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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Andre Stojka on Whit: “What a great role.”

Andre Stojka (right) with WIll Ryan (voice of Eugene)

Andre Stojka (right) with Will Ryan (voice of Eugene)

Andre Stojka recently set a record – he’s played the role of John Avery Whittaker longer than either of his predecessors. Andre looks back on his time as Whit – and forward to more adventures.

Avery Awards

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          1. I am sorry Astrid if we have gotten out of hand.
            I just can’t see how snelson could ever work.
            I do tend to get passionate about what I believe is right.
            I’ll try to be less attackive.


          2. The “Snelson” and the “Buckles” is just gross…I don’t mean to offend anyone with that remark. All I am saying is that it’s bad to have the boy and girl friend thing…and if non-Christians see this and then become Christians, then they will think that it is okay to do this kind of thing…not that Adventures in Odyssey bad or anything like that.

      1. @ spider boy (dont have emojes) why do you think that a boy girl friend thing is wrong honistly if girls should only have girls as friends and boys only have boys as friends dont you think it would be boring SORRY IF I SOUND RUDE

    1. I’m really sad about something I’ve seen I’ve seen a lot of people being very critical on these podcast chats I It’s so sad to see people who claim to love Jesus saying horrible things to each other I would really appreciate it if we could all try to be much kinder in what we say to each other after this Will you guys try with me to be more loving?

      1. I DON’T MIND STATING OPINIONS it’s when it seems to go back and forth and seems so critical I’m not trying to cause problems or be one of those people but I love Jesus and I think everything we say should be building up others.when you don’t know the other person super well you can’t always know how they’ll take it and they could take it wrong

        1. I absolutely agree with you! And if we remember that Jesus was never Critical of others…He would state the truth and say it in love…then we should be the same way!

          Let’s all try to be kind and loving and Christlike in our interactions!!

          1. First off let me say that i totally agree with you about loving others but Jesus WAS critical to the pharicies about their hipocricy when in reality we are ALL hipocritical! Yet to those who were not pharases he was kind and gentle. Even still we should love unconditionialy like the appostle paul told the chirch in corinth.
            Just a mere observation

        2. I have never ever seen that on the adventures in aio comment pages

  1. Last chance to vote for the best Gandalf quote on the Tolikien/LOTR fan page!

          1. I know! I wish I was that good at shooting a bow!
            Wanna come to the LOTR fan page???

      1. Its on the “end of an odyssey career” podcast. We’d love to have ya!

    1. I love Bilbo! In fact I Have a bucket calf ( we live on a ranch) whose name is Bilbo!

      1. Cool! If my dad ever lets us get a cat, I want to get a black one and name him Strider! (It would be for hunting mice and stuff.)

          1. Cool! My mom had a garden and ground squirrels keep digging everything up, so she wants to get a cat to catch them. My dad is the only one in our family who doesn’t want one, but he doesn’t really have a reason why lol! Is yours and indoor or outdoor cat?

      1. Yes Elijah, I do Olay Clash of Clans.
        I am near town hall level… I am going to say… Near 10?… I am not sure.
        My clan is BYE-BYE
        I have two kindles and am in the clan twice so that I can do reinforcements.

  2. I’m back! I have had a wonderful week since I’ve been gone!! So many exciting things have happened to me since I’ve stopped commenting all the time…Anyone want to guess what they were?
    I’ll give some options but they may or may not be right
    1. I got engaged
    2. I got married
    3. I got adopted again
    4. I moved
    5. I had a baby
    I may answer later..

    1. Guys im not promiseing i will do this but…

      ..if i did start up a marvel page WOULD ANY BODY GO TO IT???!!!
      if nobody would go to it then
      I WILL NOT START IT buuuuuttt…

      …if people do go to it thheeen….I WIL START IT
      Oh and we can talk about sonic for that one guy i forgot his name

      1. No, we wouldn’t go to it
        We aren’t into Marvel.

        1. That came out a littel rude

          (I’m being to sensitive )

          I just feel bad for everyone that is missing out on all that cool marvel stuff I MEAN IT’S REALLY COOL try it

          1. Some people aren’t allowed to do marvel though. I’m not. Also, it very hard sometimes to make things sound nice when you can’t make facial expressions or anything.

          2. I’m sorry if we came across as rude! We mean no offense!
            However, we do not agree with Marvel, LOTR, and some of the other things that get discussed here…so we felt the need to be honest about that…
            We do not want to appear as judgmental or harsh though. So we apologize for that!

