The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Come see the softer side of Drake

Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer apprentice Zach Schneider (a newcomer to the podcast and team!) discover Drake’s softer side in this month’s Club adventure: “Drake and the Aberrant Automaton
Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer apprentice Zach Schneider (a This month’s Club Adventure: “Drake and the Aberrant Automaton”

Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer apprentice Zach Schneider (a newcomer to the podcast and team!) discover Drake’s softer side in this month’s Club adventure: “Drake and the Aberrant Automaton.” 

From left: Writer Bob Hoose, sound designer apprentice Zach Schneider, host Bob Smithouser, host Jesse Florea
From left: Writer Bob Hoose, sound designer apprentice Zach Schneider, host Bob Smithouser, host Jesse Florea

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      1. It would be so cool to be able to get more free episodes. Anyways, I love to listen every time I am free. So if possible please tell me how I can have access to more. Thanks!

        1. @DunnLibertyErin, have you ever heard of the odyssey scoop? It actually has free episodes, and when you search it up, look for where it says Episodes. I hope this helps.

      2. Hi do you have the club thing I’m a boy just to let you know I’m excited to see the knew audio to listen to🤗

  1. I thought this podcast would never come out! Cuz it comes out usually
    On Tuesday 😂
    Oh well congrats to whoever got first!

  2. Hey guys what’s up!!!! I was wondering when this podcast would come out 🙂

  3. Oh I was soooo close!
    2nd place is the closest I’ve gotten
    Congratulations anonymous 3

  4. I got a new gold fish yesterday i named him jar jar binks form the guy in star wars he just sleeps eats and repeat it gets kinda boring watching him but i love him anyway dose anyone else have a fish🐟🐋🐳

      1. I used to have fish and my favorite one died after a week!
        One of my fish (his name was blue) lived for FIVE years

    1. Hi Jules (aka my surfing sister) I have a fish names Toes William Shakespeare the second. He’s a red betta. Also, have you guessed yet that I’m the reader and writer you love?

    1. Yes I need all the prayer I can get for a personal thing me and my family is going through the thank you so much 😪

  5. Wow! I’m like, the tenth ( I think ) person to comment! EVERYONE BETTER REMEMBER TO SHIP SNELSON!!! 😉
    ( Nelson Swanson+ Suzu Rydell =❤️ )

    1. You really want Nelson and Suzu to be a thing!!!!🤣🤣
      I didn’t know Nelson and Suzu knew each other. Oh well, I must have missed that episode 😅 😂 😳

      1. Um, after all these months of me commenting?

        Okay, here we go:
        Nelson Swanson: I hope you know who he is.
        Suzu Rydell: I bet you know who she is.
        Okay, so now ship them! ( That means make them have a crush on each other)

        Alright, I hope now you all know what it means, AND DON’T FORGET TO SHIP SNELSON! 😉

        1. Never heard of this ship but ill ship it
          I also ship jaya (jay and not from ninjago) and ezrabine (Ezra and Sabine from star wars)

  6. I honestly am not a huge fan of the drake episodes. They are just very uninteresting to me

      1. I’m just me it’s all that I can be the only road I know is the one that I can see I’m not gonna lie I feel lost sometimes but don’t doubt me at all cause I’m learning to read the signs that lead me back to where my heart and soul feels free we’re I’m just Me😋🎶🎶

  7. Since all of us heard all of album 72 The Long Road Home, I wonder when they will talk about the behind the scenes of all of the episodes of album 72 in a podcast. Because recently they just put behind the scenes in general and behind the scenes of exclusive club episodes of Adventures in Odyssey. Does everyone agree about all this?

  8. Hi
    Congrats to whoever got first
    This is so silly how we race to see who can get fiat silly but fun 🙃
    Have a great day everyone

  9. Woah! This is the closest I’ve ever been to first! Usually everyone has started commenting by when I come in.

  10. Hey guys
    Monty has come a long way!!! He’s one of my favorites from Odyssey 😁

  11. Hello! How are you guys? I am listening to Member of the family! Great episode! Check it out!

  12. Noooooooooooooooooo!!! My gold fish named jar jar binks died today he only lived a week it’s
    So so sad but I’m gonna get a new one I’m going to name him yoda I really hope this fish last a little
    Bit longer than jar jar bunks at least a month or 😭😱

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a pet a year or two ago, and I know how it feels. Just remember that God is always with you, comforting you, and he always turning things out for the better.

