The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Buck + Jules = Buckles

Shona Rodman (voice of Jules) and Robby Bruce (voice of Buck) in 2012 and 2014, respectively
Shona Rodman (voice of Jules) and Robby Bruce (voice of Buck) in 2012 and 2014, respectively

Robby Bruce (voice of Buck) and Shona Rodman (voice of Jules) share the latest developments in their characters and their own lives. Plus, what they think of the idea of Jules and Buck getting together.

Got questions about Album 72: The Long Road Home or anything in Odyssey? Leave a question for us: 1-855-784-WHIT. (Make sure to have a parent’s permission before you call!)

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701 Responses

        As you all now know if you looked at my commet on the podcast before this one, I am officially not shipping Snelson(🤮) anymore!! So I am definitely: 😀😀😀😀😀😀!!

        Who are yall’s favorite characters??
        And favorite AIO episode?
        I’d love to know!😆😆

        1. My favorite episode is Please Adjust your Frequency
          My favorite character is probably Suzu Rydall.
          I ship Buck and Jules too! I think it would be cool if they started a band together and called it Buckles Band or something like that.

          1. Ooo yes!! I love that episode too!!
            Suzu is one of the best.😌

            YESSSS! A BUCKLES BAND!!! I’d love that!❤️

        2. i know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          even though i prefer ‘Buckles’
          i am the same everything before ((and Buck)) just added the buck thing

          1. Hehe yeah😂
            If you look on the previous podcast, you’ll see that I actually changed my name before this podcast came out, so Juck was the first thing that popped up in my head when I was thinking for a ship name. 🤣

        3. I love your new name! But I think most people recognize Buck+Jules as “Buckles” other than “Juck”. But, whatever floats your boat!

        4. Ok I love ‘buckles’ and characters probably Jules and Buck or Harlow Doyle.
          I like ALL of the AIO club episodes❣

        5. Jules
          California dreams
          Totally ship Buckles,Juck and as my mom suggested Bules

        6. I actually don’t care for the name Juck…make me think of the word yuck…!!

          Prefer Buckles

        7. favorite episode-“Welcome Home, Whit”‘
          favorite character-Connie Kendall ( I mean she’s classic)

    1. No i didn’t but it was soo cool how they talked about pranks that is awesome
      How do ask the TRQ ?

      1. It’s literally your name.
        And I don’t like that ship but anyways…
        Guys did you see the other ship name for Buck+Jules that someone commented?😂 Buck+Jules=Juck!🤣🤣
        But the person supported that ship so thats hilarious

    1. That was actually the first AIO Ship name. Then Came Jillison, Jasha, Jasonnie, Morily, Themily, the list goes on. BTW: Congrats on second.

      PS: I am pro 1. BUCKLES! 2. Jillison❤😻 & 3. Themily (🥺 More Jones AND Parker Please!)

  1. Just writing in to say “thank you” to my Fiancé…Thank you, Darling for agreeing to marry me! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!

    And thank you, Sister Ruby for introducing us!

    1. Aww! Thank you, Dearest for asking me! I can still picture you on your knees asking me to marry you while you were holding out the ring. I love you and I also like my ring! (So everyone else can picture it…it is Diamonds with Amethysts!
      I know we would be considered really young to marry but I am so glad our parents gave permission! Thank you!

      1. Just so you understand the comment about us being considered really young…we are both between the ages of 14 and 19.

        Keep in mind that depending on where you/we live may change what age you can marry or if you get parental permission to marry younger than normal.

        1. Hey there! I just wanted to tell you here that I don’t think that you or Brother are ‘really young’ to marry…after all Pearl and I are pretty much the same age as you and we are engaged to marry too…😁

        2. Those comments made my day! (I am between 10-13 so I know this is weird) But, I love romance! And This and the club are the only chats I’m on so I have never seen anything like this! May God Bless your union!

          1. Hi! Thank you!
            However, we aren’t really into romance…we are just a young couple looking forward to marriage. We are also part of a really big family so we don’t have a lot of secrets…so we share a lot of our news with everybody. I am sorry if it seemed like our posting these seemed like romance. We were not trying to encourage romance!


          2. In fact, in our family we aren’t even allowed to read romance books and even though we are of age(getting married) we will continue to choose not to read them.
            I hope that our posting about our engagement was not offensive! I can assure you all that we have parental permission and we are of age to marry even if we are between the age of 14 and 19.

          3. I meant that it is sweet. Those comments just made me smile. I used the wrong word. Sorry, and I am not offended in any case!

