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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

The actual voice in “Voice of Freedom”

Andrew Kishino, voice of Ji-Ho
Andrew Kishino, voice of Ji-Ho

Andrew Kishino plays Ji-Ho in this month and next month’s Club adventure. He tells us all about his experience auditioning for Odyssey, acting in Odyssey, and the crazy world of motion capture. (Plus: A preview of “Voice of Freedom, Part 1”)

Voice of Freedom, Part 1 -- now available in the Club
Voice of Freedom, Part 1 — now available in the Club

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463 Responses

    1. How have you been lately? Haven’t seen any of your posts (I’m just going to sign my posts to you like this: A.F) (anonymous friend ) just so you know it’s me. Do you still want to be friends?

    1. Hey!! What’s up? Haven’t talked to you in a little while.

  1. HI mr huddles do want to be friends so what is you’re favorite color food animal song mine are color yellow,food mac and cheese,animal horse,and song friends forever and i love classical music do speak another language i speak Russian and english

    1. You speak Russian? That’s really cool. How long have you been learning? Are you fluent? Can you write in Russian too?

      1. Hi Genesis, I saw the comment you posted about us being friends. More than anything I would love to! What do you like to do? I like drawing and of course listening to AIO. Infact I just finished one right now.

        I’m gonna be commenting plenty, and my username is just🍕😇 and not Hi(🍕😇).
        What are you doing this summer? MAY THE LORD BE WIYH YOU.

        1. I like drawing, singing, skating, par core, playing instruments and soccer.
          I’m planning my parents surprise anniversary because it’s 25 years, and we have vbs and camp.

    1. Yeah, I saw it on Tuesday afternoon!!
      Can anyone here speak Spanish or a different language? I can speak a little bit of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Kengarrwandan, and English of course! And I know some Italian

      1. I know some Italian. I am also good at French in school. Everyone in my class thinks French is hard but I really like it.

      2. I can speak Cebuano, a little Ilonggo, some German, and, of course, English!

      3. Hey! Yes, I speak Spanish! I actually live in Guatemala an we speak Spanish all the time! I am also learning French! Wow! You do speak lots of languages! Good Job!

      4. I can speak some Spanish, Hola Como estas means hi how are you y mucho Mas means and a lot more

    1. Can you tell me where you live and a little about your AHG troop? What is your favorite badge? What was your favorite service project? Does your troop go camping? Are some of the girls in your troop in TrailLife also? My brother was in TrailLife!

      1. I live in Kansas. My favorite badge is probably mission minded. My favorite service project is making blankets and pillows for Royal Family Kids Camp. We go camping at least once a semester if not more, but we seem to always have a lot of wind and it is really cold when we do! There are a lot of Girls with brothers in TrailLife.

      2. My troop is smaller but we have a lot of tenderhearts! I don’t know what else to tell you about my troop. Can you tell me about your troop? Your favorite badge and service project? Do you go camping? What do you like to do for fun?

        1. My troop isn’t like yours because we only had four Tenderhearts this year because they weren’t letting new girls in because of the coronavirus, but there were 16 Explorers, one of which who move to Oklahoma I’m the middle of the year. We don’t have Pathfinders, does your troop have any? My favorite badge is Creative Writing


        2. CONT.
          my favorite service project was making jump ropes and things for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. We have a lot of Pi/Pa’s and my mom is a unit leader. Did you know there is an AIO episode about AHG? It’s in the club there was a podcast where Patti Garibay got interviewed. How old were you when you you joined AHG?


        3. I was seven and in 2nd grade when I joined American Heritage Girls. I joined as a Tenderheart not a Pathfinder. I really liked doing the Daughter of the King badge, that badge inspired a book i wrote. I do AHG in my homeschool group. My troop was founded by a homeschool mom in 2007. Sadly, she moved on but al is girls gave her a


        4. CONT.
          quilt with pictures from out troop. Can you tell me the history of your troop?

          1. We didn’t have any Pathfinders last year because there wasn’t enough leaders, but we might have some this year. Operation Christmas Child sounds fun! I wish we did that one here. My mom is also a unit leader. I knew there was an episode about AHG but I didn’t know where it was. I will have to find it. I think that I was maybe 10 when I joined


          2. Cont.

            When I joined I think I was a second year explorer. The quilt idea is cool! I don’t really know much about the history of my troop. I will get back to you on that. How many stories have you written? Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? What kinda of things you like?

          3. Jesus is alive!
            There isn’t a lot of room anymore to comment up here so I replied to you farther down. Scroll down and you’ll see it

    2. I am going to be a Pioneer next year so if we were I the same troop we’d be in the same unit!

  2. I can’t wait for Album 71 to be online. It’s first episode is already on the club.

  3. @ 😻💜Hannah u 💜😻

    I’m fluent in French, Malagasy, Spanish, and ASL. I’m learning Italian right now.

  4. hi! i am learning Arabic now. i was inspired to learn after living in Egypt for 2 years.

    1. Wow! Arabic? That’s really cool! My parents lived in Africa too for 8 before I moved in. What’s it like in Egypt?

    2. Why did you live in Egypt? When I was little, I traveled to the Middle East, Africa, Italy, and maybe somewhere else, but I was a little that I do not remember any of it. I believe that at least the Middle East was for missions work, or if that’s not right, then at least I know that my parents have done mission work in the Middle East.