        2. Are you guys really not into romance. I mean I can’t imagine a relationship with no romance.

          1. No we are in LOVE and totally romantic(in an appropriate way since we are only engaged)!!!!

          2. Well braver faster stronger
            They could have just said a simple no or just have not said anything by the way they are adlts so they are aloud to do marvel they just don’t want it
            But thanks for the comment 😘😃😄😃

      2. I WILL COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *weird fangirling noises in the background*

      3. How can you forget my name !!! IT IS SO EASY !😠

        Erm ….. no offense 😓

        1. No i did not foget you name
          Okay i kinda did i forgot hpw to spell it
          I thought i was spelled elln but that didn’t seem right

      1. Are you talking to me? And if you are…I am not sure what you are asking

    2. I decided to add some more options…doesn’t mean my last options were right or wrong…

      1. My parents adopted again
      2. I got a pet
      3. My family became missionaries
      4. I graduated from college
      5. I went to college
      6. I am attending medical school
      7. I became a hairdresser
      8. I got my ears pierced
      9. I had twins
      10. I had triplets
      11. You guess

    3. Wow congratulations on all the amazing things in your life that is all a blessing
      Praise the lord 🙂

      1. Thank you! But I just want to make sure that I was clear…I wasn’t saying that all of that happened to me…or even that any of it happened…

        However, I have had a lot of exciting things happen…so yes, Praise Him!

        I just thought you all might enjoy guessing what it was!!

      1. I didn’t say that it all happened in a week or that any of it happened…
        But it has been a while since I have stopped commenting regularly and since I gave up the OOOTD page. That was when I said that I was experiencing some exciting things and would be for a while…

  3. @Ava

    If you see this…I hope that your wedding went well!

    Please, PLEASE post your wedding outfit on the OOOTD page…we’d LOVE seeing what you wore! I posted mine there!

    1. I love your name
      Those books are awesome!
      I can’t wait for the next one 😍

      1. I love that book series! I started reading it last summer, and can’t believe it’s still going! There’s already 9 books in the series! I think that it was clever the Shannon Messenger did a book 8.5. Waiting for Stellarlune is TORTURE. But I have no doubt it will be worth the wait. 😁

      2. I know I am so excited all I know is that it is called stellarlune. I am also excited for the movie of keeper of the lost cities

    1. No way! I totally disagree with you. Buck and Bridget would be terrible together. NO OFFENCE!!!!

    2. Budget it cute though! Very creative! I think the others might be right though. Buck and Bridget? I don’t know. It’s definitely a new thought.

  4. I’m bored. I wish I was Jules in “The Long road Home” so I can go on an adventure.

      1. No no that was just lizzy getting me back for pranking her
        I did not write that

        1. Actually, I did it😁😁
          So fun to prank the prankster.😆

    1. Hi bored 😊
      That’s what my dad says to me all the time, it’s horrible. And then gives me a chore!:( !!! WHY ME!!!

        1. 😂Oh @llen your such a joker 😃

          (no i am serious i have been pranking since birth)

          You so funny☆

  5. Okay guys i don’t know if you knew this but change my name to spider gal/gwen☺😊😀😁😂

  6. Hi! I love this podcast. I listen every night and day. I listen to it and we are doing personal assignments at school. It makes me calm. I have DMDD. That means I can’t easily control my emotions. I’m listening to it right now. By! Have a nice day/night!

    1. I will be praying for you. I understand completely. I have two siblings with social and developmental disabilities.

  7. 26th place…..not to bad.
    I can’t believe that it’s time for the Avery Awards again

  8. “Why can’t you just say ‘Yes, Sir’, like a normal person?”


    1. Yeah i agree with anonymous
      Except i do not know anonymous is talking to

      1. Actually, this was a quote from one of the recent AIO aired over the radio!

  9. Still trying to get over Snelsen ,it doesn’t even make sense.🤔

    1. Stuff that doesn’t make sense is awesome

      (Ha see what i did there)

  10. Lets see ill say u got engaged, married, and moved aka you moved in with him, also meaning you could say you got adopted by another family, then found out you are or were pregnant. If you already had the child then you gave birth. If not you could have also adopted children. I’ll just say D all of the above 😜 just a guess 😂

  11. Hi! I just got braces and they hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!
    Has anyone else gotten braces?

    1. Hi Lilia!
      Yeah my sister had braces,and I’m going to get some to.😓

      1. I had braises for about 2 years. I actually liked having them on. My Orthodontist was super nice! My teeth are so straight now, it’s amazing! I was afraid that they would hurt when I got them on, but it barely hurt at all.