  2. Hi! How is everyone? We are all sitting in my parent’s living room…commenting on the AIO board…so…
    Thank you to my sisters and brothers and parents for all of your support and love! Especially as we walked through our first big trial: the lost of our first baby!
    Thank you AIO friends for all of your love and prayers…


  3. And since you all were so supportive and loving my husband and I wanted to share with you all our exciting news…


  4. …Drum Roll please…

    We are…


    We are so excited…and are very hopeful and we would covet your prayers!!

    1. Wow that’s so amazing I’ll pray for you
      Anyways my mom knows a lady who had like 5 miscarriage
      But now she has 4 healthy children
      Anyways wishing you the very best!

      1. @Jules, Makayla, Sister in Jesus, Adriana, and Danger’s Daughter

        Thank you for all of the Congratulations!!

        Appreciate your prayers!

      1. You are so sweet to ask! Because I am so newly pregnant I won’t know the Gender until later in my pregnancy and in addition since I have had a miscarriage before the chances of another one are pretty high…so we’ll probably wait to do any naming until I pass the first stage. (Not that you can’t miscarry later on but the chances are less)


      2. So because of all of this, I am going to have to say that we don’t know…I know that wasn’t very informative…I am sorry.

        Maybe, I’ll be able to have some info later on…unless we decide to keep it a secret…😜

    2. CONGRATULATIONS! Praying for a healthy pregnancy! Hope you’re feeling well!

    3. Congratulations I am so happy for I will beat that you will have a happy and healthy baby
      Baby’s are a gift form God

  5. Bro! Nooooooo!!
    No! No!
    Buck and Jules shouldn’t be a thing…
    good friends, nothing else.
    I like regular old Odyssey when it wasn’t soap opera type stuff, with who’s gonna be in a relationship with who.
    Mysteries, the Bible room, the Imagination Station. No teenage love stories😩😩

    1. this reply made my day! good for you. I totally agree. I hate romance, and I would rather them cut the two of them out of aio all together if they are going to make it into a huge love story between the two of them. they’re teenagers and they need to grow up a lot more before they should even be thinking about these things.

      1. Yeah! I agree with you too. But I do still think they should add some romance at least. I like them being friends as well, but other people want to see what is in Store for buckles.

        1. Old Odyssey had Katrina and Eugene, Connie and Mitch, Joanne and Jack, Jack and Lucy…………… The list could go on and on. Connie and Mitch were both teenagers. So were Jack and Lucy. And what about
          Trent and Mandy?

      2. Well I think they go good together but I do think they should get a little older but they are cute together( buck and jules)

    2. I have to agree with you very much i grew up with all of the original episodes i dont understand why they have to have episodes like a soap opera dramas i love all of the adventures in odyssey episodes i just want them to go back to original format again and it is much more normal just more humor with bernard tom connie eugene and mzybe bart and edwin blackgard again that would be awesome

    3. I LOOOOOOOVE your name, but the comment made me sad 💔. You would not be here if your parents had not fallen in love! Just think about it.

  6. So excited to listen to this! Awesome job to Shona and Robby in their recent joint production!! You both are amazing voice actors!!

  7. Do any of you like the Shadow Creek Ranch series by Charles Mills?
    I have read the books many times and I still love them.
    My favorite book from the series is “Treasure of the Merrilee” Book 4 in the series.

    Signing off,
    Chelsea F.

  8. I really enjoyed this podcast. I look up to Shona so much and love seeing buck and Jules’ friendship grow. I really like having A girl with a guy best friend on odyssey, because my best friend is a guy, and sometimes people think that is weird (which it kinda is, but we’ve known each other for seven years, and we just get each other)

  9. Hi , I just want to say how grateful I am for all your guy’s hard work. Adventures in Odyssey has change my heart and my lifestyle. Thank you guys.

  10. my name is Kaylyn. I am between the ages of 10-14. I really like the meteorite mayhem thing that came out.

  11. First?! Doubt it…. for some reason I can’t see y’alls messages… I am some what new so I don’t know how this works completely.😊

    1. Hey! Do you like the how to train your Dragon books? Dragon whisperer sounds like the how to train your Dragon books. What do you think of the movies. I love the movies! Do you like the books or the movies better?

      And if it’s totally unrelated to how to train your Dragon, oops. Sorry. 😂
      I’d love for anyone to answer those questions!

      1. TeenDragonWhisperer is my sister and I think she likes the movies better. TeenDragonWhisperer and I love the hidden world.

  12. This is just so thrilling. Now my kids know to share with others and be kind to elders. My grandma doesn’t have to hide behind the couch now when my kids go to the house. They used to take her cane and run wild… They are much more caring now and I appreciate your work. signed, a very concerned grandma.

  13. Are Buck and Jules in love [on the show]
    Do Robby and Shona have kids?
    Do Robby and Shona have pets?
    How old are Robby and Shona?

