The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

You asked about what happened in Album 70 and what’s going to happen in Album 71. Hear the answers.

Will Richard Maxwell or Jack Allen ever return to Odyssey? Why did Suzu sound so suspicious? What did “One of three will fall” mean? Executive producer Dave Arnold, writer/director Phil Lollar, writer/director/showrunner Marshal Younger, writer/director Kathy Buchanan and line producer Nathan Hoobler answer your questions about Album 70: “Finding a Way” and more.

Album 70: Finding a WayAlbum 70: Finding a Way


  • Jumping Off, Jumping In
  • Auto Response
  • Unrelatable
  • The Protector
  • The Christmas Bells
  • Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

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Album 71: A Slippery SlopeAlbum 71: A Slippery Slope


  • The Team
  • Please Adjust Your Frequency
  • Higher than Our Ways
  • Triple Decker Sundae
  • Set a Watchman
  • Worth It

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  • Buy the CD in September.
  • Tune in on the radio or online in October.

Read more about Richard Maxwell in “The Blackgaard Chronicles”

Blackgaard Chronicles: Opening Moves book The Blackgaard Chronicles 2: Pawn's Play Blackgaard Chronicles Book 3 Cross-Check The Blackgaard Chronicles #4: Rook's Ruse

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    1. Heyyy Congrats on first!! How long have you been commenting? I don’t think I’ve seen your username before….

          1. Anyone here read

            The mushroom fan club

            The polor bear explorers club

            Explorer academy

            If found please return to Elise Gravel

            The good news shoes

            The extremely inconvenient adventures of Bronte Mettlestone

            The courageous princess

            Strong like the sea

            The bookwanderers

            The Vanderbeekers

            The preferences

        1. YES!!!
          I LOVE IT!!!!
          i assume u do too? (considering your name?)

          1. We are not Tolkien nerds we just uh…LOVE Lord of the rings 🧙🏼‍♂️

          2. I am reading the last book. (Spoiler Alert) I just finished the chapter where Gollum fell into Mount Doom with the ring. My older brother is forcing me to read the books before I watch the movies.

          3. speaking as someone who has read the hobbit four times in two years, i can safely say that I am, as well, a tolkien *cough* nerd *cough*

          4. I love all of Tolkiens books, even ones that my dad didn’t even know existed!

          5. i read all of the Lord of the rings in um pleeees do not laugh in 1 day and one hour

          1. my name is Claire as well I lived in Ohio when you commented at June 19 2021 at 5:04 am

    2. Is this your first time posting? I do not recognize your user name. Congrats on first!

          1. Anyone here read

            The mushroom fan club

            The polor bear explorers club

            Explorer academy

            If found please return to Elise Gravel

            The good news shoes

            The extremely inconvenient adventures of Bronte Mettlestone

            The courageous princess

            Strong like the sea

            The bookwanderers

            The Vanderbeekers

            The penderwicks

          1. Hey! Is your name sailor or Renee? Or is Renee your middle name? What is your favorite animal?

    3. Do you all have their books I have the young whit books and the imagination station books

    4. hi? HI!! this is first time i reply on Adventures in Odyssey. i LOVE LOVE Adventures in Odyssey. I learn a lot. I have been a Christian for 5 years now. And Adventures in Odyssey helps me learn more about God. Thank you Adventures in Odyssey!!

  1. PLEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSSEEEE be first! It had better not have been Odyssey fan again, lol
    By the way it is Tuesday while I post this comment so maybe my time zone will bring me luck

  2. Who here loves the episode Game For a Mystery?
    Barrett is funny and immature and Emily Jones is jot my favorite character
    My fav songs are Time After Time, Flamingo, The Chicken Nugget Song, Jesus is Alive, Popular, and Tomorrow from Annie

    1. Tomorrow is so good! Popular is also an amazing song (I assume your talking about the one from Wicked?)

    1. No, mr. Huddles is first. I was so close, though. I will get first next time though just wait. NF got second the podcast before she got first, so it will be the same for me

  3. UUUUGGGGGH! I was so close to first! But hey, this is better than nothing. Im in the top 10, and I am second! That is the closest I’ve ever gotten to first. Most people get 2nd by replying to the 1st comment. But I didn’t do this. As my saying goes

    “Those who were second yesterday, will be first tomorrow!” I am going to get first next time!

      1. Thank you Water💧. Do you want to be friends? I like your username by the way

          1. Of course, you have a very pretty name Noelle. I know a baby whose middle name is Noelle. It’s cool that you were in American Heritage Girls. What unit were you in? What did you like doing in AHG? I like camping and earning badges. What was your fav badge? I like Creative Writing. But they just revised te Girl Handbooks, they are AMAZING!

  4. But anyway, congrats Mr. Huddles on first. That was cool of you 👏🏾👍🏾

  5. I just want to say how much I love odyssey and its free episodes

  6. I just wanted all of you at AIO to know that I really enjoyed this podcast!! It was interesting, funny, and makes me really excited for Album 71!! Thanks so much for all you do, and I’m trying to come up w/an idea for your anniversary! BTW I think your 35 is pretty cool AND important!

    1. Something kinda crazy is Connie Kendall (aka Katie Leigh ) had been on the show all that time! Except maybe the family portrait series, but anyway I though that was neato

      1. I’ve never seen 9 Episode sires 😯😪😫🥱😴😌 😮 just kidding Its a good sires 😃

        1. The Green Ring Conspiracy is actually longer, 13 episodes I think

          1. Yes that’s true but the green ring conspiracies better I think because it’s more mystery and excitement this one is excitement but not that much mystery and we know the story it’s basically just a very long the green ring is adding on

          2. I like the the GRC better too, I did abbreviations because it’s long words to write.


        Wee, yay, someone likes Dariens rise. So happy.😀😄 so happy so glad.

