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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

SPOILER WARNING: Explore the “As Buck Would Have It” three-parter from idea to playback.

Album 72: The Long Road Home

If you haven’t heard “As Buck Would Have It,” don’t listen to this podcast and go hear Album 72. If you have listened, join writer/director Kathy Buchanan and sound designer Luke Guenot to hear how this adventure was created. Note: This podcast includes both touching moments and morgue freezers.

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  • Listen to “As Buck Would Have It” as part of Album 72 ” on CDdownload, or on the Club.
  • Hear “The Way of the Comic Book” (our 100th exclusive episode!) in the Club right now.
  • Got questions about Album 72: The Long Road Home or anything in Odyssey? Leave a question for us: 1-855-784-WHIT. (Make sure to have a parent’s permission before you call!)

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    1. Hello everybody, and I’m back! Oh yeah, please see my comments on Album 73, 28 Hours!
      They’ll tell you ALL about it!

      Don’t forget to Ship Snelson! ( Nelson Swanson+Suzu Rydell=❤️)
      Oh yeah! I changed my name a bit! Hope you like it!

    2. This is my list of favourite characters:

      1:Nelson Swanson and Suzu Rydell.Can’t you take a hint?! I WISH THEY HAD A CRUSH ON EACH OTHER.
      2:Pete, From Kidsboro .
      3:Sue, From the Labyrinth
      4:Lucy Cunningham Schultz Davis
      5:Issac Morton


        I stopped shipping Nelson and Suzu now!🥳 You guys helped me to see that that combination doesn’t work, and that I should obsess over a couple that actually works!

        I will be changing my username to Ship Juck! (Jules+Buck=❤️) so you won’t be seeing my old username anymore.

        Happy Easter everyone!

    3. Jason, Connie, Whit, and Jillian become entangled in a mystery that threatens the future of their beloved town and even the entire world.

    4. Wow! I just realized that I got fourth!

      That never happens!

      Good job @zoe on getting first!

      1. Yes, you! Are you married now? If so congrats! If not, I hope that your wedding goes well or went well!

      2. Sorry! Just realized that I signed TwiceAdopted…I meant to sign Snow White Bride!!!

        Sorry TwiceAdopted

      3. If you are married now, would you consider posting your wedding outfit on the OOOTD page so that we could all “see” what you wore? I posted mine there.

        I really missed seeing you here. I think that there are only a few of us here who are engaged or newly married. You, myself, Ava, ILOVEDANNYGOKEY, and TwiceAdopted.

        How are you doing?

    1. I was learning Italian, but it was too hard. So I tried learning Chinese, but I found it was also hard. Now Im not learning any foreign language.

      1. I am learning Italian tight now!😀 I tried Irish(I didn’t know they have their own language, I thought the Irish spoke English) Chinese sounds extremely complicated!!!😩 if you’re thinking of learning a different language, try duolingo. Arrivederci

      1. Bonjour! (hello) I leaned some French with duolingo, but decided Italian was a better fit. I sorta know the basics.(their are contests at duolingo when you get to a certain level and or when you make an account. I go by the name George Sullivan even though it is not my real name.)

        1. Thats neat! I will have to look into Duolingo. Google translate has helped me a lot! Do you like doing ASL? I thought about taking it. Maybe after I graduate I will.

          1. When do you graduate? I’m in 9th grade. I like ASL, except when my teacher makes us watch another video on asl’s history! One of our assignments was to sign a song of our choice. I picked Pizza Angel from veggietales! It was fun, and just as a bonus I might do another song. I love participating in the contests at duolingo. Look for George Sullivan!

      2. Bonjour Sophie ! Parlez-vous français?

        (Hello, Sophia! Do you speak french?)

        1. I know this wasn’t meant for me, but whatever. I’m not learning anymore French. While I’m learning Italian in my free time, I was forced to do ASL at my school (which wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be). ASL is interesting mainly because you communicate something without speaking words, like Italian or English.

        2. @Sister in Jesus
          Oui, je parle François! Ravi de vous rencontrer!
          (Yes I speak French! Its nice to meet you!)

      3. Bonjour Sophie! Parley-vous francais? Comment Allez-Vous?
        (Hello, Sophia! Do you speak French? How are you doing?)

    2. I am not learning a foreign language but I’m Ukrainian
      Вітаю! Як діла
      ( hello how are you doing )
      Veetayoo yak dila

          1. I am Russian -but trust me my whole church is praying for Ukraine. In fact my pastor is Ukraine I am praying for you!

    1. Wait, What?! You’re commenting at like, 1 in the morning!

      Now I see why it’s such a compaction.

  1. Hi! I love Adventures in Odyssey! I have always dreamed of being on the show. My brother and I always listen to the episodes! Thanks soo much AIO for creating amazing adventures!

    1. Hi. Didn’t you stop commenting for a little while? If not sorry it must have been someone else.

  2. I only listened to part 3, I forgot when they were playing and so I only n caught the end of the last part.

    1. LOTRgeek:

      do you have the club ?
      do you have a local bookstore that sells AIO albums ?

    2. I love the name! You will have to listen to the fist two parts when they come out again. They are really good!!!
      (p.s. great name!)