    1. I think that Shona is about 20 or 21… if you look at AIO Wiki you could see how old she was when she started acting for AIO and then add up the years until now…

  14. I would love to see Jules and Buck together! It does appear (at times) like it is already heading that direction? Although what about Connie? I feel Connie in a serious relationship needs to take off again! I’ve been a huge fan of Odessey since I was a little girl. Now I share it with my kids and husband. My husband was deprived as a child lol

    1. I’ve been a fan of AIO for my entire life probably not as long as yours since I’m not married yet, but good to read about parents who still listen &enjoy AIO.I think it’s awesome that you,& others, are passing on to the next generation of familys. So even though I don’t know you I think your amazing, thank you for introducing your family to AIO 🤍

  15. I’ve got one word for this podcast. AMAZING!!!!! I’m so with Shona and Robby. I think Buck and Jules should be friends right now. Aren’t they like 16 now. That’s a bit young to be serious.
    Just my opinion.

    1. My cousin got married at 17 (almost 18) so I don’t think that’s too young but I’m. Gonna wait till I’m at least 19 or 20 to go serious

  16. Jesse’s amazing. I don’t know if any of you notice. You should hear him on Average Boy.
    Hey Jesse keep up with the jokes! Even if Bob doesn’t like the jokes, just know your fans do!!!!
    I’m a BIG fan!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Hi. My previous name was anonymous but now I am anonymous_commenter. I will hardly ever comment. Thank you.

  18. Hi. I love this podcast! I like Shona so much, she is a really good actor. Robby is very good too! The name Buckles is so so funny.

        1. Yes I do it’s very hard
          My dads cusin (sorry idk how to spell it)
          Came here from Ukraine and she’s great she’s going through a hard time but she makes me feel happy

  19. Welcome ladies and gentlemen boys and girls to AIO quote game
    Rules: I will put a line a character said in an episode (adventures in odyssey club exclusive not included) and you have to guess who said it and which episode it was said . Ready set. Go!!

    Connie and Mitch sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G (song)😝

  20. I post every Monday . Wednesday and Friday
    So you have 2 day to guess the episode and character

  21. I wonder who’s first
    Congrats to however got first
    Man theses comments are taking a long time to post aren’t they

  22. Ok last one

    Just remember my slogan …… ms meechoo can teach you 😁
    (How do you spell her name meechoo ms meetchoo meetchu ……)


    Pay close attention to what Katrina wrote down.

    “Katrina and Buck Meltsners”
    It’s so cute. I was over the moon when I saw it

    Any idea bout what’s going on. Peter Borland is mentioned in there. I have no clue about anything

  24. I was out of ideas out of time and out of hallway (sigh) it was time to face the music

    This is the last one for today

  25. I did not know that Shona and Robby were both old enough to be married! I guess I always hear them as teenage Buck and Jules, so I assumed the actors were the same age. I ship Buckles!

  26. It’s been a while. Hope everyone is doing well! Also has anyone seen or heard from “Odyssey fan”?

    1. Nope! Haven’t seen her since her little sister Elliorah was born…did I spell that right?

  27. Wow! Shona Rodman looks a lot like Jules! If Robby Bruce had blue eyes, he would look just like Buck LOL!! You guys do an awesome job. What happens to Eugene? Will there be another actor doing his voice?

  28. Hi everyone! I am SnowWhiteBride’s adopted younger sister…

    I am going to be a bridesmaid for my sisters’ and brother’s wedding! I am so excited and also a little sad at having siblings whom I love so much get married and leave home! Especially, my brother…we are only 2 to 3 years apart.
    Does anyone else feel that way?

  29. How many of you have graduated from Homeschooling?
    I have 2 more months and then I will graduate. I am younger than average to graduate…
    And my sisters SnowWhite, Ruby and Pearl and my Brother have graduated. I also have several other older siblings who graduated.

    1. I when been home schooled my whole life. I am a couple grades ahead (not because I skipped grades, but because I am advanced) and am on track to graduate at sixteen. I am the oldest in my family (nine kids so far), so I haven’t really had any sibling get married or move out yet, but my mom’s siblings have and that’s hard. Shes the oldest is 12


  31. my family just went to flordia and now im really sunburned but my sister is worse.i mean really worse like bad really bad so please pray for her

  32. hi my computer was messed up it didn’t show any comments so I commented excited that I might get first but it didn’t even put that comment. Anyways I love buck and Jules and I really hope they get together. Go BUCKLES! I want Wootan and Penny to have kids. And Connie I think is a good character staying single. next comment saying my favorite guys

  33. Favorites Jules, Buck, Jillian(fav)Connie, Jay, Jason, Zoey, Camilla, Tom Riley (one of my top ones)Eugene, Wootan, Penny, aren’t major characters but I LOVE Penny’s parents and sister
    I don’t want to offend anyone but here are my least favorite characters
    Emily, Olivia, Jimmy Barcley, And That is all I don’t hate any of them just some don’t like

  34. @Clara the Bride

    I hope that you see this…would you like to chat here with me? I only post here on occasion but I would love to hear about your wedding if you would like to share…and I could share about mine.