    3. My grandmother lived in Kenya for a few years because my great grandparents were missionaries there.

  5. Hi guys!!!! Sorry I didn’t tell y’all that my sister and I were on a very long break.( very loooong) So, how are y’all? If I take forever to comment don’t think I quit, I just might not be commenting as much as I used to.😃

    Boy, it is good to be back!!!!😅🙌

      1. Yes, I remember you. How are you? What have you been doing lately?🙋

        P.S. I have a slight change in my username…🐼Abbi😊

        1. Hi! I’m good, how are you? I went to a friend’s house not to long ago and then just last week, I went to overnight camp for the first time. What have you been doing lately? I’m glad your back. 😊

          1. I’m fine, thanks for asking. I’ve been enjoying summer break and enjoying vacation. I had a birthday a few weeks ago. I’ve been drawing, writing, talking, breathing, singing, and walking. I’ve been watching movies, listening to music, and reading books.
            Hey, I like running. Do you? Well, thanks for talking to me. Peace Out.😊😎🐼

          2. @Abbi,
            (Sorry, I don’t have those emojis.) Yes I LOVE running! What music do you like?

  6. Hey guys. It has been forever!!!!! I have missed you all.
    I love the username Jay Mac

    1. ChatwithC it’s been forever! And I’m still commenting. My username isn’t me anymore but it is 🍕 😇. We got a baby cousin, and he is so cute.👶🏻

      1. I have a baby cousin. She is adorable, as matter of fact, her name is K’licia Adore.

    2. ChatwithC it’s been forever! And I’m still commenting. My username isn’t me anymore but it is 🍕 😇.

  7. Guess what , everyone ! The Green Ring Conspiracy’s airing again!😁

    1. I saw in them so excited! I am not currently posting but I just thought I would look through the comments.

  8. Hey Hannah u, would you mind just putting God’s not dead, since there’s more than one Natalie? Also it’s best to always capitalize the G in God, because He’s so amazing and powerful that He deserves the respect. Not saying you were by means you were trying to be disrespectful, just some people don’t even think about it.

  9. Hannah u, Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. I read your comment wrong!!! You were totally fine with that whole name thing. So sorry😬😬😬😬😬

    1. I accidentally didn’t put the apostrophe in “God’s” if that’s what you meant!

  10. hi genesis, I’ve been speaking Russian since i was a baby i actually didn’t speak english till i was two and yes I’m fluent and yes i can write and read it and also do want to be friends

    1. @lovetheocean Would you care to tell me what your name is? I have a friend who is Russian too. No pressure though!😊

  11. hi hannah u do want to be friends what do like to do i like to draw listen to AIO rollerblade and i looooooove to read

      1. My brothers name is Silas!

  12. Hello, today is my mom’s birthday and I hope y’all have a good weekend!

    1. Do you still want to be friends? How was your week? Mine was great.
      I changed my username ( slightly ) to 🐼Abbi😊 instead of Abbi😊.

      1. My week was great! I jut had a birthday and I got some cool new things and I am having a birthday party that me and Eliana are sharing and I invited a few friends. I named a character in my book Abigail, btw. Is your birthday in July, too?

      1. 🍔🍔🍔all day I could have them for breakfast if I could😶😆😋btw I slightly changed my name to (water💧🌊)just so you know btw can some one be my friend 😔😶

        1. 💧🌊water girl 💧🌊(btw my name was( water💧)but now it's( 💧🌊water💧🌊) says:

          Please can some one be my friend😢😢!!!!!!!is any one reading my coments is every body ignoring me!!!

          1. Yay thank you so much (sorry if I haven’t been comenting I just kind of forgot)is your real name Elsie or what btw my real name is trudy

    1. Mine’s Buck or Jason. You guys know how everyone has a totally crush on Jason in the show? Well it’s actually kinda weird because he was a boy when WWII came out so that would make him at least 70, while everyone is shipping him and Connie, who is a college student.

      1. Actually, by now Connie is probably in her thirties and Jason lived through the Vietnam war, not WWII

        1. @Galadriel about Jason and Connie’s age
          True, that would still make Jason at least 50, and Connie is still in college, despite the fact that Donna and Jimmy got married. (That’s mentioned in “The Vow” episode)

          1. But I thought Donna and Jimmy were brother and sister (well I just listened to one adio a long time ago so I don’t know if that’s true justwondering

  13. Hi guys!! What’s up? Did any of you enjoy The Mystery Of The Clock Tower?😉😁🙂

  14. God’s Not dead:
    You asked me on the other podcast if I was camping with family or going to an organization, sorry I didn’t reply I was at camp! It was just a week long summer camp, what was yours?

    1. Mine was also a week long summer camp. Did you have fun? I had lots of fun and was a little disappointed to leave.

      1. I had lots of fun too!! I was also sad to leaved though. where is your camp? mine is in Iowa. (it’s more fun than it sounds lol)

        1. Mine is in PA. Did you get free time at camp? What was your favorite part of camp?

    1. Das ist toll! Ich spreche auch Deustch!
      (That is great! I also speak German!)

  15. Hey RangerStrider and Gandalf I’m guessing from you username you are a big fan of Lord of the rings me and my older siblings are a big fan too! 🗡🗡🗡

  16. Sup guys. I’m kinda new here, and I kinda don’t really know how this works. I heard of this comment page from my sisters. Anyway…as you can tell from my name, I am a very big fan of ‘the lord of the rings.’ We’re talking crazy about it. I repeat, I. Am. Crazy. About. Lord of the rings. Is anyone like me?

      1. I’m also CRAZY about LOTR! I’ve only read the books but I really want to see the movies. I’m rereading the series rn.

        1. To Psalm 9:1, hi there. Me and some of the other older of my siblings just finished reading and watching the series. I must warn you, it is very realistic, but there are some UNBELIEVIBLE battles, such as the Pelennor fields, Moria, and the battle at Helps Deep.
          My two turtles are named Frodo and Sam,. My tadpoles are Fili, Kili, Bifur, an Bofur.

        2. Hey Psalms 9:1!! Do you want to be friends? If you don’t want to, that’s fine.😊🌻💜

    1. Yes!!!!I go to a Christian school so most people in my class love Lord of the rings.

  17. ok I missed out on the hole conversation!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
    I just got on this page.