      1. Don’t worry im not that sad that he died because he was only a feeder gold fish he was also only 35 cents so he was relly cheap yesterday i got a new one that will last longer named yoda😂

    2. I had a fish once but he died, a couple years later I got a new one but he also died.So I definitely know what It’s like to lose a pet.

      1. Thanks for the comfort but im relly not sad the comment was kinda a joke and i got better fish now

      2. our friend who lives with us used to have two dogs who lived in our backyard b/c my mom is allergic to dogs gave them to winter homes but decided to let our friend friends keep them

  13. Hey I don’t have the club, but is Stella/Emily the robot, and do her and Drake fall in love? Anyone who knows please answer.

      1. did you know that J. R. R. Tolken and C. S. Lewis, writer of Narnia, were friends.

  14. Who in the world is Drake? I don’t have the club so I have no idea.
    He looks sooo cool on the picture.😁

  15. hi will someone pray for me because my school is doing the play Peter Pan at the end of March and I have to play Wendy and I am really nervous

  16. Can you imagine Whit mad!!!???!!! I mean Monty and Jana must have really pulled his leg and pulled it off AND really pushed his button. Whit is the person you talk to when your mad not the one who’s mad!!!! I kind of thought it was sad and a little funny at the same time. I had no idea Whit neglected Jana, that’s so so sad.

    1. Yeah I wasn’t a fan of that episode cuz I thought whit was too mad and yelled too much at everyone

  17. Who here listens to Average Boy? He’s amazing!!! I know I’m a little too old for it since it’s for 8-12 year olds, I still enjoy listening to him!!🤣🤣😂😂

    1. Aye,same I am to old
      But I listen to him on spotify and I read him in clubhouse magazine

  18. Hello! My real name is Elizabeth. I live in Pennsylvania. My favorite color is green what is yours? And welcome Savannah😻.

    1. Hello! My real name is Emma. I live in North Carolina. My favorite color is gray/green/blue mixed together.

  19. Are the free trials going to be available on the club again? “Eugene has been tinkering with the site” is all it says, but it’s been down for like 2 or so months already, much to our disappointment ):

  20. Cool!!!! I live in Florida it’s super cool!!! It’s got a lot of nice beaches!!!

  21. Hey has anyone seen ILOVEDANNYGOKEY lately? I hope she’s okay. 😐😔😟

  22. Back for a quick minute! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who expressed their love and friendship for me and the best wishes for my exciting future!

    Wishing all the best to you!

    Keep the OOOTD page going! Your outfits are looking great! Feel free to continue the contests! Will enjoy peeking in from time to time(if I have time)

  23. Does anyone here like books?
    If so, we would love to see you on the book page started by Olivia💕 (couldn’t find her emojis)
    It’s on the what does a book editor do anyways page.
    Please join us.

  24. If you like books go to the “what would a book editor do anyway “ page we talk about anything book

  25. Does anyone else have this thought, when Townsend Coleman talks you immediately want to listen to all the aio with Jason in them? But what’s even worse is when you have adventures in odyssey ablum 1- 37 on cassette 😑. I think I’m getting old.

    1. Yeah!!!! Townsend Coleman is one of my favorite Odyssey actor. 😍

      1. Same!😁 I think I’ve listened to everything with townsend Coleman in it! Don’t you thing he needs a whole album about Jason and the rest of his characters, I think that would be awesome!

  26. Hi! Would anyone be my friend? I’m between 11 and 16! I live in New York and I do not have any siblings!

    1. hi, I’ll be your friend! I’m between the ages of 12 and 17, and I have 8 siblings.
      I live in a small town in Wisconsin. is your name Lily or Lilia?

    2. Hey I’ll be your friend!!! I’m between the ages 12 and 15. I live in Florida and I have 7 siblings.

  27. Also I REALLY hope they don’t take out Eugene!! Thats one Of my favorite Characters!!!!!!!

    1. Eugene is one of my favorite Characters to!

  28. @Jules
    Yes! Everyone who I tell that I have it then looks at me like I just said the weirdest thing on plantet earth. Thank you for not making me feel weird!

