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Why didn’t “A Dickensian Dilemma” have an ending?

"A Dickensian Dillemma," January 2022's Club adventure
“A Dickensian Dillemma,” January 2022’s Club adventure

Writer/director Phil Lollar and executive producer Dave Arnold share how Dr. Seuss, the math problem 2+2, and the author of “A Christmas Carol” all connect to this month’s Club adventure.

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    1. I have Listen to almost every episode of Odyssey!! I can even say lots of them word for word! My name is Zion.

  1. Hi everyone! My family just moved to Thailand from Texas in November because my dad got a job! Thailand is in Asia, and I have left my friends behind and as you would imagine, it was hard. But god was good, and I’ve made some new friends pretty fast here (from youth group). By the way, am I first?😁

    1. Hi Crazy_ Banana_ Guy! I live in Cambodia next to Thailand. I’m a MK too. Have you learned thai yet?

      1. That’s so cool! We went to Koh Chang during the holidays, which is an island close to Cambodia. My mom is teaching Thai to my sister and me as part of school. So far we’ve learned numbers, greetings, and days of the week. Oh, we’re also homeschooled, so that helped with moving because I didn’t have to change schools.

        1. Thats cool i am also home schooled and look forward each day to the new Adventures In Odyssey

          And why do people keep on asking if they are first

  2. Hey I loved this program group still listen to it as adult keep it up god bless you 😃

  3. Hi I am first lol 😂

    Hi my name is Ava and I have 5 dogs 7 horses I also live in Canada 🇨🇦 I have 4 bros and 5 sisters lol

    1. Your from Canada that’s cool which state I lived in Alberta Canada for two years now we love in Mexico how are you would you like to be friends

      1. @astrid
        Yes I do
        But soon it will be 5 bros and 5 sis because my mom is pregnant she will be having baby zeke in 2 months

      2. Talking to me Ava if so
        Yes I mean there are the family animals
        We also have 2 cats and 50 something chickens

    1. I love the Keeper of the Lost Cities series!! do you know when the next book comes out? I forgot…

      1. I love keeper of the lost cities! The ninth book comes out this november! I’m so excited!!! Have you read all of them?

  4. I don’t really listen to the podcasts about things on the club because I don’t have the club. 🙁

      1. Hello! Yes, those are good ones!!! Either Gandalf cuz of his quotes, Down just because, or Sam cuz I wish I had a friend as loyal as him! 😝 Legolas is cool too! Which is your favorite of the three movies, or books it you have read them? I have a notebook full of lotr quotes and I’m adding more as I read them in the books.

  5. Hey guys how are you doing I’m probably not first 😋😅😂but congrats to who ever got first 😘😁👍🏼

      1. Are you talking to because of you are then thank you and your welcome wanna be friends

  6. First? And is this posted I don’t know if it does so somebody tell me if it did plsss.

  7. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that next week will be my last week commenting here! I have enjoyed commenting with you all!

    I don’t think that I’ll ever be back…If I am it will be a while. However, I will continue for another week. Then I’ll say my goodbyes

      1. Yes, next week! I am thinking that maybe I’ll continue to comment once in a while afterwards…? Not sure. Goodbye for now!

  8. @ava
    You have 7 horses!!!,!
    I LOVE HORSES!,!!,
    I want a horse soooooo
    Bad but we can’t get one because we live in a suburb
    Anyway would you like to be friends?
    Are you new here

    1. @olive way
      Yes I do I mean my fam does we are thinking of getting more
      And of course I would love to be friends
      And yes I am new
      My name is Avery but you can call me Ava to your chose what can I call u

    2. Sure of course I would love to be your. Friend if u feel comfortable could u tell me your name so I know what to call u if not no problem

      1. Sure!
        My name is Olivia
        Olive way is actually one of my nicknames
        The other ones are. Oliver and Olympia and olive

  9. What does everyone like to do as free time? Like a hobby?
    I enjoy reading, drawing and of course listening to aio!

    1. I make hats out of yarn
      I read
      I walk our dogs and play with them
      Play with our chickens
      Cuddle our cats
      And I ride our horses
      I also love to read and listen to aio

      I also like to bake

      Hope this answers your question

  10. Does anyone know when The Blackgaard Chronicles book 6 will come out?

  11. Vote to bring back the Barclay Family, commenting

    Jimmy, Donna, Stuart Mary George!

