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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

April 8, 2020: A Note about the Notes with Jared Depasquale, plus three free ways to spend more time

Composer Jared Depasquale takes us into his music studio to show us how he created the music for the epic adventure “Unsinkable.” Plus, announcing “Focus @Home,” a free trial for the Adventures in Odyssey Club, and Family Time.

We’re launching a series of special events during the month of April when you might have a little more time at home than usual. Experience beloved episodes with friends online, behind the scenes looks with our cast and crew, and live Q & As with our team members. It’s Adventures in Odyssey Family Time.

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256 Responses

  1. Ok! Since there are no more replies, I’ll take it if I can. 🙂 Thank you MRS!

  2. @LAMBO BOY!,
    Warrior Cats is a fantasy book series where five Clans of cats live near a lake, with different territories, fitting each Clan’s skill, and they have a list of laws called the Warrior Code, and different ranks, ect. FrostClan is a fan-Clan here, we talk about the books and stuff. If you would like to know more, I’ll be happy to help.😁

  3. Brightwing,
    Oh, wow, thanks. I was not expecting that, hahah. Yes, indeed I have 🙂

  4. She hasn’t yet. IDK, comments seem to be coming through rather slowly at the moment. 🙂

  5. Frostfeather, Swanstep, Brightwing,
    So, I decided to permanently stop reading Warrior Cats, due to being negatively influenced by it. (I’m too sensitive to read something full-blown fantasy.) And so I will no longer be on the FrostClan page. Also, I’m going back to my username ‘LiaCupcake’ from now on.

  6. Ok, so since Frostfeather disappeared (sadness!!) I guess I’ll take her spot temporarily just to keep this place going.

  7. Snowstorm/LiaCupcake,
    Oh, no!!!! But I get it. I stopped reading Warriors too. 🙁 We’re so sorry to see you go!!!

  8. Well, it seems like just Swanstep and I here again… I’ll advertise. Ha, considering how many Club members are Warriors fans, you’d think there would be more than Swanstep, Scarfeather/Frostfeather, and me here! 😛

  9. Swanstep,
    Want to tell me the background behind your name to pass the time? 😛

  10. May I ask who Ashy is? I’m so behind xD most likely I did know them and have completely forgotten xD

  11. Hey! So, for those of you who don’t know me, you can call me Naomi or Na10 (But, you probably knew from my screen name lol) Just popping in to see what you all are up to. So, what have you all been discussing? Hope everyone has a great night! God bless!

  12. Frostfeather,
    Hello!! Good to see you. Ashy was AshyJade, or Birchclaw. He left. 🙁

  13. Am I still allowed to use Scar as a nickname?? I don’t think people would ask and it doesn’t nessecarily have to be connected to Warriors…?

  14. Hello! We will no longer approve discussions about Warrior Cats. We try to keep the rules consistent between this page and the Adventures in Odyssey Club. The Club does not allow any discussion of the Warrior Cats series and that rule will apply here as well. We hope you all will continue connecting with other AIO fans! Have a blessed day!

  15. John 3:16 for God so loved the world that gave his only begotten Son that whoever belives in him shall have eturnal life.

      1. Helloooooooooo! yeah comments take a while to post here:/ but at least we can still talk:)

  16. Um, what page is this? I feel like you guys are just talking in a different language

    1. This is the page where those of us on the AIO Club connect with Swanstep, who had to leave. 🙁 You’re welcome to join us; sorry for the confusion!

  17. YAY I just made a decision to leave something that was soaking up all my time and energy. And stressing me out). It was hard, and I’ll miss the friends I made there, but I’ll have more time to be with you guys <3 ALSO-
    What should I go by here? I feel like I could cut it down to ONE namexD

  18. Scar,
    I think you should go by Scar but it’s entirely your choice:) just know that I’ll still call you Scar

  19. Well, anyways, how are y’all doing? Also, have either of you head “Seagulls stop it now”? It’s a bad lip reading of Star Wars- The Empire Strikes Back (I think).

  20. Hey guys can you please pray for me? I’m a little under the weather, mainly just a stuffy nose but something weird is going on with my ears…

    Thank you my dear friends:)

    1. Aw, bummer! Suffering from the same thing here (except mine is allergy-induced), so I get it!

  21. I’m backk!!!!!!!!!!!

    *does a flip over scar and does a snow angel in the glitter *

    How are you feeling swan?