    1. Tell me about it I’ve been listening to it for so many days I want to break from it so it is a great series

  7. I can’t wait for ‘A slippery Slope’ to can out. Also I LOVE the mysteries ones, yall should have way more of them. Thank yall. God bless

    LOVE the Rydell sage can’t wait for more.
    God Bless

    1. Love your username!!! My sister and I LOVE buck and Jules and sing I’m just me all the time!

  8. Moderators, I politely ask you to please post all the comments
    I have been waiting all morning to see them, I am waiting very patiently

    1. That’s a good way to get your comments posted 😆. Thanks for working so hard, moderators!

  9. Hi guys me and my sister(fire🔥)are new to comenting but we’ve been listening to adventures in Odessy for two years

  10. Hi guys I am (water’s💧)sister I am a SUPER BIG Odessy fan and I hope you have a good day

  11. Gods not dead, are you here? I just wanted to know what your favorite song is. I said my favorite songs in the comments a little up above. Also, I at my neighbors house I listened to the song the king is coming gods not dead by the newsboys. It is a good song. My favorite song of all is probably Flamingo or Chicken Nugget. I 💜 Those songs

    1. I’m here. Yes, I 💜 the King is Coming. Maybe you would like Born Again by the Newsboys? That’s one of my favs! I don’t really have a favorite song, but here are a few I like best
      When we fall apart by Ryan Stevenson
      Be Alright by Evan Craft
      God who listens by Chris Tomlin
      And a bunch of the Newsboys songs+ Truth be told by Matt. West
      I 💜K-love

      1. Heyyy you listen to K-love?? I live in NY so I have it on the radio. And I love Be Alright by Evan Craft!! I know all the songs you mentioned thanks to K-love. lol I love Say I Won’t, Almost Home, Heaven on Earth, Who You Are to Me, and others I can’t remember lol.

        1. I love say I won’t! Unfortunately, I can only get K-love when I’m in the mountains. I think I’ve heard Who You are to Me.

          1. I’ve been in Pennsylvania so many times! Lancaster? And yes I def know it’s Amish Country, I actually go to a Mennonite church in NYC.

          2. @Elena
            I’m glad you want to be friends! What do you like to do? What’s your favorite color?

  12. “How should Adventures in Odyssey 35th anniversary?”
    Maybe continue Animated Series as a Club Exclusive series but done in house this time by the writers team?

      1. Yes yes and YES live stream on YouTube of them recording an episode? Like that would be insane!!!!

        1. Yeesh, the Leonard Meltsner Saga gives me the creeps! So does the Blackgaard thing and NOVACOM.

          1. Leonard is not evil, he just has gone through a lot, like losing to of his sons at a small age(there still alive). I like NOVACOM.
            Fire🔥 and Water💧Wanna be, my friends?
            Who all has listened to Dariens Rise, part one through nine. I’ve listened to all of them. So close to missing the second one but thankfully i listened to it.

  13. i think that for the thirty fith birthday of adventures in odyssey they should do a cruise in ohio or pensilvana a 5 day cruise

      1. Yeah he’s very funny 😂 I have listened to all the episodes except Darren’s Rise lol. Keep going Odyssey

    1. hi i love Wooten he is my second favorite my favorite character is jay 🍦

  14. I hope I am first!! This is my first time commenting on this so it will be great to be first.

  15. Is Grady coming to come back? Or Mandy, Liz, Trent and the Washington kids?
    They dropped out as Walker died but I think they deserve a closure.
    And please don’t have Jason date or marry anyone other than Connie.

    1. I agree with you Jason shouldn’t date or marry anyone except connie I was kind of sad that Connie and mitch didn’t get married and then heart broken that mitch was getting married to someone else but I think Connie and Jason go good together

      1. They’re more like brothers and sister. Me and my bro are like how they are, so i do not think they should date or any thing. But Jason and Jillian Marshall are a good match.

      2. I . . . disagree. I think Jason and Jillian go together. No offense!

      3. You realize Jason remembers WWII when he was like 10, which would make him actually at least 50. I know they don’t betray it as that, but I can’t rightfully ship them together anymore.

    2. Yeah, also the actors have to be available and some of their voices might have changed, well Aria Cuzon’s Didn’t.

  16. Sorry that i didn’t say anything about this earlier. This is what I think about what we should do for AIO’s 35th anniversary:
    Have an international contest that any kids would be allowed to join, no matter what.
    Release some free episodes on the podcast, specifically ones that haven’t been aired in a while
    I have some more ideas, but I GTG

  17. Sorry about that comment that I just posted. I was really rushed on time and I didn’t write my whole username. A good idea for a contest would be for kid Odyssey fans (ages 3rd grade–9th grade) to write an AIO script and send it in to focus on the family. Whoever script is the best will turn into a real odyssey adventure.

    1. My parents say I will make an amazing author someday and I’ve participated in a million creative writing competitions, that’s why I gave y’all that idea! I personally think it’s an amazing idea! The prize should be a free odyssey t-shirt sent to you in the mail of your favorite color and your script released everywhere!

      1. I’m sure you’ll make an Amazing author! I also want to be an author (preferably a children’s story book author) Do you write songs? I do. What do you enjoy writing about? I also like basketball!

        1. I have only written one song it’s called The Plant Song. I Wrote it for my sister who loves plants. But I like writing. I write a lot of things, I wrote a story titled Adopted its about being adopted. You would really like it. But I don’t like writing songs all that much

    2. CONT.
      By “everywhere” I mean the OA club, there should be a podcast about it, it should be released on so that people who don’t have the club can listen to it, on the radio, EVERYWHERE! There should be a 50 semi-finalists, 20 finalists, and one grand prize winner, + a theme song! (and fair judges)

      Let’s DO THIS!

      1. +I really want an AIO T-shirt! A purple one cause that’s my favorite color!

      1. Yes, but high schoolers have a lot of writing experience, and it wouldn’t be fair to the smaller contestants. Just like how you can’t have a 15-year-old in a race with 9-year-olds. The fifteen year old would win, because he’s bigger and stronger. So it would not be fair to the nine year olds. we should stop be fore this turns into an argument 🤐

          1. I personally probably would not do it because I do not enjoy writing but for people who enjoy it that would be great!

  18. For the 35th anniversary maybe, ( just a thought! ) some free episodes ( I totally agree with you about that episode part Hannah U!!! ) maybe a contest, just a couple of fun things!