    1. heyyy fellow cc member! i’m in challenge 1, i remember being in your class… how do you like latin?

  12. Hello. I want a horse so bad i feel like crying.
    So much want but i need to be thankful so if i was wondering if y’all could pray for that for me.

    — Jada R.

    1. I’ll pray for you. I also have a problem as well, I really wanted a phone and eventually got one. Now I don’t want my mom to think I go on my phone too much, so I’ve been praying about it.

  13. Hi I have some exciting new my boyfriend proposed to me today I said yes I am engaged yay 😁
    I really like buck and Jules me and my boyfriend listen to aio all the time is anyone married or engaged here if so can I have some advice on what to do for are wedding thanks ohhh I am so excited

    Clare the bride to be

    1. Congratulations Clara hope the wedding goes well I am not engaged so can’t help there lol but will pray it all goes well

    2. Congrats! 🎉🎈🎊 May God bless your marriage!

    3. You have a boyfriend? So do I!!!!!!!!!!! He’s amazing, adorable, and so much fun.

    4. Thanks so much Clara for saying yes I love u Clara
      Your fiancé

      Hey guys thanks for the encouraging words

    1. ME TOO!!!!!
      I’ve been wanting a horse for like
      It’s too bad I live in a neighborhood 😒☹️😟😕

      1. Hi @Olive way 🤪💕🐎 I literally thought for like a month that ur name was Olivia way. Hahah oops

  14. Hey positive I know a solution
    You get horse back riding lessons
    Or go to horses camp
    Or help someone at there farm with horses
    Hope this btw I have 7 horses well I mean our fam have 7 horses

  15. I love adventures in odyssey, and the teem. I love Emily and Tamika, Matthew, Jules and Camilla. What are your favorite adventures in odyssey characters?

    1. Hey! Would you like to join us on the Schantelle Cason Podcast page? It’s the OOOTD and Fashion page. Please join us!

  16. So pray for me, we have ski retreat and I don’t want to go, cuz I’m an emotional wreck and have cried , so much in the past few days. And I know I’ll regret it if I don’t go, cuz I’m in middle school and I weigh 180lbs. If that paints a picture. So yea

    1. Praying Is it because u weight 180 pounds
      Don’t worry but I know middle schooler tend to worry a lot about how they look I worry about stuff like that
      My friend won’t mention names
      160 pounds and she was ten
      But she was really nice it really didn’t matter how much she weight
      If u want to loose wait we could start a weight lose page together

        1. Would you like to join us on the Schantelle Cason podcast page? It’s the OOOTD and fashion page. Please join us!

      1. Yes I’d love that!! I’m sry for the late response

    2. Hi kaylee my name is Eliza
      I have a twin sister named Emily
      I weight 86 pounds I am in grade six my sister is also in grade six but she weights 140 pound and everyone makes fun of her and say to me “ is that really your twin sis “
      It’s so mean of them she may weight more then most grade six but she is an amazing sis and really nice and kind

      1. Hey! Would you like to join the Schantelle Cason podcast page? It’s the OOOTD and Fashion page. Please join us!

      2. Well if you all saw the Modertators post, I think they were trying to tell us to not be so personal. But I’d really some how love to make a weight loss page

        1. I can start one if u like then let u know where it is sound good

          Ps everyone remember they it doesn’t matter what I look like on the outside put what u like on the inside

    3. I can totally relate I’m in the same boat you’re in.I’m a little embarrassed about the way I look too.

    4. Would you like to join us on the Schantelle Cason page? It’s the OOOTD and Fashion page. Please join us!

    5. Hey I totally understand you I don’t weigh as much as you do (I do not at all mean to sound rude if that’s what it sounded like )but I still weigh alittle more than I should (I think?) but I keep telling myself God loves me no matter what shape I am

    1. I meant my baby sister is in 10th grade and 95 pounds. She has some sort of sickness with a really long name. She also has cancer. Please pray for her.

