The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Connie and Eugene are bickering buddies on the show and in real life

Katie Leigh and Will Ryan
Katie Leigh and Will Ryan

Katie Leigh (voice of Connie) and Will Ryan (voice of Eugene) have been on Adventures in Odyssey from the beginning. And they’ve known each other in real life even longer. Hear stories from the studio and what they are up to now.

  • Got questions about Album 70: Finding a Way – or anything in Odyssey? Leave a question for us: 1-855-784-WHIT. (Make sure to have a parent’s permission before you call!)

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        1. I’miss SO GLAD you said yes to being friends! What do you want to talk about?😊

        2. Hi Hannah! I’m sorta confused😯who was third? To answer your question, I am a girl. What do you want to talk about and are u more likely to comment on this page or the last? Thanks for being SO KIND!

          1. Hey, Gods not dead! I think you’re kinder to me than I am too you, lol. Um, what are your summer plans? I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday and the 4th of July and getting wet. My favorite color is purple and I like going to church and learning more about God, my favorite food is buttery popcorn and smoothies! 🍿 My fav candy is starburst

        3. Hey Hannah! Just read your post and it’s nice to know what you like to do. Here are some things I like to do.
          Hanging out with friends
          And eating+going outside and enjoying God’s beautiful creation! My favorite food is meatlover’s pizza. My favorite snack is a tie between buttery, salty popcorn and nacho cheese doritos. I 💜ice cream and animals! My favorite animal is a dog and my favorite color is also purple. I LOVE meat (I don’t know what I’d do without it) and I’m definitely an outdoor person. I also enjoy jumping on my trampoline and getting dizzy on my tire swing. I love being with my pets. And I LOVE GOING TO YOUTH GROUP! I don’t have much planned for the summer except swimming and being in the creek. Oh, I forgot, yes for the summer I do have plans, I’ll be at overnight camp for the first time. I’ll be there for a week, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to comment (probably not)😕I know, that’s a lot! Lol

          1. Oh and to answer your question, I will comment on both pages, but I will be more consistent on this one. I just left a comment for you on the last page.

            God’s not dead & Abbi I just want to let you all know how much I love you two!! You’re amazing friends and you reply to my posts. I do not deserve the gift of you all in my life, God is so good

          2. CONT.
            Also, I can’t get over the fact our adoption stories are exactly the same!! The only thing different about it is that you were born in China and I was born in Africa! That is so cool. Don’t you love how God gives us all things in common? Even though you’re not African American, we still are so alike. Praise the Lord

          3. Hi! I’m post positive and I have so much In common with you. Can we befriends?

        4. Hi Hannah! Thanks for the post you sent Abbi, and me. It made me smile. You are also VERY APPRECIATED, I mean it, I’m not just saying it to say it. I wasn’t sure if I’d make any friends, but so far I’ve made three, counting you,Abbi, and Best volleyball playerever. I seriously don’t deserve such amazing friends!😊

          1. I am in a homeschool group. I do American Heritage Girls in it, and there is a youth theatre ensemble! I was recently in my first one, Robin Hood.
            P.S. When I was bowing I had to hold hands with two whiny boys, lol. One of them complained about my hands being cold, the other one was disgruntled about how he had

          2. CONT.
            hold hands with a gross girlie girl. I don’t know if any of y’all have had to deal with that same situation. I am not complaining, I think it is funny. That’s why I am telling you guys

          3. You don’t have to answer if you don’t so desire, but because we’re friends, we MUST be honest with each other. Here’s a question: what is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in your life? I think that mine is when I accidentally called a lady my mom who wasn’t actually my mom! You see, we were at Bible Study, and I wanted to know

          4. CONT.
            if I could have a snack. There was a lady who had the exact same hairstyle as my mom and she was sitting in a chair so I couldn’t identify what she was wearing. I tapped her in the shoulder and went “Mommy, can I have a…?” I stopped abruptly as she turned around and I realized she wasn’t my mom! I was extremely embarrassed then, but

          5. CONT.
            looking back and it’s SOOOOOOO funny!😆😂 😂 maybe I just have a weird sense of humor, but I think now is a good time to say Laughing Out Loud, cause I laugh while I type this post! I just wanna say I love you all, I hope that you are doing well, I am praying for you, and I thank God for y’all!! 😀😄

          6. @Hannah U, we’re you talking to me? Sorry, I get so confused, I mean, there are so many Hannahs! There’s Hannah, there’s Hannah U, and then there’s 🐱💜Hannah💜🐱aahhhhh! I’m think u were posting to me, but I’m not sure. BTW, if you weren’t posting to me, forget what I said.

          1. Guess
            My favorite color is dark blue
            I love fishing and biking ( those are just a few hints ) You are a boy? I’m assuming Josiah is your actual name.

          1. Nothing really. But I need to tell you that I LOVE making MESSES. IT IS LIKE MY LIFE. I like sweet potatoes. My favorite movie is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and Frozen two.

          2. Hi HI, here are some things I like:
            I love making messes too!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I love baked chicken.
            My fav. movie is (well I don’t have a favorite)

        1. @God’s not dead
          I am sorry to cause confusion. Yes, I was talking to you! I just changed my username to 😻💜 Hannah U 💜😻 and I am still getting used to spelling it that way, so sometimes I forget to add things I should and add things I shouldn’t! I am sorry. Yes, i want you to answer my question, but you don’t have to if you don’t desire

          1. Hey, sorry I would have responded to you sooner, but I was on vacation and couldn’t get WiFi. To answer your question , I would have to say that the most embarrassing thing that happened in my life was that I thought my mom had went in the restroom (we were at church) now this is a small restroom, but it had 3 ” stalls”, but anyway, I walked into the restroom And I said “mama” (I forget what I was about to say) but I just remember saying mama. And I thought the lady washing her hands was my mom, she wasn’t! I was so embarrassed, I don’t even think my mom was in there. Looking back on it, it is kinda funny.