    1. Hallo Dewwhisker!!!
      I feel much better I would say I’m 90% back to normal but on an even worse note…… another one if my guinea pigs died:(

    2. Yay, welcome mentor! *makes a glitter-snowball and chucks it at your stomach by way of welcome*

  22. Oh no! *gives you tissue and promises to buy you a guinea pig named Pickles for your fifty-third birthday*

    1. “Sloely forms a disco ball of glitter to later break on Brightwings head…”

      Noooo not another swan!! Which one? Also I shall to get you a guinea pig named beets on your 53rd birthday

      1. Brightwing
        LOL sure although I like the name pickles:) and the one that died was our oldest one who also happened to be our last original guinea pig so that is very sad

    2. LOLOL thanks:) but it was actually kinda a relief because she was really old and has been sick for the last 6 or 8 months and she was just no doing well….. I was sad and I cried but I was also relieved:)

    1. Slow. We’ve decided that our page is The Place where Ads Go to Die. It’s only Coralsmudge, Dewwhisker and I, seems like, although Scar pops in here and there. We miss you! <3

      1. I AM STILL ALIVE life has been hectic. I’m currently jamming out to “Something True” by Juniper Vale x Jason Grey and The Grey Havens’ new EP!! You guys would all like them <33 Also, DEW!! Heyyyy!! <3

    2. We have a person asking if they can use it for a party planning page since there are lots of chat pages. What do you think?

  23. Indeed, this page gets more comments than the club page! Well not including adds……. Anywho how is everyone’s may going?

  24. Oh, also don’t expect me between June 12-18!! I’m headed to riding camp with my bestie!! Eee!!

  25. WHAT IS THIS? Comments are posting on a day?!?! Whoopie!! <33 How are you all doing?

      1. Meh.. as I said, life has been hectic:0 my whole fam has bad colds, today me and my mom went clothes shopping *ugh* but it turned out to be really fun! She found me a walk-through romper with tassels that is so cute!! I’m mostly just busy getting ready for camp right now. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m more excited but also way more nervous0_0’

        1. Aw, I know how that is. :/ But don’t be nervous about camp – it’ll be fun!!

      2. Its sad, i dont think any of us want to give up the page, but we feel bad hogging it for 3 or 4 people

        1. Yeah, I know…….. *sigh* the next time someone comes and asks if they can use the page…… tell them yes:(

          1. I dont think I would have the heart to tell them they can.. Waaaaaaa 😭😭😭

          2. I know it’s sad and I don’t want to give it up either but we are together here and we are talking way more than on the club and someone else can have a page that they’ve always wanted *close to tears*

        2. I asked Coral if she could come here to the Podcast page so we could give the other girl the Club page. I have yet to see if it has been approved.

  26. Aww this is so sad!!!! If we ever do get seperated and are not able to talk to each other, I love you guys!!!! Thanks for being big (and little) sisters for me!!!!

    1. I know it is sad but we will never forget each other and our friendship is forever, and thank you for being a little sister to me.

  27. 😭😭 and no, know one new has requested it. We just want to have a plan in place for when it happens

      1. Guys I might be building a 700 dollar stilt house (like a tree house but on stilts)

          1. Sometime this summer!!! But I dont know if I am going to because it wouldn’t be able to bd moved and we are going to be moving kinda soon

          2. Oh cool!! (My neighbor has a gihugic stilt house.) Where are you moving to (if you can say)?

    1. I hope your move is easy for you and your family<33 it’ll be nice to stay in the same town and everything, which will make it easier I think<33

  28. Hello all!!! sorry I didn’t talk last week I was really busy and wasn’t able to but I’m back:)

  29. Ooh!! Hello swan!! *Throughs a giant glitter ball I made when you were gone at you!*

    1. I applied at a grocery store and a pizza place, I actually just got a call back from the pizza place today so that is fun:)

  30. Guys, can you please pray for my guinea pig? somethings aren’t right and I’m worried:)

    Thanks guys:)

  31. I want the grocery store but I think I’m going to get hired at the pizza place:) that’s fine though I’ll be happy with either:)

    1. Ooh, congrats! *thinks how hard it would be to work at a pizza place without eating the cheese/sauce/dough/etc.* I’ve got a job making salsa. 🙂

        1. XD No, unfortunately – that’s funny you’d mention it. We had an ongoing joke last year about how we were going to bring chips to cool our tongues when the salsa was too hot, but it never happened… 🙂

  32. Oh thats good!! Definitely praying for your guinea pig!! Which one is this?

    1. Thank you:) and it’s Cinnamon. My family currently has five guinea pigs Cinnamon, Mittens, Pancake, Bill, and Cardigan, and they are all girls:)

  33. Also, my best friend’s(who is like a sister to me) grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer and according to the doctors, it’s been there for a while and is spreading fast. It is even more difficult and painful for my friend because this is her grandmother that literally raised her for the first two or three years of her life.

    Thanks guys:)

      1. I will, thank you so much. Also, my friend just informed me that her grandmother is now on hospice and the doctors don’t think it will be long at all, so please pray that my friend finds comfort:)

  34. Congrats swan!! Any updates on her grandmother?? Sorry I didnt check for a while!! Praying for healing for her grandma and peace for ur friend!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! And, my friend just informed me that her grandmother is now on hospice at home and the doctors don’t think it will be long at all I talked to my friend yesterday and she said that the doctors think it will be 3-5 days but it could be sooner or later it’s hard to say, so please pray that my friend finds comfort:).