  18. Hi I,m new here,
    But I am not shy! Did you know that s.c.c.c is my sister?
    I have four brothers and six sisters, some of my brothers and sisters are crazy wild
    what are some of your actual name around here?

    1. My name is Genesis Grace, but most people just call me GG. I have 2 biological older brothers and a sister, and then four foster brothers and a sister. Ironically both my sister are young her than me.

      1. Hi Genesis. I LOVE your name. My middle name is Grace, but people call me Abbi. Did you enjoy the Owlnapping episode? What’s your favorite emoji? Mine are these: 😊😜😎😍😏🙋😺😼🐼🐬🐨🐝⚽👄💜💖

        1. You’re like the 1,000th person I’ve met whose middle name is Grace.
          That’s a very common girl’s middle name cause my sisters friend’s name is Emma Grace, I know a Felicity Grace, I know another Abigail Grace, two other people whose middle name is grace, an Eleanor Grace, you and Genesis! Wow…

          1. @Hannah u

            You said you knew a lot of girls with the middle name Grace, but how about a Miracle Joy?

    2. Welcome
      This is ChatwithC. Your sister is super cool. My sister is Abbi😊.
      I have four brothers and three sisters and all of them are crazy. No offence.
      My name is Charity.

      1. I have two friends named Charity!! I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. What’s your name? ( If you don’t mind saying, no pressure)

        1. @ Bekah – Hope
          My name is Charity. I love your name. There are nine kids in your family? Well there are eight kids in my family. Want to be friends?

          1. Sure!! Yup, nine kids in our family! 5 girls and 4 boys. I’m the 6th child. Now I have 3 friends named Charity.

    3. Mine is Bekah. Nice to meet you!! Welcome! I’m fairly new myself, I’ve been commenting for 3 podcasts.

      1. There are four bio girls and four bio boys in our family. I am the second bio kid and 🐼Abbi😊 is the first. I have a half-brother named Rydelle.

        1. Cool!! How’s it been lately for you? I’ve been pretty busy.

  19. This message is to RangerStrider and Gandalf. How are you guys? Do you guys want to be LOTR (lord of the rings) buddies? do you play any instruments? I play the box drum. Do you have any pets? I’m raising four tadpoles, and I have two turtles. Who is you fav LOTR elf king?

    Elrond, Thranduil, or Celeborn? .
    Who is you favorite hobbit?

    1. Hi Legolasgreenleaffan#1, Barely anyone I know knows Legolas’s last name. At school I’m the only Tolkien nerd.And I go to a Christian school!

      1. Hey Galadreil, that’s cool that you go to a Christian school! I’m homeschooled. You would get along really great with my older sisters and i, Hadassah, researches on her laptop neat facts about characters from lotr, while Moriah, who is twelve, is like me–just a total NNNEEERRRDD!!! I love Tolkien!

  20. Yes I will be your friend. My real name is hannah,
    My middle name is zipporah my dad just calls me zippy
    See the z I p p in Zipporah.
    p.s. I was really looking forward to having a friend,

    1. Words can not express how elated I feel. I know a million people named Hannah.

  21. Hi OdyessyFan😀! It’s me Kate. It’s been so hot here in Alaska, like 87 in the shade! How hot is it in Georgia? Have you seen The chosen? Do you like cats? I might have already asked you these questions😆😂 What do you do on a hot sunny summer day?

  22. @NF
    Do you want to be friends? Are you boy or a girl? If you don’t want to be friends that’s okay.😺🐶🐬

    1. sure I would love to be friends! I’m a girl 🙂 what are your hobbies? how many siblings do you have? I have four brothers, and no sisters. I love doing any kind of craft or art project, reading, listening to audiobooks and cleaning my room, and working at my job!

      1. Thanks for wanting to be my friend!!😊 My hobbies are: listening to music, drawing, listening to AIO, and commenting. Where do you work? Is it fun? I can’t wait til’ I get a job. Who is your favorite character in AIO? Who is your fav. singer?

        1. @ 🐼Abby😊
          I liked the Owlnapping episode. My favorite is “I slap the floor” though. My favorite emoji is the winking one. I don’t listen to K love or 88, but I do like watching K-Dramas. So much better than American ones.

          @💜😻Hannah u💜😻‘a comment on July 20th
          Yes but do you know any other Genesis’s?


        2. I work at Chick-fil-A and I absolutely love it!! My favorite AIO characters are probably Buck or Monica Stone. How about you? I don’t really a favorite episode but I really like Green Ring Conspiracy, I’m so glad they’re airing them now! What’s yours?
          I don’t really have a favorite singer either, (sorry I’m boring lol) but I am a singer myself 🙂

          1. Hi NF!! What’s up? 5 of my favorite AIO characters are: Jason, Jules, Jay, Barrett, and Connie.
            I have many more but I’ll be an old woman by the time I’m done.
            I don’t really have a fav episode, I love them all!!!😄🐼🐝

        1. 😎woo hoo go odessey(sorry if I spelled odessey wrong if I did feel free to tell me 😆

  23. Hi genesis do you want to be my friend!
    And by the way, I do speak some Spanish
    Do you have a favorite animal?
    My favorite animal is a horse.🐎

    1. My favorite animal is my brother’s military dog Bullet. They are coming for my birthday at the end of the month. My siblings and I have worked out a family reunion. And my foster parents might be adopting me and my sister!

  24. chat with c Love your name I use to want my name to be Charity
    Do you want to be friends? My name is really Micaiah 🍦🍡🍥🍧🍨🍩

    1. I would love to be friends with you. I love your name!
      I have a brother named Micaiah.

  25. @ lovetheocean

    Oh my goodness, your name is so beautiful!!! Also I’m just going by gg, cause it’s faster to type 😜

  26. What are you guys’d sibling’s names? My bio sibs are Philip, William, and Miracle Joy, and my foster sibs are Jonathan, Joel, Jeremiah, Jason, and Elizabeth.