        2. Hannah, I was almost in the same situation! In my Sunday school class we were doing that game where you have to link hands and then try to untangle ourselves without letting go and then one of the leaders had the idea of the whole class (like 10-15 kids) trying to do it and all the boys were like EEW WE’RE NOT HOLDING HANDS WITH GIRLS! And the girls were doing the same thing with the boys I was like,”😩”

        1. I meant “no I’m not, sorry” lol sorry if that was confusing I didn’t mean “I’m not sorry to disappoint” 😂

    1. hi can you please pray for my chicks(ducklings are also known as chicks )they just hatched and I hope they can make it they are SO cute.

      1. I have hatched ducklings before, and as long as you don’t see any major problems, they should make it, but I will still pray.

      2. Sorry! The last post about me Catching ducklings was from Odyssey fan😀 I hope that was clear!

    2. @NF
      You probably aren’t the NF I am thinking of, but I know someone named Natalie whose last name begins with the letter F. There are probably a lot of people with those initials out there!!

      1. Hi Anonymous! We can be friends. Also, are you a boy or a girl (if you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine)

  1. Hi Everyone!! I just wanna encourage you all to read your Bible and pray, because they both strengthen our relationship with Him. It really helps, it takes perseverance but in time you’ll find that you’ll be much closer to God. Have a great week!

        1. God bless your time. What have you been busy with? I ended school a week ago, and my sister and I might go to my friend’s house and swim in the pool! I am ready for summer 😓🏊🏾 I am really thankful right now, I am thinking about God’s blessings. I am adopted, Jesus is with me, I have a good family, and loyal friends, and privileges I don’t need.

          1. I’ve been busy with trying to finish up school.🙇🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ What is your favorite subject in school?

        2. CONT.
          I also have you guys. I hope the Lord is working in your hearts. Even though coronavirus is still here, we have things to be grateful for like FaceTime, Zoom calls, and technology that lets us talk to our friends even if we are socially distanced. I hope you all are counting your blessings. Reply to this comment if you have something you are

          1. Hey Hannah, what you posted was really comforting! I’ve got ALOT to be thankful for, like
            The house I live in
            Food and so much more! But today I just wanted to let each and everyone one of you know that you are a blessing! I’m thankful for all of you and the moderators+ the comments page. I hope you have a great day and that we all try to be a light in this very dark world. I enjoy being able to freely talk about Christ on this page! We are all made in God’s Image! Jesus loves you and I hope He strengthens you and blesses you for the rest of your lives! BTW, this post is to everyone!


          2. that was comforting. not be able to do somethings that we use to do before COVID but your comment was encouraging.

            Covid-19 ( If Covid had never came I wouldn’t be so close to my cousins or commenting on AIO.)
            All my friends
            My parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, and aunts + uncles
            Adventures In Odyssey
            Facetime, Zoom, and Skype

          4. @Abbi☺️
            My favorite subject is science
            My least favorite is math

          5. Yes, Thank you so much Hannah, I haven’t been enjoying the last 2 years of my life but now I’ve realized that I have a lot to be thankful for, thx

        3. CONT.
          grateful for. There is a verse in the Bible that says to give thanks in everything. I’d love to hear the ways AFos has blessed you!!

        4. Lol, that last post was mine, but I forgot to put my name on it. I apologize!!

      1. Even if I was in the Top 10 it would have only been for a little bit, because people reply to comments near the top and I would get shoved down. That is what is happy about being 1st. Your place can’t be moved!! Congrats on 1st by the way, NF. I never heard of NF the rapper, would someone explain who that is? I love you all have a nice Monday

  2. First maybe!😄 hope everyone has a great week!😊💖 ps. I always thought Connie and Eugene bickering was always funny😂 but they are both like best friends and care for each other like I don’t remember the episode name but when Eugene lost all his memories Connie was so happy he came back in the end!😊😭 those episodes were so sad and sweet!💞

  3. This was great!
    Happy Wednesday, y’all!!!!
    God Bless!!!!!!

  4. NF, you we’re second last time I believe, and now you are first! I wonder if I’m in the top 200?😄

        1. Laffy Taffy was a commenter who left a little bit ago. She (or he) was there for the Dive deep into the episode “Christmas Bells” podcast but I noticed that all her/his comments got deleted. (I don’t know what was up with that) maybe she want allowed to be commenting so she left. I am not sure but anyway, yeah that’s who “Laffy Taffy” is.

  5. That was really fun! I am a patron for Tell Ya Later and I have also talked to Katie and Will a few times on zoom! They are really fun to talk too. I also loved it when Jesse said He would love to hear more of little Eugene, because I would certainly would love to hear that too! It would be awesome if there could be some future episodes for that.😊

    1. Well, what do you know? (LOL) it’s you again!! Hannah #2. How very interesting

        1. Hey Haley, love a fellow odyssey fan! I like eugenes character too!!!!!

          1. Were you basing your name off of that one Odyssey episode where an email gets accidentally sent out to everyone saying that she and Wooten are engaged as a mock up/advertising thing? That was probably not very clear but I hope you know what I mean.☺️ I love that episode!

  6. Amazing. Question do we put like 1000 comments on this one or do we still comment on the last podcast?

    1. well, it is possible to do both, I still look at the comments from the previous podcast if there are any new ones 🙂

    1. THE BOXCAR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (though I’m still a kid)😉😋

      1. I was OBSESSED with the boxcar children when I was little!!! Now I am more into lord of the rings, narnia, stuff like that

        1. oh yeah. Narnia is the best. My fave out of all of the books is Voyage of the Dawn Treader

        2. oof, sorry. I pressed the post button without completing my name

    2. The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. There are too many to count, though. I’ve always been into books.

    3. Are you an adult? I’m confused, I thought everyone commenting was a kid or teen.

      1. I’m not a adult, the reason i said, “what was your favorite series as a kid, was because i was talking to the makers of this podcast, by the way, my favorite series is the mysterious Benedict society!