      1. I will!
        Lol, thanks! Love your name too!
        Wanna come over to the LOTR fan page? It’s on the end of an Odyssey career podcast.
        The only thing is…now I know how it ends.😂So I basically ruined it for me. 😂
        Again, love the name! I am always so happy to meet a fellow LOTR fan!

    1. I ❤ Your Name! I used to watch veggietales all the time when I was little!

      1. Are you still little(young) at heart?!😜

        I am! That is why I still listen to AIO!!


    ITS CALLED 28 HOURS!!! I’ll talk about it later.
    Don’t forget to ship Snelson!

      1. Well, there is a website called Adventures in Odyssey Wiki, and somehow the users on it know about it.

        Don’t worry, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

      1. Yes, I Remember.

        What’s so wrong about it?

        I’m just gonna say it again.

        1:Nelson Swanson and Suzu Rydell.Can’t you take a hint?! I WISH THEY HAD A CRUSH ON EACH OTHER.
        2:Pete, From Kidsboro .
        3:Sue, From the Labyrinth
        4:Lucy Cunningham Schultz Davis
        5:Issac Morton

  4. This episode was so good
    I am so excited that buck go adopted!!!
    Congratulations to who ever got first!

  5. I am so happy that Eugene and Katrina got to adopt Buck!! I love how they intertwined Eugene as a child with Cash Oliver’s story!!

  6. why do you think that nelson and suzu should become an ‘item’??

    1. I agree. Why nelson and suzu???😞 I also don’t get why people want Connie to get married? It would change her character too much. Anyway, I like Jules to!!! That was random, but “I’m just me “and I am a very very very random person.😊😆😂Anyone here watched ane of green gables or the road to Avenly.👈I probably misspelled that😔.

      1. I LOVED watching road to Avonlea! i only had a few tapes of it though i wish i could find the rest of the series.


    1. Someones copying my name. Excuse me other Lina, could you please stop copying my name? Thank you! 🙂

      1. Okay i know what you’re thinking lina
        And i promise i was not me this time
        Ay by the way other pranker welcome to the pranking group

  7. in the case of the secret room did any of you guys notice that when mr. whittaker and jamie talked to mr. fenwick that in the background there was a ticking sound ??

    1. Yea that was really weird. Maybe it was an invention or something African because he seemed obsessed with Africa.

    1. Yes, someday you will be @Spider girl.

      And someday so will I.

    1. Okay it was not me this Time
      But other pranker you are
      SO AWESOME !!!😂 we gotta be friends

      1. There are tons of anonymous people here. I go by Anonymous because I don’t like saying my real name.

    2. Not me even though you probably think it is me
      Okay other pranker who are you i have to be your friend

  8. It’s funny how we’re supposed to put our first name only but nobody actually DOES it!

  9. ‘Hi and ps my name is also Elanor but i go as Ellen and i love odyssey my parents listened to it as kids. I’m so glad there is actually fun things to listen to on radio and just to listen to in free time. And I’m so glad buck got adopted one of my friends is adopted and Shes a bit upset sometimes because her birth mom kept her two other kids.

  10. Hey guys, over at the LOTR fan page we are having a fun contest of sorts, so if you have wanted to join then you can head over there and check it out. It’s on the End of an Odyssey Career page, we would love to have you! .

  11. WHY WOULD YOU SHIP TWO CHARACTERS THAT HAVE NEVER MET!?!? Susu and Nelson have never met! Besides, they don’t work together.

    1. They do work together.

      First of all, you spelled Suzu wrong. (I’m so sorry!)
      Second of all, I have big dreams.

      Third of all, Snelson is a combination of Nelson and Suzu.

      Thanks for doing this! I love it when Snelson makes a riot!

      P.S. That’s what my name means.

      1. Kay you people need to stop making fun of ship snelson and nalson suzu personally think there great together 😊😡

        1. Thank you SO much! Someone actually has compassion for me!

          @Spider girl, you should know that NEVER Happens.

    2. Besides, isn’t Nelson kinda old by now! He’s probably in his thirties at least cause Robin is married and has two kids, according to Connie, the age gap is at least 14 years!😦 Anyone here like the movie Anne of Green Gables!😂😀😄😃I love what I’ve seen so far! Dying her hair was not the best idea even though Gilbert called her carrots.

      1. No, Nelson is actually around 12 or 13.

        Don’t ask how I got this research done. It literally took about a year.


        As you all can tell.

      2. I love that movie!
        Sometimes I feel like smacking Gilbert , thu.

      3. I totally agree!!!!! Didn’t she dye it green meaning to dye it black, Ohhh and that Gilbert is a SWITCHOUT!!!!!!! I just do not like him when he is younger. Now when he’s older — that’s another story. He is actually not that bad. WHEN HE’S OLDER. When he’s younger he’s just trying to win Anne back.

