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April 8, 2020: A Note about the Notes with Jared Depasquale, plus three free ways to spend more time

Composer Jared Depasquale takes us into his music studio to show us how he created the music for the epic adventure “Unsinkable.” Plus, announcing “Focus @Home,” a free trial for the Adventures in Odyssey Club, and Family Time.

Introducing [email protected], a free on-demand streaming service featuring faith-filled content. With [email protected], it’s like you’re getting access to our content vault, including the Adventures in Odyssey animated videos series, Radio Theatre, Last Chance Detectives, and more. Plus, for Odyssey fans, you can see some of your favorite actors doing book readings at home. Sign up now and get total access to our best content for families during this challenging season.

Focus @ Home
Adventures in Odyssey Club - free trilal

We know that life is a little tricky right now, with school being out, parents working from home, and social distancing making us question common things. In order to help in some small way, Focus on the Family would like to give you 28 free days of the Adventures in Odyssey Club with no strings attached. You don’t even have to give us your credit card. Just sign in, create a profile, and engage. You’ll get five family logins so no one will be left out.

We’re launching a series of special events during the month of April when you might have a little more time at home than usual. Experience beloved episodes with friends online, behind the scenes looks with our cast and crew, and live Q & As with our team members. It’s Adventures in Odyssey Family Time.

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71 Responses

  1. Are you ok if this becomes an ordained page (the Warrior’s fan page?) If not, then it doesn’t have to be it. 🙂 That was confusing.

  2. And it’s not just me here anymore! 😛

    Role-call: (post “here” or “present” or whatever to let me know you found us)

    Featherheart/Frostfeather/Shadowstep/Scarfeather/a lot of other stuff
    Coralsmudge (yay!)

  3. I’m here, yay!! I forgot to post the meeting, we’ve been really busy, so I’ll post one now. Comments coming through slow as always xD


    First of all, yay, we’re all back!!! Well I think all of us… I have no way to contact Shadow or Snow 🙁


    So, we do it a bit differently here, every week I post a meeting, including business stuff like what I said above, a Clan Question and a Clan Debate. It’s al pretty self-explanatory, soo yeah! Cont.

  5. Cont. (you may reply to this one if you’d like)

    What is every single thing going through your head as we get the Clan back?


    I don’t have one this week, just talk about whatever!!


    Every single thing?
    1. I wish everyone was here
    2. Look who’s here!
    3. Swanstep!
    4. Frostfeather? Who’s that? Oh, must be Scarfeather/Soul/NineTales/Featherheart/Shadowstep
    5. Hey, Coralsmudge is here! Hooray!
    6. Hm, wonder if we can get Squirrelheart here
    I’m running out of characters, so I won’t post all the thoughts I had.:P

  7. Thoughts that are going through my head when Frostclan came back
    YAY, I hope I will remember to go there every day to check for new posts, and YAY now I have a faster way to talk to Brightwing AND Scarfeather!!!!!

  8. Hiii! I’m here!
    I stopped reading Warriors for a while, because I have become to attached to it, especially the magic. But I’m still gonna be in FrostClan, because there’s not really any magic here 🙂
    Not every thought, but kinda this:
    FrostClan is baaack! More people? I want a cookie. Yay, Clanny Clanny, Clan… I still want a cookie.

    1. @LAMBO BOY!,
      Warrior Cats is a fantasy book series where five Clans of cats live near a lake, with different territories, fitting each Clan’s skill, and they have a list of laws called the Warrior Code, and different ranks, ect. FrostClan is a fan-Clan here, we talk about the books and stuff. If you would like to know more, I’ll be happy to help.😁

  9. Frostfeather/Scarfeather,
    Question: Should I call you Frostfeather or Scarfeather on here? And did your membership expire for AIO? ‘Cause Squirrelheart (and I) are wondering where you are. 🙂

  10. Frostfeather, Swanstep, Brightwing,
    So, I decided to permanently stop reading Warrior Cats, due to being negatively influenced by it. (I’m too sensitive to read something full-blown fantasy.) And so I will no longer be on the FrostClan page. Also, I’m going back to my username ‘LiaCupcake’ from now on.

  11. Oh my goodness guys I’m soo sorry for neglecting y’all a lot of personal stuff has been going on in my life… I’d like for Brightwing to do the meeting this week as I’ll be gone for the 4th! If you can’t just ask someone else, otherwise we can take off for the holiday!! <3 Also I don’t like this new Club rule :,( :,(

  12. Ok, so since Frostfeather disappeared (sadness!!) I guess I’ll take her spot temporarily just to keep this place going.

    Well, apparently it’s only Swanstep and I here, unless Snowstorm, Coralsmudge, and Frostfeather are here… So, here goes nothing!

    Do you think we should advertise Frostclan to gain more members?

    Should Bluestar have kept her kits a secret?

  14. Snowstorm/LiaCupcake,
    Oh, no!!!! But I get it. I stopped reading Warriors too. 🙁 We’re so sorry to see you go!!!

  15. Well, it seems like just Swanstep and I here again… I’ll advertise. Ha, considering how many Club members are Warriors fans, you’d think there would be more than Swanstep, Scarfeather/Frostfeather, and me here! 😛

  16. Hey! So, for those of you who don’t know me, you can call me Naomi or Na10 (But, you probably knew from my screen name lol) Just popping in to see what you all are up to. So, what have you all been discussing? Hope everyone has a great night! God bless!

  17. Miss Smile,
    This is the Warrior cat fan page. And I heard that you were back on the Club. Is that true? Where are you!?

  18. Brightwing
    Sorry I haven’t been on here the last time I checked I wasn’t able to post anything and I’ll tell how I got my name but it’s kinda lengthy I’ll tell you in Scorchclan:)

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