  19. You guys should do another Official Guide for the 35th AIO anniversary! Has it really been that long? :0 I remember the 20th pretty well! Wow! I feel old. LOL! Anyways, so much has happened since the last Official Guide, including the Club, so I feel like it’s the right time to come out with another updated one! Thanks for all you do! God Bless! 🙂

    1. Hi Stephen!!!! My brother’s name is Stephen!!!! And it is spelled the same way!!!!! 😃

    2. Oh yes. The AIO team did promise after they decided not to do one for the 30th anniversary.

  20. I just want clarification about what the producers said and what the Adventures in Odyssey wiki said. In the wiki it said album 71 A Slippery Slope will be released in the club in July and then digital download in September and the CD on October 5. Then on this podcast it said Download in August and
    Buy the CD in September.
    Will anyone explain that

      1. In this podcast the producers said that the download will be coming out in August and then the CD in September but if you go to the Adventures in Odyssey wiki for this album it said that it will be coming out on digital download in September 2021, and on CD on October 5, 2021. I am wondering if they have it wrong on the wiki or the producers are.

        1. I would guess that the aiowiki would be wrong, because in the podcast they also said it plus on the info for the podcast they said those dates.

          1. Should we ask to whoever controls the Adventures in Odyssey Wiki to update the page with the new dates that was said in this podcast since it is on the info as well as in this podcast? Because whoever sees the wiki they will believe one thing but as to what is in this podcast is the actual dates for the release dates for the next album.

          2. I think we need to ask the moderators as to who we need to contact for whoever controls the Adventures in Odyssey Wiki so that way that person or persons to update that page for all of us.

          3. Since you are really connected than I am with Adventures in Odyssey I think you need to ask them to do it for us. I wish I was as connected as you are since I think that you are in the Adventures in Odyssey Club but I am not since you need to pay for the club every month.

        2. I did think of one problem, the aio wiki is controlled by fans, not the producers and such, so I’m not sure how that would work.

          1. I’m sure that you can figure something out. I have one more question for you the producers and in the info for this podcast said that the CD will come out in September but it did not say the exact date in September when album 71 comes out. Will you find out for me as to when the exact date is so that way I can listen to it when it comes out?

        3. Ok, so I don’t have the club, I’m curious, why do you think I’m more connected with aio? What made you think that? I’m not upset at all if that’s what it sounds like.

          1. Because by looking at the previous posts when you answered my first question which was when Album 71 A Slippery Slope was coming out and then you said that the AIO Wiki was wrong because in the past sometimes the wiki was right on with those dates. It seems like you have better knowledge than I do when the next album is coming out.

        4. Ok, I see. Can you come and comment on the new podcast? I enjoy chatting with you, wanna be friends?

          1. Sure I would love to be friends with you so that way we can talk of all things of Adventures in Odyssey. My gut feeling is that I have to keep an eye out for Album 71 A Slippery Slope starting August 24th since the last episode will air on the club on August 17th is that right?

          2. Since the producers said that Album 71 A Slippery Slope will come out to us in September should I keep an eye out on every Tuesday of September as well? If it does come out to us on October 5th should I also keep an eye out every Tuesday until then? What do you think about this?

        5. I’ll see what I can do. They emailed back and this is what they said,
          “Thanks for your email to Adventures in Odyssey, Bekah! We appreciate your letting us know that the release dates for Album 70 on are incorrect. Unfortunately, we’re not associated with them (even though they’re a great source for Odyssey information!

        6. CONT
          If you have time, you might be able to post a note on the Discussion tab as an FYI for them. Thanks for your attention to detail, friend!
          Holly Davidson”
          Since I am not a aiowiki member yet, I will write a note on the discussion tab as long as they except my account. ( They look after the accounts before letting you be part of aiowiki.)

        7. I emailed them about the new album CD, they said they haven’t picked an exact date for the release yet.

        8. Yes, the last episode of 71 airs the 17th of August on the club, I would start watching for the CD on the first Tuesday of September till the last day of September. So can you send me a comment on the newest podcast?
          It’s called “the voice behind the “Voice of Freedom”.

      1. I emailed them! They haven’t responded yet but I will let you know when they do, but I will let you know on the new podcast comment section.

  21. 35th anniversary


    Please bring Jeff Lewis back!!!!!!!

  22. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 😂 kidding darien’s rise is long enough

  23. I think that having Leonard and Everett come back as a grandfather and uncle figure to Buck unofficially or if buck became officially adopted. It might also be a cool way to incorporate Buck and Jules learning the importance of caring for others.

  24. Hi everyone. You might remember me from a few podcasts back. Tedster3000 is my brother. We are new to commenting.

  25. Is anyone else not a huge fan of darien’s rise? It is SOO long and it’s obviously the story of David and Saul. I wish they didn’t play it on the radio. I don’t hate it…I’m just not a big fan of it. I enjoy the episodes with Connie, Whit, Eugene, Wooton, and everyone else a lot more.

  26. I <3 the people who made adventures in odyssey!!!!!!thank you for making all of the eposodes!!!!!! And I <3 you.

  27. This is my first time posting lol 😂 you all are too 😊 have fun and congrats to all you guys!!!!!❤️

  28. Who all here is adopted or has an adopted family member? If you are adopted post this emoji: 🙏🏾 (because prayer is part of every adoption) if you have an adopted family member, post this emoji: 👫
    If you have both, post both emojis!
    ~Politely, Hannah

    P.S. 🙏🏾👫

  29. Hannah U. I’ve seen you in lots of podcasts and so I want to ask you this question 🤔

    1. Hi, I like sports Alot! hockey is cool! Do you play hockey? Are you a girl or a boy? If you play hockey,is 87 your number? My 3 favorite sports is basketball, cross-country, and swimming. I like volleyball too.