    2. I was also had the same disease so she might get over it, like I did. For everyone wondering I am not in 10th grade.

  17. I love the Long End parts 1,2, and 3. Especially because my favorite character Monty is on it.

    1. Hey! Just wondering if you would like to be a part of our OOOTD and Fashion page. I noticed that you posted once and we would all like you to come back.
      BTW, I picked you as the Special Guest of the Month. So, that means that you judge the outfits. From the outfit on January 8th and forward. Only if you want too.

  18. Hi I have some exciting new my boyfriend proposed to me today I said yes I am engaged yay 😁
    I really like buck and Jules me and my boyfriend listen to aio all the time is anyone married or engaged here if so can I have some advice on what to do for are wedding thanks ohhh I am so excited

    Clare the bride to be

    1. Hey there! Just wondered if you have ever listened to Nightmares by Constance?

  19. Hey guys there is a horses page on Olivia and Zoe: Friends for life… on and off the show
    Come join
    We share our horses

  20. Hey guys there is a horses page on Olivia and Zoe: Friends for life… on and off the show
    Come join
    It’s a new page so I need help get it started

    1. Can we join if we don’t own a horse DYING to join but want to know the regulations
      Sadly I don’t own a horse

      1. Ofc u can join its for people who have horses and people who love horses
        So it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a horse Olivia

        Ps what grade are u in
        And are I homeschooled

  21. Hi, everyone
    I WANT A HORSE soooooooooo bad!
    What is ya’ll’s favorite breeds
    I LOVE appaloosas(think I’m spelling that right😅)

    1. Fav breed is American quarter horse
      Rocky Mountain horse
      And tennesse walking horse

  22. I also really LOVE cats. My piano teacher has 2 kittens, and my cousin has 2 as well 😍
    We have a dog but my Dad’s uncertain about getting a cat (he thinks our dog will eat it😬)

  23. Ava, I seriously love how many horses/cats you have
    Also, I have nine siblings, 4 sisters and 5 brothers
    Also I forgot to post my name on the I love horses, and the I love cat posts

  24. Do any of you live on a farm ?
    I have chickens ducks geese rabbits cats and cows
    Do you want to be friends?

    1. I kind of live on a farm we have chickens, pigs, goats, cats, and a dog.
      We are hoping to get cows sometime.
      And I would love to be your friend!

      1. sorry i commented so late it wasnt because i didnt want you as my friend
        what do you like to do. i love to read play sew be outside and play with all the animals
        i have medium long dirty blonde hair and blue green eyes i am also a little short

  25. Just sending in to say farewell to all of you! Hope that you all have a wonderful year!

    Best wishes to Clare and Anthony! May the Lord bless your relationship in the days to come! Trust in Him and follow His path!

  26. I haven’t commented in so long and now there are a lot of new people! I will do an “introduction” of myself. I am in highschool (homeschool), love photography, enjoy hunting, reading, baking, and writing poetry. I have straight brown hair and eyes and I am 5’2″. Tell me something about all y’all!

    1. I am I don’t know I think Like 5’9
      I don’t remember 🤣
      Um I have dark brown wavy-ish hair
      Green gray eyes
      I am in middle school also homeschooled
      And I love horses and piano and yeah!

        1. Would you like to join us on the Schantelle Cason Page. It’s the OOOTD and Fashion page!

        1. Besides having Covid I’m fine. I super busy with school too. What have you been up to? Could you come to the “Today’s podcast is sunny with 100% chance of Schantelle Cason” podcast. We are doing a outfit thingee on that page. PLEASE join us??????????

    2. My name is Abigail. I am African American. I have brown black hair. I have almond shaped eyes. I wear burgundy black glasses. I like fashion, music, drawing, dancing, writing books, and hanging out with friends. I am in 8th grade. My favorite color is purple. I love doing make up. Unlike 5‘4“ or something like that yeah

      1. Hi! my best friends call me ridge. Im homeschooled, I’m 5’4 too! i have brown eyes, brown hair, and glasses. I love star wars and marvel and my friends would say i’m a tomboy. I’m in 8th grade too! Oh, of course the most important thing about me is that i’m a christian and i looovee Jesus.

    3. Kaylee aka Kaylee CHALLENGE A STUDENT AND LOVING IT COME JOIN the Schantelle Cason Page. It’s the OOOTD and Fashion page! says:

      i’m 5’2, i have very very very curly hair! and brown eyes.
      I’m also homeschooled ( Classical Conversations), have a dog ( Rottweiler), love reading the bible, Latin, cleaning, (funny right) reading and baking.

