started progressing so fast I can hardly keep track of it, lol! How about you? What projects are you working on?

  32. Lesson 1: 8/1/20

    Now you may be wondering, what does studying have to do with writing? Well, It has a LOT to do with writing. Do you have a favorite author(s)? Why do you like their books? Is it because of the story or the characters? Study how they put things together. Do they tell you everything at once, or do they leave some details

  33. Cont.
    for the very end? One of my favorite books, Paperboy, written by Vince Vawter, leaves out the character’s real name. The character has a stuttering problem and can’t even say his name without fainting. The author waits until the very end of the book to tell you the name. Why? I think the answer is simple. To hook the reader. You can add

  34. Cont.
    all these details to hook the reader, or you can use the reader’s curiosity against them. You can keep details from them for later so they will keep reading to find out these details. Try studying a book that you like. Find out how they start the book. Figure out why they started it that way, and try learning from them. As you read, look for

  35. Cont.
    things you’ve never seen before. Maybe the author starts their book with someone talking. Maybe they start the book with a bang. However they grow the tree that is their book, try learning from them.

    HOMEWORK: Read the beginning, middle, or end (wherever you are in your writing) of (one of) your favorite book(s). Don’t copy them word for

  36. Cont.
    word. Just figure out how they do things, and try adding a little of that into your book. (Remember homework I assign is always optional. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of the homework I want you too, that’s fine! Just reply to this comment and (if you want) say why you don’t feel comfortable. And remember, there are NO stupid questions)

  37. HELLO EVERYONE!!! So, I know it is Saturday and you all probably won’t be able to see this comment until Monday (which is ok). I still want to encourage everyone to strive to write today! (August 1st!). I am so excited that we are going to become a team! I am excited to see how God is going to use us and see how our stories come out. God bless!

  38. Saturday:
    Started working on a story I thought of a long time ago and thought I’d finally give it a shot!
    I wrote on lined paper, so I can’t give you a word count, but I got to 13 lines on (large sized) college ruled paper before I got interrupted and had to put down my project. That would be about half a page if I typed it out.

    1. MRS,
      We’re teaming up for encouragement. 🙂 We’re spending the week writing, then we’re going to post our daily results on here and get encouragement. It was Naomi’s idea. 🙂

  39. Oh no! You guys, I’m so sorry! I completely forgot about this until today. I’ll stick around for the rest of this, but I’m so sorry!!! *facepalm*

  40. NachoWasabi: Phenomenal lesson! Thank you! And, PennyBassett: Great job! That is better than I did! Also, I just want to ensure everyone that if you have an unexpected plan pop up and you miss a day or two of writing, that is ok. It happens to everyone. The main thing is to try your best. Great job to PennyBasset and NachoWasabi!

  41. Nacho Wasabi:
    We are still doing lessons on the Writer’s Page. This is just where we post how much we wrote daily, and offer encouragement. The lessons and homework still happens on the real writers page.

    1. Oh… Oops. Thanks! To MODERATORS: Please cancel any other comments that say that this page is the lessons page.

  42. K! I wrote 675 words on one book in 30-45 min (somewhere in there, lol). I did that today, but I’ll post what I do tonight tomorrow. And sorry, Naomi, but I won’t be on at nights for advice, but I will be on during the day! NachoWasabi, you got the night shift (if you want it). 😛

  43. For me I have a book I am currently working on with a family member. I have started two other stories but they are on hold. I, If anyone knows the hero’s journey, am not even halfway on my book I am finishing with my friend, and someone (Not me. Totally not me) erased all my hard work a week ago, so I have to restart from scratch…

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry your book got erased! Maybe you can access your document history to retrieve it? Well, you can use this to make it even better than it was before.

      1. I figure I might as well restart. It was pretty higgldy-piggledy anyway, meaning that the plot was great, but the telling of the story had much left to be desired. I think I will take your advice and ‘make it even better than it was before.’ Thanks!

      2. I’m so sorry! Something similar happened to me once, so I know how you must feel. ☺

  44. Today I wrote:
    Time: about 30 mins.
    Page number: 1
    Words: 143
    Story: A historical fiction about Benjamin Franklin, including some little known and dramatic events in his youth. My plan is that you won’t know it’s THE Ben Franklin until the end.
    Difficulties: How the first chapter should start. 😀

  45. Here my writing log so far!
    Day 1 (Saturday)- 186 In my main book, 357 in the book I’m writing with my bro
    Day 2 (Sunday)- 18 in my main book (lol), 243 in the sequel to my main book, 436 in my Green Ember fanfic
    Day 3 (Monday)- 508 in my Green Ember fanfic
    Day 4 (Tuesday)- 424 challenge for my writer’s club

    1. Yeesh, well done Bethel!!! And you have a Green Ember fanfic… I’m interested…

  46. WOW! Good job everyone! I wrote a little last Sunday. I am sorry I missed Saturday (I got a really important phone call from my friend later at night). Monday and Tuesday went really well for me! 🙂 (Today is Wednesday) I have started writing a different story that connects with the first story I have yet to finish writing. God bless you all!