    Also would you like to post your wedding outfit on the OOOTD page…I posted mine…you can see it if you scroll up the page.

  35. Spider girl do you read marvel comics?
    I don’t really watch the movies but I have read tons of comics

        1. Like, if ur a member of AIO u might see the comments earlier.

  36. Captain Marvel says:
    April 26, 2022 at 12:47 am
    I ship BUCKLES! What would Wooton and Pennys kids be named?

    Melissa, Valerie, Brent, and Gabriel.

  37. Hey everyone! Voting has begun in the Best Gandalf Quote “Contest” on the LOTR/Tolkien fan page, so please ahead over there if you want to vote! Make sure that you vote as soon as possible because you will be unable to vote after this week! Thanks!


    Hey there, Girl! How are you doing? I know that a lot of us here have been praying for you! I saw above that you are going to be released next week!!! I am so happy and excited for you!

    Did you see that I am EXPECTING again?

    Will you and your amazing Fiancé be getting married soon? If so, I hope that everything goes well!

    1. @SnowWhiteBride
      You know what? I am very good. The fact that I am going to be released in a few days is relieving.

      1. OOOhhh! Praise the LORD! He is so amazing and wonderful! I am so glad for you! I think that by the time you see this you will have been released…so I hope that you will have a wonderful moving back process!

        Remember to trust in the Lord and know that His will is always BEST!

    2. C
      You’re expecting again!! The second I saw that post, I started praying for you and your husband. You will have a huge responsibility. I am rejoicing for you and your family. God bless you through this pregnancy.

    3. C
      We were supposed to be getting married in September but with my car accident we aren’t sure yet. I can’t walk very well and I am currently in a body cast. But God is good all the time.
      Now I know that a while back I said that I probably would not get for another few years but things change.

      1. Amen; He is good all the time! Praying for you both!

        I actually know of someone who got married in a Wheel Chair…I don’t mean this to say that I wish that upon you but to encourage you in the fact that if the 2 of you are in love and want to marry…not walking very well or not being able to walk at all can’t and shouldn’t stop you two!!!

    4. You are?! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am praying for you and your baby! Do you know when your due date is? (If you don’t want to answer that that is fine )

      1. Thank you so much! We are very excited and also hopeful! Trying not to be anxious!

        I am not going to answer any due date questions or gender questions until after I pass the first stage…I hope that this is not offensive to you! I am sorry!

        Thank you for being interested and so loving!

  39. Hi everyone! I hope that you all have had a blessed Easter! I saw that a lot of you were confused by comments not posting…I am guessing that our wonderful Moderators took a week and a half off from moderating for Easter and maybe Spring break?! I know they deserved it!

    Thank you, Moderators for everything that you do!!

  40. Can you find any of the old 40s marvel comics ZaneBrick? I can’t find them anywhere! Even reprints

  41. Has anyone thought about what they are going to do to Eugene now that Will Ryan died? I hope he doesn’t die in a car accident or anything!😳

  42. Hi everyone! I know that earlier I told you all that I have some very exciting things happening in my life and I wouldn’t be able to post consistently…well, I have one or two very exciting things happening this weekend and so I won’t be able to comment for at least a week…probably 2 or 3 weeks.

    Just wanted to let you know and to say goodbye!

  43. I haven’t been commenting as along as some of the rest of you so I was curious…do the Mods post comments more frequently during Summer Break? When we had the club the Mods there post like all the time and here seems like comments get posted once a day.

    Does anyone know?

  44. Hey y’all!!!!! Congrats to all the engaged people (there’s a lot of you). I hope all goes well with your wedding.🥳

  45. Buckles is a cute name!!!! 😍

    Oh BTW Olivia🐎💕 I hope I get married at like 18 or 19( I want to get married young)

      1. Haha I used to think that way too!
        But wait maybe (probably)
        You’ll wanna get married when your older

  46. @captain marvel
    Hey! Are you a marvel fan? (I am like a HUGE fan. Mostly the movies though because I can’t find the comics). Do you prefer the comics or the movies?

  47. I don’t really have a preference for whether Buck and Jules get into a relationship. However, I do think that they should both become Christians first. Also, hoping that AIO will be careful in how they address a Dating/Courting scene because I am sure that there are others here along with myself who have high standards for this.


    1. @Amethyst, I agree!! I have high standards and am often told I’m “picky”. I am going to court my future husband. Whenever a good guy is bold enough to ask!