      2. Same
        My sister has braces and my older sister and I are going to get them too

    2. I’ve have braces. Don’t worry the pain will go away soon.

    3. I’ve had braces. They hurt at first but after a while u get use to it and they look really cool 😎

      1. I remember when I got braces yeah they hurt about the first week at least that was for me I think I’m about to get my next set soon

    4. I had braces, but I got them of a couple of months ago. Don’t worry, eventually you will get used to them, and they won’t hurt anymore !

    5. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 says:

      Yeah!! Most of my friends have braces!! 😢 I don’t…😢 I do know how much they hurt though!! I had them when I was 6 until I was 12…not fun…😢😖😣

  12. Lilia, my sisters got invisalign instead, because my brother had to have his teeth worked on because of the glue that they use with braces (Plus it looks 10 times better 😉).
    I’ll be getting Invisalign soon. But I have to have one of my teeth pulled first. 😢

    1. It is actually, fast! I had two pulled, I didn’t feel a thing, and I got to eat pudding and Iced Cream after! So look forward to it!

  13. Spider girl/gwen, I have never watched marvel, so I wouldn’t know.
    I’m more into movies set in Historical periods, and I’m not a big fan of superheroes, sorry
    But I actually really liked Into the Spiderverse ( the only marvel movie I’ve watched)

  14. I don’t know if you’ll read this but:
    I miss you 🐈🐴MtHorseGirl🐴🐈!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥺

  15. My sister, TeenDragonWhisperer, just got braces yesterday. She says it feels (I’m quoting directly) “like my mouth is about to fall out of my head.”

    p.s. I’m changing my name. Any suggestions?

    1. Sister Of TDW
      Or your favorite actor, sport, etc…
      I hope this helped

  16. I LOVE SKILLET! I love surviving the game and monster. My dad used to sing with them. Does anyone here like decyfer down? My dad used to be the lead singer. He is not the current lead though. He wrote alot of their songs. My fave is prob Life Again. Every single song on the album End of Grey he wrote and sang.

    1. Surviving the Game is one of my favorite Skillet songs! My mom just got that cd a couple weeks ago and I love it! Seriously?! That’s so cool! I’ve never heard of decyfer down, I will have to check it out! What other kinds of music do you like?

    2. Im favorite is finish line
      And i also do love monsters i will also look up surviving the game

    1. I love skillet it’s definitely my favorite band
      Why do you like it ?

    2. Wait a minute
      I just saw your other post
      NO WAY!!!!

  17. TRQ

    Who all here has their ears pierced? And how old were you when you got them pierced?

    Anyone planning on getting their ears pierced?

    1. I do not want my ears pierced
      But i take it you have your ears pierced

    2. Me! Just like the regular piecing, would maybe like to get a second piercing

    3. Hi I got my ears pierced when I was 7 hope this helps I loved having my ears pierced

    4. Hi I got my ears pierced when I was 7 hope this helps I loved having my ears pierced
      Are you planning to get your ears pierced btw I got mine pierced with a needle not a gun

      Ok guys not a needle that you use for hospital but like a sewing needle and not a really gun just a gun for piercing ears hope this helps

    5. I got my ears pierced when I was three months old. Then I got a second piercing in my ears for my birthday two months ago.

      1. I got my ears pierced when i was 6 or 7. but they got infected and I didn’t ever get my ears pierced after that

    6. I’m planning on getting mine pierced.
      BTW does anyone have a double piercing in their ears? I might get one and my sister or best friend might get the other.

      1. my mom says i can get my ears double pierced when ever i want to and she said when i get mine pierced again she will get hers too!!

      1. Hey, cool! We have a family whose mom is Brazilian, so their daughter also got her ears pierced at birth
        Also I am planning to get my ears pierced. But i’m not getting them double peirced!

    7. i do not have them pierced
      i was going to get them pierced……and then the covid thing started
      my 5 bffs and my cousin do
      i dont !!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  18. i got my ears pierced about two years ago and since then i have had two infections but there both healed

  19. Since Eugene can’t obviously speak the English language I’ve put him in a specific category…the Eugenius language 😄 🤣 😆

    What do you think?

  20. @Brother and Amethyst
    I’m sorry but “just two people looking eagerly towards marriage” doesn’t seem right to me. I’m sorry but my relationship has tons of romance today. Probably because I grew up watching my parents’ romantic marriage. And so did he.