      1. I’m saying I finally don’t feel weird, you’re not weird at all and I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way. What’s your favorite track?

  29. Just wanted to say that I still read these from time to time so if you want to ask me something or tell me something I may be able to answer later…

    Hope that you are all doing well!

    If you read these still…Goodbye. I saw that you are leaving too. Thanks for friending me!

  30. Hey, can you guys pray my baby brother.
    He is sick right now and he’s been really uncomfortable,and it would mean a lot if you would pray for him.

  31. Hey twice adopted aka sparkling diamond 💎aka ta since moon is gone i can be your friend just if you want i dont relly have any ftends cause im new tew to commenting to odyssey

  32. My Hospital Update
    I had physical therapy all of this week. I am not feeling well, one of the reasons I haven’t been commenting. I really missed you guys. Danger’sDaughter how are you doing? I really miss chatting with all of you, but I might not be doing it much. But I will be peeking in every once in a while.

    1. It’s so good to hear from you!!!!! I’ll be praying for you. I’ve been doing okay!!! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. 😔
      Have you been listening to the recent episodes of AIO? Have you seen When Calls The Heart?

      1. I love the episodes they have been airing. They are very interesting. I love When Calls the Heart. The new episodes air every Sunday. I love them every time. They get better and better.

  33. I kinda just said hot chocolate gotta go because my mom called me down stairs for hot chocolate

    1. I guessd it was something like that
      Sounds exactly what I would say to my freind when we are face timing

          1. @ Olivia
            wow Thanks for freinding me
            You sound like a sweet girl i wish i
            Could meet you in person by the way i change my name
            To spider girl just if you don’t know

  34. Yo sup? Has anyone seen NF lately? She hasn’t commented in a while. Did she leave a while ago?

    1. I’m still here lol. I just don’t comment as much as I used to 😁
      How are you doing? What are you up to lately?

      1. Cool!!!!
        I’m GREAT!!!! How are you? I’ve been…well…living my life!!!! I’m really excited b/c my aunt( the one I’m closest to) is going to adopt this super cute little girl!!! She probably going to be my new fashion buddy!!!🤣🤣

  35. I can kind of relate to A Simple Addiction. Believe it or not when I was 7 my Mom told all of us on vacation that we were going to have another baby and Charity( ChatwithC) and I said, ” Do we have to have another one of those things”. My mom laughs at the memory to this day. That baby is now my rather annoying sister.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. I can’t wait till As Buck Would Have It!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like forever!!!!!😆😃😛🥳🤪

  37. I wonder how old Whit is…he’s got to be like 100. There’s been like 3 voices for Whit so he probably going ” to live forever “. He’s ancient!!!!
    No Offense of course

    1. Yeah he’s probably really old!
      Even when other characters moved grew old and some (like Tom Riley ) even died!
      But whits always been there from the very beginning and for me it’s kinda odd
      They’ll probably have whit forever!

    2. It’s actually estimated that he’s around 97 in the rydell saga. He’s pretty ancient!

  38. I wish they would stop doing behind the scenes of the club specials. I find it really annoying because I don’t have the club and I prefer listening to the older ones. Maybe it would be nice to listen to funny bloopers in the first episodes when the actors were just starting. This is just an idea.
    P. S. Who else here used to ship Eugene and Connie?

  39. Who hear has listened to recollections I never thought it was sad until it starts playing the piano music,like when the docter was telling whit a bout jenny😣😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. Hey guys, I don’t know if any of you like LOTR or not, but I finally started a Tolkein/Middle Earth fan page. It’s on the ‘End of an Odyssey Career’ page, if anyone is interested. My plan is to have trivia, challenges, and just talk about LOTR. (Both books and movies.) So if anyone wants to check it out, it’s there!

  41. Whats your fav funny odyssey quote
    Mine is
    Is the episode crash coarse
    Connie: this is the key
    Jules: the key to driving well?
    Connie: no the key to the car

    Also from crash corse
    Connie:now what is the first thing to do when you get in a car?
    Jules: select the music?
    Connie:no! Buckle your seat belt!

