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April 22, 2020: VIDEO PODCAST: Avery Awards: Team Edition – Best Scene

It’s another round of the Avery Awards, but this time, the Odyssey team gives their favorite scenes from the history of the show. (Length: 13 minutes)

We’re launching a series of special events during the month of April when you might have a little more time at home than usual. Experience beloved episodes with friends online, behind the scenes looks with our cast and crew, and live Q & As with our team members. It’s Adventures in Odyssey Family Time.

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    1. None here! Should we ask somebody though? I don’t know who we should ask, but I’m worried that once this podcast gets far enough down the list, the comments will be deleted, too. And we need to get all of the previous writers here. I think a lot of them got lost when the website was redone, or else I haven’t seen them.

      1. Jell-O,
        Yeah. I don’t know who to ask, though. I can find MRS(WWIINinja), and I can also find Bethel (Bookwork), but Texas Cowboy left and I’m not sure about the rest. :/

        1. Here!
          We could have the page here. The only thing is that every other podcast, we would have to switch pages, sadly. 🙁

          1. Wait, how come? Surely they won’t just up and delete the comments every time a new podcast comes out?

        2. I wish we could look back on the old page to see who was there!! I miss Coolcuz. As the founder, she kind of made up some of the life of the page! But we can put a link on the main page and hopefully we can attract a whole new group if we can find the original one.

    2. What would the writer’s page be about? Could you please explain what this is? (Sorry, just one of my first times hearing about this). 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Every time I hear that, the first words that come to my mind are, “Writer’s block.” No offense. That’s just the thing I suffer from the most.

      1. there’s an Odyssey episode called : Over the Block it’s about when Connie tries to write her book, but she has Writer’s Block and Eugene tries to help her!

      1. I have a question. You’re username inspired this question, and if it doesn’t get posted, I understand, but… Do you like horses????

    1. I have been homeschooled for about 89.6% of my life. I did the math. I can’t tell you how old I am because of the thing about personal info, but I can tell you this, I think… So I feel you.

  1. Welcome to the writer’s page!
    This page was first started by COOLCUZ on the old site (for anyone who didn’t know) as a place for writers to post helpful lessons and practical writing advice. Sometimes they even included tips and homework assignments! You could also ask questions about writing or get name inspiration. As the page grew longer…

  2. CONT…
    … As the page grew longer, people started posting poetry they had written and asking for help making it better. Unfortunately, after the website redo, all of our old lessons etc. were lost, but now the page is reborn!
    Anyone can post lessons or advice. I hope this page will provide inspiration for your writing journey!

  3. Bethel: YES!!! It is reborn! How are your stories going? Hope your family is doing well and is healthy 🙂 Jell-O: Thank you for the inspiration! WW11NINJA: Same! Glad it is back too! 🙂 Ava: Hey! Welcome to the writer’s page! 🙂 You can call me Naomi, or Na10. “Yes”, I was being homeshooled before the Covid 19. What about you? God bless everyone!

  4. AQ: How are you doing? Hope your family are doing well and are healthy 🙂 Are you still working on that story with the world that is flat but, has a waterfall that runs over the edges of the world? Hope your writing is going well. I hope to work some on the story with Zirenia (the fantasy story with worlds).God bless! Miss.Smile 🙂

    1. I do. When I was younger I came to the website and they had major glitches to work out. I havent come back to this site in forever. I see it again, and my mind BLOWS. Everything is amazing! Does anyone remember the old site? If so, please reply! I feel like I’m complimenting Alex Jefferson. They should have a page about the Ice Cream Scoop.

  5. This podcast was super cool! I was sitting on my coach on a Saturday afternoon listening. I LOVED the scenes that were played! It brought back a lot of memories from when I was listening to those episodes. My favorite scene has to be “The Time Has Come” when Eugene says “Yes” and becomes a christian ❤ Though the I slap floor scene was great too!

  6. I’m glad we can still have a writing page! Anybody have any new stories/poetry/ or lessons?

  7. Soo…what do we talk about? Any lessons? We could try reposting new drafts of some of our lessons.

  8. Rrr! My comments aren’t posting! Anyway, why should I give my Email and a Website?

    1. Exactly! It works without the website, but I wish this site wouldn’t demand personal info. My parents almost didn’t let me comment anymore, but I explained about the writer’s page and all of my friends that I almost lost bc of the redo.

        1. Well I just put in my email and everything seems to work nicely. Maybe they just want your email so they can contact you personally if they need to.

        2. Are they still posting comments without the email? I tried to see if it would still work without the email address, and I don’t think the comment posted. I might have missed it, though.

    2. Yeah I’m not giving my Email because my mom really doesn’t like it when I give my Email out, and it doesn’t really demand that I type it in.

  9. This is super weird. They put my name as “Anonymous” for the comment I posted to AQ. So, that should have been “NaomiorNa10”. Guess I forgot to put my name lol 🙂

  10. Naomi:
    You’re back!!!! Yay! So glad to see you!😄
    My stories are going great! I’m almost done with my second draft of the one book; hopefully I’ll finish it this month. Then, I’ll start draft three! How’s your book(s) going?
    My family is doing great; we’re all safe and healthy, thank God. Hbu?

  11. Just saying, but rewrites are painful.

    I have sequels I’m dying to write… but I can’t. I have to wait, I have to make myself be patient, I have to put those stories on the back burner. I have to remember that they’ll still be there when I come back. 🙂 lol Sorry for the mini rant.

  12. Hey everyone! So happy to see you all again!😄 Bethel: Glad you and your family and stories are doing well! Hope you get your draft done soon (I know it can take a while to finish, I struggle with that a lot). To be honest, I haven’t done much writing lately. I am having a really hard time writing a good starting for my fantasy story. Part 2 🙂

  13. Hello! I intend to become a member. Will someone please contact me with writer pages? Will someone also help me become a member and understand completely what this is about? Thank you, and I hope to talk to someone soon.

    1. On this writers page, we just post lessons and tips on how to write better! You can join anytime! Anyone can!

  14. Does anyone else think it’s cool that the picture of Wooton and the gang twist around depending on which way you scroll??

  15. I almost cried when I saw they changed the podcast page. I didn’t know if Id be able to comment any more! Then I almost cried when I saw how much people have missed me. I do have a lesson and Ill try to post it later. Ive missed you all!

      1. CoolCuz,
        HOORAY, YOU’RE BACK!!! Glad to see you again (yes I meant ‘glad’, not ‘good’, even though it is good to see you)!

    1. So, so happy to see you! Welcome back! (Btw this is Bookworm; I had to change my name)

  16. #1 Oddesy Fan: Yes, it is neat!
    AQ: Are we suppose to teach something? I would love to help if I can. Just let me know. Hope your stories are going well 🙂 COOLCUZ: Don’t think we have met, I’m Naomi or Na10. Yes, I thought the exact same thing when the website reloaded. I didn’t see a place to post, until I clicked on a podcast and rolled down.

  17. Miss Smile,
    Stories are going as they always do: slow. 🙂 I’ve posted my Mykel/Zara story on another website, and my critique people asked for a sequel, so I’m working on that. HBU? The story with Zarina and all? Yep, whenever we have a lesson we post it, but I think CoolCuz claimed first lesson. Post yours after hers! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  18. #1 Odyssey Fan,
    Yes, that scrolly thingamabob is so neat! Welcome to the writer’s page! I’m AQ. 🙂

  19. @NAOMIORNA10:
    Its a pleasure, and I do remember you! By the way, my cousins name is Naomi.

  20. Naomi:
    Aww, thx! I think I have two or three chapters til I can restart. Hopefully I’ll finish it this month. 🙂
    I know what you mean! Writing is so hard… I remember one time I was writing a scene where a character died. I’m pretty sure I went weeks without touching my manuscript! And then I restarted it which fixed the problem. lol

  21. I copied some of the old lessons (a lot of the very first ones) into a document on my computer for easy reference! I just remembered them, and I could repost them individually! Or I could edit them and write new takes on old lessons! Let me know what y’all would like!

    Creating Appealing Characters
    I used to struggle with this a lot! In my early days of writing, my characters mostly turned out as goody-two-shoes-es, or like Mary Poppins: perfect in every way. Later on, when I tried to describe their personalities, it was always similar, and very shallow. Maybe you’ve struggled with this too.


  23. Cont.
    So here are some practical tips for making your characters appealing to the reader.
    1. DON’T describe their personality TOO MUCH!
    Maybe you weren’t expecting that one. But sometimes I am so anxious to give my reader a good idea of the character that I create an ADJECTIVE OVERLOAD. Author E. B. White once said, “Be clear, but … ”


  24. Cont.
    “… do not explain too much.” So how do you do that? Erase your lists of adverbs and adjectives and try to boil down their personality into 3 OR 4 ADJECTIVES or a couple describing phrases, but don’t over-explain. Just use a few adjectives, not several.
    2. But make those adjectives be great ones!
    When I come across and unfamiliar adj.,

  25. Cont.
    … I look it up and write it down, because usually it is the words that we don’t hear in day-to-day speech anymore that make the best words! Words we use and hear all the time (like “good”, “sweet” and “neat”, or even “interesting” and “fantastic”) get glossed over, and you don’t think about them when you read them. …


  26. Cont.
    … But unusual adjectives are noticed and pondered, which helps readers to get a better image of your character.
    3. Give them a passion
    Real people have feelings. They have passions that lift them up and keep them going. Give your character a passion—even if they don’t know what it is themselves—something that they love and that…


  27. Cont.
    … fills them with wonder or excitement. It adds so much depth to their character, and the reader will relate to their passions because everyone has something that they love and that fills them with energy.
    4. Look for unusual, “unimportant” details
    Everyone has “weird things”. Or maybe unusual talents. Maybe your character has…


  28. Cont.
    … has super frizzy hair or is unusually tall, or can wiggle their ears or do voice impressions. They don’t have to be a big deal, but sometimes just concentrating on the important stuff can make it seem shallow. And who knows? Maybe it will inspire you to make them have to use their specific unusual quirk to save the day!


  29. Cont.
    Making character charts is a helpful way to remember what you’ve written about your character, and a place to make notes about what you plan to reveal about them. Character charts have different elements, but here are a couple of key elements that you may put in (but don’t have to):
    Character’s Name and Age:
    Description: (what they look like)

  30. Cont.
    Personality: (how they act; quality adjectives that describe them)
    Particular: (The character’s distinct likes, dislikes, and beliefs)
    Notes: (Anything else!)

    Write up a character chart for a character. Include their passions and unusual talents.

    Well, that was my 1st lesson on the new page! Hope it was helpful to someone!

  31. AQ: Sorry your stories are going slow, I know that can be frustrating! So neat you’re working on a sequel! What other website do you go to? If you don’t mind telling me. If not, no worries. I haven’t done much with my story for Zirenia, because I have fallen in love with poetry. But, I do need to get back to that story. God bless! Miss.Smile 🙂

  32. I am so glad that we have a writer’s page again! 😛

    I am working on writing another story, and I need help with some name ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Girls: Victoria, Lydia, Willow, Hailey, Ria, Melody, Summer, Ria, Rowan, Penelope, Winter, Elizabeth, Naomi, Florence

      Boys: Bruce, Jason, Troy, Keith, Gilbert, Harold, Malachi, Nathan, Trevor, Payton, Lewis, Derek, Isaac, Earl

  33. Hi! I have finally found the writer’s page. Today I read a story my dad wrote about a day that never happened. It was about September 31, and since that date does not exist, a bunch of weird things happened.

    1. The one I just posted was one of my old ones that I just rewrote. I have most of the very first ones copied down, but less of the latest ones. Should I chose ones tho repost, or repost them all in order from the very beginning?

  34. LESSON:
    First, I would like to thank you all for your kind response to my return. It meant a lot. Okay, now onto my lesson!

    Yes, I have already done a similar lesson, but I thought it was time for another. As Christians, we should be spreading the love of Christ everywhere. One way to do that is through your..

    stories. Am I saying that we have to only write about Jesus and nothing else? No, of course not! But how can we bring Him into our stories?
    1. Make your character(s) pray! This doesn’t have to be a long thing, but it can be a big change.
    2. Maybe have your character recite or read a Bible verse.
    3. Just make your character go to

    church. You don’t need to go into it, just mentioned that they went.
    4. Make your character read the Bible before bed or pray before they eat.
    5. You can even make your character witness to someone (unless you’re uncomfortable doing that)
    I’ve made my characters do a lot, I’ve even made them nonChristians, but they come to Christ

    1. Great lesson! Btw me and Bethel are siblings. Surprise! Anyways, in the book we are “co-writing” (which means I’ve written the outline and she’s making it shine,) we have God in it, but he has a different name. They have a “Bible” with a different name and they pray to him. You’re right. That is a very important part to add.

    2. Great lesson! That’s very important. Btw Bethel and I are siblings. (I don’t know if my other comment posted.)

  37. Jello-o: That was awesome! Thank you SO much! Keep up the good work 🙂
    Oh, if we haven’t met, you can call me Naomi, or Na10 (but, you could probably tell from my profile name lol). Question, about the HOMEWORK, do we post our homework on here?
    CoolCuz (CC): Nice to meet you! What kind of genre do you like to write?
    Hope you all have a great day!

    1. Sure, if you want to, you can post it here! But if you’d rather not, that’s fine, too! It can just be a good practice for you, if you’d rather not post out here! And, thank you for the encouragement!

  38. Avelia: Welcome to the writer’s page! You can call me Naomi, or Na10. Your Dad’s story sounds super cool! Do you like to write? I like to write action with some heartbreak.
    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  39. Jell-O,
    Great lesson!! I’ve written a lot of Character Bibles, but I keep adding to them, just because I think up something else I’d like to remember. Like passions. Putting that in!!

  40. BTW, for anyone that is interested, a program that has made both my writing and my reading better is something called Art of Reading. I think you should check it out. Here is a tip: When writing, stick with one style. If you have your characters’ thoughts in quotes, keep it that way. The readers always catch on to any mistakes you may make.

    1. Another tip: Keep your teams as few as possible. Three at the most. A team by the way, is the main characters’ squad, or it’s all the main characters put together. If you keep the team small, it doesn’t make the readers think too hard about who’s who. If the reader doesn’t have to think too much, they enjoy it. Don’t make it too little either.

  41. Miss Smile,
    I don’t know if the Mods will let a post telling you what website I posted it on will go through or not, so we’ll see. I’ll do these posts separate so that hopefully you’ll get this one. 🙂

    1. If you read the Commenting Guidelines, it says, “Don’t post any copyrighted material, such as song lyrics or book passages.” Since they said nothing about website links, I’m pretty sure you have a go. Although I could be wrong.

  42. Hello everyone do you mind if I join the writer’s page!🙃 I like writing stories I just finished typing one up one my computer I am so glad I finished it!! 🙄😣 it took me forever because I kept forgetting about it.. I am now thinking about writing about some crazy stories that actually happened to me and just funny real stories 😆 but maybe I shouldn’t it will probably take me a long time and I don’t know how to start it!! 😣😦

    1. Anyone can join! You don’t have to ask!
      Hmm… an autobiography (a story about your own life) is something I actually considered doing, too! But I didn’t know how to start, either, so I gave it up. DON’T DO THAT!! One important thing to remember about writing is that every idea is worth a lot of thought. If it won’t work, find a way…

      1. Ahh! The rest of my comment didn’t post! I was saying…
        Try to find a way to make it work before you give up! And as for the beginning, you could look at the beginnings of other biographies and how they start. There are lots of possibilities! If you check out the beginnings of really any other book, you’re sure to get inspiration!