      I think that maybe we didn’t do a great job explaining…we’re sorry!
      We totally believe in romance! True Love! We just don’t believe in filling our minds with ‘romances’ because our Romance is the one that we love best and sometimes reading or watching Movies on romance can fill our minds with the wrong perspective!


      1. This is a great conversation! I believe that romances in media can be healthy for teens, as long as the content is appropriate. For example, I have learned a lot about how married/about to be married people should treat each other from Wooton and Penny’s conversations, especially in Album 59.

    2. We didn’t and don’t want to encourage that in some of the young people here! Some were commenting on their being so young and loving “romance” and we wanted everyone to understand that when we define romance we define it Scripturally and not what the world sees! Nor do we see the need to participate in it if we aren’t of age to marry!


    3. However, we can guarantee you and everyone else here that we LOVE each other and we are ‘romantic’ in an appropriate way while we are engaged!

      So don’t worry, we aren’t just ‘eagerly looking forward to marriage’. We just aren’t maybe handling our engagement in what some youth might read about in the world’s Romance novels.

    4. Ok! One more thing! We think that the word romance has some bad meanings and a different connotation in this day and age…so we hesitate to use it so loosely! I hope this makes a little sense and doesn’t leave you concerned and worried…WE ARE TOTALLY IN LOVE AND VERY EXCITED TO MARRY! WE CAN’T WAIT!!

  21. Yo llen is there a pig in sonic
    if there is then➡ 😂😅😄😃😂😁😀😊☺ ⬅those emojis look like my face right now Yeah happy

    The boring cat: don’t be happy spider gal i don’t like it

    1. @llen @llen @llen please remember my name ! Pretty please

      Oh I can I vote for your marvel page

  22. Hey guys. I just wanted to let you guys know. That I’m EXPECTING again!

      1. No. I am dying to see it though!!!! I probably won’t until it is released on Disney plus, and even then I might not be allowed to watch it 🙁 I heard it is really good, but has a sad ending. Have you seen it?

        1. Ive watched it a few days ago. Although I do not recommend that younger kids watch it.

    1. @KentuckyGal how far are you and when are you due not pry and my sister in law is also expecting in October

  23. Congratulations! KentuckyGal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Praying everything goes well!

    1. Well last week I got my body cast taken off so now I am running and walking around. OHH and I am back to my normally fashion sense.

    1. I am good. I have been trying to get back to being the old me. And of course PLANNING MY WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nice Spider girl/gwen.
    I’ve never gotten into the top twenty because I have an all day co-op the day the Podcasts are normally released, but I try. 😁

    1. Oh I cheated Lizzy
      I commented under Frist so I looked like I came second yeah

  25. Who reads the keeper of the lost cities. I have read the series twice

    1. Thanks
      But to be honest
      I didn’t come in second
      I just commented to Frist
      So it looked like I got second
      Pretty clever right
      (I am so good at this)

          1. Yes I did! Look at the dates!!!!😳😳😳😳

  26. For anyone who has had braces: is bad? Could you explain how they look and feel? Be brutally honest. I just got my referral to the orthodontist for a consultation.

    1. Okay, this is my honest opinion:
      At first u can’t eat or talk right, but after a few days u get the hang.
      They look super cool and it’s fun choosing different bands but they r hard to clean and u get coldsores often from the wires.

      Hope this is helpful😊

      1. Even though you weren’t saying that me I wish I didn’t know that I’m getting
        Some soon

    2. @Rachel
      Tip ask for clear braces
      Do not ask for yellow to gold braces they
      Fell weird for the first few hours
      But then they get better
      And the best part is it makes us look like one of the cool kids oh yeah
      Oh forgot to say they don’t hurt

  27. I got my ears pieced a few weeks ago with my cousin. Where did you guys get your ears pierced

      1. Thanks! We are so excited!
        We are also a little intimidated! A lot of people are always telling us how young we are(some don’t realize that depending on where you live you can get married younger. Some places are just based on Parental permission…(we are between the ages of 14 and 19)


        1. Ahhh come on you guys are like the best. You don’t have to be intimidated. All my friends are married and they are in your age range. Just surround yourselves with older people who love you and you will be fine.