      1. I understand about being told about being too picky!!

        I courted my Fiancé! Some do Date in a wise way so I don’t want to discount dating…some just use the words interchangeably…I just don’t believe in ‘dating’ just for the fun of it…especially if you aren’t ready for marriage! I also don’t believe in “playing the field”.


      2. However, I do not want to criticize or critic anyone here! Nor do I wish to offend anyone here! I also realize that due to my age (14 to 19) some here may feel that I am too young to comment on Courting/Dating…However, I have gone through the whole Courting process and am engaged to marry soon so I really do understand!

  48. Since I am getting married soon(in between the age of 14 and 19) I don’t really have a whole lot to say about their ages…some may choose to marry younger and depending on where you live you may be permitted to marry younger…

    However, I would like to see Jillian marry and also Jason…possibly even each other…

  49. I think that before Buck and Jules becomes a ‘thing’ that they should become Christians.

  50. In the wiki they just added the title to album 73 and what each episode is about. So by seeing that I am wondering if they are going back to another hiatus by reading in between the lines of what the next album is about. I remember that they did this for after album 50. I hope that they will not do that again and just keep on producing more ep.

  51. Hey zanebrick i love marvel comic’s they are rad man
    By the way i think they are making a live action milles Morales
    Movie i know you will be exited for that because milles is your
    Favorite hero

      1. A different movie
        Also i was veary sad cause i can’t watch Spiderman in the spider verse 2
        People can’t watch it in Canada i can only watch movie 1

  52. Wait anonymous you’re a marvel fan
    Wannabe friends you don’t have a choice 😁😃

    1. Hey! I accidentally signed anonymous lol. I’d love to be friends!! I love marvel! Who is your favorite character? My top six (not in order) are steve, natasha, bucky, yelena, loki, and wanda. Do you prefer the movies or the comics?

      1. Um Rachel i love the movies and comics
        My top 6 fav are
        1 iron man
        4black panther
        5spider ham
        6 that 10 rings guy

  53. To Anonymous
    I love marvel!!
    My favorite characters are cap. Marvel and Hawkeye oh and Helena Bolivia I haven’t been able to read many of the comics but I LOVE The movies

      1. Ummm hey lina my gal friend i dont think anyone is going be that rude and say no so you don’t have to put that ending part im just say
        (In a jokeinglly way

    1. (I accidentally signed that anonymous) steve is my favorite too! I actually have a top six (not in order). Steve, bucky, natasha, yelena, wanda, and loki!

    2. Oops, I thought you said captain America not captain marvel lol. Captain marvel is actually probably my least favorite. I like her as a person, but not as a superhero. She is kinda overpowered and her movie was very girl power.

      1. I don’t think it’s to girl power it just shows her as strong and not wimpy(not saying the other girl characters are wimpy because they are NOT

    3. I don’t understand cap marvel

      Last time I checked carol was miss marvel

      Now she is some OP avenger lady with cosmic power?

      So Im,totally lost on who she is

  54. So who here thinks Connie should get married? Raise your hand.
    Okay. Listen. If Connie were to get married it would change her personality, kind of. She would have to…mature. I mean, there are some characters in Odyssey that just need to stay single. Like Connie, Jason etc…
    That is just my opinion. Let them marry Connie off when she’s 100.😁

  55. I’m sorry I was busy and couldn’t post sooooooo. Here we go guess the episode and character!!

    Oh look at that big bull ! what is that for ?

  56. have any of you guys read meteorite mayhem? what happened to the end of the story? or is it just not posted yet?

    1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Is it your first? I don’t know if you saw…but I am expecting!!! I lost a baby a little while ago so we are pretty hopeful and excited!!

  57. It’s great to have a caring Husband who can take over when you need it I’ve been very nauseous (not sure why) but I’ve been sick lately and he has really helped out

  58. Hey guys! Congratulations SnowWhiteBride on your pregnancy. And I am so glad that ILOVEDANNYGOKEY is getting out of the hospital. I love you guys.

    1. Why is that embarrassing its such a pretty name and i have a friend named Abigail im the only one here named Stephanie

      1. You really think the name Abigail is pretty. That’s so nice of you. I used to have a friend named Stephanie.

  59. Hey there!

    Does anyone know if Peter Bourland has shown up since Robert Mitchell has been in the show?

    Does anyone think it would be pretty cool if Robert Mitchell were to be involved in the Meteorite Mayhem too? What about if it was Mitch and Maureen?