    2. Yeah sure! Anyone can join. Go right ahead! You should post some tips you have learned along the way. This helps us with the stories we are writing as well. Sometimes, a good tip can be the difference between stopping altogether or soldiering on! We all look forward to your future comments and congrats on your finishing your story.

    3. Welcome! Was it your first story? I think that you should write it anyway, even though it might take you a while.
      Write out a bunch (or however many you wan t, a bunch is a lot!😉) of different beginnings, and chose the one you like or mix and match certain parts.
      Hope this helps!😉

  43. I have a quick question. I have only given tips so far, but am I able to write my own lessons? Or are there certain people that can and cant? If I can, please tell me what I need to do to start. If I cant, then oh well.

  44. A quick question. Am I able to share a lesson? Or is there only certain people who can do that.

  45. … to make it work before you give up! Anyway, I suggest looking at the beginnings of other biographies to see how they start. You might start like Laura Ingalls Wilder: Once there was a girl named [BLANK] who lived [BLANK] and so on. You could try to start like a fairy tale or introducing yourself in a funny tone, or even start with a thought!

  46. Lesson 1
    What is a good plot? That is a question many writers ask themselves. In my opinion, a good plot is not one that adds a lot of twists, or has new characters every other page, but a good plot is a plot that has no unneeded details. A good plot is a plot where nothing can be taken out, and have the same plot. Sometimes in writing,

    1. Cont.
      people think they need some detail in their writing. Something that can be helpful is to write out your plot. Don’t add all the details of the characters, like eye color, hair color, or favorite ice cream flavor. Just add what they do that advances the plot in the right direction. God is constantly doing this with us. He is trying to guide

      1. Cont.
        us in the right direction. All of us aren’t perfect so we stray from the path. In Luke 15:4-7 Jesus tells a story about a shepherd. This man has 100 sheep. In Luke 15:4 Jesus says, “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the one that is lost,

        1. until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing.” The shepherd goes after the sheep that has gone astray. This is what we should do when our stories go in a different direction.

          Homework: Write out a plot of your book and take out anything unnecessary, or add it in as an important part later.

          1. I used the ESV bible so, if you use a different translation, then it won’t be exactly the same.

  47. bunny hope: Welcome to the writer’s page! You can call me Naomi or Na10. Congrats on finishing a story! I haven’t write a book yet. I have the same problem with starting to write a book. I finally decided if I am not satisfied with the starting that I should move on with my story and come back to my starting later. I hope your stories go well.

  48. Hello everyone, me again. I need some help. I am writing a story about a family. The family goes on a trip and meets a person. I say person because I don’t know what gender they should be. But anyways, I don’t know what gender I should make this person. I need them to be a kind of ‘Peter Pan’ where they are having a hard time of getting out of

    1. some problems. They constantly live in their, ‘Neverland.’ The family find out that this person has a criminal history. Whatever this person is… the family show them God’s kindness and love and not only does the person become a christian, they become a very rich person, and make their own charity organisation. I just need help with the gender.

      1. So to follow in the footsteps of Eugene Meltsner (if anyone has listened to the album Signed Sealed Committed) I will take a vote. Male or Female. I hope these comments get accepted.

        1. Female? You could make her sort of snarky and mysterious, but with a soft side? *shrugging*

          1. Haha! Nice tip! I’ll keep that in mind! Maybe with a little Wooton mixed in??

        2. Maybe, if you think about what you want to have this person do in the story, it might help you to figure out their gender. For instance, there are certain things that a boy wouldn’t say!😂 Also, I think that your name is really creative and clever anyway!☺

          1. Thank you! I will keep all of your tips in mind! I am also writing them down to make sure I don’t forget them.

        3. Hmm, I think either could be powerful. I’ll go with Female, tho Male would be just as good. 😉

  49. I also need help with a decision. Should I change my screen name? If so, what to? Everyone else has some kind of clever screen name, such as Jell-o, Coolcuz, and Naomianora. I don’t know what I should change it to. I just feel as if my name limits others. If I am the #1 Odyssey fan, then no one else can be.. right? So I just need some help on this

    1. Maybe choose a name that fits your personality: Bubbly & fun, creative & serious, your first name, nickname, or all your names jumbled together! I found out you can add emojis to your name now, so you could do your name with a signature emoji to make it unique? I wanted a colorful name and we were eating lots of Jell-O then, so I went with that!

    2. If you’re planning on changing it, I’d change it to something that describes you, a characteristic. My screen name is my favorite name and (Lord willing) will be the name I publish under. The other screen names I comment/have commented under described a bit about me (e.g. Bookworm) So maybe you could do something like that! 🙂

  50. I would like to congratulate all the staff here, and say thank you for all your help. It is amazing that you would spend your time here helping us. Thank you all AIO staff, and everyone who has joined the Writers Page.

  51. Just because I wasn’t told not to, Lesson 2
    Names and Characters
    When starting out a book, you have to eventually name a character. With my book I’m working with my mom, I named a character Liam. How did I come with such an uncreative name? Well… umm… I looked up ‘Good male names’ on google. But whatever the case, I encourage you, when you cant

    1. Cont.
      figure out a good name, use the resources available to you. Ask a trusted adult, a parent, or even (in most cases for me) google. Character names are very hard to come up with. You can even make your own! An example is Eugene Meltsner. Now I know it may sound crazy with the creative GENIUS in the AIO staff, but they got the idea from driving

      1. down the street. I forget who it was, but he was driving (it may have been Jess Harnell, or someone like that) down the street, and he was a sign that had the word ‘Eugene.’ Then, I forget exactly what happened, but he found the name ‘Meltsner.’ And that’s how everyone’s favorite boy genius was born.

        1. Homework: Reply to this comment and make up some silly name. No judgements, but there is one rule. It has to be SILLY. I don’t know if you mash certain names, or if you just randomly type letters, but it has to be silly! For example: Pooky Harrison. Trebble Cobble. Or Blank Name. Something silly or clever. Well there you go. Have at it!

          1. @#1 Oddesy fan
            Hairy Armpits (comic relief)
            Minutely Annoying ( one of those chariters you wish would just go away)
            To Your Detriment (Evil coniving dude that ultimitly fails)

            (those are probably the most random names i can come up with)

        2. It wasn’t Jess Harnell by the way, he plays Wooton, I’m thinking of one of the directors.

  52. #1 Odyesy Fan,
    1. I would suggest doing whatever gender evens out your characters. For example, if you have a family of a mom, a dad, and two boys, I would suggest a female criminal to balance stuff out. Or, if the characters area already even, pick randomly! Tip: Don’t make them perfectly even, though. CONT.

    1. That makes sense. Thank you! That tip might make my book even better! I will try that!

  53. #1 Oddesy Fan,
    2. That lesson was amazing! The thing I most struggle with in my writing is an original plot. I think I’ll try your homework and see what I come up with! Thanks. 🙂
    3. I think #1 Oddesy Fan works well! I mean, someone could do #1ODYSSEYFAN or something like that and still be relatively different, right?

    1. I guess. That makes sense. If you feel that your plot is to few details, add a few until you feel nice in your plot, though don’t add to much so if you come up with a great detail later, you can add it. Thanks for the complement!

  54. Okay, so I forgot to hit send on the end of my lesson. Oops! Oh well, you got the gist of it!

  55. Favorite exotic names:

    Namulous Croddle-Norton! 😛

      1. Meaning your homework has been completed, not that you have the best names, although they are all very good.

    1. My personal favorites are:
      Nimble Brownie
      Thomas E Richheard
      Winnard “googlywoogly” Stweards
      Bearde D. Man
      Old Man Richbard
      Sailor B Ship
      And finally
      Sir Bearington Stuffed Cuddles III

    2. 😂
      Some of those names are really cool! Do you mind if I use some of them in one of my stories?

      1. Sorry, for some reason, this comment went under here, but I typed it as a reply to Aqarium. Woops! But those are some pretty goofy names! ☺😝

  56. My weird names.
    Mr. Hitrophilis J. Eadlebackle

  57. Lesson 3
    The Most Hardest Question

    What is the most hardest question for a writer to ask? What plot should I do? Which idea should I use? Or maybe, “As a christian, what sort of story should I write?” Well, those are all good questions. But I think the hardest question for a writer to ask is, “What is the hardest question to ask?”

    1. Cont.
      You see, the hardest question isn’t one question. It is different for all writers. Certain writers that write about Action Adventure need to ask themselves, “What kind of action adventure should I write?” People who write dramatic stories need to ask themselves, “What kind of drama do I want?” Lets go through a few questions and answer them.

      1. The hardest question for my book currently (My only idea for the title is, ‘The One, The Only”) is, “What kind of character should I make the main character?” You see, the main character is a (Your comments helped a lot and I chose this gender) woman. She does all kinds of espionage. Like Barry Monts (If you listened to the Novacom Saga), she

        1. sells secrets from one company to another company. She does high-tech espionage, which means that she spies on one company and figures out their technological secrets, and then sells THAT to another company. She dabbles with theft, and is the one that the main bad guys dispatch to, well, find out information about special people.

          1. The only problem with her, is that she has a conscience. She is constantly trying to get out of her ‘jobs.’ She hates what she does for a living, and she can’t get out of it because the people she works with will rat on her if she does quit. Now for the question, “What kind of character should I make the main character?” Should I make her a spy who

  58. HI EVERYONE! I am sooo sorry I haven’t put anything on here besides asking if I could join!!😥😣 see what happened was I saved this page when I asked if I could join and it only showed what I said not what you guys said after but now I know you have to find the video the writhers page is on every time to see what everyone else has said😉

    1. That is because it took a while for the moderators to moderate their comments. I just realized that you had put these in before I commented the final part of my lesson, and so the final part came in after your comments, so it can be a little confusing. Just in case you were wondering.

  59. also thank you guys so much for letting me join! 😃😄 and thank you Jell-O and Moriah and Na10 for your tips for the beginning of my funny life stories!!😆 I really needed them and now because of them I might be able to do a beginning for them!!! thank you everyone for the tips you put on here and the lessons they are awesome sauce!!

    1. Bunny Hope,
      You are able to put your own lessons in too if you have something cool to show us!

  60. you guys are all very kind and nice!💖 >w< thank you ! and you can call me bunny if you like or my full name on here! AND I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT DAY!!😄😄💖💖 Bye for now😁

  61. Cont.
    ends her life of crime? Maybe I should have her become a spy AGAINST her former employers? See, for me the hardest question is “What kind of character should I make the main character?”

    For someone else, what might be a hardest question?

    Homework: Write down the hardest question for you and (if you can) answer it! If you say I can, I will

    1. answer it to the best of my ability. If you say that I can’t, then I wont! If you don’t say anything about It, I will ask. Thanks!

  62. #1 Odyssey Fan: If you are thinking about changing your screen name, I would suggest you change it to something that reminds you of who you are or, what you like. Maybe even something that you like but everyone else thinks is weird. If you like peanut butter crackers, that could be your screen name! Hope this helps!

    1. I love peanut butter crackers, but thanks for the tip, I know exactly what to do!

      -Odyssey Fan

  63. AQ: Neat names!!! My favorite exotic names I have come up with so far, are Zirenia, Alithien, and Melkizeck.
    They are for my fantasy story. Hope your stories are going well 🙂 Miss.Smile

  64. #1 Odyssey Fan: Thank you so much for the lessons and tips! Keep up the good work.
    Bethel: Just want to say hi! And, hope you are doing well 🙂

    1. I will keep working at all of this. I know it’s a little weird doing ‘lessons’ during summer, but hey, who’s perfect?

  65. Aquarium just signifies my pets. 😛 And it was the first thing that came to mind. But that way, people who love fish, and thus have something in common with me, will know that I like them too! Plus it’s a cool word. 😛 You know what would be cool? Putting one of your silly names there! 😛

    1. okay so i tried to post a poem that i’ve been working on but i didn’t post i will try to post it later, sorry about that i have really bad Internet connection where i live.

      Texas Cowboy

  66. I must admit, I did not make up Namulous Croddle-Norton. It comes from my favorite book, the Wingfeather Saga, but it is on my list of Favorite Exotic Names! 😛

  67. um maybe you can make the main character against her employers that would be interesting 🙃 and the only silly name I can think of for some reason is Jonny junebug lol😂

  68. My fav exotic/made up names are Aidyl (girl; I came up with this one) and Danak (boy; my fav character in a book) And my silly, nonsense name is Ima C Lown 😜

  69. Naomi:
    Hey! How are you doing? I’ve been great! Crazy busy with sewing (4H and an upcoming bday) and writing but it’s been nice. No time to be bored!😜
    Could you keep my step-grandpa in prayer?❤️After his surgery, they found the cancer had made it to the bloodstream so there could be cancer anywhere in his body. He’s doing chemo, just in case

  70. Homework:
    One of the hardest questions to answer for me is going to be about the traitor in my story. By the third book in my series (I have stuff planned out REALLY far…) I’m going to come to the point where I can either change his heart or let him be evil forever. I really love him and I don’t want to let him go… (tbc)

  71. Homework continued
    …I really love him and I don’t want to let him go. However, would bringing him back be clichéd? I’ll already have brought his accomplice back; would bringing him back just be too much?
    My answer is that I think I want to bring him back. God’s Grace stretches immeasurably and I think it’d be a great way to show that.😁

  72. By the way, in case someone was wondering, I don’t put in emojis very often because I am using a laptop. It’s hard to get up the on screen keyboard and it’s really annoying having it pop up every time I want to write something, so I usually keep it off. If I feel as if my comment might be taken the wrong way, I put one in. Just so you guys know!

    Hardest question: How can I make my plot more original?
    Answer: ?
    The basic idea is that nine people team up to defeat the second-highest power in the land, thus fulfilling a prophecy and “preparing the way” for one person to come and fix everything. At the end of the first book, the villain escapes and the nine commit to the quest.

  74. I know that Odyesy Fan #1 already did a fantastic lesson on names and characters, but here is one I remember from S.D. Smith:
    Don’t over stress yourself with names, exotic names are fun, but if it’s a realistic book then it’s better to use normal names. Just use a name you like, even if it isn’t in your top ten. I you name a character a

  75. Sorry, I meant If you name a character.
    If you name a character a normal name like Peter or Kate, maybe it won’t be as exciting as something like Zafinity (I made that one up), but as long as you like it, it’s fine.

  76. Homework:
    Think of the ten names that to you are the best balance of normal, and you like them, you can post it on here, but you don’t have to.

  77. Also, one of the things my brother does to find names is find an adjective that describes the character, and look it up in a different language. Preferably Tolkien elvish.

    1. That’s cool! I should try that! Did you know, J. R. R. Tolkien wrote the entire l mythology for Lord of the Rings and published it? I forget what the book is though

    1. Here’s a hard question:
      Do you think that Christians should write stories with magic in them?
      and another one I often have trouble with:
      How do I make sure that my characters aren’t too perfect? I
      you don’t have to answer all of these if you don’t want to, but thank you!!😉😛

  78. Homework:
    Silly name: Bicecella
    Hardest Question: Will people like my story?

  79. Preston is my brother. Sorry if he hasn’t commented yet, cause this might not make sense.

  80. Dose anybody have any good published books? If so, pls tell me there names so I can look for them.
    (by the way my “name” is elvish for “welcome”)

    1. okay so i tried to post a poem that i have been working on but i did not post, i have really bad internet connection where i live. so that is why it did not post i will try again later,

      Texas Cowboy

    2. i tried to post a poem that i’ve been working on but it did not post. i’ll try to re-post it later.