    1. I’ll tell you why we get up at 1 in the morning to get first

      CAUSE ITS FUN!!!😩😁

    2. I’m already up😩. I have commented past 1 am, although it sometimes says it’s earlier or later. Most of the time I comment between 7pm-1am. I’m awake late wich reminds me of a joke. They say the early bird gets the worm. I’ll sleep in till pancakes! I like late night’s and waking up late in the day, unless I have some important thing to do. School

  12. Hi guys does anyone have a favorite book of the bible? also any good verses they want to share? also hate to say it but i am anti buck and jules and jilian and jason

    1. I like those characters individually, but anyone of them getting married would change them too much.

  13. Ship snelson, what gave u the crazy idea of Nelson and Suzu together?

  14. In the episodes Buck was SUCH A BIG BABY. He was like “you had my dad arrested” gets so mad 😡 and storms off. Makes me mad 😡. Poor Eugene 🙁

    1. But how would you respond if you just found out one of the people you were most close to, Permanently changed your future? He could have had parents! He could have had a Home! He could have had a stable life! But Eugene baisicly ruined it. But yet, Buck forgave him. I actually think Buck is maturing more and more with every episode. YAY BUCK🥹🥳

      1. Well Eugene WAS trying to get adopted. You can blame him! Though it was natural of Buck to get angry. I don’t blame him!

    2. Yeah I kinda agree, I understand that he’d be mad but he could have had the sense to try to talk about it.

    3. They did a good job representing what it’s like as foster child. I have been half adopted and 7 friends in & out of foster/ adoption. So I know people with a similar situation as a child & as a teen especially. Even being half adopted I felt exactly like buck. It’s hard not to be mad & it’s not easy to know your life could have been different.

      1. Well said Makayla! I think Buck was confused when he overheard what Eugene was saying about his adoption and responded in the only way he could think of,and then when he heard that Eugene turned his dad in, it was like an emotional tsunami.

    4. Um you might not wanna say that
      What if robby brus reads that comment he’d be so sad

    1. Cont… Don’t get me wrong I feel for Eugene, I’ve taked to my parents and I know what I’ve done and said in the past has hurt them. But over time things In our relationship has grown. Sometimes, I am not saying buck should have acted that way, but if you don’t tell what you feel you end up harboring bitterness same goes for biological parents.

  15. wwooww!!!!!!🎆🎇🧨✨🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈📍📍this is so cooooll

    1. super sorry zoe! it was a prank. do you forgive me? i know it was wrong. i understand if you dont want to. it was not the right thing for me to do

  16. Hi there! I am SnowWhiteBride’s sister!

    How is everyone here?

    I am engaged and am planning on getting married very soon…!!!

    1. Congratulations! I am throwing my rice! 🍚 👰🏽‍♀️ Can I have an Invitation? (Just kidding!)

      1. Thank you so much! I am very excited! Can I ask how you are?…you can just tell me your age range…

        I am between the ages of 16 and 30…just kidding…I am between 16 and 21.

        1. congratulations may god bless your married life. i am between the ages of 11-14

          1. why do you say that? I may be 16…I just am not going to say whether I am.

            You may be forgetting that depending on where I live may change when I would get married…age wise…

      2. Haha me to(I can’t find the rice throwing emogi😰😔)Congrats by the way, Ruby!😊

    2. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m really happy! May God Bless your marriage.

      1. Thank you so much! I am very excited! Can I ask how you are?…you can just tell me your age range…

        I am between the ages of 16 and 30…just kidding…I am between 16 and 21.

      2. I think I’ve asked you this question before but what’s the story behind you’re username. Sorry can’t remember😟. What are ever ones top ten movie favorites, or least favorites, or both!

      1. Thank you so much! I am very excited! Can I ask how you are?…you can just tell me your age range…

        I am between the ages of 16 and 30…just kidding…I am between 16 and 21.

  17. today one of the kids in my class kept poking me with his pencil. so when he wasnt looking i poked him in the elbow and he jumped up as if someone put a tac in his chair! in was halarious!!

    1. Wish I could give you a high five Lillian! Remember he is probably doing it for a reaction. Sometimes it’s because they like you❤….or their just annoying.

    1. when katirina yelled’ buck’ when he from the treehouse in divided we fall
      and the other one no clue

      1. Thanks. Sorry it took so long to reply.
        Eugene’s line is for Prisoner of Fear

  18. hi everyone i am new to this so i do not know what to do but who has read the royal academy series or fairy tale reform school series if not you should read them they are awesome

    1. Hi welcome, there’s a book page for any recommendations of books, book topics, and book lovers in general. It’s of the “what does a book editor do anyway?” If you want to talk about just Lord’s of the Rings there’s a page for that too! Also praying for your safe flight to Virginia 🤗

  19. my favorite episode has to be ‘as buck would have it” it was awsome.

  20. hi everyone can you guys please pray for me and my family as we fly to Virgina on the 26 to see family. thanks!!

    1. 💒(I can’t find the praying hands either!😔😩😰So instead I put a church as a symbol of prayer.)

  21. does anybody like black licorish? i love it! also monty, jason,and jared are some of my fac charecters

    1. Mmmmmmm!!! I loved black licorish
      But i can’t eat it any more it it has gluten in it
      And i can not eat gluten now
      Life is not the same 😥

      1. Oh no!!!😭😔😟 I thought for a while I had trouble with gluten, but some things just didn’t add up. Then a relative of mine said it might be brewer’s yeast, which I’d found in many different store bought items that contain flower.