  60. I’m soo sorry I’ve been very busy here is the quote

    Sin didn’t have any power over. Get it? (Not whit)

    If I don’t post every 2 days can someone else post the quote pretty please?😉
    I’m changing my name to @llen sonic fan

  61. Has anyone watched sonic 2 ?
    It is so awesome that their will be a sonic 3 movie and with shadow (hope silver appears )

    1. Umm no but i did just get the sonic 2 happy meal toy

      1. A PIG !! 🤯😳 wha how no no it can’t be .sonic Is doomed !! You guys won’t believe this but that pig is ……… Wilber from Charlotte web

        P.s if you don’t trust me it’s ok

  62. Third quote
    Wait a minute you can’t build something that answers prayer Can you?

  63. Fourth quote. (Hope you’re enjoying this game)

    That is the most incredibly unbelievably amazingly HANDSOME MAN I HAVE ever seen eeeeeh!!!!!!!

    1. Okay, I know this is probably gonna be a ridiculous question, but where is meteor mayhem page? Is it on the club?If it is that makes a lot of sense, because I don’t have the club, I have to use that money on expensive gas 😭. If it on the website I can’t find it🤔. Also I like the quote game your doing its fun to guess at, even if I don’t comment!

  64. @llen –
    That is Olivia in David and Absalom Part 1 gushing over how cute absalom is

    1. G…wanda its South African but no accent since I wasn’t raised there

      New name?
      So who was your old name?

  65. @Snowwhitebride. It is my first and I was so excited because I always loved kids. The Docter said I have a 40% of having another child but She might be an only child for what the Doctors are saying. Thank you all for caring. And thank you odyssey and I hope my daughter will like you guys too

    1. I am so happy for you and your husband! What a blessing to bring another life into the world! I hope and pray that if it is the Lord’s will that you will be able to have more children.

      I don’t know if you saw…but I lost my first baby but Praise the Lord my child is with Him and I am also expecting again!

  66. Can I play, too? Here’s a quote:

    It’s so great to have you, Mrs. Nietchu. I’m sure you’ll be a fabulous coach, maybe the best one Odyssey Middle School has ever had. Yay, Odyssey!

  67. To everyone who likes Marvel

    My fav Marvel characters are;
    (1st ) Daisy Johnson
    (2nd) Shang-Chi
    (3rd) Wanda Maximoff
    And lastly Yelana Boliva

    Those are just my top favorites.
    Does anyone like these characters?

  68. To everyone who likes Marvel

    Who is your favorite version of Spider-Man? Like the Tobey Mcguire,
    Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland Spider-Man?

    My fav is Andrew Garfield
    I find Tom Holland annoying, no offense to those who do like him.

    1. Idc about any of the actors

      But this is my spider man ranking

      Miles Morales
      Gwen Stacy
      Hobie brown
      HAM!!! (Peter porker)
      Noir (I think Peter parker?)
      Amazing spider man (Peter parker)
      Spectacular spider man ( Peter parker)
      SP//dr (peni parker)
      Leaperdon (I think that’s his name… His mecha is cool)
      Spider UK (billy)
      Anna corzan?
      Silk Cindy moon

  69. To everyone who likes Marvel

    What is your least favorite Marvel Movie and character?

    My least fav movie is probably all the Iron Man movies because i dont like him no offense
    but theres actually only a few Marvel movies i still like
    My least fav character is prolly Iron Man, and Peter Quill.
    Once again no offence to those who disagree with me.

    1. Peter quil is awesome!!

      Same I don’t really care for Tony

      Least fave has to be the Infinity war and endgame or civil war

  70. Ms. Nietchoo , from Called on in Class! (I’m not replying to SB😅. Sorry about that😅.) I actually have that sieres! (I don’t know how to spell that😅.)

  71. Here’s this week’s joke..ehem( dramatic music)

    What do you call a wise person who makes more money than they spend?

    ( I made this joke up BTW, so it’s completely original 😂)

  72. Here we go quote time

    What do you need silverware for? You Eat with your fingers ?

  73. My quote was from For Trying Out Loud. I think Liz Horton said it, whenever they were trying out for cheerleading. Have any of you listened to that one?

  74. 😀ok I wil guess the quote🙂🙂👦🏻 ?but is it about odyssey?
    I liked the sonic 2 movi

  75. The old pastor of my church had a seminary in Ukraine and he knows a lot of people who live there

  76. Hey guys it’s me. My daughter recently had to go to the hospital because she is super allergic to peanuts and she almost lost circulation in her blood so plz pray that she will be better. my husband is gone on a business trip and so I have no one here to help.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that! I hope and pray that it will get better!

      Remember to trust in the Lord!

  77. ➡️The little pink trolley

    I love Wanda maximoff and Yelena bolova . I’ve never heard of the Daisy John . And I haven’t had a chance to watch Shang chi is it good? And I prefer tom holland and Andrew Garfield also I like the first avengers movie and Hawkeye and Captain Marvel and I’m sorry u don’t like iron man . He is not my favorite either.

    1. Praise the Lord! Wow! Double wow…considering the news you already shared…and it being such a short time since you gave birth! Praise Him!