  47. So, I have a question I am struggling with for one of my stories maybe you all could help me if you don’t mind. I want to write a story about a girl that has lost her family and is searching for answers and hope. She has unusual abilities and is really smart with technology. I don’t know if I should write this like a third world story, TBC

  48. or like a country that is on the verge of economic collapse or, like a now a day time setting but, with problems. I want to show that she has lost hope but, is searching for something beyond human ability (she eventually finds faith in God) I just don’t know what the setting should be for her. If you all wouldn’t mind, let me know what you think.

    1. So, you could do a sci-fi kind of thing (that’s what’s in my brain if you’re talking about the story with Morgan: Virtual ___), or I think the economic collapse danger is a good idea. 🙂

  49. I wonder… How has everyone’s writing been for today (I really gotta get into the habit of asking that on THIS page and not the other)??

  50. Yesterday I wrote:
    Time: about 15 mins.
    Page Number: 1 (Not full page)
    Words: 84 (I didn’t do much 🙁 )
    Story: The same Benjamin Franklin historical-fiction
    Difficulties: Uhh… how to spell “cauldron”?
    Research: How candles were made in the 1700s

  51. Wow, y’all, we’re really getting stuff done. Keep it up; we’re almost to the end of the week!! 😀

    1. Kind of slow… when you consider how many words everyone else is writing per day! I guess I just don’t have as much inspiration. Any tips?
      FYI: My book about Benjamin Franklin is for school, but I don’t have any inspiration for my “for fun” writing. I’m really bored with all of my old ideas for those, and I can’t come up with any new ones.

    2. My writing is going great! I just started another novel which I’m excited about, and my main novel is coming along nicely as well! Hbu?

  52. Guess what? I actually wrote today!! ☺ I didn’t keep track of how long, but I wrote:
    Around 620 words,
    7 pages
    Sorry that I did it so late in the week. I had a lot of fun!

  53. TO EVERYONE I have a question I am struggling with for one of my stories maybe you all could help me if you don’t mind. I want to write a story about a girl that has lost her family and is searching for answers and hope. She has unusual abilities and is really smart with technology. I don’t know if I should write this like a third world story, TBC

  54. TO EVERYONE: or like a country that is on the verge of economic collapse or, a now a day time setting with problems. I want to show that she has lost hope but, is searching for something beyond human ability (she eventually finds faith in God) I don’t know what the setting should be for her. If you all wouldn’t mind, let me know what you think.

    1. Maybe you could do a futuristic setting? Or a setting in another world? I think those would be your best options, but they could all work!

    2. If I am stepping out of my bounds, tell me so. I personally believe that you should make her have everything at first, but then lose everything. To borrow from a rather quaint colloquialism, When you have lost everything, you have nothing left to lose. Maybe go so far as to make her homeless. Maybe she meets a pastor. Those are my thoughts.

  55. AQ: Thanks for your advice on the setting of my story 🙂 I really want to write it, it is just hard to see something in your mind and them try to write it on a piece of paper and the story still have the same effect. BTW: Great job on your writing last night!

  56. NachoWasabi: thanks for asking, my writing is going better than before (when I would like never write 🙂 ) I just need to figure out the kind of setting for one of my stories. But, I finally know how most of my stories are going to end!

  57. Ugh. I’m sorry, I didn’t write yesterday! We started homeschooling again, and that’s taking up a lot of my brain space!

  58. Day 5 (Wednesday)- 169 challenge for my writer’s club, 369 in my main book
    Day 6 (Thursday)- 838 in my main book, edited the challenge for my writer’ club
    Day 7 (Friday)- 227 in the book I’m writing with my bro, 386 in my main book
    Day 8 (Saturday)- 351 in my main book, 350 in my brand new book
    Day 9 (Sunday)- 415 in my brand new book

  59. This has been great! It’s been cool to record the number of words I’ve written. This was a great idea, Naomi!

  60. Jell-O: No problem. I missed yesterday too. I said before that if we need to miss a few days, that is fine. Life is like that. The goal is to hopefully write like a team, encourage each other, and give our best effort to our writings.

