The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Survive a winter storm storm in Odyssey not once, not twice, but FOUR times

Cooper Calhoun pilots a toboggan in "The Snow Must Go On"
Cooper Calhoun pilots a toboggan in “The Snow Must Go On”

Writer/director Kathy Buchanan takes us to a snowy writer’s meeting — complete with giant Post-It notes and a knitting club — that led to a new series of Club stories. (Plus: Hear an audio preview of “The Snow Must Go On.”)

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          1. My cousin in Canada told me about the mandalorian and I’ve Seen pictures and video clips so I know what your talking about and yes he is so so CUTE!!!

      1. Not me… I have not watched it, but I don’t really want to. I dance on point and one time I was going to get fitted for new shoes, and the lady there said that my hair made me look like I was Princess Layla, Who apparently is a character from Star Wars.

      1. Yes. I’ve only been listening for the last few years and have enjoyed listening ever since. I actually know several adults older than me who still listen to AIO or have the club…

        How are you?

  1. I know I won’t be first, because I completely forgot that we had another episode coming out!🤔😕 I am so excited for another episode!

  2. Yesterday I was at a small carnival, not the state carnival, but another one. I really enjoyed watching the goat show which took place last night. I think it would have been fun to show, because it was a fairly informal event, so a good place to start of with, but you had to attend something every month to be allowed to show, and I have dance during that time, which is a bummer. Maybe next year I will enter a Chicken in the free-for-all poultry show, or at least a picture.

    1. Have you been to the 20th anaversery that we had here in Albany oregon? I wonder if aio will have a 911 episode. That would be so cool!

      1. I have not, but I have an aunt who lives in Oregon. Do you mean an episode about what happened on sep. 11?

      1. Your last name does not started with an H, and you don’t live in GA, do you? If the answer is yes, BTW my name is Hadassah!

      2. I used 🏡 But now I go to a private Christian school! It’s a bit more fun then homeschooling but I do get a lot more work plus I have to sit in class all the time. Homeschooling Rocks though! I’m happy that you all are able to homeschool!!!!!

    1. You take any other types of dance? I take a point as well as ballet, tap, and contemporary. I am even doing modern this year!

          1. why is your user name 📚👠🐐(sorry if I sound rude I just want to know )(and I couldn’t find some of the right emojees and I couldn’t find the worm emojee sorry about that)

          2. @💧🌊 water girl💧🌊 I made that my name because I am a bookworm/love books, I love dancing such as dancing on point, and I also love animals. Sorry I didn’t respond, I don’t even know if you get the answer

          1. That’s cool I love reading books too and I also love animals I’m kind of into point just I don’t know where to get those kind of shoes I live in Mexico btw I changed my username

        1. Are you a teen, tween, or younger? my shoe keeps coming off of my heel, so I have had to sew, and resew the shoes making some modification each week since I got them, and now they are getting too small! Pointe is fun, but also expensive, and takes a lot of work! I am so glad that I am doing it! Also, I love my teachers and the place where I get fitted!

          1. I am a teen 🙂 I hand sewed my first pair of point shoes and my second pair I used a sewing machine… It was a lot easier 🙃 It feels like as soon as you get your shoes broken into they are too small by then. 🤪 Also, my second pair of point shoes were canvas…what material are yours?

          2. @ ballet, my shoes are made of the shiny material. I don’t know if I have ever seen a canvas pair.

  3. I wonder who won the first still no comments been posted yet if i won i would totally freak out like wowowowowwowowowo

    1. I do and I am in challenge A as well! 5th declension is soo hard because I joined after cycle one.

        1. I love Latin to! Some people in my class do not though.☹️ Did you know that at our Community, it is optional to do Latin later on! I definitely want to keep going with it!

  4. Hi all. My dad has been healing from a rare and dangerous type of cancer. PLEASE PRAY for him. We need that most. I Love you, my brothers and sisters in christ!

    1. Wow!!!! I will defiantly pray for him! My Dad is also recovering from a surgery which failed and then he had to have 4 more surgeries. He can’t even drive!!! It was so scary! PLEASE PRAY FOR MY DAD!!! It’s scary almost losing him.

      1. I know. The idea of losing your dad after having him in your whole life really effects you. Do you live in oregon? What is your name? I just want to know so I can put you in my prayer book. My real name is Titus. I live in Albany or.

    2. I am so sorry! I will definitely be praying. No matter what happens, always remember that God has a plan and works all thing together for good. He loves you and I do too!

    3. I will be praying with all of my might. You can always turn to your siblings in Christ when you need it. 🙏 😔

  5. @Katelynn🤪

    What episode did you listen to that said that Wooton and Penny were having a baby? I had AIOC too. I did listen to the Wise Surprise but it was Penny’s sister that was pregnant…
    How are you doing?