      Will pray for you! How is your baby doing?

  78. Hi sorry to hear about that Kentucky gal hopes she is doing well. plz pray for me and my family I just had a miscarriage and I have 1 other kid and he doesn’t understand and it’s really hard for us so plz pray

    1. hi there! I am sorry to hear about the your loss! I know that is hard! I just had a miscarriage a little while ago too.
      However, I am expecting again.

      I’ll pray for you!

  79. Oh I am so sorry Hard Times. That must be really hard my mom had lost a baby a became an only child

  80. Hey guys all this talk about marrige&babies. I am expecting a baby. I’ve been pregnant for 5 months now and my back is killing me. Anyways just found out that my sister is expecting twins. So now I’m going to be a mom and an Aunt. To be continued to hear about my life

  81. I have to go sorry I would tell you but Docter appointment. I will tell you when I have the chance

  82. I’m back. I grew up in California listening to Adventures in odyssey. My parents had different beliefs than each other so that caused fights. I have 3 siblings. I went to Usc University. And now I work for Apple.
    I’m about to launch my own business for cosmetics and makeup. And even a salon. And I got married at 20 to a great man who cares!

  83. To All Marvel Fans

    Earlier I listed who my fav Marvel characters are and at least one of you guys didnt know who Daisy Johnson is.
    She is in the Marvel TV Show, Agents of Shield.

  84. Surprisingly My daughter got over her peanut Allergies. I learned that it’s rare to get over allergies. My daughter is actually with me right now

  85. If you read this start posting #Buckles4Life
    I totally think Buck and Jules are great together!!!!!!!!!😀😃😀😃

  86. Hi. I read the comments. Olivia (followed by hearts (I don’t have emojis)) are you having a baby? Congrats every life is
    precious. I hope you love your bundle of joy! When I grow up I want my first to be a girl. But boys are great too.

  87. I agree with whoever said this: Jules and Buck should become Christians before becoming “that”

  88. I love adventures in odyssey!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    What all you guy’s fav character?

  89. I’ve listened to Adventures in odyssey sense I can remember

  90. Actually i have more than three favorite character🤣

    1 Jules
    2 buck
    3 whit
    4 Vance king (even though he’s mean)
    5 jason


    There is now an official Marvel Page on the [ ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE OLIVIA ARC. march 21 2022]
    All marvel fans please join us there

  92. There seems to be lots of confusion happening on the boards lately. So, here is another reminder to only post under your own username. We love to hear your stories about what’s happening in your life, but it’s getting hard to tell who is who. Please stop pranking and be respectful of each other.

  93. AHHHH!!!!! O mi gosh. I’ve always wanted to be an actor on here, especially for Jules Kendall. I love singing just like her, and I actually post it!

  94. Here’s an idea of how Buck and Jules can become Christians. Most of Odyssey gets stuck at Whits End during a tornado, and Whit, Connie, Katrina, and Eugene pray for safety, tornado just missed them and Buck and Jules learn
    the power of prayer. Just a thought for the producers or whoever makes the ideas.

  95. In “meteorite mayhem”, does anybody think Whit and Eugene had Deja vu after being wrongly accused of stealing something precious? Just saying, Shadow of a Doubt sounds almost like this.

  96. Hi have you guys ever watched The labrent fam they are Christian YouTubers I suggest you check them out

    1. Hey I watch them I love them let’s go Labrant fam
      Did you know that savanna is pregnant with baby number 4

  97. Monday’s OOTD
    ~ a gray Columbia shirt
    ~ a purple skirt handmade by me
    ~ my pink ear buds
    ~ neon hot pink nail polish
    ~ wine red toenail polish
    ~ my golden ring
    ~ my hair in twists

  98. Sunday’s OOTD
    ~ a lavender dress
    ~ a black sweater
    ~ my black flats
    ~ plum purple eyeshadow
    ~ sparkly clear lip gloss
    ~ my hair in twists
    ~ wine red toenail polish
    ~ neon pink nail polish
    ~ my gold ring

  99. Mondays OOTD

    Gray “HOME” v neck shirt
    Black skinny jeans
    Cowboy boots

    ( also does anyone have any good ways to do slightly wavy mostly curly hair either up or down?)

  100. Sunday’s OOOTD
    ~floor length maternity dress- pink satin with a floral organza overlay
    ~3 inch sparkly pink heels
    ~tourmaline earrings with matching necklace and bracelet
    ~hair curled and pinned up with Tourmaline clips
    ~sparkly pink nail polish, lipstick and face powder
    ~pink clutch purse

  101. Monday’s OOOTD
    ~ankle length pale blue linen maternity dress with a light blue chiffon overlay(something simple underneath with an overlay to dress it up)
    ~aquamarine earrings with matching necklace and ring
    ~Hair curled and pinned up with aquamarine clips
    ~clear nail polish
    ~1 inch blue heels

  102. Continue Monday’s OOOTD
    ~Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring
    ~Baby Glory Ring. Forgot to mention those earlier for Sunday’s OOOTD

    BTW, Congrats to my sister, Ruby, on the adoption of Emerald! How wonderful! I hope that you and your husband will be able to train her up in the way she should go! Don’t be discouraged by her health issues!