  61. That went well, y’all! I didn’t really keep up very well (my apologies!! 🙁 ), but you guys did AMAZING. This was a really good idea, Naomi. We should do it again soon. 🙂

  62. TO EVERYONE: Thank you all for your compliments.😊But, let me thank everyone who dedicated their time for this. You all really came together as a team. And, for that, you all have my warmest gratitude❤ I was really needing some uplifting encouragement, and you all gave so much of that. And, I have enjoyed being apart of a team with all of you. TBC

  63. TO EVERYONE: Even though I missed a few days, you all helped remind me how much I love writing and that, it isn’t about getting everything perfect, but it is about using what God has given us for Him. If we want to try writing as a team again, let me know and we can try it for another week. Let me know your thoughts. God bless!

  64. I think it’d be cool to do another week sometime! I liked recording how much I’ve written, and seeing how awesome y’all did. With school starting idk if I’ll be able to write as much as I did for this one, but I’d still like to do it sometime. 😀

  65. Sorry everybody, I’ve been on vacation. How has everyone been doing? I’ve finally finished a book. I don’t think I’m going to get it published. It has maybe 1,003,049 words. It’s not my best, which is why I’m not publishing it. It took me about a year or so to finish. I’m calling it, Life in a Nutshell or something like that. That’s my update.

      1. This covid thing has given me a LOT of time. I never realized how much time I spent with other people until Covid came around. 😷

  66. NachoWasabi: THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!! Congrats on finishing a book! I really admire that. I have yet to finish a book. Hope you had a great vacation.

  67. Bethel: Thank you for your suggestion. I would love for us to do another week sometime too. I also don’t think I will be able to do a full week, but maybe we could do like every other week. Hope you have a great weekend. Also, I got the club again! I left a message on the what use to be where we talked about our stories. A3

  68. NachoWasabi,
    😲1,003,049 words?!?!?!?!?!?!? THAT’S CRAZY!! Mine has maybe 50,000 words and I’ve been writing it for a year.

  69. NachoWasabi:
    Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! That’s incredible! My current book (one I’ve been working on for a few years) is only about 4500 and some of that is going to be cut out!

  70. Y’all, the writer’s page is closed to comments!!! What do we do?

    IDEA: I think they’re going to start closing earlier podcasts, which means that we’re going to have to keep moving pages. Maybe we should disband.

    Whatever the case, I’m leaving the Whitsend blog for the time. TBC.

  71. (cont’d),
    I’m leaving the Whitsend blog for the time. I’m really struggling with keeping up with writing and work and chatting on various websites and all sorts of other stuff, and I’m getting really stressed out for the first time in my life. So I’m really sorry, and I’d really like to stay, but I can’t. I might be back, but I’m taking a break. 🙂

    1. That’s so sad! We will miss you! I personally don’t think we should disband. I think you are doing the right thing though. In an AIO episode, Bernard has to realize that he only has so much time, and that he needs to steward it wisely. I respect that you are doing that now.

  72. Why are people saying the comments are closed on the writer’s page? I was just there and I could comment just fine. Did I miss something?

    1. Idk what happened but it was closed to comments. But now it’s not🤷🏻‍♀️
      (Thx mods for opening it and for going through our comments!!)

  73. Just for people to know so I don’t have to keep saying it over and over, I have a pretty high average WPM* speed. I don’t like to brag about it, so that’s all I’m going to say except that it helps your WPM to take typing tests and to practice.

    *Words Per Minute

  74. Does anyone know what is happening to the AIO club website? I keep trying to sign in and it’s not sending me any data. I’m kinda wondering if some hacker erased everything, but that’s probably the Novacom talking.

        1. Do you comment on the club? Just curious. I have the club as well, and I wondered if I’ve seen you on there before. 🙂

  75. I want to say, although I have special skills, you all have good skills too. Na10, you are very friendly and make EVERYONE feel at home. Penny, you ask good questions, and help when you can. Jell-o, you are very entertaining. Aquarium, your ideas (and Na10’s) make the page a great place to be. You all have good skills, and just because I say mine,

  76. CONT.
    Just because I say my skills doesn’t mean that everyone should stop talking. I want everyone to feel comfortable, and I’m sorry if what I said makes everything awkward. This book is the first and only book I’ve actually finished. I may have ended some, but they weren’t as good as this.

  77. CONT.
    Just because I say my skills doesn’t mean that everyone should stop talking. I want everyone to feel comfortable, and I’m sorry if what I said makes everything awkward.