    1. I have not seen her posting for a few pages, which makes me really sad😕😭😢😔😞☹️

    1. Sorry i have not posted for like forever. Yes Olive way i would love being your friend i can play fur elise on the piano do you know any other songs. I know burn the ships, silent night, fight on fighter, priceless, and more just ones i can think off top of my head. Do you play any other istruments i don’t but i would love to learn guitar.

    Everyone, listen to that song. It has some parts in Spanish, but the majority is in English. They play it on a bunch of Christian radio stations, if you don’t know that song now is the time to cease that. It is a must know I listen to almost everyday especially if it’s been a hard day.
    Listen to Be Alright

  7. Hi Everyone,
    Something does not add up as to when this podcast aired for us because I did a little research and I found out that the episode The Snow Must Go On aired on September 1 so that would mean that this would have aired on September 7. They should have waited to do the Avery’s for album’s 69 and 70 for September 22. Does everyone agree?

  8. To Everyone,

    Does anyone like anything I list below

    The Rangers Apprentice
    I Love Lucy
    the movie, Inception
    The drums.

    If ANY of you do, please reply

    – The Little Pink Trolly🚋

    1. I love watching I love Lucy, even though it’s an older show. Does anyone like the Andy Griffith show, the sound of music, My fair lady, or Mary Popins? For music I like Group 1 Crew😂😊. How’s everyone’s school year going. I have a sore through so please pray because it is driving me crazy!😧 Anyone here like football?

      1. I love Andy Griffith show, the sound of music, and Mary Poppins! I have not heard of my fair lady though. Sometimes I like I love Lucy, but not always. Another old show that I like is Dennis the Menace, I think it is really funny!😂

        1. Haven’t watched Dennis the Menace but I have watched Donna Reed and they had an episode that Dennis the Menace appeared in…so I do know who he is and that he was pretty funny.

    2. I love Marvel and the movie Inception, I Love Lucy. I like to draw too, but I’m not very good at it 😄

      1. NF,
        Whats yur fav Marvel movie and fav character?
        My fav movie is Black Panther, and Black Widow and I love the Wandavision show.
        My fav characters are Wanda Maximof and Yelana Boliva.

        Who is yur fav in Inception?
        I luv Tom Hardy’s character, i dont remember his name.

        – thelittlepinktrolley

        1. I don’t really have a favorite marvel movie, but I really like Thor Ragnorok, and Endgame. My favorite characters are Cap and Black Widow. I’m not sure that I have a favorite character in Inception, I just love the movie. 🙂 Do you have any other favorite movies?

          1. NF,
            Sorry I took so long.
            Other movies I like are;
            The Creed movies,
            Oceans eleven,
            Oceans thirteen,
            And I like the tv shows;
            Leverage, and
            Hunter X Hunter.
            What tv shows and movies do u like?

      1. What is inception

  9. @Kaylee, do you want to be friends? Also, how old were you when you were adopted and where are you old enough to know any of the official languages? I am really interested in languages and I was just curious.😊

    1. @Odyssey fan YES I’d love to be friends! I was adopted from Ethiopia at 6months old! Yeah I don’t know Amharic, but I’d be interested in learning! So far Challenge A is great! How about you? I’m really enjoying Latin. And my teacher has often said, that if you know Latin other languages are easier to learn and understand! Sry it’s long!

      1. You’re adopted?! That’s great! I’m adopted too! Twice, actually. Once into my parents’ family and then into God’s family!

      2. It is fine that it is so late, I don’t think they post comments over the weekend as much either. I am really into languages! I think that makes learning Latin easier for me than some people who are not as much into it. What is your teachers name? My teachers name is Miss Hannah. Do you like “exposition literature in writing“? It is difficult to support a side that you do not agree with!

    2. I don’t know if this is a duplicate but @Oddyssey fan 😀 I’d love to be your friend!! When I was adopted I was 6 months old so I didn’t know much about where I was born🙃 (I was born in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 FYI) so yeah have a great day

  10. FYI, I am in challenge A. Sorry, I can’t always remember when I posted some thing, this may be a duplicate post.😕

  11. Did you know September twenty second is hobbit day? (In the books, Bilbo and Frodo share a birthday, which is celebrated by fans on this day). We had a hobbit day feast at our house, and all dressed up as dwarves, elves, hobbits, etc.

  12. When she said characters on a bus, it reminded me of that one team q&a where they said (as a joke) to bring in a bus with Leonard meltser, Mitch, Jack Allen’s grandchildren, and some others. (Does anyone else remember that one?).

    1. Yes, I do. I also remember reading about the names of Mitch’s and Maureen’s children and their pet dog…have you read about that…

        1. I am doing great if you were asking me! Balancing the different parts of life can be difficult, but I am hanging in there.