      1. I’m 5’6 and was homeschooled up to my graduation. I have black hair and gray eyes. I have several pairs of glasses that I wear with different outfits. I love Jesus. He has always been my bestest friend. I have an Indonesian Sheperd dog. I have three horses: Destiny, Benedict Arnold, and Amire. I am mostly a tomboy but I enjoy being a girl often.

    1. You like LOTR? It’s so good. Have you read the books? They can be kind of overwhelming. The movies are AMAZING! The Hobbit is pretty good too, book and movies.

      1. I LOVE LOTR! Yes, I have read the books so many times! And the audiobooks. And, of course, the soundtracks! 😂 Yes, they were a little overwhelming at first, and then once I watched the movies it was easier. I haven’t seen the Hobbit movies, but the book…awesome! Who is your fav character?

      1. No, I have the complete Return of the King audiobook so I listen to that at bedtime
        It took me forever to listen to the entire thing since I have it on a timer to stop a few minutes after I usually fall asleep
        LOTR is the best fantasy story evah😁

        1. Lol, yes!
          I know, it is like the only one I listen to now. Right now I’m reading the whole trilogy again, but it’s taking longer than listening to it since I can’t multi task.

  27. Guys so ai started a book page on the what does an book editor do podcast
    Basicly we just talk a bout our fav books and audiobooks
    We can ask questions and make suggestions
    If your interested come and join!

  28. It’s gonna be really fun
    We can make recommendations on books sorry if I wasn’t clear on the last
    Message but I started a book page it on
    What does a book editor do anyway
    Also if your writing a book you can talk about it
    You can even post poetry that you like or made up
    Everyone is welcome

  29. Has anyone ever heard of CWW (Crazy Writing Week)? It ended a couple days ago, and I was wondering if any of my friends from there are on here.

  30. Hi Everyone,
    Since album 72 The Long Road Home came out early for anyone has the Adventures In Odyssey Club, do you think that album 72 The Long Road Home will come out early for download or will it come out as they said in the previous podcast that it will come out in February and the CD sometime this spring?

      1. I do not have the AIO Club but I am waiting for the download to come out. I just figured since all of the album 72 The Long Road Home came out early for the club members would that make since for the download and the CD to come out early as well. Or do you think it will come out just as they said in that podcast?

          1. I also saw that on one platform that the CD is available for pre order since the CD is coming out on March 8.That would mean that the download would be out in February or the download will be out the same time as the CD. That is all I saw of it and I did not find it anywhere else. Since I said that I do not have the club that would make since.

  31. Hi AIO friends! We are so excited for the wonderful things that are happening in everyone’s lives. Engagements, weddings, and relationships are exciting and it’s so great that you have all been so encouraging to each other, but just a reminder that comments that are too personal are not appropriate for the AIO message boards.

  32. I’m 5’3
    I love all things dogs, pandas, and lord of the rings especially Legolas
    My family has chickens I don’t like them 🙂
    I’m in middle school
    I have straight dark brown hair
    I have dark brown eyes
    I wear glasses but not all time
    I like bright cheery colors

  33. Hey yall i want tall to pray for me i dont want to say anything about it cause im kinda embarrassed bout it but thanks if you do

    1. Are you from the UK? (Just asking bc your name is big Ben so I thought of London
      I’m from England so luv to see people listening from other countries 😄

    1. Hey dude haven’t seen you in a while kind of missed you😃
      Question: are you in middle school or high school?

      1. I am about to graduate middle school. Moving on to high school. How about you, sis? My future sister-in-law is ILOVEDANNYGOKEY.

  34. Can you guys are the episode A Member of the Family I haven’t heard it in a while and i will love it if i can hear it this week


  36. Hello everyone
    Can you guys please pray for my
    His legs and back hurt so he can’t really stand or walk and he hast been to church for a few weeks

    1. Me too! Despite being an adult I still enjoy listening to it and also being a part of AIOC as well.
      It does make me feel better though that there are lots of adults who are a part of AIOC.