    1. I like the one where Connie is teaching Eugene to drive and she says
      Connie: what is this?
      Eugene: A KEY.
      Connie: Wich way do we turn it?
      Eugene: Awayyy from us.😆😆😂

    2. This funny line is not form odyssey but it’s form a tv show i like if someone can guess what show it is I’ll tell my real name if not you’ll never know

      Kate: I hate leaving leaveing a gob unfinished

      constintes: We know we’ve seen you eat

    3. I love how Connie tells Jules the same things that she told Eugene when she is teaching them how to drive!😂

  42. I don’t member which episode this is from but this quote is funny too
    Customer: I want that piece of art!
    Penny: that’s the sign for the bathroom

    1. I have a few… but here’s one of my favorites
      From the Episode named Broken window
      Mathew: I Don’t know?
      Rodney: But you don’t not know!
      Mathew:Yeah I mean no, I don’t know. I guess
      Rodney: so if you don’t not know then you do know. And if you know the answer isn’t no then you know there’s no way you can know I broke the window.
      Mathew: Huh?

  43. Hey can you guys pray for me? I’m having a hard time finding my true identity. Some people ( I’m not naming any names), I think, are stripping me away from me. Does that make sense? Let me know if it doesn’t.

    1. You could tell her how you feel or ask her what happened that made her so mean to you. Maybe something is going on with her and she doesn’t know how to express it exactly. Is that helpful?

  44. @ Jules
    Would you like to be friends?
    If not that’s fine
    You kinda remind me of my friends for some reason
    But you don’t have to be friends with me if you don’t want to

    1. Yes were are now friends
      by the way it’s not jules any more
      Now it’s spider girl

  45. I don’t remember the specific name, but it’s the episode where Jillian is tribe to get a job:
    Jillian:Let’s go be a meteroligist
    Connie: meteORoligist
    Jillian: There’s two jobs

  46. Hey tiger just out of curiosity are you girl or boy sorry if that sounded rude 👨👩

  47. Hey guys this is my last comment being Jules now on im going to be spider girl because im really in to marvel movie’s right now and Spiderman is real cool has any one here seen home coming Spiderman 👊🔝

    1. Have ya seen spidey verse?
      If so fave song from it? Mine is sup danger?
      If not at should watch it

  48. Hi Guys! Sorry I haven’t been on lately.I’ve been busy with homeschool🏡 @Olivia💕🎼 Do you want to be friends?If you don’t that’s fine.I can’t wait till As Buck Would Have It Parts 2&3!! I’ve been waiting for this soooo long!!🥳I even wondered if they wondered if they would ever release it! Just so you know, Emma💜and Emma💝and Emma💕are the same!

    1. Hey! I am homeschooled, too and my real name is Emma also! I haven’t used my real name because I saw you have the same name. Wanna be friends?

  49. hello people have you listened to album 72 its so cool have you listened to “as buck would have it“it is soooooooooooooo amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you listened to adventure 6“ between camp and a hard place“ wyaatt needs wifi

    1. The song we don’t talk about Bruno is blowing up all over the internet also my guess is that you’re secretly lizzy tell me if I’m right but if your not lizzy then who are you🎸

      1. Dun dun dun we don’t talk about covid no no no we don’t talk about coviid
        we don’t talk about Covid no no no we don’t talk about BUT it was my birthday (it was my birthday ) we were getting ready and there wasn’t a sneeze in the room (no sneezing in the room ) covid walks in with a terrible sneeze THUNDER ! You telling this story or am I XD Ta-da

  50. TRQ:
    What is your favorite part of the human face and why?

    If you were a scientist, what scientist would you be?

  51. @ tiger and Olivia
    Thanks for friending me just so you know i have long blonde hair blue eyes and I’m always wereing a flat brim cap i like skateboarding snowboarding drawing guitar and marvel
    I have 3 siblings and everyone calls me queen of pranks i would really like to know what your hobbys and interests are to

    1. I love playing piano
      Composing music
      Watching movies
      Roller blading

    2. I don’t really have any hobbies I just like to read play outside
      I’m a girl I have brown hair down to my elbows blue green eyes
      I also play piano

    3. Just so you know i have long blonde hair blue eyes and i like skateboarding drawing and singing.
      I have 2 siblings and everyone calls me queen of pranks, too. I would really like to know what your hobbys and interests are too

  52. In the wiki they just added the title to album 73 and what each episode is about. So by seeing that I am wondering if they are going back to another hiatus by reading in between the lines of what the next album is about. I remember that they did this for after album 50. I hope that they will not do that again and just keep on producing more ep.