    1. I don’t know my bio siblings names, but my adopted siblings names are Eliana, Elizabeth, (like you, lol) Emma, and Josiah

      1. @gg
        I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but is it just a coincidence that all your foster/adopted siblings names are from the Bible? Did their parents do that on purpose? The only people in my family with bible names are my brother Josiah, my sister Elizabeth, me, and my dad Thomas. (But nobody calls my dad Thomas, people call him Tommy)


  27. @😻💜Hannah u💜😻

    I was looking over the comments from the last podcast and I totally missed one of yours by accident. You had asked how my sister and I got separated. I didn’t mean to ignore you I just saw it now..

    1. Ummm…
      Yeah, I’m fine. No broken bones. No spraned ankles. No twisted wrists. Yeah, I think I’ll be okay…until tomorrow!!! Dun, dun, ddduuunnn!!!

      1. @Hannah u
        Yeah, they did. Did you also noticeable the boys start with J? And my dad’s name is Ja.

        @ Galadriel
        That’s so cool!

        Oh my goodness, does everyone write books here? I just finished writing my 15th one. I have the finale of my series to make. The books are averagely 30 – 40 chapters.

      2. yo Galadriel I Haven’t seen allot of you on the comments below but I was just wondering if you want to be friends
        I Like Galadriel two when we play Lord of the Rings I’m always Galadriel
        please say we can be friends and post this Emoji 🎎

    1. My hobbies are catching, turtles, mice, frogs, lizards, tadpoles, and fish. I also like writing books too! I also make wooden weapons out of wood and sticks with my carving knife. So far, I have made a set of elven knives, a sword, other throwing knives, arrows, and curved swords.

      1. I love writing too, we have SO much in common!!! I just finished writing a book and I’ve started on another one!

        1. Cool!!!!! Could you give me some insight? Because I have no idea what I’m doing with this book.😊🐼🐝

  28. Do any of you listen to K-Love? I love it along with Power 88!!😏😍😜😊💜💖

  29. Have any of you watched the AIO cartoons? If you have post this emoji📺

    BTW, do any of you like Tasha Forbes? What about Valerie Swanson? I don’t really like Tasha.😕 I think Valerie is a bit of a bully.😮 No offence to the ones who like Valerie.😀

    1. No offense to 🐼Abbi😊 , but Valerie is a bully . That’s kinda why they created her

      1. Cool!! What is your favorite episode of the AIO cartoons? Mine are probably Go West Young Man(👍), A Stranger Among Us(👌), A Flight To The Finish(👍), A Fine Feathered Frenzy(👌), and An Electrical Christmas(👍). Ooh…and I LOVE Caves Of Qumran!!!💜💜

        1. I don’t remember them all that well but Electrical Christmas and go west young man we’re good.

    2. My hobbies are catching, turtles, mice, frogs, lizards, tadpoles, and fish. I also like writing books too! I also make wooden weapons out of wood and sticks with my carving knife. So far, I have made a set of elven knives, a sword, other throwing knives, arrows, and curved swords.

    3. Yes I like Tasha Forbes! If Odyssey was real, I’d be praying for her to become a Christian so her and Jason can get married.

  30. My sibs are: Abigail( a.k.a. Abbi😊) Josiah, Micaiah, Micah, Rebekah, Johanna, and Jadon.

    1. I reading past comments and when I got yours, I had to go back and make sure I read your siblings names right. I love that you have a sister named Johanna! How old is she?

    2. I love that you have a sister named Johanna! I don’t see my name very often so when I do, it makes my day! How old is she?

    1. Hey Kayla, I commented to you but you must have missed it, how’s it going??

  31. This post is to JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!

    I have written a lot of stories, but my most recent one is one titled “Whose Am I?” it is about a girl named Abigail who learns what it means to belong to God. I love writing, that’s why my favorite badge is Creative Writing. I was born in Rwanda, which is a country in Africa. I am adopted. R you?


  32. My great grandmother is German, so I guess I’m kind of German. I have four siblings three sisters and one brother. Do you have siblings? What do you do AHG in? I do it in my homeschool group! Another friend of mine who lives in Georgia does a troop down there. Have you moved? What is your favorite color, song, animal, and bible verse?


  33. CONT.
    my favorite color is purple, my favorite song is The Chicken Nugget Song by Nick Bean and my favorite bible verse is Psalm 119:11. I became a Christian when I was ten, an AIO book is what prompted me to make the decision. What is your favorite AIO episode? I don’t really have a favorite. What is your favorite season mine is autumn.

  34. JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!
    Would you mind telling me what your real name is? If you’re not comfortable with sharing, no pressure, I’m just curious. 😻 💜 😻 my name is Hannah. 😻 💜 😻 what are your favorite emojis mine are the ones I just posted the Purple Heart emoji and the cat with the heart eyes emoji. 😻 💜 😻 that’s why they’re part of my username

  35. These are the names of everyone in my “Whose Am I?” book:

    Abigail, Ferguson, Rachel, Jayson, Amos, Rebekah, Oliver, Samantha, Steve(n), Cassie (Cassandra), Natalie, Brooklyn, Amber, Julianna, Jeremy, Andy, Clyde, Arthur, Fred(erick), Mrs. Daniels, Reverend Daniels, Phillip, that’s it!!

    1. I love those names.
      The names in my book are:
      Myra, Maurice, Jason, Michael, Archasia, Adonisia, Adore.

    2. Your story sounds really good! I also enjoy writing! I am not adopted, but I have some cousins who are. I’m part German too! I have 1 little brother. I do AHG at a church with a Homeschool group too! I moved once, but it was just across town. My favorite color is turquoise. My favorite animal is lion. My favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:38-39.