  78. NachoWasabi,
    Don’t apologize! Your comment didn’t make it awkward for me! The only reason I haven’t been commenting on this page is because I couldn’t think of anything really to say, since the week of encouragement (or whatever we’re calling it!😊) is over and all, not because of anything you said. Please don’t feel bad!

  79. NachoWasabi,
    And thank you! I have never been described as entertaining before. To be completely honest, most of the time I feel like I am annoying everyone! 😊

    1. I feel the same way sometimes. You are quite entertaining! Never have I felt annoyed by you, or such enjoyment in my life!

  80. NachoWasabi:
    You haven’t made me feel awkward! I just don’t know what to talk about 😛

  81. Since no one else can think of some stuff to talk about, how about we talk about odd habits? I’ll go first… When I feel nervous I tend to make a snort sound, and then I start sounding like a dog sneezing when I talk. Another one is that when people ask to read my stories, my #1 excuse for them not to see it is because I write in German*.

  82. CONT.
    My most embarrassing habit is to start sweating when I’m in a car. I have no idea why.

    *I do write in German sometimes in Deutsch (German in German). I have an abecedarian** comprehension of the germanic argot.
    **In its earliest documented English (1600s) It meant, “To learn the rudiments of something”

    1. Wow, you’re really smart to know that!
      Can you speak German? Whenever I hear it, it makes me laugh! I can speak French, but I can’t write it well.

      1. I actually looked it up…. XD. My mother took some schooling in Deutschland, therefore she had to learn the language, and she taught me.

  83. TO EVERYONE: The reason why I thought I was awkward is because usually, I am. I say something that isn’t socially acceptable, and I didn’t know it. It’s one reason I like that the page is moderated, because I wouldn’t know if what I said was inappropriate if it tap-danced on my head screaming, “I’m inappropriate!!” My flaw is quite embarrassing

  84. One of my odd habits is that I sometimes talk to inanimate objects. Like I’ll tell my computer to stop (when I’m the one controlling it), and most recently, I told my family’s Instant Pot hello, OUT LOUD, when it turned on.😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. I know someone with the same habit. She used to have a conversation with her pencil as she started her essay writing. When I found out, she told me that instead of journaling about her problems, she talks to whatever she has handy. I don’t think you’re weird or anything, just saying. I cannot share the person’s name for privacy reasons BTW.

  85. Okay! Um, odd habits:
    Pacing and ranting at the same time.
    When I’m writing, drawing or concentrating hard on a craft project, I party my lips and make little panting/grunting noises, and it drives my sister crazy!
    I cut my nails way too short. Every time.
    And I have really long hair, and I twist it around on my finger when I’m distracted!

  86. Thank you all for being willing to share your habits. I know it’s embarrassing to share, but God made us who we are for a reason. If someone says that you’re weird because you prefer to hum while you’re taking a test, or get really loud when you’re excited, their wrong (both habits of mine). It’s the way God made you.

  87. Now I told everyone my most embarrassing habit, but here is my most strangest. So everyone knows that to get from Point A to Point B, the shortest distance is a straight line. Well, to make that straight line, I tend to not care about others’ conversations, so I cut right through. I say excuse me, but it is still offensive. It’s a strange one!

  88. Okay everyone, NEW CHALLENGE! I challenge everyone to tell a funny story about yourself. It can be a painful one, embarrassing one or whatever, it just has to be funny. It doesn’t even have to happen to you! Someone you know, or one you witnessed! Mine… well it’s painful. I was riding my bike and my friend was riding behind me. He started yelling

  89. CONT.
    so I looked behind me. A car was coming towards us at a high speed. I turned around, and swerved past a pole. Well, I swerved into the road, hit a speed bump, and fell off my bike. I have done Aikido, a martial art centered around moving the opponent out of the way, so you can run. So my knees locked together on the bike and I did a backwards

  90. CONT.
    summersault. The trouble was, the bike was still between my legs. So instead of landing on my knees and getting up, I got the front tire of my bike into the ground. Trying to get up, I eventually got my head stuck through the body of the bike. It looked like Dr.Frankenstein tried to make a part bike part human thinggy. It took about an hour

  91. CONT.
    to get myself untangled from the bike. I don’t know how I did it, but my head was through the body, my left leg was wrapped up in the hand-brake wires (which didn’t survive), my right leg and left arm were stuck in the back tire. It was about $60 (rounding down) to fix. It was embarrassing, so I never told anyone… until now.