        1. oh my goodness that’s my favorite series too!! those books are so good! have you ever read The Secret Keepers?

    4. i’m still a teen, but i like the Baby-Sitters’ Book and the Nancy Drew book. any one else like the BSC?

    1. Wanna be friends. Me and ChatwithC are friends. We could all be friends. What do you think, Avemaria? What about you ChatwithC.

      I love your name

        1. Thanks! I would love to. Sorry if this shows up multiple times; I keep trying to respond but it isn’t showing up.😕

          1. I don’t think hi is commenting anymore but we could be friends if you want😁. What are your favorite things to do? Please tell me about yourself! Have a great day!😊

      1. Is that a movie or a book series? I’m VERY CONFUSED! Do you mean George Washington and his family?

        1. I believe that they are talking about the family in-adventures and Odyssey.

  7. My personal EUGONNIE episode is definitely A License To Drive
    Do you think there will be another Eugene Sings?

    1. Hey Haley, love a fellow odyssey fan! I like eugenes character too!!!!!

    1. This is actually the first time one of my comments has gotten on the list

  8. We’re gonna get up to 700 comments on here before next Wednesday, whose with me??? I will willingly contribute to that cause, I talk a lot and have lots to say. Also, I don’t know if I already made this known to everyone, but my favorite song is Flamingo!!!! Shrimps are pretty rich.
    If you’ve heard that song you’d know what I mean

      1. LOL I know that song!! It was played over and over in my coding class!!!

      2. Look that song up on YouTube or Google it. It is a very good song, it is amazing I listen to it all the time. You should seriously listen to it. Reply to this comment if you ever end up listening to it and tell me what you think

    1. I think we can get in 700 comments. Count me in! BTW, am I still considered new at commenting?

    1. That’s great! My brother and I listen to AiO every morning during breakfast. It’s like a tradition. (LOL)

      1. us too!!! always before school. hey is anyone out there homeschooled cause we are?

        1. yes. Me and my brother have been homeschooled our entire life

    1. AAHHHHHH SO IS MINE!!! I’m so happy! I’m a libero. What about you? What position do u play?

    2. I love to dance! I do ballet, point, tap, and musical theater. Studio that I go to even provides a free Bible study!

      1. @Odyssey fan😀
        I love dancing too!! I take ballet and jazz and tap and modern and complementary. I also really like singing and painting.

    1. what’s your fav song??
      have you heard his newest album?? (no offence, but depending on u & ur brothers age, i might leave out Story, I think its 13+

  9. What is everyone’s favorite movie series? (or movie) Mine is the new Lost in Space. (using filters though)

    1. You’ve seen Lost in Space! Me too! I haven’t seen the next season yet ugh. (Danger Will Robinson) lol

      1. I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY can’t wait for season 3!!

    1. I Sing! I’m fact, I’m going to to be in a musical this June. What genre of music is your favorite to sing!

      1. Well, I like upbeat Christian songs and some pop or stuff like that. Good luck on your musical!

        1. Thanks! I’ve been doing singing for a long time, but I’ve never done theatre before… Here’s to hoping I don’t ruin the whole show 😂

    2. I even enjoy writing my own songs, but have not written many, one or two maybe.

      1. Cool! Me too! The newest song I wrote is called Masterpiece.

      1. That’s okay. What’s your favorite thing to draw? I like drawing eyes, people, and flowers.

        1. I draw mostly pictures of Nature and occasionally animals. I don’t think I’m that good but everyone else says I’m great. Also, I cannot make eyes look right. Do you have a secret to making realistic eyes?

          1. yes. Study a picture that someone drew of realistic eyes and watch where they shade and draw their bold line. WATCH THE SHADOWS! they are very important.

      2. Hey, I can’t really sing either.😊 What is your “passion”. I think I’ve FINALLY discovered mine. I think it’s music. I Love writing songs, listening to music and singing. I don’t sing loudlyrics and I really only do it when I’m alone.🎶🎵BTW, do you comment more on this page or the last one( Hurricane Perkins)

    3. I draw. Sing a little, but mostly when I’m alone. I LOVE the song Truth be told by Matthew West, anyone heard it?

    4. I try to sing but I am not very good at it. I like christian everything.

  10. ANOTHER another question: who here has cool name definitions?
    My names mean: Youthful, beautiful/my God is an oath

    1. I looked up all four of my names, and I will post the meanings later. Rushed on time.⏰

      1. I used to do jazz, and might do modern or contemporary next year. I have a modern intensive that I am so excited for!

      2. That was my comment, and I can’t share the meaning of my last name I don’t think, but my first name means a star, a myrtle tree, a sweet perfume, or to do the right thing. My first name is Hadassah. I have two middle names, and my first one is Lillian, meaning my God is a Vow. My second middle name is Claire and it means clear or bright.

        1. I have 2 middle names too! My first middle name is Rose, 2nd is Feng (it’s Chinese)
          Feng means maple, phoenix, or peak.

        1. yes you girl😉😉
          I am not much for emojis as ya’ll should know, but I am going against my rule this time.

          1. Thanks! I like your username, it’s really cool. I especially like the emoji.👌

    2. “God is abundance”, “God is my oath” and “lilyflower” and is a symbol of purity.”
      my name is Lilly (with 2 Ls)

      1. What? I thought your name was Moses!
        So Moses was just your username! (Is it?)
        Sorry if I’m using to many exclamation marks!
        See? Lilly’s/Lily’s a nice name, though.

    3. When you put my first and middle name together (Katelyn and Selena) they mean ‘pure moon’

  11. Right now I’m watching an episode of tell ya later 😹 it’s so funnnnnnyyyyyyyyy

    1. hey Cookingcat I am like friends with your sister so it is neat to talk to you. Do you like cooking and cats?