    1. Sorry, if you are talking to me, you will need to add some context. Are you talking about all the silly names all the rest of us have posted??

  81. Can I post a lesson on writing style?
    Now, when you think about style some people will think 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person, past, and present. Now, don’t get me wrong, those are important parts of a book, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about whether you go into detail, or whether your very blunt

  82. Cont.
    Or whether you are very blunt with the character. You might talk about their actions while someone else likes to talk about their emotions more. Keep consistency in your writing, because some readers notice everything. Most styles are good, but everyone has a different style. If you start with a certain writing style, then finish

  83. Cont.
    If you start with a certain writing style, then finish with it or change the whole book to a different style.

  84. Do we post helpful thing so that other people can write, or do we post what we write, or both?

    1. We post tips and other helpful things so that others can learn from our experiences. We cannot write what we have written, according to the commenting guidelines, “We love to hear personal stories from fans. However, this is not the place to submit your own fictional stories or to pretend to be a fictional character”

  85. Write now I:
    1. Have written one book, but I didn’t like it so I deleted it. (79 pgs.)
    2. Am in the middle of three books.
    3. Have written three poems.
    4. Have parodied one poem.
    So far, that’s my writing career.

    1. That’s more than I have. I have about twenty-nine (Last counted) unfinished book ideas laying around somewhere, zero finished books (at least I think…), and only one poem.

    2. If I think about it, I can add:
      parodied one song
      finished 3 story books with my cousin
      and have a really good idea once I finish my other thre books XD, very motivating

  86. My homework didn’t go through… in fact, none of my comments have posted… I wonder why??

  87. I love Tolkien’s languages! I started learning Sindarin, but didn’t get very far. 🙂

  88. Lesson 4 Unit 1
    Writer’s Block
    Writer’s Block. The bane for all writers. Writer’s Block is when a writer can’t figure out what to do with the story. Should they take it one way, or the other? It’s a difficult subject, especially when one’s question is dependent on others’ liking the book. I believe the writer who wrote “The War That Saved My Life”

    1. Cont.
      (Kimberly Brubaker Bradley) was asked, “What is your advice to young writers?” She answered with more, but the part we will focus on is, “It takes a long time to get good enough at writing that publishers will by your books, no matter what, so you might as well learn to really enjoy writing first, and then worry about making it a job.”

      1. I have read and reread Kimberly’s book (the one mentioned previously) over and over, trying to figure out how she did it. She wrote a very good book in my opinion. How did she make such a great book right off the bat? This was my answer. She didn’t. It took her (probably) many years to practice. She had to get her writing style done right.

        1. Personally, as a christian, I think that if God has called you to be a writer, then you will be. There are many writers that struggle with Writer’s Block, and I believe that if you do, God is trying to get your attention. Maybe it’s about what kind of characters you are writing about, or your plot, or something like that. But if God has given you a

          1. Cont.
            command, you had better listen. Maybe writing isn’t your job in life, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun writing on your spare time. But don’t misunderstand me. Just because you get Writer’s Block once, or that ONE publishing company didn’t buy your book doesn’t mean you aren’t cut out for writing, it just means that one time

  89. Cont.
    didn’t work out. This is why most book writers try to have their plot and characters lined out way in advance. Instead of just jumping into writing headfirst, they get everything ready. Imagine your favorite thing to do (besides writing). Don’t you have to do SOMETHING to get it all set up? Maybe chores, or turning on the TV before watching,

    1. Cont.
      or something like that. It is also why (most) authors send out their books to many MANY publishing companies. But with no actual published books, I have no clue what the first step would be. For those with Writer’s Block, go to your bible or pray, ask God what you are supposed to do and to give you wisdom, then continue.

      1. Cont.

        For homework for those with a/some published book(s), make a step by step process and reply.
        For the rest of us, tell us (if you are comfortable) what are your blocks. This is optional, but what isn’t is telling us how you went to the bible and God, and his answer summarized. No need for details, just something like, “He told me to

        1. Cont.
          change my character.” or “He told me to tweak the original plotline.” or even, “He told me to make this reply.” 😛 Have at it!

          -Odyssey Fan/NachoWasabi

  90. Anyone here have published books? looking for something to read this summer?

    1. I don’t have any published, but if you’re looking for a good read, I suggest The Bark of the Bog Owl by Jonathan Rogers. It’s super good!

  91. I cant seem to stick to any of the story lines i think of. i write for a while, but then lose interest. any tips?

    1. If it’s a certain scene you’re having trouble with, consider cutting it out or have someone go through it and then later tell another character what happened. (I’ve done this myself) Or try reading it from the beginning. That might rekindle the fire! Hope one of these helps😁

  92. also, i cant seem to lengthen the storys i write to more than a few pages.
    but i guess i should just start making large plot lines on paper so i dont forget them.
    My biggest problem is that i have good ideas that are hard for me to put to paper.

    1. If you can’t naturally write long stories then… don’t write long stories! You might be a short story author! You could write one/two page stories like Aesop, you could write five or six page stories, you could write eight page stories! A If you decide to write short stories, I suggest you try not to make them too complex.

  93. Hardest question:
    How do I make sure that my characters aren’t too perfect? I
    you don’t have to answer all of these if you don’t want to, but thank you!!😉😛

  94. Right now I have:

    1. Written the first draft of a 200 page novel, and started the second draft.
    2. Written one short story that I actually finished (surprise!) 😛
    3. Started a gazillion stories
    4. Brainstormed ideas for co-writing a book witha friend
    5. Joined the writing page! 😛

  95. I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!! I am posting this a day early so hopefully you will see it in time for tomorrow. God bless everyone! And, God bless the USA!

  96. NachoWasabi: Love the new name!!! Great choice!
    Bethel: I am doing ok. Please pray that I will be able to help serve my church this week. Me and my Mom have been mildly sick on and of and we are praying that we don’t have covid 19. Hope you are doing well and that your family is safe and healthy.

    1. You and your mom are in my prayers. If it is Covid, you might want to check your breathing. If you are having a hard time breathing, it’s probably Covid. Me and my family all got major headaches (around 103 each) and it lasted for only a while. My Grandpa thinks it might have been covid, but we don’t know.

  97. Bethel: I will definitely keep your step-grandpa in my prayers! So sorry my friend. I will be praying. Let me know if I can help in any other way. Glad you are doing well 🙂

  98. PennyBasset: Don’t believe we have met yet, my name is Naomi (or Na10, hence the screen name lol). Welcome to the writer’s page! What kind of genre do you like write? Hope you have a great 4th!
    See everyone later!

  99. AQ: LOL I love the way you worded your writing accomplishments! CONGRATS on finishing a story!!!! 🙂
    I have only finished short stories for school assignments. But, I have started a lot of different stories and, brian stormed (day dreamed) a million story ideas and plots. I wish you the best in finishing your drafts! God bless!
    Miss Smile 🙂

  100. TO EVERYONE: I had this idea that I think will help all of us start to sit down and write on a normal basis. I have this problem of thinking all day about a story that I’m dying to write and then at the end of day, what happens..? nothing.
    I have heard other writers on here say they struggle with this too so, I have an idea that I will post below

  101. TO EVERYONE: I believe in order to become a successful writer, you need to write on a normal basis. But, this is really hard to do. I think the problem for me is I am afraid to write because I am afraid my writing won’t be as perfect as my idea may seem to me in my mind. So, what I believe we need, is for us to cheer each other on. TBC

  102. TO EVERYONE: There is power when people join together. I think we should schedule a week or month, when everyone on here will sit down once a day and write part of a draft or story. How long we need to write can be left for us to decide for ourselves. I now we all have different life schedules. This will motivate me a ton! TBC

  103. TO EVERYONE: And, we can know we are doing this as a team. We can also check up on each other and see how our our writings are going. And, if we come across problems or questions while writing, we can ask each other for advice. For me, I have the problem of talking to much about when I am going to write, that I never really write. TBC

  104. TO EVERYONE: This way we will be writing as a team, we will have a designated time in which will need to write. Checking up on each other will help keep us accountable. Now, if you think I’m saying that we are need to start writing chapters within a day, that is not at all what I am saying. We all can decide for ourselves how much we will write.TBC

  105. TO EVERYONE: I hope this will help all of us start to write on a normal basis. Now, if we miss a day or two, that is totally fine. The main idea I want is for myself to start writing on a normal basis and, that we will be a writing team. Now, if you all think this idea is crazy, please feel free to say so. Let me know what you think. God bless!

    1. That could be really awesome! I know it’d make me focus on my current project. I say let’s do it!

    2. Miss Smile,
      Let’s do it! Mind if I add on? If you’re on here every day, post how many pages or paragraphs or words or whatever you got written, so that we can cheer you on better. Is that a good idea? I’m for this.

    3. Sounds cool, but there’s a rule against writing lengthy stories on this website. So I don’t think that that would be allowed, but who knows?

    4. Sry I wasn’t on here earlier, but that sounds like a great idea! Right now I’m mostly editing through me and Bethel’s book, but I’ll try to do this!

  106. Naomi:
    I will definitely be praying! And thx so much for your prayers; it means a lot.❤️
    Miss you on the club!

  107. So far my writing career has been:
    -Finished a 2nd draft of a 170 page book (gonna start draft 3 ASAP)
    -Cowritten 2 plays
    -Been a part of a few role plays
    -Written some (not great) poetry
    -Thought up 3 sequels (haha)
    -Working on 4 books on the side (I’m an overachiever)
    -Editing and giving feedback on 1 book
    Final word is I’m… uhh… motivated😂

    1. Actually, I think a better word is eccentric😂😂I’m gonna have to cut down on my projects

    2. Poetry is poetry. No good or bad poetry. That is all I have to say about the subject.

    3. Hope it doesn’t seem like I’m bragging😬I just get a lot of ideas and then take off running with them… I’m slowly learning to focus on one in particular

  108. Lesson… aw who cares what lesson it is
    The next hurdle to jump through are mistakes. In fact, I made quite the mistake in my book earlier. I had a character say that something was happening at 6 PM, but then it was 7:30 PM and it still had not happened. I could have made it so everyone was late or something, but I decided that it wasn’t

    1. Cont.
      necessary. The hardest part about writing is having all these great ideas, but not being able to write half of them because they contradict something in your book. In fact, I know a writer who published her own book by herself, and it took her about half a YEAR to correct all the mistakes she could find. It was quite interesting watching her

      1. Cont.
        because she was a perfectionist. Every mistake was fixed. I forgot the name of the book and I don’t think she would feel comfortable for me sharing her name, so I won’t share either. I know that it will be frustrating, so I write down most of my ideas in a page for the book. I set up a folder with this page and the book, and all my ideas can

        1. Cont.
          looked at by myself only, and I figure out which ideas can and cannot be inputed later as either a twist, or a detail. Mistakes are also very hard to find. At least some of them. You have to pay attention to EVERY detail in the book. In a book called Greystone Secrets, The Deceivers, a character that is named missing, is suddenly right next

          1. Cont.
            to the main character. The character that was missing is named Natalie, and the main character is Finn. Natalie just went out the door, and then Finn thinks about how much he likes his older brother and NATALIE sitting next to him, instead of his older sister, Emma, who had just sat down next to him. Difficult mistakes like this one are

  109. Cont.
    sneaky. I would suggest looking over mistakes every time you finish a new chapter or page.

    HOMEWORK: Write a mistake (It doesn’t have to be a real one in your books) such as “BLANK sat down. BLANK then walked across the room to do something. This kind of mistake is easy, but it is a mistake. EXTRA CREDIT: Name how BLANK’s predicament can be

    1. corrected along with your own example of a mistake. Remember you can just make a mistake right off the spot, or use one you have already used in a book. It doesn’t matter which.

  110. Bethel: Thank you for your opinion! We’ll see what the other writers on here have to say. And, thank you SO much for your prayers! I really want to serve my church this week. And, if there is anything else I can pray for you about, please let me know. I am so sorry about your step-Grandpa. I miss seeing you and the other girls on the club too!

    1. This may give you inspiration, but I carve crosses for my church. Maybe, since you are a GREAT writer, you could ask the pastor if you could do something with that, such as write out a lesson for kids, or other such great writing techniques. Remember God has his Davids, and God has his Moses’.

  111. NachoWasabi: Thank you for your opinion! I’ll wait and see what the other writers have to say about my idea. Hope everyone has a great night!

    1. Your welcome! To explain what I said earlier, David was a king, that started as a boy. He did great things. Moses did great things, but he wasn’t as important as some king. Be content with whatever God gives you to do. “Do everything without grumbling and complaining.” I think that’s in 1 Corinthians somewhere.

  112. NachoWasabi: You did a great lesson!
    Moriah: Do you have an opinion for my idea that a posted to everyone here on the writer’s page? If not, I understand. Hope you all have a terrific evening!

  113. Cont.
    thanks to those who came up with the writer’s page. It has been a real inspiration for me and a place where I can feel accepted by kids. This is new for me, and I hope I haven’t overstepped my bounds. Thank you one and all. It has, and hopefully will continue to be, a great pleasure serving and being served by all of you. Thanks.

  114. Hello NaomiorNa10! Also on my writing career, I can add a “Odyssey script”.

  115. Na10, I forgot to tell you, the genre I like to write is Fantasy Fiction, or *Animal’s life.

    *If that is a genre.

  116. Anybody want an editor? No this is not an ad, I have a older writer working on one of my books and it’s really helpful! She has finished 3 full books (not published), and is older. I look up to her because she is already better than me at writing. Look up to those superior to you in writing. Maybe a friend, or someone in you church.

  117. NaomiorNa10:
    The last text I see was sent at 3:06 AM! Must just be my time… XD

    Question 1.
    Quote ONE mistake from a book that you have read

    Question 2
    Write a fake passage about George and his dog. Explain the plotline afterwards

    Question 3
    Make up a character, and explain the character’s personality traits, physical traits, and favorite things

    Without peeking, what was my

    1. Cont.
      ORIGINAL username? It must be exact.
      There is no RIGHT answer to any of these question except the extra credit. This is mainly to just help me get to know your insights into writing to figure out what my next lesson should be about.

      1. No offense, but guessing your user name has nothing to do with writing. And since we’re not grading the homework, there is no need for extra credit. The homework is simply to get people to think, to be creative in their own stories, and practice exercising the writing tips that the lesson writer introduces, but it’s not exactly like real school.

        1. BTW none taken. (For the mod staff BTW means By The Way if you didn’t know)

  119. My bad guy’s name is Sir Rundall, and I wrote a Rundall’s acquaintances chart. For instance:
    Sir Rundall: Dashing, deceptive.
    …: Trusting, son.
    …: Suspicious, nephew,
    …: Suspicious, acquaintance.
    …: Trusting, acquaintances.
    …: Trusting, sister and brother in-law
    That might help anybody remember characters.

    1. That’s a good idea! I think I’ll try that for the book I’m writing, and the books that I’m planning to write.

  120. 1. There was a series I read, and the first book I read was a Newbery Medal Winner, but the next one confused two names, I forgot the name of the series though…
    2. George and his dog went on a walk, three dogs barked at them. They kept on walking, and every dog on the street, which was a lot, barked at them as they walked. When they got

  121. Cont.
    Home, they found out why, a cat was hovering on a hover board above them*.
    *This is just a silly few sentences, not my typical writing.
    3. Character: Zafinity
    Personality Traits: Tends to bite her finger nails. Likes … .Had a nemesis: …., and then he was replaced …, who was a lot worse. Has her clothes, and one other possesion.