  92. Jell-O: I really love pacing and daydreaming scenes in my story!!! So, that’s sorta like ranting and pacing 😂

  93. TO EVERYONE: My story is not classified, so go ahead and use it in your books! You don’t HAVE to, but if you want, go ahead!

  94. Funny story…
    One of my Dad’s friends went camping once when he was a teenager. He sat down with his family and all the sudden, a boy from another campground walked up and… “Hi, I’m George, do you like marshmallows? I like marshmallows…” And so on. Then he plops down next to them and puts his stick in their fire! After this point they… Cont.

  95. Cont.
    After this point I don’t know exactly what happened, but something like this. The marshmallow started burning but George didn’t see it. so he put it in his mouth when he thought it was done. Then he leapt up and started screaming and running around in circles! It was hilarious.

    1. That’s a good story! George must have something called Autism. It’s a mental disorder that blocks the development of learning such things as social cues, such as not joining someone ELSE’S campfire, and looking at the marshmallow BEFORE sticking it in your mouth.

  96. When I was young, I found a broken piece of glass windchime in our yard. It was like a prism. I thought it was so beautiful, and I played with it for hours! We had this chair that had a springy bottom when you took the cushions off, and I was leaning on the arm of the chair and jumping while singing into the windchime like a microphone when…

  97. Cont
    … I lost my balance and fell over the arm of the chair. The windchime piece sliced into my chin, so deep that my front was soon covered in blood, but thankfully, I didn’t have to get stitches or anything. Almost 10 years later, I still have a scar on my chin!
    (I guess that wasn’t really funny, but that’s the story that came to my mind) 🙂

    1. That’s a good story as well! I have a scar on my arm that used to run down to my elbow and now, 12 years later, only a small portion of it has faded! So I think you have a good story. If you ever write a book about a kid, you should add this. Also, you sing? I bet it’s a LOT better than me. I once cleared my house singing when we had a group there.

      1. Yup, I sing! It sounds a lot better now than it did when I was a little kid! I also play piano for church when the regular pianist is on vacation. I like to harmonize with the radio when I clean!

  98. So Saturday, I was by my mom’s desk and saw something on the floor. Rather than bending over, I used my foot to pick it up. (It sounds super weird to type that lol) If I have my facts right, I bumped my toes on the exercise ball my mom has been using as a chair and managed to catapult myself into it. It was super funny😂😂

    1. ROFL!! I do the same thing! I once tried to pick up a nail with my toes instead of bending over. I didn’t step on it, but I got it stuck in the webbing between my toes and had to pull it out. TIP: When woodworking with bad habits, wear close toed shoes….

  99. Hi everyone do you mind if I join this page.😋 I have some funny stories to tell. ( by the way bethel and nachowasabi, I pick up things alll the time with my toes and it drives my mom crazy😂)

    1. I once tried to pick up a basketball with my elbows. I had a plate of dinner. I bent over to pick it up, completely forgetting about dinner (funny how the brain works, it knows not to just drop the plate, but forgets what’s on the plate) and my dinner slid OFF the plate and onto the ground. It was horrible because it was my mom’s AMAZING rice!

  100. Early this morning, the fire alarm went off and woke everybody up. In a half-asleep daze, I wondered, Is this really happening to me? Could there really be a fire? Well, we discovered my dad sneaking some toast before he slipped out for a meeting. It was burnt! I guess we have an over-active fire alarm– a good thing, but occasionally annoying!

  101. Goodness Jell-o 😯 at my house the fire alarm is over active, doesn’t really work because one time my Dad put something in the oven and there was a little bit of smoke and then we heard something like eebeepbeep eeee really quiet and it was the fire alarm😂😂 and another time my brother burned something soo bad me and my mom ate outside 😂😂

  102. Speaking of smoke, please pray for us in California! We have so much smoke and there are fires all around us! (Thankfully they aren’t to close, but still close!) A lot of people we know have had evacuation notices. I saw one person that had there house really close to the fire today. Thank God no one was in it and the house didn’t burn down!

  103. Speaking of fire alarms, me and my dad went to the Mod Pizza near us, and there was this HUGE alarm that went off. Everyone but me and dad ran outside thinking it was a fire. I didn’t was because I know the manager, and they were putting in a new system with a few bugs. It was funny, seeing everyone trying to run outside with pizza in their hands.

  104. Hay guys, fellow writers, whats up? i know i haven’t been on here in a really long time, things have been super busy on the ranch. anyway had a min and thought i would stop by and say “Hi” i hope y’all are doing good:)

    ~Texas cowboy~

  105. New Challenge: Tell a story about yourself that has something to do with food! For me, when I was a toddler, I ate cold beans right off my highchair! NachoWasabi: You’re good to go, that pizza story was definitely enough😂!