  37. Have any of you watched That Girl Lay Lay?
    It’s a great show and it is soooo my style.😂🤣

  38. If you’re African American please post these emojis: ✌🏾👩🏽🧑🏽‍🦱🤟🏽
    Or just one of those🤣

  39. I know there used to be a prayer page, but I can’t find it so everyone, please pray for me. I am starting my own business and its making me really anxious with the costs and everything, and I’m worried my anxiety’s going to rise, so please PLEASE pray for that. ☺

  40. Do any of ya’ll chat in the AIO Club? I’m pretty familiar withh thise pages but I’ve never posted on here.

  41. I’m 5’2, have short wavy dark brown hair, and am in 6th grade

    What’s everyone’s favorite odyssey episode? I liked the shame about fame.

      1. Hi I’m 5’1
        My fav episodes are as Buck would have it all three of them but the last one especially


  42. Hi there do u love horses?
    Do u own a horse?
    If u said yes to any of those questions then come join the horse page on Olivia and Zoe best friends for life on and off the show

    1. Kaylee aka Kaylee Challenge A student and loving IT COME JOIN THE OUTFIT OF THE DAY PAGE ON THE SHANTELLE PODCAST says:


  43. Hi everyone! I am just letting you know that I will be leaving the commenting pages. I have some important and very exciting things now and coming up in my life and won’t have a whole lot of time for posting. I may come back once in a while but it won’t be every day every week.

    Have fun and don’t forget to check out the OOOTD page!

  44. Hey everyone! This is the aio page!
    Here you can share favorite characters albums episodes!
    Any one can join
    It’s for having fun 🤩
    Hope you all like it

      1. Your welcome!
        In thought it would be a good idea
        Glad you like it
        (BTW sorry it took so long to respond)

  45. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a family vacation it’s such a funny episode
    I also reeaaaallly love as buck would have it
    Also has anyone ever listened to the case of the candid camera it’s on album fifteen?
    It’s hilarious

      1. Thanks for coming to this page!
        Could you please spread the word?
        If you don’t want to that’s ok

  46. Whoops I accidentally presses the donut instead of the note!
    Sorry that was me

    1. I love the Rydell Revelation too. To be honest, I love any kind of mystery and conflict. And I’m all on to the sheriff dude in ‘As Buck would have it’
      So if yall hear a loud gust of wind this weekend, it might be me, being totally blown away in part 3
      But if yall hear a loud shout it most likely will be me being totally right
      I can’t wait 😆😆😆

    2. I posted on Saturday morning and it’s Monday now
      Good to know

      Does any of yall know where the OOOTD page is or is that off of here

  47. Does anyone have a favorite album?
    I like the nova I’m albums and album 3 the wildest summer ever cuz it has great episodes
    My favorite mystery episodes are novacom and the labyrinth

  48. What’s a fav funny aio quote of yours
    I like a lot
    Customer: I want that piece of art!
    Penny:that’s the sight for the bathroom

    Also jimmy: we went to one of those restaurants where all the waitresses call you honey…..

    1. here’s a trivia question.
      What is Donna’s middle name?
      hint: it says it in a family vacation.

      1. Hmmmmmmmm 🤔
        I don’t remember!
        Ugh I’m gonna listen to family vacation again

  49. Ok this is just a thought of mine, SPOILER ALERT THIS HAS TO DO WITH ‘As Buck would have it’ THIS MIGHT NOT BE ALL TRUTH IT IS JUST A THOUGHT!!!

    I think the sheriff was the one in the drivers seat of the car Cash Oliver died in.
    Ok I said it but I just have this gut feeling about that guy.

    1. Yall, I still got the gut feeling bout that Adam Stone (even his name is give me the feeling). And I was sososo shocked by what Buck said bout not wanting to be adopted. I had to ask my brother if that is what he really just said. And I think that Jules is 100% right

      you literally just said my very thoughts!
      Like I feel that for a sherif the guy just knew cash Oliver too well
      I mean he even know his favorite meal like how?
      And he’s just got so much info it’s just weird and I have that same feeling and opinion!
      Man it’s gonna be so hard waiting for part 3 eeee

  50. Cont.
    Something’s just not right with that guy, gut instincts maybe. I don’t know. If anyone thinks different things I would love to hear (or read) them. Bye for now.