    1. Do I want to be a part of what exactly?
      Also, “U” is not my last name it is my middle name. It is short for Uwimana.

  30. Hannah U I was looking at last episodes comments and you are from Georgia right? (Live in Georgia too)

  31. Yes, Please celebrate AIO 35th Anniversary. Ideally a new AIO Live Show in Colorado. Limited Edition autographed Photos from the actors as part of the ticket price. Regional Virtual Events would be neat part of that like for 200ish people – limited AIO Staff, use volunteers, maybe a live Session, Q&A With AIO Team, Indianapolis is a good site.

    1. Wow! There is an “Odyssey fan#365”and an “OdysseyFan” and myself (Odyssey fan😀)

  32. what odyssey first’s comment’s didn’t post wow my comment’s did not make sense 🤷🏾‍♂️ sorry
    Hannah U. we have a club of friends so he wanted you and spider man to join… do you want to ?!?

    1. I’d love to join! You have a cool username, BTW. what is your real name? (if you’re comfortable with saying)
      My name is Hannah Uwimana H.

  33. This post is to 😎none😎 And Fire (sorry that I couldn’t find a fire emoji😂) and Cotton Smit
    To answer all yall’s questions
    YES I do live in Georgia
    YES I am adopted from Rwanda and so is my older sister
    NO I have never been first, but I intend to get first next time

    Hope this helps! Thank you for being interested. I love you all 💜

  34. I have lived in 6 places in my whole life:

    My home in Rwanda
    The orphanage in Rwanda
    The 2nd orphanage in Rwanda (I got moved)
    And now Georgia!

    My dad used to be in the Navy, so we moved a lot

      1. Thanks for asking! I was about to turn 2. But memories are still kind of vivid

        1. Ok, did you look up those songs I suggested? They are really good songs! What was it like being an orphan? If you don’t mind me asking, I don’t want to be rude.

          1. I don’t really know how to answer that question. My parents didn’t die, they just couldn’t take care of me. But I got to be with a lot of people and the people who took care of me were really nice! They were Christians.

          2. Bekah, I haven’t looked up the songs you suggested yet but I promise I will sometime! I’ll let you know when I do. I love you


          3. Ok, sounds good! That’s good that you were in a Christian orphanage, I’ve only lived in two places in northern WISCONSIN.

  35. What is everyone’s favorite song? I shared mine in the comments up above.

  36. Oh and God’s not dead, I saw that you asked about if I can land on my feet when I do a front flip on my neighbor’s trampoline. Yes, but I am still practicing it is REALLY hard!

    1. Yes, it is super hard to land on my feet. Thanks so much for being my friend!!!!! 💜

  37. I have been on a few podcasts and I love the Q and A’s! Love you AIO!❤️❤️

  38. Rachel💜, didn’t you say that you are in American Heritage Girls? I am too!

  39. Oh my goodness! I apologize, once again, for messing up the comment! That comment was from me

  40. You all don’t have to listen if you don’t want to, but I am writing a book about a girl who at the start of the book is 11, and ends 12 but anyway, the book is titled “Whose Am I?” it is about belonging to God. Please pray that is goes fantastically, I’m writing it and I want it to touch a lot of people. So please pray.

    1. I am just not all the time so don’t be surprised if I don’t respond to your comments right away!

        1. @Noelle
          Sorry, I meant what stuff do you like to do? What is your favorite color?

  41. If anyone here does a Scouting Troop please leave a comment telling what it is.

    ~grateful that you reply to my comments, 😻💜 Hannah U 💜😻

    P.S. I am in American Heritage Girls, I am going into the Pioneer unit this year and it will be my 6th year of AHG.

      1. Hey AIO team! I had an idea about the 35th Anniversary, you pick 35 lucky club members and have like one or two of the actors call/zoom/FaceTime them, i know that would be a great treat for those who didn’t go on the cruise! 🙂

  42. American Heritage Girls ! It is open to girls ages 5-18 and there are troops in all 50 states. If you haven’t joined, I highly recommend you to, because it’s a great place where girls can be girls and make new friends. We go camping and do fun stuff. It is for grades Kindergarten–12th grade.

  43. There is an Odyssey episode about American Heritage Girls if you’re interested in learning more about it. It is on the Adventures in Odyssey club. Also, search in the podcast “Adventures in Odyssey fan and mom turned executive director of American Heritage Girls” that podcast talks a little bit about it too. AHG is a Christian organization.

  44. What is everyone’s favorite song? Mine is The Chicken Nugget Song and Flamingo. What about you?

    1. I like “Not to far from here” by common wealth Baptist collage. And “Stand Still” by golden state Baptist collage. And the duck song. PLEASE look them up, they are great songs.

  45. What is the history of everyone’s usernames? My username used to be plain Hannah, but I changed it to
    😻💜 Hannah U 💜😻 because “U” is short for Uwimana which is my middle name, and the cat with the heart eyes emoji and the Purple Heart emoji are my favorite ones AND there was more than one Hannah on here and it was confusing me a lot. Lol.

    1. Mine is Bekah, because my name is Bekah, as simple as that🙃 I might add a duck though, I LOVE ducks.

      1. I don’t feel safe with typing my first name so I put none, and the emoji’s are just because I think they are cool

    2. I don’t want to uses real cause I don’t feel comfortable about it, so I choose ‘Moses’ because of the in side joke behind it.

  46. hi from Idaho✌🏻 hey who here likes Jay he is my number one favorite character my second is Wooten then my third is probably connie

  47. Um I am confused. God’s not dead you said,that you and Psalm 9:1 are cousins, right? If Psalm 9:1 lives in West Virginia and God’s not dead lives in Pennsylvania, how do you all see eachother so often??? ❓❓❔❔⁉️

    1. We are 2nd cousins. We get to talk on the phone at least every Thursday. But we don’t get to see each other much, just hear each other- we can also comment each other+ we’re pen pals.