  106. Here, once, I went out to a youth thing, and a lot of us paid to throw some kind of creme pie. I didn’t sign up for anything, but one kid thought I was one of the people that we had to throw pies at, so he threw his pie at ME! Well, the other kids started throwing pies and I became the target. When they were done, not one inch of me was spared.

  107. Here are my stories! Soo one time when I was little my bro and I when to my grandparents ( I think it was during the summer) and we were outside and I had a popsicle and my grandma’s dog walked by and I let her lick the popsicle then I ate the rest and when we got home I remember my brother keep saying she ate the popsicle after the dog did!😂

  108. Here is the other story my great grandma one time went to the store and they had orange slices for 50 scents I think ( just in case you don’t know what orange slices are they are gummy candy that look and tastes like oranges) and my grandma got like 6 bags of orange slices and we ate them for soo long we got sick of them😂

  109. Last story when I was younger I Loved peanut butter I mean I Loved it!! And I used to get a spoon and the peanut butter jar and sit on our big freezer and eat it for as long it took for my parents to find me! 😂😂😋

    1. Though our family doesn’t do that, one of our ideas of a ‘snack’ is a spoonful of plain peanut butter XD! Wow, we are really getting to know each other well. I feel like we’re friends!

      1. we are friends pennybassett!😄💖💖at least i hope we are😅 and me and my brother eat a spoon full of peanut butter too sometimes, my brother likes to eat it with chia seeds!

  110. Here’s my funny food story!
    When I was little, I had a booster seat that strapped onto my chair. For some reason it had a hole in the bottom for something to go through but we never found out what. Well, I was an extremely picky eater in those days, and I discovered that I could shove my broccoli down the hole with a little space left for any

  111. CONT.
    … any other vegetables we might have later! I just kept squishing food in there until there was no room left… and then my parents caught me when they took off the booster seat to clean underneath it. There was all of my squished broccoli, sitting there. Busted!

  112. My story:
    One time we had burgers, fries and pineapple for supper. Well, one of my sisters got a bit of ketchup on a piece of pineapple and I wondered what it’d taste like. So I put some on one of my own pieces. It was delicious! It tasted like fruit punch😂

    1. If we have burgers and some sides, my sisters will try mustard with every single side! They think it’s good with corn chips, grapes, coleslaw, and even Jell-O! (The food kind, not the person commenting right now!) It’s disgusting!

      1. Mustard? Hmm… idk if I’d try that… I would do that (and kinda have done that) with ketchup tho😂 I put a bit on an apple slice. It wasn’t bad. It also wasn’t that good. lol

        1. I guess my sisters are… brave… when it comes to trying food combinations. I think it’s gross!

      1. It was really good actually…😂 I want to put pineapple on a burger now; I’ve heard it’s good.

  113. My baby sister is almost 2 and we have taught her to count to ten. With prompting, she could say them all in order, but now she mixes them up! She is running around the house right now in a little red dress yelling, “One, two, eight, nine, ten, six, ready, wet’s go!” It’s so funny!

  114. I just had to play the piano for church last week because the regular pianist was on vacation, and it was the most nerve-wracking experience ever! I’m so glad I don’t have to do it again this week!

    1. I know just how you feel! Thankfully, I’ve played piano often enough so now I feel pretty good, unless a visitor comes. Then I get nervous. But I was definitely VERY nervous my first few times.
      Do you think you’ll play more?

    2. That’s awesome!!!! I play backup for my church (electric piano on either an organ mix or a strings/bass mix), and yeah, I was nervous too my first time. I forgot to take my foot off the damper pedal… and then I wondered why everything sounded so muddled…🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  115. Speaking of playing the piano I have a funny story about a piano/keyboard if anyone would like to hear it 😋 or I guess read it because you can’t really hear the story😂

      1. Ok so at one time my family were going to this church and their keyboard had to get fixed so the pastor asked everyone if they had a keyboard or something they could barrow for the service until they got theirs back. Well we had this keyboard that was pretty old but it still worked so my dad told the pastor hey we have Cont..

      2. Cont.. a keyboard you can barrow. And the pastor said ok I’m sure it will be fine. Well the next Sunday the pastor said before the singing I’m sorry we have to hear this bad sounding keyboard today the one we usually have messed up. Then the lady started playing it and it really doesn’t sound bad but I was afraid she was gonna press this Cont..