      1. ChatwithC yes I actually do love cooking ( I actually prefer baking ) and cats 🍰😹

        1. I am SO SO sadly allergic to cats! I love them! I had a rabbit, too, though

  12. I absolutely love Will and Katie, their careers and lives are so fun to hear about. Also my best friend just had a voice coaching session with Katie and absolutely loved it!!!!

  13. TheBestVolleyballPlayerEvah,

    1. My fav movie is Lord of the rings!!!
    2. My name means rich,God holds (I like it🙂)


    1. Lord of the Rings is AWESOME!!!! #ElvesLegolas
      Awesome name, @Jessica!

  14. hey, ya’ll. Who’s your favorite superhero? Mine is Captain America, The Winter Soldier, and Falcon

          1. Do you like Captain Marvel? No offense if you do, but I don’t. Probably because she is so uppity. Also I don’t believe women should be in the army (but I do support all our veterans) and, you know…her name.

    1. Hmm . . . I think my favorite is also Captain America (or Black Widow)

      1. yes I think she’s cool even though i don’t really like female superheroes

      1. (I know they are old super heroes, but I don’t know much about super heroes.)

    2. My favorite super heroes are my parents. It might sound kinda cheesy, but it’s the truth! My parents are amazing!

  15. Yay! The comments are coming out quicker! Thank You!!!

    Also I am now going as “Aquamarine” because I can and because it’s my favorite color.

  16. Here’s another TRQ, what’s your favorite adventures in odyssey album? I love them all! But one of my top 10 albums is probably the green ring conspiracy!

        1. Nooooo! I hate Monica Stone. When we listened to NovaCom on vacation all she did was freak me out NOOOOOOOOO

        2. I did, I wish AIO would bring her back as a christian so Jason and Jillian don’t get hooked

    1. I love novacom, in the Rydell revelations. Mostly all the mystery ones, but aside from the never come soccer, I don’t really have any of the newer albums. I got rid of nova calm because it was all tapes, and our tape player broke. I really enjoy silver celebration, But I don’t think that that album is available anymore.😢

    I know that was a lot of caps but I want you to how much I love those albums.

  18. Hi guys! And also what do you think is AIO’s silliest song?
    I think it’s The Electric Palace Doo-Dah Song!!
    What about you?

    1. I liked the Electric Palace Doo-Dah song, but I think that “We’re the Ingrate, Incohate, Reprobate, Eprobate, 8” from Legacy, Pt. 2 Album 62 Let’s Put On a Show is a funny song!! I memorized it, we own that Album

      1. I LOVE “My Macaroni and my cheese” by Wooton Bassett on Odyssey Sings

        1. I like the Highway and My ode to Macaroni. I also like Some Little Corner of the World.

        2. Definitely a macaroni and cheese fan by Wooten! Does that make sense?

      2. I love it to hannah the Electric Palace Doo dah song
        hannah i can do a front flip of the diving bord. I have been sense I was 8.

    2. My brothers think that the electric palace do-da song is so funny, but it drives me and my parents crazy when they sing it!

      1. Of you play it (the Electric Palace Doo-Dah Song) for a hundred times in a row, (I have NEVER tried this before) it’ll probably drive you crazy on the 20th-50th time. By the 100th time you’ll probably never want to hear it again!

  19. Just for fun, guess who this is. Here’s a few hints
    My real name has an e in it( I posted my real name on the last page, (Hurricane Perkins)
    I wasn’t born in the U.S
    My favorite food always has cheese
    And I now have 2 friends + a relative who comments. (Hope you guys have fun solving the mystery, I just hope I didn’t make it to easy for you all)

      1. Well, I wanted everyone to try to guess who was posting my post (obviously me)but I thought I had hit the anonymous button before posting, I didn’t.😕 So, I totally messed that up.

    1. Aahhhhh ! I ACCIDENTALLY used my username so everyone knows that it was me. I totally messed that up. Ugh

    2. @God’s not dead
      What’s your name? I don’t remember😕 My name is Hannah Uwimana (my middle name is African) I can’t allowed to share my last name, but my last name begins with the letter H so my initials spell the word “HUH?” How funny is that? Two of my friends initials spell the word RAW and JET. Do any of yall’s initials spell interesting words?

      1. My name is Natalie, my middle name is Rose. My last name starts with H. My initials are N.R.H, pretty boring. Just a weird question for ya, if someone asks you what your initials are, do u look at them and say HUH? I think your middle name is very pretty.

        1. Thank you, God’s not dead! Yes, that is exactly what I do, and they always get very confused! My middle name means Daughter of God in Kengarrwandan it is a language that they speak in Rwanda. It used to be my first name but it changed when I got adopted

        2. @God’s not dead
          I have a friend whose middle name is Rose! (One besides you, lol) When I tell people what my middle name is they can never spell it. They think it’s some weird English word, but it is not English. My middle name is pronounced “Oo-wee-maw-nah”
          Sorry, I am not trying to sound like Mrs. Grammar Teacher

        3. CONT.
          Here’s a funny riddle I tell people:

          Q: If I put it down on paper, not one can pronounce it; if I say what it is, no one can spell it. What is it?
          A: My middle name!

  20. More and more people are disappearing from episodes, and I don’t like that.

  21. That’s awesome! Now, what’s everyone’s favorite, and least favorite subject? My favorite is defiantly literature, and my least favorite is probably spelling/government/geography! 😂 lol.

  22. A little bit about me: I’m one of 9 kids (soon to ten😁) I live on a farm and I LOVE adventures in odyssey!!!!! I have brown hair blue eyes and would love to be your friend ☺️

    1. Your family has one more child than my family does, because I also have a half brother.

    2. A little bit about me: I am one of four kids (soon to be five😁) I live on a farm and I LOVE adventures in odyssey!!!!! I have brown hair and blue eyes and do not spend a ton of time on screens, but when I do enjoy hearing from you.😜

  23. hey ya’ll!!! I love commenting with you guys. You guys are the most encouraging bunch of friends I have ever had. Thank you guys for the love you show, not just to me but to everyone who comments. THANKS!!!