      2. i can’t it gluten now either! it is not the same. all the good stuff goes bye-bye for you

      1. Hey maby your four fish will meet up with my dead fish jar jar binks in heaven. ✌yay

        1. Yeah maybe my favorite fish (his name is Junior) and the rest will meet jar jar Binks in heaven. They lasted for 2 years. Right now there is only 2 fish left, most of their names were Nemo.

        2. Every time one of my fish died, my dad says that it’s very depressing to bury the fish and I agreed.

      2. 😔😔😔😭😭😭That’s hard! Out of all the fish I’ve owned(3… I think, can’t remember very well)They one by one died, which was hard, but I can’t imagine all dying at once. Also, the first one I had died a couple years before I got the otherfish so he would have had to live a very long time! Praying for comfort.

  22. Hey! Does anyone here like quotes, and if so, what are some of your favorites? I love quotes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Obviously 😂)

  23. Suuuuuuuuuup peeps!!!!😍😍🥳💕💜

    Congrats on your wedding!!!! Wow! There’s a lot of people who are getting married on here. 😆

  24. Does anyone do the Bible Bee? If you do post these emojis: 👁❤📖🐝

    I do the Bible Bee just so you know😂

  25. My Hospital Report:
    As of May 2, I will be released from the hospital. I praise God that my fiancé has been there for me. He literally stands in front of me, takes my hands, and helps me walk every day. My doctor said that he has never seen anything like the way I have healed in all of his years of medical practice. God is so good isn’t he?

    1. I am so glad you are alright. I will be praying for you. God bless your mairraige! (However you spell it) and bring you peace!

      “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

    2. Sound like a romantic love story you would read in a book! The young damsel was sick in the hospital. Her fiancee kept her company through the trials, then God brought her healing and their going to live happily ever after! Congratulations on the wedding!!!😂😁😃😀😊☺😅

  26. I don’t think that I could have lived without my praying caring family, my amazing church family, my loving fiancé, you guys, and my incredible Heavenly Father. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you and please keep praying for me TwiceAdopted,💜#Danger’sDaughter💜, ChatwithC, and SnowWhiteBride.


  27. They need to air an episode with Wooton and penny on it. I am still trying to figure out whether I want Connie to get married or stay single. Are any of you guys stuck on that issue?

  28. Congrats to all the engaged and married people here. I hope and pray that God uses you guys to bring many people to him. I love all of you, even the ones who left a while back. May God bless and encourage you all in everything you do or go through.
    ~Ayre (that is my nickname) (also can be spelled “Aire”)
    P.S. too much info, AIO?

  29. Sorry if that sounded like I’m leaving. I might be. I mean commenting is fun and all, but I can’t really find time to do it.

  30. Hi what is the song that Jules and Bridget like on the radio. Is it on the aio club? From the episode (Judge me tender)

    1. Yes I do
      My fave song by them is Valley of death
      I have a friend that went to a skillet concert (winter jam)

  31. who has answered a Totally Random Question” TRQ” 😀😁😊😉🙂 😐🙄😏😏🙂😉😊😚😀😉😊😁😃😄😆😏😌😛🙃😝😜😟

  32. i am the sister of TeenDragonWhisperer she is going to get braces soon so she cant eat her favorite thing in the world for two years: POPCORN AND CARAMEL AND APPLES!

    1. Jules is sixteen oh by the way im also veary curious my school nickname is little miss curious 😂

  33. What’s up people??!!
    Congrats Ruby on your engagement!!!!!! I hope you have the happiest marriage EVER!!!!

  34. Hey everyone!!! Here’s a Random Question:
    What is your personality like?
    I have a rather odd personality. I’m very very very VERY shy. After I get to know you really well then I…talk a lot. If you ever meet me I might hide behind my mom or my sister. My sister talks A LOT. I’m actually the only one in my family who is this shy.

    1. I’m kinda shy but when I meet friends then I’m like playing pranks on them joking around with them and acting super confident!
      They never believe me for a minute cuz I always joke around and then laugh when they believe me
      Don’t worry I’m not outright rude to then they understand me

    2. i am shy also
      #Danger’sDaughter do you want to be m friend?

    3. I’m quiet and a thinker. As well as a bookworm. I do not like crowds and am sensitive loud noises. I love organization, details,lists,and schedules.

    4. please be my friend #Danger’sDaughter
      (don’t have any emogis because i am using my computer)

    5. I am loud, energetic (maybe too much). I love helping people. I like to talk but I also like to just listen.

    6. I am loud, talkative, and weird. I am awkward in many ways. I am a bookworm. My dad has to make my siblings read whereas he has to take books from me. Only when I should be doing something other than reading. I am a interesting character. My friends (and siblings, plus parents) would (and do) call me strange and loco.

    I hope you are doing okay. Is there anything else you need prayer for? Please get better. 🙏🏾 🥲

    I 💜 U!!!!!!

    I 💜 you all!!!

    Fight on Fighter!!!!

  36. Who here does the Bible Bee? If you do post these emojis: 👁❤️📖🐝

    I do the Bible Bee.