      3. Cont.. this key because when you press this key it was play this song that goes like boom boom aboom boom boom dodio dodio boom boom. And it sounds Really funny and I thought she was gonna press it but she doesn’t ! This happened like 3 or 4 years ago and now I look back at this and I wish she pressed that key it would had been Funny!!!😂😂

  116. Me and my little sister sang with our dad today. My sister was pretty nervous, but it was really fun! Also, although it’s kinda hypocritical, have found that I like/am like Tamika better than Penny.

  117. My piano teacher wants me to play sometime for our church but I don’t feel ready yet.

    1. Tbh, I’ve gotten so much better since I started playing! It prob helps that I’m not the main focus of the music tho. Would you be the main focus or more of a backup type player?

  118. What if you had to change your username to one of the AIO character’s names, but it couldn’t be Whit, Connie, or Eugene? Which would you choose?

    I’d prob do Monica Stone… My other fav characters are guys, so I can’t use their names😉

    1. Um I probably pick suzu or Emily or Mandy I would say Connie because she is my most favorite girl character but you said we couldn’t pick her soo these would be my other choices 😋

  119. Well scents it’s close to thanksgiving how about we say 5 or 10 things we are thankful for 😊 then we can talk about thanksgiving traditions that our family’s do! 😄

  120. bunnyHope,
    1. My family.
    2. My friends.
    3. A warm house.
    4. Adventures in Odyssey.
    5. Snow before Thanksgiving!
    6. My community, a few specific places come to mind.
    Traditions, um, brunch, instead of breakfast and lunch. A thankful tree… I can’t think of any others.

    1. This is just a chat page! We did a writing motivational week over the summer, but now we just hang out. Welcome!

  121. I’m thankful for:
    -My friends
    -My amazing family
    -God’s grace
    -The everyday things I take for granted (running water, electricity, AC, etc.)
    -The gifts God has placed in my life

    As for traditions, I believe we’re going to get together with people from our church, like we did last year. It was so much!

  122. I’m thankful for:
    -My friends
    -My amazing family
    -God’s grace
    -The everyday things I take for granted (running water, electricity, AC, etc.)
    -The gifts God has placed in my life

  123. One thing I take for granted is walking. I sprained one of my toes a few days ago so I couldn’t walk on that foot for a day. The next day I could hobble on my heel and today I can kinda walk on one side of it. Also, when we were saying what our weird habits were I couldn’t think of anything, well here’s one: My legs itch when I do the dishes.

    1. I totally agree! And sights that’s something I take for granted, but man, I’m so glad I have that ability!

  124. I’m thankful for:
    1: God and all his mercy
    2: My INCREDIBLE family and friends
    3: All my blessings
    4: Odyssey
    5: All the ways God has blessed me
    To name a very few!

  125. I am thankful for
    – God’s Word and His guidance
    – My family and friends
    – The new baby who will be coming next summer (!!!!)
    – My bedroom
    – Food, clothes, electricity, etc.
    – The talents I’ve been given
    – Freedom to hold church in these crazy times
    – AIO and all you people commenting on here!

  126. We don’t have many Thanksgiving traditions, but we have a big meal at a friend’s house every year, and we put up the Christmas tree the week after!

    1. One of our newer Thanksgiving traditions is pumpkin bagels on Thanksgiving. We also had three families from our church come over for a big dinner.
      Lol, we start playing Christmas music in November, but we decorate after Thanksgiving.

  127. Hey everyone, what have I missed? Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, school was getting hard to follow. I’m thankful that I’ve met Christ, and he forgives me, to name one. I’m glad the rest of you have stuck with it! If we’re still doing lessons, I have one that I think you guys might like. I’ll post it on that podcast.

  128. Sorry 😣I haven’t been on here in awhile !Anywho I’m thankful for 1 that God has saved a wretch like me and changed me and continues to do so and for His Love Mercy and Forgiveness also His Greatness! 2 May Amazing family and friends (my church family included you guys also😊) 3 cont..

  129. Cont.. 3 and roof over my head a nice bed and clothes 4 I’m just thankful for my life! 5 um my stuffed animals and good food lol oh and Also the Holy Bible !!!😄 traditions my family usually goes to both my grandparents house’s on thanksgiving or go to the other one house the next day Oh and we usually put the Christmas tree up that weekend!😊🌲

  130. 1.AIO!!!
    2.the moderators who spent so much time keeping us safe on here guys and all my freinds on the club!!! yellow pet budgie named captian jack sparrow aka captian
    5.JESUS!!! family
    7.our pool!!! (here in australia it is almost summer and it is so hot everyday the average is 101 degrees Fahrenheit or 39 Celsius!!!)
    And more!!!