    1. I have the club. Do you chat on the club? If so what is your username on there?

  24. Seems like there are so many girls commenting lately, if you’re a boy, post this emoji.🙌

      1. Hi! You’re favorite food is pizza, right? 🍕 What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Mine is meatlover’s. Hope you have a great week! BTW, what’s your favorite color? Mine is blue .

        1. I think my favourite food is the edible kind☺☺ but yes i do love pizza, meatlovers is probably my fav too!
          my fav colours are dark blue, grey, and black

          1. Hi! Do you have any pets? Are you an outdoor or an indoor person? Do you like swimming? Sorry if these are to many questions .

        2. do you want to be friends Anonymous?
          PS do you live in canada or the U.S.?

          1. YES! We can definitely be friends! I live in the U.S. Do you live in Canada? My favorite kind of blue is dark blue and I also like gray. Seems as if we have a lot in common. I have black hair and dark brown eyes, what do you look like?

          2. Yeah I live in Canada, I have brown hair and brown eyes
            i enjoy playing chess, basketball, and soccer.
            I also enjoy biking, doing video editing, computer coding, listening to christian rap and eating
            everything except mushrooms,
            i am the oldest of 8 kids, what about you?

          3. I enjoy basketball and I really hope Gaga ball becomes a sport. I am tall and I like to watch TV, comment, play games, and hang out with friends. I also like riding my bike. I also like listening to music. I’m a dog person. Which do you like better, dogs or cats. I like reptiles! I’m athletic.

          4. Hi, are you still commenting on this page? Haven’t heard from you in so long. You busy?

  25. Would anyone mind if I changed my username to
    “Hannah U” with these two emojis on either side: 😻💜

    Heads up, I think I am going to do that!! Just so that you can tell me and the other Hannah apart

  26. Which do you think is a more common name, Hannah or Elizabeth/Elisabeth? I honestly think Hannah, but my sister named Elizabeth thinks Elizabeth is, yet I know about 13 Hannah’s, and only three Elizabeth’s!! What do ya’ll think?

    1. My names Elizabeth, and i know a whole lot of people named that, but only 1 Hannah.

    2. I think Hannah is the more popular name no offence to any one named Elizabeth.

    3. I think Hannah is more popular than Elizabeth. My mom’s name is Elizabeth, but I know 2 people named Hannah, counting you.

  27. So, I am not trying to be rude, but I am curious–
    How come suddenly now the comments are coming out quicker? It used to take ages for them to post, which I wasn’t particularly that concerned about, but still. Does anyone have any idea why all of a sudden the moderators post them so fast? I find it sort of strange. Did someone tell them to do it?

  28. Do you want to know what one of my other fav Bible verse is?

    ‘The Lord is compassionate and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.’

    I don’t know where in the Bible that verse comes from but I hear it at church most every Sunday and I love it.

    Laughing Out Loud

  29. I didnt really like the episodes “Life, in the Third Person” I didn’t understand what lesson it was trying to teach. Do any of y’all agree on that? Also, did you moderators ever say something about the languages we should and shouldn’t use? Cause I don’t know what words are okay to post and what isn’t, and to be perfectly honest, different

  30. CONT.
    families have different rules, there might be one word that is a cuss word in one family, but another family it’s perfectly fine to say. Moderators, I am politely asking for y’all to please say something about language I am not trying to be demanding but I am curious
    ~Very politely, Hannah
    P.S. I like hearing from the moderators, it is fun!

  31. Have a holly, jolly Monday its the best day of the week! Say hello to commenters you know and everyone you meet! Hi-ho, the mistletoe…
    Monday is my least favorite day of the week because it’s cleaning and laundry day combined, there so much work to do! My favorite day of the week is Saturday, I get together with friends and do weekend activities

    1. Lol I also hate Mondays but my favorite day of the week is Wednesday because I have youth group WHICH IS AWESOME.

      1. Why do you hate Mondays.
        I LOVE Fridays because it is movie night.
        Have anyone ever watched Little House on the Prairie???

        1. I love weekends too cause we also have movie nights. I haven’t watched little house on the prairie.

        2. Fridays are our movie night tooo!!!!! I have seen all of the little house on the prairie.

  32. Wow! I forget to check the podcast chat for two podcasts and now almost all of the names are new! That’s so cool!

    P. S. Who remembers when we talked about our favorite classical songs?

  33. We love all of the different conversations that are happening and the community you are building with each other around Adventures in Odyssey! Please be sure to read the guidelines before posting. They will help you decide what to say and words to use. A good rule of thumb is if Whit or Connie wouldn’t say it, then you should not post it.

      1. U asked me what my most embarrassing moment of my life was, right? I can’t find that post so I’m just checking to make sure. Or was that Hannah, not Hannah U? I still get a bit confused with all these Hannahs! Sorry.

        1. Yes, that was me! I think I already posted this somewhere, but I changed my username to 😻💜 Hannah U 💜😻 and I am still getting used to spelling it that way and I am making so many mistakes, thanks for your patience

    1. Hi(my favorite book of the bible is Judges this is the same hi that comments and yeah. Is ChatwithC commenting says:

      Nice. Thanks for letting us know

      ChatwithC reply to my comments.

      I might stop commenting.its fun but yeah. Sorry

      1. Yeah I am still commenting. Why are you stopping commenting?? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Sorry😪 we will miss your comments.

    2. @Moderator
      I am pretty sure I have already made this known that the guidelines aren’t showing up for me! I asked y’all to post them and you told me to call this phone number and talk to some stranger I don’t want to chat with. I’m not good at working out technological difficulties. I don’t really need to read the guidelines anyway, I just

    3. CONT.
      know not do disrupt the status quo it’s pretty self explanatory

    4. Hey, sorry I forgot that I’m only supposed to type so many words in 1 post, and I’ve been going over the limit. Sorry, I’ll try not to make that mistake again.

  34. Gods not dead, i am not a adult, but the reason i said that was because i was asking the people who run the podcast what there favirote series was.