    3. I don’t have a favorite song, but I like any hymn and some songs by Matthew West and for king and country. I became a Christian about a year ago. I don’t have a favorite episode either, but I like green ring conspiracy and broken window and VBS blues. My favorite season is winter. Especially if we get snow that stays! My real name is Kayleigh.

      1. Oh my goodness, I know three people named Kayleigh now!
        One spelled Kayley, one spelled Kaylee, and one spelled Kayleigh! How cool!
        I love it that your a Christian! We’ll see eachother in heaven someday where we can be friends forever and ever! I can’t wait!

        1. I thought that my name was original, until we ended up with 3 Kayleigh’s in my youth group! It is so exciting to think that even though I’ll probably never see you on earth, we will meet in heaven one day and be able to worship God in heaven! Do you go to a youth group? If so, what do you do in youth group?

  36. @ Abbie
    📺 I only like Tasha for her sarcasm because that’s my favorite emotion.

    @ Esther
    I like art, music, par core, outside, skating, soccer, and just hanging with friends.

  37. @LegolasGreenleaffan#1
    I am absolutely crazy about the Lord of the Rings series! I have read the books and watched the movies. I love the elves, especially Legolas. Know this question wasn’t for me, but my favorite elf king is Thranduil. Hobbit: Sam. So loyal. What’s your favorite battle scene? Favorite movie in the trilogy?

    1. ElvenMirkwoodWarrior, I usually don’t do many emojees, yet i am much too excited: 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😊!!! Awesome!

    2. ElvenMirkwoodWarrior, my favorite battle scene would probably be the siege of Gondor especially when the Rohirram comes to help. Your second question you asked would probably be the “Return of the King”
      I will agree on your opinions on Sam, and I agree also about Thranduil, who is one of my favorites too! I love the Elves too! Especially Legolas 🏹

      1. That’s a cool battle! Yeah, the Battle of the Pelennor Feilds is really cool, especially the part where Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli come on the ships with the Dead. I also love the Mines of Maria battle! The Legolas Gimli quips are so funny! Especially who can kill the most orcs. My fav movie is . . .all of them! I haven’t seen the extended.

        1. To ElvenMirkwoodWarrior, Hi. I love the part where the Orcs mistake Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli for the corsair. I love their astonished faces. I have some questions, what is you favorite sword,
          Sting, Orcrist, Anduril, or Glamdring?
          Who is your favorite creature, Eagles, Horses, Wargs, or “Radagast’s rabbits?” (From “the hobbit”)

          1. Hello! How was your weekend? Oh yeah! Hmm…don’t know. Maybe Anduril? Hbu? Well, wargs are evil, do prob elvish horses. (There’s a difference between them and normal horses!)
            Never seen the Hobbit movies, but I love the books. Maybe when I’m older. You?
            Trivia: What does Gollum call the sun?

  38. Hi Hannah u
    I can’t believe your name is
    Hannah to!
    WHere do you
    Live? I live in Indiana🏀

  39. Hi Hannah u
    I can’t believe your name is
    Hannah to!
    WHere do you
    Live? I live in Indiana🏀
    I was wandering if you wanted to be Hannah one
    And me, Hannah two

    1. I live in Georgia, and yes I can be Hannah one and you Hannah two! 😆😅😄😊🙂🙃☺️😋

  40. Hi! S.c.c.c and Zippy’H are my sisters. Tonight, I was taking out the trash with my brother, Jeremiah, when he got cut by some glass that stuck out of the trash bag. Dad, Mom, him, and our-week old baby our at the hospital to get stitches even as I write this. Be praying!

  41. Hi I’m new here so I don’t really know what to say but I love adventures in odyssey
    I know I sound awkward but I won’t after I get to know you better

  42. God’s not dead
    How old were you when you got adopted? I got adopted three months before I was to turn two.
    Also, Psalm 9:1 I hope you’re not mad at me anymore and we can be friends.

  43. Hi. I’m kind of new to commenting, but I’ve been Listening to the podcast for about a year.

  44. Has BestVolleyBallPlayer been commenting lately?
    Hey guys what’s up?
    @ Hi(🍕😇) and Jay mac
    Do you guys want to be friends with me?

  45. Sorry guys. I was on a tiny break. I am going to stop commenting for a while, Mom wants me to. But I will be back some time. Maybe she will let me comment off and on.

    P.S. I am like ChatwithC I don’t really use emojis

      1. The Lord of the Rings is a movie trilogy based on a book series by JRR Tolkien, who also wrote the hobbit. The Hobbit book is more for kids, and the Lord of the Rings is more for teens to adults. The LOTR movies can be intense, (PG 13) but they are really good. You should ask your parents before watching them.

    1. it’s a trilogy of books by J.R.R. Tolkien that were also made into movies, and both are REALLY good although the books are better than the movies in my opinion.

  46. I think The Agreeable Nanny was HILARIOUS!!!
    To: All who are fans of the Green Ember Series
    Did you know that S.D. Smith is writing another book? He is also creating a Green Ember movie!!😅😉😍😏

    1. THATS so cool! Can’t wait to see the movie. My friend loves those books and now I get to tell her! she will be so excited!

  47. I love these songs:
    “When we fall apart” by Ryan Stevenson
    “Magnetic” the Newsboys
    Also I love Chris Tomlin, Matthew West, and Micah Tyler.
    “Heaven on Earth”
    “Who you are to me”
    “Say I won’t”
    “Be alright” by Evan Craft

    1. Wow, I love those songs too, except maybe for Heaven on Earth, I mean, I don’t love it, but I do like it. I don’t really listen to Micah Tyler though. I think it’s cool that we like a lot of the same songs. Do you want to be friends? Have you ever listened to Switchfoot?