  37. @Lexi Thompson 🏇🐎
    Sure I’ll be your friend!!! What are your favorite things to do? I love drawing, listening to music and AIO, dancing, writing music, writing books, designing fashion, writing letters, looking up horse breeds, looking up dog breeds, and hanging put with friends. What’s your favorite horse breeds?

    1. Nope! I thought I was the only one but I use Kjv
      (Kinda looks like I just spelled Kyiv)
      Btw this is how you spell Kyiv in Ukrainian

  38. i hope i like it there too. i live in california it gets in the 100 in the summer here but thankfully we have a community pool. SWIM TIME!

  39. Thank you to everyone for all of the Congratulations and Best Wishes and Rice…and self invitations😁

    I am very excited! Also congrats to my younger sister who just got engaged today!! Congrats sis! Love you and best wishes!

  40. Hi everyone! My sister Ruby just dared me to comment!

    I just got engaged! And yes, to those of you wondering…I come from a family of mostly girls and we are mostly all at marriageable ages.

    I am between the ages of 15 and 19. My engagement ring is Diamonds and Pearls.

      How many girls are in you family? I am also between the ages of 15 and 19. How did you meet your significant other? And your ring sounds gorgeous 😍

      1. I don’t feel comfortable sharing personal info…I’m sorry. However, there are at least 8 of us girls. Some are adopted. My fiancé is the best friend of my older sister’s husband. We all have known each other for years…some since childhood…although, some might say I am not quite out of childhood…😁

  41. Hey song lover do you like Christian rock song’s
    I love skillet there a cristan rock band you should look them up on YouTube my favourite skillet song is not gonna die ☆♡☆♡☆

  42. Dose anyone ever get that felling when your really excited for something and you fell like doing a back flip but you can’t do a back flip cause you don’t know how to

  43. Kay i have a dare for y’all
    I dare you to comment just one imoji on ever single podcast their is it might take awhile and if you accomplish then tell me and i well tell you your prize 💛💚💙❤

    1. Lizzy says:
      April 14, 2022 at 2:46 pm

      Spider Girl I did IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Pheww, glad that’s over, my hands are literally shaking.
      And I did it on a COMPUTER.
      The worst was the submission failures!!!!
      SO MANY!
      I never want to see another emoji again.
      But I DID IT!!!!!!!

    2. I did it! Thanks for suggesting it, spider girl. What’s my prize?
      P.S. if you doubt me, I posted under the name “the challenger”. They might not have all been approved by the moderators yet.

    1. I don’t like sonic comics but I love marvel comics
      (I got my eye on you pete) also swimming is awesome
      ….I love wake boarding on the lake🏄

      1. Y-you like sonic? 🤩 HAHa yes i can’t belive it yes yes yessss

  44. JJH, I couldn’t reply to your comment up there. I am in 11th grade right now, so fall will be my final year!!! Haha! That VeggieTales song is so funny! I don’t have duolingo but I still looked at your username. It said you were doing spanish. Maybe I saw wrong profile. Byee!

  45. 💜#Danger’sDaughter💜, I’m the same way!
    My personality also changes depending on the age group I’m hanging out with.
    If I’m with grown ups I can act a lot and talk a lot like them, but with 12 yearolds I’m wild.
    I’m also suuuuuuper short, so most of my friends are way younger than me.

  46. Spider Girl I did IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pheww, glad that’s over, my hands are literally shaking.
    And I did it on a COMPUTER.
    The worst was the submission failures!!!!
    SO MANY!
    I never want to see another emoji again.
    But I DID IT!!!!!!!

  47. Hey!!!! I just want to say to all the engaged and married, Congratulations!!!! I hope God blesses you guys with a wonderful and blissful marriage. 😊 I hope God also blesses you with a bucket load of children.😀


  48. Hey! I am kinda new to this(posting) not AIO…and my sisters are too.

    So what is the Meteorite Mayhem about…? Does anyone know?

  49. Hi everyone! I think that everyone here knows better than to be on our devices and comment late at night or super early in the morning like at one or two. Whenever I got first, I was not up at 1:18am, it was in the morning when I was eating breakfast lol. I live in Georgia, so I think because of the different time zones it weird.

  50. I don’t think anyone here would even get away with staying up like that just to get first.

    That’s just a little reminder. Please, let’s be respectful!

  51. Hey hey what is your top 5 fav episodes. ?
    1 snow day
    2 v.b.s blues
    3 the rydell revelation
    4 press the red button
    5 grandmas visit

    1. Some of those are also my fav episodes
      1.snow day the red button
      3.a sacrificial escape
      4.nightmares by constance
      5.same mold story

  52. @Danger’s Daughter
    Hey, I was reading comments from a long time ago and you said you were writing a book. Any luck? Have you started in it? If you have how is it going?
    You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

    1. Yeah I’m in the middle of it. It is so hard to write a book!!! I wouldn’t recommend doing it. 😆

    In the episode whits visitor. In the beginning it said odyssey Ohio listen to it it’s in album 9 and if u have Apple Music that album is on there let me know your thoughts and if you have any odyssey news just let me know thanks for reading the the
    daily odyssey news

  54. NOTICE!!!
    I am looking for people to work with odyssey times who should like to work for odyssey times plz send me info about what work you have done in writing, reporting
    And other stuff and I will consider you for the job thanks
    Reporter Everleigh for odyssey times

  55. Happy Easter! God loves us all so much that, knowing the price to pay he still sent his only son on our behalf. To make a way so we could be with him for eternity. I’m sure you all know that but so often the importance and meaning of this is forgotten because of how much we hear it. ❤️✝️ He is risen!

