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Why didn’t “A Dickensian Dilemma” have an ending?

"A Dickensian Dillemma," January 2022's Club adventure
“A Dickensian Dillemma,” January 2022’s Club adventure

Writer/director Phil Lollar and executive producer Dave Arnold share how Dr. Seuss, the math problem 2+2, and the author of “A Christmas Carol” all connect to this month’s Club adventure.

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  1. Hi everyone! My family just moved to Thailand from Texas in November because my dad got a job at ECB (International Church of Bangkok)! Thailand is in Asia, and I have left my friends behind and as you would imagine, it was hard. But god was good, and I’ve made some new friends pretty fast here (from youth group). By the way, am I first?😁

  2. Hi I am first lol 😂

    Hi my name is Ava and I have 5 dogs 7 horses I also live in Canada 🇨🇦 I have 4 bros and 5 sisters lol

    1. Your from Canada that’s cool which state I lived in Alberta Canada for two years now we love in Mexico how are you would you like to be friends

      1. @astrid
        Yes I do
        But soon it will be 5 bros and 5 sis because my mom is pregnant she will be having baby zeke in 2 months

  3. Hey guys how are you doing I’m probably not first 😋😅😂but congrats to who ever got first 😘😁👍🏼

  4. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that next week will be my last week commenting here! I have enjoyed commenting with you all!

    I don’t think that I’ll ever be back…If I am it will be a while. However, I will continue for another week. Then I’ll say my goodbyes

  5. @ava
    You have 7 horses!!!,!
    I LOVE HORSES!,!!,
    I want a horse soooooo
    Bad but we can’t get one because we live in a suburb
    Anyway would you like to be friends?
    Are you new here

    1. @olive way
      Yes I do I mean my fam does we are thinking of getting more
      And of course I would love to be friends
      And yes I am new
      My name is Avery but you can call me Ava to your chose what can I call u

    2. Sure of course I would love to be your. Friend if u feel comfortable could u tell me your name so I know what to call u if not no problem

      1. Sure!
        My name is Olivia
        Olive way is actually one of my nicknames
        The other ones are. Oliver and Olympia and olive

    1. I make hats out of yarn
      I read
      I walk our dogs and play with them
      Play with our chickens
      Cuddle our cats
      And I ride our horses
      I also love to read and listen to aio

      I also like to bake

      Hope this answers your question

  6. Does anyone know when The Blackgaard Chronicles book 6 will come out?

  7. Vote to bring back the Barclay Family, commenting

    Jimmy, Donna, Stuart Mary George!

    1. heyyy fellow cc member! i’m in challenge 1, i remember being in your class… how do you like latin?

  8. Hello. I want a horse so bad i feel like crying.
    So much want but i need to be thankful so if i was wondering if y’all could pray for that for me.

    — Jada R.

    1. I’ll pray for you. I also have a problem as well, I really wanted a phone and eventually got one. Now I don’t want my mom to think I go on my phone too much, so I’ve been praying about it.

  9. Hi I have some exciting new my boyfriend proposed to me today I said yes I am engaged yay 😁
    I really like buck and Jules me and my boyfriend listen to aio all the time is anyone married or engaged here if so can I have some advice on what to do for are wedding thanks ohhh I am so excited

    Clare the bride to be

    1. Congratulations Clara hope the wedding goes well I am not engaged so can’t help there lol but will pray it all goes well

    2. Thanks so much Clara for saying yes I love u Clara
      Your fiancé

      Hey guys thanks for the encouraging words

    1. ME TOO!!!!!
      I’ve been wanting a horse for like
      It’s too bad I live in a neighborhood 😒☹️😟😕

  10. Hey positive I know a solution
    You get horse back riding lessons
    Or go to horses camp
    Or help someone at there farm with horses
    Hope this btw I have 7 horses well I mean our fam have 7 horses

  11. I love adventures in odyssey, and the teem. I love Emily and Tamika, Matthew, Jules and Camilla. What are your favorite adventures in odyssey characters?

  12. So pray for me, we have ski retreat and I don’t want to go, cuz I’m an emotional wreck and have cried , so much in the past few days. And I know I’ll regret it if I don’t go, cuz I’m in middle school and I weigh 180lbs. If that paints a picture. So yea

    1. Praying Is it because u weight 180 pounds
      Don’t worry but I know middle schooler tend to worry a lot about how they look I worry about stuff like that
      My friend won’t mention names
      160 pounds and she was ten
      But she was really nice it really didn’t matter how much she weight
      If u want to loose wait we could start a weight lose page together

    2. Hi kaylee my name is Eliza
      I have a twin sister named Emily
      I weight 86 pounds I am in grade six my sister is also in grade six but she weights 140 pound and everyone makes fun of her and say to me “ is that really your twin sis “
      It’s so mean of them she may weight more then most grade six but she is an amazing sis and really nice and kind

  13. I love the Long End parts 1,2, and 3. Especially because my favorite character Monty is on it.

  14. Hi I have some exciting new my boyfriend proposed to me today I said yes I am engaged yay 😁
    I really like buck and Jules me and my boyfriend listen to aio all the time is anyone married or engaged here if so can I have some advice on what to do for are wedding thanks ohhh I am so excited

    Clare the bride to be

  15. Hey guys there is a horses page on Olivia and Zoe: Friends for life… on and off the show
    Come join
    We share our horses

  16. Hey guys there is a horses page on Olivia and Zoe: Friends for life… on and off the show
    Come join
    It’s a new page so I need help get it started

  17. Hi, everyone
    I WANT A HORSE soooooooooo bad!
    What is ya’ll’s favorite breeds
    I LOVE appaloosas(think I’m spelling that right😅)

  18. I also really LOVE cats. My piano teacher has 2 kittens, and my cousin has 2 as well 😍
    We have a dog but my Dad’s uncertain about getting a cat (he thinks our dog will eat it😬)

  19. Ava, I seriously love how many horses/cats you have
    Also, I have nine siblings, 4 sisters and 5 brothers
    Also I forgot to post my name on the I love horses, and the I love cat posts

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