          1. I like working on equipment, making messes, inventing things, and commenting with you guys.
            What did you like doing?

          2. @ChatwithC,
            I like listening to music, running, and playing basketball. I also like building things, I use to build with Legos pretty much all the time. Sorry this is late, I haven’t been commenting as much as I use to.

    1. Hi J dog!! I would love to be your friend. I’m a girl. If that’s okay.

    2. We could be friends, (if you want to be) I’m a girl, so if you don’t want to be friends, that’s ok.

    3. I can be your friend jdog I’m new here so I don’t have any friends yet (btw my real name is trudy just so you know what is your real name if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine 😊☺😆

    4. I’m a girl btw so if you don’t want to be friends that’s fine 😶 (btw I live in Mexico now)

  48. To Love the ocean, Lord of the Rings is a very long trilogy, and it would take a lllooonnngg time in Entish to tell you. (Entish is a language for the trees–yes, trees. It takes a very long time to say. It sounds to us humans like low humming.)
    Ask your parents to read the books, and then they can decide if your old enough to watch the movies.

  49. S.D Smith is making a movie? My wish came true
    I’ m a huge fan!

    Also to ChatwithC Chris Tomlin is my second favorite. Howard Shore is my #1 there isn’ t any words though he Dose the sound track in Lord of the Rings my third favorit is Andrew Peterson
    author of the Wingfeather Saga

    1. I know, S.D. Smith is great writer. I am right now reading Ember Ends.
      Have any of you read the archers series about Joe Shanks?
      My favorite characters in the Green Ember series are Helmed and Joe.

  50. @ Legolasgreenleaffan#1
    I’ll pray for you

    @ Hannah u
    I watched Luca. It was really cute.

    @ God’s not dead

    I don’t love horses, but there ok. Ponies are really cute.

    1. @ChatwithC
      I literally love My Ode To Macaroni!!!! I also like Some Random Corner around The World

  51. I’m pretty excited though because tomorrow is when my oldest brother Philip comes in and I haven’t seen him since I was 3, and William comes the day after, and my sister got here today. She says hi.

    1. Olive way, hi! I play the box drum, though I’m not really good at piano and guitar.

  52. @God’s Not Dead
    It is so cool that you love running!!!😄😂
    I like listening to Christian pop, rock, and R&B.😊
    7 of my favorite songs:
    When We Fall Apart by Ryan Stevenson, Glorify by Jordan Felix, Joyful by Donte Bowe, Gospel by Rhett Walker, Until Grace by Tauren Wells, New Day by Danny Gokey, and Like You by Aaron Cole
    Sorry, I ran out of room

      1. Yes I’ve listened to Switchfoot, I don’t really like the songs though. Sorry

        1. That’s ok, no need to apologize, everyone has different likes and dislikes. How have you been lately? Sorry it took a while for me to respond, I haven’t been commenting as mush as I use to.

  53. @Johanna
    Do you want to be friends? I have a sister named Johanna!!! ( whoops!!! My sister ChatwithC👌already told you guys!!!!)
    Anyway, what do you like to do? I like reading + listening to music.💖💜😎😏😊
    Who’s your favorite character in AIO?

  54. To any of you have a favorite restaurant? My favorite restaurants are: Wendy’s, Whataburger, BurgerFi, Lambert’s, Cheddars, KFC, Sky’s Pizza, Little Ceasers, Dominos, Papa Johns, and PizzaHut.

    As you guys can clearly see, I love 🍔 and 🍕. They’re my favorites.
    What are you all’s favorite food? All who like Cookies n’ Cream post this emoji 🍪.🐼

    1. @ Olive Way
      I play trumpet, piano, guitar, violin, cello, drums, and my personal favorite, vocal. My favorite artists are Jake Scott, Andy Grammer, Imagine Dragons, people like that. Hbu guys?

      @ 🐼Abbi😊
      My favorite restaurant is this Chicago famous restaurant called Giordano’s. I could never pick a favorite food though. They all are pretty great.

    2. Abbi, that was a long list of restaurants. I like burgers and pizza too! I also like sandwiches. 🍪. I do like cookies and cream, though I can eat almost anything at anytime anywhere in less than a half-hour.

    3. My favorite restaurant is chick-fil-a
      I like cookies and cream 🍪

  55. @NF
    What is your favorite sport? Mine are soccer, basketball, and tennis.
    Have you ever watched Venus and Serena play tennis? Have you ever watched Labron (I don’t know how to spell his name) James or Stephen Curry play basketball? My brothers love basketball!! I have many friends who play basketball. My mom and dad love tennis. ⚽🏀🎾

    1. That’s cool! My favorite sport is football, although I don’t play any sports I do play football sometimes with my brothers 🙂 How many siblings do you have?

      1. I have 7 bio siblings and a half-brother.😊 He used to be in the military.💂

  56. Okay guys I meant to ask y’all– do y’all like Deon, Vance King, Rodney, Bart, Doris, or Nelson Swanson?
    I LOVE Deon( because he changes on Have A Heart ), Vance( not that I like the way he bullies kids), Rodney( because he’s funny), Bart( because he’s funny), Doris( because she talks funny), and Nelson(he’s sweet and the opposite of Valerie).

  57. Thank you for the prayers, everyone who prayed for my little brother. He is fine, though he now has five stitches. Thanks!