  56. Spider girl
    Have you read any marvel comics?
    I don’t watch the movies but I love the comic books

  57. Karen is so sad. At least Donna got to see and talk to Karen before she died. I didn’t get to talk to my friend before he died. It still hurts if he died months ago. Now his little sister has Type1 diabetes and is going through a lot.

  58. Did any of you guys memorize Kristen’s siblings’ names? I did.
    Kyle, Katherine, Kayla, Keith, Kiki, Kip, Kelsey, Kegan and Kagan (those are the twins), Kameron, Kenny, Kelly, Karen, and Svetlana.
    Cool huh? ALL Ks

  59. Anyone know what album 73 is goin’ to be? Just wonderin’.(using buck accent😄)

  60. Hey people come over to the buck + Jules page if you want to play the AIO quote game
    You .will .love .it

  61. Spider Girl what do I get for completing your dare.
    I took me soooooooo long.
    And my hands were shaking afterwards.
    plus I did it on the computer!!!!!

  62. Here are my top five:

    2.Mandy Straussberg

  63. Hey everyone come over to the buck + Jules page to play the aio quote game

  64. Wait spider gals name is not Wanda its Gwen Stacy my new name is spider gal/Gwen Stacy


    The Marvel Page is begining tomorrow on the [ ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE OLIVIA PAGE ]

  66. There seems to be lots of confusion happening on the boards lately. So, here is another reminder to only post under your own username. We love to hear your stories about what’s happening in your life, but it’s getting hard to tell who is who. Please stop pranking and be respectful of each other.

  67. TRQ: will we ever hear from Katrina Meltsner’s family, and what is her other last name?

  68. Also there is something so satisfying about scrolling “lightspeed” down the comments list.

    Anyone else like that?

  69. Does anyone else have the problem when the username glitches and repeats?

    1. Yep! I’m so glad we were able to start a new LOTR page!!! I know this sounds so dumb but I LITERALLY was barely surviving, I am basically the only LOTR fan in my family.

  70. Guess what? After the war of the rings, and after Gimli becomes Lord of the Glittering Caves, Legolas takes a group of elves from Mirkwood and goes to live in Ithilien.

  71. Yay!! I was so sad when they closed the comments right after I found it!

    1. I know, same! We were having so many good conversations right before they closed them! I am so glad we have a new one, I am basically the only LOTR fan in my family, so it’s nice to be able to talk about it again!

    1. Cool! The Hobbit is an awesome book! Have you watched the movies? I haven’t. Do you have a favorite character from the Hobbit?

      1. I am reading lotr for the first time
        I am on the start of return of the king
        My parents said the movies are to violent
        my favorite character from hobbit has to be GANDALF

        1. I am reading the Return of the King right now too!!! So cool!
          I totally get it.
          My fav character in the Hobbit is either Bilbo or Gandalf.

    2. Hey welcome! The Hobbit book is awesome! I am going to read it again after I finish the Return of the King! Have you watched the Hobbit movies? I haven’t. Who is your favorite character from the Hobbit?

  72. Does anyone else have the OLD Houghton Mifflin version of the LOTR books? The ones that are painted with Rivendell on the FOTR book, Isenguard on the TT book, and Gondor on the ROTK book? (They also don’t sell this version anymore.)

    1. “Great men fall from one arrow and boromir was pierced by may”
      “the closer we are to danger the farther from harm we are”
      “My precioussss”- smeagol

    1. I don’t know why the comments were closed….I think they closed all the comments on every page except the first four or something… I don’t know if they’re going to keep doing that or not. I hope not, then that would be a problem!

  73. Does anyone else have the soundtrack for LOTR? I love the concerning hobbits song

    1. Yes I do! That song is so good! I used to have Spotify, and they had the extended soundtrack free on there, my favorite song is in the extended soundtrack but it’s actually a scene from the theatrical, it’s called “Eleanor.” I also like “Samwise the Brave.”

  74. This one makes me cry/
    “My friends, you bow to no one.”- Aragorn (The Return of the King)

  75. Trivia:
    Easy: who is Strider?
    Harder: what so the date of the day Frodo wakes up in Rivendell?

    Easy: who was Sam’s daughter?
    Harder: when is her birthday?

    1. Strider is Aragorn the ranger AKA dunadain and the heir to isadlir
      I am sorry Idk not know correct spelling

  76. “There’s some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” – Sam

  77. Yesterday my sister got a letter from Matthew West ! He said that if he’s ever in our area we could just talk to his dad and they’ll get us tickets!! And he sent a signed poster and everything ! She was fangirling for a long time.😂😂🤣

    1. THAT’S SO AMAZING!!! And that’s so nice of him! I WANT A LETTER FROM MATTHEW WEST!!! 😂😂😂
      Seriously, so cool! I love Matthew West! My mom went to the same college as him.