      1. Have you ever watched Frozen 2? If so, do you like it and who do you prefer Anna or Elsa? I would say Anna

          1. THANK YOU!!!
            Anna is amazing! She is compassionate and loving and courageous and strong. Elsa is always pushing her away, but she still is brave. I love the song Do the Next Right Thing. Elsa is not very kind in my opinion, I feel like she could be kinder to Anna. no offense to anyone who likes her 😕

        1. I have not seen Frozen 2, and I prefer Elsa, but my favorite character is the reindeer.

  48. hi 😎none😎 sure so whats you’re favorite color, animal, song, and food my favorite color is yellow, my favorite animal is a horse🐴, my favorite song is friends forever from the show spirit riding free(have you seen btw), and my favorite food is mac and cheese

    1. Bekah! You’re a commenter when you’ve posted a comment!! 🙂 Welcome to the group!

          1. Sure!! I know 2 people personally named Elena, one of them has the same birthday as them! What state do you live in?(if you don’t mind doing so) what do you look like? What do you like doing?

  49. Why are the comments suddenly taking such a long time to post?

  50. God’s not dead, this post is to you:
    What do you look like? I have dark black hair with a little tint of brown that is in twists. It is VERY curly. I have brown skin and a purple Armitron watch and brown and purple glasses. I have purple braces and dark brown eyes. What about you?

    1. I have long black straight hair, but it has become a bit wavy because of the humidity. My eyes are a very dark brown ( if u glance at them, most people think they’re black) my eyes are almond shaped. My skin tone would be considered yellow, but I am more a fairly dark tan. I have a gray fit bit and metallic blue braces.

    1. I LOVE reading the bible! I memorize a lot of scripture, because as Psalm 119:11 says ‘I have stored up Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You,” memorize God’s Word!

      1. I do teen Bible quiz in the school year so every month we memorize on average 20 verses a month, I love it! Several other churches do it, then all the churches meet on the second Saturday (after having a month to memorize it).

  51. You did something BIG on album 25 (darkness before down) and 50 (best small town). Are you going to do something BIG for album 75?

    1. hmmm… Buck, Jules, Wooton, Olivia, Grady, maybe Jay, Jillion, Jason, Tasha, and ummm I have too many faves. lol

  52. Okay, just thought of something, Allen Young’s voice is very realaxing, he should have read AUDIO BOOKS FOR FOCUS! On da fam

  53. Anyone here read
    Explorer Acedemy
    A courageous princess
    The Vanderbeekers
    The penderwicks
    If found, please return to Elise Gravel
    The mushroom fan club

    Please respond!

    1. Vanderbeekers!!! And Penderwicks! But I really love the Vanderbeekers, I’m not exactly a huge fan of Penderwicks, but no prob if you like it! I’ve also heard of Explorer Academy!

  54. Does anybody know if Connie gets married to anyone? I have been searching every website that I can find and listening to every single oddyssey that I can find… but I have not found out if Connie gets married!

    1. She has not gotten married, she almost did but I was called off. Also it’s really cool having another Bekah commenting, but I’ve never heard it spelled Beccah, very unique and interesting.

    2. Connie is NOT married yet. If she gets married it will probably ruin her character. I am not saying I am against her getting married. And I’m not saying I want her to get married either. But who do you want her to get married to? I personally don’t care who she gets married to and if she gets married.


  55. do you know john 3:16 : for God so loved the world he gave his only son that whosoever trust in him shall not parish but have everlasting life 😊

  56. How about a Connie Kendall award for the anniversary?
    PS. My sister is A LOT like Connie Kendall.

  57. Hi guys! TRQ, who all here likes Oreo cookies dipped in peanut butter? I haven’t tried it, but it sounds good.

  58. @Hannah U
    Do you get Nature Friend? ( Christian magazine ) Do you get Clubhouse magazine?

    1. Natalie, I do not get Nature Friend or Clubhouse Magazine. Do you?
      Also, do you have a favorite Odyssey episode or episode series? I guess I kind of like NOVACOM.

      1. I get Nature friend and I use 2 get Clubhouse. I don’t really have a favorite Odyssey episode or episode series.

  59. God’s not dead
    Who is your favorite Odyssey character? Mine is Connie.
    What is your fav drink? Mine are hot chocolate and lemonade

    1. My favorite Odyssey character is also Connie! She like me in a way. Impulsive.😅

    2. I don’t really have a favorite AiO character, and my favorite drinks are ice tea , hot cocoa and any kind of soda, except maybe for Doctor Pepper.

  60. You are an amazing friend God’s not dead! I love you a lot and I WISH we could meet each other in person. Also, is it ok if I call you Natalie because it feels tedious saying “God’s not dead” all the time. I’ll make sure not to get you and NF confused. We have so much in common. We both like basketball, writing, and were adopted.

    1. I told you I can’t say my name! You shouldn’t be asking her for my name either.

      1. I am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry! I needed to be kinder. That was incredibly disrespectful of me. To be perfectly honest, I forgot that you said you weren’t allowed to say your name. I realized that you hadn’t said it before, so I was just curious as to what it was. God’s not dead already posted a comment with your name, but the moderators deleted it.

      2. @Psalm 9:1
        I really am sorry. That was not nice to do. I forgot you said you weren’t allowed to say your name, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked Natalie that. I seriously am crying right now because I feel so bad, I hope you’re not mad at me. I am interested in learning more about people so I ask questions, but it is getting out of hand. I’m sorry!

      3. Psalm 9:1
        I’m sorry for asking Natalie for your name, please forgive me. I promise it was an honest mistake. I wasn’t trying to exclude you and talk behind your back or anything like that I promise. Like I said she already told me your name but the moderators deleted it, I think you have a very pretty unique name and it won’t post it anywhere.