  103. Ruby is with me right now and she gave permission for me to say that as far as they can see…Emerald is going to be a Special Needs Child. Her and her husband rescued her from going to the orphanage…they saw her in the hospital…Emerald was not wanted by her birth parents and at that time Ruby wasn’t married so they couldn’t take her yet


  104. So a couple from their church took the baby in for them until they married and were able to finish the paperwork!
    They are very young parents now but they are very excited to be able to raise this child up for the Lord!

    (They are between the ages of 15 and 20)

  105. Tuesdays OOTD

    Blue jeans
    Dark blue Victorian style loose shirt
    Hair down and curly

  106. Tuesday school oootd
    Light blue jeans with rips in the( I did not buy them that way lol)
    Pink New Zealand shirt
    Long dark brown hair in side braid

    1. @ Lott geek are you talking to everyone?
      If so then my fav colors are black, beige, gray, and tan
      I like neutral colors but I also like blue a lot
      Sometimes I’ll wehere pink too

  107. Ruby,
    I just prayed for you! It was so sweet of you to do that for Emerald! I will continue to pray for you and her! God bless you and your husband!

  108. Tuesday OOOTD

    Light gray long sleeved shirt
    Black loose fit leggings
    Dark gray socks
    Hair in low ponytail with cream velvet scrunchie
    Clear nail polish
    Cherry flavored lip balm

  109. Saturdays OOOTD
    ~light pink dress
    ~ jean jacket
    ~ jean belt {like for jeans}
    ~ nude heals
    ~ silver ring
    ~golden hoop earings
    ~ half up fancy braid
    ~eye liner,face powder and lipstick

    dose any one have any ideas of what color i should paint my nails? my dress is a light pink and i dont want it to clash with my nails……….help!

      1. Or maybe sparkly clear or a sparkly pale pink(if you aren’t into sparkles…maybe just clear like Olivia said…)

    1. Yes, we all did until we got married or engaged. They will be saved for future children…

    2. Yes, mine is a Sapphire with a diamond on each side and is set in silver with my Dad’s name engraved with mine on the inside…

      Does anybody here want to describe theirs?

  110. Hey guys. On the baby topic I’m having twins!! Boys!! I’m so happy for this opportunity. My husband is in the Navy.

    1. Congrats to you!!! This is so exciting for you!!

      I am expecting too…as far as I know its not twins…but it is still a little early to know. I lost a baby earlier in the year so I am pretty excited and also a little hopeful…if you know what I mean?!

      And my sister and her husband are in the process of adopting a little girl.

  111. Wednesdays OOTD

    Curly hair
    Gray shortsleeved shirt
    Scarf with flower and birds print
    Tan cargo skirt smart watch
    Feather earrings

  112. Wednesday day OOOTD

    White button down t shirt
    Dark wash blue skinny jeans
    Bubblegum pink socks
    Hair in low ponytail with peach yellow scrunchie
    Clear nail polish
    Unscented lip balm

    1. no a promise ring is given to you by a boy as a promise to date or marrie when your older and purity ring is a promise to stay pure not have kids before your married basicly

  113. Thursdays ootd

    Light blue and with white spots long sleeved collared shirt
    Blue jeans
    Curly hair down

  114. Thursday’s OOOTD
    ~ankle length pale pink poplin dress with a pink floral chiffon overlay
    ~sparkly pink 3 inch heels
    ~Fire Opal and Diamond ENGAGEMENT ring with matching necklace and bracelet and earrings
    ~my hair is waist length and is naturally curly…its pinned up in a French Chignon with fire opal clips
    ~clear nail polish

  115. Sparkly pink hand clutch
    ~eyeliner, lipstick, face powder

    I am newly engaged to Brother and Amethyst’s little brother! We are between the ages of 14 and 19.

  116. Yea I know what you mean Snowwhitebride! This is my 3&4and I was told that I never be able to have children. So I lost my first two….but with modern medicine, I did have children. Praise the Lord!!! My husband is gone quite a bit, but we live near his folks. So while I’m working they take care of the kids.

  117. I am adopted btw, Snowwhitebride. So I know what it feels like to go through that. I am also a trained foster care parent. So if they need any help, you can ask me. In my family there are 4 adopted children and 4 biological children. So a big family!!

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