  58. I read the last archer And all four books of Green Ember twice
    My favourite caricatures is Emma,Helmer ,Picket, Wezzie( Louise)
    and Uncle Wílfred

  59. Thank you guys so much 😀😀😀

    My real name is Joseph

    You can all be my friend if you want to 😀🍿🍫🍪

    1. Thank you so you live in England that’s cool I was born in Ontario and then we moved back and forth until we just stopped in Mexico ( cause my parents were born there)and then we stayed in Mexico for five years and then we

    2. Just so you know you going to have to wait for my other part so the next comenting will be conected to the first comment ok thankyou

  60. Hi me again! Is anyone in classical conversations? This is my first year of it! Super excited

  61. Sorry guys I am not going to be able to chat with you guys for the next two weeks because we are going on holiday I appreciate you saying that you will be my friend

    1. Mine is burgers🍔🍔I LOVE burgers!!!!!!😆😶😋what’s yours ???

    2. But I have a lot of other favourite foods but burgers are first favourite so yeah 😆😉

  62. Hello, everyone! My name is Hannah and I’ve been commenting for awhile now. I have something to say to you all so please read the comments from me farther down. Thanks!

  63. CONT.
    I have a lot of friends on here God’s not dead, Abbi😊, and a few others. A LOT of other people have also asked me if I wanted to be their friend. (Bekah, Noelle, etc.) I love all of you and I am more than welcome to be anyone’s frond if they ask! But I am not in front of my iPad all day commenting.

    1. Can you be my friend 💜😻Hannah u💜😻I’m new here so I don’t have any friends yet 😔😞😳😓

  64. CONT.
    I usually check comments every day once my chores and work are done, but having a lot of friends that I need to reply to constantly gets a bit stressful. This is nothing bad against you guys at all.
    All I’m saying is, I’m welcome to be your friend if you ask, but please do not be offended or feel rejected just because I

  65. CONT.
    have not replied to the comment you posted me because I am replying to someone else. I hope you understand.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    ~Your friend, 😻💜 Hannah U 💜😻

    1. Thanks for telling us that. Just so y’all know, I have been doing the same lately. I told y’all I wouldn’t be commenting as much as used to. Here’s my confession: I used to wake up, get on the computer and comment all day. From morning til’ night. It was a bad habit, so, I stopped doing it. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be friends anyone.

    2. CONT
      I don’t want commenting to be my idol. I have this stress problem,so, I get stressed very easily. I’ve been trying not to stress over waiting for an answer to my comments or my comments to be posted.
      Anyway, I would encourage all of y’all to not make an idol out of this commenting.

      1. I get it. To avoid having that issue I only check these comments 1 or 2 times a day (not at all on weekends).

  66. olive way do want to be friends what is you’re favorite breed of horse mine are kiger mustang and appaloosa

  67. To all of you who are LOTR and J.R.R. Tolkien fans, I am going to be in a play that’s The Hobbit in the theatre ensemble in my homeschool group. I’m so excited!

    Psalm 9:1, is Psalm 1:9 your favorite bible verse? My fav bible verse is Psalm 119:11

    1. 😻💜Hannah U💜😻, hi! My sisters name is Hannah as well, though you may know her as ‘zippy,h.’ That is awesome!!!!! Great job. I hope you’ll do good. Who are you acting as?

  68. At NF
    You must be way older than everyone else here if you have a job!

  69. Lovetheocean yes I would love to be friends my favorite breed of horse is American Quarter horse and Tennessee walking horse

  70. @ 😻💜HannahU💜😻 you are doing a play on the Hobbit! That’s so cool what part are you?🤷

  71. I was reading the comments and 🐼Abbi😊 you asked if I am a girl or boy .I am a girl
    My real name is Olivia but olive way is a nickname and I added a horse because I am
    CRAZY about horses

  72. I love reading
    Composing music
    Going to church
    Roller blading
    And a lot more but it would take forever to write it all

  73. @ Hannah u
    You realize in some places you can get a job @ 13? I’m not 18 but I also have a job. Also, it’s fine if you don’t comment right away. I check mine once a day too, and don’t even bother on weekends 🤣 I just catch up on Monday.

    @ J dog
    Have a good vacay!

    Weekend comments usually get posted on Monday, so you might not see them

  74. Who are you guys shipping in odyssey?

    Buck – Jules
    Connie – Jason (despite the obvious facts, time goes slower for adults in odyssey than kids, so they make it sound like he’s 20 or something)
    Parker – Emily

  75. ElvenMirkwoodWarrior, Hi! My weekend was fine. I probably like Anduril too. I like either Eagles or elvish horses.I knew there was some difference, they are more agile and fast.
    The answer to the trivia: something like ‘bad yellow-face.’
    Trivia: what are ALL the weapons Aragorn uses in the trilogy?

    1. Just saw a picture of Orcrist! That one’s my fav right now. Is that Thorin’s sword? Yeah, and they can understand Elvish. Trivia: Right! It’s actually ugly yellow face, but it’s the same. What does he call the MOON? Trivia answer…maybe?!: swobow and arrow, Anduril, knife from Celeborn, and torch. Also a small knife. (The fellowship O T Ring.)

      1. ElvenMirkwoodWarrior, Orcrist is Thorin’s sword. It is really cool.
        Trivia: that I don’t really remember. I think it might be like the sun’s name. Maybe ‘something silver face?’
        You were right about Aragorn’s weapons, a sword, Anduril, bow and arrows, a torch, and a knife.
        Trivia: what are some of the gifts the fellowship received from Lorien?

      2. Oh yeah! And that small knife he uses to cut the Athelas plant with in the Fellowship of the ring. I almost forgot!

        1. Close! White face.
          Yeah, that’s the second knife. I almost forgot it too!!! So that’s a total of 6 weapons…that’s a lot!
          Hmm…in the movie (extended) Aragorn gets that knife. In the book, a jewel. Legolas: bow. Gimli, three peices of Galadriels hair, Merry and Pippin get belts, Sam gets rope/ gardening box, Boromir gets a belt.