  13. I am homeschooled. does anyone like to listen to any of the episodes or podcast while doing homework? I listen to it while doing school.

  14. Hi everyone! How are you all? Are any of you excited to see what the New Club Experience is? I am!

  15. Hi everyone! I know this is a random topic, but I am doing my friend’s senior portraits! I am soo excited! Do any of you have good prop ideas? If we have enough people interested in photography we could start a photography page on old podcast.

    1. I don’t really have any ideas, and this answer it’s probably too late. Also I’m not really into pictures.

  16. What’s the weather like where you live
    Here It’s cloudy and we had a rainstorm yesterday

    1. Where I live, we got dumped with rain, and then didn’t get rain for a few days. I don’t know when the next rain is due, but it has already been quite a few days! I live in Georgia, where the tornado hit a few months ago.

        1. I don’t have a favorite food, one of my favorite my favorite colors is probably purple, favorite animal wild is elephant, farm is horse or goat, and bible verse is Esther 4:14. I know you weren’t specifically talking to me, but I thought it was a good set of questions, and decided to answer.😊

          1. Thanks for answering – I like to get to know the other commenters also.I like elephants too! 🐘

      1. To @Titus. Is Titus your name? It is mine. It is hard to type because I just got back from a youth retreat and I only got 4 hours of sleep and I woke up on the beds wood fraiming! So my limds hurt. Ps want to be friends?

        1. Ok, so apparently there are two commenters who go by Titus. I asked Titus if he/she wanted to be friends. I didn’t fully realize that there was an @Titus till now. So sorry for my confusion!

    1. Sorry for the confusion, but I, Odyssey fan😀 have not posted in a few days, and I also changed my name to📚🪱🩰🐐. I had the name forever, and I decided to change. Sorry again, for only one who was confused!

  17. Has anyone remember the character Nelson Swanson? And of course you’ve heard of Suzu Rydell. Well, I think they have a crush on each other!!! ( don’t you notice my name? ) Also, Suzu just LOVES chocolate ice cream and calls it, “Chock-o-Weti”. She is SOOOOO cute!!!

  18. What’s your favorite sport? ⚾️ ⚽️🏀🏈🥎🎾🏉🏐🥏🎱🏓🏸🏒🏑🥍🏏🥅⛳️🏹🥋🥊⛸, or something else?

    1. 🩰 I think that dancing is a sport! I have friends who disagree, but I think it should count even though it is not always a competitive sport. It’s a matter of opinion.💃🏼🕺🏻👯‍♀️

        1. I do now, a lot! I do something called progressive ballet technique, which is basically dance or Pilates with balls. I also do ballet technique, pointe, tap, musical theater, contemporary, modern, and a ballet choreography class. A lot!

  19. @Kaylee, when you figure out, let me know what your science fair project is! I have not come up with one yet, and we have not really started yet, but I am keeping my eye out. BTW, if you can’t find a project, or don’t have one in mind, is really helpful!

    1. hi my name is the same as yours but it is spelled zoe no y but it is so cool that we have to same name
      i guess you live in america i live in sydney australia

    1. 🐮🐄🤠🐐🐷🐓🐖🐔👩🏻‍🌾

      It’s not very big, more of a Homestead, but I enjoy it. Don’t tell me that you love dance and farms!😯🤣😍😊

      1. Yes! We have cows, pigs, chickens, and we have raised turkeys before🙂


    2. 🐮 i live in Alaska on our homestead farm with two horses, and chickens, sheep, goats, Dogs, cats,and a beautiful garden.

      1. On our yard we have cats dogs chickens perakets ( and soon to come puppies!)

      2. Yay! You are back Kaitlyn. Please go over to the next page! Why haven’t you been commenting as much?

  20. Why aren’t the comments posting ?!?!😕
    I mean it’s not a big deal but are people not posting any comments?
    Or what

  21. @📚🪱🩰

    I am going to guess by your emojis that you love reading and ballet/dancing! I love to read too…used to take ballet when I was little…

    How are you doing?

  22. I thought I was the only one who liked who liked those movies! I have heard of Dennis the Menace althouh I have never seen it before. What people do you listen to for music. Or do you like Celtic or other songs with no words. I don’t have a favorite, but these are some of my favorites: Group 1 Crew, Capital Kings, Britt Nicole, Beckah Shae,and Moriah Peters. Do you like reading or puzzles. My favorite puzzles are probably by Thomas Kinkade(Painter of Light), and my favorite books are The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N. Southworth and Chateau by the lake by Amy Le Feuure. Both are produced by Lamplighter.