  35. Swan,
    Someone wants the club page. Coral hasnt been online so i cant ask her. I asked AQ thers but feel free to respond here to. How do u feel about giving it up? No one chats there, its just the page where ads go… And theres more chat here than there

    1. I’m good with it. And sry for not getting back to you – life has been busy.

  36. I’m sorry I haven’t been here guys!! I’m so happy for you Swan!!! Also, my sister-like best friend’s grandma once had a big health problem, so tell your friend I’m praying for her big-time, especially since I’ve (almost) been there<33 and, the club page… I don’t know what to say *cri* :’(

  37. Aww no! Alright, I will let it go, between scar, aq, swan, me, and coral. Scar, swan, and I know. Aq can figure it out if she checks back in here. And coral hasnt been around. We have told her this page in the past though… alright welp.. headed over to the club to inform them!

  38. Hey interesting story, my guinea pig got stitches this weekend…… so thats a thing. She is okay just the story is kinda funny:)

  39. Now I must know the story!!
    My dad has to go get teeth pulled tomorrow!! If only he brushed his teeth!!

    1. So we have two guinea pig cages. One has Billy Pancake Cardigan and the other one has Cinnamon and Mittens. So what happened is my sister accidentally put Pancake in the wrong cage and she and Cinnamon got into a fight, my other sister was able to take Pancake out quickly but it was too late. So Cinnamons mouth area was injured and she got stitches

  40. Oh no!!!! To the guinea pigs!!! But uhhh also it was my dog… not my dad…. oopssssssss

  41. Sooo adventure 19… is now…. the middle school page….. 😭😭😭I had to let it go because 2 people wanted it and were fighting over it

    1. If you know the hunger games farewell whistle I just hummed that *sigh* it will be okay….. let it be well used and loved as well as we did and let the middle school page do well:(

  42. Hey guys, sorry I was gone again *oops* so, I’m in 4-H, so we make projects for our country fair. So (I’m saying ‘so’ too much…)we were getting really busy making things and stuffs. Today we brought all our projects in for judging, And I think I did pretty well..! I’m sorry about your friend’s grandma Swan, tell her I’m praying for her<33

  43. :((( You like the hunger gamrs?!?! At the end of may i read all 3, and watched the first 2 movies. Havent had time to watch the last 2 yet

  44. *cri* I will cherish the few weeks I got to be a part of the amazing thing that you guys created<33

  45. Hello all!!! Today in History, my teacher mentioned alexander hamilton. And if ive mentioned it before… im obsessed with the musical. It was so SOOO hard not to break into song in the middle of class!! Ahhhhh

      1. SWAN!!! ahhh I’m so sorry for you xD (jk) Musicals are my favorite <33 but I can’t watch Hamilton until I’m older.

  46. Ya, Hamilton isn’t the best thing to watch. I had to watch it with my parents the first time. And whenever there was a bad word, we would verbally yell “beep”

    1. XDD That’s so funny! My dad and grandpa both say, “Hey!” in a really deep voice when that happens. I copy them when they’re not watching just to annoy my sister. *sweet smile*

  47. Alrighty!! Ill give daily (hopefully) tips!

    Tip #2

    When you are being influenced by peer pressure to do something you know you shouldn’t do, don’t do it!! No matter how hard it is. Whether its staying out late, or just doing something your parents wouldn’t aprove of, avoid the SIN!!! WOOP WOOP!!
    Romans 12:2 is a nice verse to look at this!

  48. You know what, daily is hard. I cant come up with that much advice. Its moving to when needed advice with dewwhisker!!

    1. Sick, a bit worried about COVID future, and overall pretty bouncy, actually. I’m such a weird person. *facepalm* *grinz*

    2. I’m doing okay:) work is going well, I have a possible friend group being slowly pulled together, and I might be learning to drive in the next few months so that’s exciting!:)

  49. Guys, please pray for me, I’m going through a really hard and painful time with my family and I’m the most depressed I’ve ever been

  50. First, Im doing great, stayinf really busy. Second, awww swan!!! Im praying. Hope everything gets better soon.

  51. Ok so if you could pray for me that would be great. For the past 2 months ish my ankles have been popping every time I walk or flex and point them. In the last week or two, they hurt started to hurt when they do that. Part 1/2

  52. We went to the doctor the other day and they said i need an MRI. And that I have to stop being active until then. I do dance, basketball, and marching band. So ya, its been rough, and my MRI is Thursday. So please pray that I can get back to doing what I love soon. Part 2/2

    1. I’m both lol, I’ve actually started already I’ve had three classes at the time I’m trying this, and I have six drives scheduled D:

  53. Hey so sorry I haven’t said anything but I’ve been SUPER busy, but now I finished driver’s ed and I can now drive!!! also my birthday is this month so that is funO_O

  54. Lol oop, didnt see your response. Im fine now, how are you?? I have such a busy week this week? Do you think you’re gonna get the club again sometime)) have a great day/night!!! Byee

    1. Good I’m glad you are okay! and I’m doing alright and I’m not sure… if I do I don’t think it would be anytime soon:(

  55. Basically it’s where you have to throw a cannon ball, the one i have to through is 6 pounds and i threw it like 30 ft

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