          1. Oh! Frodo gets the light of Ears dil, ‘ our brightest and most beloved star. May it be a light for you in dark places when all other lights go out.’ -Galadriel
            How did I forget the main character?!?! Oops!

          2. ElvenMirkwoodWarrior, yeah, that’s all correct. It was kind of funny that you almost forgot Frodo’s gift.
            Trivia: how many children did Rosie and Sam have?

  76. Guys I usually don’t comment twice a day, but I’m totally excited because my brother Philip has been dating a girl named Angela and he told me he’s proposing tomorrow at my parents anniversary party! Pray that I get a song learned on the guitar memorized by tomorrow. It’s called “Set My Heart On Fire”. You guys should listen to it. I’m soo excited.

  77. gg, congrats to your brother. I hope you get that song memorize that song! I know how that is.

  78. This post is to everyone who asked me about The Hobbit:
    I do not know what part I am playing yet. Auditions are next Thursday. I’ll let you know as soon as I read the official cast list after auditions! 🎭

    I will pray for you to learn your guitar song, that sounds fun and exciting! Your life is a lot more interesting than mine.

  79. To 💜🐼Abbi😊💜
    Tell me what your book is about and then I’ll try and help you make it better. I’ll tell you about the book I just wrote and the book I am writing later, but now I GTG. I’d love to help you!!!!!

    1. My book’s about this 13 year old girl who makes friends with all kinds of kids. ( I wanted to make a book about a teen girl who isn’t sullen but is kind and considerate.) The girl ( Kaylicia) also tries to bring her family to realize that they need to spend more time together.

      If you need me to explain more let me know.

  80. Hey gg
    That is so cheesy🧀!
    What is your favorite
    AIO episode?
    I like the mystery
    Of the clock tower🗯💔💖

  81. What is everyone’s favorite bible story? Mine is when Jesus fed the 5,000 and when Paul and Silas broke out of the jail and the jail guard becomes a Christian. Also, I’m memorizing Hannah’s prayer from 1 Samuel Chapter 2, you all should read it!;)

    1. My favorite is Esther, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abendago (pool rack pool shed and a Billy goat). And Martha and Mary.

  82. Sorry guys it’s been a little while, it’s been pretty busy! Glad to be back.

  83. @ Hannah u
    It’s fine if your life isn’t super filled with everything. I’m actually kinda exhausted right now😅

    What do you mean cheesy?
    My favorite AIO story is any Christmas episode, and my favorite Bible passage is Luke 1 – 2.

    Thank you guys for the prayers! She said yes!!!!💍 I didn’t mess up, and I’m gonna be a Bride’s Maid!👰🏻‍♀️

  84. Yo!! What’s up friends?!?!
    Please pray for me. I just got braces and my teeth are very sore that I am having a very hard time eating. And I have been praying for all of you.

      1. Whoops! I did it again! I forgot to type my username, and it came up as ‘anonymous.’

  85. @God’s Not Dead
    What’s your favorite subject in school? What is your favorite show? Do you like The Green Ring Conspiracy? Have listened to Lamplighter Theatre?🐼😊

  86. Hi friends! There was a question that came up about the rule about not posting your age. Everyone has a different comfort level, so to keep it consistent and to protect your privacy and safety, we won’t allow posts that share age, birthdate, or any contact info for you or your siblings. If you had a post with ages included, it’s been removed.

  87. LegolasGreenleaffan#1,
    Yeah it is! I was trying to fall asleep, and I was like, “Frodo! I forgot Frodo!” Sam a d Rosie had 13: Eleanor, Frodo, Rosie, Merry, Pippin, Goldilocks, Hamfast, Daisy, Promotes, Bilbo, Ruby, Tolman (Tom) and Robin. My trivia didn’t post before, so that’s in the next comment from me. What’s your fav Sam line from the movie?

  88. LegolasGreenleaffan#1
    You wanna do a thing where we list all the names for Aragorn in the books and movies?

      1. I think the first things he’s called is Strider. Easy, but one of the main ones.

  89. Whoops I forgot to type in my name again, and it came up as ‘anonymous’ why do I keep on doing that!

    1. Lol!
      Which of Legolas’ weapons would YOU prefer to use?
      – Bow and arrow
      – Elven knives/blades
      – Sword (the two towers)

      1. ElvenMirkwoodWarrior,
        Even blades. I think Aragorn is also called Dunadain in the book, right?

        1. Yep, in Rivendell. But later he is said to be one of the Dunedin, so I don’t know of that’s a name or a race.
          Same here! Although I would probably use a bow most, so I didn’t have to get so close to my enemies.
          Long sharks. Is this in this book, or just the movie?

  90. HI. I am new to posting. Does anyone want to be friends? I live in New York. I love animals and I have a cat. My favorite characters in AIO are probably Wooton, Penny, and Mrs. Kramer. I also listen to Christian music all the time. I like Mathew West and some Toby Mac songs. I have older twin brothers.
    Somebody please respond! Thank you!

  91. Hi welcome I would love to be your friend
    I live in Indiana , I like animals too my sister has a rabbit and my brother has two turtle and three tadpoles I want a gold fish but my parent’ s won’t let me get one. I LOVE Wootton and Penny .
    Me and me friends are like a Toby mac Trio we Love his music
    What’s your favorite song? And animal?

  92. Hi Bekah-Hope
    I just found out today that album 71 A Slippery Slope came out to us on July 23 and it came out to us a few days after the episode Please Adjust Your Frequency which aired in the club a few days before I remember that you and the producers said that it will come out in August for the download but it came out early than we both thought

  93. Hi guys,sorry I have not bin on this page in a a long time. But I’m just saying were we just talking about J.R.R. tolken?
    I love lord of the rings!! my family loves it!!!!!! Anyways who is everybody’s
    Favorite charecters? I’m talking about everybody!😍😉😊….

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