  122. Cont.
    Favorite things: Living by herself, she’s kind of independent. Remembering her best friend. Arguing, she loves a good debate.
    Extra Credit: Oddesy Fan #1?

    1. Nice, got everything EXCEPT the last one… the #1 goes first. ‘#1 Odyssey Fan.’ is the exact way… half credit?

      1. Sorry, now I misspelled it “#1 Oddesy Fan” is the exact copy. It is the first reply to the first comment if you wish to spellcheck.

  123. AQ:Thank you for your opinion! And, I like the idea you suggested. Only, we can only post 500 characters on here at a time. It might just take a lot of space on here if we try to post everything we have written. But, I like the idea of sharing our writings. Maybe we could share little sections of our writings. Let me know what you think. Ms.Smile

  124. PennyBasset: Nice to meet you! I like to write a little fantasy fiction too! And, I think animal life definitely counts! Nice suggestion about looking up to people for help. It is a great reminder to me. Are you working on any books currently? Have a great night!

  125. NachoWasabi: I haven’t posted any of my comments at 3:06am 🙂 I am long gone asleep by that time. I do know everyone has different time zones lol. And, I love how you said “God has his Davids, and God has his Moses’ “.Thank you! That is a great reminder. Hope everyone has a great night!

  126. TO EVERYONE: If no one is in objection, I would like to try my idea in a week. That would be July 20, 2020. I will would love to hear if anyone else has some suggestions to add to my idea. However, I don’t want anyone to feel pressured that they have to write everyday. You all can decide if you want to try my idea or not. TBC

  127. TO EVERYONE: And, after the week trial if you feel this is too much to write, please feel free to speak up. I want us to become a writing team. The best teams are the ones that are honest, and the ones that work through trials together. This is just an idea I had and want to try. If it doesn’t work out, well we’ll have a week of writing done. TBC

  128. Also, we don’t have to write on Sunday (I know most of us are busy that day). But, if you want to that is totally fine. So, next week from Monday-Saturday we will write once a day. Then, I hope we can check in on each other that night or, the next morning. I thought our sluggon could be “Writing to improve, encourage, and team up”. TBC

  129. If anyone else has ideas, feel free to share 🙂 If you are in agreement and want to join, post this text “In for encouragement” (or, you could just say “I’m in) 🙂 If next week (July 20-18) works, we can try for a longer time period. God bless everyone! Hope you all have a great night!

  130. Okay, I think the writers on here are:
    PennyBasset, me
    Texas Cowboy
    bunny hope
    Tell me if I’m wrong!

  131. PennyBasset: I see a few people I recognize, but I don’t know everyone.
    NaomiorNa10: I see that you wrote ‘Sluggon’ I think you meant ‘Slogan’ meaning a brief phrase meant to advertise something. Sluggon means… well nothing actually. I can’t do from 12-2 because I am usually doing school during then (Parents making me keep going) but any time

    1. Cont.
      after 2 should work. I know that 3-4 would be the best time for me, just so you know. I also think that the idea is great! If we are writing stories though, I don’t think the people will allow that. “This is not the place to submit your own fictional stories” to quote the guidelines.

      1. But if everything works out, “In for encouragement!” Or maybe, “We mix encouragement into our ink.” or something like that.

  132. Bethel: That’s a problem I suffered with for a while, needing to focus on one thing. I learned to focus on one too much by making myself a checklist that I had to follow TO THE LETTER. So maybe if you wrote up a checklist that wasn’t so strict, that might help?? Maybe?

    1. That’s an interesting idea! I might try that sometime! Thank you for your feedback🙂

      1. No problem. Not a hard thing to do, but checklists always help me when my brain is bouncing around (Mostly that’s after I have my coffee).

  133. Hey y’all! I totally forgot we had a writing page until I saw link from other podcast. I came on and theres like 300 something comments! Can I be a part of it again? I have been soo busy staffing church camps.

  134. NachoWasabi: Thank you! I meant ‘Slogan’ 🙂 I had mentioned before that we don’t have to write at a specific time together (I know we all have school). Everyone can decide for themselves when they will write each day. And, I don’t want us to post our stories on here. There isn’t enough room and I don’t think it is allowed. Glad you will be joining!

  135. Bethel: Glad you are in!
    Country girl: Glad you are back! I think we met, you can call me Naomi or Na10 (hence the screen name 🙂 )
    If you roll up, I posted an idea I have for us writers on here. I would love for you to join, if you can. I posted it “TO EVERYONE”.

  136. Moriah: Hey! I don’t know if we ever met. If not, you can call me Naomi or Na10 (though, you could probably tell from my screen name lol). Do you have any objections to my idea? I would love it if you can join. Though, I totally understand if you can’t.

  137. Hello!!! I have been super busy and I haven’t commented in ages…..
    My writing accomplishments:
    well over 60 stories (none of them very long)
    an assortment of non rhyming poems
    a play that I needed for one of my stories
    85000 story ideas that never actually got onto paper… :-/
    LOL! Ive been writing since I was six years old.

    1. Coolio. I have a list of times that could work for everyone… I’ll put you in at 2-3. That sound Okay?
      :To All Writers: This organization thing is only something that works for writers. If you want to be a writer, just reply to this. Tell me what times work best for you. If there are any objections, please put them in. Any questions, go ahead!

      1. I have such a random work schedule, late at night works best for me. So probably 9:00-10:00pm for me, or 9:30-10:00pm. 🙂

        1. Okay. 9-10. Tell me if you need certain times for other days. It’s why I have a list! Thanks!

  138. Country girl: There are (probably) now 376 comments. This counts replies I think…

  139. I wonder, is there only so many replies that can be posted on a page? Does anyone know the answer to this?

  140. NachoWasabi:Thank you so much for being willing to help! After each day that we write on our own, I want us to meet on here and discuss how our writings went. If needed, we could do every other day. If you could lead it at the end of each day by asking how everyone’s writings went, that would be a huge help! If you can’t, I totally understand.

    1. That should work! I would need to set a few things aside, but that’s of no consequence. So what time do you think I should ask… 10:00 my time?

      1. Wait, scratch that. I saw you said at the ‘end of the day’ and I forgot that 10 PM is my bedtime… how about 7:00? If not, 9:00 PM should work.

  141. CoolCuz: Glad you’re back! I understand you getting busy, I have been a little busy too. I don’t know if you saw, but I posted an idea I have for all the writers on here. If you roll up, you should see I posted it “TO EVERYONE”. I would love for you join if you can. Have a great night!

  142. AQ: SO glad you are in! I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out? After the end of each day that we write on our own, I am hoping everyone will be able to meet on here to discuss how their writings went. I was wondering if you could be available to answer any questions we might have? If not, I totally understand. Miss.Smile 🙂

  143. I don’t really understand this idea. So, we have assigned times we have to write? I don’t get it. People are posting so many things, I’m getting confused. No time before 3:00 pm will work for me, and no time after 5:00 pm. But I haven’t said I’m in yet, still need to sort it out. Please someone explain what exactly I have to do every day?

    1. Naomi’s idea is that I ask how our writings went every day, because she says that whoever wants to, will write every day. My idea is, since everyone is just posting lessons willy nilly and it gets confusing, to assign times that you can post lessons.

  144. Nachowasabi, I would love to do that writing thing but I don’t think I can use a lot of time on it right now. MY summer is really busy. Sorry.

    1. MY idea is to organize the lessons. If you want to write lessons, you can, but you don’t have to. Naomi’s idea is to write every day, and I will ask how everyone’s writing went.

  145. Miss Smile,
    I can certainly try! I probably won’t be on Wednesday night, but I should be there Monday-Saturday. 🙂 Thx for asking me, that makes me feel so honored. 🙂

  146. NaomiorNa10: I don’t know if I will be able to do stuff from tomorrow till monday because I’m out. I can bring my laptop, but I might be too busy to do that. And since I’m writing my lessons (Since tuesday next week) at 3-4, I could ask how everyone’s writings went then. That would be best.

    1. NaomiorNa10: Last question, when should I start? Next Tuesday? I mean, I won’t be available on Monday, me being out and about doing personal stuff, but Tuesday should work just fine. If you need me to do it earlier, I can try, but I can’t guarantee that I can do it earlier than Tuesday.

  147. sorry I haven’t put anything on here in a while 😅 and hopefully this wont sound rude but what’s going on are do we have homework to do or something.. I guess ill just have to read all the comments which is going to take a while lol oh well

    1. The idea of the homework is to make the other people think. No one actually HAS to do it.

  148. NachoWasabi: The list of times you are collecting are for when we write our lessons, right? Just want to make sure 🙂 Also, I understand you are going to be busy. If you need to start on July 28 (should be next Tuesday), that would be great! I can try to get this week covered. Thank you! And, enjoy your trip 🙂

  149. AQ: Thank you! I understand you can’t on Wednesday, that is totally fine. Thank you for letting me know. Hope you have a great night!b 🙂 Miss.Smile

  150. Jell-O: Hey! If we haven’t met you can call me Naomi or Na10 but, you could probably tell that from my screen name). I believe NachoWasabi is assigning times for when we can post our lessons on here, that is what all the times are about (Hopefully I am right about this, I am going to clarify). Part 1 of my explanation

  151. Jell-O: Also, I suggested that all us writers on here should try to start writing everyday and then at the end of each day talk on here about how our writings went. This way, we can sharpen our writing skills as we encourage each other on. We can also ask each other any questions we may have. It is starting July 20. Hope this helps. Part 2/2

  152. Bunny Hope: Welcome back! There are two major events that are happening. I just tried to explain them to Jell-O, if you want to read what I posted hopefully it will help explain things a bit 🙂 Have a great weekend! 🙂

  153. NaomiorNa10: Maybe if we got a different podcast for your idea… It’s only an idea, since this page is getting so crazy. I’ll leave that up to you boss!

    This is what I’ve gathered from the comments about what we’re doing:
    1) Every day (Monday—Saturday) of next week those of us who’ve agreed to are going to sit down sometime during the day and write
    2) Later, we’ll come on here to say how much we wrote, talk about problems we’ve run into and encourage each other

  155. (TO EVERYONE continued)
    3) AQ and NachoWasabi will be on in the evening to give advise and answer questions

    Is that correct? Or do I have some things wrong?

  156. So let me get this straight: every day, we’ll sit down to write, then check up here to tell everyone how it went and get encouragement, while helping others?

  157. I don’t understand this writing at certain times every day thing; could someone please explain to me what to do?
    Oh well, I’ll just write every day anyway, and I suppose it doesn’t matter what time I do it or if it is “scheduled.”

  158. Jell-O,
    So we’re going to write every day for however much time we want. We’re going to post our stats on here afterward. So, we could post the number of words that we’ve written, however many pages, or just how long we wrote. We’re going to encourage each other and hopefully get a lot of writing done. 🙂

  159. I did a writing conference with my writing team (my best friend, another good friend/illustrator, and her little brother) today for an hour. Does that count as writing? 😛 I’ll write tonight. 🙂

  160. Green Ember page:
    Redefinig Bridget With Actress Keely Marshall
    I can’t do links, so you’ll have to find the page, sorry.

  161. They don’t ask for your website or email anymore, I wonder why? Also, you don’t see a preview of your comment and you can’t save your name. What?

  162. Ok! I wrote for 40 min and got 1,099 words down. Yes! That’s better than normal. 🙂

  163. I understand now, but I’m a day late! Is it okay if I join next week, too?

    So ARE the lists of time for the lessons? It’s not really necessary. We just need a week-schedule with assigned days. I can do Mondays!

    1. its okay. You don’t have to do it every day. Just do it in that time whenever you can.

  164. July 21:
    I did:
    Pages: 2
    Words: 256
    Characters: 1455
    Characters excluding spaces: 1180
    Time: 40 min.
    I’m a lot less productive than some other people.

  165. Hey everyone! So I know it has been a little crazy on here. For those of you who are already trying my idea, you can continue if you want and I will be as well. However, maybe we should officially start next week(July 27) for those of us who are still trying to figure everything out. TBC

  166. Also, once everyone gets our ideas figured out, I think we should follow NachoWasabi’s great suggestion and all of us who are going to do my idea, should switch to a different podcast. I am thinking the one about the next album (Best Kept Secrets). Let me know what you all think. Please feel free to share your honest opinion. God bless!

  167. Oops, Just realized the podcast about the nest album (Best Kept Secrets) is the wingfeather saga fan page! Maybe the podcast from July 17, can work. We can figure it out later. Just let me know your ideas if you all want to continue my idea but go somewhere else when we start. God bless everyone!

  168. On another book
    Pages: 2
    Word:s 231
    Characters: 1130
    Characters excluding spaces: 900
    Time: 25 min

  169. Lets start the first of August. It will be easier to do than just starting now.

  170. Na10:
    I agree, it would be better to start Next week, but why Saturday? They don’t post comments on Saturday. I think Monday would be better— the unofficial start of a new week, etc. I agree we should do it on a different page.

  171. Could anyone who wants to post lessons please reply to this comment with what day out the week would work best for them? Mondays jus best for me. How about everyone else?

    1. I would sort of like to write a lesson, just to see if I like it. Is that okay? Thanks!

  172. Oh I understand what’s happening now lol I think it’s a cool idea! I need to write every day anyway but do you think I do ! No of course I don’t I always get distracted 😩 but I’m doing a little better now lol😂

  173. Yes, let’s start August 1st so everyone can get their act together and be ready. 🙂 And maybe we should do it on another podcast. July 17th works for me (podcast number). 🙂

  174. CoolCuz: Great suggestion! So, we will officially start August 1st. For those of us who already started to try my idea, that is great, you got in some practice time.Once everyone understands more or less the plan of our idea, I hope for us to move over to the podcast that was released on June 17. Let me know if this is ok with everyone. God bless!

  175. Oh, I just ad an embarrassing thought, it’s Penny Bassett, not Penny Basset!

  176. NaomiorNa10: I haven’t been told when I should start asking how everyone’s writing has been. I will start on August 1st since that seems to be when everyone else is starting.
    “TO EVERYONE” I only have a few people willing to write their lessons. We are moving the start date to August 1st. I think this podcast should be fore lessons and the otherN

  177. (Oops no N)
    should be for asking how everyone’s writing has been. Just an idea… Maybe we should have another for (and I quote) “uplifting conversation” -John Avery Whittaker

    1. This should be for lessons, homework, questions, ideas, and anything related to writing excepting Na10’s idea. I don’t know what you mean by “uplifting conversation”. If it doesn’t have to do with writing, it should probably not be on this page.

  178. NachoWasabi: You are right, you don’t need to ask people how their writings are going until August st. Also, we will be moving this idea to the podcast that was released on June 17.So, if you are willing, that is where you will need to ask people how their writings are going. That is also where we will be having our “uplifting conversations” lol

  179. Nacho Wasabi:
    I am trying to make a schedule for writing lessons. My idea is each person wanting to write lessons has an assigned day of the week on which they post a writing lesson for the writers page. Is that okay with you? It will help make sure people don’t post multiple lessons on the same day. What day(s) of the week would work best for you?

    1. An assigned day sounds good! I was just writing down times so that we could do it any day we wanted… Umm… Maybe any weekday would work… I would need to work any time past 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. So just set me down at that time.