      4. Psalm 9:1
        This is how I feel right now😔😥
        I don’t want you to be mad at me and please don’t be mad at Natalie. I’m So, so sorry about it. I try to be as nice as a can to others and spread the love of Jesus, but…I should stop coming up with excuses I’m just sorry OK please forgive me! I’m just thinking about how I would feel if someone

        1. I saw that comment and I already talked to her about it. She is feeling pretty much the same way you are. I was mad but I forgive you guys. BTW Thanks for what you said about my name and thanks for not posting it anywhere.

      5. CONT.
        if someone were to do that to me and I feel so terrible about it!
        Please forgive me, I ask your sincerest apologies. You don’t have to forgive me if you don’t want to. 😢🙍🏾
        I need to listen and be more attentive. I should have remembered that you said you can’t say your name 👂🏾

        1. It is all MY fault and I take FULL blame!! Psalm 9:1, I feel so terrible, but I am glad we talked it over. I am so sorry and I will NEVER say your real name on comments ever again! I promise! Again, I apologize! I’m so sorry!

    1. Of Course, but just to let you know I won’t be commenting every day. Will you be commenting on the next podcast?

      1. wow wow wow friends, yes, thanks, I like helping and playing for fun and I like to play a lego game every once in a while

        remember God loves you

    1. Sure, it’s not a big deal, but my name is spelled Bekah, not Becka, but I’m not upset or anything, that spelling isn’t very common🙃 What are some of your interests?

      1. Is your name short for Rebekah? If so, that is cool! That’s how it’s spelled in the bible! My name is Hannah, it is biblical too!

        1. Yes! Technically Rebecca is biblical too because it’s in Romans. But, yes it’s short for Rebekah.

  61. God’s not dead
    Could you please pray for me? I’m writing a book titled “Whose Am I?” It is about a girl named Abigail who has two siblings Ferguson and Rachel and the night of her 11th birthday her house catches on fire. She wants to belong to someone who takes good care of her but she doesn’t know Jesus. So when she goes to move in with her

  62. CONT.
    with her uncle and aunt because her dad had to go to the hospital and her mom died on her 8th birthday her neighbor girls Cassie (a nickname for Cassandra) and Natalie (I named her after you even though I know a lot of people named Natalie) they invite her to a festival at their church and she reads Isaiah 43:2 and gets touched.

  63. CONT.
    But then she gets in a mortal danger situation (I have not figured out what that will be yet) and she wants to be God’s because the Bible says God will take good care of you. So next time when someone asked her whose she was she answered “God’s, and He takes good care of me,” and that ended her question of “Whose Am I?”

  64. What got her thinking about who she belonged to was the night of her birthday her dad said to put away her new birthday gifts

  65. Hi, y’all!! I’m from Ohio! I looooove God and try to serve Him to my best ability!
    I also looove dogs! They are my favorite animal! I have a dog named Bandit. He is a husky!

    Also, what’s your life verse? Mine is Proverbs 4:18. Look it up! It’s awesome!!
    Fourthly, whose watched the Chosen? It is a great show!! It portrays Jesus perfectly. …

    1. I like your username! I haven’t seen the Chosen, but I would like to. Dogs are my favorite animal too! 🐶🐕

  66. the show, the Chosen portrays Jesus perfectly. (Well, close enough) They do a really good job! You should check it out if you have the chance.
    Sorry if I just wrote a bunch of stuff! You don’t have to reply to all of it!

  67. “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”
    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:32‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    I love this verse!

    1. Hi!!! (not to be a stickler, but are you trying to spell “awesomeness”? Or are you just making up a new word?)

  68. @ secret😁
    Sure! Let’s be friends! What’s your favorite color, animal, and subject in school?
    Color — rose-gold
    Animal — dogs
    Subject in school — probably science and health

  69. God’s not dead, these are all the Natalie’s I know:
    1. You
    2. NF
    3. A girl in my AHG troop
    4. Another girl in my AHG troop! (two Natalie’s)
    5. A girl I met at my church
    6. The actor who plays Zoe Grant in AIO
    7. My neighbor’s mom
    8. One who sings on the radio

  70. oh sorry bekah so what do you like to do i like to rollerblade, read, build, legos and draw umm what do you look like i have shoulder length blond hair with reddish, black,and brown highlights (and no i didn’t dye it ) have blue eyes

    1. I like listening to aio, i like researching stuff I’m interested In, I’m not a big reader but I will listen to audio books, I draw some, I like talking and doing stuff with people, I love ducks I have 8 siblings and I live in WI. I am 4’11, petite, golden brown hair, wavey little longer then shoulder length hair, and black and white glasses.

    2. @ 🐳 Kayla I also like volleyball, ice skating, biking, writing letters to my penpals, I want a farm when I’m older, I like plants and gardening some, and family time.

  71. gooooood morning everyone how are you doing, bekah Hannah U, God’s not dead, Ester, secret, Abraham, Abe, Spider man, everyone really how are you doing

    1. I’m doing amazing how are you? Also, are you a boy or girl? Do you want to be friends?
      Do you have any siblings? Can you tell me a little bit about your family?
      I have 4 siblings. I am the youngest. My family owns a vending machine business. I live in Georgia, I like writing I am extroverted 100 percent. I became a Christian when I was 10!

  72. do you guys want to be my friends (😻💜 Hannah U 💜😻, 😎none😎, secret😁, and God’s not dead) I don’t have any

  73. can you all be my friends I mean we all can be friends to each other we are all commenting on this podcast


  74. so spider man you seem like a nice guy sure I will be your friend just like secret

  75. Psalm 9:1 I’m really sorry. You probably don’t like me now and don’t want to be my friend ever. And I understand

    1. I just wanted to say, it’s good that you apologized, but, you need to forgive yourself, God forgives you, so you need to forgive yourself.

      PS. I have the same problem with being to questiony, don’t worry, your not the only one😀♥️

      God loves you, and so do I.

    2. It’s my fault, I take full blame. I’m so sorry, Psalm 9:1. Hannah U, please don’t be upset, it’s not your fault, it’s mine. Psalm 9:1 and I talked it over already. I’m SO sorry!

  76. spider man you and me don’t have many friends want to be friends and we were friends none cooooooooooool!!!

