The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

June 17, 2020: From the hallways at Focus on the Family to the microphones of Adventures in Odyssey

Joe Oppelt, voice of the train announcements in "Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles"
Joe Oppelt, voice of the train announcements in “Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles”

Dozens of Focus on the Family employees have voiced roles in Adventures in Odyssey over the year. It’s time to hear a few of their stories!

Vio Burdin, voice of Mrs. Ogden in "Divided We Fall"
Vio Burdin, voice of Mrs. Ogden in “Divided We Fall”
Kelly Sargent, voice of the bridal shop employee in “A Very Bassett Wedding”
Maurice Diaz, voice of the security guard in “Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles”
Thomas Jeffries, voice of the soccer coach in “Rightly Dividing”
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      1. Hey Rachel! This is djcap8/Betsy/Arianna from the club. how do you like my nickname lol do you recognize it 😆 Anyway I told Raps you’re coming back and she is telling Sarah. Looking forward to chatting again! We miss you!

      2. So how long does it take to post a comment ? Is it about the same as in the club? (5 minutes to an hour) or does it take longer? Are there Mods?

  1. Joe Oppelt has a great voice! It sounds like someone else form Odyssey. Who is it?
    Oof. That’s gonna bug me. LOL

      1. Walter something played by Jack Blessing. You’re right, it is a lot alike! Joe Oppelt’s voice might be a little lower, I think.

  2. I think I’ve figured something out! If you enter your email address, you see a preview of your comment before it is posted, but if you don’t enter it, you don’t see it until it posts, like everyone else.

  3. Thank you so much Adventures in Odyssey !! 😊🤩 I really love your dramas! 💖^0^✨ and the people who do the voices are very amazing and just great!!

  4. Okay, so I guess I will combine both usernames I use on this website, since its against the rules to post under multiple usernames. So now I’m LiaCupcake/Snowstorm, instead of LiaCupake normally, and Snowstorm on the FrostClan page.
    Wow, my all usernames have been Lia, LiaCupcake, Snowstorm, and Snowstar. Sorry about that, and for the confusion.

          1. We were coming up with nicknames, and I was going to be Rae, but I don’t like the Ray in Star Wars, so we just went with Ro.

    1. YYYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!congradulations, Rachel!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  5. I was on the Writer’s page and I was in the middle of typing a comment when . . . The ‘post comment’ button was gone!!!😮 Is it too old to comment on now?!?!?😕 Did this happen to anyone else, or was it just me?

  6. In case y’all missed me…. I’m done commenting for a long while (maybe forever?) it was fun guys! Most likely you didn’t notice or forgot ‘cause it’s been awhile but just letting you know😛

    1. @MOOCOWVAL:
      We just have a race to see who comments first. We don’t win anything, but its fun. And I like your name, by the way!

  7. @Moocowval
    Are you the Val that chats in the club?!?!?! I am Ro!!! I will be back in the club soon. Could you tell Sarah/LoveBug12 and Raps/FlyingFryingPan that I will be back soon? The 1st and 2nd thing is just people try to get the first comment on new podcasts.

    1. Hang on… not trying to barge into your conversation here, but are you Ro as in Roho? I’m AQ, from the Club!!
      If you aren’t Roho, this is probably really weird. 🙂

  8. @Moocowval
    I can chat with you! Sorry if I am talking to you a lot. I am kinda lonely now that my club membership ran out so I can’t chat anymore. 🙁

    1. I know! I don’t really like Mandy, but this is one of the episodes I think she is absolutely adorable in. I can’t believe Bart sent her the doll back!

  9. Moriah: When the post comment button disappears, that means you have posted more than 500 characters (letters or emojis). Once you see you have 0 characters left, that means you can’t write anymore or else you won’t be able to post it and the post comment button will disappear again. This happened to me before. Hope this helps and makes since.

  10. Soooo…..
    we were going to go to see my dad’s family, but my aunt and uncle tested positive for COVID. Please pray that they will get better and that we can go see them

      1. Thank you! They are feeling a lot better. We are now planning to go see them in the last week of September. Instead of going to Texas, where all my dad’s family is, we are all going to meet in FL. We are renting out a HUGE mansion! (lol, I am super excited)

  11. If Agentx10 and Agentx14 are here, could I join the Agency? But I still want to be PennyBasset. I might be able to be PennyBasset/Agentx#. Thanks.

  12. The only sad thing about commenting here, is a takes a really long time for the comments to be moderated. I was kinda wishing that when they updated the site, they would moderate comments faster. Well, maybe next update.

  13. How is everyone? I am good. Anyone need prayer? My aunt and uncle tested positive for COVID, so if you could pray for them, that would be great.

    1. ok, I will pray! but I wouldn’t worry to much because I know people who tested positive for COVID too and they just got a little sick.