  35. Your welcome chatwithC! I would love to get to know you better! Does anyone have an favorite odyssey character? Mine are Richard Maxwell, Robert Mitchell,and Jason Whitaker😃

    1. @Avemaria
      I love your name, dude #Cooolestnameiknow
      Is that your real name

  36. Hi God’s not dead Im your 2 nd cousin did Psalm 9:1 tell you I was on here 😸

    1. Hey Cookingcat, was it easy to figure out that it was me? Yes, I know you are my 2nd cousin, if I remember correctly, I think Psalm 9:1 told me that before I joined comments. Wanna start posting to each other?🐈

  37. Thanks Anonymous! No, it is not my real name. Are you a girl or a boy? I like your name too! What is your favorite odyssey character?

    1. Thank you, Avemaria! That was actually me, but I forgot to put my name on it! I am a girl (obviously)

      1. Oh, and to answer your question, my favorite Odyssey character is Connie Kendall! Who is yours and what is your real name? How did you come up with your username?

        1. Oh!!! Well, my favorite character is either Richard Maxwell or Jason Whitaker. (Until after the labrinyth. Jason got kinda boring after that.) you want to be friends? What are your favorite things to do?

          1. 👍🏾 We can definitely be friends I like
            Jumping on my neighbors trampoline
            Playing with water balloons and swimming
            Going to the beach
            Hanging out with friends
            Listening to AIO
            Going to church
            Watching movies
            Singing songs
            Programming my robot to do cool things

  38. My favorite characters are, penny wise, suzu rydell, Connie kindle, Alex Jefferson and Aubrey shepherd!

    1. I live in Georgia
      Another TRQ: What is everyone’s favorite Disney song? Mine is “A Whole New World” from Walt Disney’s Aladdin. I know all the lyrics to that song by heart, I played it on the piano for my spring piano recital! If that was not my fav song it would be “Show Yourself” from Frozen II

      1. I like “Show Yourself” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” “I See the Light”

        1. Could you please tell me what movies those songs are from? I know that “Show Yourself” is from Frozen II, but I have never heard of the others you are talking about

      2. I love all of the Aladdin songs, and did musical theater dances to you ain’t never had a friend like me, and Arabian nights. So much fun!

        1. @Aquamarine
          I know of all of those songs! I think I refer to them with different titles, though. I love “I See the Light” that song makes me cry, it’s so sweet. I have only seen The Lion King once. I also like the song “Shiny” from Moana, and “I’ll Make a Man Out of Yiu” from Mulan

  39. What makes a ring box special? The ring inside it. Be a ringbox, and let the ring(God) shine through you!

    1. I love the chosen!!! One of the best movies ever! Almost watched it a few nights ago, but it was too late at night and all of my siblings are younger than I am. I am not allowed to share my age.

  40. Sure God’s not dead Psalm 9:1 told me your username had something to do with your fav singer and I know your fav singers are the Newsboys and God’s not dead is one of there most popular songs 😸

  41. I loved God’s Not Dead’s idea so I am doing it too.
    Guess who I am:
    I like horses.
    I write stories.
    I am a marvel fan.
    I am a dude perfect fan.
    (Team Cory all the way!)
    I like intense movies.

    1. Let me guess, Psalm 9:1?lol ok, I’m pretty sure it’s u but u never said u were a marvels fan.

      ~the not so sure, God’s not dead

    2. Ahh! After posting I saw the reply,ugh. Psalm9:1 forget what I said, I should have known that wasn’t u. Lol

  42. “A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what’s in front of him but because he loves what’s behind him”

    My latest quote. What do you think?

  43. I wonder why they said my last comment was written at 3:29 pm when it was written at 11:45 a.m. and right now, its 12:04 p.m

    1. It is because of time zones, I was so confused by that first! Not that I have been here for very long.😁

  44. Which one do you prefer…………………………………………………
    Jasica/Jonica (Jason+Monica)
    Jasha (Jason+Tasha)
    Jannie/Jonnie (Jason+Connie)

    I don’t have a preference!

      1. JASON AND JILLIAN! Also I’ll be commenting today so yeah. Tomorrow and the next day I won’t

    1. Which one do you prefer…………………………………………………
      Jasica/Jonica (Jason+Monica)
      Jasha (Jason+Tasha)
      Jannie/Jonnie (Jason+Connie)
      Jillson (Jason+Jillian)

      I don’t have a preference!

    1. I don’t really like Jules, and I listen to the episodes that she isn’t in
      BTW, the actor who plays Jules Kendall, Shona, her last name is Rodman, not Kennedy (I think she got married)
      My name is Hannah and I ❤️ that name because a lot if my friends are named that, too. I don’t agree with the changes they have been making in Odyssey lately 😕

      1. Same with me. I’m afraid the characters have stagnated. It’s really too bad.🙁 But the old episodes are GREAT!

  45. Connie said her son was in snowday. Was he the kid with the sled, or who did he play?

  46. Because Gods not Dead is the most amazing thing ever, I am going with her idea. Guess who I am…

    I was born and adopted from a foreign country
    My fav color is purple
    I have 4 siblings, I am the youngest of five
    I like writing
    My favorite Odyssey character is Connie
    “Hi” is my sister
    I am friends with 3 other commenters

    Have fun guessing!

  47. I wish that Odyssey would make the families profess Christianity more because the Perkins and the Rydells and all the new families don’t talk about their faith or even if they’re Christians

    1. I’m so bored, Me. Are you a boy or a girl. What’s your favorite song that people from Oddyssey sang. Mine is-I forgot the name but it was the song that Tamika sang in Oddyssey Sings. I love that song. So like Tamika.
      Does anyone like A Christmas Lamb, an episode. I LOVE it though it is sad😥😥

  48. Hello everyone! I used to comment under the name of CoolCuz, but OnceUponAWriter sounds much more intelligent and professional. That and I had no control over a lot of things that happened in my life, but I could change my name on here. Does anyone remember CoolCuz?