    Night Yall
    God Bless

    If any of yall are from Tennessee, reply with this please 🦝 (the state wild animal

  51. How long does it take post to appaer. Ok I’m doing a test, it is 10:45AM now let’s see how long it takes to appear

        1. I posted on Saturday morning and it’s Monday now
          Good to know

          Does any of yall know where the OOOTD page is or is that off of here

  52. Who likes Harlow Doyle
    Also got more funny quotes

    Mugsy:what’s a fiery furnace?
    Hank or someone: you like a place where they burn trash!

    Hank or someone: an umpire like the guy who calls out strikes on ball games?
    Mugsy: no bird brain an empire like in Star Wars

  53. Feel free to share fav funny aio quotes!
    One of my favorite episodes is V.B.S blues!
    It’s hilarious 😂😆
    I love Mugsy and the gang
    There so funny

  54. I wonder when there gonna don nova com again probably not for a long time but I can’t wait it’s been like ever since I listened to it last and it was so good
    It was one of my favs
    And l liked the labyrinth
    And the long end
    The end of green ring conspiracy was kinda disappointing is anyone agree with me?
    Or not probably it’s just me

    1. What’s everyone’s fav characters
      Man I have a million literally
      But here are some
      Jay smouse , Harlow Doyle, Olivia Parker, jimmy Barclays
      Connie, Eugene, penny, and Wooten and Jillian Marshall
      And I love the Washington family

      1. I love the Barclay family so much. also really like the Rathbones they are so funny!😂

        1. The rathbones are hilarious 😂
          I especially like on aloha oy when they went with the barcleys to Hawaii
          That was so funny 🤣

  55. Trivia
    The Washington family had a cousin staying with them
    What was his name?

      1. Shrimp and Grits

        I absolutely love ‘As Buck would have It’. It is now one of my favorites. I was sososo shocked by Candace Smithgivens (i think you spell it like thst) involvement with Cash Oliver. And her being behind the hole thing! SHOCKING!!! Ok so Adam Stone’s voice when he got angry with Buck was so creepy. It gave me the chills.
        THX AIO😆

        1. Yes I was shocked at Candace and everything but the way she got caught was best best best best best best best best ever way to catch a criminal in the history of the world!
          How did aio think of that it’s sooooo goooood

  56. Ned:ok so I’ve got the lower bunk… OW it’s lower then I thought now I. just gotta get in my sleeping bag
    And now for a good nights sleep…. OW
    Ok who put the pine cones in my sleeping bag!
    😄 😆 😂

  57. Ned: that’s more like it just In Time too there go the lights. Wow it really gets dark up here
    Chas: here I’ll turn on my flashlight
    Ned: oohgh thanks Chaz but I don’t need a light-especially not in my eyes
    Chas:you sure it’s kinda dark in he-
    Ned: just turn it off Chaz I can find my way in the dark ooooo
    Chas: watch out for the suitcase

    1. Emily jones is not my FAVORITE character but she’s ok
      Sometimes I feel like she a little rude and stuck up
      Sorry if this offends anyone

      1. yeah same. I like her but she is a little annoying sometimes.
        but she has the same name as me, so that’s cool.

  58. The part three of as buck would have it was sooooooooooo
    Gooooooood !!!!!!!
    It was the best best best

  59. I love the case of the secret room!
    When I was little I was really scared but I still loved it.

    1. Yeah it was my first time listening and my sister was soooooooo creeped out!
      I wasn’t reallly scared at all except when they found the skeleton
      Skeletons completely creep me out
      But the episode wouldnt be so scary if they didn’t play creepy music
      But that would kinda ruin it too

  60. Hey everyone! I was wondering if you guys would like to spread this add around if not that’s fine

    Come to the aio page!
    It’s on the Dickensian dillema page!
    Come and chat about your fav characters, episodes, albums, and more!
    Give opinions, recommendations, and suggestions
    Everyone is welcome

  61. I love the episode broken window
    Also plz share about this book page and s
    SRead the word

  62. do you like the newer or older episodes
    my mom doesn’t like the newer episodes i like both

    1. I like the newer episodes sometimes and sometimes the older ones
      My mom dosenot like the newer opisides either

  63. What’s up with the meteorite things? You can’t commit on it so it’s not a podcasts

  64. Hi everyone this page is dying I feel like so plz advertise it (only if you want tho)
    I hope they air nova com soon cuz I love it a lot

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