  28. My sister said that Invisalign is better than braces, and I believe it is cheaper.
    She has Invisalign, and they don’t hurt.
    Maybe talk to your parents and see if that is possible Rachel💜

  29. Does anyone like country music or am I the only one?

      1. Country is the beeeeeeest!!!!!
        Rhett Walker is one of my fav bands

      2. But when it comes to rock I like Newsboys 😉

  30. Guys do you get sooo so so tired
    When you do homework I
    Do it’s so annoying 😭

  31. TRQ

    Does anyone here have a Promise Ring or some other piece that is symbolic of the same thing?

    1. We all did until we were engaged or married!

      SnowWhiteBride: diamond set in silver
      Ruby: diamond set in gold
      Pearl: diamond set in gold
      Amethyst: diamond set in white gold

    2. Yes, I do!
      Mine is silver with a diamond and my birthstone and my Dad’s birthstone.


  32. Guys, today is the last day to vote for the best Gandalf quote FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!

    (LOTR fan page end of an odyssey career podcast!)

  33. I just wanted everyone to know that I have decided to quit pranking people here! I guess you could say that I have turned over a new leaf!

    1. Congrats! 👏
      Ok, so u probably didn’t even realize it but I pranked u the post abt ” wanting to go on an adventure cause ur bored” that was me.

  34. To All Marvel Fans

    Earlier I listed my fav Marvel Characters and some of you may have been wondering who Daisy Johnson is.
    She is from the Marvel TV Show, Agents of Shield

    I do think it would be cool to start a Marvel Page.
    But where would we put it?
    Do you think the [ ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE OLIVIA ARC. march 21 2022] page is a good place?

    Please let me know what you think.

    1. Umm I think that sounds fine
      Do you wanna start it together?🤗😚😍

  36. Does anyone like Christian Rap? Am I the only one?
    Has anyone listened to Selena Gomez?

  37. Hey guys today we’re going on the homeschooling group walk
    Dose anyone else go to stuff like that?

    1. We go to Nature Walks.
      That is where you go on a walk and find stuff to nature journal, and all my friends go there.

  38. I just saw Multiverse of Madness! It is SO good! NO SPOILERS though 😁

  39. Also I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO A MARVEL FAN PAGE!! That is a great idea spider gal/ Gwen oh yeah this is funny my real name is Avery just like the Avery awards and Mr. Whittaker.

  40. Hi, is there an update on what is going on Eugene Meltsner and who might be taking over?

    1. That’s an awesome name. My name kinda weird too. It’s a Hebrew name.

  41. I always have my nose stuck in a book. I like reading The Odyessy by Homer

    1. I absolutely love the Odyssey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m doing a podcast by Elizabeth Vandiver to go with it, and it really helps me to follow along.
      But I just love poetry, especially Shakespeare

    2. Umm guys that was not me that was sisters jovie pretending to be me i hate reading

    3. I am such a book nerd. I was not a huge fan the Odysseus actually. I love Little Women, Lord of the Rings, and Sherlock Holmes. the mysterious Benedict society was my favorite when I was like four lol. I recently reread the because of the tv series on Disney plus

      1. What is your favorite Sherlock Holmes mystery? I have only read the Hound of the Baskervilles and I loved it, and now I’m trying to figure out which one to read next.

  42. Does any one here like the sonic movies or the chosen ? ♥♥♡♡♥♥

      1. Llen you did not even need to say that we know you love sonic
        And if there is a pig in sonic then me happy😀

    1. The chosen as in the Christian tv show about Jesus life
      I love it
      Sonic movies are great

      1. I looove the chosen!!!!

  43. @Spider gal/gwen

    Do you want to be my friend? I love playing pranks (I did ”
    Spider gal/gwen says:
    May 13, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    I always have my nose stuck in a book. I like reading The Odyessy by Homer”)


    Just wanted to say that we hope that our last explanation was more clear and we hope that you will pray for us and send us your best wishes as we embark on our new life together! Thank you for your concerns and for expressing them! We pray for you and wish you and your Fiance a very ROMANTIC Life(one that honors God)

    1. You were very clear. Congratulations on your wedding!!!!!!!!!!! How was it??????? My best wishes to you and yours. Love you guys!!!!!!

      1. Thanks! (Do you still disagree with us? Or have concerns?).
        Our wedding went very well! We didn’t go on a honeymoon…we moved right into his house and estate…
        We may end up moving into our parent’s house later this year…they still have a ton of kids in their house and we maybe able to help them run their estate…


      2. So glad that you were able to go home! And that you are now walking and running!!😁

        My best wishes for you and your Fiancée! Are you still planning on getting married in September!