  78. Anyone think Lego should make New lotr sets?
    Also I am reading return of the king for the first time

    1. YES! They SO need to! (I also they they should lower the prices…😬 😂)
      I am reading the Return of the King right now too!!! That’s so cool!!!

    1. Elf, the forest type. Like in the hobbit.
      By the way I changed my name, my old name was Lizzy

      1. Hey welcome! Got it, KittyIzzy is a really fun and creative name! Same! I have never watched the Hobbit though, but I would definitely want to be a forest elf!

  79. Trivia

    Easy: what is Gollum real name
    Hard: what was gandalfs name in gondor?

    1. Ooh…Gollums name was Smeagol, (autocorrect said that wasn’t a real name. Apparently its never heard of LOTR. 🙄)
      Mmm…this is where I always get stuck because Gandalf has like,
      27,000 different names, (ok not really but he has a lot,) I feel like it’s Mithrandir but I’m not %100, so I’ll let someone who actually knows answer this lol! 😆

  80. Elf totally not just because they live for a long time but because they can shoot a bow and arrow really well and they are fast and light on their feet and wise

  81. Hi friends, please take some time to read the guidelines about what you post. Marriage, babies and new life are good, but it seems that there are still people not using their own usernames and it’s causing tension and confusion. So from now on, comments about engagements, marriages, and pregnancies will not be approved.

  82. Challenge!
    See if your library has any of JRR Tolkien’s other Middle Earth stories/ books! I recommend starting with the Children of Hurin if you can find it.

  83. I do not love the sword for it’s sharpness, nor the arrow for it’s swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they protect. ~ Faramir

  84. I think they’re only keeping the top five or something podcast comments open, the page right before ours just got closed…if that’s what they’re doing, we might be next…😣😢

  85. Challenge:
    Watch the two towers and see if you notice anything that you didn’t notice before!

  86. If you could live anywhere in Middle Earth, where would you choose to live?
    I would choose Rohan. 🙂

  87. Everyone,
    Who is your favorite character in the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit and why?

  88. Did you know that when Arwen says to Aragorn in the FOTR “You will face the same evil, and you will defeat it,” they were actually going to have Aragorn fight Sauron at the Black Gate or something like that?

  89. Yes I’m homeschooled between the ages of
    12-17 and currently in high school. I want to be a constitutional lawyer when I am older.
    I have 6 siblings( one was a miscarriage though) I like horses and marvel and LOTR and I am a girl. I also love to bake desserts, and am kinda good at it.

    What about you, LOTRGEEK?
    Favorite hobby?

    1. I am between 12-17 as well. I think I want to go to a trade school and learn to do hair and makeup professionally-even if I don’t end up doing that for a job I will still look awesome!😂😉I have a business, I have 8 sibs, I am a girl, I love LOTR and listening to music.
      I LOVE to eat cookie dough too! (Prob the only reason I like to make cookies!)

  90. Challenge: Use a quote from LOTR or the Hobbit in one of your conversations today!
    And then you can tell us about it and what quote you used!

    What kind of music do you like?
    I like movie tracks( like the muppets and veggitales)very little kiddish I know!
    I also love one direction, and tenth avenue north, and newsboys and Cain. Also I love old 40s-70s music.and country

    1. Cool!
      Lol! Hey, you’re totally fine! I get it!
      I love Skillet, and I like the song Jericho by Transform. My mom does some exercise thing called refit revolution, and it’s basically upbeat exercise/dancing to music. It’s a lot of fun, and they have some really catchy songs.

        1. I don’t think I’ve listened to that one yet but I will have to, and then I’ll let you know what I think!

    1. Sorry, this was me, I accidentally hit post comment while I was typing my name!

      1. Let us know when they do! They are so good! But I totally understand too, there is a battle in at least ever movie. The last one is the worst tho.

  92. I am homechooled and I love playing with model trains and building with Lego and playing LCG
    I also listen to music almost all day
    Love reading
    3 sisters all adults I am youngest
    I am male
    I had over 10 copyrights by the age of 13
    I am jaded with the world
    I love listening to skillet for king and Country and tobymac
    I like marvel

    1. Cool!
      I love skillet! Right now I have only been able to listen to the album Dominion but I love their music alreasy! I so have to get more! Do you have a fav song?
      What do you like to read?

      1. Dominion is a great album
        I really like finish line and valley of death by skillet
        I like promised land collab new by tobymac
        I like pioneers and hold her by for King and country

        1. Cool! I just listened to Finish Line and I LOVE IT!!! I also like Monster, and their song Good to be Alive I KNOW I have heard somewhere but I don’t know where!!!

      2. My fave books are
        Dragon keeper chronicles
        Last dragon chronicles
        Murders in the rue morge
        Spider-Man into the spider-verse junior novel
        Book scavenger

  93. Has anyone watched the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies?
    I borrowed them and they were so good! And then when I looked into buying my own copies they were like, $150.😢

      1. I know right? And the extended soundtracks are over $1,050. EACH. It’s insane!!!

          1. I guess so! I don’t understand it at all! It seems like it should be the other way around.

  94. Guys

    Bad news

    They seem to be locking the old podcast when a new one comes out
    Ours might be next🤔😥😭

    Also does anyone here play the game lightgliders?