    1. I remember CoolCuz. You may or may not remember me. My username was Butterfly12.

    2. I do! Welcome back, COOLCUZ nice to have you back in the party!

  49. NF, do you want to be my friend? Also, how many siblings does everyone have? I have 4 siblings and I’m the youngest.

    1. Sure I’d love to be your friend! I have four brothers (two older, two younger) and no sisters. 😥
      lol I actually kind of like it. What do you like to do? Also, are you a boy or a girl? What’s your real name? sorry if that’s too many questions lol

    2. I have an older brother and a younger brother who’s in heaven.

    3. I’m the youngest too! 3 brothers though. They are fun and sweet but we all get on each other’s nerves sometimes:)

    4. As I shared on an earlier post I am the oldest of four soon to be five.🥰 so excited for the new baby! All of my siblings are boys, and I am really hoping for a girl, but will be happy with anything.

  50. Just so you know i don t speak Spanish and I live in Washington and pray for me i broke my finger.

    1. Oh my goodness!! That’s gotta hurt😥 I will pray for you and your finger situation. I sprained my foot while playing basketball a few years ago, and I had to go to the doctor, it was not a fun experience but I got special attention because I was injured and couldn’t walk. 😌 I hope your finger feels better and heals quickly! I ❤️ u and God does 2

    2. Did you go to a monster truck show? My brother is dead and one of the monster trucks with named El Toro 😝.🐲 that emoji was the closest I could get to a crazy bull.

      1. My brother is not dead… Sorry, and I meant to say El Toro Loco. My brother went to a monster truck show and one of the monster trucks was called El Toro Loco.

  51. I’m thankful for a house to live in
    A brother
    Relatives etc.

    Most importantly the Love of Jesus and Jesus himself.

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaas. I’m thankful for a home and all that other stuff. Wanna be friends hi?
      I love Christmas and DuhhSanta clause🎅🏻ho ho ho

  52. This is a great podcast
    I am having so much fun 🤩 🤩🤩🤩😁😁😅
    It’s very funny 😄

  53. Awesome podcast I love it’s so funny
    I had no idea that Katie Lee and Will Ryan were bickering buddies in real life
    This podcast is so funny😅😂🤣🤩😆

  54. Who has guinea pigs for pets? If you do you can do this 🙋* or this 👋* or you can just comment! If you like you can post your guinea pig’s name.


  55. @God’s not dead
    I hope you’re having a good beginning of this week. I just wanted to know what your favorite worship song is! Mine is “Ten Thousand Reasons” I love it!!!

    1. I don’t really have a favorite praise song. Are you getting your braces today? I hope everything goes well! Good luck! You got this! 👍💜😊

    1. Were you talking to me? Lol, if you weren’t forget I said anything 🙂

  56. @God’s not dead
    What was your name before you got adopted? (You don’t have to answer if it’s personal or something)
    P.S. I prayed for you last night when I was having trouble falling asleep! It helped still my heart and be grateful for such a great friend as you! 🙏🏾😂😄😃

    God’s not dead, I ❤️ you SO much!!

    1. The people at the orphanage called me Chloe. You are such a good friend to me, I feel like I can’t say thank you enough for being so kind! I wish we could meet! What state do you live in?

      1. Sorry, I meant that my English name that the orphanage gave me was Chloe- for example, if someone wanted to adopt me they could say,”Hey, I’m interested in adopting Chloe.”
        I have a Chinese name. It’s just easier to say Chloe, than my Chinese name. How’d everything go with your new braces? Have a great weekend.

  57. I have never in my whole entire life whole entire life heard of Dude Perfect, could one of y’all please explain!!!??? 😂😕 Does it have anything to do with AIO? What is Dude Perfect?????? If it is something that boys like please don’t judge me because I have 3 sisters and only 1 brother, so I watch girlie shows a lot, not a lot of boyish things🙎🏾

    1. Okay dude perfect is definitely not just a boy thing.they’re like this funny group of people that make videos about trick shots and they have like a game show and they do challenges it’s very funny!

    2. Oh YOu SHoulD WAtcH iT!!!!!! It’s so funny and cool and motivational and clean and I think they might be Christians. Alright, I’m done raving about them. They are on YouTube if you ever want to watch them

  58. Also, Hapy Memorial Day!! I am going to my friends house tonight for BBQ and swim in the pool!

  59. Also, God’s not dead (Natalie) You are lucky that you have a trampoline! My next door neighbor has a trampoline and I can do a front flip on it! If someone were to ask me to ask for anything I wanted and I would get it, it would be a trampoline. Maybe I should ask the genie from Aladdin, it would be one of my 3 wishes, lol.

    1. So when you do a front flip, can you land on your feet? I have never been able to do that.😁 What other stuff do you like to do on a trampoline?

  60. I lived In china for 7 years and now we live in America (because of covid) and I just thought Hannah u was talking about the same thing

    1. You lived in China! I was born there so I’m always interested about the country. Can you tell me what it’s like? (I live in PA, now). Are you Chinese? I love to watch the lion dancers every Chinese New year! p.s, I love dragons! (I’d give you a dragon emoji, except that mine are REALLY weird )

  61. Does anyone like the Sugarcreek gang? The books are easy reads for me, but I enjoy them. In the movies circus is a girl, and at first I was kind of confused.

    1. I love the Sugar Creek Gang! I have the videos, some of the books, and my grandparents have some Sugar Creek cassette tapes.

  62. Here is a very long list of my favorite songs:diamond in the sun, goodness of God, blessed be your name, burn the ships, amen, little drummer boy(for King and country) oh come all you unfaithful, dancing on the waves, believer, the sewers song, you say, God only knows, still rolling stones, look up child, all of the Aladdin songs,

  63. CONT You keep your promises. I will later reply To these posts giving the artists and let’s say that it was the second song on the list I would write it to before giving the artist name.