    1. I’ll Pray.I know what it feels like.I’ve lost 😞 one grandpa l’d never met him.

    1. No and yes. I’m going to miss my friends.
      Mostly. l also might, miss some lessons. Mostly history!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean who doesn’t??!!

    2. I don’t like heat. I’d take cold weather over hot any day. Especially in Georgia, it is so humid here.
      The only good thing about summer is the pool.

  45. No not really summer in Mexico is so very very hot and their are a thousand mosquitos

    1. I didn’t know that you were married…or pregnant!!

      Congrats to you! Boy or girl?

    2. And how could you have a baby if you are in Co-op like you posted about earlier?

    3. WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!

    1. You know what I think,Mmm, l didn’t have a baby. 🤔, WAIT A MINUTE !!!!!! 😮

  46. Wait little pink trolley March 21 is done how about in 2 days we start it

    1. Me!!!
      I love ur name! I’m a tomboy tooo!😉

  47. In the Avery awards, vote Kelly Stables for best actor. She did an AWESOME job
    PS this was my first time voting the Avery awards

  48. I’m babysitting right now. A baby called Noelle, shes so cute ☺️. I love ❤️ babysitting.

  49. Congrats Lizzy!

    Also so completely agree ⬆️Wooton homework is not at all fun

  50. Have any of you heard of horse vaulting? Its gymnastics on horse back ,and i love both of those things

    1. I have it’s sooooo cool.
      Have u watched the movie Horse Dancer?

  51. Hey, all.
    I agree with whoever said it sounds wrong to have “snelson” and “buckles”. I think it is totally fine if Jules and Buck are friends, but if they hang out together ALL OF THE TIME, it gets weird. You shouldn’t ever be with just one person if you are a girl, and that person is a boy. Even if that boy is a really close friend. That is all. 👋🏻


    Me and Spider gal/gwen are starting a Marvel Page on the [ ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE OLIVIA ARC. march 21 2022]
    Everyone who is intrested in talking about Marvel please come join

  53. guess what my favorite…Animal, Sport, Music, Board game, Video game, & favorite Restaurant.

  54. Okay everybody marvel fan page starts tomorrow for anybody who wanted to come


    Tommorow May 16 the Marvel Page will be open for those who want to come.

    Just a reminder the Marvel Page is on the [ ITS TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE OLIVIA ARC ] page.

  56. Guys, someone pranked me. I am NOT having a baby!!!!!
    Sorry for the confusion.
    Also good point SnowWhiteBride. I definitely would have told ya’ll if I was married.
    I’m only between the ages 12-17. So…yah

  57. I have questions to send in. Here we go.

    Does Average Boy listen to audio drama. (Captain Absolutely and Wilsons Podcast) maybe?
    What kind of phone does Whit have?
    In an Agreeable Nanny do the movie rankings refer to Plugged In?
    By the way I am a fan of the site. (Plugged In)

    Keep up the good work.

  58. @tomboy
    Wannabe friends i am i tomboy to
    I love sk8boarding , snowboarding ,sports, drums,baseball caps,,marvel and more i dislike any makeup, dresses ,pink or any kind of girl gal things

  59. Guys i am soo lazy i couldn’t go to sleep last night so today i sleep tell 8:30

  60. All right today’s the marvel page so go head right on over to the it’s time to talk about Olivia arc

  61. I’m Lizzy’s sister and she did not have a baby! She is a teenager! someone is pranking her and it was not me.

  62. Hi everyone! I’m new here! Not sure if I’ll comment or not?!

    I do like AIO!

  63. There seems to be lots of confusion happening on the boards lately. So, here is another reminder to only post under your own username. We love to hear your stories about what’s happening in your life, but it’s getting hard to tell who is who. Please stop pranking and be respectful of each other.

    1. Will do! Thank you for your reminder! We will seek to honor what you ask of us!

  64. 🐶🐎MtHorseGirl🐶🐎, are you the same person as 🐈🐴MTHorseGirl🐈🐴.
    If so, It is ABSOLUTELY AWSOME to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If not, welcome, and sorry for the confusion.

  65. Jay and Zoe.They should so be together.Jay is one of my favorite characters, and so is Zoe, so yea.They belong together.💜👅!!!!!!!!

  66. Hey everyone,
    On the LOTR fan page (The End of an Odyssey Career podcast) it says that the comments are closed, is this just my device or is it like this for anyone else too???