      1. So true , I just didn’t understand what secret meant by God not period.

        1. when i said period i mean don’t hide secrets from God but you have secrets just don’t hide them from God and I was just responding to somebody

          1. Oh, ok. Yes, hiding secrets from God Almighty is SO useless! Nice username.

  77. hey guy I have posted before but It was deleted I don’t know why but can you pray for me somebody I know might have caught covid 19

  78. @Hannah U, since you’re calling me Natalie, I was wondering if I could call you Hannah without the U since people aren’t usually called their first name with their middle name. If not, it’s fine. I do like your middle name, though.

  79. @Hannah U, sorry, I changed my mind, could you please call me God’s not dead again? If you want you could shorten it to G.N.D or call me N. Sorry, I just changed my mind. Maybe we could negotiate? What are your thoughts on this? Oh and if you call me G.N.D or N, then I could go back to calling you Hannah U, instead of just Hannah like I asked

  80. @Hannah U
    about in that one post. I apologize if I don’t make much since. Is this to much to ask? It’s just with the whole Psalm 9:1 name situation, I feel like I also shouldn’t say my actual name. I know it’s already been posted, I just changed my mind. I feel terrible about the Psalm 9:1 situation and I hope all can be forgiven. Words

  81. @Hannah U
    I am so sorry, I was being very stupid! I hope all is or can be forgiven. (I don’t remember what the last thing in my recent post was so now I don’t know how to continue this except that I am truly sorry to Psalm 9:1)

  82. you guys want to be friends. I mean all of us everyone who types on this podcast I mean we all do talk to each other allot but we all talk to different people why don’t we all just talk to each other in one large conversation?

  83. I am kind of on summer break but I still have a page of math to do everyday!

  84. 😎none 😎 (sorry, I don’t have the exact emojis as you) Spider man and secret (sorry, don’t have that emoji) do you 3 want 2 b friends?

    1. Oh, the moderators must have changed the emojis to the same kind you have, thanks moderators!

  85. Spider man and secret😄
    I’d love to be yall’s friends!! A little bit about me

    I live in Georgia
    I have lots of friends
    I think y’all are cool
    I am a Christian
    I have 4 siblings all of whom are older than me
    I listen to AIO all the time!
    I like writing
    My least favorite subject in school is math
    I am African American

    1. I am African American
      I’m very good at math
      I listen to AIO all the time!
      I’m a Christian.
      I think your cool to and you very popular.
      I don’t have allot of friends
      I live in Maryland
      I like to draw comic book’s and I love video games
      thanks for being my friend

  86. Shout praises to the Lord!
    Praise God in His temple.
    Praise Him in Heaven,
    His mighty fortress. (Psalm 150:1) 🙌

  87. For the 35th anniversary you should release A 35 episode album with 35 Quality but forgotten episodes since nobody remembers 35 thanks love odyssey

  88. @ spider man

    have you ever met Hannah u or none or God’s not dead
    you keep trying to be those few guys friends

  89. Me too! I listen to it every evening before bed, (and sometimes past my bedtime🤫)

  90. I don’t understand the title “Big trouble under the big top “ If anyone does understand it, please reply!

      1. Wait, I don’t either, I thought you meant if I understood the episode. Maybe it’s talking about a carnival tent?

  91. I have been on vacation all last week and was not commenting much before that so I am catching up on all the posts even though it is the weekends. I missed out on the middle section of Darians rise! I listen to four different odyssey episodes in the car because it was a 6 Hour Rd. trip to where I was vacationing.

  92. Oh wow! Krispan and D.L mayfield… (I do not know if that is a last name or not but that is my guess)Found out what the odyssey team could not! Odyssey is in Ohio! I just hope that odyssey does not write an episode to contradict that!

  93. Hi! I think I am a little bit late to comment! I had already listened to the podcast but I didn’t look at the comment until now!

    1. Hey spider man, cool username!👍 We’re friends, right? What do you like to do, any hobbies?

      1. I like to play games, I draw comic book’s I play with Lego’s (I built my very own Lego city in my bedroom) I like playing with my dog I do allot of things. how about you?

        1. I like Legos too. I also like playing with my dog 🐶who is a girl . Is spider man your favorite super hero? What is your favorite color? I love swimming and basketball +running! My favorite color is blue (it used 2 b purple, now but I like blue better)

  94. Hannah U how long have you been posting comments (not jut this podcast alone)

  95. hey I’m not new but you have never seen me comment before but put hi If you want to be my friend or put “we can be friends” 👍

  96. Ok so we just finished hearing the final episode of ‘Passages: Darien’s Rise’ and we think that they could have ended it a little better. Maybe give us a heads up of where we could find the answer to who wrote the story of Kyle and Anna. Just a little one. Even if it was just the title of the episode where they say who it is.

  97. Cont.
    If anyone thinks so please reply back, I just want to see if anyone else has the same opinion, that is all, thanks

  98. hi 😎none😎 I’m homeschooled to what program do you do i do abeka whats you’re favorite and least favorite subject mine are history and math

  99. God’s not dead and Psalm 9:1, I’ll talk to you all about this later.
    I wasn’t at comments yesterday

  100. God’s not dead and Psalm 9:1
    I’m really sorry about all that has happened. I think this is a good learning experience for all 3 of us, some conflict management skills are good to have! To be perfectly honest. I think we should just let it go because all of us already apologized and if we forgive eachother and we can forgive ourselves (thank Bekah!)

  101. CONT.
    I don’t think it’s a huge deal anymore. Psalm 32:1 says “Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sins are covered.” I think we can drop the matter and start over I think that nothing unkind was done intentionally and it was all just a little mistake and noting is anyone’s fault more than the other. We all have blame.

  102. Also, God’s not dead
    I don’t care if I have to call you “God’s not dead ” again but to be perfectly honest you’ve already said your name so many times I think it’s too late to really do anything. But you don’t have to say your name anymore if you don’t want to. I don’t mind. Also, yes, you can call me Hannah.
    I💙both of u. Sorry this happened.