    1. I know!!! 😢 I was so worried when I saw the new podcast bc I thought ours was clodes. AND I think all the other pages are being used already too!

  95. Has anyone here played the lotr lcg?
    If so was it good?
    Since I am interested in trying it

      1. Lcg = living card game
        Meaning a none collectable game that has expansion comes out every couple months
        I was the og poster of this comment yet I forgot to type name lol

  96. I’m doing homeschooling over the summer too! And yeah it mostly just us😂. By the e way if you are ever looking for a good book check out the Melanie Dickerson books. Her books are amazing!! She puts a spin on fairytales like Robin Hood and sleeping beauty and makes them clean and fun .

    1. I loved the adventures of robin hood by roger lancelan green
      So I’ll look at that suggestion

  97. My sister (a Jane Austin fan,) told me that she was reading something about Pride and Prejudice and it said that it (pride and prejudice) was the second most loved book in the US AFTER THE LORD OF THE RINGS.
    That made me so happy! 😆

  98. I am almost done with the Return of the King!!!
    I am excited but at the same time I don’t want to be done! 😞😂

  99. Guys!! I have kinda an up date on what Zane brick said…
    I think I figured out how they do the comment closeting thing!🙁 so how it works is once it’s 6 weeks out the comments are closed and this one is the next to go… So it will be closed the 28 or 29 or so!!! Thought i would let you all know…..

  100. I was playing a online game (lightgliders) and one of the game designers was chatting to me
    He said how did you know it was lotr I was refrencing
    I said I love that book series

    Such a cool and funny conversation lol

  101. Hey all I’m back!
    And welcome back (heart)Legolas, glad you found us again!
    If anyone wants to do trivia or fun questions feel free!
    And thank you Jules. I would say we could move if it closes but I think all the pages are being used. 😞

    1. it is nice to be back my dad has all the lord of the rings movies (extended version) on DVD and we watched all the movies in our car. on our way to my cousins

      1. So cool! I wish we had a DVD player in our car! Wow, your cousins must live really far away! I have watched the extended movies once and I so want to again! and then I have a bunch of little siblings and so I habe to watch LOTR in my room or in our basement. 🙁

      2. that was me I forgot to add my name lol we watched one and a half on the way there and one and a half on the way back

    1. Mine would prob be Eowyn; in the end her story had a really happy ending eventually. Or maybe Merry.

    2. Whoops actually replied to a different comment if I could be anyone it would be Legolas

  102. My dad is finally going to let us get a cat! I had the idea to get a black one (for hunting mice and rodents outside,) and name it Strider and I think my parents are ok with that! Yay!

  103. Same LOTRgeek!!
    Maybe after a new podcast comes out you guys can move to the will Ryan one?

    1. That’s a good idea, thanks!!! That might be what we do…if that page is still open then…I’m hoping we won’t have to move, but if we do then we’ll probably go there or somewhere else. Thanks again!

      1. Yes!! Yeah, I guess so…basically everyone who touched it and were under its power.

  104. If you have a prayer request come share it on the prayer page. It is located on the What Is the Name of Album 73?… page.

  105. Challenge:
    Watch one of the LOTR movies and see if you noticed anything new that you didn’t before. And if you notice anything really cool, let us know!

  106. I have a weird question.
    Sauron is an eye.
    Eyes don’t have fingers.
    So if Sauron HAD gotten the ring, how did he plan to put it on?

      1. My brother says that there is many debates about the eye of Sauron. It is technically never mentioned in the books but it is allured to. My brother says, Sauron took many forms and the eye is simply one of the forms he can take, so if he got the ring he could go back to his original form.

  107. Wow you guys are still here!!😆 great!!
    I hope your comments don’t close soon!🥺

    1. I didn’t leave yet! How are you? And how is your dad? I am reading the last chapter of the ROTK right now. I’m really sad because I don’t want to finish it, but also excited to be finishing soon. Next I’m going to read The Hobbit.

  108. Same the comments are permanently closing soon. 😞 I am going to miss you all! It has been really nice getting to know all of you! And having some Tolkien fans to talk to! Thanks everyone and I’ll miss you all: ZaneBrick, Captain Marvel, ❤Legolas, Katie, Susannah, Jules, Dunedain dude, DwarfGirl, #1TolkienFan, and everyone! I won’t forget you!

  109. “Here then at last comes the ending of the Fellowship of the Ring.” – Aragorn

  110. “Here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the ending of our fellowship in Middle Earth.” – Gandalf

  111. If y’all play lightgliders my name is Zane amazing thinker and I am a ambassador
    So we can still chat plus add some new members since game is already used for lotr chat

    1. I don’t play lightgliders. 😢 I wish I could so that we could still chat. Also really cool, I might be buying a replica of Aragorn’s sword off etsy.

    1. Well technically yes, but in that question I was just talking about the One Ring.

  112. bye guys! Going to miss you so much. I Love lotr, Eowyn and Faramir.
    I wish I could keep in touch. My name in lord of the rings is Deorhild, I also like the name Nimloth.
    missssss you so much, I’ll never forget you.

  113. I finish reading the Return if the King tomorrow. I am probably going to cry. 😢 #NoJudgement

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