  67. hi who likes KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES ????? do you like sofiz or sokeefe

    1. I think keefe is better as a friend but I feel bad for him because he likes her I think fitz is better for him

    HEY GIRK!!! So good to see you again! I’m glad you’re doing better, we missed you! Congrats, and good luck with your wedding! 😊

    Spoiler warning: Explore the “As Buck Would Have It” three parter.

  70. Budget it cute though! Very creative! I think the others might be right though. Buck and Bridget? I don’t know. It’s definitely a new thought.

  71. New oootd page spread the news and join
    Oootd stands for outstanding outfit of the day
    It is a page where you share what you are wearing
    The old page is closed so this is the new page

  72. Hey guys lizzy here I have been keeping this a secret I am actually between the age 20-25 I got married last year and am 8 1/2 months pregnant thanks
    This is not a prank

    1. hey! Congrats to you!

      Sorry for the confusion! You must be a different Lizzy from the other one!

      So excited for you!!!

      1. No I am not
        One and the same
        Lol my sis addy posted that and she told my and I was not ready to tell every one that but now I am lol

        1. I am confused…Are you the Lizzy that is still in school? The Lizzy that’s been posting for a while?

          (I am a between the ages of 21 and 28.)

        2. Ok. Wait a minute…on of the previous comments said that Addy didn’t post that and that you weren’t pregnant…?????

        3. Congrats…
          I thought that your sister Addy said that you weren’t pregnant…that you were just a teenager…

  73. @SnowWhiteBride, Ruby, Pearl, Amethyst, etc.,
    What do you mean by, “we don’t agree with LOTR”?

    1. There are just some things that we don’t agree with in Lord of the Rings and also Marvel, Hobbit, and others. We won’t go into specifics because we don’t want to be an offense or come across as judgmental!
      But unfortunately, we wont be participating in those topics of conversation.

      We sincerely hope that this is not offensive to you!

      1. Ok I totally respect that my parents don’t let me watch marvel yet
        And there are a lot of bad shows out there so I understand

      2. What can ya not agree with in hobbit or lotr?
        Marvel has some bad suff
        Yet Tolkien’s works are great nothing object able

  74. I just love and I like how Mr.Whittaker is kind and really good inventor, Me and my sisters listen oddesy every night

  75. Hey guys there seems to be a Lot of confusion about me lizzy just to clarify I am the same lizzy from above I am between the ages 18-23 I just didn’t feel comfortable posting this till now so I lied about my age and stuff and my little sis Maggie posted as me telling my secret she said sry me and my sis addy tried to cover it up but I wanted to say

    1. I understand now. Although, I am not sure why you needed to lie…
      We would have celebrated with you!

      1. Just way use I wanted to make sure this was a safe website I know i shouldn’t have lied sry

  76. I hope that Clears stuff up and if you see a lizzy that say she not preanant that’s my little sis trying to be nice to me or some new lizzy that just joined

    1. Does your husband know that you lied? If not, I would encourage you to tell him!
      I would ask you to also consider what kind of example you set here for the kids that post here?

  77. Well Lizzy, I understand. Thanks for being honest though. That takes a lot of courage! 😁

  78. Hi friends, please take some time to read the guidelines about what you post. Marriage, babies and new life are good, but it seems that there are still people not using their own usernames and it’s causing tension and confusion. So from now on, comments about engagements, marriages, and pregnancies will not be approved.

  79. I just wanted to tell every one here that I will no longer be posting comments.
    This situation has made it too stressful, and people are confused about my username.

  80. I just wanted to tell every one here that I will no longer be posting comments on the podcasts.
    This situation has made it too stressful, and people are confused about my username.

  81. Guys, Anymore just said that she was the one who pranked me.
    Just to make sure everyone understands:
    I am between the ages of 13-16
    I have red hair, glasses and am super short
    I love reading, cats and horses
    I am not pregnant as my sister Addy can and has tried to attest
    I changed my name to KittyIzzy because of this confusions.
    Hopefully this help

  82. I’m really sorry about how confusing this situation has been, but I hope this will clear things up.

  83. Ok wow! There’s a lot going on here lol!
    So we have a Iizzy and a kittylzzy???
    Those are two DIFFERENT people????

  84. So… what’s everybody reading right now? Or what’s something you hope to read this summer? Or maybe something you finished recently?

    1. I really want to read this book series and I hope I get it for my birthday it’s in July
      I just finished turtle in paradise

      1. Oh wow, I just read the first book in that series recently! I couldn’t really get into the rest of them, but the dragons were cute. 😊

    1. I love the penderwicks too but sadly I only have the last one
      but I have read all the others

    2. I really liked that series! Currently I am reading Ivanhoe, by Walter Scott, and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke. They are both really good.