    1. Wow!!!!! I love Capital Kings, Britt Nicole, Beckah Shae, and Moriah Peters!!!!!!!!!! You’ve read The Hidden Hand and Chateau By The Lake!!!???!!! I love those books!!!!!!!
      I used to be 💜Abbi🐼💜 BTW

    2. I love The Hidden Hand, The Lost Pearle, and The Chateau By the Lake. I also like Britt Nicole.

    3. Have you listened to Hidden Hand? Katie Leigh Acted the part of Capitola! It was a very well done drama!

      1. do you like Lamplighter ? have you read theBasket of flowers the Foresters daughter the Pearl of peace A peep behind the scenes ?

        1. Yes, I do like like Lamplighter. And yes I have read those 3 books. I have also listened to the Basket of Flowers and A Peep Behind the Scenes.

          Sorry, I haven’t replied sooner. I was in the AIO club so I wasn’t really commenting here.

          How are you?

        2. Sorry, left out the Forester’s Daughter…Yes, I have read that one too. Do you like Lamplighter?

  23. Soooooo how is everyone @📚🪱🩰 sorry i didn’t respond much! Really busy! Kinda was sick (had a cold – might have been allergies. 🤧 cuz like with all the farming/combining/harvesting. And the pollen is supposedly high🤷🏽‍♀️) soooooo have a great weekend! Oh and does anyone know when them next podcast will air?-Your sister-in-Christ, Kaylee

  24. Hey guys, I just want to tell y’all… I’m going to stop commenting. I might come back. I hope the rest of y’all have fun.
    @All my friends( NF, Kaylee, Olive Way, Edana…etc)
    Thanks for being my friends. I enjoyed talking with all of you. It was a lot of fun. I love you all and hope you have a lot fun commenting. Keep on keeping on.

  25. CONT
    @The New People
    You’ll really enjoy commenting, the kids here are really nice and fun. I hope I’ll be able to meet y’all when I come back ( if I come back). Have a [ton] of fun.
    Love you all!!!! 💜
    Bye.😢 Peace out!!!!!!!💜🐼😎😊🐝😇🏀

  26. @Me and others, I am sorry, I didn’t explain. HSLDA stands for Homeschool Leagle Defense Association. It has contest for homeschoolers, such as art, photography, essays, and poetry. I entered in the photo contest

  27. @ Everyone
    I was just looking at the commenting rules and they have asked us to limit the emojis and question marks and exclamation points to one or two. Just thought that I would remind everyone and myself that we should honor the guidelines; not to mention honoring the Lord in obeying what the Moderators have asked us.

  28. Wait a second there is two odyssey fans😁? The one in Georgia who is a girl, did she stop commenting? this is Katelynn BTW the on with the farm in Alaska.

    1. Are you the Katelynn who posted about Penny and Wooton having a baby? If so where did you “hear” that?

    2. I am Odyssey fan😀, I just changed my name. You have not been commenting in forever!😢 please start commenting again on the next page! I really miss you!

      1. Are you talking to me? If so, you are being so sweet. If not, still sweet. Thanks. Been busy and just joined AIOC again.
        How are you doing?

    1. That is so kind of you. My dad has been recovering from a rare type of cancer. Can you pray for him?

    2. That’s SO nice of you to do this, thank you! Could you please pray for me and my dad. We could definitely use some prayer.

    3. For my grandpa he had a stroke a year ago I think and for my grandma and them both for salvation I Have a menonite background

  29. I have a prayer request :
    I am switching over to a new piano teacher
    I just hope every thing goes well first lesson
    And it will be hard to say goodbye to my old teacher
    Because I’ve had her for five years !

    1. Praying! I had a hard time switching piano teacher too, because I had a really nice one for four years, but she had to move.

  30. I started listening to Adventures in Odyssey, about a year ago! And I started out with the novacom saga, (highly recommend to start with really kept my interest!) I started on Plan B, Part 1 of 4: Missing in action I’ve had the club on and off through the last year! Thanks odyssey team for everything!

  31. Ok so I kinda lost my phone for like 2 months and then realized it was on my dresser. How much did I miss? Anyone new? Any new announcements?

  32. Hey y’all just an fyi that the podcasts are sometimes released a day early on spotify/apple pods/etc.
    There is a new one out rn!

  33. Ok. So I just finished reading this page. 👨🏻‍🦳 I have AIO also I am public schooled. I like it more because it’s easier for me with people, more activities, and help with school. I was private, home, and public schooled and I prefer being able to see the people you are trying to reach for Christ on a daily basis. You never know the impact you have on someone, especially when your the only pastor kid in a small school so everyone watches what you do. Many people have gone to me for a lot of help, and knowing someone my background and past has made them really comfortable talking to me about stuff.

    1. Hi how are you 🍩 🐟 I could not find cupcake how’s your week been

  34. Aloha!!!!

  35. She mentioned in this podcast all the Odyessy families, but why not a giant family? Like ours, SEVEN of us. Two parents. Just saying, they are trying to reach families, but there aren’t any biggish families in Odyessy.

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