  180. NachoWasabi,
    Sorry, I can’t do lessons! I’m struggling with keeping up with the crazy life I suddenly got (work, book opportunities, writing team, hobbies, friends, youth group, etc.) and I can’t ever think of anything to teach anyhow. But I’ll still read them!!

    1. No prob! Jell-O had a better idea, so just talk to him about it. Everyone’s life is busy, just some might be more busy than others. Whatever works for you!

  181. Hey everyone! How are you all? I am looking forward to August 1st! Just to remind everyone, it will be at the podcast released on June 17, 2020: From the hallways at Focus on the Family to the microphones of Adventures in Odyssey.

  182. Also, since the Mods don’t post our comments on Sunday, we probably won’t be able to see our comment until the next day or, maybe even Monday. But, we can still go ahead and write that day and, send our comments (even if we won’t see them for a little while. Is everyone good with this?

  183. FUN FACT! Did you know that John Avery Whittaker is actually a king? In the episode An Act of Nobility in the album It All Started When… (#13), there is a story about a man who looks like a prince about to be crowned king. To make a long story short, he saves the price/king’s life and the king gives him a pocket watch. What gives it away that it

  184. Cont.
    IS Mr.Whittaker is that the pocket watch has a little tune. The king commands Mr.Whittaker to open it to hear the tune. At the end of the episode, Mr.Whittaker opens his pocket watch, and the tune is played. Now this could mean that an ancestor could be king, but I don’t think so. Now, since Mr. Whittaker only FAKED being the king, how does

  185. Cont.
    this mean he is a king? Well, in places such as these with royalty, the man that steps up to make the vows is the king! Any doppelgangers need to get RID of the king to fake being the king. Now why do I think it WAS Mr.Whittaker? Well, the story states that the man who faked being king was doing studying. That sounds like Mr.Whittaker to me!

  186. Okay, now that that’s over. If we are using another podcast to do lessons, I think this should be our “Uplifting Conversation” place. Now I mean this should be the place that we… just… talk… you know? Just an idea! If anyone else has any ideas, then reply to this please!

    1. We were actually using a different page for the conversations, and this is the writer’s page.

    2. No! We are not using another page to post lessons. THIS is the WRITERS PAGE, and this is where we post the writing lessons. The ONLY thing that is moving to another page is NaomiorNa10’s idea, and that is the place for our writing stats etc. and to offer encouragement. This is STILLL the writers page, where we will post lessons and write homework.

  187. Last week I was doing some filing at an insurance office, and you wouldn’t believe some of the crazy last names I saw! Like Boring, Strange, and Stuff!? Can you imagine having last names like that? There was even a Whitaker and Nicodemus. But I found some cool/interesting ones too, and now I know where to go if I ever need a last name for a story!

  188. Hi!
    First time typing a reply on this thing. Can any of you guys tell me how to do this?

    1. Hi! This is just a place where people who like writing get together to offer tips, suggestions, and chat about writing! Feel free to join, or if you don’t write, welcome to the podcast!

      1. This is not where we talk. This is the Writer’s page. We haven’t agreed on making this a regular chat page. We post lessons and homework on here.

      2. Thanks for the compliment I meant to go by ConnieKnedall10 but I clicked post too soon. Also thanks for the

  189. I feel like that page should only be the idea, please? Can we just go back to where we were, that was nice! What I’m trying to say is that I want the lessons on this page.

  190. Hello everyone, unfortunately, we are having to delete a number of posts to this page because of unkind words. We’d like to take a few moments to remind everyone of the guidelines. While you are welcome to encourage themes of conversations on certain pages you are not allowed to “claim” any of the pages for your own chats.

    1. Con’t – You may not request people leave a chat or be rude if they are not talking about the theme you have chosen. We want this to be a welcoming place for all posters and will not approve comments that are excluding others from a page. Please be kind in your posts even when disagreeing. We want this to be a fun place for all!

      1. If you haven’t read the posting guidelines before, please read through them before commenting on this page. They are directly below the comment box. We enjoy having this space and hope that you do too! Please help us keep it a welcoming place for all Adventures in Odyssey fans.

    1. I am needing inspiration, and I haven’t written yet this week. . .sorry! Do you have any tips for finding inspiration? Thanks!!☺

      1. I wrote a lesson on the other page on just this thing!! Try reading other books, or using something that happened to you. If you are writing a comedy book, exaggerate something that happened to you. Suffice it to say, fit whatever you use for inspiration to suit your book! Hope this helped!

  191. Moderator: Thank you for the reminder and keeping this website safe and welcoming to all. I know you all do a lot for us and I really appreciate it! 🙂 I’ll read through the guidelines and try my best to follow them. God bless you all!

  192. How was everyone’s writing today (Sorry I haven’t been very good at doing that)?

  193. Moriah:
    You could try taking a fairy tale and placing it in another setting or adding an unexpected twist. What would happen if Beauty and the Beast happened in our world today? Or if the witch who’d enchanted the prince and turned him into a beast in the first place tried to keep Beauty from reversing the spell? Just an idea🙃

  194. I am going to start re-posting lessons from the previous season of the writer’s page every day (hopefully) starting tomorrow (until we’re all caught up)! Most of these lessons were originally written by Coolcuz. I just wanted to know, are there any objections to my editing them (cutting out unneeded words/sentences for clarity & conciseness’ sake)?

    1. I don’t know what CoolCuz would say, but I am fine with it. I probably wouldn’t count because I didn’t write any of the lessons sense I am so new.

  195. I am reading the Anne (of Green Gables etc.) series. It’s SO good! L.M. Montgomery is a really good author.

  196. Yeah, I haven’t seen COOLCUZ on here lately or I would ask her. I won’t change anything without her permission, though. The only real reason I would would be to make it shorter and clearer (so it won’t take up so many comments!)

  197. Both Tolkien and Montgomery catch the readers heart and time. But they both do it in different ways.

  198. Yes! Tolkien is amazing! He has the incredible gift of giving a lot of detail without boring you to death. And, he still makes his stories amazing and unexpected. His imagination I have always admired (especially for a girl that day dreams way too much during school hours😂).

  199. In my opinion, Tolkien was the greatest fantasy writer ever. He created languages, he created dwarf runes, he created races, he created unforgettable characters, he mapped out the beginning of his world, etc. He created a universe! I don’t think anyone else has ever done quite what he did. He was a master!

    Go LOTR!!!!!

  200. Sorry guys, I’ve been on Vacation.
    Lesson 2
    The power of a writer
    This lesson will be short. The power of the writer is one of creating a whole new world. You are not God, but you use the imagination that God has given you to create a world just like God did. Essentially, when we write, we are acting like our heavenly father.

    1. Great short lesson! So true! I can’t think of a subject to write a lesson on…

      1. Try something you have had trouble in in the past, such as writer’s block for me.

    I’m sure he would be quite pleased if he knew how many fans he has.

  202. This is the first lesson ever posted on the original writer’s page by COOLCUZ on June 10th, 2019.
    I’m discussing first the way you introduce your characters into your story. How do you personally do that? Do you write out a whole page of explanations or do you do something different? I’m going to give you two examples …

  203. Cont.
    “… of how you could introduce your characters. This first one is the one I personally prefer to do. I do it on the page before my first chapter and do something like this:
    Start with the main character in your story. (The following names and information are entirely fictional.)
    Character’s name: What the character looks like: …

  204. Cont.
    … How old the character is: Some facts about your character:
    Repeat this until you have all your characters down. Be sure to leave room for any last-minute characters you wish to add. Here’s an example:
    Addie Rushet: a freckled face, blue eyed girl with blond hair. She is seven years old and loves to play with her dolls.


  205. Cont.
    … Or you could begin a story like this:
    – “Good morning, Frances!” cried Marge excitedly. “Tell me, how was your trip to San Antonio?”
    Marge Chawgain was talking to her best friend, Frances Due. Marge had beautiful, silky brown hair and honey colored eyes. She was a freshman in high school and was also the best cheerleader.


  206. example, Cont.
    “Fine,” answered the raven-haired Frances indifferently. –
    Either way is a good way to start your story, but never start a story without explaining it. A good story needs a good start. Remember that. I judge a book by the first few pages. If it doesn’t interest me, I don’t finish it. A good start helps the story flow smoothly.

  207. Cont.
    “TIP TIME:
    When I write, I try to do it on single pieces of paper, that way, if I really mess up, I can just toss on page instead of ruining my notebook. Once I’ve written it, I’ll copy it into my notebooks.
    (Please remember this is my first post so it may be a little rough. Sorry!) Any questions?

    [This is the end of the lesson]

  208. Hi, this is Jell-O now!
    So, it’s okay with you if I keep posting old lessons? You wrote most of them, and then I have a couple that I wrote and a few that Bookworm/Bethel wrote. If so, then I’ll post them chronologically.

  209. Hi guys! I haven’t been on in several months I think. I’ve been furiously writing the first draft of one of my books. My dad said if I finished it by September, he’d get me a new bike! (The old one is way to small for me) I’m not quite done yet, but I think I will be.

  210. Dear Students,
    I, NachoWasabi, will actually be starting by using units. First, we will study the beginning, middle, and end of a book. During this time, we will also study the Hero’s Journey, Plot, Characters, Setting, and why we write. Second unit will be all about keeping the reader’s attention. The third will be about writing between the lines.

  211. CONT.
    By the end of the whole thing, we will have written our own book/short story each! Remember, the homework is optional, but that is how you will be writing the assigned book. I will probably have you write a couple pages or X amount of words. Here’s the first lesson!

  212. CONT.
    Well, in the beginning, we introduce the key players of the novel, start the foundation that will later become the plot, and ‘hook’ the reader’s attention. Why is it so important to ‘hook’ the reader? Well, if you started a story with, “The trouble began…” that would seem more interesting than, “It started at…” This has the reader wanting

  213. CONT.
    We also have to start the plot. The plot (If you didn’t already know) is what is going on. My plot could be about a girl who eventually becomes the president of the US, but what happens to get her to that point is the plot.
    The final thing we need to do is introduce the characters. We can’t have a story without have something/someone

  214. CONT.
    live it. George Orwell’s, “Animal Farm” has animals running, and living in, a farm. He writes this book to show people the dangers of rebelling. It could lead from one oppressor, to another. Then again… maybe not. The character’s need to have flaws, weather physical, mental, or emotional. Your character could be short, or could be crippled.

  215. CONT.
    Not saying that people with those things are worthless or anything, but the characters need to be able to fix something. Now the rest is basically up to you. Do you want to make a story where the character realizes that their ‘problem’ isn’t that much of a problem (SHORT by Holly Goldberg Sloan)? Or do you want them to fix their ‘problem’

  216. CONT.
    (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick R. Riordan)?

    HOMEWORK: Write the first chapter of the book. Make the chapter 900-1,000 words or more. Try using something that has word count such as Word or Google Docs, and don’t worry, 1,000 words will seem to few when all’s said and done. Be sure to respond with any questions.

    1. Wait a minute… what? So… we have to write an “assigned” book? And we have to make the chapters the length that you post in your lessons? I mean, I get that it’s good to set word count goals, but what if we are already writing a couple stories and don’t have the time/inspiration to write another one?

      1. Homework is optional. IF you do every homework you will have a book. The length is also just a suggestion.

    2. Cont’d:
      I mean, it’s a good idea to do lessons in units from the beginning to the end, and to be writing a story along with it, but I don’t often write a thousand-word chapter a day in my stories. Sometimes it’s only one page! Plus I just don’t have any ideas for a new story, and frankly, I don’t have the time. 😕

    3. Quick question:
      Idk if you were already planning this, but could you post one lesson a week? Idk how many of us could write a chapter per day, and it might get kinda stressful. I know I won’t be able to do one a day, as I don’t have a lot of spare time right now with school and helping my family. (There’s a new baby in my house so we’re busy🙂)

          1. It’s okay, I understand! I’m so happy for you! It’s always so exciting to get a new brother or sister!

  217. Let me just say thank you for doing these lessons, everyone has put so much hard work into them! I have been able to share them with another better writer and that is amazing to me. Thanks!

  218. Hey @NachoWasabi, can you give us a prompt for the first chapter? I don’t have an ideas off the top of my head about what to write about.

    1. I know you weren’t talking to me, but here’s a few ideas. 😉
      -Change around a legend/fairy tale (what would happen if Snow White has been thrown into a dungeon rather than taken to the forest?)
      -Put a legend/fairy tale in another time period (what would the legend of King Arthur look like if it had happened in 2020?)

    2. -Find a historical/Biblical event that interests you and write a historical fiction story (what would it be like to take part in the battle of Gettysburg?)
      -Write a “what if” story (what if the Americans had lost the Revolutionary War? What if Columbus has turned back on his voyage before he’d discovered the new world?)
      Hope these help 🙂

      1. Thanks for the help! Using your first idea, why not write a book about Noah and the Flood! Imagine if you wrote what it must be like for one of Noah’s relatives on the ark! Or (using your second idea), write a nonfiction story about a fictional story that no one but you would know about!

    3. Okay try writing about you or someone you know. ‘A story is truth exaggerated’ -NachoWasabi. Try writing about what real life is for someone in a predicament. Or use your imagination and take your story, ‘out of this world!’ as they say.

  219. Jell-O, you don’t have to write it, and you can add more or less words if you really need to.

  220. @NachoWasabi,
    I think this is a good idea, but I don’t think I will be able to do it. I don’t write well when I rush myself, and prefer to do it at my own speed.
    So, does this mean that you will be posting all of the lessons for a while? Do you want me to hold off on posting the old lessons until you’re done posting your units of lessons?

    1. Yeah! That’s fine! Take your time! I will be posting one lesson a week and, although school is coming, I won’t falter. I don’t really mind if you post old lessons, the past is almost as great a teacher as pain. So go right ahead and post old lessons.

  221. Hey all! Just popping in to say “Hey!” Hope you all are doing well! God bless! 🙂

  222. Lesson 2
    Building on plot
    This is going to be a short lesson, because I have already talked about plot. Plot is a combination of past, present and future. At the beginning of a story, you have to have the reader ask questions, and at the end of the story, all or some of them have been answered. Write out a basic plotline before writing.

  223. CONT.
    NOTICE TO ALL STUDENTS: I’m making ALL my homework optional, and the word count is only a suggestion. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO IT! I just thought it would be fun to have the whole class end with a book written!

    HOMEWORK: Write chapter 2 with at least 1000 words. Make sure to advance the plot. Ask questions more questions. Don’t answer any yet!

      1. My best friend and I used to do that to! Here’s a tip for writing as a duo: Be truly honest about ideas! If you don’t like an idea, be kind and honest about it. It will help your relationship which will help your writing!

  224. Hi everyone I’m sorry I haven’t been on here in a while but I just can’t keep up with all the comments and stuff that’s happening on this page ! 😣 so I guess I won’t be in the writers page anymore. But you all have great ideas and your books I’m sure are awesome!😆💗

  225. Hay guys, fellow writers, whats up? i know i haven’t been on here in a really long time, things have been super busy on the ranch. anyway had a min and thought i would stop by and say “Hi” i hope y’all are doing good:)

    Texas cowboy

      1. Bethel, Hay! its totally fine:) i’ve been really busy:) what have you been up to lately?
        i’ve been working out, school, ranch work, running(i don’t really like to run but my bro does and i have to run with him) writing a few poems, and things like that:)

        ~Texas cowboy~

      2. I’ve been doing school mostly😜 Besides that, I’ve been writing and just hanging out! My dad took me and my sibs to the county fair Tuesday, so that was fun. There weren’t any rides tho…☹️

        1. Bethel, that sounds like fun:) this is a really random question but who are your favorite music artist/bands?
          my fav. band is this rock band called Disciple:) they are awesome:)

        2. My fav artists are Phil Wickham, Shane&Shane, and (idk if this really counts but I love their songs!!! Don’t have any tho… yet) Sight And Sound Theatre!
          I’ve heard of Disciple! Never listened to their music tho. What’s your fav song by them?