    1. I’m just staying home! I don’t think anyone is coming over either. It’ll be quiet, but it usually is. Our fam all lives a good distance away, so we rarely travel back for holidays. Hbu?

      1. Sorry, I only just saw this! My family went to see my grandparents in Georgia. This Christmas was unique not just because of Covid but also because we actually got to travel at Christmas. My dad is a pastor, so our family always comes to us or we see them at New Year’s.

  131. Could you all pray for me? Some of my classmates at school are being unkind to me and others, including removing some of us from a group communication thing we have. that happened to me, and I am dwelling on that instead of my friends who added me back.
    Even just writing this is helping me. Thank you so much!

    1. ill be praying for you CarolineLOTRfan, you and your other friends should pray for the kids that are being mean at school, sometimes they act mean because they are struggling or sad\depressed about something so i encourage you to pray for them and be kind to them because kindness is the best revenge because they expect you to get mad at them. hope this helps you!🙂💕✝

    2. Here’s what I suggest. If they are being mean to you, why don’t you try to be their friend? Find out what kind of coffee they like and get it for them, or you could just be nice to them. Like Bunny was saying, be kind. They 1. Don’t expect it 2. You don’t get in trouble! They might laugh at you at first, but just keep going.

  132. I have a quick question for everyone. What do you do for a living? I whittle spoons, walking sticks, and such. Whittling is like wood carving, but using a knife. Reply to this if you have a job or if you have something you plan to do to get money!

    1. Wow, that’s so cool!!! Right now, I do commissioned sewing projects (pretty infrequently) and I’m helping to edit my dad’s book. Hopefully, when I get older I’ll be able to work from home editing books, preferably with a Christian publishing company.😉

  133. Hey guys, you don’t have to if you don’t want, but I’d like prayer. I’ve been dealing with depression. If you don’t have time, or anything, no judgement. Don’t feel like you have to. BTW, I can’t rewrite things because my spacebar is broken. Thanks…

    1. Of course I’ll pray❤️I saw your comment earlier, and though I couldn’t/didn’t respond, I’ve been praying for you.

    2. ill be praying for you NachoWasabi 🙏💖✝{ i have been praying for you} i understand how you feel i went though a lot of stuff last year and depression was one of them, i encourage you to read the Bible, know that Jesus Loves You!💖 { Romans 5:8, Ephesians 1:3-6} and others do too!💖 know that you are not alone or weird because you have depression there are lots of others that struggle with it as well! and talk to your parents about what you are struggling with or a really close friend that really cares for you and loves you, it really helps to talk about it! Hope this helps😊 ~ bunny Hope💖✝

  134. Sorry, I wrote an earlier comment and I said my spacebar is broken. It’s actually the Backspace. Sorry.

      1. I’m good! Just juggling a lot of deadlines for school😬 (Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you) how are you?

        1. Same. (with juggling school deadlines, I mean.) But overall I’m doing well, thanks! I’m just a little tired.

          1. Glad you’re doing well! Sorry I’m off and on; I have the club too, so it’s hard to balance all of the chat pages.

  135. Hello😄! i hope everyone is doing good, it seems like this chat page is dying sadly. if anyone wants to keep chatting on this page let me know because i have some ideas about things to talk about 😉! – ✝💖 bunny Hope

  136. hi everyone, this really random but i was wondering if anyone else can do aio charters voices, i can do Suzu, Morrie, Mr. Charles ( don’t ask why lol I’ve also have had a dream about him lol), and Connie a little bit! and probably others if i try hard enough!😋 i wonder if anyone can do Eugene or Mr. Rathbone lol 🤣

    1. I can do Bart and a lot of the voices jess harnel can do.
      My fav actor is either jess harnel or Keely Marshall.

  137. No, I can’t do any imitations. My sister can do several tho! None from Odyssey (Tho I bet she could if she tried)

  138. wow! you all can do some great voices! 😆 that’s awesome! this is kinda random but does anyone else make up different characters with their friends, and play games with them lol because i do and we have made up a LOT of characters and they all have different voices and we have even drawn some of them

    ( i can also do buck a little bit ;p)

  139. I’m sorry, y’all, but I’m going to leave this page. I’m a part of an online forum, and that with OAC adds to a lot of screen time. Plus I’m never on here anymore, so… 🙁
    It’s been great getting to know you all! God bless each and every one of you❤️❤️

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