    1. Yeah, I guess I have said my name too many times. You can call me my real name if you REALLY want to. Now with the name situation, I agree with you, it’s in the past and I need to be more considerate. GTG

  103. Hey y’all!
    TRQ: what do you all look like? Can you give a description of yourself (only if you want to).
    I am 5’2″ tall, have dark brown eyes, and straight golden brown hair that goes a couple inches past my shoulders. Well, thats all for mine!😀

    1. I am 4’11”, blue eyes, wavey golden brown hair ,an inch or two past my shoulders, I’m pretty petite, and I have black and clear glasses, no braces.,

      1. Bekah, hi! you are shorter than me. Usually im the shortest girl in the group. your hair sounds pretty. Bye!

    2. I’m shorter than I thought, my dad measured me wrong. I’m actually almost 5’4″ and I have long black straight hair. No glasses, but I do have braces. Dark brown eyes.

  104. God’s not dead, Hannah U, and Psalms 9:1, you wanna be all friends with me? 🙃

    1. I would love to be your friend Bekah! (Sorry, I don’t have the duck emoji, but I wish I did cause I really like it) What do you like to do? Do you play any sports? What’s your favorite color? Mine is blue.

      1. I like to hang out with my friends, play the piano, listen to aio, do Bible quizing, write letters, and biking. I am not on any sports teams, but I like volleyball and ice-skating. I like blue pink ,green ,orange, and yellow.

    1. Ok, but what are we talking about exactly? Are you new at commenting, jack?

  105. Watch the chosen download it free it is amazing.Kids and adults love it and it tells the story of Jesus and can change your life.

  106. ALERT! If anyone I’ve been chatting with wants to continue to chat with me, chat on the new podcast, thank you!!

    Bekah 🦆🦆

  107. Hannah U: Glad to see other American Heritage Girls here! I am going to be a Patriot this Year. We are learning how to plan and maybe going to do cake decorating. I enjoy writing too! What all stories have you written?

    1. Jesus is alive is one of my favorite songs.
      Where do you live? It’s cool you’re in AHG. I have written a lot of stories, too many to list

  108. I think you should have a concert w/ Jules singing, Buck playing the guitar, Eugene playing the ukulele & every one else that knows how to play an instrument playing that instrument. Thank you odyssey, for everything you do.😀

    1. Greeting and Salutations. Jk. Hey I just wanted to say I have read all your comments scince like June 15th and you guys are hilarious. I wish I had seen this sooner so I could have joined in on some of those convos. Look forward to talking to you guys later. You sound really fun. Happy Fourth of July!

  109. Also @ 😻💜 Hannah U 💜😻

    🙏🏻👭🏼 My sister got separated from me when I was eight.

  110. To the writers: I believe it would be safe to bring back Leonard Meltsner, even though his actor plays Detective Polehaus. I remember recognizing voice similarities over the years, but it was a surprise to hear you say their voices are played by the same actor. He’s very talented! Leonard and the detective have very distinctive voices.

  111. I think yall should produce a album just for teens or another official guide for the 35th anniversary. Thank you for looking over my ideas.; ]

  112. I just thoght that one of three will fall could also mean Suzu Morrie or Emily

  113. That’s Cool and 😻💜 Hannah 💜😻 do you want to be Friends? I have a sister named Hannah Do you have any siblings?
    Please reply

  114. 😻💜Hannah💜😻 do you want to be friends I have a sister named Hannah do you have any siblings?
    Please reply

    1. Heyy
      We can be friends! I do have siblings, I have four, 3 sisters and 1 brother. Can you tell me about yourself?

  115. At the beginning of the show, Jesse said that one of the episodes was the first to recorded remotely, but I remember that there was an episode of the Novacom series when Paul Herlinger was in a studio on Washington state recording with Katie Leigh just after 9/11 occurred. Or, are we counting differently?

  116. Hi guys, just got finished listening to this podcast. I do have an idea for you guys for the 35th anniversary of AIO next year. Have people enter to win a free subscription to the AIO Club for 1 year starting in January 1, 2023 until December 31,2023 and pick 35 winners (Get it?). That way it is COVID19 safe and still fun. Thanks you guys.

  117. Oh my gosh😥. It took me for EVER!! To scroll through all those comments! Also does anyone her watch the YouTube’s:

    Moriah Elizabeth

    Dude Perfect
    Dangie Bros?
    😁 just a few channels I watch… I’m not subscribed to any of them though, The first one my best friend showed me, the others I found. And they’re all believers!!😁😁😁👏👏

  118. I listened to this the day it came out. The last question made me upset for three days. I want to participate in Get in the Show REALLY BAD, and I was hoping that they would do it next year. Now I THINK I’ll be young enough to do it for the 1,000th episode, just not the 40th anniversary. PLEASE, AIO, DO GET IN THE SHOW FOR THE 1,000TH EPISODE!!!

  119. The 35th anniversary can be celebrated in a trampoline park! And, will you ever release again cut-and-folds Katrina, Regis, Red, Jules, and the ones of Club Season 2 in the club?

  120. Will we ever know if Regis Blackard had children or even if Buck had any siblings or will we ever see Mr.Skitt again. And will we ever know what became of Vance or will we ever know where Buck got those phones also will we ever meet Morrie and Suzu’s father or will the Jones and Parker Detective agency become partners or will E.M.S continue.

    1. yea me too. i never knew if he was even married! You know how Connie never marries? I think Jason and Connie would be a good match. They are already very good friends. Dont you think so too?

  121. Hello! I LOVE Adventures in Odyssey! It is just…AMAZING. I have been a Christian for 5 years now and Adventures in Odyssey really helps me learn more about God.

  122. hi i love odyssey too my fav episode is the ones with mitch/rm I haven’t read lord of the rings but i have read keepers of the lost cities i highly recommend them their AWESOME i also recommend titans and Pegasus also really good just wondering what are you talking about with the 1st 2nd and third

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