          1. Bethel, cool:) oh my, my fav. song by Disciple? they have soo many:) but i’ll keep it to about 10 fav. songs:)
            1. Radical
            2. I just know
            3. Long live the rebels
            4. One more time
            5. Dear x, You don’t own me
            6. Invisible
            7. After the World
            8. Stronghold
            9. God of Elijah
            10. Lay my burdens
            they’ve been around since ’92 so they have a lot ofsongs

          2. Oh that’s cool! I love Phil Wickham’s songs, especially This is Amazing Grace, Battle Belongs (this song is AWESOME!), and Revive Us Again. (Btw I’m so sorry I didn’t respond sooner!!!!! Forgot to scroll to this comment😬)

  226. This is how my story starts, but how does yours?
    “It really was the kind of night that you hear of in storybooks. Lightning and thunder rumbled across the countryside but a train whistle broke the ominous sounds as a train full of orphans bumped and rattled to the orphanage station.”

    1. That sounds really great! It sounds like it’s a scary story, so maybe you should put the next part as, “(main character) looked up and saw the mansion of an orphanage. It was made out of rickety wood, and cobblestone. Each stair made a groan as you stepped on it, and there were stories of what lay beneath the grounds.” Just a suggestion!

    2. One of my stories starts with “The two combatants circled each other warily, swords poised and shields held at the ready.” Another starts with this shocking (lol) line: “I hate Christmas.”

    3. The book Bethel and I co-write starts out with “Slavery.”
      No, really. That’s how the book starts. That’s the first sentence. 😉

    1. That’s disappointing! I have a pact with my parents where I buy half and they buy half. That might work with yours! It’s $5 for each of you.

  227. You know it’s really great how the Odyssey team have replies, but I think they should add a button that let’s you go straight to the bottom.

    1. I think so too. I just use two fingers, because I have a laptop, so I just scroll really fast and wait for it to load.

  228. Lesson
    Advancing the Plot
    Something I have had trouble with in the past is advancing the plot. Once, I had most of the plot revealed in the first chapter! And another time I barely advanced the plot until the end and it all came suddenly. You have to advance the plot at your own speed but still not to fast. I just started a new book a few… Cont.

  229. Cont… few days ago. I had a sudden thought to make the bad guy do something, then realized it was way to sudden. And in the first chapter to. To take up the space, write about the characters daily life and things they do. Write descriptive (But not to descriptive) passages about what they look like and their surroundings, but also leave Cont…

  230. Cont… Leave room for the readers imagination. If you leave a little bit of room for it, they will love the book a little bit more dearly. Maybe have something unexpected happen, but have your characters slowly forget about it as they do things. It’ll help to not advance the plot yet, but still make it feel like an interesting book. Thanks- PB❤

    1. Good lesson! I haven’t really been able to think up a good lesson lately, so I will try to do that.

  231. Isn’t it so annoying when you have book ideas that you’re just dying to write but you’re in the middle of writing another book?

    1. YES!!!! I love getting the inspiration tho I usually end up starting another book… Or daydreaming about this new story and pretty much just writing it in my head😂

  232. Hopefully it doesn’t look like I’m posting to much, but Bethel, my bro says that your first book sounds REALLY cool!

    1. So glad he liked it!!! It’s encouraging to hear feedback like that; could you plz tell him thanks for me? Thank you!😄❤️

  233. Hey guys, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to post any more lessons. I can still talk though. I thought I might be able to get my school and lessons together, but by the time school’s over, my brain’s too dead to think of any lessons. Sorry again.

  234. Guys, today one of my older brothers got baptized! Before I was the only one of my siblings that was, but now he is also baptized! I am SO happy for him! :^)

  235. Naomi:
    I haven’t seen you in forever, and I know you likely won’t see this comment, but I just wanted to say that I miss you. God bless you wherever you are and guide you in whatever you’re doing! All my love,

  236. Lesson:
    Perfection Problems Pt 1
    The central concept of any given story, from Cinderella to The Iliad, is conflict. And in conflict there is always at least two sides: the one you root for and the one you root against. This lesson is going to focus on the former side, the hero. Every story has a hero/heroine.
    There might be one on each side…

  237. (Cont)
    …of the conflict, but I can guarantee there is a hero somewhere. The same is true for your book. There is a hero/heroine, and that’s not a bad thing! To tell a story, you NEED a hero. The problem arises when your hero is perfect. Perfect heroes are something we need to avoid for a number of reasons:

  238. (Cont)
    1. Perfect characters are usually impossible to relate to. If your hero makes no mistakes, has no faults, and is always right, your readers will not be able to sympathize with and connect with them. Why? Because I can guarantee you that they themselves have faults.

  239. (Cont)
    2. Perfect characters make other characters unnecessary. If your character can do everything, is good at everything, and never needs a second opinion or advise, what’s the good of side characters? What can they do? Why do you even need them?

  240. (Cont)
    3. The only perfect person was Jesus. Every other human being in the history of the entire world has had faults.
    4. Perfect characters tend to get obnoxious really fast (saving in the case of Christ). I don’t know why, but many people find characters who never do anything wrong to be annoying.

  241. (Cont)
    These reasons are just the start. I’m sure you could think of more reasons why we need to give our characters flaws, if you wanted to.
    Next lesson I’ll talk about reasonable flaws to give your characters. 🙂

    Take a good look at your main character. Is he/she too perfect? Let me know!

    1. Great job on lesson, Bethel! This is something I struggle with all of the time in my writing!

  242. Lesson😄
    The Perfect Problem
    We’ve already established that your characters need problems, but there’s a lot more to it than that. You’ve got to choose one. Believe it or not, there’s a huge variety of problems you can give them, although sometimes they make it easy and a flaw just comes along with their personality.

  243. There’s two main types: characters flaws and physical disabilities. Here’s a list, just for starters, with some ideas attached.
    -Pride (works great if your character is a leader. It can be easy to think you’ll ALWAYS be right)
    -A Temper (works well with pride; it’s hard to be wrong)
    -Following the crowd (works well for followers)

  244. -Bossiness (great for a leader; it’s hard to scale back on leading sometimes)
    -Perfectionism (beating yourself up over every mistake, no matter how small)
    -Sensitivity (works well with the above mentioned problem)
    -Rebelliousness (kinda the same as above except going against guidance)

  245. (Physical disabilities)
    -Clumsiness (this usually happens to teenagers when they’re growing really fast)
    -Stammering (this would be hard to write for everything a character says, but it’s still an option)
    -Limping/Favoring one limb above another (usually used for older, tough, mysterious characters, but still works)
    -Blindness/bad vision

  246. This is just a small selection and you might find that none of them really resonate with your character. Maybe there’s one that you feel fits better but isn’t on this list. That’s fine! I’m just giving you a few ideas.😁
    List the flaws that your main characters have and think if you need to change/add any. Let me know!😄

    1. Good ideas! I usually make my characters slightly reckless with a touch of rebellion, to add some flair.

    2. The one character I’m writing for right now is rather reckless and has a temper. If anyone insults him or his friends, he flies at them. 😉

    3. Bethel,
      Hi! GREAT lesson; this is something I struggle with.
      I have a Centaur in my book that has a stutter (I know, a stuttering Centaur is kind of weird), a couple reckless rebels, and a bossy leader, along with a cowardly person, insensitive person, sensitive person, a carefree person (too carefree), and a follow-the-leader person. 🙂

    4. @Bethel,
      I’m writing a lot of stories right now, but, for my latest one, the main character’s flaws are…
      -has trust issues,
      -gives too much away to others,
      -blames herself for her problems
      -acts mainly on emotion, then later regrets doing just that, and
      -gets obsessed way to easily.
      I’m not sure if she’s too shallow, though. 🤔

  247. My main characters are thirteen year old girls, so they tend to be a little sassy. I’m only started on my first serious book and as it goes I’ll uncover their flaws bit by bit.

  248. I haven’t been on the writers’ page in months, SORRY, I’ve been busy/lazy!🤣
    I’m going to try to post once a week and hope I do that…
    RE-INTRODUCTION (I don’t know if you all will remember me):
    I have been writing stories since I was…5 or 6?(I’m not sure!) My favorite genre is to write is medieval fantasy.

      1. Oh, sorry, moderators, and Aquarium, ‘LOL’ is a slang word, that comment probably didn’t get approved. 🙁

  249. Hi guys, I’m new here! Is it okay if I am mostly reading the lessons (which are all SO helpful btw! Thank you!) and not contributing to the homework as much? Thank you!

  250. NF: Of course! Anyone can join 🙂 Welcome! You can call me Naomi, or Na10 (hence the screen name lol). God bless!

  251. Hey everyone!!! I know I have been absent for a while here (I’ve been really busy), but I wanted to come back and say “Hello!!!!”. Hope y’all are doing well! I can’t believe it’s already the holidays!!!! Ahhh!!!!! lol Love y’all, and, looking forward to chatting again! God bless!

    1. Miss Smile,
      *gasp* Thou hast returned! I have missethed thou! Art thou doing well?
      In English: Yay, you’re back! I missed you! How are you doing?

  252. hi everybody, I just saw these comments and I love to write. I’d love to “join” this page- the lessons have been really helpful!

  253. PennyBassett❤’s LESSON pt. 1
    Grocery Listing
    Some of you have probably heard of it. If you are talking about a character and you just list everything like “she had blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes”. That’s Grocery Listing. It’s almost always bad. It makes it more boring for the reader to read. Only in a rare occasion when you use the best of verbs

  254. PennyBassett❤’s LESSON pt. 2
    best of verbs is it okay. Try something like this, “Her auburn hair glistened in the firelight,” or “the light shone on her beautiful green eyes.” I know this lesson is short but it’s a much needed one for me.
    Agreed! Excellent lesson, Penny!

  255. Guys, for writer’s block I would suggest, if you are able, to listen to ‘Around The Block’. It’s good. Also, fun fact, ( ) parentheses are not proper for writing.

  256. Bethel: Just read your lesson! Thank you SO much!
    My Homework: My character is a 15 yr old girl who lost her family. She struggles with fear, depression, eye sight, and not standing up for herself.

  257. My Homework 2/2: My 2nd main character is in his 40’s or 50’s (still undecided about that lol). He struggles with helping others, letting go of past regrets, allowing himself to heal, pride, respecting others, honesty, and accepting others. I know this makes my characters sound awful lol, but remember they have a lot of good qualities, too 🙂

  258. LESSON
    Using All Senses
    This is something I struggle with a lot. When I describe something, the first thing I think of is what my characters are seeing, and what they judge from their sight. Then I automatically go to sound (if there is any), and when I’ve finished with that, I’ve decided that that’s enough describing and I go on to the action. TBC

  259. LESSON (cont’d)

    But this is very important for making a good description, and it’s also useful if you end up having a character that’s blind and/or deaf and you write from their POV. You can’t use sights and/or sounds then, obviously, and must rely heavily on your character’s other senses.

  260. LESSON (cont’d)

    When I read books nowadays, I’m always noticing when someone goes past the normal sight & sound descriptions and brings in the senses of smell, touch, and, yes, taste. Occasionally they’ll bring in the “sixth sense” as well.

    So use smells: “The scent of sharp, bitter smoke made him wrinkle his nose in disgust.”

  261. LESSON (cont’d)

    So use smells: “The scent of sharp, bitter smoke made him wrinkle his nose in disgust.” Use touch: “She couldn’t help running her fingers over the brightly colored wares: soft cloth, smooth beads, rough woodwork.” And don’t forget to use taste: “He could almost taste the spicy, warm broth and the sweet, buttery bread.”

  262. LESSON (cont’d)

    Using this technique will engage your readers even more. I’ve had moments when I’ve been so caught up in a book that I’ve twitched when something “fell” onto the protagonist or I’ve jumped when something suddenly appears in a window. The more senses you use, the more relatable your writing.
    TBC (I’m almost done!)


    Choose (or write) a short scene from (or for) your work in progress (WIP) that uses only sight or sound. Then rewrite it to involve at least one more less-used sense (smell, taste, touch, or even a “sixth sense”). Compare your work.
    Yeesh, y’all, sorry that was a long one… :/

    1. WOW!!! Amazing lesson! I’m really actually struck at how right you are and wondering how I’ve never noticed that before. Great job!

      1. MRS,
        Lol, thank my grandma! She critiqued my WIP and pointed that out, then I started noticing it all over the place. XD But thank you!

  264. AQ:
    That was great! I like long lessons. It means the teacher put valuable time into it.

  265. does anybody have any tips for how to get to the point of your story? I have one I’m working on, but I’m having trouble getting from my beginning to where I want it to end.
    bit of an odd question, sorry!

    1. Ooh, hard question! I find that planning out my 3 Act Structure is very helpful:
      Act 1 ends with your first disaster, which forces your lead character to commit to the story.
      Act 2 has your second and third disasters. The 2nd causes your character to change his thinking from something false to something true, which affects everything they do. TBC

    2. The third disaster of the 2nd Act causes your lead character (and the villain, if you have one) to commit to ending the story.
      Act 3 is the climax, the final showdown where the lead character either succeeds or fails, or somewhere in between. You can then resolve the story with a happy, sad, or bittersweet ending.

    3. (I got this from How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method book by Randy Ingermanson. It’s been very helpful to me and I suggest reading it!)

      1. Thanks so much! That really helped.
        also, I’m not sure if I already posted a similar reply or not. I can be really forgetful at times. 🙂 So there might be two of the same comment… oh well!

  266. Hey, everyone! I can’t believe that Christmas is next month! (And yes, I’m still on planet earth!!☺)

  267. LESSON:
    What is the hardest thing for writer? A total rewrite. :-/ I am working on rewriting an entire series I wrote. So much is being changed, it is like a whole new story! My character’s name changes from Helen Shroeder to Helen Seeter. I am completely getting rid of an older sister who never hear from, but she exists any way. I am……

  268. LESSON CONT.:
    also getting rid of the club she was in because I nevermore them have a meeting. The millionaire’s daughter became just a mayor’s daughter (How many millionaires actually live in small towns any how?) and I’m getting rid of a character I never actually liked. I say all of that to give you a list of rewriting pointers ( I’ve….

    1. I mean, some millionares live in small towns -not the flashy ones, the farmers who made a boatload on chickens or something. Not the point, hahah 😂

  269. LESSON CONT.:
    done it enough):
    1. Is it historically accurate?
    Are you sure that object was invented in the 1920s?

    2. Do you contradict yourself?
    Does Billy have green eyes on one page and blue on the next?

    3.Is your spelling correct?

    4. Is your grammar in check?
    Is it who or whom?

    5. Are you clear?
    So who kidnapped the hero?

  270. LESSON CONT.:
    6. Is that character really necessary?
    Like the sister you never hear from…

    7. Is everything explained in the end?
    Wait, who did it?

    8. Does your story have 89 loopholes?

    I’m hear to encourage you and say keep at it! It won’t be easy, but you’re glad when its done!
    CONT. (Almost done, I promise!)