  64. i want jason to go back to the fbi and tasha to become christain so he doesnt get jilian shes not right for him whats your guyses thoughts i was really dissapointed when she let

  65. So do you guys think that the new families on Odyssey just aren’t Christians at all or just haven’t mentioned that they’re Christians?

    Also how do you feel about the new episodes?
    I feel like they aren’t biblical based anymore and that’s sad because I love Odyssey and I would like them to teach more Christianity.

    1. The Perkins aren’t Christians. They mentioned that in the podcast about the Perkins family.

  66. Hey gods not dead my name is rumplestiltskin are you converted I am not

    1. Do u mean converted to Christianity? Are u a boy?( I’m just curious )

  67. here are some thing’s about me : I live in Alaska with my five siblings mom and dad. we live on our homestead farm with two horses two sheep eight goats and two baby goats (and more baby goats soon )tons and tons of chickens oh and two dogs and three cats ( I LOVE CATS!!!) my favorite sport is Brazilian Jiu jitsu. I am also a Christian.

    1. What is Brazilian Jiu jitsu? I’m a Christian too! Alaska is a really cool place, literally. lol
      BTW, I’m the person who posted to u, “Hi, I will be your friend, what do u want to talk about? Jesus loves YOU”, I forget what else I posted you.

      1. Brazilian jiu Jitsu is sort of like wrestling but kinda different. It’s hard to explain

      2. I do Brazilian jujitsu too!!!! I’m a second degree white belt and one of the best in my class! There’s a girl 2 belts higher than me and I can beat her super easily.

        1. Im a gray and black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Where do you live ?

      3. Brazilian Jujitsu Is a form of martial arts ( Self defense ). And to me it is a lot of fun.😄😄🙂

    2. Hi I’m POST POSITIVE and I also love Brazilian jujitsu! I’m a second degree white belt at this place called Clarks University. And I have 16 chickens ( to many to name ), 2 parakeets fade and snow y, a bunny named sasha., and a dog named bella. Also I am a girl.

  68. continue

    and if you haven’t heard of “The chosen” I highly recommended it. Its a Christian video series. its great to whatch with the family

    1. I’ll gladly be your friend, Katie. What do you wanna talk about?

      I’ll be friends to anyone who asks.

      1. Sorry I did not reply sooner. Ummm. I don’t know what to talk about. You can talk to me on the new podcast commenting page. But there are so many “ hi” usernames I don’t know if I can tell who is you😀

    2. I’d love to be your friend! It’s cool that you live in Alaska on a farm! People tell me it’s cold in Alaska. I live in Georgia with my 4 siblings Eliana, Elizabeth, Emma, and Josiah. I am the youngest and Eliana and I are both adopted. Eliana comments on here here username is Hi, I became a Christian two years ago in August, I love God

      1. It’s not that cold it’s cold in the winter but pretty hot in the summer . One time it got up to 97 degrees in the shade !!!in the Summer. I love god too !!

    3. I will be your friend. What state do you live in? I live in Georgia and here are some things about me. I will post them on the latest podcast. Wait… I think you said you live in Alaska so never mind on the state thing.

      1. I have 8 month year old brother and a married sister. and I’m also a twin. I have two other siblings and they are older then me. I’m not allowed to tell my age. When my mom was pregnant I hoped
        For a girl too. My full name is Katelynn but every one class me Katie or Kate

  69. One, curious George.Two, Bethel music. Three, any artist. Four, five, six, for King and country. Seven, sovereign Grace music. Eight, Bethel music. Nine, Imagine Dragons. 10, Andrew Peterson. 11, Lauren Daigle. 12, for King and country. 13, 14, Lauren Daigle. For the Aladdin songs new live action version.

  70. Does anyone here not have sibs? I have no sibs, but if I could have a sib, I would want a brother my age. I’m a girl and I’m sure some of u girls think I’m strange for wanting a bro.

    1. I don’t think you’re strange for wanting a brother. In fact I only have 3 younger brothers.I’m the oldest. Also if you did have a brother your age I don’t think heed share the same interests, also boy can be very loud and in your face allot. I know from first Hand experience, I have three younger brothers and I’m Christian + girl.

    2. To God’s not dead:
      Trust me on this one! If you want a sibling, you want an older sister that’s 5 or 6 years older than you. If you’re close in age you will get into fights a lot, it is awful. And with boys you need privacy and things and you can not talk about your girl issues. You want a sister!!

      P.S. That just friendly advice

  71. Whoever said they will be my friend I will be there friend too! I might be a little late to respond because we are planting a lot of stuff in the garden this week and the next week and the next. 😂 I milk goats almost everyday too.!

  72. Does anyone here watch Moriah Elizabeth’s vicious on you tube, same with dude perfect and Coyote Peterson?

    1. I haven’t watched Moriah Elizabeth but I’ve watched Dude Perfect and some of Coyote

  73. Who here would prefer Camping over the Beach? (or the other way around?)
    I like camping better.

  74. Hey everyone , guess who this is
    My real name as an L in it
    I love dragons
    My favorite singer (group ) has the letter S in it
    My username has an N in it
    Have fun guessing!😊

      1. To psalm 9:1 and Hannah U
        I’m God’s not dead. ( I thought I would try it again, since last time was a failure )

  75. Last 😝😁😜 nobody will probably see this comment… But that’s all right.

  76. This saying was from a movie called God’s not dead, lol its a really nice saying! I wanted to share it with you all.
    God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good!
    In the movie, the 1 guy sayes the first part then the 2 guy says the other part.

  77. Hello! 😊
    What are you guys looking forward to this summer? I am looking forward on going on a trip to Virginia to see some friends and Family!

  78. I love Katie Leigh & Will Ryan!!! I met them once!! So sweet….and…coooooool!!!

  79. Hello, anyone still on this page? I haven’t been on here for a while.

  80. Rest in peace Will!!!!! Its so crazy listening to this podcast not long ago to just pop into the site to see the news. God speed.

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