  53. @dangers daughter
    Last night i had the craziest dream that i met you and and we became friend’s I’m not joking 😴😄

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      I also had a series of dreams that I met all of you on here at and AIO conference. It was an awkward dream. It made me very hopeful. I hope I get to meet all of you. BTW do you want to be friends? It’s okay if you don’t want to be.

  54. we don’t talk about bruno, Encanto is a great movie
    What is your fav song?
    Mine is probably waiting on a miracle
    Who is your fav character?
    Mine is Mirabel

    1. No, I love your name!
      But you can if you want to.

  55. I don’t know why but my dog is sitting on the floor crying because i gave him a treat🐶🐕🍦

  56. Who likes tom the guy who plays Spiderman in home coming i know you do spider girl

  57. You know what
    I was thinking if two people posted first comment at the EXACT SAME TIME who would get first!?

  58. I wish the adventures in odyssey club membership was cheaper because I really really want to get it but my mom and dad said we dont have enough money 🙁 is there some kind of discount I can get???

    1. I really want the new album a long road home but they are super expensive. my mom and dad said they wanted to buy it for me but they said it is far too expencise

  59. This is going to be my last comment.
    Thank you for being my friend Tiger and ACNH Tapawingo by Ada Stella 😀

  60. Hey girls and guys. I’ve been having troubles with my mom. she always is angry with me and always expects too much of me. i dont now what to do. pls help.

    1. I am not sure that the AIO comment page is the best place to discuss Parental/Children issues! However, I recommend praying and maybe examining yourself to make sure that you’re not assessing your Mom in pride. Most of the time our parents want the best for us and if we don’t want it we can view them as expecting too much!

  61. I did not write the comment Guys I’m bord i wish someone would kidnap me so i could go on an adventure, someone has my name.

  62. Pretend it does not have any effect show her you have your own expectations DragonDefender. BE YOUR OWN DEFENDER . oh YEAh!😼

  63. Katie if you like LOTR, go to the end of Odyssey career page where we do trivia and talk about LOTR

  64. DragonDefender, just be patient. I know it’s difficult, but keep praying for her and that God would give you patience.

  65. @Katie
    Hey, I do! (If you couldn’t tell by my name lol.) If you want I started a LOTR fan page, its on the “end of an Odyssey career” page. We have trivia and fun questions and just talk about LOTR. I would love to have you join us!

  66. Hey, to anyone who likes LOTR, you’re welcome to join the conversations at the LOTR fan page. Its on the End of an Odyssey Career podcast page. I’ll hopefully see you there!

  67. I have my own horse, his name is Raven.🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🏇🏇🏇🐎🐎🐎

  68. Hello AIO Friends! Just a reminder to please review the commenting guidelines that are at the bottom of the comments section. We want you to have fun but please be respectful.

    1. I do gymnastics ,And I love horses so so much ,I have long blonde hair ,and blue eyes, I love to draw ,and Cook ,And decorate cakes ,and my best friends name is Kylie……..🐴 So can you be my friend,,,,, Please pretty please I beg you😩😩😩😳😳

  69. 💜 #danger’ daughter#💜 can you be my friend!….🐴

  70. Hello dearest writers,
    Hope you would take to making Buck and Jules official one of the episodes to come…

  71. Hello there this is Eleanor
    Very nice to be writing today
    I really enjoyed this podcast it is a very
    Interesting podcast but I like that

  72. There seems to be lots of confusion happening on the boards lately. So, here is another reminder to only post under your own username. We love to hear your stories about what’s happening in your life, but it’s getting hard to tell who is who. Please stop pranking and be respectful of each other.

  73. I love aDVENTURES IN ODYSSEY SO much oops i hit caps lock. there are a lot of closed comment sections on other podcasts says:

    i’m exited for this podcast.

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