    1. I totally remember you!!! How are you doing? I am so glad you chat here. (been kinda lonely since my membership ran out, but I should get another one by July 4)

    1. This might sound weird, but I was trying to understand your username, and I was wondering if the WWII in your username is just for the war, or if you play the Call of Duty WWII. (I don’t play it, but my brothers and dad play it)

  14. i have no name says: LOL Hey! Welcome to the club! You can call me Naomi or, Na10 (but, you could probably tell from my screen name lol). See you around

  15. Bethel: I am good. Busy, but excited about what this page is about to become! We lost our internet today but, praise God it is back on! Hope you and your family are safe and healthy 🙂

  16. PennyBassett: Glad you are here too! By the way, you can just call me Naomi or, Na10 if it makes things easier for you. Looking forward to being a team member with all of you on here!

  17. Naomi:
    That’s great! Yeah, I think this’ll be an awesome page.😄
    My family is doing great, thank God. Hbu?

  18. So this will be NaomiorNa10’s idea page… We should come up with an official name for it! 😊 Very excited to start on August 1st!

  19. Also, August 1st is going to be a Saturday. Since the Mods take a break from posting our comments on weekends (which is totally understandable), we won’t be able to have conversations about our writings on here until Monday. But, I encourage everyone to still keep on striving to write! Is everyone good with this?

  20. Bethel: Thank you! I am doing well. Me and my Mom have been painting the dinning room. I got to paint the celling with a roller! First time and she says it looks great! I am an artsy person, so my Dad wasn’t suprised that I did a good job 🙂 I also boughts some shoes today! Every girls favorite thing to shop for! Hope you have a great day!

    1. That’s great! My sibs and I did some painting over winter break last year; it was pretty fun! Tho I got paint on my hair bc I bumped/brushed the ceiling with my head while we were painting it.😜
      I love shopping! Clothes, fabric, books… all of it!

  21. Naomi,
    A lot of work, a lot of writing, and a lot of exhaustion. 😛 My book’s almost done, and has really started progressing so fast I can hardly keep track of it, lol! How about you? What projects are you working on?

  22. Lesson 1: 8/1/20

    Now you may be wondering, what does studying have to do with writing? Well, It has a LOT to do with writing. Do you have a favorite author(s)? Why do you like their books? Is it because of the story or the characters? Study how they put things together. Do they tell you everything at once, or do they leave some details

  23. Cont.
    for the very end? One of my favorite books, Paperboy, written by Vince Vawter, leaves out the character’s real name. The character has a stuttering problem and can’t even say his name without fainting. The author waits until the very end of the book to tell you the name. Why? I think the answer is simple. To hook the reader. You can add

  24. Cont.
    all these details to hook the reader, or you can use the reader’s curiosity against them. You can keep details from them for later so they will keep reading to find out these details. Try studying a book that you like. Find out how they start the book. Figure out why they started it that way, and try learning from them. As you read, look for

  25. Cont.
    things you’ve never seen before. Maybe the author starts their book with someone talking. Maybe they start the book with a bang. However they grow the tree that is their book, try learning from them.

    HOMEWORK: Read the beginning, middle, or end (wherever you are in your writing) of (one of) your favorite book(s). Don’t copy them word for

  26. Cont.
    word. Just figure out how they do things, and try adding a little of that into your book. (Remember homework I assign is always optional. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of the homework I want you too, that’s fine! Just reply to this comment and (if you want) say why you don’t feel comfortable. And remember, there are NO stupid questions)

  27. HELLO EVERYONE!!! So, I know it is Saturday and you all probably won’t be able to see this comment until Monday (which is ok). I still want to encourage everyone to strive to write today! (August 1st!). I am so excited that we are going to become a team! I am excited to see how God is going to use us and see how our stories come out. God bless!

  28. Saturday:
    Started working on a story I thought of a long time ago and thought I’d finally give it a shot!
    I wrote on lined paper, so I can’t give you a word count, but I got to 13 lines on (large sized) college ruled paper before I got interrupted and had to put down my project. That would be about half a page if I typed it out.

  29. Oh no! You guys, I’m so sorry! I completely forgot about this until today. I’ll stick around for the rest of this, but I’m so sorry!!! *facepalm*

  30. NachoWasabi: Phenomenal lesson! Thank you! And, PennyBassett: Great job! That is better than I did! Also, I just want to ensure everyone that if you have an unexpected plan pop up and you miss a day or two of writing, that is ok. It happens to everyone. The main thing is to try your best. Great job to PennyBasset and NachoWasabi!

  31. Nacho Wasabi:
    We are still doing lessons on the Writer’s Page. This is just where we post how much we wrote daily, and offer encouragement. The lessons and homework still happens on the real writers page.

    1. Oh… Oops. Thanks! To MODERATORS: Please cancel any other comments that say that this page is the lessons page.

  32. K! I wrote 675 words on one book in 30-45 min (somewhere in there, lol). I did that today, but I’ll post what I do tonight tomorrow. And sorry, Naomi, but I won’t be on at nights for advice, but I will be on during the day! NachoWasabi, you got the night shift (if you want it). 😛

  33. For me I have a book I am currently working on with a family member. I have started two other stories but they are on hold. I, If anyone knows the hero’s journey, am not even halfway on my book I am finishing with my friend, and someone (Not me. Totally not me) erased all my hard work a week ago, so I have to restart from scratch…

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