  85. I’m reading “the hardy boys” really good mysterie series!!😁
    I’m also reading chicken soup teenager versions!! Really good short stories there also from other teens they cover EVER thing from breaking up with bf or gf to loosing loved ones!! Amazing books!!!
    I am also reading narnia {on last book 😉} I’m a really quick reader…….

  86. If I love the book I can finish it in 2 hours and that’s 300-400 page books!!😁
    Has any one here read will wilder?? There amazing books!! But also really scared for some ages…😬 the author is working on the 4 th book and there’s support to be 7!😆 he’s catholic too so wrote from an amazing perspective!!

    1. Are you serious?! That is the fastest reading I’ve ever even heard of (in real life)!!! You must read a ton!

  87. Would you guys mind if I told you some about it??
    Also has anyone read those books too?? Any new ones that are interesting??
    Has anyone read the young whit books or the blackreed chronicles???
    What are they about can any one give me a story line please??

  88. I just finished The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Also finished Keeper of the Lost Cities #1 a little while ago.

  89. I have read all the Hardy Boy books. And all the Nancy Drew books. I love mysteries!!!!

    1. Have you read the Trixie Belden series? It’s been a long time since I have, so I don’t remember much, but they’re also old mystery books. 🙂

    2. Try reading the original Hardy Boys…
      They were published in the 1930s and are really good! You Might find them in your local library. The ones you are reading are the abridged versions. If you look in the inside front of the book you can find the original publication date.

  90. I am fast reader
    I read inheritance by Christopher paolini (almost 900 pages) in 5 hours

    1. 🙀!!! I think it took me a week just to read Eragon! 🤣
      Is the rest of the series good?

    2. I read little women in like two hours and it’s like 7oo something something

  91. I can read one Hardy book in one afternoon. I read my first chapter book in 3 grade. And I read a 400 page book in sixth grade.

  92. I love books and I’m glad you guys started a new book page
    I love mystery books like Nancy drew and hardy boys I’m currently reading a house on the cliff in hardy boys
    And the clue in the diary in Nancy drew

  93. so don’t really like the hardy boys or Nancy drew. Sorry, that’s just my opinion. Sorry if that sounded rude

    1. I looove hardy boys and Nancy drew but I don’t think you sounded. Rude
      I mean it’s just your olpinion

  94. No KittyIzzy it doesn’t sound rude everyone needs there own opinions.

    Ok cool Olivia I don’t think I’ve read that Nancy drew book yet but we just have the 1-10 series there so expensive now we try to get them on sale. That hardy boy book is so good though!!😁 it’s one of my favs!!

  95. If you have any prayer requests please come share them on the prayer page. It is located on the What is the Name of Album 73?…page.

  96. KittyIzzy, it would be kind of boring here if everybody liked the same thing! 😂
    What kinds of books do you like? (By the way, I like your name!)

  97. Thanks DayDream🐉, I like your name too.
    I love fantasy and historical fiction. I do love mysteries like the Mysterious Benedict Society. I think Nancy Drew is too predictable.

    1. Aw, thanks!
      Totally understandable. If you already know what’s going to happen in a mystery book, then it’s not really a mystery, is it? 😂 The Mysterious Benedict Society is definitely unpredictable! The twists are amazing!
      Have you read “A Tale of Two Castles” and “Stolen Magic” by Gail Carson Levine? They’re fantasy mysteries and I LOVE them. 😊

  98. Is this the book page??
    I love reading and writing! My favorite book series of all time is the Wingfeather Saga!!!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME!!! I also love Christy Miller by Robin Jones Gunn and Left Behind: The Kids by Jerry B. Jenkins. Oh and I really love Little Women!!!
    I used a lot of exclamation marks. Lol

    1. Ya it’s the book page 😊 welcome!
      Also Esther I love your last name! it’s a last name on the little house dvds (season 9)

  99. Well, goodbye everyone! I hope you all have a fun summer and get to do lots of reading! Thanks for making the book page happen, and thanks to everyone who chatted with me! I’ve enjoyed it! (The website emojis look different for me, so I’m signing my name in a different way. 😉 ) God bless you all! <3

  100. Well bye all!!
    Thanks SO MUCH for making this book page happen it was a blast!!
    Thanks for all who chatted with me you alll rock!! Keep reading!!

    Bye day dream dragon 😢

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