  271. LESSON CONT.:
    Have someone correct your spelling and the rest is up to you. So get yourself some chocolate and buckle down to work!

    “The pain of the work brings more joy in the expected.” To quote my character Dannon Wilson.

    Share one change you had to make to your stories (Or several).



    1. Nice lesson!
      I’m actually rewriting my first novel. I’m on the third draft and it is actually kind of fun! Until you change something major (like one line in a certain prophecy that ties everything together) and every page you have to correct something. I also didn’t catch a grammatical mistake until after the second draft was done.
      Great lesson!

    2. Thanks for the lesson! Very helpful 🙂 I tend to change and re-write parts of my stories quite a lot.

    3. Very nice! I’m working on the first draft of one of my books, but I’ll probably do a rewrite at some time!
      And that’s a really great quote! Did you make it up yourself?

    4. Great lesson!
      I’m working on the third (and there might have to be more… sigh) rewrite of my first novel. (I’m co-writing it) One of the big changes this time around is that the main boy character has a sister! She was already a character in the last version, but needed to appear more. They work very well together, and I’m glad I changed it!

  272. Hey everyone, here’s one for the books.
    How to END a book
    I’ve already talked a lot on how to start a book. But ending one is just as important. What you need to do is answer all the questions you’ve asked since the beginning and really make a nice wrap up. End your book with something that could open up for more possibilities is my suggestion.

  273. COOLCUZ that was great! I don’t really have many changes, because I haven’t even tried to rewrite any of my books. Also, for endings, maybe try something creative! One of mine ends as if someone was telling the story the whole time.

    1. Yes, I’ve made at least three with an English accent, and a bunch with israeli, Canadian, and even Australian.

    2. Yep! Although, since I can’t imitate accents very well, they normally end up with some kind of English weirdness, or British/Scottish or Italian. 😛 Don’t ask me why. But it makes it so much easier to keep voices separate! Have you read Redwall? The author had so many great accents it was easy to tell the moles from the mice from the hares. 🙂

    3. @COOLCUZ,
      I’ve had a character that thinks in an Irish accent when she gets stressed.
      It wasn’t one of my best books.

  274. I understand that a lot of you have to rewrite a lot. I want to do a lesson on that. If you are getting tired of rewriting, I want to share a verse with you. Prov. 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, just as one man sharpens another. If you think about it, every time you do a rewrite, it means you’re learning. Fixing the things that are wrong. Keep it up!

  275. @WWIININJA:
    I just saw your question. Yes, I did make up that quote! I keep forgetting about the reply button, so I missed some comments.

  276. Hey everyone! It’s so good to be back! I’m getting a new laptop (my other was accidentally dropped by a sibling) and then I hope to continue my story.
    AQ: Your lesson on all senses was amazing! Thank you!
    CoolCuz: Great to see you again! Your lesson on “Is it Necesary?” was terrific! Thank you!
    NachoWasabi: Thank you for the advice!
    God bless!

    1. Hi there! Welcome back! Glad it could help. I’m actually in a RP in which I’m using a blind character, and it really helps accent the other senses you have to bring out! 😉
      Nuts, that’s the worst. But still… NEW LAPTOP! I want an iPad, but I’ll have to wait until later, I think.

    2. Welcome back!!! So good to see you❤️Yikes, that’s no fun… but it’s cool you’re getting a new one!😄

  277. Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to pop on here and wish both the commenters and the moderators a very merry Christmas and a happy new year (lets hope it will be better than this one). You guys are all wonderful and I love you all! May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine down upon you, be gracious to you, and give you His peace. <3

  278. AQ: Thanks for the welcome! Yeah! I’m excited about it! (my laptop I mean lol) I hope to REALLY start writing my story in the new year! Right now I hope to finish my fourth poem. How are your writings coming?

  279. NachoWasabi: How do you do an Israeli accent?
    Everyone: Any lessons? I can’t think of any…

  280. Hey everybody! I’m still kind of new, but if you don’t mind, I’ll post a lesson.

    I have discovered in my reading that part of any good book is a fleshed out villain. Especially if you might be working on a fantasy story, but with all stories, this is a very important element to have. If you are trying to develop a relatable villain with…

  281. relatable villains continued
    with believable motives, you need to dig deeply into them. I saw a character questionare (I have no idea how to spell that) once that put you in your character’s shoes and gave you all kinds of scenarios to deal with. i.e. the classic you-found-a-shiny-new-toy-on-the-playground-what-do-you-do or similar.)

  282. Relatable villains continued
    or, if you need some inspiration for your character’s motives/story/answers to your own questionare you can walk a mile in a villain’s shoes that you know well, but his/her character is largely covered up. For example: Saruman from Lord of the Rings. He is a minor villain, but is instrumental in the story enough to

  283. Deserve this. Tolkien focuses more on plot than character in his trilogy, so the reader is free to imagine his character. Saruman wants power. Why? because he is never satisfied. (he is already head of the wizard council but wants more.) Why? some people are not willing to stop taking power, and it corrupts them. (taking palintir, against Gandalf..

  284. relatable villains continued
    sorry, that was long. all to say, characters readers can relate to is key to a good story, and that goes for villains too. It won’t seem authentic without that element.

  285. Perfection Problems Pt 2
    No matter what type of book you’re writing, how many characters are involved, or what happens in the story, you’re dealing with relationships the whole way through. There are a variety of types of relationships, but they’re all important. The problem is when everything is always perfect between… (1/4)

  286. …the people involved. In real life, no one is perfect. This automatically makes our relationships with others imperfect. As a writer, we have to make sure to incorporate that in our stories. Of course, we also can’t take it overboard. No one wants to read a book where all the characters ever do is argue with each other. (2/4)

  287. Still, it’s necessary to have some amount of tension at some time in the story. There’s a saying (I think I saw it in a cookbook) that goes something along these lines: “If two people always agree about everything, one of them is unnecessary.” Make sure that doesn’t happen in your book. (3/4)

  288. Homework: Take a moment and think about whether you need to add some tension to your story in any of the below areas.
    -Married or Dating/Courting couples
    -Parent-Child (be careful with this. Parents make mistakes, but make sure not to accidentally make them seem stupid/mean)

    1. Oof, yes. Why is it in YA fiction the parents are always the dumb/villains? Makes me a little mad sometimes. 😐

  289. Hey everyone, NachoWasabi here. Have you ever had the problem where you can’t think of anything to write? And anything you think of is just dumb or too complicated? Well, this lesson will help you solve all that. You see, it’s called writer’s block. It’s a common thing to have. What I do in that situation is write an idea down and continue. CONT

  290. CONT. Then if I don’t like it, all I have to do is erase that part I couldn’t think of, and exchange it with something else. I may need to fix a few details from the writing after that, but that’s what an editor is for. Did you know, Arthur Doyle, the man who wrote Sherlock, actually didn’t want his main story to be Sherlock Holmes. He tried…

  291. …to kill off Sherlock, but due to people not buying his other books, he had to bring Sherlock back. So the next time you can’t find something to write, just know that the most famous Investigator’s author didn’t want his story to work, and yet it’s still a classic today, and people are still making movies off it. Hope it encourages you.

  292. Slightly random question – how much does everybody plan out a story before you write it?

    1. Not much. I get a basic idea in my head and then go from there. Sometimes I don’t have most of the story idea before I begin writing, or it drastically changes. Great lesson, by the way.

    2. I guess I usually get an idea for the beginning and end of a story and then just start it! The pieces in the middle fall into place while I’m writing. I might be pounding my head against a wall for a bit, but I don’t outline or anything. Hope this helps😄

  293. I’m alive, and I found this page again!
    Hopefully, I will try to write a lesson soon.
    I’m sorry for being so inactive.

  294. Hello! My dad gave me his old laptop for Christmas! I’m going to do a lesson soon, but I wanted to ask a question:
    should I change my username? If I do, it would be OnceUponAWriter. Just wanted your opinion!

    1. Awesome! And I think whatever you want to will be awesome! If you like the other username better, go for it!😄

  295. LESSON:
    What are some good traits to have as a writer?
    1. SKILL OF OBSERVATION. For authenticity, you want to observe people. How do people react when they receive bad news? How about when they see someone they haven’t in a long time? It will be much to write if you know how people act. Now, I’m not saying to be a snoop or an eavesdropper…

  296. LESSON CONT.:
    but, start with your family. How does your mom act when your little brother comes in covered in mud? This skill also helps if you write about detectives, like I do.
    A story can be boring or very uninteresting without a bit of humor. I’m not saying that you must write a comedy, but have a character throw in a funny line.

  297. LESSON CONT.:
    Don’t you enjoy that humorous bit? I know I do. It makes a story flow better.
    People cannot be a writer without imagination. You came up with those purple creatures you call “Plokas”. You designed your character of William Gunner.

    Now, these are just a few things important to writing. Maybe you haven’t got one..

  298. LESSON CONT.:
    Of the things I listed. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a writer! Go ahead and try to get better at different things. Here are a few other things that might be a good thing to have:

    This makes your character more believable. If you are sensitive to how people feel, it will come out in your story.

  299. LESSON CONT.:

    I am sorry, this lesson is not up to my usual standard. I am not feeling very well. I might rewrite it another time. :-/

    “You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.”-Doris Lessing

    How would you like for me to post a story inspiration bit? Almost as a homework? I’ll go now. ‘Bye!

  300. Writing Prompt:
    You get a package in the mail with the word “CAUTION” all over it. You get the scissors and cut the tape. Cautiously, you open the package. Write about what you find inside.

    I made this one up, but I’ve seen many writing prompts. What do you think of them? Should I keep doing this or not?

    1. Sure, unless you don’t want to! I may not have time to respond to them, but I do read them, think about them, and get my imagination and ideas flowing! ☺ Great job on the past lesson!

  301. Can someone please post a link to this page on the podcast page? I want people to be able to find it. Thank you!

  302. Writing prompt:
    “You wouldn’t dare,”she looked at you doubtfully.
    “Oh wouldn’t I?” you smiled.
    What wouldn’t you dare to do?

  303. LESSON:
    Have you ever written about true life events? I don’t necessarily mean historical events, but personal ones. I once overheard two elderly ladies talking in line at a store.The showed the other photo and said
    “This is a picture my husband sent me before we were married. I fell in love with him when I saw that.”
    I plan on using it..

  304. CONT.:
    in a future story. Maybe you had a funny dream. Why don’t you fit it in somewhere? Sometimes, we come up with some brilliant saying that we make our grandfather character say it. Maybe we take a situation that we are currently in and turn it into a masterpiece. What did you play as a child? I have a whole story based on what I played

  305. LESSON CONT.:
    with my aunts and uncles as a child. And it turned out better than I could have imagined! Simple every day happenings can be wonderful, inspirational stories to others. Why not tell them?

    No homework, and no quote today, folks.

  306. Writer’s Prompt:
    You wake up one morning and find out that the rest of your house is completely empty. When you go back into your bedroom, it is completely empty as well!
    “What’s happening?” you ask.
    Write what is happening.

  307. LESSON:
    Names are an important part of your story. You’ll probably use it more than any other word in your story. A name also can define your character. What do you think of when you hear the name Eirington Heath? Certainly not a gangster. How about a tall, super skinny lawyer with a tiny mustache? Because that is his character in my story.

  308. LESSON :
    When I hear the name Ellie, I picture a sweet, friendly girl. When I hear the name Jaime, I picture a tomboyish type girl. The name Rodney immediately makes me think of a bully. Jim and Frank make me think of good, trustworthy boys. Whether we realize it or not, names make us think of things or people. We should be careful to name..

    our characters so that it fits their personalities. One should be very careful when using names of cruel people in history (such as Ahab, Jezebell, Adolf, etc.), or try to avoid them all together. Proverbs 22:1 says “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” (NIV)
    CONT. Almost done

  310. LESSON:
    In closing, I just want you all to think about your characters and their names. Do any need changed?

    Tell of a name and what it makes you think of, but be kind!!

    The name PJ always makes me think of the pizza delivery guy in Toy Story 1. I don’t know why.

    Proverbs 22:1

    This is CoolCuz, signing off!

    1. I really really really like the name Shiloh! It makes me think of a quiet, shy type girl, perhaps influenced by a nickname being “Shi” (shy), and more on the girly side. Great lessons!

    2. I ADORE names. 🙂 And that Bible verse is getting turned into a word art and hung on my wall. XD
      Hrm. Random name: Rhea
      A funny, loyal girl with hazel eyes and freckles. 🙂

    1. AWESOME! My aunt is a published author. It is my dream to one day have my stories one day published!

  311. @BETHEL:
    I like the name Shiloh too. My favorite names are
    Rose Elizabeth Franklyn Andrew
    Helen Ernestine James Matthew
    Beverly Louise Jericho William
    Nora Josephine Alonzo Rueben
    Alice Kathleen Gideon Thomas
    Marjorie Jane

    These are first and middle names, of course. I use them way too much. What are your favorites?

  312. I really want to write a story about our family but I can’t because I have another book I’m working on. I keep on having ideas for the story of our family, but I just have to ignore a lot of them.

    1. I know what that’s like… I’m juggling several projects right now, and writing who knows how many more in my head. I must wait to put them on the (digital) paper *sigh*

  313. PennyBassett: I’m about the same way!!! I have TONS of ideas for other books, but I, too, have to stick with the story I’m currently writing. But, I would encourage you to write down your ideas while you continue to work on your current story. That way, you don’t lose anything 🙂

  314. CoolCuz: I thought lesson was great! Thank you! I totally agree with everything you said, and I sometimes image my current life in the third person, like…. “Her fingers grace the keys..” lol Anyway, I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well! I hope you’re doing better now.

  315. Bethel: Don’t worry, I just got back, too lol!!! Glad you’re still alive 🙂 Happy (belated) New Year! God bless!

  316. COOLCUZ: Thank you for all your lessons! They’re really good! OH! NAMES! I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to name my characters! I told a friend “I don’t know how our parents ever named us! lol”. I’m still working on names because I just realized that my character’s names should match the country they live in (not the one I live in lol). ,

  317. Homework: Whenever I hear the name “Jenny”, I usually think of a nice, kind girl, with maybe a middlish personality. “Middlish”, as in she’s not shy, but not blunt. I also think of Jenny Whittaker 🙂

  318. CoolCuz:
    Ooo!!! Idk if I’ve ever heard Jericho as a name before; I really like it!!!
    My fav girl names are Shiloh, Bethel, Selah, Aidyl (character in my book; will prob never name anyone that tho), and I like Shalom and Ayla too. My fav guy name is Ezekiel (Zeke for short), and I like Nathaniel, Emmet(t), Michael, Trevor, David, and Derick too.

  319. CoolCuz:
    (Cont) I like Derick, but I feel like it’s a bit too much of a bad boy name. That’s prob just bc of how I’ve seen the name used😜 So yeah! This was really long, but those are a couple of my fav names.😄

    1. That’s funny ’cause I have a boy friend (with a space in the middle😁) named Derick and he’s one of the kindest and sweetest boys I know!!

      1. That’s so cool! One of the only ways I’ve seen Derick used is in McGee and Me. It’s the name of the school bully, who I really like actually. Still, he’s got some serious rough spots, so it’s kinda made that name a tough-guy thing for me.😜

        1. yeah, I really admire him because he had diabetes but he handles it so well. it just like he totally accepted that that is how God made him.

          …and he is very handsome. 🤭

  320. Hmm… Sometimes it’s good to take a break from one story and work on another, so you don’t get bored. If you rush to finish your current book, you won’t do your best. You also won’t do your best if you aren’t into it. I would suggest getting some of the good ideas for your family book down on paper, or writing it bit by bit as things happen.

  321. Names I like: Amania, Asya, Vera, Katriel
    They mean respectively artist of God, Grace, Faith, and God is my Crown. I love looking at the meanings behind names. They make me think of a shy, quiet, artistic girl, a smart but ignored girl, an outspoken and strong girl, and a girl with more to her than anyone knows.
    I’m using them all in my story.

    What is your comfort zone? I always write mysteries set in the 40s/50s/60s. When I wrote a letter form book that was not a mystery set in the 90s, that was stepping out of my comfort zone. It turned out to be a great story! I also never thought I would be able to write a wild west type story…

  323. LESSON CONT.:
    and I have written three. My family says they are my best stories, too! I also write stories with females the main characters, because I am a female. I am working on two stories with a man as the main character and I really like the one especially. When we step outside of our comfort zones, we can accomplish things we never….

  324. LESSON CONT.:
    we never even imagined ourselves doing. I wonder how many authors stepped outside of their comfort zones and became famous for it?

    What is your comfort zone? Have you ever stepped outside of it before? What were the results? If you haven’t, why don’t you try it?

    No tip or quote today, folks.

    1. I usually write fantasy, but I’ve dabbled in fan fiction and modern day stories. I think they’ve turned out well!

  325. Can you all please pray for me? I’m having a lot of trouble with anger and other feelings towards my brother right now. Can you please pray for me? Thank you so much!
    I didn’t want to put my name on this one.

    1. Of course I’ll pray! Whenever I’m struggling with handling my anger, I remember a verse in James (can’t think of the exact reference!) which says, “For the anger of man does not accomplish God’s righteousness.” Hope that verse helps you like it has me, and again, I’ll be praying for you!

  326. Ugh… I am working on rewriting a story. It was going great and then all of a sudden it seems to be taking forever…
    Oh well, I guess that’s all in the line of a writer.

  327. Guys, guess what? Me and my brother (Suilad) wrote a poem and our mom thought that it was good so she said that if we wrote at least nine more of that quality she would print them and sell them!

  328. Thank you all for the kind welcome back! I’m doing very well! As a writer, I’ve been focusing on editing old stories rather than writing new ones (I haven’t really had any ideas lately!), but getting back on here again is making me want to write a new book! Any ideas?

    1. (cont’d)
      I’m also experimenting with writing stories from songs. Take a couple lines and come up with a chapter from that, then use more lines to write another chapter. Try it out; it’s a lot of fun!

  329. Uhoh! The first part of my stepping out of your comfort zone didn’t go through! Sorry about that folks! And welcome everyone to the writer’s page.

  330. Jell-O:
    Maybe a retake on a biblical/folk/fairy/historical story. I got these ideas from Bethel.

  331. Sarah: Hey! Welcome! It’s always awesome to have new people! My name is Naomi (or Na10). So, this is the writer’s page! But, anyone can comment however they wish 🙂 We just usually discuss writing here. But, feel free to comment on whatever you wish. God bless!

  332. PennyBassett: That’s INSANELY AWESOME!!!!!!! (about you and your brother’s poetry, and your Mom wanting to sell it!) I wish you both the best!!! I wish my brother could write poetry with me (he hates poetry lol). Anyway, that’s awesome! Let us know how it continues to go. God bless!

  333. I hope nobody minds me doing a little lesson thingy. Actually it’s more like sharing some things I have learned. A lot of times people start writing a book and never finish. While your ultimate goal should be to write a complete book, i feel that it’s alright to write several unfinished books. It gets all your ideas down on paper (or computer)…

  334. …so that you can clear your mind and not have to worry about remembering all your ideas. And you can always finish it later, or completely revise it. One of the benefits of not being a published author is that you have a lot of freedom.

  335. HI! I’m new on the writer’s page!
    My cousin and I are writing a series called USA Teens. It’s about girls in different time eras in history!

    Umm… How do I get a book published when I am under 20 years old?

  336. I’m gonna post a lesson here if y’all don’t mind. I’m still new here, but I just want to share what I know.
    Set a goal when you are writing a book or novel. First, choose a time frame each day when you want to write. (Like 3-4pm or 12-12:30pm. Pick something that fits your life-style). Next, pick what you want to get done in that time frame

  337. Cont.
    … For example, write 10 pages, or a whole chapter. Whichever you like best or is easiest for you.
    Last of all, be flexible. Things might come up unexpectedly and you can’t complete what you chose to write that day. Always remember that plans can change.
    Set up a schedule that works best for you. Try your best to keep to it.

  338. Cont. homework
    … and make sure to take a break one day a week. Like on Sundays. It’s OK if you don’t complete it by your planned completion date, but save a few extra days on your chart for when things come up.

    1. Yes! So helpful! I write from 8:30-9:30 generally, give or take fifteen minutes. 😉
      Another thing that helps is writing in the same place every day. It’ll get your brain saying, “Oh, we’re sitting down at the desk at 8:30? Must be writing time! Where were those ideas?”

  339. Question: Do ya’ll have specific times you do lessons? I just got here and I feel like such an idiot.

    1. Nope! I post mine whenever I have time to write one. Not particularly professional, but it works😜

  340. Where do ya’ll get your inspiration? I get mine from other books and movies, sometimes, the Bible, my own imagination, interesting objects and songs.

    1. The ideas just come to me most of the time out of my wild imagination. But I also get inspiration from other books and movies. I get inspiration for my poems from things I like to do, some of my favorite hobbies, special memories, nature, and again from my imagination.

  341. Hey! I have been busy and I haven’t been on here much. I’ll post a lesson later. I did finish that story I was rewriting though! 🙂

  342. Riddle:

    Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

    I’ll give the answer in a couple days.

  343. I’m rewriting a story about a haunted house, a pirate’s wife’s ghost, and it all turns out to be smugglers who are using the house as their headquarters. And there are also bootleggers and an escaped convict who aren’t involved with the smuggling! It may sound a little odd, but it’s actually pretty good!What kind of stories are you guys working on?

    1. A series about nine young people trying to stop Evil Villain #1 from waking up Evil Villain #2 and saving their world, and one about a girl who unites the twin princes of her kingdom who were thought dead.

    2. That sounds so neat! I’m working on a historical fiction story with kids during different well-known time periods in not-well-known places throughout time. Though I’ve been swamped with schoolwork for a while, so I haven’t worked on it recently.

  344. I’m working on a book about a girl during WWII. After that, I’m going to write about a girl in futuristic times! Any suggestions for the storyline?

  345. AQ: Oh my! Your stories sound really neat! I wish you the very greatest of accomplishment!

  346. Esther: Hey! I don’t think we have met! You can call me Naomi, or Na10 (but you could tell that from my screen name lol). Anyway, that’s awesome you’re doing a history story! That takes a lot of courage it get it historically correct! I wish you the best of success in it!

    1. Thank you! It’s gonna be a little difficult rewriting it and stuff like that, but I’m going to get it done.

  347. So…….I hate to admit this….but, I won’t say what I’m writing about 🙁 I’m super sorry, and I know that just sounds bad or laim. But, I just can’t lol I don’t know if you would call it personal, but I just feel that for right now it’s like a dream sort of….hopefully that makes sense lol Sorry! Hopefully later on I can share. God bless!

  348. Oh, my word! Happy Birthday!
    I have a Chromebook, so I sometimes write out my stories or I just type them!
    I hope you enjoy the typewriter. That is sooo cool!!!

  349. @PennyBassett❤
    I now who Patrick Mahomes is. That is the name for my book: Who is Patrick Mahomes?

    1. Nothing! It’s just a fun place to share writing advice, tips and the like. Often we’ll post lessons on helpful elements of stories.

  350. Lesson: Quilt of Fiction

    The Quilt of Fiction is an analogy I learned in school that is really helpful to all writers. There are three main bolts of cloth that writers can use however much they want of each: setting, character, and plot. Some books have a lot of plot in their quilt, while others are heavy on character or setting. The best thing…

  351. Quilt of Fiction Part 2

    To do with a quilt is to pull cloth from all the bolts, creating a balanced story with all the important parts. But have there been great books that don’t have much character/plot/or setting? Of course! The Quilt of Fiction is just an analogy to help writers balance out however their story needs.

    Best of luck using this!

    1. Ooh, that’s cool! I have several quilters in my family (though I am NOT one of them, I don’t have the patience for that sort of thing), so it makes perfect sense!

  352. Hey Everyone, I’m thinking of joining this writers page. I’m sort of new to commenting on podcasts and stuff. You may have seen me before. (I usually post Bible verses) So I had a few questions about the writers page. Do you tell each other about the stories you’re writing? Is it possible to share your stories w/each other? Do you just give tips?

  353. CONT. So do you all post lessons for one another and assignments? Also, can you also be just a person who likes to write occasionally? I’ve written a short story about a girl soccer player, I’ve also just finished a persuasive essay for school, and I’ve written personal narratives, papers, presentations. etc. Anyways, would love to get more info!

    1. So I just joined recently. Let me tell you what I know if nobody already told you.
      You can post lessons whenever.
      As long as you enjoy writing, I think it would be great if you joined!
      We post tips on here and lessons to help other writers on their “writing journey”. You can also post ideas you might have and stuff of that sort. I hope this helps😁

    2. Pretty much all of the above! We just encourage each other in our writing, post lessons/tips, and talk about how our writing is going. And it is fine if you don’t write that often. I don’t because of all the other time consuming things in my life. 🙂 Regarding sharing: the commenting guidelines say not to share stories, but we can share about them.

  354. Okay, my basic storyline for my main book is something along the lines of “falling”. It’s really short (that might end up being the title), but that really sums it all up. Between his pride, traitors, enemies, and deaths, everything in my main character’s world is falling. Except One Person that is.😉

  355. okay! i will join then! i am a bookworm. my favorite genre is classics. i like the kind of style, like Louisa May Alcott, or Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, and C.S. Lewis (etc,etc)

    1. I like classics too. But my favorite genre is action/adventure Christian fiction. Speaking of, everybody here should check out the book series Left Behind — The Kids. It is about teenagers left behind after the Rapture. They are trying to survive the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation. The series is written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

  356. AQ: Thanks for understanding! How are your stories coming? I know you mentioned a while back that there was one you were just not having a good time with. Has it gotten any better?
    ~ Miss.Smile 🙂

    1. Miss Smile,
      Eh… no. XD I had to write this one scene where my character just HAD to volunteer to be some stranger’s lawyer *glares at character* and that was really difficult. So now I’m just having trouble getting back into the flow of things. 🙂

  357. Hey, has anyone heard from NachoWasabii (I think her old screen name was something like 1odysseyfan). I haven’t heard from her in a while, and she use to post a lot of lessons.

  358. So, sorry. I take that back. My username is still Esther. But any comments posted with the name Star, those are from me: Esther

  359. Random question I’m slightly embaressed by: Am I the only one who can’t spell Odyssey without autocorrect? 😂😂

  360. I was thinking along the lines of hoverboards, holograms, flying cars, special high-tech gear, (etc.)

  361. @ELENA:
    You can join and we don’t have any schedule (it’s rather random and if you want to post a lesson, just do so. All I/we ask is that you post the word LESSON on top of each one you do. It just makes it easier to find.)

  362. LESSON
    Descriptions Part 1:
    This will be a two part lesson. I am discussing descriptions. How do you describe a character in your story? Do you simply throw in a “he ran his fingers through his brown hair” or a “her green eyes sparkled mysteriously”? Are you more of a paragraph description? I have to go now, but think about this until I post later.

  363. Hi, I need help with two things: 2 I just started writing a book about a week ago and I just read what I’ve written so far and realized that it’s very short and feels rushed do you guys have any tips on fixing that 2 I’ve been writing my book on the notes app on my phone do you have any suggestions on were I could write I don’t want to use paper

    1. I used to have trouble with this. So, a great way to lengthen a book or story is to add dialogue. I discovered this a few months ago. Another way to make a book longer is to plan out the chapter. See what extra details you want to add and add them.
      The answer to your other question: Do you have Google Docs? I use it sometimes. I Hope this helps!

    2. I can’t think of any suggestions for your second question, but I have an idea for the first one:
      Try adding more descriptions and have your main characters stop and notice things. It slows down the pace a lot! Remember, don’t use too many adjectives; instead, choose the very best ones!

    3. Go through and add dialogue. Change the scenes a bit so it can fit in more action and/or dialogue. Trust me, you are not the only person who has this problem!

    4. 1) If I were you, I would just keep going with the story. Ignore how the first parts are rushed and continue forward. Then when you finish the book, you can do a second draft. Drafting is not fun, but, believe me, it works! My first draft of the book I mainly work on was downright awful. My traitor could not have been more obvious if he’d worn…

    5. (Cont) ..if he’d worn a sign on his back announcing it. However, with each draft, my story has grown deeper, more complicated, and, in my opinion, much more well written.
      2) If you have an Apple devise like I do, you can use Pages (it’s the Apple equivalent of GoogleDocs).

  364. CarolineLOTRfan and Esther (use to be Star) :
    Ok. Thank you both for letting me know. Hopefully we’ll see (NachoWasabii) her again soon.

  365. AQ: I’m SO sorry! That’s just awful. Though, I have heard that when a writer(s) faces his/her hardest writing problem, that once they get past it, that it is then that their greatest writings come forth. Or….something like that lol I’ll be praying that the writing gets easier. Also, your story kind’a reminds of the book To Kill a Mockingbird lol

    1. Lol, that makes me feel so much better! I’m not quite past it yet, but *cough cough* I’ve been distracted with another book that I’m extremely happy with *cough cough* you totally encouraged me to keep going.
      I’ve never read To Kill a Mockingbird, but I’ve heard of it. What is it about?

  366. LESSON:
    Lots of description is good, but not when it comes to actions. EXAMPLE: He opened the door for her. then he turned around and turned the light off. He closed the door and locked it. Then he walked to her side and they continued down the hall to the stairs. he opened the door. She walked through. He turned around and made sure the door was

  367. LESSON part 2:
    shut before walking down the first flight of stairs. he turned on the small landing and continued down…

    You get the picture. I would be perfectly all right to just say: He opened the door for her and they walked together through the hall. At the top of the stairs, he again opened the door and they both descended.

  368. LESSON part 3:
    It’s less awkward and wordy. However the first example would be all right to use if the actual situation is awkward. All the description makes the ready uncomfortable which would be good if the character were feeling awkward. You want to make your readers feel what the characters are feeling.

  369. LESSON
    For me, I use both ways to describe people. When you mix it up a bit, it keeps your stories interesting! Here’s an example of a paragraph description:
    “To be true, Ani was not beautiful, but something about her made it seem as though she was. She had gray-green eyes that were more green than anything, with eyelashes…

    that were the envy of others. One eyebrow was slightly higher than the other, giving her a saucy appearance. Her nose was large, but not at all ugly. Ani’s mouth was small. Exactly nine freckles were sprinkled across her face, most of them were covered by her glasses. Ani wore a smile on her face most of the time and that made her….


    What did you think of it? Do you like that sort of description or not? How about these?
    “His hair was dark blonde, she noticed.”
    “Joe ran his fingers through his red hair as he wondered how to answer her question.”
    “Katie’s blue eyes flashed angrily.”
    “Donnie smoothed his graying beard.”

    These are a few examples of…